Thursday, December 31, 2009

Quotes of 2009

Heard on Leavenworth Street in 2009...

"Hal Daub: We Need Him Now."
- Daub for Mayor commercial

I'm not ready to retire...I'm raising money.
- Ben Nelson on 2012


If a decision hasn't been made [between Sarpy and the Royals] by the time it becomes my privilege to become Mayor of this great city, I will make a deal to keep the Royals.
-Hal Daub

What is Jim Vokal hiding from?
- Omaha Police Union mailer


A week ago Sen. Nelson was seen at the State of the Union fawning over President Obama like a teenager at a Jonas Brothers concert.
- Nebraska GOP Chairman Mark Fahleson

I'm Jim Suttle. But there's nothing subtle about the kind of Mayor I'll be.
- Suttle for Mayor ad

I read books, not blogs and I surely have never heard of this particular one.
- Omaha City Council candidate Steve Cross

As an elected official, the least we can do is give the taxpayers a receipt for the money we took from them.
- Nebraska State Treasurer, Shane Osborn in the Wall St. Journal

I think the sacredness is setting up the mayor's office as a leadership pulpit instead of a bully pulpit.
- Mayor candidate Jim Suttle (misundstanding the meaning of "bully pulpit")

A disappointment in Suttle’s mayoral run this year has been his overpromising statements about taxes.
- Omaha World Herald editorial

The chill continued a month later, when Suttle started to speak during a council meeting. Some of his six colleagues tuned him out. One stared ahead. One stifled a giggle. One studied papers. Another turned his back.
- The OWH on Councilman Jim Suttle's colleagues

Now whenever anyone needs money, you know, for a project with the NRD, you go to the guy that's senior in the Senate on Appropriations. So let's hear it for Ben Nelson.
- Lee Terry on Ben Nelson

And then when I help you out, Lee will criticize the earmark.
- Nelson back to Terry

I'm sorry that Ben was offended by that.
- Non-apology apology by Terry

City of Omaha to take over bankrupt World Herald
- Leavenworth Street

You're like a woodpecker on crack.
- a caller to KFAB's Tom Becka

It would be a bit of a surprise to me if both people who come through were Republicans.
- Lee Terry, prior to the Omaha Mayoral primary results

You could scour the nation and not find a person who is more qualified for this position.
- City Councilman Dan Welch regarding Hal Daub

The Mayor's office is a "leadership platform", not a "Bully Pulpit" -- which you inherited from the previous administration.
- Jim Suttle, once again, screwing up the meaning of "bully pulpit"

Democratic Sen. Ben Nelson says he's staying out of it.
- reports on Nelson endorsing Jim Suttle for Omaha Mayor

...the partisan blogs and conservative talk show hosts tried to make something out of that to hurt, uhhh, our candidate, Jim Suttle.
- after Nelson read Leavenworth Street

Nothing to worry about. Our poll says we have it all wrapped up.
- Suttle, three weeks from Election Day

More jobs, not officers, are needed to prevent crime.
- Jim Suttle

Too many Americans get their news from entertainers (who) tell them what to be angry about today.
- Ben Nelson

Ben Nelson is today's Worst Person in the World.
- Keith Olbermann, after Nelson included Olbermann in his list of "entertainers"

Johanns took union money and should stand up on this.
- liberal activist Jane Kleeb on why Senator Johanns should support unions

We need to...quit making criminals out of people, however they might come across our borders.
- Jim Suttle


I really have an open mind on that whole issue.
- Jim Suttle on amnesty for illegal aliens

Suttle has left a City Council record marked by his strained relations not only with his fellow council members but also with Mayor Mike Fahey. The record shows it.
- OWH, endorsing Daub for Mayor

Details, details — you guys always want details.
- Suttle to reporters

Frank Brown is a race-baiting, tub of goo.
- KFAB's Scott Voorhees on the (former) Omaha City Councilman

Hal Daub beat Hal Daub on Tuesday. The election was a referendum on Daub, pure and simple.
- Leavenworth Street

Mayor-elect Suttle will have to raise taxes.
- former Fahey Chief of Staff (and Shadow Mayor) Paul Landow

Accusations come and go....What goes on in private lives is private business. I don't sit down with anybody and say, 'Tell me about your past.
- Suttle on Chief of Staff designate, and accused pedophile, Matt Samp

I have asked Matt Samp to separate himself from my Administration.
- Suttle

It doesn't make any difference whether it's perception or reality -- treat them the same. It's time to part company and I did.
- Suttle on why he fired Samp

Suttle had campaigned on increasing the use of alternative energy and driving a hybrid fit that message.
- Ron Penzkowski on why Mayor Suttle got himself a new fire-engine red Durango (hybrid) SUV

I really worry today if what we’re seeing is a dead cat bounce.
- Senator Johanns in a Senate Banking Committee hearing


Tom White plans to run as Tommy Obama?
- NEGOP Chair Mark Fahleson

We truly felt we had a one year lease.
- Suttle spokesdude Ron Penzkowski on the 4 year Durango lease


It’s no consolation to stand with one foot in the campfire and one in the ice bucket and say, ‘on average, I’m in good shape.’
- Mike Johanns to Ag Sec Tom Vilsack

There are a lot of armchair quarterbacks who THINK they know how many firefighters belong on a truck.
- Fireman Josh Goessling,arguing for four men on a truck

Re-registered today as an Independent
- Jim Esch on Facebook

Basically, I never have been a big fan of either party. Not from a local sense, but nationally. So, I feel truer to myself by going back to being an independent.
- Esch, explaining to Leavenworth Street why he quit the Democrats

I am elated.
- Suttle, on how he felt about a proposal for a new tax

It's time for independent, effective leadership...I know that with my unwavering independence...
- Democrat Tom White, on being an independent

You can find Nelson "grabbing drinks at Capitol Hill joints such as Charlie Palmer Steak or Sonoma wine bar."
- The Politico on "Top Party Animal" Ben Nelson

The entry that the NEGOP believes provides Nebraska voters with the most useful information will win two (2) tickets to the November 21, 2009, Nebraska football game against K-State.
- Mark Fahleson asking for oppo-research on Tom White

Well he's made mistakes, but if this continues, then I think the people can question that. But right now I think any discussions of recall are premature.
- Lee Terry on a recall of Mayor Suttle

Would you support a recall of Mayor Suttle?
- Omaha Police Union robocall

I urge all Members of Congress to put aside their narrow partisan differences and seize this moment for health care reform.
- former Senator Chuck Hagel, via the White House Media Affairs office

(Obama) has made too many apologies. And at this point, his strategy is too naïve and has too little coherence to be called a strategy.
- former Senator, and current New Yorker, Bob Kerrey

Instead of attacks being filtered through the perspective of a thoughtful news media, things go out unfiltered through cable TV and the Internet.
- White House guru David Axelrod in Nebraska, regarding his proposal to return to 1973

It will actually connect the Lake of the Ozarks with The Holiday
- #2, in the Top Ten Things You Need To Know About The New Mike Fahey Street

New tax idea: A penguin tax. The zoo has a bunch of 'em, and everyone loves 'em! Goodbye deficit!
- Tweet from "Mayor Suttle"

I would run as Chuck Hagel. I always have. If I'd run again, I'd run on my record, and who I am, and that's the way I'd do it.
- former Nebraska Senator Chuck Hagel on whether he would run as a Republican if he were to seek office again

My Republican colleagues and I have a simple test for reforming health care: Will this legislation improve your life?
- Senator Johanns, delivering the weekly Republican address God’s grace I hope to have many more years ahead of me to continue to serve our community...
- Hal Daub, declining a proposal to have a street named after him (like former Mayor Fahey)

I love my boat. That’s the thing I love the most. ... I have a thousand (text messages) a month, at least. It’s very freaky (how fast I can do it.) People are like, ‘how did you do that? ... I like cheese.
- State Senator Kent Rogert, on things he likes

- Twitter handle of Democrat Secretary of State candidate Janet Stewart

Keep your hands off MY Council.
- Omaha Mayor Suttle to Governor Heineman

The governor is a resident of Lincoln, not Omaha
- Suttle, again, suggesting that Heineman should stay out of the Omaha''s business

I wouldn't have voted for the House bill.
- Senator Ben Nelson on the House passed health care re-form bill

Tom White said he would have voted for President Barack Obama’s health care bill passed by the House.
- OWH on White

I don't talk to Bloggers.
- Ben Nelson

Faced with a decision about whether or not to move a bill that is bad, I won't vote to move it. For sure.
- Ben Nelson, on the Senate Health Care re-form bill


A Hill source says to pay attention to Sen. Ben Nelson. He is reportedly being threatened with closure of an air force base if he doesn’t fall in line and will be offered a “blank check” bribe bigger than Sen. Landrieu’s.
- Michelle Malkin

My vote is not for sale - period.
- Nelson on whether or not he accepts bribes for Health Care votes

- Nebraska Right to Life, regarding Nelson's Health Care bill vote

- Mike Johanns on the Health Care bill agreed to by Ben Nelson

The Cornhusker Kickback
- Nationwide moniker for Ben Nelson's Health Care reform deal

Look, if you think it's fun having both sides on an issue mad at you when you're trying to do something in good faith, just think, it's like going home and getting bit by the family dog. Who enjoys that?
- Ben Nelson, on being the center of attention in the Health care debate

Ben Nelson is the most vulnerable Democrat incumbent in 2012.
- Senate expert at the nonpartisan Cook Political Report

It's not a special deal for Nebraska.
- Ben Nelson on the Cornhusker Kickback

There is not carveout.
- Ben Nelson on the carveout for Nebraska in the Health Care Bill

He's a vile one, Mr. Nelson OR Ben Nelson: The Grinch that stole health care reform


Uncle Wiggily said...

What's the opening line on how long it will take for a "counter-commercial" to hit the airwaves?

BTW - did "Ben Unplugged" run during the game? I only saw it in the hour preceding the game.

Anonymous said...

I saw it with about 10 minutes left in the 4th quarter. Im not sure if it was on earlier during the game.

wally said...

Has anyone ever done a psych exam on that guy?

Anonymous said...

It's after effects of all those years of tons of hairspray.

Dr. Max Von Politico said...

Certain hairsprays can cause temporary memory loss and an inability to grasp the consequences of one's own actions.

One Out In The Third said...

Hmmm...bound up 80's throwback tax dodger texting on the back roads while towing an oversized boat.

There's somebody that could be passing some meaningful tax reform and safety legislation. 2010 can only get better.

Anybody been paying attention to the polls the media have been running by our state legislators relating to their views of issues coming up in the next season of "Clowns of the Unicameral?" Many didn't even bother to respond. They must be involved in holiday revelry. But there's too much ice to take the boat out.

Anonymous said...

A quote missed, I'm certain because it happened the day before the post, is Ron Gerard-penkowski-or whatever the Hell his name is.

In trying to explain, and correct the Mayor, following the statements about declaring a "snow emergency" just to get Federal money. To paraphrase because I am too lazy to go back and word for word it, Ronnie Boy said the Mayor's office was taken by surprise-we did have 2 blizzards, after all. Apparently the Mayor was unaware of what a blizzard means.

Maybe that's why Ron Gerard is no longer a weatherman?LOL

Anonymous said...

SS, are you insinuating that the Congressman has poached a pet woodchuck?

How come Terry, finally, telling off a jerk cab driver in D.C. didn't make your list?

Street Sweeper said...

The Woodchuck story is independent of Rep. Terry. (Search "woodchuck" or go to that month on L. St. and you'll see the reference.)

And Terry's quote would have been good. I'm sure there's others we missed.