Thursday, November 05, 2009

Keep your hands off MY council!

Reenacting a scene from Planet of the Apes, Omaha Mayor Jim Suttle growled at Dave Heineman,
"Keep your (stinkin') hands off MY Council (you damned dirty governor)!"
Well, maybe he was only thinking the parentheticals.

Or maybe he actually said it. Who knows, judging from the ridiculous words by the Mayor of Omaha to a reporter after hearing that Dave Heineman talked to Councilwoman Jean Stothert about increasing the sales tax.

You know, the sales tax that would have to be approved by...THE GOVERNOR.

How bizarre for the Governor to talk to another legislator on an issue he would be directly involved in, right Mr. Mayor?
(Especially since Governor Dave was simply returning Stothert's phone call.)

But Suttle went all Heston at his own Dr. Zaius screaming:
"You're a citizen of Lincoln, NOT OMAHA!"
You do know that Dave Heineman's the Governor, right Mr. Mayor?

Oh, and nice to know that the Mayor has declared ownership of the City Council.

You know, we had sort of retired the "Councilman Kookypants" moniker for the new Mayor, but apparently we need a new, appropriate sobriquet.

Just remember, the real issue behind the recall of Omaha Mayor Mike Boyle, back in the day, was the irrational behavior...


Anonymous said...

I hope no one is really surprised by the actions of this fool(Suttle). He has demonstrated his arrogance over and over.


NE Voter said...

Ape Shall Not Kill Ape.

/s The Lawgiver

Six(Now Eight Dollar) Parker said...

Get Your hands off of me you damm dirty ape

Anonymous said...

It's funny how bitter you Daub supporters still are. You have yet to raise one valid claim against Suttle - other than he won. Omaha wanted him, and I thank them for their judgement.

Republicans= poor losers.

Anonymous said...

Jean only consults with Republicans to strategize how best to embarrass Democrats and to advance her political future and the Republican agenda.

Jean, you're on your way to the top!

Common Tater said...

NE voter:

In the fashionable nightclubs and finer precincts

Man uses words to dress up his vile instincts

Ever since we said it
He went and took the credit

It's been headed this way since the world began

When a vicious creature took the jump from Monkey to Man

Anonymous said...

Its obvious what the GOP is doing;

deny Suttle the ability to give Omahans a chance to vote yes or no on a sales tax by making the Governor and the Unicameral deny Suttle's request. Hal Daub's baby Abbie Cornett in the revenue committee will block any effort

Suttle will then have no choice to raise taxes ensuring his recall or defeat in the next election

Thanks Jim Suttle for your efforts, too bad we never even gave you a chance to lead.

Anonymous said...

Who cares? How petty. What is annoying is how much Ms. Stothert is always out there demonstrating leadership whenever there is media to give her face time or the fact she has no life except to position her next elective run for something. She does well, but too much of a good thing is....too much.

macdaddy said...

I'm going to go out on a limb and predict that if a sales tax increase is on the Spring ballot it will get about 20% of the vote. Suttle is an idiot if he thinks people are going to vote for less money in their pockets when they are struggling financially. Heineman and the legislature will be doing Suttle a favor if they disallow it.

NE Voter said...

Beware the beast man. For he is the devil's pawn. Alone among God's primates, he kills for sport, or lust or greed.

Yes, he will murder his brother to possess his brother's land. Let him not breed in great numbers, for he will make a desert of his home and yours.

Shun him. Drive him back into his jungle lair. For he is the harbinger of death.

/s Cornelius

Common Tater said...

NE voter:

We do the monkey dance it's a crazy feeling
Monkey dance what are we concealing
Monkey dance we shall be revealing
We do the monkey dance when the blows all glance
Monkey dance we become advanced
Monkey dance we do the monkey dance

Monkey Dance!

NE Voter said...

And you are right -- I have always known about man. From the evidence, I believe his wisdom must walk with his idiocy. His emotions must rule his brain. He must be a warlike animal who gives battle to everything around him -- even himself.

/s Dr. Zaius

Nate E said...

On behalf of all the viewers of this blog that possess functioning eyes (which i would assume is all of them) please refrain from posting anymore pics like the one in this post. Thank you. Now if you'll excuse me, I need to go gouge out my eyes.

Common Tater said...

NE voter:

The monkey speaks his mind

And three monkeys sat in a coconut tree
Discussing things as they are said to be
Said one to other now listen, you two
“There’s a certain rumour that just can’t be true
That man descended from our noble race
Why, the very idea is a big disgrace, yea”
No monkey ever deserted his wife
Starved her baby and ruined her life

Yea, the monkey speaks his mind

And you’ve never known a mother monk
To leave her babies with others to bunk
And pass them on from one to another
‘Til they scarcely knew which was their mother

Yea, the monkey speak his mind

And another thing you will never see
A monkey build a fence around a coconut tree
And let all the coconuts go to waste
Forbidding other monkeys to come and taste
Why, if I put a fence around this tree
Starvation would force you to steal from me

Yea, the monkey speaks his mind

Here’s another thing a monkey won’t do
Go out on a night and get all in a stew
Or use a gun or a club or a knife
And take another monkey’s life
Yes, man descended, the worthless bum
But, brothers, from us he did not come

Yea, the monkey speaks his mind

Yea, now the monkey speaks his mind

Bottom of the Fifth said...

Regarding the Governor's legislature

“If you pay peanuts, you get monkeys.”

Jack Handy said...

How'd we get onto monkeys? I thought we were talking about apes.

It's interesting to think that my ancestors used to live in the trees, like apes, until finally they got the nerve to head out onto the plains, where some were probably hit by cars.

Anonymous said...


Wow, you would think that would be worthy of news coverage for the Leavenworth Street blog but instead they continue to take the low road which is a reflection on themselves.

Politics is nothing but a game to you, Leavenworth St Blog, its fun involving yourself in secret with this partisan bloodsport, in this personal attack operation you have going, etc....

Street Sweeper said...

I love these types of comments...

And once again, I'd suggest you take a look at the TITLE OF THE BLOG.

That may help you, just a tad.

If you're looking for NEWS on the Mayor's and union's plan, try reading the newspaper.

If you're looking for detailed commentary on the plan, we may be able to provide some at a later date, but not now. Because we're not experts on this.

Will this "end" spiking? Beats me. For all I can tell, they may have just signed something to increase it. Or make it worse.

In the mean time, we'll continue to discuss things like -- oh I don't know -- politics.

You know like the political repercussions of two pols talking to each other then another pol blowing up about said conversation and the political ramifications of said blow up.

Crazy idea, I know...

A Common Tater said...

Jack Handy:

"Everybody's got sumpthin' ta hide 'cept for me and my monkey."

s/ Tater

Anonymous said...

Monkey songs, monkey poems and monkey blogs. Ya wonder where Suttle gets his material.

Anonymous said...

So Republicans, who are always whining about how they want the Federal Government to keep out of State Government, are now happy to let State Goverment shove into local Government (just like Fed does to State). Is it because it's a Republican that's doing it?

Hypocrisy - look it up.

Anonymous said...

Can we assume by Mayor Suttle's comments that Tom White SUPPORTS a sales tax increase for Omaha?

Jim Suttle and Tom White--Omaha Democratic Leaders for Tomorrow.

Anonymous said...

"Hey Hey we're the Monkeys and people say we monkey around"

- The Monkeys

Anonymous said...

Just when you thought his staff had hidden him away protecting him from a recall. This outburst coupled with raising property and sales taxes will only continue to fuel the recall fire. Plus, word has it, more costly department head hires are on the way.

Anonymous said...

Are you saying the Omaha World Herald is lying. The OWH headline and story say that union spiking will end in the agreement that Suttle worked on.

Keep up the great work Mayor Suttle,

getting the budget under control
restoring Omaha to sound financial shape
ended spiking
continuing the growth of small business in north Omaha and larger business growth in downtown...

too bad people like the Leavenworth Street Blog is hellbent on destroying you Mr Mayor....

Street Sweeper said...

We peoples at the L. St. blog are more than happy to sit back and watch the Mayor destroy himself.

macdaddy said...

Sometimes, though, SS, you've got to shock the monkey.

Street Sweeper said...

OK, I'll jump in:

I hate every ape I see
From chimpan-a to chimpan-zee
No, you'll never make a monkey out of me!

First one to name those lyrics will win an official L. St. gold dollar.

(Disclaimer: Not real gold. Not actually emailed.)

Dayton Headlee said...

I'm of the beleif that Suttle has yet to notice that anyone is watching what he's doing. He acts like he's in a bubble and there are no ramifications of what he does. I almsot feel sorry for him. Almost.

laughing said...

Ithink Jean Stothert was doing her duty as a council person and talking to state senators and the Gov on the sales tax hike. Just because Mayor Futtle like to look stupid, why should the council follow his lead.

Anonymous said...

How would you like it if someone attached a photo of your head on a demeaning body? You have no class Leavenworth Street Blog.

Every point you are trying to make gets lost in your juvenile attempts to destroy a politican you don't agree with.

you need to go to confession.

Uncle Wiggily said...


You should seek treatment for that case of Simpson-itis. It will eventually rot your squash.

Just so you know.

Anonymous said...

Ok Dems...Follow Suttle with a tax hike or Jean Stothert's stance on cutting spending...I would look at VA and NJ last tuesday for the answer.

Chief of Staff said...

Keep your hands off the Council??? Why would you do that???

Anonymous said...

Mmmmm - criticizing someone you desperately need help from when you don't have all the facts. BRILLIANT! I knew it wouldn't be long before the Mayor would stumble again and he didn't disappoint.

"It was a simple misunderstanding" said Gerard, who added that the mayor wishes Stothert had called him to talk about the sales proposal.

(Okay - NE voter - I'll play}

Whoever did this will pay heavily
/s General Ursus

Anonymous said...

Actually, it was irrational behavior AND power gone to the head attitude that got him recalled. It has always been hard to figure out whether Anne or Mike was irrational or thought they had too much power.

I guess this just mean that when Suttle is done with this "Mayor" thing, he plans on running for another office. Either one that pays well, but no one can really understand how it affects them, or one that doesn't pay well and they really have no power. Whichever one it is, he's sure to screw it up too.

Anonymous said...

"Jim Suttle and Tom White, Democrat Leaders of tomorrow"?

Tomorrow is a long way away and the way Dems are spending money here, there, and everywhere, it seems unlikely they will get to see tomorrow.

BTW, it may be raining tomorrow and Nordquist, my boatin' buddy Kent, and White all want to spend the "rainy day" fund.

Bye, bye, tomorrow and bye, bye, White and Suttle.

GeosUser said...

Unless you overlook the "incentives" being offered to keep OPD officers from "early" retirement and the police union's gloating over the "comparable pay" they are now assured of receiving, then maybe the new union contract is ok. I have serious doubts about that and the upcoming tax increases to correct pension underfunding. IMHO, we should have ended the pension program for new officers and just ignore the current pension system "problems". Let it go bankrupt and let the police union then settle for pennies on the dollar payments. The city should be working with the legislature to end the court of industrial relations where both the police and fire unions hold the taxpayers in contempt.

Anonymous said...

Geo honey, it is time to wake up for school. That must have been a nice dream you were having, you were smiling in you sleep.

Anonymous said...

10.2% Unemployment ...

Figures just in--when will the Dems realize their plan is not working? They enacted everything they wanted and what should be going down--unemployment--is going up.

Anonymous said...

How about that 'stimulus' plan...

"In June, the federal government spent $1,047 in stimulus money to buy a rider mower from the Toro Company to cut the grass at the Fayetteville National Cemetary in Arkansas. Now, a report on the government's stimulus Web site improbably claims that that single lawn mower sale helped save or create 50 jobs."

NY Times 1/5/09

Hey Tom White--have fun defending what has become a failed program...

Anonymous said...

Closing out another work week...

Any luck, Vic/Rogers/Samp, in your candidate recruitment?

10.2% unemployment gonna help you guys?

Anonymous said...

Dems said that passing the stimulus plan in February would bring unemployment to 8%. They got everything they wanted--now it is 10.2 percent.

The Obama/White plan is wrong.

Anonymous said...

Thank goodness a bipartisan Congress voted to extend the unemployment benefits for all Americans, not just the ones in Dem centered states, and just in time to help the real people, not the fictitious ones that Pelosi keeps referring to helping when every Dem and ZERO Republicans voted for that crap Stimulus Bill in February.

We lay it at the feet of the creator.

aligner said...

Sweeper - I recall those lyrics coming from a Simpson's episode.

As far as some of the other comments - the most disturbing part of the whole ordeal is Suttle uttering the words, "MY council." Ignorance + arrogance + emotion = the qualities of a true leader.

Also, I crack up when I read things like - "What is annoying is how much Ms. Stothert is always out there demonstrating leadership whenever there is media to give her face time" - as if she alerted the media to her phone call. Everytime someone shows any leadership on ANY issue - one of you yahoos calls them out for "positioning" themselves.

Anonymous said...

Where is Mathew Samp these days? Advising the Mayor via is business partner DiSylvestro?

Anonymous said...

The most appropriate Simpsons monkey quote:


Anonymous said...

Revisiting Lathrop...

A few articles ago on Lathrop, his staff said he opposed the death penalty (which is exactly what the NEGOP said in its flyer).

I see John Muhammed may be put to death next Tueday in VA for the DC-area murders in 2002.

Would Steve spare him?

In the Know in Lincoln said...

I heard Jean stothert talked to a few deomoctratic senators on the tax issue too. You see before you send a legislative agenda to Lincoln you do your Homework!!!

Raggetty man said...

"Two men enter, one man leave"

Wait wrong Movie quote!!!

I think Jean could kick Suttle's ass. She clearly does it in the press on a weekly basis!!!

NE Voter said...

Stothert has man hands.

Just saying.

Nate E said...

I seem to be having some sort of issue with the blog. Im using windows 7 and firefox but i keep getting a 'cannot connect to server' message whenever i try to bring it up. When i use IE, its ok though. Just wanted you to be aware but i dont know if its anything on your end.

GeosUser said...

Nate E,
Try Ubuntu and Opera, much better combination and both are free. I use both and have, for the most part, left Windoze behind along with all its security vulnerabilities and instability.

Anonymous said...

Anon 9:22 from last night: Suttle should be pleased that his head got pasted on top of Charlton Heston's body. Get off the computer and go watch a movie from time to time.

Nate E said...

thanks for the advice. I'll look into it

Anonymous said...

To've got a valid point. It does buff up the mayor. Oh that he exercise such muscle with the fire chief.

Monkey see. Monkey do. Who's your monkey? Or, was that Momma?

Oh my gawd, I've descended to the level of monkey quotes.

Anonymous said...

There goes Sweeper again, removing comments pointing out that Mark Fahleson just keeps holding press conferences that no one shows up for.

Wonder why?

Anonymous said...

Mark Fahleson has no credibility. Wonder how long the Governor will keep him around if he keeps holding press conferences that no press shows up for?

Anonymous said...

If they failed to show, it's further evidence of the liberal bias in the media.

Anonymous said...

I'll take Fahleson any day over Covalt.

At least Fahleson's out there fighting the good fight.

What is Covalt doing? Nada. Obviously not recruiting candidates.

NDP---->total joke.

Anonymous said...

"touch my monkey"
- Me

Anonymous said...

A lib columist ...

Here's what Paul Krugman said today in the NY Times:

"The stimulus has already had its maximum effect on growth. Even Timothy Geitner, the Treasury secretary, admits that banks remain reluctant to lend. Many economists predict that the economy's growth, such as it is, will fade out over the course of the next year."

"...all indications are that a year from now unemployment will still be painfully high."

Goodbye Dems...and goodbye Tom white.

Anonymous said...

Did Covalt retire?

Anonymous said...

What a fool.

Tom White intros a bill that he admits is outside the call of the session. Wonder what that will cost (waste) in printing expenses, etc.

Tom might as well offer a bill to reinstate his no-age limit for the safe haven law. Same difference.

Anonymous said...

Hey Street Creeper & Leavenworth Street Blah -
if you can take a quick break from trashing our Mayor for a minute you may want to actually think and provide us with something that matters;

the OWH had a story that Jim Suttle announced new plans for faster, more efficent snow removal. As a former city engineer & planner Suttle is very qualified to make such changes.

I challenge you to make note of this (you can't stay to give the Mayor a second of credit) and create a balanced and well thought out discussion on this topic.

is this asking too much? probably, I have never seen this site ever have a shred of fairness to it, instead it's whole aim is to personally destroy Democrats.

How would you feel if you or someone you knew was consitantly and unfairly ridiculed? Think about that. You reap what you sow, Leavenworth street blog

Anonymous said...

Someone told me that Stothert's knickname is "Mean Jean" and that this is well known. People will do anything to take shots at leaders!

Anonymous said...

If you have any decency you would take down the ape picture of our Mayor.

Do you claim to be Christian? Is this how you should categorize and "debate" your opponents?

The Mayor's job is hard enough, you are only making it more difficult. Give the man a break! Honest disagreement is one thing, ridicule is another.

Street Sweeper said...

1) Uh, that ain't an ape, lady. That's Charlton Heston (with Jim Suttle's head). Heston played an astronaut in that film. The Mayor has never had any higher praise.

2) I'm not sure I ever claimed to be a Christian. Though I'd point out that Heston also played Moses. Who, of course, was Jewish. But he also played Ben Hur. Who I think was a Roman Christian. Though he may have been pagan. Until the end. I'm not sure.

3) Who said we were debating? We were simply pointing out that Suttle was calling out the Governor and claimed the City Council was "his".

4) I agree with you. That WAS another ridiculous statement by Suttle.

Thanks for reading!

Anonymous said...

No Class

Anonymous said...

Anon 8:28, And how many nice things did you ever say about President Bush-yeah, that's what I thought.

Don't get sanctimonious, tell your idiot Mayor to quit trying to be King.

Anonymous said...

Go to jail...

Joint Cmtee on Taxation has said that under the Dem healthcare bill (HR 3962), a person who fails to get "acceptable health insurance coverage" and refuses to pay the 2.5% individual mandate tax, is liable for fines of up to $250,000 and 5 years imprisonment.

Good job, Dems.

Anonymous said...

And then, they will get "free" healthcare rammed down their throats and shoved up their a**!

Anonymous said...

But don't forget ...

As bad as the 10.2% unemployment figure is, what makes it worse is the number of individuals who have become so discouraged that they've stopped looking for work entirely.

Adding them in makes the unemployed/underemployed rate 17.5%--highest since the depression.

The Dems still don't get it though.

Anonymous said...

Let's hear it for Stephanie!

Democratic S.D. Rep. Stephanie Herseth Sandlin announced she'll vote against the health care bill.

Meanwhile, of course, NNN is at it again attacking Terry, Fort and Adrian. Are they gonna attack Stephanie, too?

Phil Montag said...

Time is on the Democrats side. As the clock winds down and Republicans have their backs up against the 2010 congressional races and if they're still the party blocking reform next summer they'll get slaughtered in November. Republicans know this, they know what American voters want, and they can only stall reform for so long.

Anonymous said...

And ... listen to John!

"I've been consistent--I've told people consistently that my fundamental concern was cost containment. The bill has a lot of good objectives. But the most important objective was to rein in insurance and medical costs to make it affordable, and this bill doesn't do that."

U.S. Rep. John Adler (D/NJ)

Anonymous said...

Hey Phil--with unemployment over 10%, you guys are toast. Obamarama 1st-time voters aren't gonna turn out--your base collapses. (Particularly so in a state like NE where there won't be any statewide D candidates.)

Throw in health care--which seniors oppose because it cuts Medicare $500 billion--and a slaughter could happen... to the D's.

Anonymous said...

Phil--Democrats like Stephanie HS and John A really resent your attacks on them!

Gonna attack Ben N. next?

Anonymous said...

"This is now Obama's crisis and it carries political consequences. During Tuesday's gubernatorial races in New Jersey and Virginia, nearly 9 in 10 voters said that they were worried about the direction of the nation's economy in the next year. And the majority of those who held that view voted for the Republican candidates. This could portend a flashback to 1994."

Op-ed, Charles Blow, NYTimes today

Goodbye Dems!

Anonymous said...

Citiback almost went under because they got heavy into sub-prime mortgages. Who pushed them to do that--GW Bush? No, their board director, Robert Rubin--Clinton's Treas. Secy.

Good job, Bob.

Anonymous said...

Guess the Dem's can't hide behind "it's all GWB's fault" anymore.

Phil Montag said...

Anonymous @ 1:50 PM

Get real. From 2001 to 2008 the Republicans controlled all 3 branches of the federal government for the majority of the time. Blaming Democratic leadership alone for the meltdown just doesn't make any sense to any thinking person.

Anonymous said...

Phil--there's plenty of blame to go around, including Chris Dodd (Sen. banking chair who failed to do any oversight and, as mentioned, Robert Rubin, who pushed Citibank into overextending themselves in the sub-prime market).

Fact is, the Dems enacted their economic program in Feb. lock, stock and barrel--they got everything they wanted. And, it's not working. Things are getting worse and voters have held (see posts about Tuesday's election above) and will hold the Dems responsible next Nov.

Have fun defending the 10% unemployment that your party's policies have brought.

Maybe the nervousness about this is a main reason you can't find any credible statewide candidates.

Mark said...

It's interesting how Senator Cornett (who is not Hal Daub) is taking heat for the Omaha Democrats problems. First Fahey brings the city to the edge of bankruptcy, then Suttle tries to get someone else to raise taxes as a way out of it. This way the Omaha Democrats can blame the state and the legislature for the tax increase,and not raise property taxes for their own mess!

Brian T. Osborn said...

Rep. Tom Price made a spectacle of himself on the House floor today, rudely shouting down some women that were just trying to say what was within their rights to say. Then, the Chair of the NEGOP had to Twitter, "Rep. Tom Price-a great American."

Nebraska Republicans, I'm sorry, I'm usually one of the very first to defend the right of anyone to say, or write, whatever they will, but this clown is really hurting the reputation of your party. You need to take away his Twitter if you guys want to be taken seriously.

Or find a new Chair for the NEGOP. Fahleson is an embarrassment, not only for the Nebraska Republican Party, but for Nebraska as a whole.

Anonymous said...

First of all, St Senator Abbie Cornett is a traitor, most Democrats dislike her with a passion. It is believed that Hal Daub was responsible for making her switch.

So of course, a close personal friend of Hal Daub's is not going to be doing anything to help out Jim Suttle.

I the last few days;

Jim Suttle ended spiking for police, devised a new snow removal plan

& Democrats in the House just passed a Health Care reform bill (that includes NO funding for abortion)

Democrats are already coming back from Tuesday's defeats!!!

Take that Leavenworth Street Blob

Anonymous said...

BTO, Vic Covalt is just as much of an embarassment as Mark Fahleson. They're both idiots. The difference is Covalt can't get candidates and the NDP is going broke.

Nate E said...

Anon 12:47 PM,
AARP is endorsing the House Dem health care bill. Guess AARP doesn't represent seniors.

"AARP believes that they meet our priorities for protecting Medicare and stopping insurance companies from denying people affordable coverage because of their age."

"AARP is proud to endorse H.R. 3962 and H.R. 3961. We urge members of the House to pass this critical plan this year and finally fix our broken health-care system."

Those are the words of Bob Gallo, an AARP representative.

bob said...

AARP does NOT represent seniors.

AARP is an insurance company that makes a huge profit by squeezing money out of seniors, who of course get much of thier money from social security/taxpayers.

AARP is economically parasitic, like a wart or cancer. It is a for profit company that stands to make more money via increased goverment that reduces freedom. AARP will call that security.

BTW, Suttle's loin cloth is made out of hair he got from Nelson's barber.

macdaddy said...

This is a great day for insurance companies and big government. Every one else just gets screwed. I wonder what those new Obama supporters will think when they open their paychecks and find that the government is taking an extra 2.5% out. Making $20 grand a year? Guess what! You get to cough up another $500 a year. Making $40 grand and have a family? Be prepared to shell out a grand a month or risk going to jail. It's your patriotic duty to The One and the Democrats. But it's not a tax because it's for your own good. Oh, and that $500 is going to subsidize people who are here illegally and are competing for your crappy job.

Folks, if this passes, 10% unemployment will become the new norm.

Anonymous said...

So, Mac....where did you get your numbers? Got any sources you can help us search for that aren't from the Republican Party and other fearmongers? Cause CBO reports refute what you say.

Anonymous said...

Let's just be honest. Health care is so complicated, none of us really truly knows what exactly is the problem and what Obama's plan will do.

Anonymous said...


beginning to get our budget under control
beginning to get our financial house in order
ending police spiking
devising a new more effective snow removal plan
hiring key people from the private sector
for getting the fire and police unions to agree to no pay increases
for beginning to deal with the firefighters union contract
as taken from KETV site today;

Mayor Jim Suttle said that half of the city's 2009 $9.5 million budget shortfall is linked to the city's fire department.
Suttle said that a large number of firefighters turning in claims for sick and leave time played a major factor in the department's $4.7 million contribution to the shortfall.
Suttle's office said fire department accountants will now report to directly to the city's finance director. It's part of an overall shift to performance-based budgeting in all departments.

Anonymous said...

I agree, Mayor Jim Suttle is doing a good job. The critics just need to shut up for a minute and let the man do his job.

Anonymous said...

That pic of Suttle is really hot : ). If nothing else the Mayor's got sexy appeal. I'm glad he takes a strong stance. Isn't that what republicans are always asking for...? There are a lot of things that I would say to the governor, but I think he's a little to slow to follow. Good thing Suttle is direct.

Anonymous said...

Judging by 12:48PM and 1:26PM it looks as the Mayor has finally gotten some PR people to spin his postives. Either that or the old boys finally woke up and realized they could be out of a job or love.

Anonymous said...

I think we should name a street after Suttle.

Anonymous said...

I wish Samp would quit talking about the Mayor on L Street, it's just gross!

Anonymous said...

So does Fahey get his street tomorrow or not?

Anonymous said...

Fahey needs to have "Party Cove" in the Ozarks named after him, not a prominent section of a street in Omaha.

Of course, when visitors to our City find themselves lost in the NODO area because of the construction and the streets that seem to change for no apparent reason, they can just keep going around in circles until they figure out where they are-then they will feel just like the citizens of Omaha have for the last 8 years and, I guess, the next 4!

Monkey Man said...

More monkey references...

I'm a fleabit peanut monkey
All my friends are junkies
That's not really true

I'm a cold Italian pizza
I could use a lemon squeezer
What you do?

But I've been bit and I've been tossed around
By every she-rat in this town
Have you, babe?

Well, I am just a monkey man
I'm glad you are a monkey woman too

Anonymous said...

Don Welsey will run

Anonymous said...

Richard Carter's back, chairing Terry's campaign. Let's take a walk down memory lane:

From Richard Carter's live blog on DailyKos (02/24/2008):

Question: How do you feel we can improve upon the Iraq policy supported by Lee Terry?

Richard Carter's response:
"By removing him from office.

Question: How do you differ w/Terry on military issues?

Richard Carter's response:
"I understand them."

From Richard Carter's live blog on DailyKos (03/02/2008):

Question: Do you have any comment about the article that ran in the Omaha World Herald on Friday? Terry gives wrestling guru verbal body slam?....Is this the way you would represent NE-02?

Richard Carter's response:
"I just wish Lee would have been as upset when Miers and Bolten refused to appear (to answer a Congresional subpoena). When this issue was brought up, Lee threw a temper-tantrum with the rest of the House republicans and walked out.

So, no, I would not represent NE-02 like a child."

Question: Is steroid abuse in professional wrestling really a topic worthy of a large amount of time by the House Energy and Commerce subcommittee? Doesn't Nebraska have larger concerns that this committee could be working on?

Richard Carter's response:
"If I were a member of the Energy and Commerce subcommittee, I would want to spend more time trying to end our addiction to foreign oil.

Perhaps if Lee hadn't taken over $100,000 from gas and oil companies over the course of his career, he would want to deal with that issue as well."

Well said, Richard. Thank you for your service and for telling the truth.

Anonymous said...

Yes, thank you for your service and we appreciate your willingness to listen and come to a conclusion that you can support Congressman Lee Terry, now that you have met him and through the course of the last election cycle have come to understand what his positions are when expanded beyond a sound bite.

As for Ian and your ability to cut and paste, do you really have time to be on the internet when you should be helping your boss understand what is germain to the Special Session and what is not? Does he really hate Economic Development in the State of Nebraska that much?! By the way, nice press release in the LJS today. Since when do AP writers do editorials?

Anonymous said...

Oops Ian, I didn't notice that it was 10 after 4, you are off duty at 4 o'clock when you work for a State Senator. I wonder what all those other poor souls are doing still at work?

Fools, everyone should go home from the Capitol. Ian has shown you the way, it is time to clock out from your government job. It doesn't matter that there is still important work to be done for the people of the State of Nebraska, it is time to go to work on the campaign. Go, be free!

Anonymous said...

Does Mark Fahleson know the definition of "harem?"

# Golfing with the Fahleson harem.about 24 hours ago from TwitterBerry

Anonymous said...

Carlos should suspend Fahleson's twitter privileges before he gets the Governor in trouble.

Anonymous said...

Kudos to White, Nordquist, Lautenbaugh, Ashford, McCoy, Pirsh and Pahls for opposing Suttle's sales tax hike.

Anonymous said...


Despite what you may be saying about Richard here is something consider,

If he really did truly think those things and now has come around to still support Lee over your boss, what does that say about Tom White? Even former Lee opponents would rather support Lee over white.


Anonymous said...

White's co-chairs

I heard it is going to be Jim Suttle and Matt Samp. True?

Anonymous said...

As far as Richard Carter ....

Hands off, Dems--you had Carter but lost him for good. Your loss...

Anonymous said...

Hey Boomer, Rell just announced she's not running for re-election in CT. Time to spring your old buddy Rowland from jail and run him for Governor again.

"If they're asking me to apologize for working for John Rowland," [Boomer] said, "I never will."

-Omaha World Herald, 7/5/04

Anonymous said...

Hey Fahleson, get a dictionary and look up "harem."

Anonymous said...

Hey Covalt, get a dictionary and look up "candidate."

macdaddy said...

Anon 11:56 from yesterday: sorry I missed your question yesterday. I got my info from a letter from the Joint Committee on Taxation. That's a non-partisan committee between the Senate and the House. The letter also stated that a family is expected to pay about $15,000 a year for health insurance if they buy it on their own. That means that if you work for a company that does not provide health insurance, you will be on the hook for $15,000 in new spending. Or pay 2.5% of your income, which gets you no coverage. Or do neither and risk 5 years in jail. All those new Obama voters are going to be in for a rude awakening.

Anonymous said...

If Suttle does not the Unicameral to allow a vote on the sales tax, what will he do to balance the city budget?

lay people off? I feel sorry for people who will lose their job.

I heard that Tom White and Suttle aren't on friendly terms. I could be wrong but that's what I heard, they will endorse each other but neither one will stick their necks out for the other.

Rachel Maddow looks like a boy. Michael Savage is nuts.

Anonymous said...

Hey Ian--why the silence from White on the healthcare bill.

Trying to stay away from the controversry?

Not gonna work ...

Anonymous said...

White shouldn't worry...

Even though he can't intro any more bills that are nongermane, he can still offer amendments that will be ruled nongermane.

Is White trying to set a record for bring things up that aren't in a call of a session?

Hurry, Tom, intro an amendment on Global Warming or the crisis in Sudan.

Anonymous said...

Or, try and get the age limit back out of the No Child Dumped Anywhere But Nebraska Law that you wrote.

Then you will truly have a legacy when you leave elected office for good next Spring.

Anonymous said...

Richard Carter is Lee Terry's campaign chair. Jim Esch left the Democratic party.

Prediction: in 2011 Tom White will be a precinct leader for Lee Terry!

Anonymous said...