Monday, May 11, 2009

Election Eve

First with your Monday morning coffee, a little SAB, courtesy of tomorrow's Omaha Mayoral election:

Former Mayor Hal Daub and Family Guy's Mayor Adam West:

And Councilman Jim Suttle and Jeff Dunham's puppet, Walter:


From Sunday's OWH article about Suttle and Daub, Jim Suttle was quoted as saying:
"Details, details — you guys always want details."
Now, can you imagine that? Voters want some details about the plans that a candidate wants to put in place?

Or better yet, in Suttle's case, they simply want the plan.

"I want 1,000 new jobs" is not a plan.

"I want to lower crime" is not a plan.

"I want kids to graduate" is not a plan.

Those are all laudable goals -- but they are barely even that. Who doesn't want lower crime, more graduate and more jobs? Does one even need to say that? A candidate shouldn't even need to mention those things, unless he's against them. Otherwise, we'll just assume he's pro-pro things.

What voters want is info on HOW one plans to accomplish those goals.

The irony is that the article title is, "Omaha voters asked to take leap of faith".

Well with Jim Suttle, that is absolutely true. Since he is not giving any details as to what he wants to do as Mayor, the voter is left hoping that maybe he'll do something good, possibly.

Of course he may just take the same tack as he did as Councilman -- running behind people's backs, not getting the support of the council on his plans, and planning for his next big gig four years hence -- and not making any plans in the mean time.

Think it's a "leap of faith" with Daub? Really? 

If you don't think you're getting someone who literally works 24/7, has boundless energy, a million ideas, a love for the city and serious plans for the future, then you haven't been paying attention.

Those who vote for Daub take a leap of logic. A leap of confidence.

With the other guy, you're voting into the abyss.


Leavenworth Street Odds coming later today!


Anonymous said...

Darn tootin'!

Anonymous said...

Darn nice post, SS! Thanks for telling it like it is.

macdaddy said...

From the comments on the previous post, it sounds like Daub is taking this race seriously and is using some of that boundless energy to get out there and do some campaigning. Good luck to Daub tomorrow.

Anonymous said...

Hal has done everything right in this campaign. He deserves to win. Omaha needs him.

Anonymous said...

It's like you all live in an alternate universe!

Do you not realize there is a sizable portion of Omaha that cannot stand Hal Daub?

Not everyone thought things were nice and rosy under Daub, not everyone thinks they'd be great for another term, and you'd be foolish to think that those people aren't fired up about making sure he is not our next mayor.

Yeah, we know exactly what Hal Daub will do as mayor. That's exactly the problem.

Anonymous said...

So anon 12:04 -- what exactly do you think Jim Suttle would do as mayor that you think would be so peachy? Please enlighten us, because no one -- not even Jim himself! -- has been able to say exactly what he plans to do for this city.

Anonymous said...

I'm still waiting to hear what the "Anyone byt Daub" people found not so rosy when he was mayor?

Anonymous said...

Course, I'm not surprised:

The people who think Daub was a great mayor didn't understand why people hated George W. Bush so much, and are the same people calling Barack Obama a "socialist."

Anonymous said...

I believe the clip of last minute campaigning I saw was on KPTM and you can hear Suttle talking to someone and he says, "Sorry you're not on my list".

What a tool. I can understand targeting voters, but to actually walk away from someone who is attempting to engage you and say, "Sorry you're not on my list" is ridiculous.

It will be amazing to see if the Democratic voter advantage gives Suttle a big enough advantage for his "Not so Subtle" personality.

The SAB was apparently more accurate than just a pic.

Anonymous said...

Very well said, Sweeper:

It seems to us, that since Jim can't come up with any REAL ANSWERS or should I say REAL SOLUTIONS for 'our' city
- he must NOT really have any. It appears that ALL he wants is the vote to make him mayor, which is NOT what we the citizens need.

If it's ONLY ABOUT vote for me - I want to be mayor. Then we don't need him as our leader. That just only makes him a professional politician.

We needed answers and solutions to make a conscious decision, but we DID NOT get them. This makes it easy to know who we should NOT vote for tomorrow. And it CAN'T be for Jim Suttle.

And it doesn't matter if a person likes or dislikes Daub personally. "We won't cut off our nose, to spite our face".

We NEED to vote for Hal Daub.

Anonymous said...

Right. I understand if people don't like Hal Daub personally. Heck, you can't please all people all of the time. But no one can articulate anything that was so bad during Hal's last administration. From my viewpoint, Omaha was quite improved because of Hal's leadership!

Anonymous said...

To 12:04 Anonymous

Well, maybe some people don't think of Daub as warm and fuzzy but if they look at the record they will find that he did ALOT of good for Omaha and the people.

Now, on the other hand, what do we know about Suttle?? NOT A THING, except that he is difficult to get along with, and there is a sizable portion of Omaha who can't stand him. As you said about Daub.

Plus, from experience, I have ALWAYS thought that 'it is better to go with the obvious rather than to go with the hidden.'

And IF you don't think Daub was so great - atleast, think of the mess Suttle could make for this city and ALL OF US. Now we are down to the nitty gritty - and decision time. This is serious, and who ever gets voted in - we are stuck with - for four years - we could wind-up with quite a mess.

I like the fact that Daub was born and raised right here in Omaha - this is HIS HOMETOWN, a city that he has attachments to - a city that he has PRIDE in, as well.

The best man for the job - is the one with the experience - so do think first - and don't settle for Suttle.

Again, this is serious, and with this economy, we really DO NEED an experienced mayor.

Please, for the sake of ALL OF US,

VOTE HAL DAUB !!!!!!!!!!

Anonymous said...

It's nice to see Jon Blumenthal went a perfect 3 for 3. Batting 1000.

After being blown out by 30 points, he felt he had the positive name idea to send three mailers, all negative, between the Primary and the general. Never mind that the media and video evidence proved him a liar.

By the way, I hear the Stothert people are very pleased he made his last mailer sound very "lawyerly." They say it fit in nicely with their targeted response that has been delivered to the households Blumenthal targeted with his mailings.

Way to go Jon, you got worked again!

Anonymous said...

Yeah, did you notice in one of Jon's mailers this weekend one of his plans is to "create jobs." The only example he gave for how he would create these jobs? Wind energy. Hmmmmm....

Real Conservative said...

Blumenthal is calling voters telling them 'he' is the real conservative in the race.

Let's see, if he's so conservative, why:
1. Is he proposing a new $30,000,000.00 tax on Omahans?
2. Can't answer whether or not he supports same sex marriages?
3. Can't answer if he supports or doesn't support expanded gambling?
4. Could not answer whether or not parental rights should superceed the United Nations liberal "Rights of a Child treaty"?
5. Could not say which candidate for President or which party he voted for on 2008.

Real conservative Jon!

REAL Conflict of interest said...

Anon 2:13:

Doesn't he represent the firm that would come in and create these jobs? Doesn't his firm even lobby in Lincoln for that company?

Doesn't he stand to make a lot of money if this firm gets in to do the job?

too bad maggie Obrien can't do her job and cover this side too! I think she has a crush on Jon.

The Mailman said...

Have you all heard about the huge District 3 mailing mistake made by the Douglas County Republican Party? The Election Commissioner's office has been flooded with calls from confused and angry voters.

It's a doozy! Chip Maxwell is reported to be "livid."

DCRP = Epic Fail.

Anonymous said...


That picture above - is a super good likeness to Stubble/Suttle.

The real Jim Suttle that is !

Anonymous said...

What mailing mistake did the DCRP do in District 3?? Do tell!

Anonymous said...

Let's see... there was the "Triple X" comment about Council Bluffs, followed shortly thereafter by Omaha police firing bullets across the Missouri River. There was the lie detector test in the 1997 election, where Hal jumped up and celebrated beating the detector, yelling "No Deception!"

If you want a SAB for Hal Daub from Family Guy, it would obviously be Stewie.

Anonymous said...

To 1:22 PM Anonymous

Exactly !!! They must have forgot of all the good that Daub did for Omaha. Maybe some don't know what the rest of us do know. Hope they aren't listening to the wrong people.

The point is, it should not be about anything personal BUT only what is good for our town now. We want our double AAA Bond Rating back (that Daub did for us last time around). We lost it through the Fahey Administration and I just don't think Suttle is equipped to get it back for us - let alone - don't think that he's even going to try or worry about it. Another sad thing about Suttle as mayor is that he will raise our property taxes. It's bad enough that own home values have gone down - so, why would we want our property taxes raised on top of this bad situation. Daub will help that matter - Suttle won't - Suttle's just going to spend more of our tax dollars. And possibly for whatever he wants.

The Mailman said...

To: Anonomouse @ 3:00

DCRP sent a postcard to Republicans in District 3. One side displayed a sample ballot.

The other side informed the recipient that their polling place is (wait for it) the W. Dale Clark library DOWTOWN.

Every. Single. One.

To sum up, the Douglas County Republican Party has successfully misinformed THOUSANDS of Republicans in the District 3 battleground.

This will be fun to watch unfold!

Anonymous said...

Way to go Nancy McCabe! Yikes.

Anonymous said...


From what I know about this issue a 3rd party mail house was used for district 3. Before you decide to trash the party maybe you should get better information or possibly *shock* call the party to get the information about the mailing!

I live in district 3 and have already received an auto dial, personal phone call and a new sample ballot left on my doorstep

My advice to you is to get off the computer and get involved / informed.

- GOP Insider

Anonymous said...

So, if the Party uses a "3rd party mail house" they don't get a chance to proofread what gets sent out? Don't they insist on proofreading whatever is sent out in their name?

Maxwell Webmaster said...

Chip Maxwell isn't "livid", although the polling place printing error sure doesn't help in a tight race. The DCRP is making every effort to correct the mistake and a "find your polling place" function has been added to the Home page at Chip's campaign website (

The Mailman said...

To: Maxwell Webmaster

So let's review:

1. The Douglas County Republican Party misinforms EVERY Republican in District 3 that their polling place is the downtown library.

2. Said epic mistake generates who-knows-how-much confusion among said Republican addressees.

3. The Douglas County Republican Party fires all weapons (robocalls; live calls; new mailpiece) in an effort to correct the soon-to-be-legendary error.

4. Said corrective measures only generate even more confusion and anger ("Which is realy right - what DCRP said then or what it's telling me now?").

5. Wash. Rinse. Repeat.

Yeah, on second thought, maybe Chip Maxwell is only "miffed" or "nonplussed." Now Daub on the other hand . . .

DCRP = Epic fail.

Not the Mailman said...

Oh my, you added a find your polling place function on your website!? Well that just solves everything. Epic Fail on the part of Chip Maxwell.

I got that mailing GOP operative and it's from the DCRP which is full of a bunch of stupid operatives. I can't believe how dumb they are.

Not the Mailman said...

...and, are you going to tell me that the Douglas County Republican Party didn't share the piece with Chip Maxwell's campaign?

That's kind of a lose-lose situation eh?

If they didn't share it, then tha shows the great since of awareness and cooperation there is within the Republican Party. If they did share it, then the Maxwell campaign would have to be as incompetent as the DCRP for not catching an obvious mistake.

Idiots. They don't deserve to win this election.

Anonymous said...

you are saying that you wished the DCRP so sort through tens of thousands of sample ballots to notice the ones the 3rd party mailer had messed up?

Welcome to the real world. Things happen, They Reacted Correctly what more do you want?

Sounds like someone is a little bitter.

Not the Mailman said...

Yes, they should sort through their own mail pieces. For crying out loud, you have to be careful about that stuff especially when it comes to polling places.

I received that piece this weekend and I haven't got a robocall or a correction or anything. So what does that say? Do the Republicans not want my vote? I'm more than willing to give it to the Democrats? Or that write in guy...

Anonymous said...

SS, thanks for finally putting up the SAB of Daub and Mayor West. Now Omaha just needs to start covering graves with 6 feet of cement to help protect us from zombies...

Anonymous said...

Oh come on, the DCRP wouldn't need to sort through "tens of thousands of sample ballots" to catch the HUGE error that was on the postcards that went to voters in one district.


The Mailman said...


The mistake is on EVERY card - No sorting of any kind was necessary. All anyone had to do was look at a couple.

Oh, to be a fly on the wall at the respective Daub/Maxwell campaign offices.

I cant think of a bigger party blunder the day before the election, with everything on the line.

Observer said...

For 1:09 pm:

Don't be surprised by Suttle's arrogance and rudeness. We have all been watching his lack of courteousness throughout this campaign. He's even been observed being rude to some innocent little children. It is obnoxious for a grown man to behave like a bully. It shows lack of good character. I thought politicians were suppose to be kissing and hugging little children (baby's) not treating them cruelly. How sickening.

Don't you get it? Suttle is just after the almighty vote. I pray that people are awake and paying attention.

But don't worry, I am certain that anyone who has been a victim to or observed such idioticy WILL NOT be voting him mayor.

Bipartison said...

Yea... probably just another cheap trick from the Democratic party... somehow...

ACORN said...

District 3 accidental voter suppression!

Heck, why didn't we think of that?

God luck Goposaurs!

Don't Worry - Be Happy said...

So what's the problem mailman or not? Most everyone knows where their polling place is anyway. Most neighbors tell each other too.
So don't worry - it will all be straightened out.

And yes, I for one, sincerely would appreciate your vote for Hal Daub as mayor.

Thank you ahead of time for your consideration.

Insider said...

I cannot figure out how Suttle is trying to make himself out to be the "let's get a long" candidate, when most people can't stand him and his pompous arrogance. We saw this frequently and publicly with how little the city council respected him. Even the former mayor only begrudgingly and under pressure supported him. As much as he says he wants to get consensus, and see what others think, he has also stated several times that he just does whatever he wants and asks for foregiveness later instead of permission. Not only has he stated it, he went over Faheys head (stabbing him in the back along the way) on a trip to DC. Is this what we want? Somebody who does whatever the hell they want, and whatever act serves THEM best, and then try to fix it with a "Hey, sorry about that."

If Jim gets mayor watch how big HDR gets. With Jim at the helm I wonder what sort of sweet deals will be hammered out at the tax-payers expense. I am not saying that HDR is a bad company, however, you cannot trust a wolf to watch the chickens; and I know how Jim likes to work under-the-table deals disguised as "favors".

The bottom line is that Suttle couldn't steer a train. With him at the controls, he'd somehow manage to crash it in to a tree. The only thing Jim might know a little bit about are the sewer systems, and that is because they are both full of the same thing.

Anonymous said...

Yea - Senor Suttle stinks !

A Daubette said...

To Insider 9:40 PM

Consensus? Awww ... Jim Suttle says he wants a consensus of the people. But, does he? We the people have been begging for some ideas/answers/solutions/anything all the way through this campaign. But, we haven't gotten anything of substance. And, he says he wants a consensus!

Move aside Jimbo, you HAD your chance. You talk the talk, but you don't walk the walk.

Let go, Let Daub!

Anonymous said...

Suttle was on the channel 10 news at 1:?? wearing a green plaid suit and a 'worried look'.

He said, he was taught by HDR, when he was trying to get a job
-- to ask for the job. So, he was asking for the job of being our next mayor.

He said, "I want to mayor."
"I want to be your next mayor."

Well, Jim, I'd like to be the first lady President but that's not going to happen.
Get over it!

Anonymous said...

the cartoon looks nothing like Daub

Anonymous said...

Why should the DCRP bother to proof their mailers? With Hornung's run for Lincoln's City Council, he didn't bother to check if supporters listed as Dems were actually Dems.

Seems like Nebraska Republicans have issues with accuracy and fact-checking.