Wednesday, May 13, 2009

GOP's Future in Omaha

On this day-after, let us make sure we state the obvious, lest someone try to argue otherwise at a future date:

Hal Daub beat Hal Daub on Tuesday. The election was a referendum on Daub, pure and simple.

No one (with any sense) went to the polls and said, "that Jim Suttle guy has the right ideas for Omaha!" Of course that is mainly because Suttle offered no ideas during the campaign. He simply drove the "I'm not Hal Daub!" sound car up and down the streets so that people knew they could check his name.

Daub pointed out in his election night speech that he wouldn't have done anything differently in the campaign. And how could he have? People knew who he was, knew he had all the ideas, knew he was the superior intellect and manager, and just over half the voters still decided they didn't like him. He was never going to change his personality.

And Daub was stuck at times. His negatives were always high, and he had a difficult time besting 40% in some polls. So he was forced to go negative against Suttle, to raise Suttle's negatives (which were basically in the "unknown" department prior to that). That gave Suttle the opening to go with the "same old negative Hal Daub" line. And it worked.

Daub could have tweaked some of his ads (we weren't nuts about he Suttle-sled one), but he really ran into the same problem, so to speak -- he is, was, and ever shall be Hal Daub.

But note that being "Hal Daub" nearly got him elected again. And it let him lead a successful city previously as Mayor. It let him be a successful lawyer and businessman. It let him be a successful member of the MECA board. It let him be a successful Congressman.

Daub, and the Daub campaign, should have no regrets and no apologies. Sure you can always come up with something that you would do differently as you look back. It was close. Whaddaya gonna do.


Now, a few notes about Hal Daub and some other candidates.

There is an argument floating around that Hal Daub should have stepped aside and let Jim Vokal (or maybe Dan Welch) run for Mayor because Daub (and Maxwell) should have known that he couldn't win the General Election no matter who he ran against.

It is certainly the case that Daub knew he would have had a much more difficult time against Jim Vokal than he did against Jim Suttle. There was a reason why Daub went after Vokal and not Suttle in the primary.

But the idea that Daub should have stepped aside for Vokal (or that Chip Maxwell should have done the same for Brian Buescher) has no merit.

If Vokal or Buescher couldn't win in the primary on their own accord, they don't deserve to be in the general. Daub lost in the general by 1,463 votes -- less than 2%. Maxwell lost by less than 500 votes. It is too convenient for the Vokal and Buescher proponents to come in now and declare who could have won those races.

We think that both Vokal and Buescher were and are outstanding candidates. They both have a bright future in Omaha and Nebraska politics, ran good campaigns and would have been excellent in the positions they sought.

But no one inherits a right to a candidacy. To suggest that someone else step aside "for the good of the party" usually means that you want them to do it for the good of your guy. Next time we suggest running a more effective campaign yourself. You control your own destiny, not the other guy.


Suttle's win in Tuesday's election ended a fantastic and tumultuous career for Hal Daub. While Daub will likely be around for a long time more and continue to be a mover and shaker, it is unlikely (we think) that he will run for another major office.

So where does that leave the Republican Party in Omaha?

We look at Omaha, mainly because Dave Heineman still has a firm grasp on the Governor's office. And back locally, Lee Terry isn't leaving any space in a GOP Primary. (If Terry ever leaves or loses, there would be a cut-throat in-party battle for his seat.)

So lets focus back on Omaha city government. There is certainly a vacuum right now for the Mayor's office in 2013. Think that's too far off? Ask Jim Suttle when he decided to start running for Mayor.

So who would you point to for a challenge to him?

Running down the list of elected Republicans you could look at (in theory) Chuck Sigerson, Franklin Thompson and Jean Stothert on the Council. (Keep in mind that Suttle was a one-termer.)

There are Jim Vokal and Dan Welch who recently left, and could possibly be interested in a return.

Others interested? Dave Kramer? Dave Nabity? Someone else with enough money or influence to build up name ID? (And by the way, don't think this isn't one of the MAIN responsibilities of the state and local party apparatus.)

We're interested in your suggestions. It may give a good indication of what will happen in the nearer-than-you-think future.


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Anonymous said...

Hal lost because of outrage among swing voters. Why would he ever let his campaign go into the illegal immigration debate. He took a hardcore conservative approach in his commercials and rants against Suttle that could lead many moderates to believe that he might do stupid right wing things like reject stimulus money for the sewer separation project. I could not vote for him when he did this. I know he was the better candidate, but he did this to himself. I know this is a conservative blog, but many I talked to were outraged by these commercials. I tried to email his campaign through the website multiple times to get an answer on why he did this, and I got no response. That was the last straw for me.

Anonymous said...

You really think there was "outrage among swing voters"?? I just think there was apathy in general. I can't tell you how many people have told me today, "Really? Hal Daub lost? Huh. I guess I should have voted." Too many people thought he had it in the bag and just didn't go vote. Sad.

Anonymous said...

But I thought Hal Daub had fired up his supporters! Street Sweeper told me, it must be true.

We should have known something was up when the Republicans failed to field a single challenger for countywide office in 2008.

Anonymous said...

Oh, Hal's supporters were fired up, it's those "swing voters" that were apathetic, and Hal needed their votes to go over the top. These are the voters that really wanted Hal to win, but really don't pay that close attention to politics, so they just stayed home yesterday rather than bother to go out in the rain to vote. They figured Hal had it in the bag, so why should they get their hair wet?

Anonymous said...

Swing voters? In a low turn out election???

Look, low turnout is usually because there are no "swing voters." The "swing" voters stay home.

Anonymous said...

That's what I said. The "swing" voters were apathetic. They stayed home. Most of them would have been more inclined to vote for Hal, but they thought he'd win. They didn't pay close enough attention to realize that if Hal lost, our city will be in big trouble. Now, today, a lot of those voters are saying, "Uh oh."

The first poster on this thread said the swing voters were outraged. I'm arguing they weren't outraged at all. They didn't think there was anything to get outraged or passionate about, so they just didn't vote. And, hence, Hal lost. Because of apathy. Not because of anything he did or didn't do in his campaign.

Anonymous said...

How naive to think that swing voters did not determine the outcome in a race that was decided by less than 1%. I think you all are blinded to the issues that swung the election in the favor of Suttle. I believe that it was Hal Daub's immigration policies that should not have been injected into the conversation. I can attest for 10-20 of those 1500 votes that changed the election solely on that issue.

NE Voter said...

Sweeper, I hope the NE Republicans fall into the trap of thinking, "The other guy didn't beat us, our guy beat himself."

This is a big part of the problem the Repuplican party is having nationally ("George W. Bush wasn't a bad president because he was conservative, he was a bad president because he wasn't conservative enough," or "The voters didn't really want Obama, it's just that McCain was a lousy candidate").

That kind of thinking avoids confronting the real issues facing the Republicans in Omaha/Douglas County. I for one hope the Republicans continue to bury their heads in the sand.

Omaha has changed and is changing. It is becoming more progressive and tolerant. It is more diverse.

Daub's race-baiting "sanctuary city" gambit will further damage the Republican brand with Omaha's fastest-growing demographics. A very bad move in the name of short-term gain.

Second, regarding your argument that Welch/Vokal should have tested their viability in a crowded primary ---- ummmm, didn't Hal Daub tuck tail and clear the Republican field for Mike Nohanns in the Senate race?

Politics is cyclical. When the Dems were down, we regrouped and responded.

Wake up, people!

Street Sweeper said...

NE Voter,
You are all over the place in trying to restate what is posted.

1) If you are suggesting that the Mayoral race was NOT about Hal Daub, you haven't been paying attention to anything.

2) It's not my "contention" that Vokal should have tested his viability. Unless you missed something, Vokal did run in the primary. And we never suggested that Dan Welch should or should not have run.

Try reading again and feel free to click back here.

Lincoln Dem said...

On this day-after, let us make sure we state the obvious, lest someone try to argue otherwise at a future date:

Hal Daub beat Hal Daub on Tuesday. The election was a referendum on Daub, pure and simple.
Spot on. I'm glad I didn't have to vote in Omaha yesterday.

Anonymous said...

2013 Mayor's Race:

Jean Stothert - 53%
Jim Suttle - 47%

If he hasn't been recalled first.

Anonymous said...

So, voters that you say would have voted for Daub stayed home? How is that not Hal Daub's campaign doing a terrible job getting their supporters to the polls?

I'm a Democrat who voted for Jim Suttle, I got six mailpieces from Daub, and two at my door. One the weekend before election day when they should have been talking to supporters.

Anyone honestly believe that higher turnout would have helped Daub? Believe it or not, voters may or may not have been ambivalent about Suttle, but a lot of those voters who stayed home can't stand Daub. They stayed home because they didn't like the choices. And because even the best turnout in mayoral elections rarely exceeds 100,000.

Anonymous said...

BTW, Lee Terry already has an announced (if not yet widely known) challenger for the 2010 Republican primary, namely Matt Sakalosky. Young, smart, successful, well spoken and conservative...everything Lee isn't and never has been.

Anonymous said...

Is Jordan running his race too?

Anonymous said...

Street Sweeper, you have a point on Hal not needing to step aside. But you're wrong on Maxwell given what he did. Hal got in the race a year before the election. He did it the right way and left no doubt of his intentions.

After he lost his county board seat, Maxwell went out for two months and led everyone to believe he was not going to run. He kept saying he couldn't decide what to do for personal reasons. Then, out of the blue, he got in the race in late January. Maxwell was able to get 23% of the vote in the primary in a six way race edging a much harder working Buescher by less than 100 votes. Maxwell probably could have gotten 20% of the vote by doing absolutely nothing.

If Maxwell had gotten in the race within a reasonable time or put everyone on notice he was going to knock on every door and win the race, then nobody could complain. But that's not what he did. The way he did things hurt the party's ability to retain the seat. Why he acted this way and hung Buescher out to dry is beyond comprehension.

Jerram was very beatable. Who knows if Buescher could have beat him. But he certainly would have given him a much harder race at a minimum.

Anonymous said...

If Jerram was beatable, he would have lost. Maybe someone ask the Douglas County Republican Party why they hung Chip out to dry in this election.

DC Voter said...

Buescher is a huge reason we lost in the first place. His campaign was a joke -- pure and simple -- and he's left the DCRP in a bad position financially and organizationally. He was a HUGE disaster as it's chair and the new batch of leaders are having to clean up the mess rather than focus on elections.

Street Sweeper said...

"...he certainly would have given him a much harder race at a minimum."

I don't agree -- at least not "certainly". The former chair of the county Republicans in a Dem district would have had a VERY difficult time capturing that district. And he wouldn't have had Maxwell's name ID.

You can argue about how Chip entered the race -- but that is a different argument than, "Maxwell should have stood aside for the BETTER candidate."

I think it's a strong argument that Maxwell polls the best of a Republican in the general.

Anonymous said...

I was at the Daub party last night. There were a lot of sad looking faces there -- and this was before it was known who was going to win the mayor's race. Vokal, Welch, Buescher -- I don't think I saw any of the three crack one smile. And if they did, it was definitely forced. Omaha Republicans = sad, disgruntled bunch. I think we need some new blood to shake things up and we definitely need a DCRP chair who can bring some energy and excitement to the job. If not, we'll keep having more and more nights like last night. Depressing.

Anonymous said...

That's an interesting "subversive" argument you're trying to make for Sakalosky. I'd love to hear ANY reason why you think he has any shot of taking down LT in the primary. Or why it would be a good reason to damage a good conservative Republican for his General Election fight.

Anonymous said...

Wow, DC Voter, it is interesting you do not respond to the Anon 3:36 post, you just make up some stuff about Buescher. That's the first time I have heard a bash on Buescher's chairmanship. The DCRP had quite a nice pile of cash when Buescher left. The 40,000 doors knocked on for the Nov. elections wasn't bad either.

Anonymous said...

Anonymous 3:47...

I would argue our current DCRP Executive Director is energetic and will modernize the party. He came onto this job in March (only 1 month before the primary and 2 months prior to the general), give him a chance.

Janelle said...

I have to say that my friends and I make up some of those swing voters who didn't like either candidate. We're mostly liberal demorcrats, but weren't enthusiastic about Suttle. However, Daub locked in our votes for Suttle with his xenophobic ads. The first time I saw one of those immigration ads, that was it. I knew I was voting for Suttle. (And I voted Vokal in the primary.)

I really think the first comment hit it right on.

Street Sweeper said...

See, but here's the thing about the "Janelle"s of the city: They weren't going to vote for Hal anyway.

I think the argument within the Daub camp (I'm not speaking for them, this is just my theory), was that they needed to push something like the immigration issue, otherwise they weren't going to get close to 50%.

I have a feeling that if they hadn't pushed that issue (at least maybe their polling told them this) to drive up Suttle's negatives -- Suttle would have won by more.

But really, all these "What REALLY pushed me toward Suttle was..." comments are a bunch of bull. They were voting against Daub anyway.

Anonymous said...

Buescher I think has a future. too bad he didnt put more passion when he was against jerram and maxwell in the district 3 race.

millard repub said...

There is no way Stothert is running for mayor. She is just too liberal. She is pro-choice and has a record of property tax increases.

In 2013 she will have an opponent with the resources to get the truth out about her liberal record.


The GOP has a lot of young politicians that can move up. 1st tier in Omaha is Dan Welch and Jim Vokal. Jean Stothert is an up and comer. Then you have the other smaller office Republicans in the second tier like Mike Pate, Pete Pirsch, Mike Kennedy, Scott Hazellrigg and a few others. Down but not out is Brian Buescher and Jon Blumenthal. The GOP has many future options on the bench.

Anonymous said...

2 thoughts:

1) Oh no. Millard Repub is back.
2) GOP Official -- YAWN! That list you just posted? NOT exciting.

Anonymous said...

Street Sweeper -

Yeah, they weren't going to vote for Hal anyway. That wasn't the point. Hal made sure to solidify Suttle's base support by attacking him so viciously.

And it may not have been the immigration thing that did it. The "toboggan" ad was incredibly childish, and it didn't matter what Hal said from that point forward. Those folks were going to turn out. And they did.

Anonymous said...

DC Voter, you OBVIOUSLY have no clue what in the heck you are talking about.

Buescher ran one of THE most effective campaigns in the city. He was a candidate who had never appeared on the ballot before.He ran in a tough district with several well known candidates. He raised money and knocked on a lot of doors. he gained a broad base of support. The only thing to go wrong in his campaign was a mail vender not coming close to drop dates for his mail. This cost him greatly but was NOT in his control.

The beef with Maxwell is not that he didn't have the right to run. It is that he didn't plan or pepare to win. He didn't raise money that should have been there for the taking because he couldn't do it. He refused until a late last minute effort to take Jerram on with issues that went 52% against Jerram had they been brought to light. The DCRP carried him for the first several weeks of the General, before he refused to do what was needed to win.

The kicker is this. Brian Buescher told Maxwell he would do whatever he could to help him win. It wasn't until ten days before the election the Buescher campaign gets a call from Maxwell asking THEM to write, organized, prepare a list, get printed and mail an endorsement piece to Buescher supporters and likely Buescher voters. They did it for Maxwell!

In the end, Maxwell's campaign plan was to throw his name on the ballot and expect everyone else to help. That's not a campaign.

Stop blaiming the DCRP and NEGOP for campaign loses. It is the candidate and his campaign committee who are responsible. You can have a good campaign and lose (Daub) but if you have a horrible campaign and lose, there is no excuse and you shouldn't have been there in the first place.

63-37 said..., Millard repub

Have you not relaized it yet? Nobody buys your BS. Sixty-three percent tothirty seven percent in the most conservative district in the city.

Your statements are a figment of your imagination.

Anonymous said...


I was the first post, and I was 100% behind Hal, until that happened. I loved his ideas, but after that I could not believe or trust him any longer.

DC Voter said...

That's laughable. If Buescher ran one of the best campaigns in the city then he wouldn't have lost! The bottom line is that Buescher had no get out the vote operation and that's why he fell to Maxwell's name and Jerram's campaign.

Maxwell was the better candidate in the primary because he had cross party appeal. Democrats like him for some reason and that's crucial. Maxwell lost because he was abadoned by Dave Heineman, Mark Fahleson, and the DCRP throughout the election including when they sent out a mailer to Republicans with the wrong polling place on it! I wouldn't be surprised if that "mistake" was on purpose.

Going back to Buescher's time as DCRP chair, the finances when he left were deceptive. There were a lot of bills due that he failed to pay and it cost the DCRP a lot in fines and fees. They've also lost a lot of elections since 2006 and a lot of those were on Buescher's watch. Buescher was bad for Republicans and would been bad for Omaha.

Anonymous said...

The original post praises Vokal. I live in his district and he was non-reponsive to me as a constituent. I waged a campaign against him in the primary and plugged my nose and voted for Suttle hoping Vokal would not make it to the general. Voted for Hal yesterday. I was shocked, disappointed that Daub lost. Please Republicans, don't put Vokal up for anything again.

Anonymous said...

Jamie, I mean DC Voter...
Blame eveyone else for the loss. That is a load of crap.

There was a LOT of money out there for the taking. Maxwell just didn't have it in him to do the job.

As far as Get Out The Vote effort, you have got to be joking. Maxwell slide through the six-way primary on name ID alone.

After the Primary Maxwell actually told people he had no plan for the General.

Blame it on Fahleson and Governor Heineman. Yeah right. They would have told Maxwell to agressively go after Jerram on the anti-neighborhood practices he has been involved with. Maxwell refused when people told him this.

Maxwell has always expected everyone else to do it for him. People have been jumping that ship for three elections.

Why the heck would the Governor or party carry a candidate who refused to do what it took to win? that is plain stupid!

Long Time Party Activist said...

The state and/or county parties should never help a candidate who doesn't show the ability to help themselves.

If you are not able to raise your own money, or effectively identify yourself and in most cases your opponent,it would just be throwing money away.

The party apperatus is not a welfare system for candidates not willing to do the work for themselves.

Go back and look at the races the party has been involved with and you will see they all had a complete campaign structure and showed proof of activity.

Anonymous said...

Jerram was vulnerable on liquor - - Maxwell wouldn't take the shots he needed to make a difference on that issue. It was a fair issue, and it cost Maxwell the race.

Did He really Think It said...

Let's amke sure we have this straight. Chip Maxwell is running in a heavily Democratic district and he blames Governor Heineman (a Republican) and the Republican State Party for his loss?

We don't need this kind of guy running for office again. Let someone who is actually weilling to do what it takes to win on his own run.

Maxwell cost the Republcan party control of the council by his selfishness. If not able to do everything it takes he should have just stayed out.

Anonymous said...

Well -

It wasn't Chip Maxwell who sent a postcard to every Republican in the district with the wrong polling place. Seems to me Chip has a pretty legitimate gripe there.

Insider said...

I have no doubt that in the very near future there will be a recall of Suttle. It's just a matter of time before Jim fouls things up so badly that the rest of the city will know what a handful (actually a large handful) of people already know.

Anonymous said...

Look, Hal, Jim Vokal, Dan Welch and Party officials all had the same numbers on Hal. He had almost 40% negatives and 55% didnt want him back. The Governor, Party Chair and HAL should have realized he could not win, not even against this pinhead. Street Sweeper, he should have stepped aside and Jim Vokal, a REPUBLICAN, would be Mayor elect today. No doubt. It's all about timing and who is the best suited to run against the dem. That was Jim Vokal or Dan Welch. Hal had more money and name ID and he won the Primary. Just because he advanced and Vokal did not does not mean it still wasn't wrong with what Hal did. Hal thought about Hal, not the party, not Jim Vokal, not the future, not the City, just Hal. And, look what we are left with now.

Anonymous said...


And voters in the USA will soon tire of the "socialist" policies of Barack Hussein Obama. Because programs like universal health care and economic stimulus are incredibly unpopular.

Every time I get worried that Republicans will one day get their act together and embrace reality, I read this blog and my worries are put at ease.

GOP Volunteer said...

If as many people complaining about the county / state parties and campaigns actually got involved and helped maybe we would not be having this discussion right now.

DC Voter said...

Yep, the DCRP (which is run by idiots) probably cost this race for Chip Maxwell. First, by refusing to help Chip at all during the election and second, by sending that mailer which depressed turnout in the district. I still can't believe they were that stupid.

The DCRP lost this election and gave up the City Council. Chip ran a good, truthful campaign -- as did Jerram for that matter -- but got no support from the Republican Party. Jerram got plenty of party support I'm sure and that made the difference.

Anonymous said...

DC Voter, Are you kidding me?

The DCRP made thousands of call on behalf of Maxwell's campaign as well as provided walk lists, home calling lists and DCRP Volunteers such as me to help specifically his campaign.

I think the gentleman above you was right when he said maybe if you actually got involved instead of blaming everyone but yourself you would know how much the Party did for its candidates.

If the party is run by 'idiots' as you put it then lets have your name. I am sure everyone here is holding their breath to see a new 'smart' leader such as yourself come out of the woodwork.

Anonymous said...

If Jim Vokal and Jon Blumenthal are the "future" of the republican party in Omaha....I'm switching to independant.

I'm serious.

DC Voter said...

Trust me, I was very involved in District 3 and the DCRP were no help at all. In fact, they did more to lose the election for Chip than Jerram did to win it.

Also, anonymous people probably shouldn't call me out for using a handle. Get over yourself.

Anonymous said...

DC Voter,

If you were so involved with the DCRP for this election, you clearly should have known they (the DCRP) were working closely with Maxwell.-Since, as you said, you were "very involved in District 3" you surely must have seen that Maxwell was in the DCRP almost EVERY day seeking advice and obtaining walk/call lists for both him and his father. ...I guess you must not have noticed that part. Maybe it's time for Maxwell to take responsibility for his loss and stop blaming everyone else.

2013 said...

I know far too many Republicans who said, "I don't like either of them." (Meaning Daub and Suttle.)

It puzzled me that some GOPers didn't like Daub. I couldn't pin them down on a specific reason, more of a "been there, done that" vibe. Lack of enthusiasm.

I actually know quite a few Democrats who liked Jim Vokal (mainly those who live in his district and younger voters.)

I didn't think he was particularly exciting, but there seems to be a segment that appreciate his youth and the fact that he is a relatively fresh face (and not terribly partisan.)

Who'll run in 2013 is anyone's guess. Mike Fahey faced token opposition in 2005. P.J. Morgan basically ran unopposed in 1993.

I don't think you'll see many "heavy hitters" in 2013. Honestly, I think Jim Vokal is probably the best bet.

I'm not a fan, but he might be able to cut into the Democratic strongholds in the eastern parts of the city.

He'll only run if he thinks he can win. That'll require some blunders on Suttle's part.

DC Voter said...


I was plenty involved and you are probably some hack from the DCRP trying to cover up your major mistakes. If the DCRP had put forth some real resources, built a strong organization, and -- I don't know -- not told thousands of Republicans to vote at the Dale Clark Library, then Chip Maxwell would be a Councilman-elect today.

Anonymous said...

DC Voter,

Wrong. I am not some hack from the DCRP.

Perhaps if Maxwell were an electable candidate he would have been elected last night. Within the past year Maxwell's name has been on the ballot for two different offices and he lost both. Let's not blame the party for this, perhaps voters simply do not like him.

Anonymous said...

Did the Leavenworth Street blog ever once say "Congratulations Jim Suttle" or "you're our Mayor now, Mr Suttle".

No, it never did.

The Leavenworth Street blog has no class and no shame, it is only a partisan Republican attack blog.

Maybe the LS Blog should look up the word "sportsmanship". I wouldn't want my children to conduct themselves like this.

You fight fairly, honestly on the issue and refrain from making fun of the opponent, you also don't belitte or mischaracterize them nor their views.

And in the case you lose, you shake the opponent hand and wish them well.

I doubt I will view this blog much more in the future.

DC Voter said...

Right, let's not blame the DCRP for losing the City Council, the County Board, the Mayor's race, an electoral vote, several legislative races, and numerous county wide offices. It must be someone else's fault.

Maybe it's time we reevaluate the party and who's running it because we're getting our asses kicked.

Anonymous said...

I thought Hal Daub lost when he started going negative. The whole sled ad was amazingly ineffective and actually backfired.

As well, a lot of people were turned off and even angry at Daub for his ads on illegal immigration.

Brian T. Osborn said...

"No one (with any sense) went to the polls and said, 'that Jim Suttle guy has the right ideas for Omaha!' "

Jeez Sweeper! Do you REALLY have that low of an opinion of your fellow Omahans? I think there were plenty of people, with plenty of sense, that chose Jim Suttle for all the right reasons.

To tell you the truth, I look forward to coming down to Omaha and tobogganing down the aisles of Rosenblatt Stadium. That actually seems like a novel way to make a silk purse out of a sow's ear. Sounds like FUN to me. What else do you use that thing for in the winter?

Street Sweeper said...

Anony at 7:55:
EVERYONE knew Daub could only get 40%. Yet he somehow got 48+%, and nearly pulled out the win. And when was he supposed to pull out? After the long wait for Vokal to make up his mind? If Vokal "deserved" it, he should have gotten in earlier, raised more money and run a better campaign.

Try looking at the headline of the last post fmor Election night.

If you think sledding at the stadium is fun, wait until you get to do it with the Pope!

Anonymous said...

who the hell is Brian Buescher?

Anonymous said...

(SS in a whining voice)
Why didn't Daub win??? He had so many endorsements! He was widely known! He has so many great ideas! I did my best for him on this blog but he still didn't win!

Nate said...

Everything is cyclical, the GOP in Omaha will eventually make a comeback. There is a strong business community in Omaha which typically backs republicans (though our current mayor and mayor-elect are both democratic businessmen). But I think the problems with the Douglas County Repubs are just lack of leadership, lack of good candidates, basically a change in blood was needed. Going to Daub and his dictatorial style was a step backwards as far as we were concerned. Chip Maxwell was seen as a desperation attempt because he got into the race so late, and only because he wanted to be in elected office again. The repubs will be down for awhile, but they have the chance to once again be viable in this town, and they will still have West O.

Anonymous said...

I am officially interrupting this post to pose a rhetorical question that has nothing to do with politics. Can someone tell me WHY a person in this Country illegally can be arrested multiple times, ordered to traffic behavior school (whatever the hell that means!), have his driver's license taken away multiple times-most recently for 15 years, all of this dating back to at least 2003, IS STILL IN OUR COUNTRY?!!!

At some point, shouldn't he have been deported or JAILED? Where was the Judge on this?

If he had been in JAIL or DEPORTED, he would not have been on 180th and Center Street Tuesday morning running a F***ing red light and murdering a 5 year old little girl who's only crime was getting out of bed that morning!

I want to know who owned that pickup truck that he was driving and that person should be in jail right along side this jerk! If he owned the truck, I want to know how the hell it got licensed. Children should not be made to pay with their lives for the stupidity of the justice system!

Anonymous said...

Wow, now that I have gone back and read the posts, I guess I didn't really hijack the thread at all.

Anonymous said...

Why no talk of Scott Lautenbaugh as a future candidate?

Anonymous said...

DC Voter...

The DCRP carried Chip Maxwell until the final two weeks. Chip did virtualy NOTHING for himself.

Come on...he only raised $16 K when there was $50K out there for the taking.

Blame it on whoever you want, but there were people who were willing to help Chip and he had a incompotent steering committee that would not allow this help.

You need to grow up and move on. You don't do things the right way and expect everyone to fall in line. No wonder why you quit the YRs when you were caught missusing the e-mail list.

Anonymous said...

The guy who ran a red light at 180 and West Center, killing an innocent little 4 year old girl was in our country illegaly.

Thank you to everyone who thinks this is not a city issue.

Welcome to Jim Suttle's world!

Anonymous said...

If there was $50K out there for the taking, then why didn't those donors just offer it? If the DCRP knew about it, why didn't they suggest the Donors give it to the county party and they would use it for voter registration and GOTV which benefits everyone for multiple election cycles? Why, oh why, didn't everyone just force some answers out of Suttle and then go partake in their right to vote.

It baffles me that so many in this Country squander their hard fought rights. They better watch out, there are obviously a lot of people willing to come here and take them away from them with no warning.

So sad.

Anonymous said...

5:23AM and 7:29AM - where is your information coming from that Rangel-Ochoa was in the country illegally? None of the news stories are stating that fact, only that he has had multiple DUI charges in the past, and he had a suspended license. (which those two items in themselves should give us pause to maybe take a good look at our laws for DUI charges.)

Anonymous said...


Reported in the Omaha World-Herald.

Anonymous said...

Maxwell may have had an inexperienced campaign "staff" but the supposed campaign money that "was out there for the asking" was union money and similar with big strings attached...and he wouldn't take it on those terms.

Anonymous said...

Anon 8:13, you obviously have never been part of any campaign. In order to get contributions, you have to ask for them. In a loca race, the CANDIDATE needs to ask. Look at the money other campaigns collected and then look at Maxwell's reports.

My God. Any campaign that loses, just blame the DCRP and NEGOP.

What exactlty did Chip Maxwell ask Governor Heineman, the NEGOP or the DCRP to do that they didn't do? I've heard Maxwell actually refused help and rejected other attempts to help him.

Really! If a candidate can't help himself, what is there anybody else can do for them?

This is all on Maxwell, no one else. It played out exactly like many predicted. Maxwell slid through on name ID and then failed to run a good campaign. Democrats took the seat and control of the council.

It's all on Maxwell. He was the one not willing or capable of running the campaign needed to win in that district.

Anonymous said...

9:38 you are dead wrong. Lot's of private money and good old conservative business money out there.

Maxwell failed to run an effective campaign last fall and ran the same campaign this spring.

He's a nice guy. A good guy. Not a good campaigner.

aligner said...

Marty Conboy, the city prosecuter, said it on KFAB this morning. The problem is that immigration is only enforced federally and local authorities have no database to check to see if someone is illegal. I think it would be fair to ask Suttle if we should make a criminal out of this guy, no matter how he came across that border.

Illegal Immigration is a City Issue said...

From the Omaha World Herald today:

"Rangel-Ochoa, whom police arrested after he was treated for his injuries, remained in jail today, accused of driving with a suspended license. He is not in the U.S. legally, according to police; they did not know his country of origin."

DC Voter said...

This is getting embarrassing.

Chip ran a good campaign especially based on the limited resources he was able to raise. Let's not forget, District 3 is a heavy Democratic part of town and we needed a candidate with cross party appeal to take that seat. Jim Vokal had that appeal just like Chip does.

The DCRP lost this election and gave the city council back to the Democrats when they sent out that mail piece. Chip lost by 490 votes on election day and I'd bet all the tea in China that the DCRP's "mistake" was the difference.

macdaddy said...

I have to disagree that the Republican candidates themselves are the main problem. I don't live in Omaha, so I don't know how much Omahans hate Hal Daub, but there is no way on God's green Earth that he shouldn't have beaten Suttle. Suttle offered no specifics on anything, complained about people wanting them, gets along with no one in the current city government, and generally sounded like a boob in interviews. Daub had lots of plans, plans that Suttle will probably end up poaching, and sounded like he had lots of outreach including people going door-to-door. I think the Dems have a superior organization in Omaha. But maybe they don't. Has the DCRP looked into it? How many more elections do they need to lose before they change how they are doing things?

macdaddy said...

And another thing: if I remember correctly, when Obama opened his campaign headquarters in Omaha, something like 600 people showed up. I realize that lots of people were excited about Obama's candidacy, but to get 600 people to show up for a campaign headquarters opening (yawn) means that a) you had a way to get in touch with people who cared, b) you figured out how to motivate them to get there, and c) you had a huge opportunity to enlist lots of community members who could make a big difference in a smaller geographical area.

Anonymous said...

The number for that office opening was closer to 1,500. I think the Obama campaign signed in something 1,200 people at the event.

macdaddy said...

That's a lot of folks and I'd be willing to bet that those people have not gotten the political activism bug out of their systems yet.

Anonymous said...

Just curious, macdaddy, do you have any ideas how Republicans can rally here in Omaha so we can get our mojo back? I'm not being snarky, I'm really curious if you have any ideas. You seem to have been involved in politics for awhile. Any fresh ideas?

macdaddy said...

1200 people who each brought 60 Suttle voters to the polls. But maybe they only brought 10 each. 10 who would have otherwise stayed home. That's shooting fish in a barrel, folks.

Janelle said...

"Janelle"s of the city: They weren't going to vote for Hal, you misinterpreted what i was saying. I was totally undecided. I didn't like Suttle either! I voted for Vokal in the primary, so after he didn't make it, I had to decided between the two.

And to the people who are talking about one illegal immigrant killing that poor child, come on! Legal or illeagal, the man shouldn't have been driving. If he was WASP named John Smith, it would still be a horrible tradgedy. You are saying that his illegal presence in this county is what caused the child's death. No, his irresponsible driving is what caused the death. There are plenty of Americans who kill people on the road too. It has nothing to do with citizenship.

Brian T. Osborn said...

Hey Sweeper,

I've been to the Pope's place, loved what he's done with the ceiling. I think it's time he paid Nebraska a visit; and what better place for him to put in an appearance than at the Rosenblatt? Suppose he'd join us for a Zesty cone following the mass?

macdaddy said...

I am not involved in politics other than paying taxes and voting. But I did stay in a Holiday Inn Express last night.

All joking aside, though, I don't know if fresh ideas are needed. I think that you can use the same tactics that Mayor Daley used decades ago: organize, organize, organize. Maybe forgoing the political patronage, please. The beauty of the one-man-one vote system is that a guy with no job who lives in a trailer park has just as much pull as a guy who lives in Regency. The curse, or challenge, is that the guy who lives in the trailer park has nothing else to do that day and so if you give him a ride to the polling place and there happen to be some snacks in the car, he will appreciate the kindness you've shown him. If you make it a van and there are 5 or 6 other people in there who are all voting for your candidate, and they're all talking about how good their candidate is for the 15 minutes that it takes to get to the polling place, he will want to be a good guy, too. The guy in regency probably had 10 meetings, a to-do list 3 pages long, and took 20 phone calls by 10 am. He will forget to vote.

The Republicans get most of their support from the middle class. They just need to get them to the polls. Remove the barriers to voting. Don't want to drag your kids there? Hey, I'll watch your kids for you while you go vote. Need a reminder? Hey, Joe, I'm headed over to go vote, want to come with? Not registered? Hey, Sally, the election is in a few weeks, have you registered? Here, I have a registration card for you. If you organize it at the block level you know who shares your political leanings. You make sure those people are registered and get them to the polls. You make sure headquarters has them on a target list. If you know they don't share your leanings, you ignore them or tell them the wrong date for the election.

Sorry for the length of the post.

Anonymous said...

Remove the barriers to voting?

Election day registration pretty much stalled in the legislature because of heavy Republican opposition. Maybe that could change?

Anonymous said...

The difference in Omaha was Suzie buffet paying an Oklahoma City firm $1 million to register voters in north and east Omaha for Obama. Then Obama turned them out.

Suttle used the data from the Obama effort and was able to turn out enough voters to win. It should be noted that it was no where near the same level as fall of '08.

These things tend to be cyclical. A few years of Obama and the Suttle/Dem control of the council and the numbers will start shifting back.

Until then, Republicans need to get off their duffs and start working in the community, sharing beliefs and values, and attarct conservative minded independents to vote for Republican candidates again.

On another note, no way the DCRP error - that was corrected, amounted to 490 votes. Sorry, just not possible.

Brian T. Osborn said...

In the famous words of Dick Tuck, "The people have spoken ... the bastards."

Anonymous said...


that post went against everything we know about voter behavior. Turnout is higher among more educated, wealthier voters. That's a fact, and it's true in every election.

Nate said...

I think Macdaddy should stick to what he knows. He evidently doesn't know much about Omaha politics "Suttle gets along with no one in the current city government" - and Hal Daub ruled thie city like an iron fisted tyrant during his tenure, thats why he was voted out and why he wasn't voted back-in. In my neighborhood I had more Daub mailers than Suttle ones, and Hal himself came to the door knocking on it. Hal had a good operation that rivaled Suttle's. It was Daub negatives and the fact that WE DONT LIKE HAL DAUB that he lost.

Anonymous said...

Anon, that is not a fact in the 2008 election cycle. What I want to know is who paid the 3 Obama staffers that were in Omaha last year to come back for an extended Spring Break in sunny Obamaha this year?

Was it Suzie, was it Suttle, or was it much higher up the food chain?

Anonymous said...

Want to know the real reason voters in West Omaha didn't turn out?

There was nothing to turn out for!

The highest number of registered voters live in District 7, where voters didn't turn out because 1) they didn't like Hal Daub, and 2) Chuck Sigerson was running unopposed. If you looked at Northwest Omaha, yard signs are not existent.

Anonymous said...

God, if you guys think Obama cared one bit about what happened in a local mayor's race, you're incredibly naive.

I'm sure folks at the DNC watched this race with interest, but I doubt they spent any political capital trying to influence the outcome.

But don't take my word for it. Expenditures of political committees are all public information.

Anonymous said...

I just got caught up on the rediculous DCRP bashing that was going on earlier in the blog. Yes, we got beat bad in this election. But I seem to recall all kinds of positive comments back in November when the DCRP was able to knock on 50,000 doors, help reelect Lee Terry in the most difficult circumstances for Rs in a generation, and work hand in hand with the state party to get nearly all our candidates reelected. We even picked up a state senate seat from the Dems in the metro area. Congressman Terry, Hal Daub, Governor Heineman and others could not say enough nice things about the DCRP and State Party's work in such great results despite being faced with Obama's $2 million unmatched expenditure on behalf of Esch and the Dems in Douglas County. It was truly a great volunteer movement.

Anonymous said...

So, who were the 3 staffers that came in for Obama last Fall and returned this Spring to work North O and South O and who paid them?

Anonymous said...

You gotta be kidding me!

We didn't field a single challenger for countywide office in 2008. In the only contested race in county government, Chip Maxwell lost to Marc Kraft. Now we lost control of the city council, and the mayor's office is still in Democrat hands. Tell me, how is the DCRP supposed to win elections if it can't contest on a city or countywide level?

Anonymous said...

Maybe instead of blaming the DCRP, you should blame the candidates. Because I see the same group of people running for office again and again, shutting out anyone who decides to run whos not in their clique. What is needed is completely new people who do not use the same strategies or lines current republican officials use.
And some of us republicans are glad Maxwell didn't get elected, mainly because his personality and the way he has run his campaigns

Anonymous said...

Look out Omaha... truckloads of illegal immigrants are heading this way ... they heard that Omaha is now an amnesty city and that Senor Suttle will pardon them !!!!

Look! Here they come ....
Drug and other crime is on the rise
Everyone go hide in your homes.....

DC Voter said...

Anon above, you're 100% right.

We've lost race after race after race and at a certain point it becomes the party's problem. The DCRP directly lost the city council in this election and it's all well and good that they knocked on 50,000 doors -- an inflated number if I've heard one -- for Terry but we still lost NE-02 to Obama and the county board in 2008.

Plus, that State Senate seat was in Sarpy County so good for them. Doesn't change the fact the DCRP is bleeding and no one seems to care.

Anonymous said...

Does anyone seem to care that Lee Terry actually lost Douglas County?

The only thing saving us from a Democrat Congressman right now is Sarpy County.

Anonymous said...

Anonymous above, Lee Terry actually won Douglas County by about 1,000 votes. But your point is well taken. If it had been a better candidate than Jim Esch, Terry may well have lost.

Anonymous said...

If I'm Lee Terry, I'm thinking about retirement. A decent Democrat might just beat him. Paging Dan Welch...

Anonymous said...

100! Oh, and the DCRP sucks...

Anonymous said...

Anon 1:28. You're right on the candidate recruitment. I heard once Lautenbaugh was appointed to the senate and McPherson forced his way into the recruitment group and took it over, all the business people who had good connections for candidate recruitment quit showing up to the meetings. The group turned into a bunch of old party chairs sitting around talking about their old buddies.

Anonymous said...

If we actually had GOOD candidates with original thoughts, we might actually win once in a while. we dont need the same hacks running for office over and over, especially when they dont bring anything new to the table.

Anonymous said...

I like the idea of Jean Stothert running for either Lee Terry's seat or mayor in 2013. We need a woman to shake things up in the Republican circles around here. Something other than old, boring, white guys.

Anonymous said...

Congratulations to Jim Suttle.

I have been critical of his campaign strategy and lack of ideas throughout the campaign and rightly so.

And to Repubs, "GOP's Future in Omaha", I wouldn't worry too much, us Democrats elated by victory often confuse victory with knowledge.

I have yet to hear a viable explanation of how Suttle coud achieve victory against anyone other than Daub and how the Democrats can continue to achieve success in Omaha.

As for the declarations, reversals and lack of editorial spine shown by the OWH after Suttle's victory, WOW!

I've got an idea for the OWH, why don't they honestly say we stand by everything we said prior to the election. On election night, we heard Suttle's first real idea, that he will retain a certain percentage of Fahey staff.

Continuity of government is a great thing (i.e. when Bob Kerrey left office, Daub hired a former Kerrey staff member with a great deal of knowledge regarding Back to the River! which tied in to Daub's future successes on riverfront development).

The OWH could even tie it in with the story regarding Warren Weaver briefing the new council members.

There is a reason that continuity is ensured by the staff setup of the Omaha City Council that makes it far superior to cities such as Lincoln.

Anonymous said...

9:36 PM

Don't worry - Suttle will blunder in no time. His own people may even do it for him, we'll see what happens. Since he's going to be out in the lime light, people will learn what a goofball he really is now. And, I don't believe it will take too long and those who voted for him to soon regret it.
So, get the recall papers handy!

We switched over to Independent or Non-Partisan - as they now call it at the Election Commissioner's Office.

We're gearing up for the next election to be held 2013 OR most likely SOONER.

Anonymous said...

DC Voter

I know for a fact that people in the DCRP tried to convice Maxwell to hire an experienced campaign manager to help. He refused.Several experienced camapign managers actually refused to even consider taking on the job because of the train wreck organization they would have had to work with.

Here's the bottom line. The county party doesn't lose races. Candidates lose - or sometimes they are just plain beat.

I have been involved in a lot of races. I would not even consider blaming the party for any that were lost.

If this is what you REALLY believe, you are not cut out for this business. Then again, I think we already knew you weren't.

Stupid E-mail said...

Did anyone get the absolutely nutty e-mails from Maxwell's volunteer coordinator?

I got three in one day. She was trying to be some nut job rap star or something.

That stuff pissed a lot of people off. No wonder they had issues.

Sarpian said...

As an outsider looking in to this whole mayoral race. What a joke! What really happened was that, you people in Douglas County ALL lost Tuesday night.

Glad we are from Sarpy County, I wouldn't want to have to call that no-brainer our mayor. We were in the process of selling our home to move to Douglas County, however, we've changed our minds. We were wanting to get away from high property taxes, not to get into higher ones.

We do emphasize with you folks.

Anonymous said...

Boy, Sarpian says it all, doesn't he (she?)?

Property taxes in Douglas County suck. And they'll suck even more very, very soon.

Sarpian said...

When does the Douglas County folks have to start paying taxes on the principle of the Qwest Center?

And when is the deadline for the new sewers to be done in Douglas?

Plus aren't there some other debts coming due soon?

I wonder when your new mayor is proposing to build that toboggan slide. Or that bridge?

It all looks grime for you folks.
Sorry don't mean to rub it in but it must be dissappointing. Maybe a suburb outside of Douglas or Sarpy is your answer.

Anonymous said...

Glad Jean Stothert got elected but what a dissappointment Jim Suttle got elected. Maybe she can block his dumb ideas. We can only hope!

Anonymous said...

Beware Sarpian. Suttle has stated he believes in agressive annexation. Having seen the case study from the Bellevue ruling, I'd bet ge starts trying to annex accross the county border. LaVista must look awefully good to him now.

Anonymous said...

The property taxes in Omaha, Bellevue, and Papillion are almost identical. Unless you are living in in a property in Sarpy County that isn't annexed and isn't in an SID, then you are paying almost the same amount in Omaha and as in Sarpy County.

Anonymous said...

Yup -

This is exactly how Republicans are going to regain power in Omaha.

Call the voters stupid.

Great work, guys.

Anonymous said...

GOPers, nationwide and in Omaha, desperately need to find a new message and much better messengers if they want to truly connect with today’s changing electorate. Immigration, abortion, gay marriage, the politics of fear and the Rove-Limbaugh style attack politics is loathed by vast majority of the nation. A recent poll of "millenials" (voters age 18 - 27) showed only 9 percent of those polled expressed a favorable opinion of the Republican Party. Only 7 percent were positive about the GOP’s congressional leaders. By contrast, 65 percent of millennials had a favorable opinion of the Democratic Party, and a majority also approved of congressional Democrats.

If the GOPers can't break free, and quickly, of the dogmas of the the past, they will have lost the nation for an entire generation.

Anonymous said...

Whatever Anon 4:10. If Vokal and Buescher had been in the general, we would have the Mayor's office and a city council majority. We had a candidate problem, not a message problem.

Anonymous said...

To anon 3:20: Stothert was seen at Jim Suttle's election party. They may be closer than we know...

Anonymous said...

I also heard she dropped by Chris Jerram's party to congratulate him. I think we're gonna have a pretty friendly group of elected officials.

Sarpian said...

To 3:22 PM:

Yikes, was Suttle behind the annexation of Elkhorn or have any such thing to do with it? He doesn't seem to aggressive to us
since he couldn't make any stands for Omaha but silliness. Well, if he tried to annex Sarpy, he would be making lots of people angry like the Elkhorn folks.

To 3:28 PM:

No, we aren't annexed so maybe our property taxes are about even with Douglas then.

But we still don't want your new mayor as ours. Sorry, but he seems pretty strange.

DC Voter said...

Oh please!

I think it's hysterical how the "blame everyone but the party" people think that Vokal and Buescher would have done any better. Vokal maybe, but Buescher would have been crushed by Jerram no matter how much money he raised. Chip's appeal was that he could reach out to Democrats. He would have won if the DCRP hadn't screwed him over.

The people who are blaming our candidates don't know anything about the election or are just flat out telling lies. Chip and Hal ran good campaigns and would have done much, much better if the DCRP had an actual organization in place in to mobilize Republican voters to volunteer and vote.

Anonymous said...

4:28 p.m.
If Jean is a supporter to Senor Suttle and unholds his ideas, like illegal immigration, then I regret voting for her. I won't support anyone who supports him or his wacky ideas.

Anonymous said...

Maybe I'm just having a BAD night mare, please tell Jim Suttle didn't get elected mayor.

Anonymous said...

We're not saying "blame everyone but the party". We're saying blame the candidate.

Maxwell did appeal to democrats, but he also didn't make friends with the republicans in 08 with the same things as some here have said; such as waiting till the last couple days before the election to ask for help putting up signs and such. Besides that, he didn't really attack Jerram the liquor licenses, which would have won over some people to his side.

And DC Voter, it really sounds to me that you are a very touchy on this, and are lashing out at the DCRP for not doing as much as you would have liked for Maxwell. They probably could've done more, but if memory serves right, there was a very close mayor's race that probably took up more of their attention. So go whine if you want, but know that its mainly on Maxwell.

Anonymous said...

Jean Stothert did NOT support Suttle and has always been opposed to any benefits for illegal immigrants.

Nice try!

Just watch. She will be the rock you can count on to hold Suttle in check. Her star is rising!

DC Voter said...

It isn't that they didn't do enough, it's that they did nothing to help a great Republican candidate win a highly contested city council race. The DCRP lost that race for Chip when they sent out that mailer just days before the election that told everyone to vote at downtown library.

Like him or hate, but Chip Maxwell almost won a heavily Democratic district and out paced everyone's expectations. He would have won too if the DCRP hadn't not messed up so bad.

That's a fact.

Anonymous said...


Your info is bad. When I left Daub's party at 11:15, Jean Stothert was still there.

were YOU at Suttle's party??? Hmm...

Anonymous said...

Yeah right.

I didn't see Jean Stothert standing behind Hal Daub on immigration! She was quiet as a mouse when she had a bully pulpit she could have used to drive the point home for West Omaha Democrats. Instead she cozied up to the firefighters union and her other status quo friends.

Stothert won't be a reliable check on Suttle at all. She's a ladder climber and won't be trying to make waves by taking on a Democratic Mayor in a Democratic town.

Anonymous said...

That's where you're wrong. Maxwell isnt a great republican candidate.

Anonymous said...

DC Voter

Maybe Chip lied to you about the DCRP efforts. The truth is he refused a lot of help and did little to help himself.

If Chip had the balls to hit Jerram on the issues that mattered, he'd have won. It's really that simple.

The DCRP mistake might have supressed a few votes, but they would have been turnout votes and no one with any experience will tell you it was 490 of them.

Anonymous said...

5:19...that is just plain dumb!

Fact is the immigration video came from Stothert staff. You can stand behind Hal any more than that!

Stothert volunteers also distributed daub materials to voters the last few days.

Now, it is Jean Stothert responsible for electing Hal Daub? Please.

Too many people who have no clue what they are talking about.

Anonymous said...

Let's be clear:

Maxwell ran an idiotic campaign. District 3 is a liberal stronghold, and Vokal won the first time because the previous councilman was so hated. He won the second time because of serious backlash against a dirty trick by a Democrat operative.

Maxwell had some of the worst campaign mail I've ever seen, didn't raise money, and didn't put any time into field.

Even so, Maxwell got a number of crossover votes - the World-Herald said today that Suttle won District 3 by over 1,000 votes, but Jerram only won by 500.

Despite all of this, it's hard to see how another candidate would have done better. Buescher would have immediately pushed the race into a Democrat vs. Republican battle. And in that district, the Democrat would have won.

RLE said...

Let's see...

A few of you are trying to say Jean Stothert didn't do enough for Hal Daub?

1. I shot the Suttle illegal immigration video and we immediately turned it over to the Daub camp.
2. They key was voter turnout in west O and Elkhorn. The Stothert campaign hit over 9000 doors in West O for turnout.
3. Many Stothert volunteers distributed material for daub too.
4. Despite the fact our opponent when totally negative, we kept it positive - knowing a negative war in West O would hurt Daub.
5. The entire Stothert campaign team was also involved with the Daub campaign.

You can make up all of the stories you'd like but them's the facts.

Jean Stothert will be the most effective member of the council. You'll be proud.

RLE said...


Buescher wasn't about to turn it into a D or R war. He was pepared and had the funding set up to take Jerram on about the issues key to the district.

he would have directly challeged Jerram's work on behalf of scum bag booze joints that ahve brought the district down. He had a conservative GREEN plan that earned a lot of crossover support.

Maxwell didn't have anything similar to offer and refused to effectively take Jerram on on the issue hurting him the most.

Bottom line is this. Maxwell did not earn the vote from a lot of Buescher supporters. Buescher would have carried almost ALL of maxwell supporters had he made it through.

RLE said...

Final note from me on CC3.

I immediately offered, and brian buescher did the same, Chip Maxwell any support we could provide.

We had a good database of IDed voters and Buescher supporters. We had extensive OPPO research on Jerram. I did not hear another word from their camign until about 9 days before the election when Maxwell asked Brian to do ALL of the work on an endorsement mailer to IDed likely Buescher voters.

I like and have a tremendous amount of respect for Chip Maxwell. I consider him a friend.

He wasn't ready to run the race he had to to win. The Buescher campaign was.

Other than a nice e-mail from Chip

Anonymous said...

Wow. The Buescher folks must really be steaming. If he had run such a great campaign -- and would have beaten Jerram -- then he would have made it out of the primary.

Buescher lost. Get over it.

RLE said...

Not disputing he fact Buescher lost. We did. First time candidate in a heavy opposition district, with several ballot tested candidates and a well funded central opponent? Buescher did well. Throw out a campaign glitch and I firmly believe Buescher moves on and the result is markedly different. BTW, that campaign glitch is all on ourselves. We made the contract and we stand by it.That is the way it goes sometimes.

We are also not balming anyone else for losing.

The DCRP was extensively involved in Chip's race. I know because I helped them and was at one time asked to run Chip's campaign.

I helped a lot behind the scenes. To blame the DCRP is BS.

Anonymous said...

i wonder how many posters on this site have actual gotten off their asses in the last 4 years and knocked on a door for any Republican candidate.

Seroiusly. I don;t care if you are a congressional staffer or governor's aide.

If you are posting, WHAT HAVE YOU DONE?

THIS is where we are losing. The people interested i politics are only sitting behind their computer screnes blaming others for others for our loses.

Get active!

DC Voter said...

Look, I've been plenty active in campaigns.

Chip was the better Republican candidate in the race. Never mind his cross party appeal, or his commitment to conservative values, Chip was the only Republican to make it out of the primary which means that a majority of Republicans thought he was the best candidate.

Trust me, Buescher had his negatives too. First of all, he was the former DCRP chair. The race would have come down to D vs. R right away no matter what attacks Buescher threw at him. That would have been it. Plus, Buescher was -- "blumenthaling" ® -- his resume by saying he was the green candidate and claiming to be a prosecutor for the county.

Jerram would have whipped Buescher all across the district. Chip was our best chance to win the seat and the DCRP screwed it up.

If they don't want to admit that, fine. But it's only going to doom us into further oblivion as a political party in Omaha...

Concerned Taxpayer said...

Just read on Dodge Street Blog, that Suttle/Fahey deceived Omaha, you might want to check it out. We were deceived !!!!!!

You can't tell me Suttle didn't know the numbers about the double digit tax increases. But he did say he was going to go along with the Fahey team.

Brace yourselves everyone - our taxes are going up double digits and maybe over the next 4 years.

Check out Dodge Street Blog spot.

Anonymous said...

Dodge Street is a blog. A pretty conservative one. I read it for commentary, not news. I'll believe it when I see it in a more mainstream source of news.

Until then it's just another Daub supporter sucking on sour grapes.

Sympathetic Blogger said...

Did anyone hear about the little girl involved in that 4 car accident at 180th & Center Tuesday? It was on the news tonight that she died, the sibling is in critical condition, and the mother in fair condition. It was an unlicensed illegal immigrant that went through a stoplight that caused the accident. If he was unlicensed and didn't have auto insurance - who's going to pay?

Looks like Hal Daub's commercial about illegal immigration is correct... it does cost and hurt the rest of us. Jim Suttle is wrong to uphold for the illegals. Just ask that family !!!

You're a Disgrace said...

What happened to that girl is tragic and an indication of why we need to fix immigration policy in this country. To use that to attack Mayor-elect Suttle is a disgrace to that little girl.

You should be ashamed.

Anonymous said...

DC Voter, you keep trying...

The Buscher's have been green for a long time. His ideas are sound, As a matter of fact, there have been several news articles about using CNG in vehicles since Buescher touted that agenda.

If Republicans expect to win, they must have a conservative Green agenda. Buescher did.

As far as a prosecutor? He was. Offer evidence he wasn't. You have none.

Jamie, now you are in a debate between Brian and chip. If the race were between those two alone, Buescher wins big. I mean REAL BIG!

DC Voter said...

Please, everyone knows that Buescher was never really a prosecutor. It's been one of the biggest jokes amongst Republicans and lawyers in Omaha.

As for his green agenda, it has a total shame.

During the campaign he all of a sudden switched from non-recycling to recycling paper because he knew Jerram was going to drop a green mailer. It actually was a smart move but let's not kid ourselves -- the guy isn't Colby Coash or anything.

macdaddy said...

Sorry to drop my essay and run but I had to go get Obama some coin. I think people on both sides have made some valid points. Obviously, a bad candidate is a bad candidate. Unfortunately, often the party has no control over that. Where they do have control is organization of get out the vote efforts. How is the DCRP doing on this score? Do they have plans to find out why all these candidates lost? If they don't know how to do this are they getting in contact with people who can help them? Are they trying to find out how the DCDP differs from their operation? Do they know where their supporters live? Do they know what is important to these people? Maybe they are doing all these things and it's still just a bad time to be a Republican. If so, they shouldn't beat themselves up and just try to get better candidates for the next election. That's all you can do. I just wanted to make sure that these questions were getting asked.

Anonymous said...

Buescher was indeed a prosecutor. Ask former county attorney Stu Dornan. He worked for him.

NE Voter said...

To: Anonymous 9:07:

Are you referring to the same incumbent Stu Dornan (R) who was P'owned by Don Kleine (D) in a most convincing fashion?

Wake, up people!

Anonymous said...

DC Voter

From what I have seen, you keep wanting to recreate your own facts.

Buscher's Green initiatives are solid and conservative. If you walk into their hose you will see different recycle bins. The CNG idea was something Brian talked about in great length and depth. It is a real idea he talked about before it was trendy.

Your statements on himbeing a prosecutor are just ignorant. He was very successful as a prosecutor of domestic viloence case and in that roll gained more detailed knowledge of the prosecutorial side than all of the other candidates combined.

BTW, it shows your true colors that you have shifted your attack from the DCRP to Brian.

Never your it?

BTW, before the Primary maxwell used the DCRP facility for several phone banks. Why did you not do this for the general? They offered!

Anonymous said...

Oh boy, the "Wake up, people!" guy is back!

DC Voter said...

Hold on, my criticism of the DCRP stands. They messed up big time and cost Republicans the city council.

Buescher's campaign was a joke. That's why he lost. The only reason I weighed in was because some commentators on this site were trying to peg the lose all on Chip which was unfair. Buescher lost the primary and would have been crushed by Jerram.

Anonymous said...

Let's recap some of DC Voter's recent comments: 1) The DCRP is full of "idiots"; 2) the DCRP is to blame for Maxwell's loss; 3) Dave Heineman and Mark Fahleson abandoned Maxwell and are to blame for Maxwell's loss; 5) the DCRP did nothing to help Maxwell in the general election; 6) the DCRP's mistake in sending out some get out the vote pieces noting a wrong polling location was on purpose; 7) Buescher ran a bad campaign.

It is fine if DC Voter wants to defend Maxwell. But this stuff is nonsense and does nothing to help Maxwell.

Sympathetic Blogger said...

To 8:05 You're a Disgrace:

Wait just a minute - in case you haven't noticed the election is over. It was not an attack to Suttle as mayor-elect.

It was an attack on his lame comments about illegals that are totally disgusting. Check the statistics, as this is not the first incidence of illegal's hurting or killing innocent legal citizen's. Not only in Omaha but in this country. Yes, they do need to fix the immigration problem but this is the only time that I have ever heard a political figure saying "it's okay".

Do you really think that illegal immigrants should come here "no matter how they come across the border"? You don't think that it should be criminal? Do you think it's legal to drive w/o a license or insurance? Do you think it was alright he snuck thru the system? Watch the news at 10:00. This guy may be charged with a misdemeanor for driving w/o a license but may not be charged as a felon for manslaughter. It sounded like the press was even upset about it.

This man has had a number of DUI's here and in Kansas. He slipped through the system undocumented and they couldn't find him, and evidently, time and time again. Why??? Because he's illegal !!!

So, you think that is okay, huh?
Like I said, ask the family of this little girl. Or, all of the other families that have been victimized by illegal's.

And, my comment about illegal immigration was not a disgrace to this poor little girl. BUT, it should be a disgrace to anyone who finds illegal immigration alright! My heart goes out to this little girl and her family !


Anonymous said...

DC Voter...
Please, sometime in the near future let Buescher and Maxwell face off head to head.

That would be a whole lot of fun and prove you an comlete idiot.

Chip Maxwell will never win another election again. Buescher will.

Your a Disgrace... said...

It's wrong when anybody drives drunk and kills a little girl. I'm gonna let you in on a dirty little secret, it happens all the time -- illegal or born and bred American.

Your comments were disgusting because you were trying to use this little girl's tragic death to attack Mayor-elect Suttle. You need to learn that the election is over.

I think illegal immigration is wrong -- 100%. However, millions of them come to this country, work, make money, etc... and don't break the law short of crossing the border. The cases where they do are few and far between compared to the crime rate in this country.

The tragic part is that a little girl died. Not that he was an illegal immigrant. Get your priorities straight.

DC Voter said...

"Chip Maxwell will never win another election again. Buescher will."Buescher would have to win one first. It's a shame that the DCRP is willing to throw a former State Senator and County Commissioner under the bus.

TokenD said...

A Message to Republicans:

Dear old regime,

We won. Ha ha. Ha ha. Ha ha. Your party is falling apart because you refuse to acknowledge/accept the fact that the people are more progressive than your old ideas. You have lost touch with your constituents because they live in a world which is seeing sweeping social, political, economic, and environmental change and their party fails to even admit that anything is changing. What is the future of the G.O.P. in Omaha? An imminent move westward.

A Message to Disgruntled Republicans:

Dear New Democrats,

Welcome to the party. Welcome to the party of Ben Nelson and Tony Raimando. Welcome to the party which acknowledges your hardships, social situations, and accepts you as you are. Welcome to the party which still believes there can be moderates. Welcome to the future. Your voices can join with ours and together we can solve Omaha's problems.

Omaha's Democrats.

Anonymous said...

DC Voter

You are making it clear that you're plain angry that Maxwell didn't win, but will not admit that it could possibly because of Maxwell himself so you are blaming almost everybody else. Chip is a decent guy, but he didn't help things by running so soon after losing the County Board race to Marc Kraft, of all people

Long Time Republican Activist said...

DC Voter, please stop. You are only embarrassing youself and your candidate.

DieDirtyLiberals said...

I want to talk about CC6- Walt Peffer (a Benedict Arnold if I ever knew one) should have never run! The DCRP (and Hal Daub) not to mention fellow councilman Chuck Seigerson all abandoned Thompson, a Republican who has a unique hold on CC6. While Daub didn't help Peffer, he certainly didn't help Thompson, and Seigerson outright endorsed a LABOR ENDORSED RINO who could have very well just changed his party affiliation AGAIN if he had won and he would have hoodwinked every good Republican who endorsed him.
I know Thompson won his race, but the party acted foolishly by not getting involved and allowing its own (dwindling) elected leaders to endorse should be Democrats.
I know that there was a Democrat poking around in CC6, and there is no doubt that when he found out that Peffer was labor endorsed he decided not to run because he know that the only thing Republican about Peffer was his voter registration. I would have much rather seem Thompson walk all over some unqualified Democrat. At least then our PARTY LEADERS would have endorsed the real Republican in the race.

....and don't get me started on the fact the "fiscally conservative" Walt Peffer hired former uber-liberal DCDP Executive Director Kris Pierce to run his campaign. We all should have known who Peffer really was immediately.

DC Voter said...

No, I won't stop.

Let me tell you something, Chip ran a good campaign, a decent campaign. He knocked on every door in the district and asked folks to vote for what he believed in. Heck, he asked people to vote for what we all believe in.

Now so many people want to throw him under the bus. Of course I'm gonna push back.

Deal with it.

Sympathetic Blogger said...

You're a Disgrace 9:49 PM

Your last paragraph really didn't make sense. Priorities ??? What are you talking about? I didn't mention anything about any of my priorities. Would you like to borrow my dictionary?

In the third paragraph you also appear to be a little confused about the difference between legal immigrants as opposed to the illegal immigrants that come to the States.

Again, I am referring to the undocumented illegal immigrants that come here, NOT the documented legal immigrants that come here the right way !!!
As our ancesters did.

Now, brush your teeth and go get into bed !!!

Anonymous said...

OK DC, we all get it.
If only the Govermnor would have knocked on every door for Chip, and The NEGOP had a volunteer at every door, every day; and the DCRP raised $50K for Chip he would have won.

We get it. Maybe Obama could have come in and talked Democrats to vote for Chip. is fault too...right?

Chip is a good guy but did not run the campaign needed to win. PERIOD. No one elses fault.

Really, you are embarrassing yourself. You're all over the map now. Buescher, DCRP, NEGOP, Governor Heineman, republicans? At some point in time you have to realize when you are pointing your finger at everyone else, three are pointing right back at you.

Ward3Voter said...

Anon 10:59

Does DC Voter only have four fingers? Or does he point with thumb-index?

His point is well taken. The DCRP imploded sometime between November and two days ago and failed to actually help one the the few Republican's in Ward 3 who had the ability to appeal to Dems and Republicans.

Anonymous said...

I might agree with you that the DCRP imploded, except that Maxwell has a bit of a history of waiting til the last minute for getting help from the party...
so as much as his supporters want to blame the DCRP, its somewhat poor planning on his campaigns parts

DC Voter said...

Right, it's all Chip's fault.

I guess I forgot that the DCRP can do no wrong to some people. Maybe I was a little off base lumping Governor Heineman into the mix but you can't honestly deny that the DCRP has let our candidates down.

They messed up big time and the leadership is doing everything to try and save their asses. We've suffered major loses in 2006, 2008, and 2009. At a certain point, that becomes the party's fault, not the candidates.

Confused CCD 3 Voter said...

Was I supposed to vote at the Downtown library?

Republican said...

Let this be a lesson to us all.

Let's be in hope that this will actually strengthen the DCRP.

May we be more supportive to the Republican party, not just at election time but from here on out.

Let's start NOW....ready, set, go

Anonymous said...

Any Republicans on here? Whose your guess - that will run in 4 years? For the Republicans and for Democrates? Mostly, who would be the best Republican for the job?

DC Voter said...

I kind of like this Matt Sak guy. Seems like a solid conservative who won't drop his values for votes.

Anonymous said...

Don't know who Matt Sak is but are you assuming that Simple Suttle had any values to drop?

I would imagine that before the four years of JS is over - we'll all be pretty sick of him.

I don't mean to sound like Jack Black in his movie, "Shallow Hal", but, I already am sick of looking at Jim Suttle's ugly mug. And we've only begun. Uug ! He does look like a devil, that somebody above mentioned. I know that sounds terrible but he's enough to give a person nightmares. Suttle kindda looks like Freddie Cougar.

Street Sweeper said...

(I think you meant Freddie Mellencamp.)

Anonymous said...

Maybe he meant John Mellencamp...?

Anonymous said...

Anon 12:37 am,

I think you should be in bed at that time instead of posting on a blog. I belive you meant "Freddy Krueger", not freddie cougar. Unless of course you meant the mascot.

Anonymous said...

Wow. He DOES sort of look like Freddy Krueger (or whatever that Nightmare on Elm Street guy's name was)...

Anonymous said...

To diedirtylibs,

You have your fact bassackwards!
Hal daub was one of the first elected oficials to endorse Franklin and did everything he could, keeping in mind he was somewhat busy, to help get Franklin re-elected. Additionally, Franklin was endorsed by nearly every Republican elected official including Sen. Johanns and Governor heineman and the NEGOP.

I must say it was refreshing this morning to see on all the bus benches with Thomopson's campaign banner on them had two simple words on them. Thank you!

Franklin Thompson is a class act!

Anonymous said...

Let's talk about the alleged coverup by the city regarding the tragic car accident on Tuesday morning. Who decided to wait until Wednesday to disclose that the guy who ran the red light was an illegal immigrant?? "Unnamed sources" knew on Tuesday he was an illegal immigrant. Who decided to hold that information until the election was over??

Anonymous said...

Check out KFAB - (
AM channel on radio)
The Scott Voorhees show
He'e talking about and taking calls about illegal immigrants and the little Josie that just died due to the accident that happened at 180th & Center by the illegal that didn't have a license and ran a light. Check him out, it's very interesting!!!

NE Voter said...

Wow. Despite the fact that both Omaha and Lincoln have just held municipal elections, of the 10 articles displsyed on the front page of the Nebraska Republican Party's website:

3 are about Ben Nelson

4 are about national issues/stimulus

1 is about NE GOP's finance team

1 is about Daub's endorsements


1 is about the Lincoln City Council race

How's that for laser-like focus! Mark Fahleson definitely has his priorities straight!

Wake up, people!

Truth Squad said...

Buescher has never worked for anyone but Kutak Rock since he graduated from law school.

He was a liason to the from Kutak to the county attorney's office. He had the best of both worlds, a Kutak pay check and county hours prosecuting misdemeanors.

He was so successful as a liason that the program has never been replicated. Working three months as a glorified senior certified law student does not make one a "prosecutor"

This was Brian's problem, he just was not honest about who he is. He was as "Green" as he was a "prosecutor" Just because you say you are does not make you it.

Chip had his problems, but at lease he is honest about who he is and what he has done.

I think Brian should move out to Elkhorn or I mean West Omaha, show his true conservative colors, and he could win.

However, in the third, Chris was the better candidate in a district that leans Democrat.

Anonymous said...

So, Buescher vs. Maxwell in the next NRD race?? Oh wait - that job doesn't pay health insurance, so maybe Maxwell wouldn't file. Or could we see a battle of the recycling bins to see who would be most qualified?

Concerned Omahan said...

Most of Omaha is outraged !!!
We are outraged over the tragedy to this innocent little four year old girl, named Josie Bluhm, who died from the Tuesday morning crash. Outraged that our elected officials brush things 'under the rug' (cover-ups)

A friend yesterday mentioned to me that if this tragedy would have happened a week ago, it may and most likely would have changed the outcome of our mayoral election. In consideration to the cover-ups. IF we would have been aware, we may have voted differently and had a mayor that would be FIGHTING FOR US, against illegal immigration. AND, FOR US, NOT AGAINST US!!!

Again, I say Hal Daub was most absolutely right to bring up the issue of illegal immigration after what Jim Suttle said to that group during his campaigning. So, our mayor-elect thinks "it's alright for illegals to come across the border - we shouldn't make criminals out of them HOWEVER they come across the border." How about what he said about the one's who employ these illegals, he said, "it's okay". WHAT??? I say, NO, it's NOT okay, because we have things like this that just happened. Plus, if our elected officials 'okay' it - we'll have many - many more incidences like this one. And, there has been so many already. I'm fed up with it.

It really did need to be brought to 'we the voters' attention. We the people DESERVED to know what kind of STUPID comments that ANY candidate was out there saying to the citizens. In this particular case, it was our mayor-elect, Jim Suttle.

The comments that he made and the 'I don't care' attitude is obnoxious to say the least.

The timing of this tragedy, is a 'WAKE UP CALL'. I just wish we could have woke up last week when Hal Daub was trying to warn us of what Jim Suttle had said and that this issue of illegal's is a problem right here is Omaha as well as our Country.

This whole thing is very sickening and most unfortunate. I feel so very sorry for the Bluhm family.
And, the last I knew the little boy was still in the hospital in critical condition and the mother was in fair. But, I just heard that Josie's funeral is tomorrow morning. Either, I'm confused on something or her brother and her mother won't be attending Josie's funeral. Has anyone heard?

And, I am very concerned about the rest of our family's!!!

Anonymous said...

What if's are all there is left at this point. Nothing would have changed what happened Tuesday morning. The family had to be in their car that morning and that guy made decisions for the last 10+ years that led up to Tuesday morning.

What can we do now?
-we can pray for Josie's whole family.
-we can pray that this criminal will get a conscience, not make this family go through a trial, and not ask for any reductions in punishment
-we can move forward, get our act together and deal with the inept laws and lack of funding to address, not only the illegal immigration catastrophe, but also the slipshot policies dealing with habitual drunk drivers. I have never had a DWI, I have, however, driven over the limit in my life. If maturity does not teach you to correct illegal habits, then it shouldn't take more than 1 interaction with the law to fix it. Hit the bank accounts with higher fines, publish for public record the names of all repeat offenders and let's figure out how to close all the loopholes in our DWI and Immigration laws.

Oops, sorry that last one got so long! You get the picture.

Mostly, let's just pray for and, if inclined to, financially support the Bluhm Family as much as we can.

Anonymous said...

Maybe the candidates in this city election were just plain boring...their message was either nothing new and therefore was boring, how they got their message out was boring (sending out printed piece after printed piece that looks like your opponent? What business wastes ad dollars doing that? Maybe what they did to generate voter trust was something people weren't buying.

Disgusted Omahan said...

To Anonymous, 9:32 Am:

Please Do Tell Us, of what you know this is a most serious issue that 'we the people' deserve to be aware of - I was listening to the Scott Voorhee's show on KFAB 11:10 (AM channel). Scott mentioned that he is upset and that their mailboxes are packed with emails from upset citizen's over this tragedy and the issue of illegal immigration and the comments that our mayor-elect has previously made with regards to this issue.

And, our mayor-elect has chosen NOT to respond about this issue. IMAGINE THAT !!! That's not a surprise to most of us however.
He hasn't said anything of substance the whole way through his campaign!!! Again, he's not speaking to the media.
What kind of a mayor have we got?
The more I've been learning day by day, the more disgusting this is!

Anonymous said...

Just caught the news about little Josie Bluhm - visitation is this evening - her funeral is tomorrow (Sat) morning at 10:30 am.

Her mother was released from the hospital lastnight, but her brother is still in serious condition. Donations can be made to the Enterprise Bank @ 128th & Center for the Bluhm family for hospital and funeral expenses.

Anonymous said...

Suttle's first scandal and he hasn't even been sworn in yet.

Anonymous said...

illegal immigration had nothing to do with a person driving a car after 3 DUI's and having a suspended license that ran a red light. It has more to do with the legal system screwing up. They should have caught him one of those 3 times. 99% of illegal immigrants add something to our society as a whole, but one in a million give them all a bad name. Bad things happen, and most of the time it happens from legal citizens here in the United States.

You are all right wing idealists that can't see that most people don't care how people come into our country other than they do not have a criminal past. Most don't. This scumbag was 12 when he came here. Was he a criminal then?

Anonymous said...

"99% of illegal immigrants add something to our society as a whole, but one in a million give them all a bad name."

Um, do you have any statistics to back that one up?

Anonymous said...

To 11:29.

Finally, a comment from the Jerram camp!

Buescher was a full-time sworn city and county prosecutor and a member of the bar when he was there. Jerram NEVER prosecuted a case in his life. (But Jerram did represent a porn shop at the supreme court in trying to expand the definition of indecency in Nebraska arguing the porn shop could sell nastier porn--but we'll leave that to Democrat Jim Farho to talk about).

Sorry, the argument that Buescher did not prosecute long enough is a tough sell from a guy who has NO experience prosecuting. . .

Yes, the Democrats would like to have Buescher out of midtown. It's kinda scary when Jerram, the former chair of the democratic party, can only beat Buescher, the former chair of the republicans by 125 votes in the primary--even with a Republican in the race like Maxwell who undoubtedly took a significant majority of the Republican votes--all in a district with only 29% Republicans!

Good luck to Jerram. We will be thinking of this race when he votes with Suttle to raise our property taxes to pay off the unions!

Anonymous said...

I find it amusing how people attack Daub for his sled commerical..what about Suttle's Disco porn music couding commercial? Just as negative, if not worse.

Anonymous said...


You sound like Jim Suttle !!!

So, you think illegals immigrants are alright being here in the United States 'illegally'???

Come on give us a break you moron!

Made in USA said...

And 12:53

YES, the illegal immigrants are adding something to our society as a whole.

They are adding LOTS AND LOTS of their children, in which, we are footing the bills (medical and otherwise) in many ways.

And, no the accident didn't happen because he was an illegal or did it?

We can't get this little girl back nor, any of the other victims. And, that is the REAL tragedy !!!

But, because he is illegal there are problems and expenses that he won't be paying for but others will.
And, we will through tax dollars.

And, he was here - not going thru the system but slipping thru (or around) the system. This is where the problems come into light. Who is going to pay these expenses? If he's NOT in the system legally -is he accountable financially? The bills are going to add up for the taxpayers - over this one, too!
Just one example - if he's in jail for 6 years - who pays for his food and shelter?

And, you can't compare the number of illegals to those of us born here. Of course, there are more legal US citizen's. But, if you check the number of incidences of having (in this case - allowing) the illegals - it is extremely high comparing (legal/not legal).

The statistics tells all. Check it out !!!

Anonymous said...

1:24 PM

It all depends on whose telling it!

Anonymous said...

I'm waiting on statistics and facts to show me how all 99% of illegal immigrants are adding so many benefits to our society as a whole. Waiting.....waiting......

TokenD said...

This is what I just love about your sour grapes party. You lose elections because you can't get over your outdated ideas, and then you bring up things that have no weight in elections, post-hoc.

Illegal Immigration (which Daub voted for amnesty of in the 80's) was not an issue in this campaign.
What happened to that family is a tragedy, and it happens all the time with DRUNK DRIVERS both legal and not. The fact that the murderer was an illegal immigrant has ZERO to do with the tragedy, and you are all trying to make some political hay out of his immigration status.

Hal Daub tried to make it an issue because he is a dirty politician who will do anything to win.

Republican fall back point:
Brown people did something bad. Lets talk about illegal immigration.

If we want to talk about immigration, lets have an open debate and discuss the mutual failings in the strategies of both parties and the massive hypocrisies which are inherent in the debate.

What we SHOULDN'T do is turn it into a political issues for the sake of attacking an opponent ESPECIALLY when the quote you are attacking them on is taken woefully out of context.

For the record, Mayor-Elect Suttle was talking about our ATTITUDE towards the people who come here illegally. He was talking about the fact that we automatically categorize them as criminals and that gets in the way of our ability to fully understand the problem.

Anonymous said...

Yeah, come on 12:53

I'm waiting too !!! Sure glad you joined me blogger 2:27 PM.

Because 12:53 seems to be a little confused about his/her stats. The only thing that I can figure out is that they are 99% adding to our population. LOL

Anonymous said...

But then again, if illegal imm's have children in the States they are allowed to stay in the country that their child/ren are born, it gives them citizenship. Am I right? We're going to have a population explosion, again. Or, will it be our children or grands that will deal with that matter later?

Anonymous said...

Oh, I see. So Mayor-elect Suttle (uck, I just threw up a little in my mouth just saying that) "fully understands the problem" about illegal immigration? Really? So what's he going to do about it? Or can he still not say? Does he have to wait for "the people" to tell him?

Anonymous said...

What you Dems don't understand is that it's not really your "ideas" that are helping you get elected these days. It's just the nature of the cyclical beast. Dems are popular for awhile, and then people get sick of them and more vote Republican. Then, people get sick of the Republicans for awhile, and then they vote Dem.

Seriously, don't go getting all high and mighty about how smart you think you are. Once people see how things are under Obama and Suttle for awhile, us Republicans will most definitely start winning races again. Enjoy your victory now. It won't last very long.

Oh, and really. People are ALREADY getting sick of Suttle and talking about this "Suttle scandal" -- and he hasn't even been sworn in yet. I wouldn't let him get too comfortable in his new downtown office just yet.

NE Voter said...

Anonomous 3:26

You're missing the point -- The central fact here concerns the complete collapse of DCRP and the inexcusable neglect of NEGOP.

Why on earth was NEGOP focusing on Ben Nelson and federal issues? On election day, Mark Fahleson tweeted about how he was attending some finance committee meeting. WTF?

Do you now what the leaders of DCDP and NDP were doing? Every one of them was in Omaha -- canvassing door-to-door; working the phones; doing visibility and organizing rides to the polls.

Where was the DCRP Chair? Where was Dave Nabity? Where were Pete Ricketts; David Kramer and Mark Quandahl? Probably yukking it up at Rick's Cafe Boatyard or Wheatfields talking about how they're going to defeat President Obama and Ben Nelson in FOUR YEARS.

All the while, the Mayor's office and more than two decades of control of the City Council were slipping away vote by vote by vote.

The Republican party leadership utterly blew it. Nebraska and Douglas County Republicans should be appalled at this fiasco. If they are not, they should change the Republican mascot to an ostrich.

Wow. I mean just Wow.

Wake up, people!

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