Wednesday, September 09, 2009

Is Tom White running as an (I)?

**UPDATE 10:20 PM **

Tom White announced his run for the 2nd District Congressional seat, held by Representative Lee Terry, today.

In his announcement (apparently hosted by one of our fellow bloggers), White says:
"It's time for independent, effective leadership."

"...I know that with my unwavering independence..."
The word missing from his announcement -- and oh by the way, missing from his website, , is...


Are we missing something here? Has White joined the Jim Esch Independent party? Does he plan to reject any help from the DCCC? Would he give the Heisman to any help offered by the POTUS?

Well, of course we know the answer to this.

Oh sure, White tells the OWH that he "loves the word 'nonpartisan.'".

Apparently he also loves the words, "load of crap".

You see, White is hoping hoping hoping he can take a page out of Ben Nelson's campaign book and pretend that he's not a Democrat. And Nelson's had some success in that vein. (Though not in EVERY race.)

But White doesn't exactly have the same political pedigree as Nelson. (Oh, and most people like Nelson, personally.)

So after Congressional candidate Richard Carter left the Dems...
And Congressional candidate Jim Esch left the Dems
And Tom White won't acknowledge that he IS a Dem...
Q: What's a REAL Democrat to do?

A: Oh, they'll be supporting White. Vigorously.

So don't be fooled. OK?


Oh, and remember that DNC "ad" (has it made it beyond YouTube?) claiming that Lee Terry voted to end Medicare?

Well, the non-partisan has declared that claim: FALSE.
"The proposal is similar to one endorsed a decade ago by the National Bipartisan Commission on the Future of Medicare. It is controversial, to be sure: Most Democrats don’t like it, and not all Republicans do either. It’s a plan to change Medicare significantly but not to "abolish" it."
We won't get into all the details -- that's what they're for -- but you can feel free to read the lengthy piece on the "Senior Scare" here.


Toga! Toga! Toga!

Speaking of Ben Nelson, The Politico has a feature on the Top Party Animals in DC.

It notes that when in DC, you can find Nelson "grabbing drinks at Capitol Hill joints such as Charlie Palmer Steak or Sonoma wine bar."

They also note that Nelson will be receiving "a lifetime achievement award from the annual D.C.’s Funniest Celebrity contest."

Nelson likes to pull the occasional prank, and of them, this is one of the funnier that we've heard:
"...he tricked Hillary Clinton minutes before she was to be sworn in as senator by telling her she also needed to recite a Bible passage."
(Just thinking of the look on Hillary's face as she's fretting, "Bible passage? Bible passage??...Bible passage...Bible passage...uh....")


NE Voter said...

Lee Terry's "Obama-Terry voter" push sure did nothing to remind 2008 voters that Terry is a Republican. In fact, after reading your post, Sweeper, I did a quick cruise through Terry's campaign website.

Funny, not one mention that Terry is a Republican.

Just sayin'.

Street Sweeper said...

Wrong. On

Congressman Terry also serves an important role with the Republican Conference as a member of both the Steering Committee and the Policy Committee. These committees, respectively, assign fellow members their committee assignments and set the Republican policy priorities for each legislative term. His hard work and dedication have earned him a spot as a Republican Deputy Whip.

FREI bird said...

Terry's support cam more from people realizing they did not want to have a congressional seat be his opponents 1st job. No matter if that person was a Dem... erh and Independent... erh non-partisan. How was it even that close??

Anonymous said...

It was that close only because the DNC gave marching orders to the DCCC to "win the seat for Obama".

What they didn't say is "win the seat for Esch".

If you looked at the DCCC website during that time frame (summer08) it was all Obama, all the time. At one point they had no key races posted and were asking people to donate to Obama.

The Republicans did virtually nothing to ensure a win for McCain in this District, or even the State. One visit by Palin did get people motivated, but much too late.

Lee Terry won because he worked hard to motivate his voters rather than rely on the coattails of the Party Nominee.

Esch lost because he did little to motivate his voters and relied entirely on the coattails of his Party's Nominee.

White has no coattails to ride.

Lee Terry has never had to ride coattails.

See you in November.

NE's for McCain-Palin said...

Dear Anonymous 5:37pm.,
Apparently you are not aware of the efforts to elect McCain-Palin in Nebraska, specifically in the 2nd Congressional district. As someone who worked to defeat the Obama machine in the 2nd I must take exception to your fallacious assertion. There were considerable GOP and third-party efforts to prevent an Obama victory in both NE as well as the Omaha metro area. This was occurring months before the Palin visit. When one considers the full-time Obama staffers dedicated to Omaha, as well as, a single half million dollar donation by a relative of the ‘Oracle of Omaha’ it is easy to see how these efforts may have gone unnoticed.

Anonymous said...

White says today "I know that with my unwavering independence . . . ." In Lincoln, White DESCRIBES HIMSELF as the "Democratic Hatchetman" in the Legislature. Who are you going to believe-- Tom White, or Tom White?

Anonymous said...

The reason many Democrats have to emphasize "independence" is because people like the Leavenworth Street Blog, Glenn Beck, KFAB, Rush Limbaugh lie about the positions of Democrats and its often nearly impossible to get people to look at an issue objectively when they are in a state of panic from the constant dosage of hate and fear-mongering spread by the radical right.

Death panels, socialism, indoctrination of students, do you people sleep at night?

Oh yeah, Michael Savage is another one.

Call people "Liberal"

way to take the high road.

Anonymous said...

I will give Senator White a look, I have not been pleased with Lee Terry. What has Terry done?

Anonymous said...

I hope Lee Terry doesn't show off Sheriff Tim Dunning as one of his supporters. Dunning was just on TV blasting the Federal Government (FBI) but he should have been blasting his own CSI employee who screwed up a murder investigation that sent the wrong people to jail.

(I always see Dunning (Mike Ditka look-alike) endorsing all the Republicans running for office.

Anonymous said...

Lee Terry BROKE HIS PROMISE on term limits --

How can we trust him on anything else?

Career politican = Lee Terry

Anonymous said...

Why do people who run to represent those in Omaha or the second district run back to the east coast to hire or spend their dollars? Have we no talent here? Whatever happened to "Buy the Big O"? When did it change to "Buy the DC"? Maybe that is why we get assaulted each election season with such stupid advertising that bores to tears. Seems to me Omaha could use those dollars to bolster its own economy in these troubled times.

Anonymous said...

David Boomer = the East Coast Assassin, The Karl Rove of the East Coast

Nebraska voters should tell Lee Terry that he should send his campaign manager and his sleazy, negative attack ads back to the East Coast!!!!!!

Anonymous said...

Go to Youtube and search David Boomer. Joe Jordan smacks the lil man down.

Anonymous said...

So as a person in my 20s, Im going to be forced to get health insurance, like I have to get auto insurance?...But if I dont drive, then I dont need auto

Anonymous said...

It is funny that the NRP is calling White a partisan. Tell me, how does a hard core democratic partisan pass 5 significant bills (Government transparency, extended health insurance to people in their late 20's, major R&D tax credit) when there are only 17 Democrats and 32 Republicans the legislature?? He must be so divisive!!!!

Apparently, partisan means you are not always a rubber-stamp for the Governor.

Anonymous said...

David Boomer; born and raised in Lincoln, NE; owns a home in Lincoln, NE; apparently makes a good living in Connecticut so he can spend his hard earned East Coast money on taxes in Lincoln, NE.

I thought we liked people that weren't a drain and contributed to the tax base.

We definitely need more Dave Boomers. can I get a second on that motion?

Anonymous said...

Correction, Tom White passed 6 bills. You left off his crown jewel:


Anonymous said...$$ website.

Brian T. Osborn said...

Brian T. Osborn = Republican

So says, One Two Anonymouse, over on Kyle's blog. Jumpin' Jeebus Jehosephat! You guys accuse me of being a Republican, so-called Democrats accuse me of being a Republican.

I'm confused!

Anonymous said...

Tom White didn't write the safe haven law. Arnie Stuthman (R-Columbus) introduced it, Pete Pirsch (R-Omaha) took credit in the World-Herald for brokering a compromise allowing it to pass Mike Flood's (R-Norfolk) Legislature, and Dave Heineman (R) signed it in to law.

Brian T. Osborn said...

Seriously folks, do you Nebraska Republicans have ANY Liberals left in your party? Or did Senator George W. Norris, being the last one to leave, turn out the light and lock the door?

If you've got one, I'd really like to meet him/her.

By the way, what was with all of the Republicans sitting on their hands throughout most of Pres. Obama's speech tonight? The Republicans SAY they want a bi-partisan plan, yet offer no solutions themselves, and refuse to so much as recognize that SOME of what the President said is the SAME thing they've been asking for!

That doesn't seem like a very good way to create an atmosphere of cooperation and bi-partisanship. Hell, if someone acted that way to me down at CHEEX, I'd probably have to punch them off of their barstool.

Anonymous said...

Tom White insisted that our safe haven law become the laughingstock of America.

I don't blame Tom White for not emphasizing his DemocRAT affiliation. It might remind people that, if elected, he will instantly become Nancy Pelosi's hand puppet.

macdaddy said...

Why do the Republicans need to do anything? Do the Democrats own Congress or not? Why they can't be grown-ups and not insist on the Republicans accompanying them to the bathroom? Obama hasn't met with any Republican on the subject of health care since April. He clearly has no interest in listening to any idea that Republicans have. It's his way or the highway. Of course, no one really knows which way is his way, so how do you blame the Republicans for refusing to buy a pig in a poke? There are plenty of Republicans with excellent ideas about to fix our health care system, but the Democrats aren't even making any effort to listen. Hell, they aren't even making bad faith efforts.

Dayton Headlee said...

I was at the press conference. Near the end, after White had said at least ten times he was an independent, Joe Jordan asked him, point blank, "You've said numerous times today that you are an independent. If you really are, why don't you run as an independent?"

White said some B.S. answer about believing in the ordanization of the Democrat party and was looking for some grassroots help.

But he never called himself a Democrat.

One Out In Third said...

Hey Brian...Maybe the hand sitters know a pig in a poke when they smell one?

One Out In The Third said...

Has anyone checked to see if Adrian ever took a ventriloquism course in college? I bet Adrian put him up to it.

Anonymous said...

Actually, it's usually Adrian who's got someone else hand up his backside and talking for him, not the other way around. He is the little whipping boy for John Boehner, Roy Blunt and Eric Cantor.

Nate E said...

Tim Dunning is a joke as a sheriff. Many law enforcement people in this state have little to no respect for him.

I would love to see if a elected republican official could talk about the health care debate in congress without lying. So far I haven't seen one.

Anonymous said...

Nate E,
So if the Dems are so adamant that illegal’s won't get healthcare under Barry's plan, even going as far as putting in language that specifically states that illegal’s are not eligible, why did the dems fight vigorously, in committee, to defeat efforts of verifying citizenship.
Or is that a lie too...

Anonymous said...

To 09-09-09 9:01PM--Buy the Big O.
That's where your guy is at, not Lincoln.

NE Voter said...

Tim Dunning is shamelessly attempting to influence the jurors' deliberations. Of course, jurors are admonished not to take in any media coverage of a trial in which they sit in judgment, but human nature is what it is.

Dunning looks bad here. The allegations against Kofoed are serious and place a shadow over the entire Sheriff's department.

Even if he is acquitted, Kofoed is toast as the head of the investigative unit. Win or lose, his credibility is shot forever. Area defense attorneys would have a heyday during cross-examination in future cases.

Just last night, I was talking to a good friend of mine who is pretty high up in the Omaha Plice Department.

While he expressed no opinion as to Kofoed's guilt or innocence, he felt that a huge mistake was made in changing the name of the unit to the more glamorous "CSI - "Crime Scene Investigation" to tie in with the popularity of the television show(s) (which, for the record, I've never seen). He believes that that simple change resulted in an attitude shift in the unit -- things kind of went to Kofoed's head.

In the absence of clear-cut wrongdoing, I don't blame Dunning for being loyal. I do have a big problem with attempting to insert his opinions in the jury room.

Anonymous said...

So, Tom White passed "5 significant bills (Government transparency, extended health insurance to people in their late 20's, major R&D tax credit)", according to Anon 8:32? It looks like there's 3 there, by my count. And, major? The government transparency one was re-written on the floor by the majority to leave the website for transparancy where it already was-- with the State Treasurer-- pretty major! White was furious about this amendment. The other two cited simply passed on their merits without opposition, as they were non-controversial. So, I go back to how White describes himself-- "Democratic Hatchetman"-- who are we to argue?

Anonymous said...

Wow. The Terry attack machine is already out in full force against Tom White. They must really be scared of him. Has Boomer already moved back here from Connecticut? Or is he orchestrating these from his cushy Connecticut office? Somehow I have a feeling he IS billing Lee Terry for his blogging time already, though.

Anonymous said...

Anon 12:18-- how about replying to the prior post with some substantive rebuttal, rather than just say "ooh-- look-- Dave Boomer is mean!" I'm not Boomer, and I'm telling the truth about White's record-- can't you defend it?

Anonymous said...
This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.
Lee Atwater said...

I find the Dem attacks on Boomer hilarious. Please...grow some gnad!

You all loved it when Rubin brought east coast attack politics to Nebraska. You love it when the lib groups (including White's PAC) funnel money through one of Ken Winston's various front PACs to attack Republican candidates across the state.

But "Oh No!" when someone calls out your candidate on legit issues. "That is off limits."

As Bo Pelini would say, you're "soft!" Maybe politics isn't for you.

Uncle Wiggily said...

Now Joe Wilson knows how the little kid felt after he yelled that the Emperor has no clothes. He was right , of course, but everyone else was just too, too PC to admit it. If a few more stood up to Gang Obama, maybe we wouldn't be looking down the barrel of a multi-trillion dollar bad dream.

I support Joe Wilson's opinion - I'd vote for Joe Wilson.

And I'll bet Adrian was giggling inside ....

Anonymous said...

Or how about this one-- from the 9/8 World-Herald, on White's failure to be present when the Revenue Committee killed a sales tax exemption bill. White is quoted as saying "I should have been there.” He chose to be in court that day instead. White is very wealthy man-- he doesn't have to practice while the Legislature is in session- -he chooses to. The lack of an exception was described as "crushing" by White-- but not important enough to show up for the committee vote, apparently.

Brian T. Osborn said...

Lee Atwater,

Not ALL of us Democrats were all that gung-ho over the way Barry Rubin ran the NDP. We're still suffering from the damage done.

Brian T. Osborn said...

Uncle W.,

That gun barrel you're looking down was powdered, balled and primed by YOUR guy.

Glad to see you are so openly favorable to uncouth louts. Wilson's rants would be right at home here on the blogs, but most of us Americans expect a bit more decorum during an address by the POTUS at a joint session of Congress. Can you cite me ONE incident wherein a Democrat was that incivil towards George W. Bush, or any other Republican President under similar circumstances.

You should turn down the volume on Rush Limbaugh and try to remember the manners your mamma taught you. Or did she?

NADC Watcher said...

Winston's front groups and who's behind them:
- Citizens for a Better Tomorrow (2008). Funded by the teacher's union and the trial attorneys. Used in General Election of 2008 to attack legislative candidates.

- Citizens for a Safer Omaha(2006). Funded by the trial attorneys and gambling interests to support Tom White in 2006.

- Nebraskans for responsible Government (2006 and primary 2008 General). Funded bu the teacher's union, trial attorneys, gambling interests and Ben Nelson's PAC. Used in 2006 to support liberal candidates for legislature (including Tome White for over $8K) and in 2008 Primary to attack Republican legislative candidates.

- Nebraskans for Tax Equity and Fairness (2006) Funded by the trial attorneys and Nebraska democrat Party. Used in 2006 to support Tom White and Steve Lathrop.

- Nebraska Voter Education Project. No filings on record.

If you don't see a pattern here, you are blind. Form a PAC to run one cycle supporting the liberal causes of the teacher's union, gambling interests and trial attorneys, and then create a new PAC for the next cycle so people do not know it is the same liberal groups.

Frequenting these PACs is the name Tom White. Shady, very shady!

So, if you see a political mailer from 315 S 9th, Suite 200; Lincoln, NE 68508 you now know what it is about.

BTW, White has his own PAC too.CAMPAIGN FOR NEBRASKA'S FUTURE was supported guessed it, the teacher's union and trial attorneys joined by a number of organized labor organizations, the Bob Kerry for Senate Committee, Nelson's PAC and a few other liberal benefactors. In 2008, they spent over $150,000 supporting liberal candidates and attacking Republican candidates. Since 2008, White's PAC has raked in 10K from Nelson's PAC and supported the Nebraska democrat Party, Chris Jerram and Jim Suttle.

Anonymous said...

Well, with all of the money the unions have contributed to White's PAC, you kow exactly where he'd fall on card check.

Incredible. I hope people look into more of White's links and money trial.

Anonymous said...


Conservatives should be disappointed in Lee Terry - he supports a public option.

Just look at Terry's website, it says his healthcare plan is to give people the option to join in on the federal government's employee insurance plan. Great.

First Lee Terry broke his term limits promise

Then Lee Terry voted for the bailout

Now Lee Terry wants a public option

How can conservatives continue to support this guy?

Anonymous said...

Prior post--need to try again.

The FEHCP is comprised of private plans. People can choose the best one that suits their needs--as such, it is exactly the kind of exchange that has been talked about (without creating a second federal one).

Anonymous said...

Sak, anon 1:27

You should really know what you are talking about before you try to slam someone.

Anonymous said...



Nothing in this subtitle shall allow Federal payments for affordability credits on behalf of individuals who are not lawfully present in the United States.

Existing Federal Law also prohibits any federal funds being given to illegals (welfare, contracts, for example). If a state who receives federal funds for a program then knowingly gives funds to illegals, they will lose that federal funding. The section above simply reiterates what already exists.

Finally, E-Verify is the federal system that more and more employers are availing themselves of to verify citizenship. It's the system that's used by government agencies.

Now, where does anything say illegals gets federal help with getting insurance?

Uncle Wiggily said...


You preaching to others about manners makes me smile.

Carry on ....

Anonymous said...

Just because your logo is a jackass doesn't mean you have to behave like one.

Anonymous said...

Dear Anon 1:47, Conservatives continue to support Lee Terry because they know him. They have known him for over 30 years. Yes, I said 30 years.

For 30 years your Congressman has been helping elect conservative candidates in Nebraska.

Since it is obvious that anon 1:47 is a near and dear to Lois, I have to ask, what has your candidate ever done for the Republican Party-in his life?

BTW, would you prefer Congressman Terry bury his head in the sand and not engage in the debate about healthcare, because you don't like the direction it's going? You better damn well believe that some kind of change is coming in the world of healthcare-I would like for the impact on my family's life and our checkbook to be minimal!

If offering Americans that are struggling to afford health insurance the opportunity to BUY into the Federal Employees insurance pool, then why not let them. Federal Employees, including Members of the House and Senate have the best insurance in the world.

Tell your Boss to pull his head out of the sand and join the real world.

Anonymous said...

Anon 2:26.

The problem with your argument is not, that there isn't already Federal Law barring said funds from being used by illegal immigrants.

The problem is that while using those funds is barred, the agencies are also not permitted to ask or verify.

When my kids start school each year, about 100 forms come home with them that I wade through and act upon according to the instructions. One of those forms is the Free and Reduced Lunch Form. The instructions for this form clearly state that no one is permitted to verify whether the applicant or the beneficiaries of the application are legal citizens of the United States.

Now, I do not want children hungry while at school. They can't learn that way and tend to be behavior problems for the obvious reason that their blood sugar is out of whack. BUT, I also don't think that a person should be told that their eligibility really can't be verified-legally, so fill out the form and get your federal dollars.

This is the component that the Democrats killed in the E&C markup of the health care bill. They refused to require eligibility verification, without requiring verification, there will be no verification.

Oh mander said...

One of the previous anti-White posters made the following statement:

"Lee Terry has never had to ride coattails."

Seriously. We are talking about about Lee Terry JR here!

Brian T. Osborn said...

Uncle W. and your Anymouse pal,

There's a place and time for everything. The blogs are renowned as a forum filled with snarkiness. I just don't believe that a Joint Session of Congress is the place to be acting like a rude, crude, dude. Some of the Tea-bagger Representatives forgot that they weren't in their own trailer parks any more.

Hell, even as foul as I can get, I have the common sense to zip it when I'm in places where decorum is de-rigueur. But, then again, I paid attention in school instead of dreaming about how cool my mullet looked.

macdaddy said...

Anon 2:26: you are assuming that Obama was referring in his speech to HR 3200. I didn't recognize that bill in his speech. I thought he was talking about a whole 'nother bill. One which he has yet to show anyone. A bill in which the air is cleaner. The dirt is cleaner. Bowling scores are way up and mini-golf scores are way down. In other words, only on TV. What I have noticed is that Obama can give a speech about it, but he can't be bothered to actually write anything down and submit it to Congress. Congressman Wilson calls him on a part of it and the only objection BTO can mount is about decorum. President Obama is quickly becoming a joke. If I wasn't at risk of having to pay for it with my family's health and wealth, I most definitely would be laughing at him.

Anonymous said...

Maybe ya'll haven't heard of E-Verify? It's the system that employers are using more and more, and what the Government already uses. How much more language do you need that says they use an already existing system? I thought you guys were criticizing the size of the bill, but if you want to add another page describe what is already existing practice you go right ahead. But there is something called a Social Security number. That system shows if the person is who they say they are and if there is more than one person claiming that number.

Brian T. Osborn said...


I don't need to defend against a lie, concocted by a doofus, that is so blatantly false that all the legitimate news media, and several Republicans, have already discredited it. Of course, for those of you whose solitary source of information is from Faux News, the sun rises in the west. Who am I to disrupt your blissful ignorance?

Hey, have you heard that Joe "Liar" Wilson's opponent has raised nearly half a million dollars, in one day, thanks to that doofus' big mouth? You guys keep doing that and one day the Republican Party will be relegated to history just like the Whigs and the Mugwumps.

Anonymous said...

Sometimes the best political strategy to make a point and detract from what is being said is to create a diversion on purpose,yet making it look accidental. A grown man sitting in the legislative chamber just couldn't control his emotions in a political bedwetting moment? Yeah right. Say it ain't so, Joe.

Anonymous said...

I was very impressed with Obama's speech last night. I am thinking of supporting Tom White and I want to write a check for the person running against that rude Republican Joe Wilson.

Anonymous said...

Can anyone please tell something Lee Terry has done while serving in the Congress for 10 years and the Omaha City Council for several years?

And no, banning teens from cruising Dodge Street doesn't count....

Anonymous said...

Go to Terry's web'll see it all there. Head down to the library while you're at it too--look at old OWH archives for Terry's work on the Council. Remember, he was elected president of that body by his colleagues...

And then tell us about Tom's major 'accomplishments' ... other than makng the state of NE the laughing stock of the country with his advocacy of the no-age limit safe haven bill. How many people drove here because of it to dump their kids at the ER?

macdaddy said...

BTO, the Congressional Research Service says that HR 3200 would allow non-citizens to participate in the insurance exchange. Obama claims otherwise. And yet, when given the opportunity to clarify such an important point, the Democrats wouldn't let committee amendments offered by Republicans to see the light of day. Obama is not to be believed when he says that his administration, backed by a Democrat Congress, would not allow illegal immigrants to benefit from HR 3200. In short, Obama was lying. Or he's stupid and has no idea what HR 3200 actually says. Your choice, I guess.

macdaddy said...

Of course, I'm assuming that Obama was actually referring to HR 3200. Nobody really knows if he was since he can't be bothered with doing anything more than playing at President.

Anonymous said...

SOOOOO in other words, Lee Terry hasn't achieved anything of significance in his nearly 20 years in public office!!!!!!!!

When the question was asked the only response from all the Lee Terry Young Radical Right Republicans was to tell someone to go to the library and then to attack Tom White.

Gee, the Terry campaign is already underway!

We are long overdue to tell Terry Lee its time to give up his seat at the "Kiddie Table"

Brian T. Osborn said...


If President Obama is just "playing" at being the president, he's doing a much better job of it than his predecessor. He's got the gang together to stage a show for all the kids in the neighborhood, while George just sat around breaking everybody's toys.

As for the lie that you and your friend Mr. Wilson continue to spread, you should check out FactCheck.Org sometime. Here's a sample of what they have to say about it:

"under current law, those in the country illegally don’t qualify for federal health programs. Of interest: About half of illegal immigrants have health insurance now, according to the nonpartisan Pew Hispanic Center, which says those who lack insurance do so principally because their employers don’t offer it."

Anonymous said...

Sheriff Tim Dunning thinks he is one big bad you know what. This Mike Ditka lookalike runs this county and you all better not mess with him or he'll kick your butt.

Especially the Feds.

Tim Dunning 1
Federal Gov. 0

Oh mander said...

Yo Ed(itor)

Despite a fundamental disagreement with your fundamental beliefs (repetition in the name of my man joe biden) i truly like your blog. I have since made my name known (previously matt m from minnesooooooooooooooooohta) in order to enter a voice with a half-assed attempt at an identity. I invite you to invite the all-too-many anonymous posters (on both sides) to cut the bullshit and put some identity behind their comments.

Keep up the dialouge (aka the good work) everyone, and lets strive for a world where i dont have to use so many quotation marks

Oh mander said...


Obama did not appear before congress to support a particular bill - he appeareared to identify his priorities. Everyone keeps going back to bills that will never pass as the basis for arguements against healthcare reform. Forget what has been passed by commitee. Forget what you saw on cspan. Forget the comments of the folks drinking the kool aid and wearing the tin foil hats. A new bill will come out soon with Obamas priorities, and at that time you all will get your opportunity to interrupt people with something to say and support someone with something to suppress.

One Out In TheThird said...


There will be at least two guaranteed votes for that caffeine crazed Joe Wilson. He's about the only one in Congress I see that doesn't lack a pair. Has he ever been tested for a mild case of Tourettes? The man's a victim.


If illegals will not qualify... then why won't Democrats allow an amendment to the bill stating so? And just because an employer doesn't offer insurance doesn't mean they can't go out and buy their own plan.

When our son was making that awkward transition from college to finding a job he was trained for...he worked construction and paid for his own health insurance because his employer didn't offer it. You know what construction wages are just meant less social networking time down at Cheex. Our son proved it could be done. Where there is a will or a need...there is a way.

Maybe you won't have a Harley parked in the corner of the garage...or a $40,000 pickup parked on your front lawn...but you will have the security knowing that if you...your wife or kids "go down" you have insurance to cover most of the costs.

What's next...taxpayer funded auto insurance? It's time for America to quit whining and do for themselves again. And that goes from the corporate world on down to welfare mothers.

Anonymous said...

Mrs. Mander, since you seem to think that Lee Terry just got lucky when he cleaned Ann Boyle's clock back in the 90's (and whose coattails would she have been riding, Daddy's or Hubby's?), maybe you can explain why Tommie Boy had his daddy, the former Chief Justice, introduce him? Was it because Daddy White is nicer and more well respected in the legal field than Little Boy White could ever hope to be-on both counts.

So who is "coattailing" it now. Lee Terry has been working in the Republican Party for decades-yes, that means he started as a kid. Obviously, Lee learned his dedication to community and country from his parents.

So, I guess the only thing left to ask is, who did Tommie Boy learn his mean arrogant ways from? Is he somehow related to Barry Rubin?

Anonymous said...

If the Regulatory Czar, Cass Sundstien, gets his way, once this bill is passed he will change the regulations to allow for illegal immigrants to be covered under the public option.

Wilson should have waited until Obama spoke about abortion not being covered. That is a LIE. said as much.

Right Wing Professor said...

Tom White in an NPR interview still available online, taped after parents started abandoning kids, said he intended the amended law to apply only to kids up to age 14, which he says is the 'correct' common law meaning of the word 'child'. Needless to say, that's legally absurd in this state, where you're a child until your 19th birthday. So White did want teenagers abandoned in Nebraska, he just disagreed on what category of teenagers.

Since failure is an orphan, it's hard to find anyone who will own up to drafting the ridiculous two-line statute they replaced Stuthman's bill with, but at the time most commenters gave responsibility to White and Pirsch.

Right Wing Professor said...

Meanwhile, the Benator, after voting for cloture on the Sunstein nomination yesterday, voted against confirming him. Interesting straddle there; vote 'yes' on the only vote that actually matters, and 'no' to pretend you opposed the nomination, when on the only vote that mattered, you allowed it to progress.

Sunstein has some interesting views on hunting, free speech, animal rights etc.. And when I say 'interesting', of course I mean 'downright wacko'.

Anonymous said...

Is Tom White in Lincoln today?

He should be.

OWH says 9 legislators are meeting to talk about last year's safe haven debacle. Good opportunity for White to defend his proposal that it apply to kids up to age 18.

Bad judgement call, TW.

Anonymous said...

RWP, that is the fence post that feels most good to Senator Ben. It gives him his jollies, but lets him look his constituents in the face while he's smoking the "after" cigar.

As for White and his "common law" definitions; it is obvious that he is way to intelligent and possibly the smartist lawyer in the Unicameral. I am not sure that Congress deserves such intelligence and I don't believe the citizens of the 2nd do either.

Anonymous said...

On another subject, removing politics, I hope everyone can take a moment to think a few kind thoughts toward our very brave police officers, sheriffs deputies, state troopers and firefighters. Without them, we could all be one accident away from Heaven.

Brian T. Osborn said...


Why must every bill presented in Congress have Lou Dobbs' talking points included before your guys consider it appropriate? What's next? Will we have to guarantee that no "extraterrestrials" might benefit from one of Adrian Smith's bills in support of the Nebraska Women's Volleyball team? Federal law is already clear on the issue.

I'm glad your son was able to find work. There are a lot of places in this country where that is not such an easy thing to do. What do we do with those folks -abort them - practice our 2nd Amendment rights on them - send them back to the country their ancestors came from (mine would be Ireland or Scotland)?

A lot of people that can't afford health insurance don't have Harleys or big honkin' pickups either. A lot of them spend what they do have on keeping a roof over their heads and food on the table because that is all they can afford.

I wonder why the welfare of people half a world away has been more important to some of you than the welfare of our own neighbors, friends, and families? We've spent BILLIONS in Iraq and Afghanistan supporting "democracy." But we don't want to take care of our own citizens. I just don't get it.

Anonymous said...

OOITT - Let's see here - Federal law already states federal funds cannot be spent on illegal immigrants. The one bill out of a committee clearly states and reiterates that fact within the bill, that no federal funds will be spent on illegal immigrants. You seem to get a hang up on the fact an illegal may be able to buy insurance in the exchange. But you keep leaving out that they have no access to any federal subsidies of any kind for the purpose. You keep leaving out that right now they can get insurance, and some do have it. Is their money not good enough? What about foreign visiters that come over and decide to buy insurance for a short time through on of our insurers. Is that no longer going to be allowed in your world?

Another hangup one of your wingnuts had was that illegals can still go to ER's and get help. I asked them how they were going to determine who is eligible and who isn't in an emergency? What if the person is an American but has no ID on them and is unconcious? Do you let them die if you don't konw if they're legal or not? And no federal funds will be given to pay the bill.

The amendments offered up in committee you wingers keep bringing up is a practice and policy already in place and used. If you want federal benefits, you get a background check first. It's that simple. Why do you need it put in every single bill? And the amendments were so restrictive in what the person had to present to even start the background check that past experience has proven (and been backed up by CBO reports on the issue) that it actually shuts out millions of qualified low income Americans.

Obama told the truth. You guys lie.

Right Wing Professor said...

Federal law already states federal funds cannot be spent on illegal immigrants.

Federal law says they can't be in the United States in the first place. Guess what? They are, regardless of the law. And we spend billions of federal dollars on their health care, regardless of the law. And ObamaCare will spend billions more, regardless of how you carefully parse the statutes.

Setting up a health insurance system that funds the treatment of illegal immigrants creates yet another incentive for people to illegally immigrate to the United States.

Brian T. Osborn said...

Unless you are of the Lakota Nation, maybe you should all go back to the country your ancestors came from.

Sorry, I just couldn't resist.

If all of you are REALLY all that concerned about illegal aliens in our midst, then put the pressure on those that can DO SOMETHING ABOUT IT! If you know of an illegal alien in our midst, and you know that they are violating the laws of our land, THEN REPORT THEM to your local law enforcement, your county's sheriff, the State Patrol or the INS. If they fail to act, then file a lawsuit against those agencies.

If you, as an American citizen, are aware of a law being broken, then you are duty bound to report it. Those illegal aliens are here because they find work here. If your brother-in-law, your neighbor, or you yourself, are hiring them, then STOP DOING IT! If you are doing it, then you are a criminal; if you know someone that is doing it, and you don't report it, you are an accessory to crime. If the illegal aliens cannot find work because those that would hire them are all in jail for having done so, the problem would go away all on its own. There would be no need for amendments to every bill presented in Congress.

If you want the laws of our land to be obeyed, we do not need more legislation, we need YOU to start obeying the law and doing YOUR civic duty.

Oh, and when you are doing 85 mph down the interstate to get to that all important Husker game, realize that you too are violating the law and are a criminal - and a hypocrite. The law is the law ... no exceptions!

Brian T. Osborn said...


HR 3200 - Sect. 247.

Read it and weep.

macdaddy said...

BTO: that's great that some illegal aliens have health insurance. I'm just not sure why the taxpayers should help foot the bill. Illegal aliens can participate in the exchange. The exchange will be subsidized, therefore, illegal aliens will receive federal benefits. If HR 3200 prevented illegal aliens from benefitting, why did Senator Baucus see fit today to add language that says eligibility status must now be verified? Do you think we were born yesterday? Do you think we can't see the con that is Obamacare coming from a mile away? Baucus just confirmed what Wilson was saying. And I'm saying that Obama is either stupid or is lying.

Anonymous said...

BTO, I expect more from you than the
simpleton rebuttal, "If you aren't an indian, then your an immigrant too."

In the words of my Valley Girl sisters, "PPPLEEEAAAZZZZ"!

Brian T. Osborn said...


Why do you insist on propagating lies? It doesn't become true just because you repeat it again, and again, and again.

I have no idea why Sen. Baucus did what he did. He's a DINO that caved in to pressure from his Republican friends. Sect. 248 of HR.3200 already precluded illegal aliens from receiving any benefit. Its already in the bill, but don't let the facts confuse you.

Didn't you read what I wrote previously? YOU are responsible for turning all these illegal aliens in. YOU are responsible for seeing to it that they cannot dip into our public coffers. Don't blame it on our people in Congress. They've already written laws that aren't being enforced. YOU have to see to it that they are. If you know of any illegal aliens, TURN THEM IN!

Valely Anon,

I did provide you more than my obviously tongue-in-cheek comment about Native Americans, but then, you are a Valley Girl, so I don't expect you to "get" it anyway.

Anonymous said...

Let's go to the Video Tape ...

Or watch Terry on MSNBC tomorrow being interviewed on health care. I think this is the 4th or 5th interview he's had this summer on national media about it. In the a.m. sometime.

Anonymous said...

AP has this to say today about the no-age limit in the 08 safe haven law: "The fiasco put NE in the national spotlight". Good work, Tom. What were you thinking in opposing an age limit?

This was from the legislators' meeting on the issue today at the Capitol. Of course, TW wasn't there. Surprise.

Anonymous said...


Boy, you guys really are stupid, aren't you.

RWP - The money spent right now on illegals is not money paid directly by the government. When they go in an ER, and can't pay the bill, those costs get passed on in the form of higher rates, which as a result, insurance companies then increase their rates, and then you and I pay it. But they only make up, according to the CBO, about 10% of those ER visits. The rest comes from LEGAL citizens who have no insurance.

If you're so concerned about illegals, the get Congress to go after immigration reform that first goes after all the people who hire illegal immigrants. Require all employers to participate in E-Verify.

OOITT - the Exchange is NOT GOVERNMENT FUNDED. The money would go to individuals who don't have insurance through an employer, or who don't already qualify for Medicaid, Medicare, Disability or Veterans care. Those individuals will get a subsidy to assist them in purchasing a PLAN OF THEIR CHOICE. To qualify for that subsidy YOU MUST BE CITIZEN.

ONE OPTION could be a public option. But there will be the private plans set out for you to pick from. The ONLY way an illegal would get to buy the insurance as an individual would be to PAY THEIR OWN MONEY to buy a policy. NO FEDERAL DOLLARS will go to them. Do you need someone to draw pictures in crayon so you can further understand?

Be against reform all you want but don't continue to lie over and over again because that means you have no real argument against it!

Anonymous said...

Tom White didn't pass a single bill. He sponsored bills that were amended, gutted, and in general so modified as to have little more than the original title. He was SPANKED on the transparency bill.

Now as far as how well he is thought of I would think one would look to see if he holds an chairs in the Unicam? Nope

He is trying to portray himself as middle of the road as anyone can, and I understand why. Very few people would vote for him if he was himself.

I believe just a minimal amount of legislative research and some Freedom of Information Act requests to the offce which transcribes committee hearings and floor debat, will provide more than ample material to fully and accurately define Tom, the Constitutional Law Expert, White.

Will be a clinic!

Oh and did anybody notice how well Barry is doing in the polls? Great for Tw

Anonymous said...

Very good interview today on MSNBC w/Terry!

BTW--really good story in Thursday's OWH about White's announcment. lol

Anonymous said...

Tom White 52
Lee Terry 48

Anonymous said...

Interesting column in today's NY Times by Bob Herbert.

"The president said . . .that he 'will not sign a plan that adds one dime to our deficits--either now or in the future.' I'm sure he means it. But I have not spoken to anyone, either on Capitol Hill or elsewhere, who believes that is doable."

Anonymous said...

Just checking in...

Do the D's have candidates for Governor and the underticket?

What's the deal?

One Out In The Third said...

One of many scenarios...

Juan and Juanita make it across the border. Juanita checks into one of Omaha's Social Service offices and files for Medicaid for her unborn (soon to be legal) set of twins. Since they will be legal...Medicaid pays for their delivery costs and their and Juanita's pre and post natal care up to six weeks. The twins Carlos and Carlita hit the ground running with free medical/dental/vision up until they are 18...courtesy of good old Medicaid.

It ain't the tooth fairy that's footing the bill. This scenario unfolds across our nation several times a day. A few here...a few there...and soon we are talking millions of dollars. If you libs living in fantasyland don't believe this doesn't your local social services.

Look at California...33 percent of the Medicaid funded pregnancies are those of's 40 percent in Colorado. isn't happening now and it's not gonna happen with ass.

Problem is the whole scenario is color blind...welfare mothers ride the pony too.

Your ER scenarios are weak as well.

Right Wing Professor said...

Anonymous @ 10:30 p.m.

No, I'm not stupid. The problem is that you, along with most who share your politics, are ignorant.

I understand the Sweeper frowns on links, so I suggest you and BTO, who seems to have had a lot of time on his hands at the moment, use google to find a recent post on (Note ABC News, not Fox) where they discuss the many and various ways we pay for illegal alien healthcare using federal tax dollars, and how this will continue under HR 3200. Or, if you'd like something a little more technical, check out the non-partisan Congressional Research Service's August 26 report "Treatment of Noncitizens in H.R. 3200," the House bill. The report is online.

The Federal government pays for illegals now via Emergency Medicaid. We will pay for them under HR 3200. I agree denying them health insurance is not a solution to the problem, but it does remove one incentive to coming to the US and breaking our law.

Joe Wilson was right on the facts, though his manner of expressing it was not to my taste.

Brian T. Osborn said...


OK. I blogged it. Are you smart enough to scroll up this page and read what I told you, and all your right-wing whiner buddies, to do about it?

Right Wing Professor said...

OK. I blogged it.

Last post on your blog, guy, is dated 9/1/2009, and it's Nebraska voter registration data. Say, that is a bit of a trend, though! Nebraska Democrat registration, plotted year by year, looks like summer Arctic ice; it'll hit zero around mid-century.

Maybe it was on your imaginary blog, the one only you can see?