Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Suttle responds to Daub

Omaha Mayoral candidate Jim Suttle has a new TV spot up responding to Hal Daub's recent ad, entitled, "Same".

See it here:

The TV buy for this spot is:

April 22 - 27, Broadcast: $19,585 (380 GRPs) 
April 21 - May 3, Cable: $7,500 (160 GRPs)


OK, let's get a few things out of the way.

What's with the wacky country-fied music? Kind of a Benny Hill meets Conway Twitty sort of ditty. They used the same thing in Suttle intro ads, and all we can figure is whoever is producing this stuff figures Omahan's like that crap. Mindboggling.

Next, does the Suttle campaign think the public wants more ass-shots of their candidate?

Do we really have to have the image of Suttle's back-side jammed into hiked-up dungarees burned into our retinas?

Oh the humanity!


So, as far as the content of the ad goes, you can see the Suttle theme of "Same Old Hal Daub" (which they stole from the pre-primary Vokal camp). Expect to hear that line about a thousand more times before Election Day.

As far as the claims that Daub supported the "same" taxes as Suttle -- that's technically false. Daub and Suttle never served at the same time, and any proposed tax increases would need be viewed at the time.

But then, Suttle doesn't mention Daub's point about Suttle's support of Property Tax increases.

And then there's the point about the Police. Daub's ad said that Suttle voted against Police funding three times. Further, Suttle said at a recent debate that, "more jobs, not officers, are needed to prevent crime." 

So then we see Suttle pounding in his sign that says, "more police fighting gangs."

Well, that proposal should be easy enough to nail down from Suttle's website info page

Huh. Nowhere to be found. Imagine that.

Suttle finishes it up with "Hal Daub: Why would we ever go back?"

Hmm. Forward thinking. A growing city. Lower property taxes. A wise use of tax dollars. Non-stop work ethic. Constant new ideas.

Those are just a few things we can think of for "going back".

Though spend about thirty seconds with Hal Daub and see if he isn't always about the future.

(Hmm. "Hal Daub: Back to the Future". That could have legs...)


Danno5 said...

How can people not be turned off by that music?!

Anonymous said...

I'm a Republican, and Suttle's ad is WAY better than any of Daub's. It responds to the Daub attack, but spins back to being positive. I thought it was really effective.

SS - please stop fishing for things to attack. Nobody is going to care you see Suttle's behind. That's a lame attack. Get back to substance and I might start coming back to this blog.

Street Sweeper said...

"I'm a Republican..."

Tell you what, we'll keep making our observations and stating our points, and you can click where ever you like.


Anonymous said...

hal may have been in favor og hotel taxes, etc, but he was never in favor of raising them like SUttle. Suttle never mentions his support for property tax increases..positive? Puh-leaze. Mistruths and awful pics of Hal.
looks more negative to me.

Not Jim Suttle said...

Hmmm, wow Sweep, I'd never have guessed you'd dislike the ad. What a shock!

Anonymous said...

Suttle has better commercials. Only a few people read this dumb blog. Daub is evil; people get it.

Anonymous said...

It is interesting how clear and visible the first two attributes are and then you get to the claim of increase in gangs.

Do you have a magnifying glass to tell the comment crowd what the attribution for that actually says? That might help even though it is white on white, oddly enough.

My guess is the Suttle camp is hoping that journalists will verify the first two and say well the next two sources must be accurate. It probably is in the OWH, but kinda odd and misleading to hide an attribute so obviously.

The Omaha Police Department seems to define the gang related categories vastly differently from the Suttle camp and the sources that are partially cited.

In their detailed report, you can see that OPD measures gang activity by specific crime, suspected gang members, new gang members, gang members deleted, and suspected number of gangs.

Seems like the Suttle camp is leaving it a little vague and misleading on purpose. And once again JS's camp is disrespecting our boys in blue.

Everyone knows that our boys in blue have been working to combat gangs whether they are labeled a gang unit or not.

The fact is they would rather see more officers on the street as Daub has proposed than hear crap from Suttle about how their labeled.

Anonymous said...

This is the problem for Hal Daub, illustrated in your comments, SS.

Yes, you think Hal Daub has done a good job as mayor and can't possibly see any reason why folks might not want him back in office.

Problem is, there are just as many if not more people who think Hal Daub did a terrible job as mayor and can't possibly see any reason why folks would want him back in office.

Daub is the very definition of a polarizing political figure.

And the problem for him: the last eight years have done nothing to rehab his image. Absence did not make the heart grow fonder, especially since Omahans are relatively satisfied with the way things are going under Fahey. Yes, they believe crime is a problem, but they don't believe that Hal Daub has the one true solution to that problem.

Daub's running his campaign out of a playbook that lost its "sell-by" date years ago. And he doesn't have the trust factor with voters to get away with it. Will Daub bring some Republicans home with the attack ads? Probably. But he also motivates the folks who are dead-set against seeing Hal Daub as mayor.

Over the last 30 years, Daub's made a lot of enemies. And all of them are ready to make sure he doesn't get his hand back on the throttle again.

Geosuser said...

It's really hard to hide the fact Suttle isn't the sharpest knife in the drawer and his campaign isn't doing much to offset that image...although not supporting more police does probably gain some groud for Suttle in North & South O among the Dem minorities there...think Ben Gray, Brenda Council, Ben Salazaar (sp?), etc.

Not Jim Suttle said...

TO: Anony @ 1:22 PM

I'd recommend you get yourself some reading glasses. Here's what it says:

Omaha World Herald 07/11/00
Omaha World Herald 05/04/01
Omaha Police Department

Nice try though. It's just as clear as the other citations.

Anonymous said...

"Hal Daub: Back to the Future"

I like it, I like it! Does that show my age? :)

Anonymous said...

Ooooh, I just thought of something else to tie in the "Back to the Future" theme. Maybe we can get Huey Lewis and the News to do a campaign song for Hal. I love me some Huey! I saw them at the State Fair back in the 80's. :)

Anonymous said...

To anon 2:11:

So what is the actual document cited that shows the increase that is claimed?

There is no general statistic present or past that says there has been a 34% increase in gangs.

Point it out in the OPD statistics.

If you can back up that claim, I will believe it.

Right now, it is falling very short though.

Anonymous said...

I really am a republican, and I will say that the image of Suttle hammering the yard signs in with his 'ideas' is pretty effective. And I think the music is meant to mock Daub. But, it's still hard to take the guy seriously. His slogan is good for name rec., but it's REALLY tacky. He's never subtle about seeming one fry short of a happy meal.

Anonymous said...

Oh my gosh... that 'new' Suttle buy ad is even more obnoxious than the last one. And, what is that awful noise in the background, ICK
does somebody actually consider that to be in good taste? That's considerably an 'obnoxious noise' that deters from his lyrics. I had to go back and listen again to actually hear what the ad was trying to portray.

And, "Same Old Suttle" is using some of his same old ad - the nursery rhyme stuff (lol) about his name - one would have to wonder about his maturity - how old did he say he is anyway?
'I'm Jim Suttle and I'm not suttle when it comes to Omaha'. Ick Wouldn't you think he could come up with something better than that? Or, is he just trying to get his name out there? I mean afterall there's only 2 candidates Well, he's insulting everyone's intelligence (again) then. I do think we can remember (all) 2 of the candidates names.

AND, "Same Old Suttle's" is using somebody elses stuff (ideas) again and trying to take credit for it, it's funny, now he's using a part of Vokal's old ad that originally was supposed to be against Daub, whom he now endorses. Gosh, that is a nice compliment to Vokal, and a positive for the Daub campaign. But, couldn't the Suttle camp come up with something more original and positive?

John said...

If you want to see a political message from all of the city council and mayoral candidates, go to Cox On Demand and click on Cox Local, City Council Race 09, Mayor 09.

Anonymous said...

Wait, so Suttle is now blamed because Jim Vokal has no principles whatsoever? The voters who voted for Vokal because he kept saying "same old Hal Daub" are suddenly going to do an about face like him and support the guy they loathe?

Man, Republicans really do think voters are stupid...

Anonymous said...

No one should ever hold executive power over any police, firemen, national guard or Army without having previously placed his or her own skin into a uniform at some personal risk. If you won't do that, you do still rate a vote but you are never fit to lead.

I believe Jim Suttle is an Army veteran. Guess which Army.

Anonymous said...

Maybe in Hal's "Back to the Future" ad Hal could law across the hood of a silver Delorion?LOL

Anonymous said...

OOPS! I meant "lay" and I am sure the car is spelled wrong!

a Daubette said...

SS - I agree who wants to see his backside over and over again (until May 12th) on our TV's during each news hour (or, while we are eating our dinners).

Maybe, he's just practicing,
for if, he gets elected;
you know, 'turning his back on us' to do 'what he wants', not what,
'we the people want'.

And, I do have a feeling we would see alot of that if he does get elected. He has some real issues. He seems to have way too much of an independent personality to even be likeable !!!

And, your 12:50 pm - reply back to anon 12:47 was a great come back! He or she will be back because this is too good of a site to not click onto. They would miss you. In fact, myself I wish you were on here more, as I for one, always like to read what you have to say, you're good !!! And, you say it like it is !!!

Anonymous said...

Who are running these campaigns? The last Daub ad has a nice Darth Vader feel to it. Just the kind of image the grumpy old man is trying to escape.

And Suttle's response is Andy Griffith-like silliness that seems to play up his weakness - fuzzy ideas and the IQ to match. He should have brought out his red cap.

About the only predictable outcome is low voter turnout because the non-uber partisans can't decide which turkey they like the least.

And we all hated Vokal why again?

And..I like the Back to the Future theme - perhaps Kermit Brashear as Doc Brown and Scott Lautenbaugh as Bif

Anonymous said...

To Anon. 4:55:

Which army? Because I don't know positively, however, I am fairly certain that he wasn't ever in the army, or in the service of any branch. I believe he went to college instead.
- so he's not a veteran -

Insider said...

Jim was never in the military...unless of course you meant Salvation Army. The music in the commercial has kind of a backwoods, hillbilly-ish sound to it, although maybe that's what he grew up on back in W Virginy.

Anonymous said...

Ohhhh... lol Thanks Insider cuz I was just wondering which army would have let him in.

Not used to that hillbilly Suttle ad yet. The lyrics sure don't match that there music.

He just lived in W Virginy - but not so sure he grew up yet. He just got taller.

SS original post on the home page was really good !!!

Insider said...

Actually, he litterally does have short-lived ties to the Salvation Army during his "I'm gonna run for public office, I better build my resume" phase. Didn't mean it as a joke, but I guess it is, and that fits the candidate.

Ya, the music does have an appalachian quality to it. Kind of a banjo thumpin, cuzzin bumpin ditty. Yall come back now ya hear? (No offense to Hee Haw)

Anonymous said...

To Anon 4:49:

Not neccessarily ...Republicans
may or maynot think voters are stupid. That's pretty individual so who's to say.

However, Independents who vote for a particular individual as opposed to voting for .....a certain party could maybe sake that claim.

Anonymous said...

To Insider 11:02:

Yeah when Simple Suttle was trying to build his resume for future votes ...they started going to church.

Which reminds me ....since they are not Catholic - why and how did Simpleton think he was going to some how convince the Pope to come to Omaha? What a joke that was !

Anonymous said...

SS - that's a GREAT idea for the Daub campaign:
"Hal Daub: Back to the Future"

To refute Suttle's:
"Hal Daub: Why would we ever go back?" buy ad.

Hopefully, the Daubians will take it and run with it. It's got lots of potential for some Daub votes.

Anonymous said...

Wouldn't want to upset the RTL with a Michael J. Fox reference

Anonymous said...

Suttle is a veteran of the Salvation Army? Thats funny. It reminds me of governor candidate Ben Nelson styling himself a veteran because he was an Eagle Scout. I believe Daub was an Army officer.

Suttle isn't catholic? After all that talk about him bringing the Pope to Omaha, if Suttle isn't catholic, then he is stupid.

Anonymous said...

Repubs and Dems, who cares. I'm a registered Dem and will be voting for Mr. Daub. I've seen this city grow over the years, especially the Riverfront and it has to do with Hal Daub's vision. Especially now, we need a man of his caliber heading the charge, rather than the ambiguous rhetoric that Suttle presents. I sincerely hope that the voters of Omaha see through the ads that Suttle is becoming desparate with, view the facts, and make the proper vote for Daub. Of course I'm naive thinking people will give these decisions careful consideration. Even Isabel Cohen received a few thousand votes against P.J.

Street Sweeper said...

Wow. Nice 1993 Mayor's race reference...

Anonymous said...

Anybody notice Hal Daub flip-flop on pension funding today?

Same ol' Hal Daub . . . is this really the leadership we deserve?

Go ahead SS, defend your man's flip-flop. Can't wait to see your "logic."

Street Sweeper said...

Sure I'll take the bait:

I don't think he should have taken that position in the first place, and I'm glad he changed his mind.

Hal's a smart guy who is quick to realize if he has made a poor decision and works to fix it immediately.

That's the kind of leader I'm looking for.

(And from your guy I think we'll hear, "Suttle/subtle. Get it??? Ha ha ha!!!")

Anonymous said...

So what nast mailer is Jon Blumenthal dropping today?

Anonymous said...

That nast mailer must be nasty!!!

Tired of Jon said...

Why don't you go post over at Stothert Street...we are tired of hearing about Jon Blumenthal. The guy has no chance of winning and we all know the Jean's husband is a life saving trauma surgeon. I hope for Jordan and Jon's sake they don't get into a bad car accident when Dr. Stothert is on duty. I'd hate to see what and where he

Friend of Jean said...

I actually think the Stothert-Blumenthal race is hilarious. All the parent groups and teachers in that district knows Jon is a Baird Holm attorney. What's even more laughable is he lost so many women voters due to the attacks on her husband.

Anonymous said...

Does Dr. Stothert do brain transplants?

Conflict of Interest said...

We get it. The guy saves lives.

And he is a close friend with about every firefighter. They save lives too, and deserve our respect.

But we still need to fix the contract. Queen Jean ain't gonna' help them do it.

Anonymous said...

I heard the Stothert's garage is a shrine to Omaha firefighters. It doesn't sound like Jean will be helpful at all in getting us a fair contract.

Wouldn't it be nice to have a $60,000 "part time" job??

Brian T. Osborn said...

You pseudo-intellectuals in Omaha actually think you are too sophisticated for country music? Get over yourselves! Omaha is surrounded by ... wait for it ... country! Omaha grew up on cowboys and cattle. OK, you've got a symphony orchestra - that doesn't make you New York or Paris.

I've attended a presentation of "La Traviata" at the Teatro San Carlo in Naples and been to La Scala in Milan. I heard Ray Charles play in the greek theater in Syracusa, and I caught Sarah Vaughn in Milan's Parco Sempione. I have dined with Blues Hall of Fame legend, Jay McShann, and afterward, enjoyed an impromptu jam with he and my father. But when I'm cleaning out the garage, or working in my yard in Holdrege, I'm listening to country music. And I love bluegrass, especially Doc Watson.

A person can enjoy a multitude of musical styles and still be considered a "sophisticate." So tell me, what kind of music is considered apropos in Omaha?

Street Sweeper said...

Well, BTO...
Z-92 has been playing the same music for the past 30 years.
So I guess I would say that the appropriate Omaha music would be Foghat, Thin Lizzy, or...BTO.

(And I don't think I'm too sophisticated for Country (or Western!) music. I just don't like how it makes my ears bleed.)

Anonymous said...

I like both kinds of music - country and westerm. Now pass me that jug it's time to jam.

Anonymous said...

I like country music too -- sometimes. I just hate when people assume that because you live in Nebraska that is the ONLY type of music you listen to or like.

Who do you believe? said...

Conflict of Interest...

So, just because you say Jean "ain't gonna help them do it" everyone should just think...yeah, he's right. I really trust and believe Jon Blumenthal more than I believe everything I have seen and heard about Jean - including her stated guidlines to address the pension problem.

Ya know, that Job Blumenthal is soooo believable. After all, he has been the driving force behind Omaha's growing economy for 15 years. Who wouldn't trust that guy?

And you know what else? I like Jon Blumenthal's idea for a new tax on resturants too! And that one city-one district thing his law firm pushed was a good idea too!

Kennedy Freeway said...

I like Jean's ideas. We'll attract new jobs by showing companies all Omaha has to offer. Solid plan.

She admitted to a group last month that she hadn't even read the Omaha budget. Wouldn't that be the first thing you would do if you were running for this office?

Anonymous said...
This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.
Anonymous said...

Let's see.
Someone who has actually put multi-million dollar budgets together or a lawyer who lies about his experience?

Not a tough choice.

Anonymous said...

Liked - SS's - slogan idea !
"Back to the Future with Hal Daub"

-or- here'a another idea

Omaha Voter's:
"Don't Settle for Suttle"

Anonymous said...

Don't kid yourself - 1:44 Anon

Suttle is no longer with HDR is he ??? I wonder WHY ?!

Maybe... he was building bridges to nowhere... or maybe he had some other goofy ideas they weren't so delighted with... or maybe he was costing them more money than his worth.

From what I heard they wouldn't let him hang any pictures on their office walls anymore. He's out !!!

Anonymous said...

No, no, no, Daub didn't lie about his experience...
what are you basing that on anyway

But, Suttle has - didn't you read his homepage ???

SO, yes, you are right

It's not a tough choice !!!

Anonymous said...

Anon 2:06

The post was about Jon "I have been a driving force behind Omaha's growing economy for the past 15 years" Blumenthal, not Daub.

Anonymous said...

Ohhhh... thanks Anon 2:09

LOL ...wrong lawyer... I thought it was in reference to Daub... now I understand... and it makes more sense... because you and I both know that Daub hasn't lied to us and he is our best choice for mayor.

Anonymous said...

Was that country music?! If, it was it's the worst country music that I've ever heard ... and I can do all types of music...

That was more like NOISE !!!

a Daubette said...

SS 10:31 am:

Exactly ...and ...not only is Daub quick to admit a bad decision and quick to fix it... but, he is also man enough to own up to his mistakes...

Where as Subtle/Suttle tries to deny his mistakes and/or wash them under the rug and/or blame his own mistakes on somebody else...

You could say that he 'passes the buck'
(Get IT ?!)
(ole' pass the buck Suttle)

Yeah... I like the way you think

Daub is of better character
and he's exactly what we need for our next mayor... no doubt about it

a Daubette said...

To: 10:13 Anonymous

Yes, Hal Daub is the leadership we deserve ... and, not only deserve but we also really need that...
"Same Ole' Hal Daub" if we are going to get through these tough times that have been bestowed us recently...

Anonymous said...

April 22nd, 1:17 p.m. blogger

What church do you go to ???
You weren't very persuasive.

And, personally... the candidates aside... I REALLY do like Daub's commercials better. HONESTLY !!!

And, as far as this blogspot... you said "only a few people read this dumb blog".

Well... it only takes a few extra get the right people elected from this blogspot.

The rest will be word of mouth.

republican said...

Subtle's negative blast against Hal, might be the first Attack Ad that uses upbeat positive music. Interesting twist there.

Subtle still doesn't stand a chance. He is NO SUBSTANCE whatsoever.

Anonymous said...

I hate country music.

I have 2,909 songs on my MP 3 player (not an I Pod), and the only artist on there country is Steve Earl (Guitar Town)

Whoops I just looked and there is Johnny Cash (Folsom Prison Blues), Patti Page (Tennessee Waltz - for dancing), Nick Lowe (Lately I've Let Things Slide), Allison Kraus, Pete Seeger.

Really - I do hate country music?

Ricky From Omaha

Anonymous said...

Once again to anon 2:11:

To anon 2:11:

So what is the actual document cited that shows the increase that is claimed?

There is no general statistic present or past that says there has been a 34% increase in gangs.

Point it out in the OPD statistics.

If you can back up that claim, I will believe it.

Right now, it is falling very short though.

Anonymous said...

Can't speak for the source Suttle is citing but there is a WOWT article that claims gang members is up 50%. So maybe he was actually low balling the problem.

Anonymous said...

What does that have to do with our friend Daub??? Daub was way bofore all the immigration problems that we have now !!!

So, where does that come from ???

Is that North or South Omaha ???

Macdaddy said...

So Daub hasn't been mayor for 8 years and Suttle is trying to blame him for the increase in gangs? Has Fahey been Daub's hand puppet for the past 8 years? Has Suttle, in his position as city councilman for the past 5 years demanded and otherwise raised Cain to get the gang unit re-established? That has to be one of the more idiotic assertions I have heard from a politician. Is there a chutzpah school that democrat candidates attend or is it innate?

whallat said...

Suttle's point seems to be that Daub disbanded the anti-gang unit which is one of the reasons we've seen an increase in gang membership and activity. You can refute that if you like but it's not an unreasonable assertion to make. There are plenty of other reasons including police shortage and the downturn in the economy.

Furthermore, if we're gonna challenge the logic of arguments then where is the outrage over Daub attacking Suttle for tax increases that Daub supported! Oh I get it, if it's Democrats then it's slander but if it's a Republican then it's truth to power?

I call BS!

Thoughtful Grandma said...

Which gang are you talking about?

Which reminds me... didn't Simple Suttle suggest letting under aged children into (bars) and ventues that served alcohol so that they could listen to the good music... if they have a signed notorized permission slip... would he let his own grandchildren do the same?

Where does he come off ?! I do NOT want my grandchildren going to such places until they are at an age where they can think logically.

Why start something that we may NOT be able to CONTROL.

Anonymous said...

Hey... not only did he suggest it, but, he was endorsing it... maybe, for a few extra votes... got it ???

He's desparate now !!!

Anonymous said...

I sure hope that good music isn't anything like he put on it buy ad.


Anonymous said...

oopps !!! his buy ad

grandma too said...

I agree, that is lutrichrist. Maybe he doesn't have any grandkids but he is kind of an old guy if you notice his pics.

Anonymous said...

Macdaddy... yes, you are right Suttle does seem to want to blame his mistakes or problem areas on someone else, but, don't you realize yet that Suttle is always trying to blame somebody else - he does not seem to have a clue that these are things that he brings upon himself. He is actually a very strange man.

Anonymous said...
This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.
Concerned Grandma said...

Is there anyone here on this blog that is a Grandparent ??? If, so please speak up - or forever, hold your peace !!!

Somebody please tell me that we are going to have a rightous mayor
I am pretty concerned. As a single grandmother (and not that good at blogging), I am VERY concerned about the future for my children and grandchildren.

As I see it, our grandchildren are going to very soon, suffer for what decisions we Grandparents make now...and you as a Grandparent will understand what I am trying to say. It doesn't matter to me Dem or Rep - but what does matter to me = is my grand children. I really would like to leave something to them someday, but who knows what we can do now

Macdaddy said...

Wallit: Maybe disbanding the gang unit was a bad idea, but that happened 8 years ago. For the past 5 years, Suttle has been in a position to reverse that bad decision. He has done nothing. So, on Daub's watch, the gang problem improved enough to divert those resources elsewhere. With Suttle on the council, things have gotten steadily worse and Suttle has done...nothing. I have to question Suttle's grasp of reality as well as his opinion of Omaha voters.

I do not really like Daub, but holy crap is Suttle an idiot. Were Omahans to elect him, they would be committing political suicide with some very bad implications for the economic life of the city. As a non-Omahan, I wish you all good luck with that.

Anonymous said...

Thank you Jim Suttle for pointing out that gangs are up 34% since Hal Daub left office.

Since that time, Suttle's endorser Mike Fahey has been our mayor, and for the last 4 years Suttle has been on the city council.

"Why would we ever go back?" lower gangs, a balanced budget, more police on the street, and construction cranes up all over Omaha, lower property taxes, good ideas that moved Omaha into the 21st century, etc.?

On the other hand,we have Councilman Kookypants, who says "We need ideas. They don't need to be good ideas, just ideas." And he's not even offrering us those.

Anonymous said...

Hey now just wait a minute - that is completely unfair to suggest that James "Moonbeam" Suttle has had no ideas -

He has had a number of is ideas -

Toboggan run at 10 day stadium

Kids in bars

Swiss cheese unconstitutional smoking ban

Save Rosenblatt with Iowa taxes

The ideas have been there, what's been consistent is that they have all been kooky political stunts that demonstrate a complete lack of skill in governing a city and a loose grasp of reality. Did I see he was endorsed by Mark Welsch - that should say enough.

Now Daub has run a shaky campaign that has allowed this flake a chance to be mayor, but you hope common sense prevails

Vokal Guy said...

Suttle would be a disaster for the city. I bet if he's elected a recall would be in place by year two.

Macdaddy said...

Vokal guy: Nebraska has no mechanism for recall of elected officials. If Suttle gets elected, you're stuck for at least 4 years.

Street Sweeper said...

Nope, Omaha recalled Mayor Mike Boyle back in '87.
And some tried to recall Fahey last year, but didn't get enough sigs for a vote.

Macdaddy said...

I stand corrected. I had inquired of my state rep as to how to start recall proceedings against Hagel and was informed I couldn't. Hope I wasn't lied to.

Anonymous said...

Um, Hagel was a U.S. Senator.

Insider said...

Anon 9:34 AM

You forgot one more of Suttle's ideas while on city council. He also wanted us to be required to get permits to install light switches IN OUR OWN HOMES!!?? I'm not the handiest of people, but I can do that; and would far prefer that over paying an electrician $100 for 5 min of work.

Interestingly enough, I believe this gem of a proposed law happened shortly after he spoke to an Electricians Organization. Hmmm, wonder what sort of deal they had worked out? I'll bet they are big contributors to the "official for sale."

Anonymous said...

Happy Birthday HAL!

Anonymous said...

Do people realize that the gang unit was not really "disbanded"? It was restructured and renamed to include the "weed and seed" program to gain more federal dollars.
More $ = more resources.
And since Fahey has been Mayor for 8 YEARS, how can the increase in crime/gang violence be Daubs doing. Come on people! How about you spend more time researching the facts instead of checking ur facebook pages and watching Suttle campaign ads on youtube. Then let common sense rule.