Thursday, October 22, 2009

Fahey Way?

As noted on TV and in the fishwraps, there will likely be a proposal before the Omaha City Council to rename a street in North Downtown, near the new stadium, after former Mayor Mike Fahey.

Interesting question as to whether or not Fahey should get such an honor, or whether other Omahans should receive such a deal as well.

In any case, we polled distinguished Omahans (thank you, all) and came up with the...

Top Ten Things You Need To Know About the New Mike Fahey Street

10. The NCAA maaaaaay take away the CWS if it is not built

9. It will be a toll road.

8. Street construction workers will be allowed to retire at age 25, with a $250,000 lifetime salary

7. They will tear up a street in South Omaha in order to build it

6. Like the former Mayor's office, it will only be open two days a week

5. It will be a state of the art street, but payment will be put off until 2030

4. Mayor Suttle's understanding is that the street's finances are in perfect shape

3. David Sokol will not be allowed to drive on it -- wait, the NCAA says that he can or they'll take away the CWS? -- OK he can drive on it

2. It will actually connect the Lake of the Ozarks with The Holiday

and the number one thing you need to know about the new Mike Fahey Street,

1. A street in name only. If you want to get somewhere, you will have to use Paul Landow Lane.

G'night everybody!


GeosUser said...

How about naming it Fahey Folly Way or something that bears at least some relation to the reality of the incompetence and corruption that was and is Mike Fahey.

Anonymous said...

Street Sweeper, you rock, but if you stayed up all night to come up with those, I feel badly for your day job recipients.

Must have had a sick little one to take care of, no?

Anonymous said...

Perfect! I hope the new Fahey street will be as crooked as its namesake. It should probably end in a very large and deep hole.

NE Voter said...

Sour grapes.

Fahey Street/Avenue/Boulevard -- I love it!

SS: You forgot to mention that the renaming idea is being pushed by Fr. John Schlegel of Creighton and Jim Young, CEO of Union Pacific.


Anonymous said...

SS, I love the White photo for "Straight Faced". Can you do an SAB based on that one.

And, doesn't Rebecca have any other picture except her Sears Portrait Studio High School Yearbook photo to use for Press?

Oh, that's right, she has the one that her boyfriend took in the field of wild grasses right before...Oops, I started thinking about Fabio again while envisioning that field, Gotta go!

Anonymous said...

7:43, welcome to the world of the productive.

Ever notice how most of the conservative comments begin very early in the morn and continue 'til around 10ish and the lib comments are mostly in the middle of the night?

Heck, I just realized that anything before 8 a.m. IS the middle of the night for Libs. I guess everything has to be put into perspective.

As far as the naming idea, Young probably wants to remind everyone that pays for that construction, why they are paying for it. Father Schlegal is always just trying to be nice and maybe he hopes that if there is a street named after Fahey, then Fahey will stop spending his money on things in the Ozarks and start spending it on things here, like Creighton.

Anonymous said...

Sweeper, you are always witty, but this is above and beyond. Thanks for the morning laugh.

Anonymous said...

If they are going to honor the new debt that Fahey created by naming a street after him next to the new ballpark, they might as well name a street by the Qwest for Daub to remind everyone else who should get the credit for the debt asociated with it. It is only fair.

Alos I do not care who you are, the top ten is funny.

NE Voter said...

The Top 10 was funny.

Those of you opposed to the naming should ponder this: From 2001-2009, Republicans enjoyed a 4-3 majority on the City Council. Despite this numeric superiority, they chose not to honor Hal Daub by naming anything after him.

So, instead of complaining, go ask Jim Vokal; Chuck Sigerson; Franklin Thompson and Dan Welch why they chose not to honor Mr. Daub.

By the way -- streets are named after people all the time -- Dodge; Seward; Woolworth; Izard; Cuming. Leavenworth? I'll let SS weigh in on that one.


Anonymous said...

Interesting that Jim Vokal supports the renaming, too...

Everything is partisan, right?

Anonymous said...

Fahey already has two streets named after him. One Way and Dead End.

Anonymous said...

How about because street naming should be upon the 10 year anniversary of the death of said deserving one.

Remember why the Dodge Street expressway was not named after deceased former Senator Exon? It had nothing to do with politics, it was about precedent.

Soldiers have to die on the battlefield to get a "historic" street renaming sign in their hoods.

When Fahey dies, I suggest we rename south, is it 92nd, after him-assuming, of course he bothers to still live in that area, otherwise it is the Ozarks problem to deal with..

Above all else, I am against renaming or naming, sections of already named streets after anyone, including dead politicians. It confuses the hell out of visitors to the area that happen to get lost.

I don't care how much lipstick they want to put on that area, in my younger days, I spent quite a lot of time in that neck of the woods and it is scary as hell to get lost in an urban area, anywhere in America.

And yes, Sweeper, you are funny for so early in the a.m.

Anonymous said...

Vokal, Sigerson, Welch and Thompson did honor Daub. They put him on the MECA Board, which is the highest profile City board in town. I just find it odd that Young, who was a huge supporter of Hal's both during the election and afterwards with debt reduction is on the Fahey bandwagon. That has to hurt a bit if you're Hal.

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

If the best you can leave for a legacy is a street named after you then that certainly says much about your time in office.

I vote Landow Lane. Heard he's still trying to be relevant with
setting the current mayor up for recall. Oh wait. Maybe that was Vokal. Wrong Mayoral Wannabee.

Anonymous said...

Great list. Take you Doug Sassy!

Ricky said...

If the good Father from Creighton wants to do something useful I suggest he sign a deal to get the Bluejays to play baseball in the new downtown stadium.
And to expect Webster street to prosper because a 10-day baseball stadium is nearby is silly.
I think this thing is a way that Omaha's "boosters of substance" can convince themselves that building a stadium without the Royals was a really, really good idea.

Anonymous said...

Can this be serious? The new stadium is on Cuming St. It will have a Cuming St. address. How appropriate is THAT!!! Fahdow, or is it Lanley St. should be somewhere in the western part of Omaha.

Anonymous said...

Maybe they could rename Main Street, in Elkhorn, Fahey Drive.

Anonymous said...

Hmm, read the paper, googled and read wiki, and I come to this conclusion.
1) Mayor Dahlman was a Democrat Agnostic.
2) Mayor Dahlman was a racist and contibuted to the City Hall lynching of a blackman-all because he got thrown out of office by a Republican that wanted to clean up the seediness that Dahlman not only allowed but encouraged by embracing it.

BTW, I left out the part where he murdered a man in Texas and fled to Nebraska to hide among ranch hands. Later, that was ruled as self defense. Also, as Mayor of Omaha, he refused to abide by State Law and openly drank in Saloons late into the night.

Oh, and he used the ethnic community in South O to create race riots among blacks working in the stock yards as strike breakers.

Mayor Dahlman was a great guy-no wonder they named a street after him and want to do the same for Fahey.

Direct TvVguy said...

I wonder what Suttle and Jerram will do now Daub's people want a street named after him too!! Oh by the way, any kids killed by satellite dishes?

Anonymous said...

Voting to support anything with Daub's name on it would violate Jerram's "I won't support anything Republican" policy.

Someone should find out what satalite dish he's jogging by and ask him to be sure.

NE Voter said...

A Short Play
By NE Voter

Fr. Schlegel: Mr. Young, don't you agree that Mike Fahey did a lot for downtown Omaha as Mayor, and that he should be honored by naming a few blocks of Webster Street in his honor?

Jim Young: I do agree. An excellent idea which I shall take to the Omaha City Council immediately.

[A few days later]

Jim Young: I say, Mr. Brown, would you please place this ordinance on the City Council's agenda?

Buster Brown: Of course, Mr. Young. I shall do so immediately.

[A few hours later]

Omaha World-Herald Headline: "Council to Name Street in Fahey's Honor"

[A few minutes later]

Jean Stothert: Now is not the time to make hasty naming decisions. I do not believe I can support such an action at this time in the absence of specific guidelines.

[From offstage, sotto voce]

Patrick McPhersen: Hear, Hear.

Mike Kennedy: Hear, hear.

[The next day]

Omaha World-Herald Headline: "The Intersection of Fahey and Daub Streets?"

[A few seconds later]

Jean Stothert: What an excellent idea, one that all Omahans should support!

The End.

Anonymous said...

Hey Mike Kennedy, shouldn't you be spending more time checking all of Brenda Council's rental properties to make sure they are up to code. That's what you did in 1997 as Daub's "manager".

Let's name the street in from of the OWH after Daub since it was the OWH that set up the secret, illegal lie-detector test that saved Daub's political life.

Anonymous said...

Who is Mike Kennedy?

Anonymous said...

I didn't know Mike Kennedy is an attorney as the OWH printed, he is my mortgage broker.

Anonymous said...

Wow somebody really really doesn't want 10th Street named after Daub!!!

Anonymous said...

Yeah, Hal doesn't want tenth street named after him and any live politician should not want things named after them.

Honor in a reflective manner, not to get points up on one side or the other.

Anonymous said...

Not a lawyer, really? Then why is Kennedy the lead attorney on a major real estate project out near Valley. I'm confused.

Dave B. said...

If Kennedy is an attorney for a real estate project, is he also a mortgage broker? If so, isn't that a conflict of interest?

Anonymous said...

Mike Kennedy is a shark. In other words, he has a bright future in the local Republican Party.

Gene said...

You mean burned out because he can't keep his mouth shut?