Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Suttle: "We have it all wrapped up"

We had a recent story told to us -- second or third hand, so the details may or may not be exact.

Jim Suttle was glad-handing at his old company, HDR, the other day when someone wished him luck in the Mayor's race.

Suttle's reply?
"Nothing to worry about. Our poll says we have it all wrapped up."
Now THERE's a man who has confidence in his pollster.

It's interesting that Suttle has that much confidence in numbers three weeks out. Lots can still happen.

But we've seen similar numbers. Frankly, Hal Daub has ingrained high positives and high negatives. He has been around for a long while and many people have a set opinion on him. And we've seen numbers where Daub is hovering around 40%.

Then again, we've also seen numbers where Suttle has a difficult time breaking 40%. And we were reminded by the kids over on Dodge Street that polls showed Brenda Council with a lead very late in the game back in 1997. And we all remember how the Council administration went.

What should this tell the Suttle people? It should tell them to sit back and enjoy the ride, because that's how your candidate is treating it. You think you're going to get a single specific proposal Suttle now? You think he's going to actually provide any policy details within the next three weeks? Ha!

And the Daub folks? Here's a question: Do you think Hal Daub is going to quit this race? Do you think he's going to stop making phone calls, shaking hands, offering ideas, knocking on doors, stuffing mailers, talking to friends and convincing voters that HE is the best candidate to lead Omaha?  Yeah, we didn't think so.

The candidate's followers usually take the lead of their leader. It will be interesting to see how each side works in the next three weeks.

**Update at 3:50 pm**

Jim Suttle has placed a major ad buy, with TV commercials to begin today, most likely first on cable.   Keep an eye out, and be sure to chime in here.


Danno5 said...

Jim Suttle is spastic. Push poll results from my campaign would make me excited, too.

Geosuser said...

While Daub does have lots of people who definitely won't vote for him, that shouldn't be taken by the Suttle campaign as their potential voters. Most people are smart enough to have already concluded that Suttle is "not ready for prime time" and he confirms that every time he speaks or refuses to speak directly to an issue. Everyone I talk to about the race seems to remember Suttle standing outside Rosenblatt and proposed a multi-county & multi-state property taxing body devoted to Rosenblatt renovation, etc. That little bombshell even shocked the Save Rosenblatt folks.

Anonymous said...

Not only not ready for prime time, Suttle's not ready for early morning public access. So many were intent on taking down Vokal to clear the way for smilin' Hal that they ended up clearing the path for bumblin' Suttle. Great strategy Omaha R's.

Just wait until Suttle springs his surprise endorsement. Not going to let the cat our of the bag, but his mailing address is Vatican City.

Anonymous said...

Does it have something to do with the toboggan?

Anonymous said...

I fear for this city should Stubble..err, I mean Suttle get elected.

Bob Sakmano said...

I'm all in for Hal, but agree with Anon 11:46.

United Airlines said...

OMG! Is Suttle posing for some skin mag? I took a picture like that...once....when I was in high school.

Omaha our choice seems simple. Elect a mayor who has experience and vision. One who will make sure Omaha is "open for business". Or, are we going to elect someone that will set us back to the point of again being "fly over" country.

Dissappointed said...

What a dumb photo !!! Grow up Suttle we're talking politics not materialism, or do you know the differance. So, while crusin in your little red wagon, what music to you blare out the roof top??? Madonna's, "I'm a material Girl?"

Dissappointed said...

And Mr. Goof Suit, you seem to be sooooo self-absorbed that you can NOT come up with any substantial plans or even ideas for what you believe to be your city. You're a joke, not to mention a laughing stock of this city. You spend way to much time shopping and looking in the mirror. Why don't you just call Hal Daub and ask him what he thinks you should do? I bet he could give you some real good tips. And you wouldn't even have to pay him or buy him off.

Concerned Omahan said...

Danno5: I agree with you BUT did you mean to say 'Simple Suttle' is 'spastic' or 'PLASTIC'? Actually, he could be both! But no doubt about it, there is definitely something majorally wrong with that man. LOL LOL He's a very odd public figure !!!
To say the least !!!

Street Sweeper said...

Commenter at 1:43, 2:28, 2:38 & 2:53:
We get it. You're "over the top".
That's enough now.

Street Sweeper said...


Jim Suttle has placed a major ad buy, with TV commercials to begin today, most likely first on cable. Keep an eye out, and be sure to chime in here.


Anonymous said...

Used car ad?

Street Sweeper said...

Hardee's burger ad.
A la Paris Hilton.

Anonymous said...

To pull in some R's - I'm guessing he might be pushing that he passed a cigar bar exemption ordinance even before Senator Scott had the idea.

Maybe the new baseball stadium can be a tobaggoen run/cigar bar when the World Series is not in town.

Anonymous said...

I like it - "Paris" Suttle. Good strategic move not to go with the bikini. yikes

Ricky said...

I am surprised to hear both are at 40 percent.
Conventional wisdom by reading this blog is that Hal was a shoo-in.

But I did not think Obama would carry District 2 either.

Hal does have a certain percentage that will not vote for him, but I am guessing those that want the best guy leading the city will vote Daub into the third floor again.
I am picking Hal.

Is the Stothert people going to hijack this thread again? Because I have something to say about that City Council race.

ricky from omaha

Street Sweeper said...

To be clear:

We certainly made no claim that Hal Daub would walk away with the GENERAL. The consensus was that he would win the 3-way primary.

We've always contended that he has a tough road to hoe in the General. Winnable, but certainly not walking away in a landslide or anything.

As far as the present numbers go, between undecideds and margins of error, it's conjecture at this point.

let go grilling said...

Internal polling in campaigns is notoriously inaccurate, Suttle should watch himself and not get to cocky. Havent seen the new ad buy yet, when will he get it here?

Anonymous said...

Ricky F.,
Comment away. We always want to hear what Jon Blumenthal's liberal supporters have to say.

Ricky said...


I have never met Jean Stothert; she may be okay, for a Republican. Finally having a woman on the city council might not be a bad thing.
Here is my theory on why Kermit Brashear donated 500 dollars to her campaign;

In 2000, Brashear was Speaker of the Nebraska Legislature. In that year the lines were drawn for political races, including for the Nebraska Board of Regents.
My friend Liz Karnes wanted to run for the Board of Regents. She was immensely qualified, possibly the most qualified person for the Board of Regents in the state.
But, for some reason Brashear drew the lines that excluded Liz and Daves' house from the District (2?)that was up for election in 2002.
But,somehow, the lines were drawn so that Howard Hawks could run in 2002 for the Board of Regents.
You know the rest of the story; Hawks made history by spending over 400,000 dollars on the election that brought him to the board.
And Liz died of cancer a few years later, never making the Board that could have used her and that she was much more qualified for than Hawks.

So, Mr. Brashear is feeling guilty for denying Liz a shot at the Board of Regents and gave Stothert 500 dollars to ease his mind.

ricky from district 66.

PS Check with my buddy Dave if you doubt my version of events.

Anonymous said...

5:06 -

Actually, internal polling in campaigns is usually accurate unless you use a bad pollster. What is notoriously inaccurate is an internal poll that is leaked to the media and made public. (See: Vokal's endless series of polls from January to March).

I don't know what the polls look like right now, but I'd have to assume based on Daub going on the air with a negative attack ad and a $50,000 buy, that Daub's in some serious trouble. Does this mean that Suttle's "got it wrapped up?" Of course not. But I'd be feeling pretty confident right now if I were him.

Anonymous said...

to the person who posted at 11:46 AM, April 21, 2009

considering ernie chambers and frank brown are both public access show hosts

I am sure jim suttle would be ready for public access.

Cricket said...

I disagree.

A good campaign -- and I think both Daub and Suttle are running good campaigns -- would probably use good polling outfits that will give them a real look on the race. It's important for campaign strategy to know where you are. In the case of Suttle, he knows he's in a good position to win so he'll stick with the game plan. In the case of Daub, he knows he needs something big to happen to win -- he's trying to create it but I don't see any game changers in waiting. He certainly isn't going to get anywhere attacking Suttle because that only reminds voters why they don't like him in the first place.

My opinion, Suttle and his campaign have played this very well and are on the path to victory in May. Daub just can't overcome the fact that he's Hal Daub -- that's his biggest weakness.

Honestly, I think Republicans would have had a better shot with Vokal because he's a fresh face who could bring in those Democrats that aren't quite comfortable with Suttle. Just take a stroll through Midtown and see how many Vokal signs have all of a sudden become Suttle signs.

Imagine Daub as our Hillary Clinton -- bringing out the other side's base lifting them to victory.

Anonymous said...

SS -

Yes, you made no claim that he would walk to victory in the general, but you made a clear claim that he would be a clear #1 in the primary. That didn't happen.

Anonymous said...

I just heard second or third hand that Hal Daub bet his entire bank account on his victory. Also, he is not campaigning anymore, and also, he can't read.

Seriously . . . second or third hand?

C'mon. This is a joke.

In the know said...
This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.
Insider said...

Anon 7:23 PM, I believe he was the clear winner, especially considering the Rupublican vote was split. Were there some recounts I was unaware of?

Anonymous said...

Clear winner? Less than 1% - 427 votes - separated #1 from #2.

Daub was supposed to sail through with over 40% of the vote. He didn't.

Insider said...

Actually, it was exactly 1%, but when you consider there was a Dem running against 2 Republicans, that is going to split the Rep vote. I realize that somewhat oversimplifies it, but not by a lot.

Anonymous said...


I appreciate your post and your thoughts.

Two points:
1. Dave Karnes supports Jean.
2. Jon Blumenthal would have gladly accepted a $500 check from Kermit Brashear. He asked him for a contribution.

Anonymous said...

Hal Daub as Mayor = rugby at downtown stadium

Anonymous said...

Insider -

Actually it oversimplifies it a lot.

Vokal took great pains to avoid calling himself a Republican during the campaign. He also took every opportunity to present himself as the anti-Daub candidate.

He courted a huge number of Democratic and independent voters - Vokal's campaign confirmed this in the World-Herald, saying roughly 60% of their vote likely came from D's and I's.

You seriously misread the dynamics of this race if you think Vokal's voters were party-line Republicans. Party-line Republicans voted for Daub.

Anonymous said...

Hal's negative ads are definately a sign of desperation. Suttle's next media buy will probable be all about hope, change, apple pie, jobs and safe streets with Jim wearing a "Not Daub" T Shirt.

Insider said...

The key word there is "likely", which means they are guessing at those percentages. There is no way to truly know exactly, or even closely for that matter. It's merely conjecture. Vokal may have presented himself as Anti-Hal, all the way up until he endorsed him. I realize some votes will fall off, but I doubt as many as you might be hoping for.

I will admit that I was surprised at Vokal's numbers, but in the end Hal is the most qualified, and in my oppinion Omahan's will be smart enough to see that as well. Now that Vokal and Hal are both working toward that end, I believe they will succeed.

Anonymous said...

It wasn't hard to predict, but the first Jon Blumenthal mailer filled with more misinformation, distortions and attacks is already in the pipeline. Look for it to hit Thursday and Friday.

You gotta love people who have been helping Blumenthal who are being turned off and thus are willing to give up information. Several people.

Look for a Blumenthal tantrum after tomorrow. Then another when he gets hammered for his attack.

Anonymous said...

Man, this is a lot of hysteria because of a goofy quote from a goofy guy.

1. If Suttle had good numbers, from a reputable, NON-PUSH POLL, he would release them and let the rest of us talk about it. He obviously doesn't.

2. Regarding Daub's ad, I think it's excellent. Daub is simply pointing out Suttle's record. Suttle won't get specific, so Hal has to.

3. Suttle hasn't refuted ANY fact in the ad, because they're true. Are we all just asleep in this town, or do we care about the fact that he has voted to raise our property taxes, reduce the number of police officers, and has proposed raising all kinds of taxes and fees?

4. Perhaps, as was the case in the primary with the mailer on Vokal, the Daub camp knows it will just take a push like this ad to push Suttle over the cliff. It's not a sign of desperation, it's a sign of a complete campaign strategy being carried out.

Anonymous said...

Suttle's argument:

"I'm a Democrat.
And I'm wearing a suit.
And I WANT to be mayor."

That's all he's offering us. No specific plans.

"Zero gang members!"
Brilliant! HOW will you get there?

"1000 new jobs in North Omaha!" Great idea! HOW will you bring 1000 new jobs to North Omaha?

We should all be offended and send this bozo back to the private sector.

Anonymous said...

Perhaps, unlike Vokal, Suttle's campaign realizes that the only poll that matters is on election day, and releasing internal numbers to the media gains you nothing tangible.

The problem with your logic is that if voters need to be pushed *away* from Suttle, then the battle is already lost. Daub's negatives are sky-high and going negative so early is going to make them even higher, especially when Suttle's campaign inevitably fires back.

Vokal didn't have any money to combat a late attack from Daub. Suttle does.

Anonymous said...

Or, Suttle could just offer some "favors" to people to get what he wants. You don't need cash when you can use your connections.

Street Sweeper said...

"In the know",
Yes I did delete it. Just too much that can never be verified. Please edit and resubmit, if that works for you.

In The Know... said...

Sorry SS, it's just that when you are in my position and know what I know, it's hard to sensor yourself. I'll try again. If this one passes, the teacher gets an apple.

Although wishing Suttle luck is far more respect than has been bestowed upon the man from a company he has worked for for nearly 40 years (considering how fellow councilmen treated him, seems like a pattern), I am sure HDR does wish Suttle luck NOW considering all of the business they stand to gain if he's in office. If I am not mistaken HDR was well cared for by the city while Jim was on city council. Just think how much more they could benefit if they had an "inside man" as mayor. Hmmm, I wonder how many city contracts they would win? I wonder what piece of the upcoming billion(s)-dollar sewer project they (or a subsidiary) will get if Jim were mayor, funded by us taxpayers? I also wonder if he is still collecting big retirement checks from them or has any other financial connections to them? Kind of seems like a conflict of interest if he is, or if he is helping friends who are still working there get rich.

Considering Suttle has not stated any concrete positions or plans as mayor, perhaps his only plan is to line his pockets or the pockets of some friends with taxpayer money? HDR is much smaller than Omaha and he had a nearly 40 yr track record there. My question is this. If he couldn't reach the level of CEO there, why should he be CEO of Omaha?

a Daubette said...

Can you people who are trying to uphold for 'Simple Suttle' read or listen to what is actually being said in Daub's TV ads? Attack ???

Where do some of you come up with the idea that Daub's UNIQUE AD is an attack to Mr. Fancy Pants - it's NOT an attack - it's just FACTUAL information pointing out some important truths - that some uninformed, and, therefore, some misfortunate people really need to realize before they make a WRONG choice and vote for the worse candidate. He's just trying to help them preserve their family's finances. I mean seriously !!!

I really do believe he is in it for the best of everyone and for the love of Omaha. Afterall, this IS HIS hometown. He's not from West Virginia and he's not still fighting the civil war. Nor, does he hate Yankee's. Nor, has Daub or any of his family ever-ever had black servants. Again, he's not from the SOUTH, nor, will Daub - be returning to the SOUTH IF ALL ELSE FAILS, after he messes up our city which Suttle may very well do and not even REALLY care as long as it is for his gain. Suttle does - NOT - intend to stay in Omaha... I know because I heard it with my own ears - - I swear to that - I heard it over dinner

And, for those of you that think Daub wasn't good in office before or, if you don't know his tract record you may really owe it to yourselves to check it out more thoroughly. It seems to me he only wants to clear or clean up the record for you doubters. Or, ye of little faith !!!

Anonymous said...

To daubette. No you didn't. He never said that. Suttle has been here for over 30 years (and he hasn't left for DC every time he lost election, oh wait...) and he has NEVER said he would leave if he loses this election. Come up with something truthful if you're going to make a baseless and heretical attack.

Anonymous said...

A daubette,
About that 3rd paragraph...

Anonymous said...

Nobody cares, nobody cares, haha, nobody cares.

Anonymous said...

Daubette, you're crazy. Seriously, people like you scare me. I've only lived here for 8 years, and you want to tell me I love Omaha less than you? That's pretty narrow of you and says a lot about you. Congrats on continuing the Omaha sterotype.

a Daubette said...

To 12:04 Anonymous: What???

I did NOT say anything remotely close to anything about ME loving Omaha - more than you - unless, of course, you're Simple Suttle. If, you read what I wrote again, hope-fully, you'll find that what I said was that I truly believe Daub loves Omaha... not, that you or I don't though. Are you SUTTLE ???

Sorry... if people like ME - that speak the truth SCARE you... and, especially if you're the paranoid type... I seriously did not mean to offend you or anyone else, and I guess (?) you either must have misunderstood what I said or meant or whatever the case maybe.

And, I am sorry... that you DO NOT like - as you called it yourself, the OMAHA STEREOTYPE. (What?)

After being here for 8 whole years and having to put up with us and the Omaha Stereotype it really doesn't sound like you like it here or us afterall. And, you called me "crazy" for blogging my opinion. Something's wrong with that picture.

So, I will try to explain without you calling me crazy in which I am NOT, nor, am I a liar. Simply put Hal Daub is my choice for myself and my family and my friends !!! And, I want to look forward to the future with ALL the lovely people I know here in Omaha now and forever more. NOR, do I intend to abandon ship !!!

P.S. Are you a woman hater ???

Anonymous said...

Just read the last 3 or maybe 4 blogs sent to the Daubette and the actual attackers are one in the same or maybe two different people

And obviously for the Suttle campaign - wow - they sure were ripping the Daubette. Daubette go to the other blog site - try the Dodge Street blog site - hope to see you there - and use another name on the site.

Anonymous said...

Daub's ad was a bad idea that will back fire on him. He's the better caandidate with a solid track record and should have stuck to that theme. Now, he's given Bumblin Suttle a great counter for the home stretch. "My candidate has decided to sling mud instead of talk about the issues, Omaha deserves better than that". Of course complete bunk, but more in touch with the current political mood than 90's Bush-style attack ads. Update the playbook or keep losing elections.

Street Sweeper said...

Comments with glaringly unsubstantiated claims will be deleted.

Anonymous said...

For those who have not seen yet, Cox Communication gave all of the city council candidates a few minutes. The profiles can be found On Demand under Cox Local. Scroll down to the City Council 09 selection and pick your race.

I think people should really look at the difference between the District 5 candidates.

One candidate is clearly ready, the other...not so much.

Anonymous said...

8:49, agreed - - Stothert is very good when she is reading from Protexter's script.

I make sense unlike you said...

I repeat myself. WTF??? methink you are a little paranoid here, either that or we're all out to get you.

Anonymous said...

I have never figured out in my 20 years of involvement with politics and campaigns, how an ad that pionts out someone's record is an attack ad or slinging mud??? Isn't it just telling the truth?

And as far as how Suttle is going to create those jobs...didn't you hear? he want to build a bridge in North Omaha, spanning the Missouri River, with a business complex on the other end..in Iowa.

Which city is Suttle running for Mayor of?

Vokal Guy said...

Suttle will be a disaster for this City.

Anonymous said...


You give fellow Daub supporters a bad name with baseless claims like that.

Anonymous said...

Jim Suttle just launched a real good response to Hal Daub. It plays up the same old Hal Daub mantra that has dominated the race. It's a good ad that flips Daub's attack back on him.

You can search for it on YouTube.

Anonymous said...

All you Daub lovers and Vokal bashers will see why on May 13th, Hal was not the right guy to win the Mayor's race. Doenst matter if it was Vokal, Welch or Hazelrigg, they all would have beaten Suttle. Daub will not.

Anonymous said...

Wll, I youtubed it, can't find it. FOund one with business leaders endorsing him..including Zach Atchley. I bought my last car from Atchley and have two friends who work there, but needless to say I will never oruchase a vshicle there again because of his support of Suttle.

Street Sweeper said...

Working on a post on the new Suttle ad now. We will link to it, and all...

Not Jim Suttle said...

I know SS has a no link policy but if you click on my name you can see it.

Anonymous said...

Is that two commercials spliced together? That transition was almost as painful as listening to suttle speak.

Anonymous said...

It seems the Suttle camp's ship is beginning to sink just like Blumenthal's and the rats are beginning to float.

Apparently, JS's entire strategy is based on how John Thune achieved victory. Keep the message simple. Repeat 17 key phrases. Give no details regarding plans. Only promise that which will already be delivered regardless of the victor.

Maybe SS can turn it into a blog post and a little game for commentors to find the Suttle key phrases.

"Nothing Subtle"
"30 Years Business Experience"
"Cut Waste"
"Modernize City Services"
"Lower Property Taxes"
"Reduce Dropout Rate"
"Clean Energy"

This strategy only works if two things are present 1) an opponent who fails to define the BS of the JS argument and 2) a complete failure of the media to call the candidate on a BS strategy.

Unfortunately for Suttle, Daub has landed a body blow against a weak strategy that only works if your opponent stays on the mat.

Fortunately for Suttle, other than a pretty weak Joe Jordan piece and a pretty weak Editorial by the World-Herald calling Suttle on this strategy, the media has been silent.

As for the little Suttle promises, by my count city departments are already working on three of em, our area superintendents are working on one and the Chamber is working on two of em. I mean how weak is this guy that he has to take credit for work that is already being done and have no real plans to achieve anything.

It's fine to make an argument about wanting to listen. That is valid. You can't say, however, I am engineer and we plan the work and work the plan, if you have no real plan to gather public opinion. Remember, the downtown improvement plan. Public forums, an actual structure for gathering public opinion.

If Suttle was serious, he would have had plans in place to gather public opinion and hit the ground running once elected.

Unfortunately for Omahans, the entire Suttle campaign strategy is based on empty rhetoric.

Insider said...

I don't know that I would call Zach Atchley a business leader as he was handed the reigns of the dealership by his parents. Furthermore, Zach lives right next door to Jim, so I am not sure what kind of an endorsement that is. Wonder what favors Jim promised him for being in the commercial, as that seems to be the MO. Hmmm, I like my neighbors too. Think I'll go over and endorse them too.

Anonymous said...

To In The Know, 11:00 pm post:

Good Post !!! You made some very valid points. I know some people that work at HDR, interestingly enough, not many of them are too fond of Suttle and for various reasons. But, everyone of them has mentioned basically the same things; he's arrogant, therefore, difficult to work with.

Interestly, you made another point that we have considered.

Especially, since about all Suttle can come up with to help Omaha to fight against crime, for example, he contends that we need to create more jobs. Please Note: Since we are yet to figure out his logic, we have considered his motives.

Now. The part about Suttle still having his ties in HDR, if there are kickbacks or what have you, that really does explain a few things to us. And, we do believe this should most definitely be considered a conflict of interest situation.

Because if he still has stock in the company, private or pension, which he very well could and most likely does still have interests in the company after that many years. That would explain why he is always wanting to build something. (And at the taxpayers expense, which in this economy absolutely does not make sense)


- building a tobaggan run down at
the Qwest Center (only to be
used a short period of the year
and by a certain demographic
part of the citizens). That
doesn't make sense either. The
put up and take down or however
he had in mind each season after
the ball season, plus, the high
cost of maintaining something
like that.

- a bridge across the river to a
field. (I did read on his web
site that he likes to build
bridges) It would be costly to
build and maintain. And again,
no logical reason to build one

And whatever else he may come up with later. Who knows ! So if he still wants to build things why doesn't he just go back to HDR or get a city planner position, why run for mayor? He really is wickedly cunning but he is not politition material. He appears to know how to get his foot in the door though.

Yeah, all this in consideration it does seem like his motive may be to feather his own nest at the taxpayers expense !!! We liked your post and we agree !!!

Anonymous said...

To Insider 7:50 pm

My guess would be to build his next door neighbor (Atchley) a dealership at one end or the other (or both) ends of the bridge that he wants to build in North Omaha over the river to the Iowa field to fight against crime.

It's no wonder that Suttle wants to do all this building in North Omaha since that is where he lives. It would be nice to build up his property value, wouldn't it???

The more I find out and think about it the more I realize that he really could very likely be in it for himself. Feathering his own nest in everyway that he can.

Hope he's not trying to figure out a way for the taxpayers to pay for Atchley's new dealership too.

Insider said...

Thank you Anon 11:00 pm.

I happen to know a few things, and I would very much bet you are right that he has financial ties to HDR. In fact, if he does not, I'd like to hear him state it. I don't know how welcome he would be back at HDR. In my oppinion, it didn't seem like an amicable split. He is cunning, but Chuck Durham is no longer around, which means no more coat-tails for Jim to ride.

Anonymous said...

Yeah Insider ...I heard the same he's probably 'cooked his goose' with any future chances at HDR. From what I understood from one of the higher ups .....not too many people there would want to see him come back.

Looks like he 'cook's his goose' everywhere he's worked. Let's see here: HDR - City Council - Public Works - did I miss anything?!

I guess, he was 'hell on wheels' down at city hall from what I now understand.

Don't know why we would want him as our mayor ??? Daub's got my vote !!!

"Back to the Future with Daub"

a Daubette said...

Just a Reminder to the Omaha Voters

"Don't Settle for Suttle"

- let us go -

"Back to the Future with Hal Daub"