Tuesday, September 29, 2009


Last week the NSEA -- the Nebraska teachers' union -- said they are endorsing Dave Heineman and Tom White in 2010.

Hmm. OK. But, over a YEAR before the election? Really?

Does this make it official that the Dems have NO ONE to go against Governor Dave? That they're not even going to try?

Of course, former Dem Chair Steve Achepohl put it best when talking about Democrat candidate recruitment:

"I'm not God."


One thing you gotta love about a freed-up Joe Jordan is that he has time to JUST stir the political pot.

The new Nebraska Watchdog reporter snagged Lee Terry recently, and got him to knock the Matt Sakalosky campaign. Terry confirmed that Sakalosky is going to make him spend money in the primary that he would otherwise be spending in the general against the Dems.

Lee said that Sakalosky is only going to "soften me up" for Tom White.

Jordan asked if it isn't the "whatever doesn't kill me makes me stronger" adage.

Terry responded, "no".

And in politics, that's really true, no?

(Open question:) When has a primary challenge made the winner stronger in the general?

Not Ronald Reagan vs Gerald Ford, in '76.
Not Ted Kennedy vs Jimmy Carter in '80.
Not Pat Buchanan vs George H.W. Bush in '92.

All Presidential examples, but you get the gist.

A few that were suggested to us (when we put the question out to local politicos):
  • Clifton Batchelder "damaged" Governor Norbert Tiemann in '70. The close race (Tiemann won the primary with only 50.51%) split the party so badly that Tiemann went on to lose the General to J.J. Exon.
  • Mort Sullivan "softened up" Kay Orr in '90? Though while one would say that Sullivan wasn't a "real" challenger, the issues of taxes and Boyd Co. maybe came up sooner.
  • Tom Osborne "strengthened" Dave Heineman in '06? Though, there's a question as to whether the General landslide would have been any different without the tough primary.
Please add your thoughts in the comments.


And how about the Omaha Police Union giving Mayor Jim Suttle a big, "Don't F*** with us!" with their recent poll.

(First of all, what the hell is the police union doing, out there polling political issues? Really? That's what they're there for? "To Serve, Protect, and Call you at dinner time, If you're a Likely Voter")

So along with questions about whether spiking should be eliminated (because that's how the issue should be resolved -- ask John Q. Voter), they asked, "Would you support a recall of Mayor Suttle?"

Oh, and now they're not releasing the results.

Really, police union, wouldn't it be easier to just shove Suttle into his locker as you pass him in the hallway on the way to gym?


Rebekah Davis has a new website up for her Third District Congressional run.

Oh, and she's a very thoughtful Democrat.

How do we know this?

Because on the splash page she has a photo of herself , only half in the picture, tousled hair, looking down and away:

It's called ART people!
She's contemplative!
What more do you need to know?


In the OWH today, regarding Senator Ben Nelson talking to people in Scottsbluff:
Nelson opened his remarks by busting a few myths about the proposed legislation.
Among them, he said, is the myth that a new law would cover illegal immigrants.
“It will not,'' he said, because he would vote against it.
We will leave it up to those of you who have studied Logic (and politics) to parse Nelson's statement there.


Jim Esch is asking people to give money to the Dem candidate for Governor of Hawaii.


That's right. A current House Rep from Hawaii, who is running for Governor, is coming to the Field Club in Omaha to raise money.

Uh...Ok...Because why wouldn't he, right?..

Of course, the more interesting thing, is the apology Esch adds to (former) supporters in his email:
"I am sure there are a few of you that are not terribly happy with me. If you are one of those, people, please accept my apology.

My decision to become an independent was not meant to be a reflection on those who supported me and worked so hard to get me elected. Instead, it was decision of conscience and the beginning of a long journey to fundamentally change our political system.

I don’t believe in the two-party system, and I see no reason to pretend otherwise.

There was probably a better way to handle this decision, but the damage is done. However, please know that I am forever grateful for all you did for me.

I hope with time you will understand this decision."
And this is all fine and good, and we've heard a variation of this before, but he doesn't "believe in the two-party system"?

What's the alternative? Italy? (Hawaii?)


Anonymous said...

We shouldn't be surprised about the Police Union after watching what they did to Vokal. What a bunch of thugs.

Julie Schmit-Albin said...

Well this will be interesting. Apparently Rebekah Davis studied Scott Kleeb's two-time evasion of the pro-life topic. She has a simple one liner on her web site under the heading Sanctity of Life stating that she is pro-life. Maybe she got around and heard the 3rd District has some pretty strong pro-life sentiment. We'll see how she does come survey-time. I predict an endorsement from Democrats for Life in DC who also endorsed Esch, but would never produce their criteria for endorsement.

Anonymous said...

Rebekah Davis began her campaign as a Pro Choice candidate. What happened? Bending with the wind out west.

Anonymous said...


What about Rebekah Davis makes you skeptical of her claim to be pro-life?

Anonymous said...

Reading her issues statement it really sticks out. Her Abortion stance is the only one that includes her full name. The rest just say Davis. Almost like it was changed.....

Anonymous said...

Recently received an update from Congressman Terry's opponent in the primary. He writes that he has been appearing in parades, has a float and thinks Lee is lifting his "common sense" themes to use in his solicitations. Yeh right. Terry so needs to do that. Not once is an issue defined that stands for or would fight for though he has a "host of votes" he'd have voted differently. What votes? The update was a playbook of what their campaign is doing in its various stages, but leaves out what their candidate would do if, by a snowball's chance in hell, he'd win. How cute. Lee is starting to look good again.

Anonymous said...

Go Matt Sak go!! Matt Sak for Congress!!

Anonymous said...

Speaking of OWH, how about the editorial about the Suttle recall?

"Nothing to see here folks, please move on."

Anonymous said...

Matt Sakalosky's "campaign" is a joke. He seems to confuse "grassroots" with "rank amateur" when it comes to being a serious candidate. It's hard to believe anyone takes him seriously.

Anonymous said...

Matt Sakalosky's campaign being 'Rank Amateur', more than what your doing? Well of course it is grassroots, but it is a heck of a lot more than what your doing from behind your keyboard while the Republicans in D.C. don't understand 'fiscal responsiblity'. Terry claims to be a limited government guy, but votes for all the spending. And Lee is ranked 361st in Congress after 10 years, that's less than remarkable. Do you think Lee is a great Leader, give me a break? He is worn out and uninspiring...where's his health care plan he promised? He has no leadership qualities and leads on nothing. Again, at least Matt has the guts to stand up, much more than your anonymous post trashing candidates you don't even know...obviously you must be worried. You must have trashed Palin too. This is what primaries are for...do you think Lee should be anointed without having to account for the job he's doing...you must be in the Terry camp.

Anonymous said...

From one Anonymous to another: you are quite the hypocrite about anonymous posters, aren't you, Anonymous.

As for Lee Terry's votes, they are what they are. If you don't like them, then question them. However, if you are going to stick your face into the middle of the race with the sole purpose to play the spoiler, then at least have the balls to take a stand and go on record as to how you would have voted on each and every single one of those votes.

If your response is that you were not there and don't have all the information on the issue, well then, that's my point.

Just make sure your candidate is checking the hypocrite mirror before you open his mouth for him.

Anonymous said...

2 thoughts, Matt Sakalosky made a statement early on in his coming out party that he had to pick a label so he picked Republican. He really wanted to run as a Ron Paul candidate and that probably explains his spotty vote record.

Didn't Jim Esch say the same thing when he ran? Maybe Jim will lay out the welcome mat for Matt in May.

On Esch having an event, is it Neil Abercrombie? If you remember on Esch's NNN interview, he swooned over Abercrombie and said he really respects him-in the same phrase as "he really gets it" implying that Neil isn't partisan. BZZZZ-wrongo, one of the most partisan voting records on the Hill. But go ahead and raise money for him, that's just less for Tommie Boy White.

Anonymous said...

Matt Sak for Homecoming King!

Jane Kleeb for Homecoming Queen!

They belong to the Holier Than Thou Party.

Anonymous said...

....and that is why I like Tom White. Thank you. Thank you very much. Elvis has left the building.

Now, where did I park my float?

Dayton Headlee said...

Is it just me, or does that picture of the Never to be Congresswoman look like it should be on the front of a really bad indypop CD?

It follows all of Cartman's rules...

Uncle Wiggily said...

As an interesting but totally irrelevant aside, this
Davis gal appears to be a dead-on doppelganger of Gina Bellman, one of the female leads in the TV series "Leverage". The resemblance is eerie. Sweeper doesn't like links, but you can look her up on IMDB.com.

Just so you know ....

Anonymous said...

Democrats are not pro-life. Its just that simple, they do not believe in protecting innocent human life inside the womb. Once the baby is born then Republicans are not pro-life. Republicans don't believe in helping with child care, education, health care, AFDC, etc.

macdaddy said...

Wow, that Rebekkah Davis is something. She seems like someone who at least knows how to write a set of issue statements that could appeal to the conservative voters of the 3rd district. Whether she actually believes any of it or is as into parsing as Obama is remains to be seen. However, and this is the bottom line, she will still vote for Nancy Pelosi to be Speaker of the House, so it doesn't really matter if she's a member of Operation Rescue and owns 10 guns, 3 of them assault weapons. It only matters who she will support to hold the reins of power in Congress and that's Nancy Pelosi. But thanks for playing, Rev. Davis.

Anonymous said...

The Omaha Police Union is completely discredited.

Anonymous said...

Will Jim Esch be at Tom White's kick-off?

My guess is- NO, he will not.

Joe Jordan's blog is great.

Talk of a recall is ridiculous.

Why do we pay for seven different Douglas County Treasurer offices? What about online services?

Why is the County paying millions for a new CSI lab for Tim Dunning after the controversy over the Koefed case?

Why does the County pay for Terry Moore's Septemberfest?

Hal Daub and Mike Fahey owe Omaha an apology for leaving our finances in a mess.

Anonymous said...

Will Jim Esch be at Tom White's kick-off?

My guess is- NO, he will not.

Joe Jordan's blog is great.

Talk of a recall is ridiculous.

Why do we pay for seven different Douglas County Treasurer offices? What about online services?

Why is the County paying millions for a new CSI lab for Tim Dunning after the controversy over the Koefed case?

Why does the County pay for Terry Moore's Septemberfest?

Hal Daub and Mike Fahey owe Omaha an apology for leaving our finances in a mess.

Anonymous said...

Vokal released details of a confidential contract offer to the media at this time a year ago...does that make him a thug? Maybe he can try running for mayor with an anti-police campaign again in 2012? Or maybe voters will "discredit" such an idea since they are overwhelmingly supportive of the police in general. Why is it again that everybody except the police union can attempt to serve their political interests? (I must've missed that memo...)

Serpico said...

Hey 7:32 AM,

If you're posting here, then who is taking care of the K-9 unit?

Anonymous said...

Joe Jordan is still making up news, the only difference now is that Pete Ricketts is paying him more money to do it. Ricketts is still ticked he lost and that he can never win so this is his outlet.

Anonymous said...

Tonight Tom White begins the end of Lee Terry. See you at Barrett's!

Anonymous said...

Isn't Joe Jordan still dead?

Anonymous said...

A professional major league baseball team for Omaha at the new downtown stadium!! YES!!! OMAHA Can!

They were discussing it this morning on The Good Morning Show on KFAB. The commentators said that then-Mayor PJ Morgan supported the idea of Omaha "aspiring" to land a pro team!

What is holding us back!

Oklahoma City has an NBA team

Anonymous said...

Originally Posted by Howest2008
I LOVE ALBUQUERQUE N.M. and I spend 1 or 2 days there everytime that I'm driving from California to Oklahoma , you see I was Born and raised in Oklahoma but have lived in California for about 27 or 28 years....Albuquerque has made at least one good move in bringing a Professional Team To Town ,that being promoting state sponsored Commuter Rail from Albuquerque to Santa Fe and from Albuquerque to it's Southern Suburbans and if the STATE OF NEW MEXICO could run that Commuter Line Down INTO EL PASO TEXAS which is more of a N.M. City Than A Texas City the Demographics would be good in bringing a TEAM to town in about 3 To 8 Years ALBUQUERQUE Metro Numbers Just Are Not Good Enought As Far As The TELEVISION MARKET is concern even with some FANS Coming From Santa Fe And EL PASO, but Albuquerque supports it's MINOR LEAGUE TEAM better than LAS VEGAS which is something THAT MAJOR LEAGUE MLB NBA NHL would take a LOOK AT.....

Virginia Beach VA is a NO GO because it has no Corporations Support Core to it's city it's a sort of suburban type of resort city..
Norfolk VA won't work because all of the cities out in the Tide Water(What They Called It When I was Stationed There Area ) or (Hampton Roads) what they call it now area will not support each other they are fragmented and pitted against each other (Virginia Beach..Norfolk..Newport News..Hampton..Chesterpeake)

Birmingham Alabama has a Metro Area of 1.1 Million People about 300,000 more than Albuquerque but the "average income" of the area is way too low
To Support A Major League Sports Team

Omaha Nebraska Has a Smaller Metro area than Tulsa Oklahoma and doesn't have the satelite surrounding Metro Area's To Grow Out To And Annex Like Tulsa Does

Boise Way..way..way..way to small Metro Area can't even manage it's Minor League Teams Properly...
Omaha MSA-860,000 Tulsa MSA-936,000 We are talking a mere 76K people.

Omaha has 1.5 million people within a 50 mile radius.

Also, Lincoln, Nebraska which is 30 miles to the southwest of Omaha with a population of 240,000 which will probably be included in Omaha's CSA very soon.

I think both cities are very unlikely for any professional sports teams but I definitely do no see an advantage for Tulsa Over Omaha.
Read more: http://www.city-data.com/forum/sports/45443-city-most-deserves-pro-sports-team-15.html#ixzz0Scm0zr7t

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

Anonymous 2:33--doubt you'll have many takers here.

Also, check the kitchen there before you order food...

Anonymous said...

Still recovering from the meatballs from the last event there. Wait. That's the same feeling i get when i think of Tommy Boy.

NE Voter said...

Regarding professional baseball in Omaha:

This is a pipe dream, period. Roger Dixon is whistling dixie, absolutely.

I'd love to see it happen but, folks, get real. Omaha's history demonstrates that the citizens do not show long term support for professional sports.

Examples in my lifetime include:

1. The Omaha Kings (professional basketball -- Hall of Famer Nate Archibald actually played in Omaha).

2. Omaha Knights (professional hockey).

3. Omaha Racers (professional basketball brought to you by Steve Idelman).

4. Thoroughbred racing (OK, maybe not really a sport, but . . .).

Roger Dixon/MECA can barely book a convention, much less land a major league baseball team.

Filling the arena with hackery like Eric Clapton; Nickelback; Billy Joel/Elton John isn't terribly difficult to do. Fulfilling the promise of the convention business is what I'm waiting for. Maybe Roger Dixon isn't the man for the job. Hmmm.

Yeah, I know the econony is on the ropes, but the cc/arena has been open for many years now. It's time for the excuses to stop.

I'm kinda crabby today. Perhaps you can tell.

Anonymous said...

I think talk of a pro-team in Omaha is unrealistic right now with our limited population and mess of a budget, but I think it is something Omaha should "aspire" for.

Anonymous said...

The people are starting to arrive for the Tom White kick-off rally.

Anonymous said...

I wonder if they are conducting "card check" at the door tonite for Tommie Boy's beerfest?

If they are, whose cards will they be looking for?

I sure do hope that they have a lot of cabs lined up from Steve Lathrop
Law Office to drive home all those partiers.

Anonymous said...

Oh, I also hope the State isn't paying for that communication device that Ian Russell is using to post here this afternoon.

Anonymous said...

Tom White's message tonight:

"We've been fundraising all year and it hasn't turned out like we expected.

Please...please...please...open your wallets tonight--it is the deadline. If you can't help me, who will?"

Anonymous said...

I just drove by on Leavenworth street by Barrett's and I saw Lee Terry's campaign manager David Boomer hiding on the rootop of La Casa's with a video camera ready to film any White supporters staggering out of the bar.

Your hard earned money that you contribute to Lee Terry goes to the campaign hitman, the East Coast Lee Atwater, the infamous David Boomer. When you are losing, destroy your opponent with personal attacks.

Get ready Tom White and family and all of Tom White's friends and co-workers, David Boomer will be digging around in your personal life in a desperate attempt to find dirt.

Anonymous said...

"The district has not become more Democratic; it's become more independent,"-

David Boomer, campaign manager for Lee Terry

(maybe Esch is right)

Anonymous said...

maybe we should look into the Kolwaski Group, Boomer's lobbying firm on the east coast

Anonymous said...

Aren't there two democratic candidates for congress from the third district? Anyone know who the guy is?

Anonymous said...

That is a total and complete lie, anonymous 4:49. Boomer's not at La Casa.

Anonymous said...

NE2 has become more Independent--btw--Terry won them in 08.

Anonymous said...

I sure hope "Boomer" has a video camera that can see faces about 170 yards away.

Anonymous said...

Now Ian, no need to use State resources to spread lies and rumors about people, you should have Matt Samp do that for you. Iknow for a fact, Dave Boomer is not at LaCasa.

If he were, I would be getting an amazingly delicious LaCasa original hamburger and black olive with both cheeses large pizza for dinner tonight. Since I am making pasta, he must not be at LaCasa.

Maybe that guy on the roof is a disgruntled former law client office client of Tom White's?

Anonymous said...

Is Boomer that little guy with the big mustache playing the tiny guitar above the La Casa pizza place?

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

Oops, way too many clients there, but then again, we are talking about Tom White, aren't we.

Anonymous said...

Omaha would support a professional sports team if it was planned, organized, and advertized well.

Street Sweeper said...

Boomer, your little "disguise" isn't fooling anyone!
Here's proof right here that you're standing right there on Leavenworth Street! (not the blog...)

Anonymous said...

What does Oklahoma City have that Omaha doesn't?

Why did they get an NBA team and we didn't?

I think PJ Morgan was right, let's set our sights high.

Anonymous said...

Pepe Boomer

Anonymous said...

Hey Sweep Honey, could ya' bring me and the kids home a pizza? I don't feel like cookin' tonight, Sugarkins.

Anonymous said...

Pepe La Casa Boomer and Terry LeLand in da' houze....

Anonymous said...

I hope when Boomer is done with his surveilance he will buy me a pizza from La Casa's.


Anonymous said...

Does La Casa pay for all this free promo material? Does Tom White have a float?

Anonymous said...


Protect the Unborn
Welcome the immigrant
Defend the poor
Visit the elderly
Take care of the sick

macdaddy said...

What Oklahoma City had that we don't was an opportunity afforded by Hurricane Katrina to get an NBA team to that city in the first place. Once there, the people of OKC made sure that the NBA felt like royalty and proved that they could handle a pro team. Maybe if a tornado destroys Chicago, we'd have the opportunity to host the Cubs. After that, then we could make a play for the Anaheim Angels. I suggest that some of you hold your breath until that happens.

Anonymous said...

The added benefit of that is that, at least temporarily, it would clean up politics in that not as windy as Omaha city.

Anonymous said...

Pepe, I served with Boomer, I knew Boomer, Boomer is a friend of mine. Pepe, you're no Boomer

Anonymous said...

So Lisa is working for Lee Terry?

By the way, the lines were out the door and the place was packed. Looked like White has a ton of support and Boomer's going to learn his Karl Rove tactics won't be working this time.

Roger Snowden said...

Screw this "anonymous" crap. If you want to comment on either Lee Terry or Matt Sakolosky, have the balls to take of the damned mask.

When the Republican Party says they encourage new candidates, then specifically denies new candidates information resources in the same breath, it is a tad harsh to dismiss the newcomer as an "amateur".

Maybe being this sort of "professional" is not so honorable after all. Once upon a time, our best statesmen were citizens who served, not professional politicians. I'll take that sort of amateur over any careerist of the moment.

The current antics of the state and local party leadership more resembles Chicago politics than the Nebraska I have known for so many years.

If we are going to preemptively endorse candidates, without even the Central Committee voting on it, months prior to the primary, then why bother with primaries at all? Why not just appoint the candidates in back room meetings?

Or, just declare ourselves Democrats. I thought we were better than this.

Anonymous said...

What does OKC have that Omaha doesn't?

Well, for one, a billionaire owner willing to have a large west coast city want him dead for hijacking the team from Seattle.

Anonymous said...

Oh Roger, go back to drinking your tea. The problem that everyone has with your friend is the assumption that he can just show up, out of nowhere, never having helped another Republican, or the Party for that matter, and rarely bothering to vote on a regular basis, and jump to the top of the ticket.

I promise you that if your little friend makes any headway in the next 4 1/2 months that Lee Terry will be the least of his problems. He will not be welcomed in, he will be shunned and the Party will support the 2 or 3 (at least) stronger candidates than Matt. Matt can't walk around town and tell people he really would have preferred not to run as an R, but it was the Party that best fit his point of view and political aspirations (because the Party that he really wants to run as gets laughed at).

Please quit trying to convince everyone that Matt Sakalosky is not a professional politician, he was politician enough to figure out that he needed to try to scam the Republican Party and its activists into supporting him even though he doesn't "consider" himself a Republican.

This, and no other, is the reason the County Parties and the State Party have taken the position they have. Lee Terry is not as divisive (in either Party!) as Chuck Hagel was and aside from the "proverbial" bed or closet story, he will continue to serve the District as long as the District would like him to.

BTW, what is Matt's plan to get anyone from Center to Left to bother voting for him?

Anonymous said...

I found the 'updates' from the Barrett party pretty funny... lol.

Just goes to show that even the Dems will post on LS when they want to get the word out!

Anonymous said...

Speaking of the Barett 'party,' any chatter there about Lathrop chickening out on a Gov race?

Anonymous said...

Looks like the D party candidate recruitment by Jim Rogers and Matt Samp ain't going too well.


Anonymous said...

Omaha could never land a pro baseball team becasue we do not have the TV market to support it. KC is barely big enough to support theirs.

The NBA is different becasue each individual team is not as dependadnt on local TV money as baseball is.

The only pro sport I could ever see working here is the NFL, but UNL and the legislature would never allow that to happen.

Anonymous said...

I didn't hear the conversation on the Good Morning Show about this, but is it possible that they were talking not about getting a Major League pro team but instead a Minor League pro team?

It seemed to me that several months ago, the American Association was all for the idea of putting a team in Omaha at the downtown stadium. The large size of the stadium was maybe a small drawback, but one thing is for certain: the downtown stadium will be way too small for a Major League team.

I think it is a good idea. People will go for at least a few years just to hang out in the new stadium. It would get some use out of the new stadium, and they could try to start a little rivalry with the Lincoln Saltdogs. They play a short season, so it would be a lot better for sharing the stadium with Creighton (if Creighton was up for it).

Can the area support two minor league baseball teams? Who knows, but we're building two stadiums, so we might as well use them.

Right Wing Professor said...

Lincoln is 30 miles SW of Omaha?

I knew it! I knew there had to be a short cut!

Roger Snowden said...

Anonymous-- Your name says it all.

How do you distinguish yourself from the Tom White worshipers posting under your name? Or are you one and the same, trolling?

So, who is "the party"? That tiny group of individuals who got together over the Summer break and made decisions for the Central Committee? And the rest of us are what? Chopped liver?

Why bother even having a primary, if individual voters are not qualified to make decisions? You speak as though you want to attract new voters, but your actions scream otherwise.

Appeal to center and left, but screw actual conservatives.

This party clearly needs new blood, but you want to keep that from happening. Oh, we need new candidates, sure. But not this candidate, not this office.

A candidate earns the right to take office by holding himself up to the voters openly, as Matt is doing. That he has not been politically active in the past, but is active today, speaks volumes for him. You want to make him out to be a political hack, but your own accusatory admission clarifies he is anything but.

In any case, it is up to the Republican voters to make this decision, not the cronies in the back room.

But you don't want that. You want to shut him down outright. Choke him off, starve him out.

Regarding party affiliation and loyalty, many of us are life-long Republicans, but still consider ourselves conservatives first.

I cannot respect those who insist ideology is unimportant. Ideology is the point of politics to begin with. Thus, many of us consider the "party" to be disloyal to those of us who consistently hold conservative ideals.

The party is a vehicle to an end, it is not the end in itself. Too many Republicans are more concerned with pleasing the Left than respecting what most of us consider important: conservatism.

A simple solution: invite both candidates to the next Central Committee meeting, or the one after, and have a short debate. Actual Committee delegates then decide, not the executive committee.

Do Lee Terry supporters truly fear Matt Sakolosky? If not, then why this despicable behaviour?

Anonymous said...

Roger Snowden --

True words! I completely agree with you.

Another Omaha Republican

Anonymous said...

Looks like the DCCC and their pals at ABC News are working together to make Lee Terry look like he's defending the major health care perks some members of Congress use. Of course, Lee doesn't need a lot of help looking and sounding clueless in front of a TV camera.

Anonymous said...

Lee Terry and/or his campaign staff "fear" Matt Sakalosky? They may be concerned about having to waste some money in the primary swatting a gnat but, all they really need to do is replay interviews Matt has done. He beats himself every time he opens his mouth to discuss his positions or his opponent.

Anonymous said...

I saw the interview, it looked to me like the DCCC should spend some time defending their Members that enjoy the benefit of the Attending Physician's Office, but refuse to vote to allow the common American into their health insurance pool. If they won't let Commoners in, then they should have voted for the Amendment that would require them to go into the public option that they want everyone in.

Why wouldn't the Dems support either of these Amendments when they had the opportunity to do so with their votes?

To top that off, didn't Lee Terry say that he doesn't partake in the perk of the attending office except for when someone visiting the Capitol needs help from them?

I wonder how much health care the oldest Member of the Senate has received for his $503 a year? Probably a lot more than Rep Steve Kagen has for his entire rehab of private physical therapy sessions following knee surgery in the Attending's Office.

Roger Snowden said...

Lee Terry has to waste money "swatting gnats"?

Why bother, if Matt is nothing more than a gnat?

Ignore him. Pay no attention at all. Point the nose high, assume an arrogant stance and just hope he goes away.

After all, as a rank amateur, Matt Sakolosky can pose no threat to the machine, can he?

Or, take Matt up on his offer: no advertising before the primary, and engage in two debates.

Got cojones?

Anonymous said...

I have 2 pieces of advice for Roger Snowden:

1) If you don't like Anons, post somewhere else. Sweeper gets to make the rules here.

2) If you don't like the fact the the constitution of the local party guides the permissible activity of the Exec Committee, well, leave the Central Committee.

See ya'.

Anonymous said...

Only a fool would ignore someone trying to take over the world.

Anonymous said...

Interesting comment from Lee Terry vis a vie his vote on the bank bail out bill. Sounds a bit like John Kerry when he said he was against going to war with Iraq before voting to go to war with Iraq. Squishy politics. And "in hindsight, he'd vote against the bail out"? What?! Let's get a committed CONSERVATIVE in the District 2 seat. I like Sakalosky more and more, as time goes on as I learn more about him.

Anonymous said...

3) check to see if you are in fact even still on the CC after missing so many times.

Anonymous said...

Am I the only one that remembers what I felt like during that week last Fall?

I also remember how I felt when I got my kids Nebraska College Savings Plan statement in January. It was down more than 30% and I was thrilled with the Members of Congress who refused to ever allow money to go to Wall Street again.

Congressman Terry's vote, I believe did prevent our economy from going over the cliff and I do not envy him having to go against his core values to vote to try and save millions of people from losing everything they had ever worked for.

So, Roger, go fly a kite and take Poster Boy with you.

Anonymous said...

Anon 12:13 -- yeah, that Congressman Terry is sure a peach, huh? He really, really cares and worries about people losing their jobs and having their families near financial ruin, huh?

I don't think so.

Anonymous said...

If Lee had to go against his Core Values, then they are not Core Values. They cannot be convenient one day, then not the next. This is true career politician talk.

Lee also said that Warren Buffet talked him into it...while Warren was advising the Obama campaign, maybe there is something to the Terry/Obama voter effort. He listened to the very team that said if we did a 'second stimulus' right now, then we would hold unemployment to 8%. Well, looks like they were very wrong there.

Roger makes some good points, Lee has been consistently voting on government intervention into the private markets, the lastest is the Cash for Clunkers programs. So when you talk about going against Core Values, he seems to be going against them all the time.

As a life long Republican, I support the best candidate period. The party does not matter to me, they are only a few. I'll take a fair look at both candidates.

The same people trashing Matt are the same that trashed Palin. They never like the newcomers. I really like people that have been successful in the private sector, not Washington elites...although I do not have any vehement dislikes about Terry, but I'm open to other candidates within the party. Either way, let's be open and see what the choices are, only time will tell.

Anonymous said...

Wrong again, I loved Palin and look forward to supporting her in her next run for office. BTW, she was not a newcomer, she worked her way to the top, office by office.

Without looking it up, I bet Matt doesn't even know who his CB rep is. Why didn't he look at that seat since it is held by someone with a less than stellar conservative vote record? Where are his "core" values at the local level?

I'll tell you why, the County isn't a big enough platform for him to promote his business through. Matt is a PR person, he gets to use the handful of public appearances to promote his business and he seems to enjoy doing it. His favorite PR client is himself, which says a lot.

BTW, his biggest donor is also himself.

Anonymous said...

Hey, big shot Republicans, back off!

Lee Terry isn't a King, its called Democracy. Local Republican officials need to allow for challengers. They should be neutral and fair and not deny resources to the challenger.

This isn't Chicago, its Omaha. Don't let Lee Terry's gang muscle you out Matt! And if you start to gain support be prepared for personal attacks by Terry's hitman from the east coast, David "Pepe" Boomer

GeosUser said...

The myth (undocumented assertion) that the bank/wall street bailout prevented the US economy from entering a depression is not factual. Those trillions of dollars went in the front door and almost immediately out the back door to the counterparties in credit default swaps written on mortgage backed securities. What would have happened if the bailout money wasn't there? The companies that were too heavily engaged in those transactions would have gone bankrupt and there are established legal proceedings to resolve bankruptcy cases (see Enron, Worldcom, etc.). Yes, the stock market would have taken a major hit and investors in those specific companies would have lost 100% of their invested funds. But claiming the banking system would collapse is ridiculous. Most banks in the US were not involved to a large degree. The "big" banks who were would have failed. So as far as the average taxpayer goes, you might have had to change banks but you wouldn't have lost your deposits. Now all current and future taxpayers are going to be burdened with crushing national debt and an increasingly worthless dollar because politicians either were stupid or wanted to take care of their wealthier donors.

Anonymous said...

Wah,wah, wah--those big bad Republicans shut the poor little neophyte out of the hunt. So? If this "opponent" of Lee Terry had any depth, message or issues to discuss with knowledge, he'd stop whining about being shut out of the game. Truth be told, he had ways of getting in the game and chose to micromanage his amateur campaign instead. He complains and wastes people's time who could pull him on board. He didn't do his homework and to listen to him is to hear a shallow squeak that hasn't a clue how to run a campaign to be elected. Lee should ignore him like an annoying half dead fly in October seeking to get inside from the cold.

Anonymous said...


Lee Terry vote for the bailout even though the majority of his constituents wanted him to vote against it. He listened to his wealthy friends instead of the people.

Lee Terry broke his promise on term limits. He wanted to hang on to his career and power instead of trying to reform the system.

Lee Terry keeps accepting his Congressional pay raise and his socialized health care that all of Congress gets while us working people pay more in taxes and get higher health care bills.

Lee Terry admitted he sits at "the kiddie table", meaning he has no clout in Washington. We need someone with clout and respect in DC to deliver for our district.

Lee Terry, even though he's been in elected office for literally his whole adult life has not had one important, significant legislative achievement. We can do better 2nd District!

Anonymous said...

Anon 1:46 is so obviously a Democrat. Same lines, different, different Play.

Wow, maybe Sakalosky is a pawn for the Dems? Didn't he grow up in South O?

Maybe he is part of the game they played in CC6 when they would not support a candidate in the race so voter turnout would be suppressed in predominantly Republican CC6?

Just saying...

Roger Snowden said...

So, what I'm hearing from the various iterations of Anonymous is:
1 Anonymity is honorable, thus an identified individual such as myself has no real business commenting here.
2 Matt is inconsequential because the big donors don't support him. Fatcat donors = legitimacy.
3 Party rules make dirty shenanigans easy, therefore justified.
4 If I speak out too vociferously I might get tossed off the CC, despite having been elected twice.
5 Matt indeed should be ignored, but somehow you just can't do it.
6 Lee saved America from itself by adopting the Obama agenda on spending
7 real Republicans love big government.

Did I miss anything

Oh, and who needs this democracy crap anyway?

Anonymous said...

I can't seem to recall Lee Terry commenting on Matt unless he was asked to by the Press.

It sounds to me like everyone, including Lee Terry are trying to ignore Matt, but the constant tantrums he and Lois throw at the feet of all Party officials make ignoring him difficult. Sounds like they have just decided to choose to quit answering the door to someone that wanted nothing to do with them until last Spring.

It is kind of like asking your "favorite" Aunt to include you in her will when you've not bothered to visit the nursing home in the last 2 years.

Anonymous said...

To anonymous who says that Matt is promoting his business is full of it. If you knew anything about Matt, none of his business is done here locally, so there is not a single benefit to himself whatsoever, shows how little you know about him or his business...

I'm a democrat and voting for White all the way, but you've crossed the line of decency.
I completely disagree with Matt on politics, but he's coached our son and he's a very good guy. He is neither self-aborbed or self-promotional as you describe him, why don't you go ask people that know him before you go out slandering, huh?

You guys can't even see your own miserable and underperfoming failures, haha, lucky for the Dems...this last election proved it.

Doesn't matter either way because I'm voting for White and hope Lee holds on strong because we are going to beat him easily next year and will savor every minute of it.

Anonymous said...

I think you are inflating Tom White's worth.

Nancy Thompson was a much more effective and much better regarded legislator--you might remember what that margin was in the 04 race.

Sakalosky? Don't know much about him--but he has every right to run--all you have to do is pay the filing fee and meet the constitutional age requirement. T

Uncle Wiggily said...

You doods in the CD2 have all the fun ... political in-fighting, scandals, knockdown-dragout campaigns, etc., etc.

All we have out here in the Third is a Congressman that nearly everyone approves of and whose unexciting challengers tend to be drop-in dropouts from Yale. At least the current one didn't parachute in and then claim to be a stump-jumpin', brush-bustin', Sand-hiller who drinks his whiskey clear. She's still gonna get her (presumably) shapely rump handed to her though, so we're doomed to yet another unexciting campaign.

Maybe I'll move to Omaha just to get to participate in the roman carnival.

Naaahh ...

Anonymous said...

Lee Terry and his clan personally attack EVERYONE and ANYONE that runs against them. It's just how they roll. They have the mentality of, "How dare you run against Lee!"

Anonymous said...

I actually think White decided to get in the cong race because he knew he'd probably lose reelection to the legislature. Advocacy of no-age limit in the safe haven bill made White look foolish.

Anonymous said...

Anonymous 4:05--just like your guy Esch beat Terry? lol

Anonymous said...

Also . . . bet my bottom $$$ all of the posts here suppsedly attacking Sak are coming from the White staffers...

No wonder his Capitol office was closed again...no one was working there--too busy blogging garbage.

Anonymous said...

Agreed. You think White staffers would be working the campaign, not blogging sh*t here.

Reminds me of Esch's staff--Mary Barrett was calling people in D.C. to find out where the best areas were for houses.

Anonymous said...

But Uncle Wiggly ... you've got BTO!

Roger Snowden said...

"It is kind of like asking your "favorite" Aunt to include you in her will when you've not bothered to visit the nursing home in the last 2 years."

And this is precisely the problem with our party today. We must seek the bequest of the insiders to even be considered by actual voters. God forbid we should let them participate in the electoral process!

Anonymous said...

Anonymous 4:47--aka Kyle, Ian Hannah Montana & Samp:


Anyone can run for Congress--just pay the filing fee--Sak is welcome to do it.

Terry's had primary opponents before--check the results.

Anonymous said...

Interesting that White and the Dem staffers blog here and not at NNN.

Can't blame them actually.

Maybe they should get out though and try and recruit some Dem candidates?

Jim Rogers? Hello.... any one at NDP?

Anonymous said...

Roger Snowden--why do you think that post is from a Republican?

The Dems are playing head games w/you and you're falling for it.

You're smarter than that!

Anonymous said...

If Matt isn't promoting his business, why is it on his website? why are there links for all of his clients? And why are all those clients outside of Nebraska? Why doesn't he do business with Nebraska businesses?

I should be able to learn about a candidate from their website, but when you go to his all you get is chopped up videos of Matt, and a lot of quotes from other politicos.

Matt likes to quote people, is that because he has nothing of his own to offer? Joining a club does not qualify you for office.

If you want to garner any respect, come up with something of your own, stop with the cut and paste and regurgitating of your clubs ideas, we already know that you are computer savvy, please get original.

Anonymous said...

Bill Clinton: "I did not have sex with that woman . . ."

Ian Russell: "I'm not posting on Leavenworth Street . . ."

nuff said?

Anonymous said...

Everything you read here from the "I hate Lee Terry" posters you heard in 04 06 and 08.

Nothing's new. Same stuff. Except the voters didn't buy it in 04 06 or 08.

Anonymous said...

Roger at 5:10--but nobody's stopping Sak. If he wants to run, run. What's the issue/problem?

Anonymous said...

"Nothing's new. Same stuff. Except the voters didn't buy it in 04 06 or 08."

Uh, watch it. More and more voters bought it each election. Next year's gonna throw him out for good!

Anonymous said...


2010 is gonna be a good cycle for the Republicans--people in NE2 aren't gonna send Pelosi another vote.

You couldn't beat Terry in a terrible year for the GOP w/$1 mil in attack ads.

Vic and Rogers are really foolish to blow off the other races--your turnout will flop. Goodbye.

Anonymous said...

Anonymous 5:59--you should head up the office of redundancy. That's all you guys do--spout the same drivel and bile attacking Terry day after day.

Only thing you don't do is beat him in elections. Goodbye.

Anonymous said...

is it so revolutionary for a party to help its incumbent office holders to make sure a Republican still holds that seat?

I don't think anyone has an issue with Matt running? I hear more of his people complain about how unfair it is then folks that honestly have an issue with him.

Does anyone really think for a second that the democrats would support both an incumbent for an office and his dem challenger?

Get out of fairy tale land.

Anonymous said...

I bet Pepe Boomer is already sharpening his personal attacks.

Anonymous said...

"Pepe Boomer"; one who engages in personal political attacks in order to keep his client, 6 time incumbent Lee Terry in power. "Pepe" referring to the La Casa sign's logo where Boomer allegedly set up surveilance of opponent's Tom White's fundraiser nearby at Barret's hoping to film a White supporter drunk.

Scott Bluff said...

I actually had the opportunity to see Brian T. Osborn this past weekend. He was at Ben Nelson's town hall health-care forum in Scottsbluff. He didn't ask any questions, but was talking to Sen. Nelson afterwards. I always expected him to be some wild eyed crazy guy, but he seemed perfectly normal to me.
I wish we had more people like him out here in the western part of the state, just not as liberal as he seems to be. At least he has the courage to stand up and be counted.

Anonymous said...

That is not true

Anonymous said...

The stuff about David "Pepe" Boomer is not true - I was just joking

Anonymous said...

David Boomer was not at La Casa's as far as I know, I was only joking guys.

Anonymous said...

And I am still waiting for my damn pizza!

Anonymous said...

BTO doesn't ask questions of the politicians he attacks when he's face to face and in front of an audience. He saves that for when he's safely behind his computer. BTO also makes sure he takes his meds before any big event to get himself under control. Otherwise, he'd be one of the wild eyed nuts you see sometimes.

macdaddy said...


You are confusing blog posts with real action. I'd be willing to bet that if I asked all my friends, relatives, and co-workers who Matt "Sak" was, I'd come up with a big fat zero. If I asked them what they thought of Lee Terry, I doubt I'd get the type of anger that is required to unseat an incumbent during a primary challenge, but here on Leavenworth Street, people try to make it look like the Crips vs the Bloods. Matt doesn't have a snowball's chance in Hell. If he really wanted to make it in politics, I'd give him the same advice I'd give Jim Esch after I told him to get a job: pick a race you can win and go win it. Once you get the first one under your belt, build on it. First-timers don't do so well against fairly popular incumbents in important offices. Hell, even John Murtha didn't get beat and the guy's as crooked as a dog's hind leg, slandered active-duty Marines from the floor of Congress, and is wasting tax money faster than Obama.

Anonymous said...

Clearly NSEA was letting the Dems know they don't care who runs for Governor. They're with Heinemann. Why wait around, when they're clearly going with him no matter what?

Anonymous said...

WOWT is reporting a former female employee of Papillion is getting a cash settlement of $200K from the city and that they're not "commenting at all about the accusations that led to a settlement between the city and the employee."

But if it weren't for this next fact I wouldn't post it here, but this employee had worked for the former Mayor Blinn...I'm not saying that there's a scandal (I hope there isn't), but that's sorta the tone I'm getting from the story..

Brian T. Osborn said...

Geez! I'm away for a few days and I find I'm still a topic of discussion here on Leavenworth Street. I guess you really, really like me.

Scott Bluff,
Just so you know. I don't eat babies for breakfast. And, I asked the Senator if he would vote for cloture on a Senate healthcare bill. His response was noncommittal. I'd have to say, I've never heard anyone say so little with so many words in all my life.

Anon 8:39,
I ask the questions, face to face, about two feet apart actually. I prefer the personal answer than the public one. You, on the other hand, are still hiding behind your mommy's skirt - anonymously. The only "meds" I take have C2H5OH in 'em, preferably brewed by Guinness. I'll be in Omaha this weekend if you want to see how "wild-eyed" I can get. Come to the Nebraska Democratic Party State Central Committee meeting at the Metropolitan Community College - Fort Omaha Campus. Our meetings are open to the public - but you have to take off your mask.

Anonymous said...

Here's some good news for Tom White...

Just in that the unemployment rate hit 9.8%--highest in 26 years.

Have fun defending your party's econ program (or lack thereof), Tom.

Anonymous said...

Roger Snowden = The Republican BTO

Anonymous said...


That 'stimulus' bill that White says he'd have voted for has really worked well hasn't it.


Anonymous said...

Tom White's econ plan=Jimmy Carter malaise

NE Voter said...

James Blinn = Epic Fail. Papillion taxpayers on the hook for at least $200,000. Glad the truth has finally come out.

I wonder why Joe "Nebraska Watchdog" Jordan wasn't on this?

Love those Nebraska values.

Anonymous said...

I heard a few people got food poisoning from Barrett's Wed. night. True?

Anonymous said...

The 'stimulus' bill was idiotic. If you want to pump the economy, get the $$$ into it ASAP. But that bill holds most of the $$$ till next year.

What's White gonna do when unemployment is 11 or 12%?

Anonymous said...

Anon 9:46 AM - Pleae work on your reading comprehension skills.

The insurer - not the city - is paying up. The city will likely face increased premiums - but its just not accurate to say that the city is on the hook for $200k.

Anonymous said...

Suttle wants to say that he didn't help create the issue.


Wasn't Mayor Suttle on the City Council when the mess was created? Didn't he help create the mess?

Again. Huh??

What part of stupid does Jim Suttle think the public is???

I say we run ads and use those comments against him either when Stupid is recalled or when he thinks he can run for a 2nd term.

Anonymous said...

Let's see, they "dated" for months, he resigned as Mayor when she threatened him, she worked for the Mayor, not the Mayor's Office and she refused a new position in another department when the new Mayor took over and wanted to pick his own exec asst.

Why is she getting $200,000? Unless their was a crime committed against her, and if there was, why didn't she just go to the police, she does not deserve a penny. The person bothering her was gone, was she concerned she might be sexually harassed by someone else? Why did she leave her job at the Foundation?

Anonymous said...

I'm always amazed at what saints contribute to this blog ready to stand the high ground pointing fingers at others. WoW. How's a guy like me ever going to get to the same heaven as the rest?

Anonymous said...

I'm going to hell anyway. Give me the dirt.