Friday, March 06, 2009

Hal Daub: Union Man

The OWH reports today that Omaha Mayoral candidate Hal Daub will receive endorsements from "many" of the 33 unions and their 20,000 members that make up the Omaha Federation of Labor.

Of those 33 unions, the OWH contacted 14 of them. Of those 14, 3 said they are endorsing Daub -- the Plumbers, the Steamfitters and the Omaha City Employees -- and 2 -- the Painters and Plasters & Cement Masons -- said they could be leaning toward Daub. The other 9 contacted by the OWH said they were undecided.

However, OFL's president, Terry Moore said that Daub will take in the many after they all make their decisions next week. The significance comes from the fact that the OFL has never endorsed Hal Daub in his political career.

A couple of quotes from Daub's new supporters:
"We'd rather have a Democrat in office than a Republican," said Mark McColley, the (Steamfitters) union's business manager. But, he said, the union thinks Daub is the strongest candidate.
Daub "has a history of not supporting labor and labor issues, of not sticking up for the working people," said Patrick Stoysich, business manager of Local (Painters) 109. "But I'm being told he's moving in a good direction for all of us."
Not only is that a pretty strong endorsement of Daub ("ordinarily we would never support him, but now we do"), but it's pretty damning of the Democrat candidate, Councilman Jim Suttle. Even with the caveats that those guys presented, they still are not willing to support Suttle? Ouch.

Unorthodox support like that for Daub makes him a very powerful candidate going into April...and May.


Just yesterday we featured the Lincoln City Council candidacy of lingerie and electronics salesman "Dr. John" Haltom.

But no sooner do we talk about Dr. John's campaign then we get the startling news that Dr. John has a felony conviction (for selling porn to minors) in Utah, and therefore is probably restricted from holding office in Nebraska.

The Nebraska Constitution reads:
No person convicted of a felony shall be eligible to any such office unless he shall have been restored to civil rights.
But as Lancaster County Election Commissioner Dave Shively points out, "he accepted Haltom's filing for office because he is registered to vote, as required to run for office". So here's a question: If you can't actually hold (or be eligble for) office, can you be barred from filing for office? (Well...probably.)

But in any case, Dr. John is really way ahead of his (unstated and denied) goal of getting more publicity for himself. Filing for election? Check. Getting an additional article written about him because of his possible denial to file? Check.

Possible court case on the way in order to stop him? Check check check.

U-S-A! U-S-A!


GOP Mark Fahleson in a release yesterday:
A week ago Sen. Nelson was seen at the State of the Union fawning over President Obama like a teenager at a Jonas Brothers concert.
We enjoy the pop-culture references coming out of the GOP. Mark has three daughters, and should know about such.

And just the other day I was asking, What ever happened to Menudo...

(Nice looking website for the NEGOP, by the way.)


KMTV's Joe Jordan has an "exclusive" that Governor Dave Heineman is endorsing Hal Daub for Mayor.

Hmm. But where have we heard that before? Hmm. Hmm. Oh yeah:

"Heineman will endorse Daub", Leavenworth Street, January 14, 2009.


Deadline today for filing for the Omaha Mayor's race. Surprises? Not likely.

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dave said...

Yeah, that NEGOP website is a cheap templated design. It lacks any true design and sucks!

Nothing New said...

Old news on Daub, already posted on another blog.

OmaSteak said...

The AFL/CIO folks may back Daub just on the basis of his taxpayer-backbreaking-Omaha as NYC development plans (light rail, expand the Hilton, expand the convention center, etc.) which would mean lots of union workers with lots of work. Daub is a visionary for sure but Omaha is a city with a beer budget not needing a mayor with champagne tastes. BTW, just how large has the Mayor's staff become??? Hal wants to add at least 2 $100+k/year positions already. There's an area just ripe for some budget cutting.

Anonymous said...


Sometimes you have to spend some money to make some money. Hal is the answer to keep Omaha moving forward.

Anonymous said...

Hal grew Omaha's economy during his years as mayor and not one tax increase!!!

OmaSteak said... about paying off some of the massive debt already accumulated before piling on a whole lot more...with a lowered bond rating meaning much higher borrowing costs. I'm sure if there's money to be made, the private sector would be very interested...beyond Hal's biggest donors who stand to make millions from city contracts and from first chance at buying the bonds. Does anyone ever wonder who the "private" donors are in these public/private partnerships and what those donors get in return??? Heritage Services probably gets a pretty decent kickback too on money raised. If Hal could reign in his overwhelming desire to leave taxpayer funded monuments to himself, I might even give voting for him serious consideration. As it stands now, I wouldn't vote for any of the 3 major candidates.

OmaSteak said...

BTW, you "invest" money to make "spend" money to consume.

Anonymous said...

Not always OmaSteak, not always.

Anonymous said...

Street Sweeper: Joe Jordan gets the credit for the exclusive, not you, since we know what his name is.

Street Sweeper said...

It's not important for Street Sweeper to have credit. All the cred goes to Leavenworth Street.


Anonymous said...

You all got that?

Sarpy poll watcher said...

Remember that Fahlson was Quandahl's mouth piece, as well as Ricketts during the 2006 Senate race. I suspect this is only the beginning. As thin-skinned as Sen. Nelson is, it's only time before Ben starts to itch.

Anonymous said...

I think its pretty discouraging news for Jim Suttle;

the Unions will support Daub
Frank Browin will support Vokal
Mike Fahey is neutral

the only thing that can save Suttle is a visit from Obama.


Anonymous said...

For a labor leader, Terry Moore is pretty darn cozy with big business and Republicans.

Anonymous said...

I heard Vokal is seriously bleeding for money. Hal is running a top shelf campaign. His ground game with union folks supporting him is going to put him over the top. $$ plus volunteers + union supporters + Governor Dave and Senator Johanns endorsements = VICTORY.

Macdaddy said...

SS, where did all the Daubomaniacs go who keep accusing you of being in the tank for Vokal. You mean that all it took was for you to say that he is very strong going into the election? Or is it that they can't argue with the obvious fact that Daub has "grown," i.e., is going to sell Omaha taxpayers down the river in favor of the unions?

Anonymous said...

Local yokel Vokel versus Daub's military and politic experience.

Ignore that a your political peril.

Sure Daub is a cranky guy who plows his own furrow regardless what you think. But Daub didn't force Vokal to take union money and than do a flip flop making Vokal look like a bugeyed dimwit.

Anonymous said...

For a guy who supposedly has no money and no chance, Hal Daub and Jim Suttle spend an inordinate amount of time worrying about Jim Vokal.

macdaddy said...

Is Daub going to turn down the OFL endorsement or are only the police and fire unions persona non grata? It's a very simple question. Who's side is Daub on? Taxpayers or the unions? See, I took the item about the OFL as more proof that SS is in the tank for Vokal because surely no self-respecting Republican would want the unions' endorsements and here is SS drawing attention to that. But apparently Anonymous doesn't see it like that. To me that says that Daub is fine with those endorsements and has probably had discussions with the OFL telling them what he can do for them. So whose side are you on Mr. Daub? Taxpayers or the unions?

Anonymous said...

macdaddy - you must have recently moved to Omaha, but thanks for that laugh. Yeah, Hal Daub is completely beholden to the unions! LOL.

From the World-Herald article last Friday:

"'We'd rather have a Democrat in office than a Republican,' said Mark McColley, the union's business manager. But, he said, the [steamfitters] union thinks Daub is the strongest candidate."

3rd floor watcher said...

Macdaddy or Crackdaddy: I don't know what you have been smoking but Hal Daub in Congress was one of the biggest "Right to Work" supporters ever. Not exactly a pro-union agenda position. Hal though has worked with unions to create jobs. So are you saying Jim Vokal will deliberately lose jobs to show he is anti-union???

Anonymous said...

macdaddy, the steamfitters, iron workers, plumbers, et cetera don't collectively bargain contracts with the ciy. Fire and police do. The trade and craft groupds just understand or believe that Daub would be the most likely to do things that will result in them getting work.

macdaddy said...

First of all, I don't live in Omaha. So none of these groups are going to be working for the city? Perhaps they think that Daub is going to have some nice big public works contracts coming their way. And Bathroom Floor Watcher, ever hear of "growing" in office? Are you sure Daub hasn't changed his tune in the last few years? It's been an awful long time since he's been in Congress and he's had a few disappointments since then. Maybe that taste for power is getting a little bitter. Are you guys certifying that Daub has not talked with the OFL? Or has he? And if he has, what did he tell them?

I don't know if Vokal would be any better, but for a Republican to attract all this union help, supposedly unsolicited, should give voters pause.

Anonymous said...

I think "macdaddy" may be "crackdaddy." He's smoking SOMETHING if he believes all that!

macdaddy said...

Anony 7:47 Wow, that was really funny. And so witty. I bet you did really well on your GED.

Anonymous said...

The point is, Hal has never been soft on unions. That's what makes their endorsement such a big deal. Even they, a typically Democratic stronghold, recognize he's the best candidate.

Anonymous said...

Jasmine loves Daub! YEAH! - *