Saturday, October 24, 2009

MJ: Weekly GOP Address On Health Care

Nebraska Senator Mike Johanns delivered the weekly GOP Address on Health Care.

Here is the video and the transcript follows. Enjoy!

“Hi, I'm Senator Mike Johanns of Nebraska.

“My Republican colleagues and I have a simple test for reforming health care: Will this legislation improve your life?

“Here's what I mean: Americans face rising health care costs, and it's increasingly difficult to get access to health care. True health care reform should decrease what you're paying, and make it easier for you to receive care. That should be a no-brainer.

“Yet current proposals in Congress don't accomplish this goal, and could even have the opposite effect, negatively impacting each and every one of us.

“To the working mother with a disabled child who uses a Flexible Spending Account and those pre-tax dollars for treatment, medicine, and therapy for your child: this plan will end these accounts as we know them today, and result in increased out of pocket costs.

“To the factory worker, who has forgone pay raises for the promise of better insurance benefits for you and your family: your health insurance will be taxed and your premiums will go up.

“To the recent college graduate burdened with student loans: you'll be forced to buy health insurance the government mandates, and if you refuse, you'll be hit with a penalty.

“To our seniors, who wish to receive care in the comfort of their homes: funding for hospice care and home health care services would be cut.

“My state, Nebraska, stands to lose $126 million for home health services, and many of the 38 Nebraska hospices would be in danger of literally shutting their doors. Nearly $500 billion will be cut from Medicare nationwide.

“The bottom line is this: we're nearing 10 percent unemployment. We have a record budget deficit, and many families are working hard just to put food on the table and to pay the bills. Yet, there's no doubt about it: these proposals will negatively impact pocketbooks and paychecks across America.

“President Obama has promised open deliberations in front of C-SPAN cameras for all Americans to learn how reform will impact them. However, a 1,500 page bill, full of carve-outs and backroom deals, is currently being brokered behind closed doors.

“We're about to significantly alter one-sixth of our economy—now is not the time to shut Americans out.

“Reports of this deal-making are shameful. Why do Michigan, Rhode Island, Oregon and Nevada get special deals on Medicaid costs? Why do New Yorkers with Cadillac plans get a pass on paying the tax? It is shameful.

“So now, as a select few deliberate over legislation that will mean higher premiums across the board; higher taxes for hard-working families; and cuts to Medicare for senior citizens; I ask: will this improve your life?

“Republicans are in favor of lowering costs, reforming insurance so Americans can get care when they need it, and providing assistance for those who can't afford insurance.

“See, we stand ready with ideas to tackle those challenges. But hundreds of pages filled with backroom deals, higher insurance premiums, higher taxes, and cuts to Medicare are not the answer.

“I am Senator Mike Johanns of Nebraska. Thank you for your time.”


NE Voter said...

What a weakling. Johanns is a embarrassment.

Outside the Beltway said...

The only things ‘embarrassing’ about this are the Obama health care plan, his ‘audacity’ to propose it to the American people, and NE Voter’s grammar.

Anonymous said...

Johanns = BORING

Anonymous said...

Did he mention his support for companies protecting themselves against rape victims

Anonymous said...

Did Barry mention his support for Live Abortions!

Anonymous said...

Look closely and you can see the puppet strings being pulled in that video.

Mr. Rogers called. He wants his voice back.

One Out In The Third said...

This is off-subject somewhat...but is Ol' Earmark Ben Nelson blind and stupid too? I read in this mornings paper that HE is interested in the option of states opting into Obamacare. Not only blind and stupid but a coward too...putting the monkey/albatross...POS legislation on the backs of state government.

This is government run health care Senator is not good across the board! Look at how you have managed Medicare and Medicaid. It is wrought with corruption and mismanagement Senator Nelson. Look at how state run health care is a failure in Massachusetts and around the freaking world. Get in the game Senator Nelson...a no vote is the only way you will ever be re-elected in my world and the world of my family and friends.

You are a coward and a disgrace to the Nebraskans you are not representing if you vote in favor of this piece of crap legislation that will bankrupt this nation further while sending healthcare back into the dark ages.

It's time for Ben Nelson and his ilk to go.

GOP at 20% said...

I find it interesting that Johanns is now expressing care about families with disabled family members. He must have come around after quitting his last... er... I mean quitting the job before the last job he quit. Oh, yeah, and what ideas did he put forward?