Thursday, September 17, 2009

Two tickets to paradise

**UPDATE 9/18/09 12:30pm**

According to Nebraska Watchdog, Lee Terry's campaign manager has asked Fahleson to rescind the ticket offer. That makes Tom White happy.

(Which is actually perfect, because it makes Terry the "good guy" and Fahleson takes the hits, per the job description.)


A year from now the 2nd District Congressional race will really be heating up.

Today? Meh. We get stuff like this:

Nebraska GOP Chair Mark Fahleson took to his personal blog, Mark That Down, to ask his readers to scan Democrat Tom White's financial filing to see if there's anything in there worth discussing.

In return, said Fahleson, the person with the best info would get two tickets to Nebraska vs Kansas State.

So what does Tom White do in response? Well, he of course takes his "case" to the social media: Facebook and Daily Kos.

But what is it exactly that White is complaining about? He says that the GOP is making personal attacks against him and his family? "Kneecapping"? Huhwha?

Fahleson asked people to look over White's disclosure. Well, guess what: the reason for filing this public document is so that the public can look it over and see if there is anything untoward in it.

White also doesn't like Fahleson's request that people send in info about Tom White campaigning negatively. (In other words, bad campaigning that White is doing.)

And in case you didn't know, White thinks these are all "Karl Rove-style tactics".

So this is what it's come to? You run crying to Facebook when someone looks at your FEC report?

When you see Tom White waving his hands at 72nd and Dodge, you'll know that someone sent him a Twitter with a frowny face.


But onto more political calculations, what about Fahleson's offer of tickets for someone's work?

Well, honestly, we're not crazy about the offer, in general (no matter how bad K. State may be at the time). Does it pass the smell test?

On average, we would guess that people aren't crazy about the idea of political muck-raking quid-pro-quo. (And is the NEGOP really that bereft of staffers?)

Then again, another way to look at it is, "Hey, in the end, this has gotten great PR! White is talking about it. Scott Voorhees is talking about it. You're reading about it. Now, even more people can dive in!"

Well...maybe. But is this really the best doc to throw all that into? Is there really that much there? I know, maybe that's the question. But maybe it would have been better left to a different topic. Then again, who knows. Maybe it is.

But one should figure that this is the document that people will be really diving at, so you better make it worth it.

Unless, of course, there are Oklahoma tickets on the line.


"RECALL!" is the word of the day. As in Mayor. As in Omaha.

Well, not necessarily a call for it. Yet.

But a whether it should even BE a discussion.

Joe Jordan, on the Nebraska Watchdog, interviewed Congressman Lee Terry to see what he thought.

Terry responded that he thought the discussion was a little early. Interesting.

(And then Kyle over at the NNN threw up in his mouth when he realized that he just agreed with Lee Terry on something.)

Of course, maybe a more politically adept answer would have been, "I don't know, that seems early. But ultimately it will be up to the Omaha voters to decide."

In any case, let's say that the wheels are already in motion, and that the "Recall Suttle" thing WILL happen.

Jordan lets us know that, "anyone circulating a recall petition would have 30 days to collect 26,642 valid signatures. Following a successul petition drive Suttle could choose to either resign or stand for election. If he ran and lost, another election would be held to choose Suttle’s successor."

So, that begs the question... who would run as Suttle's succesor?



OK, here's who we'll throw out:

Hal Daub -- a given, right? Like he would take the last loss lying down. Would people give him ONE MORE chance?

Jim Vokal -- probalby. He's set himself up via his OmaPac, and not leaving the Omaha political scene. But would he be willing to risk a second straight loss, if it wasn't guaranteed?

Dave Nabity -- the main proponent of the anti-Fire union gang. Nabity himself notes that he'd have to move his family. But you'd think that if he was willing to move to Lincoln, he'd be willing to move to Omaha.

P.J. Morgan -- Hmm. He's interested in the Douglas County Board, but of course he'd take the Mayor's office. And you'd think he'd be willing to take on Daub. But could voters be convinced to take him back after the way he left?

Dan Welch -- If other heavy hitters were in, probably not. Most think that Welch is more interested in the 2nd Congressional seat, should it come available. But there's always a chance.

The rest of the Omaha City Council -- you KNOW they all think they could run the city. But after Suttle, would voters give any a shot?

Now, we may or may not be on more of the Lee Terry slant here -- Suttle could certainly come back before a serious recall petition.

But dangit, what fun is it to sit back and pooh-pooh such things?! Lean in and give us YOUR suggestions on who would run and who could win!


To see a Mayor Jim Suttle who is VERY proud of raising taxes to balance the budget, check out KMTV's Brian Roberts and his full twenty-five minute interview with Suttle here.

And we would also steer you back to Joe Jordan's Nebraska Watchdog site for a more thorough discussion of what Jim Suttle knew and when did he know it regarding Omaha's finances during his election campaign.


Finally, how about MJ this week? (No, not the one in the NBA Hall.)

Nebraska Senator Mike Johanns pushed through an amendment in the Senate denying funds to ACORN, after their foray in pimpin', whorin' and voter fraudin'.

Then he was on the floor of the Senate today getting his amendment into the Department of Interior Appropriations Act. California Senator Dianne Feinstein suggested that a simple voice-vote be taken on Johanns's ACORN amendment, because, well, it was pretty clear that everyone (80+ Senators) was for it.

MJ got up and suggest to Feinstein that, no, a full recorded vote should be taken on the important issues, so that the American people knew where Senators stood on the issue.

(Oh, and so Senators like Feinstein couldn't have their cake and tell ACORNers that they were really on their side...)

Feinstein then suggested that the amendment wasn't even really needed, since there was no ACORN funding in the bill.

MJ got up and again, thinking on his feet on the Senate floor, pointed out that as a former Ag Secretary, he knew that once appropriations went out, they could often be spent however one wished. So unless there was specific language BARRING ACORN from receiving federal funds, you just never knew.

So here's to Mike Johanns.

Knowing how to make a point. Knowing the political score. And knowing how things really work in Washington.

And looking quiet and humble while kicking ass.

Take five minutes of your time and watch it here.




macdaddy said...

I'll bite on the White/Husker ticket issue: Fahleson must think this is the amateur hour. First of all, if he doesn't know for sure that there is something and knows what it is, he runs the risk of coming up empty and giving White a great few commercials in the upcoming. Second, if he thinks it's that important, he should devote more resources than 2 tickets at $55 each, hire a professional, and git 'er done. Third, it is much better to come up with dirt privately in order to spring it on an unsuspecting candidate at a most inopportune time. Fourth, this is Nebraska. I'm not sure Nebraskans in general will go for naked muck-raking, either figuratively or literally.

NE Voter said...

"Recall! Recall!!!!" Here we go, again.

The only thing Jim Suttle has done to "merit" a recall-- in his opponents' eyes -- is win his election. Nobody says you gotta love the guy or support his policies, but this entire discussion is driven by one thing -- sour grapes and sore losers.

If you want to gripe with someone about Suttle's election, take it up with Hal Daub. He's the guy that cost the Republicans their best shot at retaking the Mayor's office.

Hal's ego, hubris and refusal to exit the stage in favor of one or more Republican up-and-comers (who would have had a better shot in the general) are the causes of today's phony teeth-gnashing and crocodile tears over the City's budget problems.

From the standpoint of the budget, it made no difference who was elected Mayor -- whoever won was going to get stuck fixing the mess -- and raising your taxes. Yes, that includes Hal Daub or Jim Vokal.

"But Daub/Vokal would have solved the shortfall with cuts, and not raised my taxes" you cry. Dream on.

I'll probably post more later, if I have time, but I leave you with two predictions:

1. Cornhuskers top the Hokies on Saturday.

2. Within one hour of this post, aome Anonymous will accuse me of working for the Mayor's office. LOL.

For the record -- my track record on sports predictions is pretty poor. On the hand, my political predictions -- different story.

Anonymous said...

Mayor Suttle may not deserve to be recalled, but he needs remedial
PR as his case is terminal

Anonymous said...

Is it true that Fahleson is asking the people to look over or "scan" only 5 pages of his disclosure looking for dirt on Tom White? Only 5 pages? Can't he do that himself in like, oh, 5 minutes? What are we paying the NEGOP staff to do? Shouldn't this be their job? Or, better yet -- Boomer's job?

Anonymous said...

Who Wants to be a millionaire?

Probably plenty of people. But Tom White's disclosure shows he certainly is--a minimum of $1.693 million in assets (excluding his house(s)).

The common man. But why won't he disclose the info required as to each person who paid him more than $5k?
Ian? Matt S.?

Anonymous said...

And, you are assuming he hasn't done so already? Why do you think Tom White came out swinging first thing this morning? If I remember correctly, Mark wanted people to see if there was something that was a conflict of interest to Mr. White and his votes in the Legislature. Mr. White brought up his family.

It looks to me like Mark is winning this game of cat and mouse.

Right Wing Professor said...

I was bragging to my bicoastal friends all week about Iron Mike. Now it's time to add his amendment to all the appropriations bills. Given there's so much support in the Senate for it, maybe it can be done without a vote?

Anonymous said...

Was Tommie Boy this upset when his buddie Vic was imploring the users of the web to send him intel on Lee Terry last July?

Yeah, that's what I thought. Hypocrite!

Anonymous said...

Both Fahlson and White are being childish about this stuff. This is the kind of thing that just makes me want to sit it out and vote for neither. A good response from White would have been "They want to play games by offering people Husker tickets to dig up dirt that doesn't exist, in my financial report and on MY FAMILY." This isn't a game, and I'm not going to respond in kind. Please... do look over my financial report, thats why the law says these things should be made public, so it can be put up against public scrutiny... and after you're done doing that, shoot us an email about what issues you care about and see if I have the ideas you're looking for in a congressman."

But no... the circle jerk of BS continues.

Anonymous said...

As far as who the R's should run against Suttle, if/when they get enough recall sigs...

Toss out ALL of the big names and pick a fresh face. You want a sure win? Pick someone who isn't polemic, has a moderate streak and preferrably has a public service (cop, military officer, etc) or entrepreneurial background. No way I've voting for Suttle again, but you're going to have to do better than that to get swing voters like me, who are more likely to sit out than vote for also rans like Vokal and Nabity. Give a new face with some weight, a good back story and can make a decent speech... shoe in.

Paul M. said...

Tom White: If you are such an "independent" as you stated nearly 17 times during your ridiculous press conference, you wouldn't take your case to THE DAILY FREAKING KOS!!!!!!!!

THE DAILY FREAKING KOS is only read by lunatic left-wing socialist liberals. Why the heck would an "independent" be on that site, unless, GASP!, your stupid "independent" talk is nothing more than disingenuous idiot speak.

Anonymous said...

I listened to KFAB this morning and have now read the report. White said that the energy stocks belonged to his wife, but that's not what the report says. Those investments that are jointly held are clearly listed.

Did you not think people would check up on it?

Sorry Tom. You can maybe get away with falsehoods in a jury trial, but it ain't gonna work in a congressional campaign.

Anonymous said...

Hey, Anony 8:35.

Here is someone who fits the bill for you: Senator Mike Friend and he would make a great mayor. Ironically, he has a history of replacing someone named Suttle in office, having defeated Jim's wife, Deb, in 2002.

Anonymous said...

A very serious problem is that the media and the city council let David Nabity twist the facts and numbers of the fire dept minimum manning ordinance when he spoke to the council, there is no way that you can tie the 500 million shortfall to the ordinance. The city could have avoided any overtime by hiring to the full complement number at any time, really it didn't even need to hire to full complement, just to the magic number that is stated in the contract and ordinance. The pension task force stated that spiking was only directly associated with 8% of the shortfall, say half for the police and half for the fire. Therefore only 20 million can be associated with the ordinance. That is a far cry from 500, but still a number that needs to fixed. Did you notice that the same Op-Ed piece that rick bettger wrote in the OWH was very similar to nabity's, speech and his previous article, I wonder who plagerized off of who. DO you realize that only the rich people, the omaha alliance against public safety, they are rich people (you have to be rich to this arrogant), have gotten thier way over the regular population of omaha. This is not right. DO you realize that all the phone calls that the city council stated taht they received that week regarding this issue were orchestrated by this group, they called voters and if the voter said they were for four ff's a truck and safety they (oaps) said thank you and good-bye, if you said that you were against safety and only wanted three they would connect the voter to the council's office to express the rich cry babies desired sentament. This group twisted the facts and played on emotions at a difficult time. They aired a misleading commercial that twisted the facts and played to disparaging stereotypes. They have attacked the men and women sworn to protect omaha. they told the public that if this ordinance was repealed then the city budget would be fine. THis is not true, the revenue stream is broken. It needs addressed to how Omaha can have a sustainable revenue stream that is not so dependent on the economy. They blamed the whole budget problem on the fire union and the dept. They have now made the safety of Omaha's ff's and citizens a negotiable item. The council let the rich minority win over the regular majority. To top this travesty all off is that nabity does not even live inside the city of Omaha. He did not petition the city council as a concerned citizen of omaha, he did not represesent fellow citiznes, he only represented business owners such as himself. He does speak for the citizens of omaha he only speaks out for the rich. He knows he deos not pay personal property taxes on his home, but he was afraid to pay taxes on his business. He has cost the city of omaha and its citizens, and he does not eve live in the city.

Anonymous said...

I am a Republican and a Hal Daub fan but Hal needs to stay away. This last election was a referendum against Daub not a win for Suttle. If Daub couldn't beat the lamest Dem out there, he wont beat someone stronger. No way. The Party also needs to think about setting someone to run in 2013 and advance that candidate in the recall election, preferably one that can attract dem support.

Anonymous said...

Tom 'Richie Rich' White should switch to decaf.

Plus, he's so upset about the 'attack' on his family that he responded immediately--by going to the blogs to try and raise $$$$ from it.

More sympathy for Tom, please?

macdaddy said...

I just got around to watching the Johanns video. I think he just sealed his re-election with his performance. He stuck to his guns and made his case effectively. Granted, this was low-hanging fruit, but people should remember that the Democrats folded without the NY Times running the first word about the scandal. All it took was for Republicans to stand up for something. There is much more that the Democrats are doing that is indefensible. Here's hoping that the Republicans will follow Senator Johanns' lead and start clearing out some of the baloney. Senator Nelson could certainly take a few lessons. Maybe he'd like to stand up for Nebraskan values.

And to Senator Johanns: Thank you.

Anonymous said...
This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.
Anonymous said...

It is funny how this blog gets moderated when a negative comments about Charlie Janssen is posted. Didn't Charlie just hire McGrain to run his campaign for Treasurer?? Interesting!


Street Sweeper said...

You clearly have some sort of obsession on the topic. I would suggest you start your own blog so that you can post your thoughts where no one wants to read them either.

Anonymous said...

What this does reveal is that Tom White is a very wealthy man-- which is fine. What is not fine, however, is the amount of time he was absent from the Legislature doing legal work last session. He doesn't need to practice law while in session-- he chooses to. How is that representing his constituents?

Anonymous said...

The $1.65 million is at the low end of his true worth. The report has categories for each investment. White has 20+ mutual funds, IRS's, stocks, etc. The $1.65 million assumes an investment listed as being worth between $50,000 and $100,000 is $50k. So, it probably is legit to assume his real cash is $2.5 million. That doesn't counts the value of his home(s).

Anonymous said...

So tom White throws a temper tantrum and congressman terry steps up to the plate.

I predict this is just the beginning of a long race of tom kicking dirt at the umpire and everyone else giving in to keep him happy.

Tom white is a spoiled little rich kid that is used to getting his way and when he doesn't, well, you just saw it, he throws a tantrum.

Do they run audio during all the proceedings in the legislature? I bet you would hear repeat examples of these fits of rage from white-at least for the days that he bothered to show up to work.

Anonymous said...

To summarize;

Mark Fahleson is scum

Any real news go to Joe Jordan's blog

Suttle will easily survive a recall attempt

Virginia Tech 27 Nebraska 23 (sorry)

Anonymous said...

Let's see, we've established Tom White is an alleged hot head who throws temper tantrums while his opponent Lee Terry lets loose with profanities in a DC crosswalk. It is amazing how the real issues to be discussed rise to the surface when the campaign season begins and people wonder why few to none find the time to vote. You've got a party chairman hocking tickets for dirt on the other guy. Leadership. Ain't it grand?

Anonymous said...

Sheriff Tim Dunning comes across as such a tough guy but why doesn't he stand up to Ernie Chambers?

I doubt Dunning will raise a peep because he knows Ernie is telling the truth.

Anonymous said...

Joe Jordan's blog is the best

Anonymous said...

Dunning would cry like a little schoolgirl if he ever debated Ernie Chambers!!!!!!!!!

Anonymous said...

I am guessing that the bar of soap scene in A Christmas Story had such a profound impact on you that you have never uttered a foul word in defense of almost being rundown by a cabdriver?

Well, all the rest of us are human. Please keep praying for us though, as all of our souls are constantly being challenged by the devil.

Anonymous said...

I just have one word for Lee Terry.


Here's a case where partisan discord and controversy erupted. Congressman Terry stepped in to bring it to a fair resolution quickly.

Good for him!

Mr. White gets accolades too for saying Terry's actions were 'magnanimous'.

Anonymous said...

Isn't Joe Jordan still dead?

Anonymous said...

Wow--those were some 'attacks' on White's family.

He hardly could keep his emotions in check as he blogged for dollars.


Tom has an investment of at least $250,000 in a company located in the U.K. Why not invest in America?

Anonymous said...

Answer: Who cares? It's called globalism.

Anonymous said...

Just wanted to note the new unemployment figures are out--NE is the 2nd lowest in the nation! Let's give credit where credit it due--to Gov. Dave Heineman for this. (No wonder the D's can't get any candidates.) Maybe if Jim Rogers spent as much time on candidate rectruitment as he does issuing news releases on husker tickets, he might have a better showing.

Anonymous said...

But anonymous 3:46--why invest in a company that takes U.S. jobs and r/d and sends them in Ireland? Meanwhile, there are good companies here (like Pfizer) that do the same work and maintain a domestic employment base.

Anonymous said...

So....millionaire White invests $250,000 in a company that outsources jobs to Ireland?


Anonymous said...

This whole Tom White thing has me crackin. Has anyone actually read Fahleson's blog?!?!?! He doesn't ask for dirt on Tom White - just for someone to check out public documents! So absurd that it's become what it has.... and a week AFTER the blog was posted! Funny how the media (and whitey tighty) are twisting the story.

Anonymous said...

Some Conservative Lee Terry is--

Opposes Jim Suttle Recall

Admits he sits at the "kiddie table"

Broke his promise on term limits

Voted for the bailout

Spends on tax dollars on frank mail (his publicity mailings)

supports military policeman role for US throughout the world - nationbuilding

increased funding for his own office

accepts his pay raise every year

doesn't live in the district, his family is in DC

career politican

is the friendship Republican that loves to play nice w the Devilcrats

Anonymous said...

Terry Leland didn't exactly grow up on the poor side of west don't be hating Tom White because he is earning a good living.

Anonymous said...

Ernie Chamber is on 24th & Lake calling out Tim Dunning and the Sheriff is nowhere to be found...

Anonymous said...

Brian Osborn is on the corner of 6th and Burlington, watering his petunias.

Anonymous said...

I hope you all get worked up and start a recall drive because when it gets totally rejected you will have wasted a significant amount of time all for nothing.

You're so mad at Suttle but he's just telling the truth.

If you want to blame someone how about Hal Daub for not telling us about his dishonest funding schemes of Qwest. How about Fahey and his sweetheart deals for the fire and police unions that left the city broke....

Anonymous said...

Back off Daub he did a fine job!

Anonymous said...

Oh yeah, Hal Daub is as popular as Bill Callahan.

Mike Nohannds said...

Mike Nohands

Really, Johanns is a profile in courage? Wow. It must have taken his staff all morning to draft an amendment based on a news story. Wow. that's some crack oversight. Question: What about all the government waste at the Ag department when he was Secretary? How much ag money went to ACORN? Johanns himself said once money is appropriated there's no tellin' where it goes. Maybe he was funding whorehouses across America. What about the abuse of funds in the secretary's office when he was in charge? C'mon. Johanns is an empty suit and an RNC puppet. He's so irrelevant in DC even Mitch McConnell doesn't know how to pronounce his name. Oh, and he's from Iowa.

Anonymous said...
This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.
Anonymous said...

I am not a fan of Senator Johanns and quite frankly his speeches put me to sleep (zzzzzz....zzzz.... but he is right on the ACORN issue as shown in the video clip.

What happened with the vote? Did Johanns get what he wanted?

Anonymous said...

Recall Mark Fahleson not Suttle

Anonymous said...

I know this is difficult for all the Republicans but please try to be objective;

there's evidence of wrongdoing by ACORN, ok, let's investigate and punish any lawbreaking. I am with you 100%

Let's investigate to determine the extent of the wrongdoing. Was it systematic or just individuals acting badly? Can there be more safeguards put in place to prevent future wrongdoing?

But that's not what Sen. Johanns and the Republicans are doing! They did not objectively investigate no, they try to discredit everybody and everything about ACORN! Now Sen Johanns is leading the fight to cut funding...

Oh really, do now everytime a group who receives government money has one of their members involved in law breaking, no matter what - eliminate funding!

Oh so if ConAgra for example got government tax breaks and some of its employees were found breaking the law - THEN MIKE JOHANNS WILL LEAD THE FIGHT TO CUT OFF FUNDS TO CONAGRA!

Anonymous said...

Okay, Lee Terry's campaign strategy so far.

1) Use Mark Fahleson to hock some tickets to find dirt on his opponent.
2) White, rightly so, cries foul on these dirty campaign tricks.
3) Terry can swoop in "innocently" and tell Fahleson to take away the ticket offer -- making it "seem" as if Terry is above it all.
4) Terry tells all his staff to go doubletime on making mean, baseless attacks against his opponent.

Hmmmm, smells like Lee's a little scared of Tom White, huh?

Anonymous said...

Is this really how an incumbent should be acting? Fire Lee Terry.

Anonymous said...

Can we recall Lee Terry?

Anonymous said...

These are PUBLIC documents, right??? What is Tom White afraid of?
And the GOP never asked for any "dirt".
Good job by Fahlson for putting the spotlight on Tom White's documents.

Anonymous said...

The Anons that have no idea what they are talking about are very interesting.

The Terry Family lives in Omaha.

Lee Raymond went to public school. Paid for his own college education through the now destroyed by Democrats private student loan program. Has worked year round since he was 14 (this is easy to check-just ask anyone that has known him since 9th grade). Bought his own first home with non trust fund money-he used the old fashioned way-he got a loan from a bank.

You may not like his politics-and I don't like yours-but there is no way that you can paint Congressman Lee Terry with the brush stroke of privilege that Tom White grew up with. BTW, that resume of his up to the point about becoming a lawyer-all those blue collar jobs?

One word: BEER MONEY.

Anonymous said...

If the purpose of Fahleson's tactic was to bring attention to White, then it has worked.

Who knew that TW is a millionaire--making money by investing in a company that takes jobs and sends them to Ireland?
Well, we know it now.

Anonymous said...

Anonymous 7:54--it is exactly how an incumbent should act. Terry's opponent even called his actions on the issue "magnanimous". You must disagree w/White then, huh?

Anonymous 7:52--I'm not sure who should be scared--but those of you on the D side (who can't come up with any credible statewide candidates) might be. People aren't going to go to the polls on your side if you concede all races but NE2.

Nice try Rogers, Ian or Matt S.

Anonymous said...

How much does NDP pay Jim Rogers? What are they paying him for if he can't get any candidates?

Anonymous said...

Suttle will be recalled, just not in the time frame most believe.

Anonymous said...

And by my count, he could only get 1 candidate to submit for Mike Friend's appointment,in a very blue collar north by northwest central Omaha.

BTW, that candidate used to be an active Republican.

Anonymous said...

Anonymous 9:28--Democrats are getting ticked. What is Jim Rogers spending his time on (other than issuing press releases attacking Terry and holding strategy meetings with Ian, Kyle and Matt S.)?

Dems want him to be out recruting candidates--but Rogers doesn't get it. Embarassingly funny.

Anonymous said...

Before you make Terry Lee into some kind of working class saint let's get real;

working at Dairy Queen doesn't exactly mean you're some blue-collar factory worker

He went to Creighton U, that's private

He became a lawyer, wow, we don't have enough of those around (and yes his opponent Tom White is one so why are bagging on him?)

Leland moved his family to Washington and they go to private schools

Stop throwing dirt on Tom White because you have nothing to brag about

Anonymous said...

The ticket thing is interesting as to how the two candidates acted.

Terry----> said the tix should not be part of the blog post.

White----> cried that his family was being attacked--than ran to the blogs to raise money from it.

Who was 'using' the family?

Anonymous said...

How about offering two husker tickets to anyone who can find a Dem candidate for statewide office next year?

Anonymous said...

He attended Northwest High School and graduated.

He attended UNL and graduated.

He attended Creighton Law and graduated.

His mommy and daddy paid for Northwest (and so did yours!).

He paid for UNL AND CU Law by taking out student loans and repaying them by working multiple jobs for 10 years. No scholarships, no grants, no college savings accounts and no trust funds.

Since you know soooooo much about the Congressman and his family, how about you name the street they live on in Washington and the private schools that their children attend. While you're at it, we are all dying to know, boxers or briefs for the Congressman?

I will be patiently waiting for your answers.

One more question though, how did Tom White pay for his education?

While we're at it, how did that Sakalosky guy pay for his college degree? Lois, are you out there? Got any insight on this one?

Anonymous said...

It would depend on the game, but I bet I could get someone to change Parties, run as an independent thinker in the Dem Party and snatch those tickets right up!

But, it would have to depend on the game, of course.


Anonymous said...

if I am not mistaken Lee does not have a place in D.C.?? Last time I was in DC he was sleeping on an air mattress in his office as he was coming home to see his family every chance he got???

fact check much?

Anonymous said...

Ewwww, please don't talk about Lee Terry's underwear. I can't take it.

Anonymous said...

Broke his promise on term limits
accepts his pay raise every year
wastes our money on frank mailings
Voted for the bailout
admits he sits at the kiddie table
any close race he had he went negative
credits his survival to an east coast political hitman David Boomer
The Vice President didn't even know his name
biggest legislative achievement-banned cruising on Dodge Street
The Terrys live in DC, kids go to private schools
is in the pocket of big oil, big insurance, big business
does not want A minimum wage not against an increase but actually against the VERY IDEA of a minimum wage
and yet his supporters try to paint Lee as such a working class guy
never once voted for something the unions liked
doesn't want to ban assault weapons, wants no gun control
career politican
90% of the time voted with GW Bush
voted for the Invasion of Iraq
Voted for wiretapping- Patriot Act
defends Abu Grab, allows waterboarding, torture
is not important enough to be on Ways and Means
never makes waves, never takes the lead, never authors a bill, just votes for tax cuts to the rich every chance and avoids personal scandal and keeps west Omaha and Bellevue happy

I am Lee Terry

Anonymous said...

10:52--only problem is, people don't share your hate for Terry.
Terry has run against State Sens. before. He had a very credible, well-liked and accomplished opponent in 2004 (Nancy Thompson). He dispatched her. And, Mr. White's record is no where near Thompson's. You'll lose again in 0h 10.

Anonymous said...

Also, 10:52, if you're all set in your 'research' on Terry, why don't you get out about in NE and help recruit Dem. candidates? Rogers and Matt S. need the help!

Anonymous said...

GOP on the cusp of two big wins...

To change the subject a bit, Republican candidates for Gov. in New Jersey and Virginia are leading in the polls. That would be two big off-year pickups. Repubs who want to help them should check their web sites... Christie and McDonnell.

Anonymous said...

Gosh, Congressman Lee Terry sounds like a dream candidate for me.

Got any dirt on the votes he made on the City Council, especially when he was President or Vice President?

Any problems from when he served on the American Diabetes Association Board-particularly when he served as the Chair of the Great Plains Region?

How about NATA? Was he a good leader for the legal community when he practiced law and served on the Board of NATA.

Here's a good one, when he was President of CR's at UNL, did he manage the finances decently? Was he a good leader? Did he bring in interesting speakers? Did he ever think outside of the box?

BTW, he has voted against the pay increases, when they are allowed to be placed as a stand alone vote. The problem is that they ALWAYS, by both Parties, get shoved into legislation either through the use of an Omnibus Bill (which he then votes against) or a Funding Bill that you really can't allow the pay increase to be a poison pill for.

You really should fact check all of your comments. You are slinging mud that isn't even factually based, just like the DNC and the DCCC tried to do. Their ads didn't work either.

BTW, ever heard of a little ice rink known as the Moylan Ice Complex?

Anonymous said...

How many votes has Tom White missed because he couldn't be bothered to be in Lincoln a few hours a day for 60 to 90 days a year?

How much money has he spent from his State Senate Campaign account since July 30th of this year and how much of that money is corporate?

What is the scoop on this company that he has substantial holdings in that is located in England or Ireland?

And, I too would like to know if he earned the money to pay for the college education that he got. Same for Sakalosky. I think a person's work ethic says a lot about their character.

By the way, their is a difference between dirt and fact and if you bring your family into the debate, well, you brought your family into the debate.

Anonymous said...

Nice job on the renovation of the old Federal Building, Lee Terry.

What a waste! Mismanagement, delays, overruns, etc.

and where was Lee Terry?

at the Kid's table!

Anonymous said...

Of all this debating and hate going back and forth NO ONE HAS ANSWERED THIS QUESTION--

After nearly a Lifetime in politics, Lee Terry give me one accomplishment you've done that is of importance or significance?

The silence says it all .... !!!!!

Lee Terry = Career Politican = No results!

Anonymous said...

I know. It's so funny when Lee Terry's staff comes on here and tries to defend him. They love to talk about what job he had in college or how he sleeps on his air mattress. I mean seriously, who flipping cares? What has he done for ME as a constituent in the 2nd District of Nebraska.

Just because I was a lifeguard in college or worked at Walmart while putting myself through college doesn't mean I should run for Congress, right?

Anonymous said...

You've got it right--you probably shouldn't run for Congress. But if you want to run for something, call Rogers--they need candidates.

You want to know what Terry's done? Look at his web pages--it's all there.

We know what White's done--made the state the laughing stock of the country with his no-age limit provision in the safe haven law. Nancy Thompson wouldn't have made such a stupid blunder.

Anonymous said...

Heineman's gonna get all the credit for Nebraska's economy and low unemployment. What case could the D's possibly make?

Anonymous said...

The one that is really unbelieavable is Treasurer. It has been an open seat for almost a month now and still not a peep from a single credible Democrat candidate. Can't get much more pathetic than that.

Anonymous said...

Terry's proposal on health care is a winner.

People will take that any day over White's support for Obamacare.

Anonymous said...

Another thing on Terry--he's always accessible and available to the community. Constituent services are very good--that's a key function of a congressman.

White's service is spotty--his office at the Capitol is usually closed, staff's out 'campaigning', and nothing gets done.

Anonymous said...

And there we have it folks. The Terry staff have to put a plug in for themselves and their constituent service. Gotta save their jobs -- love it.

Anonymous said...

Nothing will make you happy, not even having your fellow citizens taken care of when they are in need.

BTW, how about that $27 mill that Tom White couldn't help himself from spending in the state budget after the Gov deemed it necessary cuts to balance the budget?

Tom White isn't fooling anybody that he is not a good Democrat. He can spend and tax right up there with Pelosi, Reid and Bachus-oops, I almost forgot Waxman.

macdaddy said...

Lee Terry has a lifetime ACU rating of 90. That's a huge accomplishment: going to Washington but refusing to "grow," i.e. become a liberal. He did not vote for the current idiot Speaker of the House, Nancy Pelosi. Not sure what other accomplishments all the anonys want, but since the Dems have control of Congress for the second term in a row, Terry has little chance of getting his name attached to anything unless he shucks his ideals and becomes a tool for the Left. He refuses to do so and so I'm going to do my part to take back Congress by voting for Terry, yet again, if he decides to run in 2010.

Anonymous said...

Cute hearing from the White staff here--why don't they go blog over at NNN?

Anonymous said...

Why would Terry be a tool of the left when he's just fine being a tool of the right?

One Out In The Third said...

Fahleson is a turd snatching weasel...he blocked me of all people from his website. Must be afraid of the truth. He claims the Dems are behind in getting their 2010 candidates out in the forefront...yet his party is no different. BTO you should feel honored to get past his censor tool. The NEGOP is no different than the NE Democrats. I am about ready to vote for the fringe kooks...they can't be any worse than what Nebraska's two major parties have to offer.

Anonymous said...

I generally see MJ as a wet noodle, but anyone who stands up to those two arrogant and worthless women Senators from California can't be all bad. Way to go MJ.

Anonymous said...

Looks like the 'hate Terry' crowd are cutting/pasting old posts made by the Esch staff. Same old, same old--and same old result--Terry wins.

White staff--what's next? You all gonna call friends in DC to find out where the best places to live are? That worked real well for Mary Barret and the other Eschites.

Anonymous said...

The House voted also to cut ACORN funding. Could job--and another good vote by Terry!

Anonymous said...

Hey Jim Rogers--how's the candidate recruitment going? lol

Anonymous said...

If ACORN is defunded who will help White?

One Out In The Third said...

Anon 9:37...There's always their sister group SEIU.

Anonymous said...

I wish all the Republicans would investigate Wall Street and all their financial institutions the way they do to ACORN.

Brian T. Osborn said...


There's something weird about Fahleson's blog ... I mean other than just Fahleson. You have to be persistent to comment there. For some reason you have to hit the "preview" button first, then type in a couple of words, sometimes twice.

macdaddy said...

I wish the Democrats, since they are in control of Congress, would also investigate Wall Street firms as well as ACORN, SEIU, and Fannie Mae/Freddie Mac. Of course, since they are busy collecting millions of dollars from these very entities, I'm not going to hold my breath. As you may have noticed, Anon 11:41, they voted to defund ACORN but I haven't heard any of them calling for an investigation. Actually, I think I would be satisfied if they would just investigate the dozens of Democrat Congressmen who have serious ethics charges against them. Of course, since they just launder money through each other's campaigns, I again won't hold my breath.

Anonymous said...

OOITT--isn't the SEIU the group Lisa Hannah was fired from a few months ago?

One Out In The Third said...
This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.
Anonymous said...

It is unfortunate for Democrats and Republicans that the Smith Watch Blog apparently went silent after a promising start.

Wouldn't the Republicans be sooo much better off with Erdman, et al in Congress rather than Smith?

Republicans should spend their time encouraging Hannah to renew Smith Watch rather than mocking her solid work, pointing out the track record or lack there of, of one Adrian Smith.

Anonymous said...
This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.
Anonymous said...

Anonymous 3:21--pls look at the tone of Sweeper's posts--they usually lean a bit one way (obviously) but there's also a frequent element of humor to them. NNN and Smith Watch contain only vile, constant negative attacks (usually personal). The fact that SW is gone--and that NNN is talking about shutting down--is a result that people have tired of their one note sleaze. Just my thought.

Anonymous said...

Are there any candidates running against Smith?

Anonymous said...

Someone mentioned Erdman--he'd be a great candidate for State Treas! Sounds like there will be several good GOP candidates getting in.

Anonymous said...

A good forum on revisiting 'safe haven' is coming up on 10/3 at UNO (student ctr ballroom). Sponsored by Family Advocacy, the afternoon session is free, the evening session is $20. Tom White should go ... I think he can afford the $20.

Anonymous said...

I heard Sen. Abbe Cornett is also talking about it (State Treas). She'd be a great candidate!

Anonymous said...

Treasurer's office is an open seat in 2010. Will the Dems put someone up or are they conceding that one also?

Anonymous said...

Dem Candidate for State Treasurer:

Stormy Dean!

Hell he wouldn't even have to get a campaign manager after getting Barry the cushy job at Info, USA.

And please don't comment on this comment!

Just Enjoy!

Brian T. Osborn said...


This'll knock your socks off. I agree with you that Congress should investigate all of those entities you mentioned. But while they're at it, I want them to investigate Blackwater, all the defense contractors, Fox News, and all the corrupt Congresscritters no matter what their stripe.


Jay Stoddard's office is right across the hallway from Adrian Smith's, but I won't hold that against him. Also, just so you know, I have a two drink limit when I drive. If I'm walking home from CHEEX, your description of my path might just be entirely accurate. What ... you want to tell me that Republicans don't like beer?

Anonymous said...

BTO--any talk that Stoddard is going to run gainst Smith?

One Out In The Third said...

There's a young lady out in Alliance...Rebecca Davis...planning to run against Smith in the Third. So far she has rumbled a bit out in the Panhandle...but she is still an unknown. Just mail the check please.

Speaking of unknowns...who is wearing the political pants in the Kleeb Family? Is Scott tied up blowing hot air through peoples houses. Jane and here band of SEIU thugs show up here and there...but no Scott.

Speaking of "Scott's"...I think the Cornhuskers have found someone that throws worse than Scott Frost.

BTO...I figured your crooked path was a footpath. And yes...Independents love beer.

Anonymous said...

Most Nebraska Democrats don't care about the rest of the state other than Omaha. With the exception of Lincoln when the Big Red plays, Democrats admittedly concede the western part of the state. Democrats figure why even bother, most of the people west of Omaha are a bunch of red neck, white, conservative farmers who nobody thinks about. So, enjoy your stronghold Republicans but the Democrats have now got a strong grip on Omaha and Douglas County.

Brian T. Osborn said...


Rebekah Davis ... yes, she is a candidate. We have another guy, from my hometown, that says he's running, but hasn't filed yet.

Scott Kleeb is busy trying to support his family. I doubt he'll be running for anything again soon.

SEIU volunteers aren't "thugs." They are people who care about certain issues and, rather than sit on their hands, are out trying to whip up a little interest in, and excitement about them. I'm not too wild about some of their theatrics, but at least they're not just sitting on their hands.

I may be forced to join you in the Independent ranks before long, 1/3rd. It seems I just can't keep myself from speaking out about things that are wrong, be they in the Republican Party or the Democratic Party. For me, what's wrong is wrong, what's right is right. I'm not known for my diplomatic skills, as you may have noted.

Brian T. Osborn said...

Anon 8:05,

There are some words of wisdom in what you wrote, but not ALL of us are content with the status quo and we're willing to step on some high powered toes to change it. However, as in the Republican Party, money talks and most of us in the 3rd CD don't have enough left over at the end of the day to buy politicians. Maybe I should become an insurance company.

Anonymous said...

Abbie Cornett WOULD be a great candidate - - for most boring, mundane human being on Earth.

One Out In The Third said...


I heard one whisper that there was an effort to put Speed Racer up for Shane Osborn's open seat.

When was the last time a Holdregian ran for a House Seat?

Brian T. Osborn said...


The last time someone from Holdrege ran? Maybe in the 19th century. The closest I know of, in recent times anyway, was Wayne Ziebarth's loss, by only 737 votes, against Virginia Smith in 1974. Actually, Wayne lives in Franklin County, just outside of Wilcox, NE - about 15 miles from here.

Anonymous said...

BTO endorses The 912 Project! He appreciates them "getting out there".

Brian T. Osborn said...

Let's get this straight Bozo 6:45,

I do NOT support the phony 9-12 Project. That is a project of Faux Noise, designed by that cretin, Glenn Beck, and all of his fellow McCarthy wannabes. They CLAIM that they stand for what Americans stood for the day after 9-11 occurred. Well, let me tell you, I am an American, and I still stand for the things that I stood for on 9-12, but it sure as hell isn't the phony "patriotism" whipped up by that rag-tag band of xenophobes that are trying to whip up another Civil War in this nation that I love.

Anonymous said...

I was really just trying to get a rise out of you, and it worked. I hope you didn't require any nitro tabs, BTO.

As far as your response? I couldn't agree with you more on the entire 912-Beckie issue. I have to depart with you on the Fox News subject though. I enjoy Fox for the same simple reason you enjoy all the other news sources. if I have to listen to slant, i sure as Hell would rather listen to slant that doesn't outright lie about the facts and intent.

I don't like Rush and i would love to see Fox dump Beck, his show just doesn't work well "on" camera. I like more action on my screen, Beck yelling at the camera and showing the same quotes over and over, day after day, only works on radio.

Lay off the coffee and enjoy your day.

One Out In The Third said...

anon 12:58

For a minute I thought you were talking about Sean Hannity...he hasn't had a new thought since about 2001. This will rub you wrong...but I prefer Beck over least Beck cracks once in a while.

And Alan Colmes was the liberal to Fox that Tucker Carlson was the conservative to CNN...both losers and still are.

Brian T. Osborn said...

Fox News, they create "news" out of whole cloth, spreading lies like it was fresh churned butter. Every time one of their idiot "journalists" invites a Liberal on their program, they never allow them to answer the question before they are already shouting all over the top of them. If anyone says anything they disagree with, they explode into their propagandistic rants and spew nothing but right-wing dogma.

Anyone that spends their time watching Faux News for anything other than its "entertainment" value, has wasted the brain God gave 'em and the education their parents and teachers tried to impart.

GeosUser said...

You must be confusing MSNBC with Fox News. I don't know how anyone could stand to watch more than 2 minutes of any of their programs...and apparently very few actually do watch. But then again, you bed wetting liberals always have CNN.

Anonymous said...

Actually, I watch very little Fox after Cavuto. He is my fave and I like the morning shows. The midday crap with running commentary on 4 or 5 continuing stories is irritating.

The over night late night is entertaining and I do like O'Reilly.

As for irritating, Katie Couric tops the list!!!

Brian T. Osborn said...


It certainly takes a lot of "courage" for an anonymous wannabe genocidal maniac to call all Liberals "bed-wetters." What's the matter, can't win your arguments with facts and the truth, so you do as Faux Noise does, and just throw insults around? LIke Bill O'Really and his calling Howard Dean a "pinhead" the other night?

You're a class act GeoSnoozer.

Street Sweeper said...

Maybe next time O'Reilly should call him "The Worst Person In The World".

Brian T. Osborn said...


If what Howard Dean was doing was a nefarious as some of the things Olbermann calls folks out for, then yeah, you've got a point. The problem is, Olbermann isn't always right either.

How I long for the good old days when the news was delivered by the likes of Walter Cronkite, Chet Huntley, David Brinkley, and Howard K. Smith. Nowadays all these guys have to be the center of attention and they invent the news to fit their personas. Back then, if a reporter didn't get an interview, he didn't whine about it like Chris Wallace and accuse a sitting President of being a "crybaby."

When I was a kid (yeah, I know, I'm getting to be an old curmudgeon) the people that delivered the "news," like the guys of today do, were just the gossip columnists like Hedda Hopper and Walter Winchell. Reporters used to wait for the answer after they asked questions. ALL the "pinheads" on Fox just talk over the top of anyone saying anything they don't agree with, and most of the ones on the other channels have begun to follow suite.

I guess that's why I prefer the blogs. We can insult one another, but we each get to complete our thoughts before the next bozo gets to say his.

Anonymous said...

Sweeper, please get a new post so we can stop BTO's rant before he gets to the part about the days when he walked 4 miles, each direction, in 6 feet of snow, up hill-both ways?!

While I am entertained by some of BTO's comments, and frightened by some of the others, it sure would be nice if he could leave the good old day stories at the bar.

Brian T. Osborn said...

Anon 5:52,

It's called history. You know, that thing that, if you don't heed it, you're doomed to repeat it? But, then again, all you need to know you can get from Glenn Beck's fervent imagination.

Anonymous said...

BTO, you remind me of Cliffy on Cheers. Everyone liked him well enough, but so full of himself and always attempting to prove how smart he was by lecturing everyone.

From here on out I am just going to refer to you as Cliffy. You can call me whatever you like. Just quit treating everyone like they're too stupid to think for themselves. Maybe it is you that has it backwards. Maybe Fox is the only one with the facts and it is you that has been brainwashed by the likes of Katie Couric and her shorty skirts.

I already told you that I agree with the point about wanting news instead of news drama. The problem is that there are way too many people on BOTH sides of the political spectrum that prefer the news drama to the facts. If you would just admit that most of what comes out of Couric's mouth is editorial, I am happy to admit the same about Hannity and O"Reilly-and so would they.

Anonymous said...

I give up. BTO do you have a job or a life? I know by asking that question, another volume response will result. But, geesch, can you let the rest of us kids play for awhile without hogging the jungle gym? Edit reply or....consider it a suggestion.

Sweeper, let your people go. Free them from the nonstop rants and rolls of a blog hog. We want to stay, but we suffer much

Brian T. Osborn said...

To the most recent anonymous(mice?),

Nothing is stopping you from blessing us with YOUR opinions, assuming you have any. All you've gotta do is skip over anything I write, if it offends you. But no! You'd rather have censorship of any thought that doesn't conform to yours. It doesn't surprise me.

By the way, I have yet to watch Katie Couric's news program, so I really have no idea what you are babbling about. As for why I'm online so much - I work on the internet. Some folks take coffee breaks, I take blog breaks. Eat your heart out.

One Out In The Third. said...


Here all along I thought you were a brother troll. I have been sitting here in my skivvies for the past three days without a bath and nibbling on the same old bag of stale Cheetos waiting for SS to update his/her damn page. I need to get a life. Maybe I should run for office...nah...I'd rather be a troll. At least as a troll you have some self respect.

Anonymous said...

Abiie Cornett for anything is a joke. She held her own priority bill hostage in her committee, and when it didn't work out she blamed everybody else. If she had spent more time in Lincoln near the end of the session she would have known sine die was coming early. But nope she was out of pocket.

Ya having her in any position after that would be highly questionable.

Besides she ran as a Demo then changed over. Great track record there.

False-son said...

Seem NE GOP"s Fahleson has stepped in it this time. Social media bit him in the ass. Surely he knows that just because you delete something that it isn't gone forever.
oops Mark. You've embarrassed yourself again - and the Party - again.

Brian T. Osborn said...


OK, you got me. I use working on the net as cover for my trollishness. One question ... why are your Cheetos so fresh?

Just to get back on topic. I posted a question on Mark Fahleson's blog yesterday. Since the heat's been on, he activated the moderator required option on his blog and hasn't posted it yet. All I wanted to know from him, personally, is if he sent out the Twitter that he has been accused of, or not. He can run, but he can't hide ... forever.

It really makes this old Liberal glad to see that the Nebraska Republican Party is just as screwed up, if not more so, as the Nebraska Democratic Party has been. I'll admit that fibbing about a lame-brained twitter doesn't rise to the level of questionable financial dealings by the party hierarchy, but I'd bet that if any of the people on the NeGOP SCC had the initiative, they'd find that things stink just as bad over on their side of the fence.They need someone from their side that is as nosey and self righteous as me to clean their house up too.

Really, if all of the "normal" people out there would take an active interest in what goes on in the world of politics, especially the way the political parties are run, they'd all want to start another revolution. And before all you tea-baggers get excited ... what you think you have been doing is NOT a revolution, you are just sheep following leaders who have a lot to gain by your actions. They win, and you lose.

GeosUser said...

I was just responding to you in language you'd understand...and frequently use here and on other blogs. As a proud liberal (progressive/socialist/communist), you'd be entertaining if the policies you advocate weren't so dangerous and destructive. Luckily, the true nature of liberalism is shining through in DC and elsewhere now. The public will start the process of pushing it back into the closet with the 2010 election cycle.

One Out In The Third said...


When the Republicans have folks like "Fail-Safe" Fahleson at the wheel it doesn't give us Independents much faith in the GOP either. Fahleson's website doesn't offer any more than GOP talking points and rhetoric...except it's a little more civil than NNN. It isn't about issues or how they propose to "fix things"'s about gotcha...which both parties are equally guilty of.

Doesn't surprise me that he is moderating his site...that's his's still America... what's left of it.

Anonymous said...

If the Obama Administration had not agreed to pull the prewritten curriculum that was to accompany the speech to the Nation's schoolchildren, I would have pulled my kids and taken them out for donuts, lunch or ice cream, rather than leave them in the classroom to be taught a lesson by Obama and his PR Department.

This lesson plan was the reason this became hot topic #1 during a national economic crisis and heated debate over a healthcare overhaul.

The lesson plan creation was a boneheaded idea, probably thunk up by that idiot Press Secretary Gibbs. It slapped teachers across the face with the proclamation that they were too stupid to interpret what Barack Obama was going to talk about.

BTW, have you seen the comments from Gibbs and other Whitehouse staff about why BO is going on the Food Network? Because Lindsey Graham made a sarcastic comment about it being the only network he has yet to visit. They thought about it and said heck, why not?, "he isn't all that busy right now".

WTF? he better get a Hell of a lot busier, then!!!

Anonymous said...

Like I said, editing is good. This blog is held hostage by someone who has taken the dialogue to a new low with their inability to make a point without a scorched earth tactic. Gets old as is the post.

Brian T. Osborn said...

To those that don't like what they read here ... read elsewhere. It's simple.

Anonymous said...

Looks like BTO just marked his territory.

Anonymous said...

So what did YOU just do Anon?

Anonymous said...

When did this BTO become a gatekeeper of what people read? Try somewhere else so others can be bored or insulted by a constant stream of unconsciousness.

Brian T. Osborn said...

Mommy! Mommmmmy!!!!

That nasty BTO posted something here again and I don't want to read what he wrote!!! Make him stop!!!! Boo, hoo, hoo.

Excuse me Anonymouse 4:51, but Sweeper says this is the place to talk about Nebraska politics. He doesn't say it is the place to talk only about the things that Anonymouse 4:51 likes. If you don't like it here, have your mommy get you a new picture book at the library.

Sweeper. I appreciate that you allow anyone, even a snarky, radical left-winger like me, to post here. Ever since the blue noses clamped the censorship down on the NDP blog, I had to find a new home and you've made me, and others, welcome here. Thank you.

Anonymous said...

What the heck was Tom DeLay doing? As Laura Ingraham was saying on her talk show this morning, Delay and other conservatives spoke often about cleaning up the culture and moral, family, traditional values while he was in power. Now, he's on tv shaking his rear end dancing with an attractive, semi-nude female dancer half his age.

Why are Republicans such hypocrites?

Anonymous said...

Noticed the city council voted to allow city employees to raise money for charities while on duty. Horrible idea! Yes, good for the charities, but if these employees were such "do gooders" they'd volunteer their time.

Also couldn't help but notice the fire fighters raised over $90,000 for charity passing the boot, but only $65,000 went to the MDA.

I gave generously to the boot, and I thought the money was all going to the MDA. I wouldn't have given if I didn't know where it all went.

I guess the other $25,000 went to a fire union statue. This is aweful, someone needs to do something about this. I'll never trust a fire man passing the boot again.

Anonymous said...

OMG, now we have proof that when you want to hate Republicans, you will come up with anything.

You are criticizing Tom Delay for being a contestant on Dancing With The Stars?

Have you seen their ratings and their demographics? It is a freaking family show, not a pole dancing pants off dance off!

Anon 10:44, you suck, and that is all their is to say about it.

BTW, my neighbor told me just yesterday that her whole family watches it and her 3 year old son likes to "wiggle his bottom" right along with the dancers.

Anonymous said...

Sweeper, I think you should post the video of this immoral dance off by Tom "The Hammer" Delay.

Then we can all vote on his morality. While we are at it, we can vote on whether it is morally right to vote on someone's morality.

Anonymous said...

In more serious news. . . The OWH has a nice write up about the value of fresh ideas. Something this blog could use about now.

SS please enlighten us with a new article.

Anonymous said...

Yeah, I love Dancing with the Stars! And while I will admit it was a little disturbing watching Tom DeLay doing his "wild thing," I won't fault him for it or think he is doing something immoral. In fact, I give high kudos to anyone that will go on that show. I think it would be extremely hard!

Anonymous said...

To anonymous 9/23 @6:45, The Omaha fire dept has collected for the MDA for over 55 years. There are hundreds of other fire depts that collect in this same manner around the nation. This was just another attack by jean stothert to twist the knife she planted in the bcaks of those whose labor got her elected.

Many Omaha Firefighters do volunteer on thier time of for the MDA, those who work the monthly steak fry do so on thier own time, those that collect during the labor day parade do so on their own time, those that collect during the CWS do so on thier own time. It is the street collection and the public display on labor day weekend that has historically generated the most amount of donation.

Everything that is placed in the boot is solely for the MDA. The fire union has had several other fund raisers during this recent time period. These were events such as dances at the union hall, and guns and hoses boxing event. It was announced ahead of time several non-profit organizations would benefit form this. It just so happens that money was raised for the memorial site and the MDA at the same time at several of these events.

To anonymous 9/23 @6:45 I am sorry that your ignorance has lead you to be suspicious, but if you would ask a fire union offical they would more that glad to help you understand the facts, not just hearsay. If you know the truth then you know there is nothing suspicious. If you want the correct answers and the facts, find out form the source directly.

Anonymous said...

Who cares if DeLay is on Dancing trying The immoral stuff was done elsewhere though his Wild Thing was, as the one judge said, "surreal." Hey if he thinks he's doing great, knock yourself out Tom.

Tell Us said...


Sounds like you know the answer. Tell us...did 100% of the money collected over labor day with the boot go to MDA?

We're waiting!

Anonymous said...

Since we're all over the board, how true is it that signatures are being gathered to recall Suttle and their number is in five digits?

Anonymous said...

To Tell Us, 9/23 @10:19, I believe that I worte it in plain english, solely I belive still represents 100%. Yes 100% of what is placed in the boot goes to the MDA.

Anonymous said...

To anonymous 9/23 @10:38 they can not begin to collect signatures unitl after the six month waiting period.

One Out In The Third said...


"Two Tickets to Paradise" is growing legs...long ones and they are hairy. How a refreshing post that gives us something else to bitch about and accuse others?

The Nebraska Dems are planning a big soiree out in Alliance the 26th...Kyle and Jane will be there...there will be an unveiling of new 2010 Thirder candidate(s) during the lunch hour. Give us some dirt to kick around pardner.

Anonymous said...

Thanks,I know about the 6 month waiting period on recall. What I heard is that there is a covert process of gathering signatures that has a method of transferring them once the real starting point begins. Any truth to that rumor?
Or, just bluster? Pray tell.

Anonymous said...

To anonymous 9/23 @1:58, I am no expert but I believe that would still violate the spirit of the law, so I think that it would be illegal to do it that way. Maybe this is something that needs and official investigation into petition fraud.

Anonymous said...

Great letter to the editor in the World Herald today:

A Sept. 19 news story on Nebraska Re­publican Party Chairman Mark Fahleson of­fering Husker football tickets to the person who digs up the most dirt on the Demo­cratic congressional candidate is a perfect example of what is wrong with our political system and both parties these days.

Instead of debating the issues and differ­ences between the two candidates so voters can make the best choice, this guy wants to spend his time looking for dirt on the opposi­tion.

I have been a Republican all my life but have never been so disappointed in the party as I am right now for picking a state leader who endorses these tactics. It’s almost enough to make me switch to independent.

I applaud U.S. Rep. Lee Terry, R-Neb., for taking a stand against this pathetic attempt at engaging in dirty political tactics.

With all of the serious issues facing Ne­braska and our country today, I can’t believe that this is what we get from a state party chairman. Nebraska Republicans should demand better from their party leaders.

Mark Tillwick, Omaha

Street Sweeper said...

And on that note...

Instead of coming up with a thoughtful comment on his own, this guy cuts and pastes a letter to the editor from the local newspaper.

Ok, ok. New post coming up soon.

(It's not like I have a JOB with WORK to do...)


One Out In The Third said...

Sweeper... will soon be irrelevant...the government is working hard to take care of us from cradle to grave.

Fahleson obviously can't handle the heat...he has shut off his comments section. I bet he got flooded...I might be wrong...he could also be irrelevant and not know it.

Brian T. Osborn said...



Since there hasn't been any flood of earth shattering news about Tom White coming out of Mark Fahleson's office, I take it Mark will be enjoying those K-State tickets himself. Ho-hum.

Looks like Jane Kleeb has already pulled a trick right out of Barry Rubin's playbook for the upcoming Democratic meeting in Alliance this weekend. She promised that she would come there "in-person" right up until after the notices were sent out, then took a look at all the events she had penciled in for that day and decided to attend that one that will bring in the most bucks. Now she says she has to be in D.C. this Saturday, so she's sending someone to "fill in" for her.

The people coming to the event in Alliance were expecting to meet the national TV personality that Jane Kleeb is. That was a major draw for the event, believe it or not. But, as always, the country bumpkins in the NDP always get the short end of the stick, especially the folks in the panhandle. If you don't schedule your event within 50 miles of LIncoln or Omaha, they don't even care that you exist.

It looks like Vic Covalt plans to be there, but after initially saying he would attend, NDP National Committeeman, Vince Powers, decided he'd have more fun hanging with his old fraternity brothers at some damned renunion.

Does it sound like I've about had it with the way the NDP treats its folks in the 3rd CD like red-headed step-children. You're damn right it does!

Anonymous said...

Just wondering, all the people that think the debate should be squarely and only between the candidates must also believe that the NDP was wrong back in June when they posted on their site for their readers to please tell us crap about Congressman Terry?

I also wonder, how many weeks of each 2 year session of Congress should be considered campaign season?

One Out In The Third said...


You are doesn't matter west of Hwy 81. Besides...the face time on KDUH or KSTF barely gets past Broadwater.

The Panhandle should have seceded to Wyoming like it had planned to back in the 80's.

Brian T. Osborn said...


Since Nebraska's 3rd CD is slated to disappear in a little over ten years anyway, maybe all of us rural Nebraskans should consider just that, joining Wyoming or South Dakota. It might be a good idea to spend the next ten years figuring out how to do that before we become completely irrelevant. Once we get split into just two congressional districts, you know that Lincoln will dominate one, and Omaha the other.

BRM said...

If Omaha keeps growing, then it will be the only element in the second and there will be Lincoln plus the rest.

What would be interesting is to recognize Nebraska's territorial borders and return all the land that used to be Nebraska to Nebraska.

We would end up larger than Texas, but we would get more votes in the House.

Don't know how the Unicam would work with such a big state, but given the craptastically ineffective representation I have had in the two bicameral states I have lived in, it probably couldn't do much worse than either of those states.

Anonymous said...

Ahhhh, so Lee Terry stole the idea from the NDP about asking other people to dig up dirt on his opponents. He just sweetened the deal with Husker tickets. Makes sense. Lee Terry can't come up with an original idea even if it smacks him in the forehead.

And Mark Tillwick from Omaha, don't be fooled. It was Lee Terry's camp who told Mark Fahleson to put that offer out there in the first place. Lee's hands aren't clean in all this mess. Believe me, Lee's campaign was absolutely gleeful when they found out about Jim Esch's dui. It's sick.

Anonymous said...

Anonymous--how long have you had such delusions? You really sound like you need some help. Urge you to get it...

Anonymous said...

Jane Kleeb not being trusted to keep her committments, or to be trustworthy. You're just learning that? If DC calls, that's all she cares about. She loves to drag all you Dems along as long as you have something to give her. But if something better comes along, she has no problem dropping you. Both the Kleebs are that way. Ask some of the people in Adams County the last time they saw either one involved in a local event that didn't involve promoting their own careers.

Anonymous said...

This whole Husker tickets/Lee Terry thing, reminds me of how hypocritical Lee was when he tried to hold a fundraiser at the MCI/Verizon Center -- "Come have a Holiday with Lee Terry and Madonna." Ring a bell ---

Yeah it was cancelled because he got called out on it.

This strikes as the same ---

Anonymous said...

The appearance of Tom DeLay shows you another example of how our Republican Revolution that was supposed to clean up the culture has failed. Instead of transforming the culture and cleanning up Washington, trimming government and encouraging responisibilty, Republicans got lost in a no-win war against the wrong enemy (Iraq), bloated the debt, never eliminated one spending program, went crazy (Palin) and never lived up to its principles (Ensign, Sanford, etc) so we lost moral credibility.

Republicans need to live their principles, the Democrats are all for no rules, no restrictions, free love, tax and spend, etc

Anonymous said...

Anonymous 10:32--that was Terry's 2004 race if I remember correctly--against a very credible state senator who was widely respected on both sides of the aisle--much more so than Tom White could ever hope to be. BTW--urge you to keep up your hatred for Terry--you push people to his side with your NNN-like vile.

Anonymous said...

FYI, from inside, it was an attorney that told the "Lee Terry Camp" about the DWI. It wasn't really all that hard to figure out. His post college behavior made it very probable and a quick search at the old law office laid it all out.

And actually, I believe the NRCC sent someone here to pull the actual arrest report, if I recall the facts correctly.

On the Fahleson thing, this was not thought up around the Camp's fire, it was just laughed about over a good game of quarters later. The Camp gets enough "dirt" on White, I call them everyday with something new and believe me, the only member of his family that has ever come up in all that "dirt digging" is his daddy. I don't think they even know what his wife's name is.

Anonymous said...

Yeah, and the concert rocked a Hell of a lot more than the Weinie Fest the Dems had at Elmwood Park that night in protest of Lee Terry fundraising outside of Nebraska.

BTW, how much of Scottie Boy's money came from outside of Nebraska for his 2 failed Federal elections.

Anonymous said...

Before a new post is made by SS, what's up with "Seven Seas Petroleum".

A company that located to the Caymen Islands (to dodge scrutiny and taxes?). Tom White's disclosure shows investments. Does he own a home down there too?

Anonymous said...

Hey Dems,

Just read that Nelson is going to be in Western Nebraska this weekend for a couple of Healthcare Townhalls.

If Nelson is already going to have the mini jet fired up to go to McCook and Scottsbluff, why not have him fly in for your Alliance gig?

OOOHHH, that's right, he can't use Federal Office $$$$ to fly to campaign events!

Anonymous said...

7:41 wins the K State tickets! And look, he or she said nothing about any of his family.

Anonymous said...

Also on Nancy Thompson...

When she ran for Congress, her state capitol office was still fully staffed, open and operational--her staff were not off campaigning on the public dime.

Anonymous said...

Sweeper, if we get to 200 posts by the end of the day, will you give us new juice?

Otherwise, we might revolt,over throw the government of L Street and take things into our own hands.

Now, you know you can't trust us to do that responsibly, or do you?

Street Sweeper said...

(new post later this morn...)

Anonymous said...

Anonymous 7:51--Give the tickets to Jim Rogers!

He did more to publicize TW's financial affairs than anyone. And, gave Terry the opportunity to look like the reasoned, commonsense person that he is.

Thanks, Jim!

P.S. How's the candidate recruitment going?

Anonymous said...

I'm glad Stothert fought agaisnt the firefighters trying to collect cash for their statues on city time.

Anonymous said...

to anonymous 9/24 @12:01, no money was ever raised for the Omaha fallen firefighter memorial on city time. The only charity that benefits from the boot is the MDA. This collection has happend this way for over 55 years. You obviously have no clue abotu what you are talking about. Jean stothert is setting herself up for future political aspirations and her own self worth is so low she has to continuely attack those whose hard work got her elected.

Brian T. Osborn said...

I apologize for my pique filled diatribe about Jane Kleeb yesterday. Jane has a meeting to attend in D.C. and I was none too pleased with the person she chose to replace her at the Alliance event. Its none of my business anyway. My ire was misdirected.

As for the 3rd CD being treated as the red-headed stepchild of the NDP? Yeah, I'm still pissed, but Jane has nothing to do with that.

I will be paying close attention to see how many Democrats from the eastern side of the state make the effort to come all the way out to the panhandle to support their fellow party members. They think nothing of all the folks from out west having to travel to Lincoln or Omaha all the time for party matters, but it's just "too far" for them to return the favor.

One Out In The Third said...

I like the free juice idea...hold out for 200.

Cocktails on Sweepers veranda...better be quick...the cold is coming.

Roland Burris said...

Hey, what's with your Senator Nelson having a monument built to honor himself in his hometown? Doesn't he know that's my thing?

I hear that the Nebraska Community Foundation, one that Ben is an honorary board member of, donated the cash for the statue, and it will sit in front of the boyhood home that Ben owns in McCook, NE.

And people say that I have a big ego just because I built a nice resting place for myself.

Anonymous said...

Wow! A whole statue of himself in front of his house! Maybe I'll do the same. I wonder if my mom would donate.

Anonymous said...

If you're out in Hastings and you happen to run into Jane Kleeb, ask her if you can look into her purse. I hear that in addition to Scotts family jewels, she is now carrying around BTO's too.

Wow, Brian, did it hurt you when she squeezed them to get that apology?

Brian T. Osborn said...

Anon 4:33,

Those are pretty tough words coming from someone who never has had a pair, and wouldn't know what to do with 'em if he did. No "squeezing" was needed. It's just that I'm a big enough person to admit when I am wrong. You should try it sometime.

Anonymous said...

How on earth were you wrong in calling out Miss Jane for dumping the Alliance party for a better RSVP?

You can give her a pass and then rail on the East Coast of the State for doing the same. At least they are upfront about their opinion, Miss Jane just dangles the attention in front of ya'll long enough to have her way and then turns her eye to a bigger set of jewels.

Just admit that she took 'em, now she owns you, and she is still blowing Western Nebraska off for a better date to Homecoming.

Brian T. Osborn said...

Dingbat 7:58,

Jane has a job that pays the rent and puts food on the table for her kids. OK? If the people she works for want her in D.C. then she has to go. That's the way a JOB works. I was out of line for what I wrote, thus the apology.

If you want to continue to be an idiot, I won't try to stop you. Keep posting your ANONYMOUS B.S. and you just dig yourself deeper.

Anonymous said...

Where am I digging myself to? You're correct about the job and when your bosses call etc. The problem is that a big part of her job is to spread the political agenda of the SEIU here in Nebraska-thus growing that little oranization called Change America and Change Nebraska. She agreed to be the Queen Bee of your Western Nebraska Prom because it would further that political agenda that she is getting payed so well to further.

She bailed for a better gig, you called her on it, and now you are backing down from your criticism of her, but still adamant that anyone unwilling to make the drive is a piece of crap and not worth a damn?

BTO, you are either a hypocrit or Jane Kleeb just bought and paid for you.

Anonymous said...

Actually, BTO is both.

Brian T. Osborn said...

The latest anonymouse idiot,

Wow! Your hatred is so entrenched that you just can't find a way out for yourself can you? You started out OK. You got the part about "the job and when you bosses call etc." then you went back to work with that shovel. Just so you know, Jane wasn't, and isn't, the only person lined up for the Alliance event. SEIU will still be there, as will several other people and organizations. But don't let little things like "facts" get in your way. Keep digging away , and repeating your mantra, and eventually you'll get some fellow idiots to agree with you. That's how it works with Faux News, so it will work with the other fools like yourself.

As I said before, I got it wrong and, like an adult, I apologized for my error and am getting on with my life. Evidently your peace of mind depends on things being the way you think they should be, rather than the way they are. You aren't addicted to Oxycontin, like Rush, are you? Maybe you should taper off on the dosage.

Anonymous said...

Peddle it somewhere else, BTO. Everyone here knows that I am right and when Jane Kleeb squeezed, you rolled over.

Accept it and get on with it. You obviously don't like it when people put a mirror in front of your face. Sorry, I had to be the on the right to do it.

Where, oh where, will BTO go-now?

Brian T. Osborn said...

Bozo 6:56,

Certainly not into YOUR fantasy world.

Anonymous said...

My fellow Anonymous really pegged BTOx correctly. He just doesn't want to admit Jane would drop him like a hot potato if she didn't need him to stroke her own ego.

Brian T. Osborn said...

As all of you Anonymii stroke one another's "egos"?
That is too funny for words.

Fire support almost cost her my vote said...

24th @ 12:27, you guys need to get over yourselves. You got Stothert elected?? Please. The woman raised around $150,000 (not a dime from the fire union), personally knocked on thousands of doors and sent out dozens of mailers to the voters. But, the fire union - under fire from the voters and Stothert's opponent got her elected.

If anything, the fire union with all of it's spiking and sex room baggage was a drag on the Stothert campaign.

I don't know what you actually did for her but get real. I almost didn't vote for stothert because of her relationships with the unions.

Way to go stothert for seeing a problem and addressing it, That is courage.

The days of the fire union influence over Omaha elections is over.