Monday, October 12, 2009

Hagel shilling for the WH

You may have heard that former Nebraska Senator Chuck Hagel made a generic statement in favor of generic health care reform.

He's in favor of it, see:
"I urge all Members of Congress to put aside their narrow partisan differences and seize this moment for health care reform."
Well, that's awfully bold of him.

But did you know who was emailing out Hagel's statement?

That would be the White House Media Affairs Office.

It seems that the House of Obama is trying to show the public how all "even-keeled' Republicans really support them.

Like Bob Dole, for instance.

Dole too made a generic statement supporting health care reform. And then the White House tried to make it seem like BobDole supported all of their positions. And BobDole got a little pissed:
"...while he believes there is currently an opportunity for reform, he is not supporting any of the current Democratic proposals."
So where does Hagel stand on the myriad of DETAILS in such giant legislation? Beats us. But, darnit, don't you be PARTISAN!


Of course, Hagel has decided that he should be bi-partisan on such things as supporting Democrats who don't support Israel.

Hagel has been known as being less than supportive of Israel's positions. So it is not entirely surprising that he was a keynote speaker for the Gala Dinner for a group called "J Street".

They sell themselves as "supporters of Israel", but actually an extreme left-wing group which is supported by Muslim groups and hands out money almost exclusively to Democrats. They are not well thought of in the Jewish community.

Of course President Obama supports these guys. And he's been generally cool towards Israel. So the guy rumored to be the next SecDef would be fully on-board for such a gig.

Oh, and he favors health care reform.

Just ask the White House.


macdaddy said...

SS, you must have confused us with people who give a crap as to what Hagel thinks.

BTW, I like the old format better. It's more natural, like free-range chicken.

Anonymous said...

Using your argument, Bob Dole sucks too, then.

Street Sweeper said...

Way to completely miss the point.

The difference (of course) is that Dole told the WH to quit trying to twist what he said (aka "F*** off!").

Hagel, on the other hand, looks to have gone willingly along...

And BobDole kicks ass.

Right Wing Professor said...

Rumor has it Hagel is still angling for a post in the administration.

Street Sweeper said...

ya think?

macdaddy said...

I don't care if Bob Dole plagiarizes Chuck Hagel...I'm done listening to the first word that comes out of his mouth. There's no point. Chuck Hagel is in love with himself and I have no use for someone like that.

Nate E said...

Screw Israel I say. They are more interested in War than in peace. And they could get peace if they wanted to, just remove the illegal Jewish settlements.

Solomon Kleinsmith said...

"Screw Israel I say. They are more interested in War than in peace. And they could get peace if they wanted to, just remove the illegal Jewish settlements."

Oh, give it up. Isreal could give back 125% of the land they took in the six day war and they'd still get missiles lobbed at them and suicide bombers blowing up in their towns.

This war isn't between the Isreali people and the palestinian people, its between Hamas and the Isreali military. Hamas wont ever stop killing Isrealis until there is none leftto kill, and the Isreali military wont stop retaliating with incursions.

Only two ways of ending this is by killing every single Hamas (and all the other such groups) member or removing every single Isreali from Isreal. Until one or the other happens, then the war will continue.

BLah Blah Blah said...

Rumor has it?.....That has to be the worst kept secret in America. Of Course he wants to be in this aministration. Hagel is a pompous ass who will only do what makes Chuck Hagel look cool with the Washington elite. At least Ben Nelson has some actual connection and passion for our state. I bet Hagel hasn't stepped foot in Nebraska in over a year. Get bent Chuck you f^&*ing tool!

Anonymous said...

Let's add Gov. Arnold "The Terminator", and Bill Frist to the list with Dole and Hagel.

Truth About Hagel said...

Hagel is the most partisan Senators to come around in a longtime. 96% GOP voting record. 100% ACU rating - two sets of digits he thought were going to carry him to the White House. For him to preach bipartisanship is silly.
Anyone remember when he voted against his own Iraq resolution for partisan purposes? Hilarious. Wonder if Hagel is selling shoes now.