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The Cops vs. Vokal

The Omaha Police Officers' Association has attacked Mayoral candidate Jim Vokal via a mailer. See it here (click for larger version):


First lets get to the flyer itself: "What is Jim Vokal hiding from?"

Well, the answer by the Omaha Police Officer's Association is, SEX OFFENDERS! (Possibly in his basement!)

Huh? This doesn't make a lick of sense.
(But picture old lady voter opening up her mail and mouthing, "Oh, my!")

Well, here's the reality of this thing. It is the State Patrol and the Douglas County Sherrif's responsibility to monitor sex offenders. The Omaha Police (Union) wanted to help to monitor these offenders.

Well, the Union says it's to keep the streets safer. And we don't doubt that's part of it.
But.... could another part be to spike their hours to increase pensions? Hmm. You can think about that.

Now, here's the other part of all this: Who ELSE was for this plan?



And not...THE MAYOR OF OMAHA (click to see his letter to Council President, Dan Welch, on this issue, to the right.)


And not, FIVE of SEVEN City Council members (including Thompson and Sigerson who voted with Vokal on this; Suttle voted against the Mayor and Chief of Police -- but didn't get a mailer aimed at them.)

As Emily Litella might say, "Oh. Well that's much different. Never mind."

See coverage on this from:
KETV, WOWT, KMTV, OWH (though they chose to bury their story on B4 of the Midlands section...)


So we will dive right in and say we have no problem defending Jim Vokal against this attack. There's little to nothing behind it, there's obviously a vengeance factor on the part of the Union (Vokal wants to pare back the pensions) and its completely out of left field.

But we are also not looking to the Hal Daub campaign, as some have, to blame for this attack.

Why not?

Well, for one, we are inclined to take him at his word for this from the OWH:
"Daub issued a statement saying no one associated with his campaign had anything to do with the police mailing."

Then there's the issue of the wisdom behind this attack. On the face of it, there is a very good chance it would backfire, and probably already has. The accusations don't pass the smell test and then when reasonable people look at the history of it, they are going to call b.s.

We don't think the Daub campaign is that short-sighted.

And, for what it's worth the OPOA sent the same piece out against Councilman Frank Brown too.


Onto other things Omaha Mayor... both Vokal and Daub were recently on the Big Show with Matt Perault and Travis Justice on Big Sports 590.

Now say what you want, but these interviews, on a sports radio show, were as in-depth as anything you'll see on any other radio show, TV piece or newspaper article. Frankly, more so. Each candidate was allowed to give detailed answers, Perault and Justice asked good follow-ups and the candidates were allowed to speak freely on the issues without being edited.

Being a sports show, the main focus of each interview was the new stadium and the Omaha Royals. Vokal's money quote was that the chance of keeping the Royals in Omaha was, "between slim and none and slim has stopped returning our calls." He doesn't think Daub is being up-front with the voters on the real chances of keeping the Royals.

Daub, on the other hand, spoke in classic rapid-fire Haldaub fashion about the strength of keeping the Royals in downtown, even in a big stadium, and believes that he has a plan to keep them. He wouldn't give out that plan though (and has said that he doesn't want to negotiate in public).

Daub also threw out that he talked to Pete Ricketts recently -- brother in the new Ricketts family owned Chicago Cubs -- and told Ricketts that he wants him to bring the Iowa Cubs to Omaha. We weren't sure if this was tongue in cheek, or if this is some sort of plan. (And we're fairly sure that the Ricketts family wouldn't have control over that decision.)

(Hey, how about the Royals AND Cubs at the new stadium? Now THERE's a full schedule...)

Daub also said he told Pete he'd like to have AmeriTrade buy the naming rights, and he'd like to get the Chicago Cubs in for an exhibition game.

What Hal, the Pope isn't good enough for you? (see, you just talk to the Archbishop and...)

Click here to listen to the interviews:

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OmaSteak said...

Sweeper, you must be in the tank for Vokal if you think this piece isn't going to have traction. Vokal was just on KFAB giving his "side" of the issue and his only response was "it's a county function". What he failed to address...and is featured in the that the Douglas County Sheriff had expressed support for the idea as he has only 1 deputy available to check on hundreds of class 3 sex offenders. The majority of those offenders reside in Vokal's district. The head of the police union said on KFAB that OPD officers could/would conduct offender residence checks in-between calls...not on overtime. Given the overriding concern about crime in Omaha, this piece puts Vokal in a deep hole.

Street Sweeper said...

OmaSteak, I don't know (or really care) who you're in the tank for on this, but this "issue" is absolute bullshit, and everyone involved knows it.

Now, could it have "traction". Well maybe. You say something enough and everyone will believe it.

Did you write this piece?

3rd floor watcher said...

Sweeper I disagree on the spiking issue. Under proper police management underutilized patrol officers not patroling on overtime can stop by a home or two of sex offenders. The average officer just doesn't showup and say "Ok Captain, I'm working 80 hours this week." All schedules are approved by management.

Also Jim Vokal's "its a county matter" is total BS. Omaha and Douglas County have had an agreement for years to answer each others 911 calls across jurisdictional lines. Jim knows this!!!

So why not support any extra effort to track Sex Offenders??? I have no clue. I don't think Jim Vokal is hiding sex offenders in his closet or under the bed. I do think it shows that Jim Vokal lacks the skills to address public policy decisions.

OmaSteak said...

Sweeper, I didn't write it...only read it and listened to point-counterpoint in local media. Vokal is going to have to spend lots of resources on this thing because it is going to come up throughout the campaign. Bellevue PD routinely works with the Sarpy County Sheriff in monitoring sex offenders. Citing the failed, ineffective prior police chief lackey Warren and the current Mayor who has let gangs and violent crime get out of control doesn't help Vokal much IMHO despite your assertion to the contrary. BTW, I'm not voting for any of the 3 announced Mayoral candidates...they all suck.

Street Sweeper said...

3rd FW,
Maybe Vokal was listening to...the Omaha Chief of Police. And maybe so was Fahey. And Welch. And Sigerson. And Thompson. And Brown.

"Spend lots of resources"?
STRONGLY doubt it.

Anonymous said...

Sweeper you are dating yourself again with references to Gilda Radner characters on SNL.

Someday we will figure out who you are.

Street Sweeper said...

Oh sorry. Here try this:

It's like when Spencer says on The Hills, "whatever dude."

(Now pull up your pants and straighten your baseball cap already!)

3rd floor watcher said...

Vokal is such a liar. The code is permissive and not mandatory!!!

Here is the Administrative code section under the state Patrol Rules and Regs:

010.03 Local law enforcement agencies are requested, but not required, to periodically verify
that the registrant is still living at the listed address. Local law enforcement agencies are
also requested to update the photograph of a registered offender when officers have
future contacts with the offender if his or her appearance has changed from the
photograph taken for the registration.

Anonymous said...

<--- still waiting for 3rd floors 'poll' numbers....

Also sweeper I disagree. You can't tell me this does not smell like a Hal Daub style attack.

nothing new.. said...

3rd Floor -you're getting slow to the take here. I fully expect your hyperactive pro-daub/anti-vokal rants to start the moment SS posts his story on any subject regarding the mayors race. Let's pick it up a little and quick slacking. and remember, the race is won and lost on this page.

Anonymous said...

This comment has nothing to do with the mayor's race.

NOT having more oversight on the sex offenders list is just plain stupid.

As I understand it, there was one OPD officer, who on his own time, checked on registered offenders. He was stopped by the OPD.

How about a little friggin' common sense. Do you know what the rate of repeat offenses by this level of offender is?

Anonymous said...

Anon 1:00 -- It is Vokal and not Daub who has been negative in this race. It's conscious, and is at the core of his strategy: He believes he has to be negative in order to have a chance against Daub. So almost every quote out of his mouth, from the first speech he gave on his announcement night to today, has been an attack on Daub.

Don't drag Daub into this. Vokal made his own bed and now he's got to lay in it.

Anonymous said...

"...we have no problem defending Jim Vokal..."

That particular string of words says it all, in or out of context.

wally said...

If those convicted of sex crimes cannot be trusted to be let loose into society, then the problem is that they are being let loose.

Either jail them for life or kill them or cut off thier sex organs.

That 3rd choice has been done in the past. Make them choose death or emasculation. Bye bye to angry testosterone, say hello to a happy falsetto.

3rd floor watcher said...

Jordan and the Vokal camp you are hillarious!!! I gave you the numbers I was privy to weeks ago. Sweeper posted them. Those numbers are as stale as releasing the Wickers poll last week. I have no new numbers so maybe Vokal is number #2. Suttle is doing nothing, so claim your moral victory. I do know you are not raising any

Slow to the take? on any subject on the mayor's race?..hmmm...For those that don't know the mayor's office is on the 3rd floor of city hall. I won't lie to you, I support Hal Daub and I am proud of it.

And once again, Thank you Sweeper for the forum!!!

Anonymous said...



Anonymous said...


I know, I am just as surprised as you are!

Former Prosecutor said...

As a former prosecutor (it's not just a clever name), I can tell you this has EVERYTHING to do with police spiking and nothing to do with public safety.

Omaha police know, and implement, every trick in the book to boost their overtime during their years right before retirement. They pull vehicles over just minutes before their shift ends, then get "assistance" from other senior officers (those who are about to retire). This can add 1-2 predictable, dependable hours of paperwork "overtime" for those nearing retirement. They pull this with DV cases, traffic stopss.. basically everything they can get away with. The whole thing has gotten completely out of hand in the last three years (cue the OWH's stories) but Fahey can do nothing about it because that was the deal he made to become Mayor.

The police are well-trained (through the union, not the academy) to purposefully involve officers who are near retirement in all manner of cases so that when the case goes to trial (or prelim, or traffic court), those near-retirement officers have to put in overtime to go and sit on the bench in the courthouse. 3FW, if you really do monitor the third floor, you can attest to the truth of this.

Police, prosecutors and defense attorneys don't talk about it because, by and large, individual policemen are fantastic public servants and often close friends.

This mailer is direct payback for questioning the pension. Just read the "facts" in the mailer and you can see how ridiculous this is.

Suttle didn't get hit because nobody takes him seriously and he doesn't stand a chance in this race. If elected, Vokal will be in a position to put an end to Fahey's deal-with-the-devil and cut the Union's cash cow. The police union knows this. They don't have any good options, other than to try and flex some muscle and see what happens. The police union is desperate, and Aaron Hansen is not exactly a (cough) strategic thinker. This piece had all the nuance of a "Vokal has Cooties" billboard.

I agree that Daub isn't involved in this piece - say what you will about him, he's not an idiot. This has backfire written all over it.

I hope Vokal runs with it. This city could do a lot worse than electing a Mayor who makes sure a $75,000-a-year public servant doesn't retire at age 50 with a $85,000-a-year pension.

3rd floor watcher said...

I have yet to hear why the Vokal Kool-aid drinkers state why Jim is more qualified than Hal. Getting a paycheck or a job promise from Jim Vokal isn't a valid reason.

Anonymous said...

Hal Daub is so old, his English class was taught in Latin.

nothing new... said...

3rd floor-
Famous last words from Hillary Clinton.

Anonymous said...

If Jim was so smart about Spiking why hasn't he addressed this problem in eight years?????? Jim Vokal told the fire union he was going to do nothing against current union members pensions and only apply any changes to new hires. That won't save the city squat.

Jim Vokal flip flops on anything that will benefit him politically or personally. Try to spin it Vokal camp..we are not buying it.

Anonymous said...

I am so happy that Street Sweeper has recognized that I give the best interview in Omaha hands down.

After all, I am a radio god and all those around me should worship and glorify me.


The Perrault

Anonymous said...

If you're wondering whether Hal Daub or Jim Vokal will be more effective at reigning in police pensions, I think the police union just answered your question.

Anonymous said...

Listen, Aaron Hanson wants a pension equal to 99% of his salary for the rest of his life.

Jim Vokal said, uh, no.

So the thuggish Hanson has a political axe to grind. This has nothing to do with police officers - the union endorsed Vokal in 2001 & 2005 - and everthing to do with Aaron Hanson's personal vendetta against Vokal.

Anonymous said...

Sweeper, when did this site become the talk of Omaha politics?

Those of us in "outstate" Nebraska know you're electing a mayor there in the big city. Now what about the goings on with our guys in Washington on this stimulus, or all those new folks at the statehouse? Any updates there?

Anonymous said...

Can anyone tell me why Hal refuses to talk about his solution for the Royals?

Won't negotiate in public you say?

OK, but for whom would he be negotiating for? With whom? Hal is no longer on the MECA board, and last I checked, was not Mayor of Omaha.

He is also not a member of the Sarpy County team, nor is he a member of the Omaha Royals franchise.

So, do tell Hal, when you have absolutely no negotiating authority whatsoever, why not release your solution for the public to mull over?

I'm sure I'll have the answers around the time 3rd Floor makes the actual Daub numbers public.

Anonymous said...

Clean up Gene Leahy Mall and redesign it! This is a main part of our downtown image and it is old, outdated, and falling apart. Are any of the candidates addressing this issue?

Anonymous said...

News Item;

"Former Police Officer convicted of sexual assault".
"Former" after he got fired for forcing a woman to give him oral sex in the police cruiser.
Scott Antoniak was convicted in 2007.
Maybe the police union should concentrate on weeding out their own sex offenders and not use union money to try to influence the mayors race.
I agree this will backfire on the people who mailed the flyer. I got one and it is disgusting.

ricky from omaha

Anonymous said...

Becka is tearing that thug Aaron Hanson a new one on KFAB right now.

Anonymous said...

Third Floor Watcher: normally I think your contributions here are very good. But you have lost a lot of credibility on this one, quoting regulations and trying to pretend that this is anything other than a complete hack job on the part of the police union. I'm voting vokal.

Anonymous said...

It's easy to say your voting for Vokal when your on his payroll.

Anonymous said...

It looks like it's all over, folks! Vokal seems to have the edge over Daub among likely voters who work for the Vokal campaign.

3rd floor watcher said...

Lost credibilty? I think your credibility is lost if you can't read the permissive language of a simple administrative regulation. Then you you say I'm voting for Vokal? Why? Because the Omaha police union bloodied Jimmy's nose.

It just seems that if you can't take the heat, get out of the kitchen then Jim. You never hear Fahey, Johanns, Nelson, Heinemann or even Hal Daub wine like Jim Vokal does. Let's not forget folks it was Jim Vokal that went negative early in this race by distorting Daub's crime numbers.

Anonymous said...

Former Prtosecutor

Coming from your former perspective, that is an ignorant post.

Bottom line is bottom line. We would be safer if the OPD could check on sex offeners. Period!

To say that we shouldn't allow them to do so, because of a contract approved by the current city council, is an admission that their own decision is handcuffing public safety.

I'm not fired up about one candidate over another. I'm fired up about the issue! Assuring more oversight on this levelof sex offender is good public policy.

Fix the damn pension...BUT protect the public! The council failed to do so on this issue.

90th and maple said...

Aaron Hansen and the police union are looking desperate. The times were good while they lasted, but Fahey can't protect this sweetheart deal once he's out of office. If the union is this scared of Vokal, then I'm all for him.

Anonymous said...

can you point out where in face the 'public' is now in grave danger because of it? Why didn't they come after jim and the others when they voted on it?

Former Prtosecutor said...

SS's post was about the mailer sent out by Aaron Hansen and the police union. Some of the comments here were pretending that this had something to do with a public safety issue. It clearly does not.

Even Hansen couldn't keep a straight face on channel 6 last night when he was saying this isn't about pensions.

Sure, we might very well need more oversight of sex offenders. I'm all for it. But the way to achieve that goal is NOT to send a flyer into everyone's home insinuating that Jim Vokal harbors sex offenders. Give me a break. I don't know anyone inside or outside city politics who got the mailer and wasn't disgusted with the police union.

The real victims here are the individual police officers, who are good people, but are represented by a dumsky.

Anonymous said...

Where did you get that letter, Street Sweeper?

Anonymous said...

Are you kidding me?

Does anyone believe Hal Daub wouldn't fight the police & fire unions with everything he has on the pension issue? Ask anyone who's talked talk to him: For the last four years or so, this is the issue he's talked about the most. He can't believe we're giving away the farm and can't wait to do something about it. Ask anyone who has ever talked to him.

SS, can I get an Amen?

Anonymous said...

Hal Daub is a little late to the table. The pension fund already had a $100 million shortfall when he left - not exactly strong stewardship.

Anonymous said...

Here's that guy with the same BS again. Once again: Daub left the mayor's office with a slight surplus in the pension fund.

Anonymous said...

I guess this mailing makes it official. . . the Omaha Police Union will be endorsing Hal Daub. I for one don't want to find out once it is too late that he will owe them something in return.

Anonymous said...

Again, for the learning disabled, from the World Herald story on Feb. 5th:

"City officials said Thursday that the pension fund has been underfunded since at least 1994."

So please, anonymous 7:40, tell me what part of "underfunded" translates to your "slight surplus."

Better yet, go get a copy of the city's actuary report that shows a shortfall of $100 million in 2001. Ain't that hard.

Anonymous said...

Anon 6:11, if what you say is true, why would the police union be so eager to get Daub elected? Actions speak louder than words and the police union has acted in favor of daub.

Also, when you say Daub has been dying to work on this issue for the last 4 years... what, was he planning on solving it from the U.S. Senate?

I almost want Daub to win just so I don't have to see him run for office for the rest of his life. Hang it up man.

Anonymous said...

This is ridiculous. OK, you're right. Hal Daub is completely beholden to the unions.

Hal Daub.


OmaSteak said...

Becka was quoting heavily from Sweeper during his rant on the mailing yesterday without attribution. Almost made me wonder if that isn't Sweeper's real ID...but Becka isn't that literate or intelligent unless he's quoting others. It's obvious he's a Leavenworth Street reader.

Anonymous said...

...and Ernie Chambers is a laissez-faire republican.

...and later monkeys might fly out of my butt.

Anonymous said...

(that last post was aimed at 10:00)

Anonymous said...

To Anon 10:17 (2-13-09)-

If you really want us to believe that one is learning impaired because they don't take the OWH as gospel. Then I pose this to you...why does a OWH article from Aug 08 clearly show that the Police/Fire pension fund had a slight surplus (assets were more than liabilities) in 2001. Is the OWH contridicting itself? Well actually not. The problem was with the City's crack Finance Director. Ms. Ebdon was correct that fund was short (approx. $25 million) in 1994, but it improved until 2001 before it started the downward slope it has been on since.

So Anon, before you start quoting things as the gospel according to the OWH, maybe you should check THE facts.

Anonymous said...

From Fmr Prosecutor...

"Sure, we might very well need more oversight of sex offenders."

This is the point. The council could havedone this but could not.

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

Is there a reason you are a former prosecutor???? A little to soft on sex offenders???

Anonymous said...

Turns out Mort Sullivan is running for mayor!

Anonymous said...

will anyone have the courage to improve the Gene Leahy Mall? Anyone? This is truly the face of our city, the front door, etc. and it needs a facelift!!!

Anonymous said...

The Gene Leahy mall is just fine. If you want to increase the traffic there, put a bigger police presence so the people from West O will feel like they can come down to visit without getting mugged and/or shot.

4.0 UNL Grad Student said...

I'm glad Jim Vokal is taking on the police. He and Frank Brown have fought together to stop their abuses. Go Get'em Jim

Anonymous said...

Anony 7:34 -

I'm not taking the OWH word for it - I'm taking the word of city officials quoted in the OWH.

And I see you basically ignored my suggestion that you get a copy of the independent actuary report that shows (again) a $100 shortfall of the pension fund in 2001.

Jim Vokal has mentioned this several times - including that dreadful youtube video - and Hal Daub has stayed silent.

Know why? Because its true.

Anonymous said...

Does everyone here understand that Jim Vokal has never run anything, ever?

Just asking, because he wants us to let him run our city.

It seems to me a pretty important point no one has mentioned. I just realized it myself, but it's true. He's never run anything.

Anonymous said...

It seems to me Vokal isn't doing himself any favors by pissing off the police. I don't think that's admirable (thanks for the laugh, whoever wrote "Go get 'em, Jim!"). Here's one reason (of many) why:

I think it's a boneheaded move from a negotiating standpoint. The next mayor is going to have to negotiate with these unions. That's when we want our mayor to play hardball. Not now, when there's nothing to gain and diplomatic points to lose.

Vokal probably doesn't understand that because he has no experience.

Anonymous said...

Jim Vokal is like Hugo Chavez, going around upsetting and insulting people needlessly. He has to be a bully to be noticed. That's his strategy.

Anonymous said...

Anon 3:55: Hal Daubl is like Hitler! Since you're into making ridiculous comparisons.

Anonymous said...

Street Sweeper:

I just looked back over your comments on the last few pages, and have you noticed that nearly every comment (except those unrelated) that you've written has been a defense in some form of Vokal's side?

You are falling into a pattern with your last few posts:

1) Lay down Vokal camp's arguments nearly unfiltered, as your own, as a new blog entry (which everyone reads). Offer token hat tip to Daub so as not to appear completely in the can for Vokal.

2) Invite Daub fans to give their side of the argument in the comments section (which doesn't appear on the home page along with the Vokal argument).

3) Intervene in the comments section to (9 times out of 10) defend or clarify or add to your arguments in Vokal's favor.

It is plain to most people that this is not fair.

Anonymous said...

Anon 4:02 -- How dare you bring Hal Daubl into this? This race is between Jim Vokal, Jim Suttle, and Hal DAUB!

3rd floor watcher said...

The Pension fund was healthy under Daub. Hal was only mayor for 5 months in 2001. The OWH's investigation stated the fund was balanced in their earlier reporting. At the end of 2001 (after 911) the dow was down 7.2% year end. There is a natural over and under funding that happens due to market fluctations. Usually a pension fund is deemed healthy if it is 10% maybe 15% within its projected obligations. (ie, markets tend to recover over time) What Vokal did was not market related and out of the city's control, he approved contracts that changed the payout structure which lead to the massive shortfall in the pensions current structure.

And no one forced Jim to vote for any contract!!!

Anonymous said...

Alright, so it appears we're just going to forego the report from the actuary in favor of our own interpretations. Whatever.

Vokal voted against the fire contract. Four others did not. Once that contract was approved, the die was cast. The police were going to get the same benefits, either by council vote or legal action. Just the way it is.

Anonymous said...

That's a pretty convenient way to look at it after the fact, isn't it?

Anonymous said...

The CIR does not compare the fire and police of Omaha against each other. Nice try Vokal Camp. The CIR compares the Omaha Fire Department against comparable fire departments and the police with other police departments. Jim Vokal could have voted for one and not voted for another. No comparable fire or police department had the same inflated pension scheme Vokal voted for.

Anonymous said...

That "photo" of Jim Vokal makes him look like a creepy sex offender, which is probably the intention of the flyer. I am sure it is actually a photo of someone else.

Anonymous said...

I agree with the writer who said we need to renovate and update the downtown Gene Leahy Mall. It is a very major part of Omaha's downtown image and a little upgrade would truly add positively to Omaha's "face" or image. It sinks downward with leads to a lot of darkness, crime, fear. Why not take a look at raising up some parts to the sidewalk level? As well, maybe some new trees and flowers, a redesigned "river walk",etc would be interesting.

Street Sweeper said...

As long as this thread has been hijacked, I'll throw in my $.02 re the Mall:

What brings you there? I like that it IS there, and that it's nice and all. I want it to be clean and safe. But on the north side, there's 4 lanes of traffic to navigate, and other than the Holland, there's few/no stores, bars, restaurants, etc. to bring you there.

On the south side, where you think there'd be potential, there are -- what -- two restaurants? And those always struggle.

I don't know how you fix that or what could ever be done. But right now, there is nothing to draw you there (and it's hard to see from the street as well). The lights at Christmas are nice (though really a drive-by thing as well).

Don't know. Maybe it's just nice that it's there and for the few people that make use of it. But if there was ever some sort of master plan to REALLY make use of that space, and connect it to the Old Market, etc., etc., then THAT would be an accomplishment.

(Should this be a post all its own? Does any care about this that much? Should they?)

macdaddy said...

Maybe the yahoos running for mayor could address it. Last time I looked, Gene Leahy Mall was smack in the middle of downtown Omaha. Surely it should be included in the plans that the 3 stooges have for improving business in the downtown area. Surely, with all the time they have spent downtown, they have some ideas on how to improve things. Or maybe none of them go downtown after dark or on weekends?

macdaddy said...

Hell, one of them could get Jim Esch on it. I hear he lives down there and is a bit of a playa. And he's currently between positions.

Anonymous said...

Robert Nelson metaphorically set fire to the police union mailer against Vokal today.


Anonymous said...

Omaha By Design has some plans and ideas for the Gene Leahy Mall but none of the candidates are addressing it. Maybe private sector or the downtown businesses can get together to develope a plan to get the Mall updated and better looking. Thanks

Street Sweeper said...

For those interested in reading more, on this hijacked thread, about Omaha By Design's plans for the Gene Leahy Mall, click here.

(Lots of maps, plans and before and after animated pics.)

We should also note that Omaha By Design hasn't even ADDRESSED the idea of a toboggan run down the middle of the mall...

Anonymous said...

I think it would be amazing if the City had an ice skating rink in Gene Leahy Mall with the FNB, Woodmen towers in the background! That would be a lot better than the make shift little rink at the Heartland of America park two days out of the year. Every major city has a downtown outdoor ice skating rink open to the public with its skyline in the background.

Anonymous said...

Why hasn't anyone asked Suttle if he's behind the Police mailing? He stands to benefit the most. Or has everyone forgotten about the primary?

3rd floor watcher said...

Who is Jim Suttle? Oh yes, I think he is a city councilman. I knew he has talked about being mayor for the last 4 years, but I havn't seen him do ANYTHING in the last 2 months.

Anonymous said...

Now Jim Vokal knows what it's like to "shot at" by the Omaha Police. Vokal would "jump through hoops of fire for baseball" but can't protect our children with a simple vote. What a phony.

Anonymous said...

The big question on on my mind is who is responsible for hijacking this post and turning it into a blog about the Gene Leahy Mall? Could it be Jordan? Or Vokal himself? Pretty shifty, I'd say. At this point I don't give a f__k about the mall, I care about replacing with new faces all of the city council members. And the mayor's position. And not with Jim Vokal!