Monday, December 21, 2009

The Nelson Way

"...Look, if you think it's fun having both sides on an issue mad at you when you're trying to do something in good faith, just think, it's like going home and getting bit by the family dog. Who enjoys that?”
- Nebraska Senator Ben Nelson

He's kidding, right?

Make no mistake about it kids: Ben Nelson enjoyed every minute of being in the spotlight. Making trips to the White House; being cornered by the New York Times; being a talking head on Sunday morning; having all eyes on HIM for the past several weeks.

It was a blast.

He ate it up.

Bit by the family dog? For him it was like Fred Flintstone being jumped on by Dino at the end of the day. "No, no! Get down boy! Ha ha! Get down! Ha ha! Whooooooo!"

Now, it is possible that Nelson didn't quite anticipate the sh*tstorm that came his way after it all came down.

But he had an idea. What else could he expect?

How many weeks went by with him talking about abortion language saying, "It's gotta have Stupak. It's gotta have Stupak. It's gotta have Stupak."

And then, when it doesn't, he says, "Uh...OK."

He knew where he was going with this. And he wasn't going to disappoint the Democrats in the end. Nellie says:
They're ignoring the fact that not only were there good reasons to do what I did, but that there would have been a backlash the other way.
And he claims that all the Republican backlash is "orchestrated"?

Sure. By the Nelson Symphony, Conducted by the Benator himself.


Not only does Nelson erase all the lines that he had drawn in the sand, but he embarrases Nebraska as well.

"The Cornhusker Kickback"? Already has 3,000 Google hits.

And then he tries to blame Governor Heineman??? REALLY?
Wow, that's some kind of nerve to even make that suggestion.
(Especially when The Politico says Nelson had been planning this with Reid for weeks.)

Let's make sure we get Governor Dave's response:
"Nebraskans did not ask for a special deal, only a fair deal.

Under no circumstances did I have anything to do with Senator (Ben) Nelson's compromise.

I, along with governors all across America, have expressed concern about the unfunded Medicaid mandate. I have said all along that this bill is bad news for Nebraska and bad news for America. Additionally, I criticized Senator (Harry) Reid when he got a special deal for Nevada that didn't apply uniformly to all states.

Senator Nelson negotiated this special deal, rather than a fair deal for both Nebraska and America.

The responsibility for this special deal lies solely on the shoulders of Senator Ben Nelson."

This is by no means the final (political) word on all of this. But where does it lead?

For one, Nelson keeps his place in the party. His place still has to be "pain in the ass" for President Obama and Reid, but he still came through right?

So if there's ever a situation where he needs to be bailed out -- well, look no further than the Nebraska perks in the bill itself -- the Dems will come through for Nelson.

But what of 2012?

Bob Kerrey will tell you (like he no doubt told Nelson) that you can vote with the Democrat President and still get elected.

But this isn't 1994 -- the political environment is just a bit different.

And if it's Governor Dave in 2012 -- that ain't Jan Stoney.

And while 2012 is a loooooooong way off, Joe Jordan (moonlighting on KMTV!) makes a good point that most of the provisions of the bill won't even come in until 2014. If you hate the bill now, there will be no reason to like it in a few more years.

Will things mellow out by then? Maybe.
Or maybe they'll just heat up.


And one final note.

Back in 2006, when Nelson was blowing Pete Ricketts out of the water, many Nebraska Republicans (obviously) went along with Nelson.

"Why, he's an independent conservative Democrat!" they would tell ya.

Well guess what, it's easy to be a moderate Democrat when you have a Republican President.

But when there's a liberal Democrat in the White House, you can't run and hide from the party's agenda anymore.

Well guess what folks...let us say it again...BEN NELSON IS A DEMOCRAT.

And just like the scorpion who stung the frog after it gave him a ride across the river, voting with the Democrats is in Ben Nelson's nature.

Nelson has fooled you once (in your face, that you can't miss, see it? see it?) Nebraska. Shame on him.

Fool you twice?...


Anonymous said...

Did Tom White show up this morning to sing Senator Nelson's praises with his other 2 Frat Boys from the Legislature?

I guess we can all be thankful that Tom White will be able to afford health insurance without bankrupting his law office, his charter plane business or his personal retirement account.

Heck, maybe that's why he let Elan fold this year? Now he can afford health insurance for himself.

BTW, John Edwards wasn't even willing to pull the sympathy card until after the election. Tom White is pulling before the filing deadline. Unbelievable, all I can say is "Thank God I have nothing in common with Tom White, including being wealthy".

Big Jake said...

Dave Heineman needs to show interest in the Senate race today. He can still run for governor and keep his options open. But I fear that he is the only one who can beat Ben right now, even after Nelson's disasterous vote.

Anonymous said...

HMMM, I wonder why none of the CD2 based State Senators couldn't be bothered to show up for the Drinking of the Tea Party? Where do they stand on what their fair Party Leader did to Nebraska and America this weekend?

Hey Ian, is your boss happy that he can now afford health insurance for his family, or was he never actually without health insurance?

Ian, come out, come out, wherever you are?

Oh, wait, he's at Clancy's getting ready to swill beer with the other pork loving spending liberals tonight.

Anonymous said...

Hey, Sweeper...

Did you see the Lincoln Journal Star's puff piece on Jane Kleeb this weekend, regarding her socialist movement and efforts to "reshape" Nebraska a new shade of Communist red?

Are you still going to defend that activist with a pen, Don Walton, who wrote that piece? Any ideas on how conservatives can pool their money and buy out the leftist press in this state?

Right Wing Professor said...

Anon @ 12;18:

The LJS and Lee newspapers in general is hemorrhaging money. Best you can do is ignore them. Don't buy their paper, don't link to them. Their failing business model will do the rest.

Right Wing Professor said...

Meanwhile, Malkin reports that, with the Senate health care bill now seemingly destined to pass, Credit Suisse have raised their price targets on seven major health insurers. Individual insurance mandates may be the best thing ever to happen to them.

Maybe the left had it right all along; EBN's carrying water for his former employers.

Anonymous said...

Dave. . . Are you going to talk to money or not? We need an answer. I know it is tough for you to take a position on something.

Nicholas said...

Oh, please. Come 2012, regardless of how Senator Nelson votes on anything, he's going to be pegged as a "Democrat" (scary!) and a "closet liberal" (scary!). The GOP is going to say the same old, same old in terms of party politics regardless of whatever Sen. Nelson does from here until 2012. At least Senator Nelson is stepping up for Nebraska and the millions of Americans either uninsured and underinsured, the countless small business owners struggling to afford basic coverage for their employees, and the many in rural Nebraska who lack access to basic primary care.

Here's the kicker in hind sight. The GOP, had they negotiated in good faith with the Democratic Senators, could've negotiated down pretty much anything and everything throughout 2009 when the Dems still made overtures to reach some semblance of bipartisanship. The GOP could've slowed the process down, watered down, and stripped out pretty much anything and everything from now through 2010.

It's too bad for them, but it's great for millions of Americans.

Son of Liberty said...

Ben Nelson in his own words:
"Health Care Reform Needs 65 Votes To Be Legitimate" Sept 29, 2009

Ben: "Bill would reduce deficit"
Reality: The Congressional Budget Office (CBO) informed lawmakers on Sunday night that the section of the manager's amendment to the Senate's health bill would cost $1.2 billion over 10 years.

Neb:"Nebraskans want this bill"
Reality: 67% Oppose the bill

Ben:"Would not allow abortion"
Reality: Section 1303 provides a giant loophole for federally funded abortion.

It appears pretty consistent pattern emerges here. He's a liar and cares not for Nebraskans. Clearly he understands he can not be reelected (unless he's got something shady up his sleeve), or he plans to "retire".

Question for general discussion:
We can't recall him, how can we make him pay? Does he or his family members own any businesses in NE?

DC PIMP said...

Hey Ben Nelson, we qualify for this $100,000,000. Go prostitute yourself for this jem for the med center. Whe already know what you are, now its a matter of price!!!

Health bill money for hospital sought by Dodd

The Associated Press
Sunday, December 20, 2009; 11:32 PM

WASHINGTON -- A $100 million item for construction of a university hospital was inserted in the Senate health care bill at the request of Sen. Christopher Dodd, D-Conn., who faces a difficult re-election campaign, his office said Sunday night.

The legislation leaves it up to the Health and Human Services Department to decide where the money should be spent, although spokesman Bryan DeAngelis said Dodd hopes to claim it for the University of Connecticut.

The one sought by Dodd provides $100 million for "a health care facility that provides research, inpatient tertiary care, or outpatient clinical services." It must be affiliated with an academic health center at a public research university in the United States "that contains a State's sole public academic medical and dental school."

Anonymous said...

Ben Nelson is a political whore.

Anonymous said...

Nelson had the misfortune to have previously scheduled his statewide radio call-in show today. The calls are heavily screened and still Nelson was trying to have it both ways...but no one was buying it. He's toast although he acts like he's running again in 2012...actually laughed off suggestion that Governor Heineman will crush him in 2012 all the while talking about how great this "health care" bill will be.

Anonymous said...

TW, Mello, Norquist, and Snow Plow Conrad need to keep to the game plan. Keep suckling the Sen Nelson teat and stomping around in the media.

The sinking sensation you just felt was your political future in Nebraska.

Your powerful support of the Liberal Agenda during the Special Session, and now with Sen Nelson will surely be of great assistance in your next race.

So keep it up, your doing a smashing job (Conrad that really wasn't meant for you, but applies just as well)

2010 will be such a good year.

Anonymous said...

To Big Jake:

How about Bruning or Stenberg or Hal Daub vs Nelson right now? I agree, someone needs to show some interest.

Anonymous said...

Can't wait for Sen Nelson and his ilk to be flushed from DC and our pocketbooks.

Anonymous said...

Anon 3:11, not to be nit picky and all but he is a PIMP too. I say this as he arranged the deal. Maybe he is an independent one but one just the same.

On another note, will the AG get involved in this matter. The Nebraska AG I mean to say as we know Holder is not much more than a piss boy for the POTUS.

Klev Landsteamer said...

"Nelson has fooled you once (in your face, that you can't miss, see it? see it?) Nebraska. Shame on him.

Fool you twice?..."

Can't get fooled again? Isn't that how the saying goes. Or is that just in Tennessee?

One Out In The Third said...

I am not ready to accept that our Cheerleader-in-Chief Gov. Dave isn't as forthcoming as he represents himself. Is he just doing damage control after his pal Ol' Earmark ratted on him? I believe it's possible.

Now Nebraska can be like Michigan with it's liberal welfare policy...welfare mothers will be relocating to Nebraska in the busload.

I guess we should look at the positive side...when Nebraska goes broke we will all have free medical coverage.

One Out In The Third said... as forthcoming...

Anonymous said...

Anon 11:59,

why should a man be criticized for being successful? The fact that TW is wealthy and wants to help the less fortunate makes him a better man in most people's eyes. You are a selfish moron.

frank said...

"What else could he (Nelson) expect?"

Ben Nelson expects - with good reason - that Nebraska voters will reelect him because he brings them millions of dollars that Harry Reid takes from taxpayers in other states and then gives to Nelson as a bribe for Nelson to vote into existance a bureaucratic nightmare of a federal "fix" of a US healthcare system that was, until recently, widely believed to be A-okay by 80%+ of all Americans and almost every Nebraskan.

Nelson is happy to be bribed by his Party and happy to in turn bribe Nebraskans to swallow what they otherwise never would.

You can bet that Nelson's deal includes a mountain of National Democrat Party dollars flooding his next campaign. But that's Nelson. Nelson is born to swim in this slime and he does it so effortlessly he looks happy doing it.

This isn't about Socialism. This about a truly harmful grasping at power for sake of having power, and no one understands that motive better than EBN.

Nelson isn't just an egotistical bag of fat. He is more than that. And it isn't good.

Anonymous said...

Who's he helping AND, is taking 1/3 of your poor clients victory in court is charitable, I want to to be his victim-I mean client too.

And Ian, nice to have you out to play today, moron.

Anonymous said...

1/3 of winnings. the key word in your statement is "victory". Only fitting dont you think? By the way, I am not Ian and you are still a moron.

Joseph said...

Actually RWP, Lee Enterprises is losing money. The LJS is one of only two of their newspapers making money. Thanks for playing though.
I wouldn't exactly say that peice was a glowing one for J. Kleeb. I'm an R and I will back D. Walton. He's legit.

Anonymous said...

Ricketts has become widely known and respected by the conservative base -- folks who paid no attention prior to the Obama/Pelosi/Reid takeover. I think he would win big against Pitiful Benji.

Bruning would be marvelous as well.

Actually, my goldfish would be better than Ben. He has more backbone.

Anonymous said...

Did anyone else catch the Washington Post article which indicated that EBN was hugging Schumer and Reid? If there was any pictures of that, I'm sure the GOP would be willing to make a puchase.

Too Bad said...

One out in the third, what is your thing w/"welfare mothers"? What "liberal welfare policy"??? Are you ordered to pay child support on a grim salary, or what?

On another post, you suggested they ("welfare mothers") will be "dancing in the streets" because of Sen. Nelson's actions. Preposterous. Count yourself as one you would be scorning a poor peasant girl named Mary whose people had never heard of a "virgin birth." Merry Christmas.

Large Marje said...

Too Bad - thank ya much for calling it out. What's with these bloggers who 'pretend' to understand the issues but let their biases and ignorance cloud any sort of logical judgement? As a fiscal conservative, this rant against welfare mother and the poor is so shallow. Show me some substance if you're going to argue!

Right Wing Professor said...


I'm afraid the 'I'm a republican and...' meme doesn't work if you're anonymous. Anyone who reads Walton with anyone frequency knows he's a cheerleader for the Democrats.

Lee cut salaries and eliminated profit sharing last fall, rescheduled debt payments this Spring, and earned a whopping 4 cents a share this fall. Their circulation is down, as it their advertising revenue.

The best way for conservatives to combat media bias is not to complain, but simply to shun the media outlet. Don't buy, don't post comments on the site, and don't patronize their advertizers.

Right Wing Professor said...

'Any frequency'. Yikes.

Snow Plow Driver said...

Senator Conrad seems to be the driver behind the State senate democrats supporting Ben Nelson's shenanigans. I hope she doesn't crash during the 2010 elections.

Anonymous said...

And that would be 1/3 of Tom White's clients judgment PLUS expenses. In many cases that ends up being close to half the jury award, or does Tom White even bother going in front of a judge and jury. Does he just settle quick for a bigger cheaper case? What ever happened to his lawsuit against UNL and that wayward Frat House? How much was his payday on that one and when did it settle, before or after the charges were dropped?

Thanks for playing. Now, where is Ian? Come out, come out, where ever you are-Chicken. Tell us what Tom White's position is on the current Healthcare Bill. He loved Nancy Pelosi's Bill in the House, but this one is sooooo watered down. Does Tom white hate the Senate version or is he a sellout for any kind of healthcare change, as long as it costs a trillion dollars.

Maybe conservatives had it wrong all along. We thought the line in the sand was that Libs needed a Public Option. I guess what they really needed was $1,000,000,000,000 in spending to be happy and comfy going into a new decade.

Anonymous said...

Ben Nelson is going to give the unborn children this Christmas Eve the gift that keeps on killing. "Obama Care" Happy Holidays Senator

Bellevue Doctor said...

Merry Christmas Ben Nelson. I think business will be booming thanks to you.

Insurance Agent said...

Thank you, Senator Nelson. My company's stock is up over 10% as we all anticipate that those leeches who play fast and loose with actuarial tables will now have to buy policies from me. Or risk jail. LOL. It's brilliant! I think we will put in a pool this year.

Anonymous said...

The biggest outrage to the Right is that Nelson worked Heiney's side of the street, better than Tiny Dave ever could have dreamed up.

What a perfect stooge, stepping into it the way Heineman did: "We can't afford it." Ben solves that problem and Heienman tries to put on the face of an altruist. Give it up Tiny, its about as out of place on you as a speech about your deep commitment to Nebraska's most vulnerable citizens...

What really must keep him up at night is knowing that he was outwitted by E.Ben... Ouch, that has to sting, Tiny!

/s/ BlueMatt

Anonymous said...

I really like this blog! It has racism, bigotry and bile. It's like a Republican National Convention without the brie...

/s/ BlueMatt

Tired on Nelson Staffers said...

"It has racism, bigotry and bile. It's like a Republican National Convention"

Ok Nelson Staffer mad your boss is getting his ass chewed out???

Point out any racism or bigotry on this blog????

You can't you liberal Jackass!!!

Barbara and Patty said...


From the BlogHer Blog (radical feminist blog and very pro-choice on Nelson's abortion language (err, Boxer and Murray),

SEBELIUS: And I would say that the Senate language, which was negotiated by Senators Barbara Boxer and Patty Murray, who are very strong defenders of women’s health services and choices for women, take a big step forward from where the House left it with the Stupak amendment, and I think do a good job making sure there are choices for women, making sure there are going to be some plan options, and making sure that while public funds aren’t used, we are not isolating, discriminating against, or invading the privacy rights of women. That would be an accounting procedure, but everybody in the exchange would do the same thing, whether you’re male or female, whether you’re 75 or 25, you would all set aside a portion of your premium that would go into a fund, and it would not be earmarked for anything, it would be a separate account that everyone in the exchange would pay.

BLOGHER: It’s a bit confusing, but …

SEBELIUS: Okay. It is a bit confusing, but it’s really an accounting that would apply across the board and not just to women, and certainly not just to women who want to choose abortion coverage.

BLOGHER: Oh, that’s good, that’s good.

SNOWBLR said...

UNCLE BEN Nelson says taking criticism for the health care bill is "like going home and getting bit by the family dog."

Ben, I'd argue that what's about to happen to you will be more reminiscent of what happened to the guy in Omaha who died and was eaten by his two small pugs that survived for nearly two weeks by devouring his body.

Pro life Voter said...


SCHUMER, BOXER, and MURRAY wrote the compromise language that Nelson signed off on...all pro choice Senators.

ATTN: OWH and LJS said...

Will Morton or Walton do a piece on who wrote or contributed to "Nelson's" abortion coverage language??? I heard Nelson hugged Schemer after Boxer penned the amendment.

Sebilius said this is pro-choice language and Murray and Boxer wrote it.

Joseph said...


With respect, the fact that I didn't use my last name shouldn't be the point. My last name is Young. There, does that make my previous comment mean anything more or less to you? I thought not.

By republican, I meant that I, as someone who sees life through a conservative lens, believes that Walton is as fair as they come. One thing he doesn't do, is claim to like one side more than the other. Walton may be a D at heart, but he is a damn fair one. He will call out a D or an R if they are being unreasonable, just like a legitimate person does. I read him every Monday, if he isn't on vacation that is.

Anonymous said...

You know I have never seen Patty Murray and Ben Nelson in the same place.....HMMMM

Joseph said...

Also, I did say that Lee IS losing money, but that the LJS is doing well. I agree with your assessment of Lee. Non-issue.

Anonymous said...

Sweeper is it true Barbara Boxer and Patty Murray wrote the compromise language on abortion that guts Stupak.

Brian T. Osborn said...

Hey! I must be doing something right. I got my first online death threat today. If I don't make it past Christmas, y'all have a merry one.

Right Wing Professor said...

Hey! I must be doing something right. I got my first online death threat today.


Seriously, tho', call the police. No reason to put up with that crap. Heated political arguments are one thing, death threats are another.

Brian T. Osborn said...


It really doesn't bother me that much, I've faced near certain death in the past and lived to piss people off for another day. What bothers me is that the nincompoop that did it, also threatened an 83 year old friend of mine.

It's a sad day when the cynicism and sarcasm, that guys like you and I toss around every day, is met by threats of violent death just because those who read what we write can't handle it.

Oh well ... have a very Merry Christmas, Chanukah, Kwanza, Festivus, or whatever ...

bigfoot said...

Anonymous on racism:

What about when sweeper compared the President to BigFoot?

Street Sweeper said...

...or Jim Esch, w/ the exact same picture of BigFoot.

Anonymous said...
This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.
Anonymous said...

So when do people begin to realize Sen Nelson's ploy for Holding Nebraska harmless on new medicaid costs plays directly into Obama's plan?

Think about it, now the Fed's will be filling a State's obligation. This further erodes a State's independence and at the same time increases their dependence on the Federal Government (read Stimulus Bill). That along with other states desire to get the same "Deal" will only increase the effect. I can see a point where nearly all tax receipts go directly to the Feds who will gladly take care of us.


The "BENeFIT" is taken from Nebraska and we are left with a pouting Senator. Sen Nelson will throw some fits, and swear to do something about it. He will go on and on about how he was tricked, hoodwinked, bamboozled etc. Yet the damage will be done.

Glad to see Mello, Nordquist, and Snow Plow Conrad throwing in with him.

Tom White hasn't figured out what is happening yet to make his own play on it all. Suppose Ian hasn't had time to break it down for him.

Joseph said...


The Truth on Nelson's Language said...

Rep. Stupak: White House Pressuring Me to Keep Quiet on Abortion Language in Senate Health Bill
It looks like Obamas goons are forcing pro-life Dems to Support Boxer's...errr... Nelson's language

Tuesday, December 22, 2009
By Pete Winn, Senior Writer/Editor

( - Rep. Bart Stupak (D-Mich.) said the White House and the Democratic leadership in the House of Representatives have been pressuring him not to speak out on the "compromise" abortion language in the Senate version of the health care bill.

Anonymous said...

I agree Nelson was worse than Britney Spears in face time and a camera. He bumped Tiger. Like he has all this power and can't influence the scheduling of a vote for after the holidays? Yeah right. Some negotiator.

When you ARE the 60th vote you pretty much have the power to multiply the loaves and fishes if so inclined.

Ben sold out. I'm wondering who put money on his dresser.

Right Wing Professor said...


I read Walton regularly too. I don't think we're reading the same guy. I see consistent puff-pieces about Nebraska Democrats, and snark about the other guys. Why wouldn't a Nebraska reporter, profiling a local SEIU representative, ask her one question about some of the various issues about SEIU? How much money did SEIU contribute to Obama?

Walton's sneers about the tea-party movement this summer, and his consistent dismay about conservative 'haters' -- while Bush Derangement Syndrome always managed to escape his notice -- are hard to explain away. His use of talking points from local liberal blogs has gotten pretty shameless.

"I'm a lifelong republican, and..." is overworked. I now know your surname. I have no idea who you are.


Reading this blog hurts my head. Too much reason, logic and facts.

I like Web sites with pictures of polar bears, angry women, slaves from the 1700s, and movie stars. Those make me hate my country and all America stands for -- just like when I'm at the Democrat National Convention.

Peace out!

Anonymous said...

Ben Nelson adopted the Boxer-Murray abortion language. What a supporter of the pro-life movement!!!

Nathan said...

Did you ever get that Glock 33 you were talking about BTO? I have my .45 nice and close. Thankfully I've never had to use that gun, but as the boy scouts say, "Be Prepared". It might come in handy someday with these death threats. Call the police on that, no reason you or anyone else should have to deal with it.

Stay safe amico.

Right Wing Professor said...

I was in a pretty unpolitical biker tiki bar today (hey, it's Florida) and was hearing Nebraska being cussed out, left and right, because of Nelson. It was quite disconcerting. It's amazing how much ill will this has created nationally (especially considering all the other deals Reid cut).

But I see Nelson is now offering to decline the bribe. Maybe the Senate can instead appropriate $100 million to buy a potter's field.

Joseph said...

Touché RWP.

I guess I give Walton a pass on his puff pieces because I'm sure his editors are pressuring him to do them, and he probably doesn't give them 100%. Actually, I like reading about people like Jane Kleeb, because you know what Michael Corleone says about enemies...and I'm not going to hit her website. Plus, I really don't take her seriously enough to care where she gets her money. I think we all know where she gets it, and it's not enough to make a real impact.

Also, and I would never say this on a public website, when Michelle Bachman and Sarah Palin push the Tea Party movement, that's essentially when I stop paying attention. There was a lot of pretty inappropriate stuff going on at those rallies, and I wouldn't exactly call them productive. When people on the left do stuff like that, we make fun of them. There is a reason you don't see the 'measured' politicians at those events.

And the people like me who write 'I'm an R' reference that so we have a little cred when we 'self-assess' the republican party without getting beat-up for it. Good debate though. I'll start reading your blog.


Right Wing Professor said...


I was at some of the earliest tea-party rallies, and they had nothing to do with Bachman or Palin or even the GOP. They were mostly about disgust at the various bailouts and the stimulus bill. Sure, there were some of the 'usual suspects' at them, but there were also people who were just mad that they were cutting to the bone to make the mortgage payment every month, and meanwhile AIG and the UAW and just J. Random Deadbeats were making ridiculous choices and getting away scot-free.

THe GOP is now trying to co-opt the anger, and that's an understandable political ploy, but it shouldn't be forgotten the GOP spent like drunken sailors for 5 years. OK, the Dems are spending like heroin-addicted, cocaine-crazed drunken sailors, but you can't say they invented the routine.

Walton's entitled to his political views, but he could choose to write a more balanced column, and he doesn't want to. And it's not pressure from above.

Joseph said...


Yes, I'm sure there were a lot of Dems at those tea parties.??

I'll still start reading your blog.

Anonymous said...

Maybe Tom White isn't weighing in because he is in the on an island somewhere checking on his investments?

Anonymous said...

White has weighed in now--he "stands" with Nelson.

TW-----> you just lost the pro-life vote in NE2. Goodbye.

Anonymous said...

I heard a rumor that Kay Orr might make a come back and run against Nelson for Senate. Anyone hear this also?