Saturday, April 25, 2009

Suttle: Illegal immigration "plan" for Omaha

For those who have missed the latest issue in the Omaha Mayor's race, Jim Suttle has opened this can of worms:

He said:
"We need to...quit making criminals out of people, however they might come across our borders."
See Joe Jordan's report on KMTV here:

Apparently Suttle has a new amnesty plan for illegal immigrants in Omaha.

We're all ears Jim.


Anonymous said...

Come on! Stop bashing him on this. Clearly he didn't see the camera. Why else would he have actually ansered the question, and answered it honestly.

He sees America as the problem and favors amnesty. Who cares if someone has broken the law to get here, or hurts american workers by hiring illegal aliens at a lower wage.

MS13? Just turn your back.

Just the kinda mayor Omaha needs.

Anonymous said...

Yeah... because that "..." changes the meaning of the sentence quite a bit.

Street Sweeper said...

Quite a bit? OK, here's the whole thing for ya:

"We need to go to the source of the problem and quit making criminals out of the companies, quit making criminals out of the people, however they might come across the border."However you parse it, he says the same thing.

Go to the source of the problem? Is that your big modifier? So does Jim plan on subsidizing Mexico now? Please, we're looking for any insight he may have.

There are laws to come into the U.S. If you break those laws, you are a criminal. It's not a traffic ticket.

Get Jim on the camera to explain himself, please!

Anonymous said...

Who could have ever guessed that Republicans would run with immigration. Is this what happens when all of your other policies have failed?

Anonymous said...

I think the Sweepers and Cleaners of the Republican Party need to explain why immigration is suddenly a problem in the mayor's race, other than the fact that Hal Daub hasn't managed to shift anybody's opinion of him.

Suttle is quite clear: we need to figure out the solution to immigration on a national basis.

Anonymous said...

Maybe his "source of the problem" is to build a bridge to Council Bluffs.

Anonymous said...


Suttle is clear, that is for sure. He doesn't want to deal with any immigration issue as mayor.

Meanwhile, we have illegal immigrant gang members in town, illegal immigrants are taking jobs away from peole here legally - driving down wages and putting a burden on our hospitals, schools and law enforcement.

Is THAT local enough for you?

Don't blame Republicans or the blogs for Suttle putting his foot in his mouth. He opened this can of worms all on his own.

Anonymous said...

Isn't it obvious that this is just a cheap ploy on Suttle's part to garner the Latino vote? Sheesh!


Hey Anonymous 12:09:

Jim Suttle went too far this time.
Suttle brought this on himself, as always ! And, this is NOT just a Republican concern - I am a Dem (and that is not short for dem-wit)

Above all, I am a PROUD American and AM NOT for Amnesty. Illegal immigrants are just that, illegal, therefore, criminal.

And, if they should find a way to live in the States they really should 'abide by our laws' and do it 'legally'; and, they really should learn - to speak 'our language',
- the 'English' language.

Therefore, this, and everything else in consideration, I know who we're voting for May 12th. We are, now considering ourselves to be Independent.

And, by the way, we to, are
"never Suttle/Subtle when it comes to Omaha"
OR, -- for America, either!!!!!
UNLIKE, Jim Suttle. What does that man stand for anyway (?)

Hal Daub gets our vote ! He has and is the only candidate with the experience that we NEED for THIS election !!! We decided he has better ethics !!!

Hal Daub may not be liked by all of Omaha, but, atleast, he doesn't answer questions publically that he has not atleast considered previously. Was that Jim's honest opinion ??? Oh my GOSH !!!

So, was that just a 'Freudian Slip'. Or, didn't Suttle get to rehearse that question ahead of time. We are, now, very much aware that Jim Suttle is capable of saying "whatever" at any given moment - one never knows how that man's brain works. Maybe, he should learn to engage his brain before speaking. Or, maybe he should find a different line of work. And, a persuavsive speech class wouldn't hurt him any.

Same 'ol'e Suttle' and up to his 'same old tricks'.

Anonymous said...
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Anonymous said...

Omaha wants a mayor who will stand up and fight for the City, and Suttle refuses to go on camera with a local television reporter. Is he really that inept? How has this guy gotten this far? He's the Democrats verson of Jonny Christensen.

Street Sweeper said...

Listen up commenters: Because of the inordinate number of assinine remarks, I will be viewing all your proposed comments before they go up.
Think twice before you want to bother typing something particularly stupid.

Anonymous said...

I just can't imagine that you bring up immigration and you get responses that are racist and unapologetic. Street Sweeper is definitely adding to the political dialogue. Congrats on that one.

Street Sweeper said...

WE did not bring up this issue.

Jim Suttle did.

We're waiting for him to explain.


Anonymous said...


Yes... JC himself brought it up but he can't explain... it's somebody's else problem... he won't loose any sleep over it... trust me.

Insider said...

Yes SS an explanation would be nice, but I wouldn't hold my breath. Although, I hope I'm wrong because I would love to hear the spin on that one.

BTW SS, I appreciate this blog. I am in a position to know a few things, and my mission is to keep certain people honest, regardless of their inclinations.

Ricky said...

It is hard to understand what Mr Suttle is saying with that remark, but I for one am tired of politicians making hay out of bashing people coming to America seeking a better life.
Most immigrants are hard working, family orientated, religious, and do the jobs most Americans will not.
Hal will probably jump on the comment, and that's too bad.
It is not an issue for a city, unless we want to copy Fremont, and I think we are more enlightened than that town.

ricky from omaha

Anonymous said...

SS - I forgive you but what's the problem that you are catching so much slack from the people? Like you said - you didn't bring the subject up - Senor Suttle did. Can't they take it?

MAYBE... he'll explain himself during the debate Monday but as for me and my house that will be too late.

Don't forget voter's; early voting starts Monday morning. I have already lined up the buses for the nursing homes...

Insider said...

To Anon 10:12

Did you mean JS? If you meant JC, I am going to think the post is from JS who I suspect has delusions of grandeur, and may very well believe he is JC. He's easy to spot though. He's the one up to his neck in river water trying to walk across the top of the water to escort illegal immigrants across. I'll bet he's bringing them to the Omaha safe haven to see the Pope ride our Toboggan run. The guest of honor is the foreign exchange kid from Afghanistan with a ticking vest.

To Ricky:
I agree that most people that want to come here, and actually do come here do so for the right reason, but there is a process for that. Actually, immigrants probably appreciate our freedoms even more than we do, which is unfortunate. Also unfortunate is that there are many criminals crossing the border that take advantage of our freedoms. Many Americans have made the ultimate sacrifice for that freedom. This doesn't just affect them, it affects their families and their kids ...for generations.

I can only speak for myself, but i am not going to vote for somebody that says "crime is okay," which is exactly what Jim definition in fact. How can illegal immigration be legal? Still waiting for the spin on that one. Hey, Jim maybe it depends on what the meaning of the word "is" is.

loveomaha said...

To Ricky: My Grandfather and Grandmother were LEGAL immigrants. They followed the process from Montreal, Canada and Belgrade, Czech Republic early in their lives.

My Grandmother is now 80 and my Grandfather gave his life fighting for the country he so dearly loved. He died of Cancer from the Vietnam War, I never met him. He also fought in the Korean War. He came to this country and joined the military and died for his country before he turned 40.

Illegal Immigrants did NOT follow any process. They are trying to "jump the line" of the people who are doing it the right way. That in of itself is wrong, criminal and breaking the law.

The illegals are breaking the law and therefore, illegal.Furthermore, do you know that the crime rate in border cities are growing at a substantial clip. Do we want to be like them? We have enough problems here.

Also, this is a local issue. They do not pay taxes in most cases, use our public services, attempt to get public assistance, lie to get jobs that Americans would take. This puts a massive strain on our economy to support "people living in the shadows".

They are illegal. They broke the law. Follow the law/There are 2 types of immigrants. Legal and Illegal. Get over it.

Anonymous said...

Sounds like Suttle supports a McCain-like approach to dealing with immigration. Wasn't he the R's pride and joy a few months ago.

Daub on the other hand sounds like he wants the ultra conservative Planet of the Apes type approach and go after these "law breakers" with a big net on horse back. Suttle seems more reasonable - I think it is Hal who has more to explain. How much is his plan going to cost Omaha to kick in doors and ask for everyone's papers and then drive/fly them back to their home country. Or of course shutting down any business with an I.A.

It is a pandering simplistic approach to a complex problem. Think Daub has some explaining to do in South Omaha. And why is Brinker (great name) doing the talking for Hal. Guessing Brinker is worried about what extreme stance might come out of the grumpy old man's mouth on certain topics. "You kids get off my lawn"

Street Sweeper said...


Belgrade was in Yugoslavia (and is now part of Serbia) as opposed to Czechoslovakia, which is only recently the Czech Republic.

But I have a feeling you know that.

Geosuser said...

What's the problem with Suttle's position of blanket amnesty for any/all illegal aliens, no border security and no legal sanctions for those who knowingly employ illeagals? He's just repeating the standard Dem party position on the subject. Ben Nelson supports the same as does President Obama. In case you haven't already noticed, Fahey made Omaha a sanctuary city during his first term.

Insider said...

Really Anon 8:36 AM. Hal wants to do what about illegal immigration? I've never heard any of that. Please state your sources. Also, Daub's team talked far more about an issue that he didn't even bring up, but the person who did, refused to clarify himself or with anybody on his team.

You're making fun of Brinker's name? What are you, 12? Now, go play on the swings, and let the grown ups talk.

Anonymous said...

Three cheers for JJ and his return to journalism. An actual hard hitting piece during an election.

Oh Joe, we were worried about you kiddo.

Interesting about the JC/JS typo.

Actually, I was surprised no one mentioned the JS/JE connection.

Isn't this the same rhetoric employed by the Esch campaign?

Hey JS supporters guess what it didn't work for Esch and it won't work now.

You lose to many soft R's and I's as well as bleed D's with this stance.

It's like JS is trying to find a way to lose this race.

Anonymous said...

Actually, my last comment was unfair to JJ.

Joe has always been a good journalist.

It's just his pieces have tended to lean towards the issue side in recent years. Important - yes. With the OWH struggling, however, there are few voices left to challenge today's politicians.

It's good to have some red meat again and hear a journalist challenging a politician.

Too many of em have gotten by with too much in recent years.

Anonymous said...

Technically, the person who brought up immigration was the person who asked the question at the forum. And the person who made it a topic of discussion was Joe Jordan.

Anonymous said...

Hal Daub is the biggest freakin' hypocrite around.

First he goes down to South Omaha and tries to become Mexican, sacking groceries at Jacobo's grocery store & posing for pictures (look at his website),

then he tries to paint Suttle as being in favor of Amnesty.

Anonymous said...

MinuteMen for Daub!!!

TeaParty members for Daub!!!!

NRA members for Daub!!!

Anonymous said...

1:21 -- Nice racism there. No, Daub wants to be a mayor for all parts of the city -- South O especially, since it's the fastest growing part of the city. He was invited by the Jacobos to come bag groceries. He has had an en Espanol section up on his website for months and for longer than that has had a coalition of Latinos who support him, have endorsed him, and are promoting him because they believe he is the best man for the job.

I think they're sick of Democrats rediscovering them every 4 years and then taking their votes for granted.

And they don't support Jim Suttle because he's pro-abortion.

...and the immigration issue is all Suttle's doing. Daub hasn't done anything with it except to have his campaign manager say "I think we should enforce out laws."

Suttle stepped in it and it's his own mess to clean up. Stop blaming Daub for your problems.

Anonymous said...

By law a person crossing the U.S. border without permission has violated the Federal Immigration laws. However, as Mr. Suttle has pointed out, they are not technically criminals. Why? Because if you are caught, your punishment is deportation. It is not jail time nor a monetary penalty. In legal parlance this is referred to as "quasi-criminal".

I am not advocating breaking the law and I believe Mr. Suttle not being a lawyer was trying to say that the source of the problem is federal authorities that are supposed to be enforcing the law.

He is correct in saying that immigration law is not within the jurisdiction of cities.

Anonymous said...

Notice the Daub people are only trying to make an issue out of the part of Suttle's comments that dealt with "the people crossing the border".

Does this mean that Daub is soft on companies who knowingly hire illegals?

I believe Suttle was trying to say, let's not scapegoat the majority of illegals who come here because they are decent people who are poor and just want a future.

Thus, in turn, Daub is now scapegoating illegals and trying to score points off of this issue.

Kyle Michaelis said...

SS, you must be feeling particularly proud of yourself and your desperate friends running Hal Daub's campaign for mayor. Nothing like a little race-baiting to save a failing candidate that a majority of voters can't stand.

Street Sweeper said...


I'm amazed you agree with me! I too thought Suttle was race baiting. Why else would he bring up such a divisive issue -- except to pit Hispanic voters against non-Hispanics (or is it Latino? I never know...).

Anywho, glad you're reading.


Anonymous said...

First of all, just because you go to South O', does not mean you are trying to be "Mexican". South O' is one of the Regions biggest melting pots.

Second, MANY people that live in South O' came here legally, are still here legally, AND are absolutely contributing to what makes Omaha and America a wonderful place to live. Diversity is good, breaking the law is bad-keep it straight you liberal racists.

Third, this is so typical of pro illegal immigration rhetoric. They have to try and bring down folks that are following the rules no matter how hard the rules are to keep straight, just so they can make the rule breakers beholden to them. Wake up America-we are a Country that has the Freedom to succeed all on your own. You don't need the Government for anything EXCEPT to uphold the LAWS of this Land!

loveomaha said...

Thank you Street Sweeper. I had Belgrade on my mind for some reason. It is actually Budejovice in Czech where my grandfather originated from.


Anonymous said...

Not to get overly technical, SS, but it is not a "crime" to enter the U.S. without proper documentation. A "crime" connotes criminal penalties and our courts have held that deportation is not a penalty. If one is charged with a "crime," they are entitled to certain constitutional protections, ie right to an attorney, freedom from unreasonable searches and seizures, etc. Right now "illegal immigrants" are not afforded those rights. It is only a "crime" (subject to periods of incarceration) to re-enter the U.S. after a prior deportation.

Anonymous said...

Jim Suttle should be put out to pasture for such a stupid comment.
These illegals are showing "false
documents every day here in Omaha"
to gain employment and of course our elected officials do nothing. We have a chance to change this on May 12th, this alone should get everyone out to vote.