Monday, June 01, 2009

Suttle's judgment



When you read something, then have your exact thoughts repeated over and over, you know a chord has been struck.

In Sunday's OWH story about Jim Suttle's Chief of Staff certain parts jumped out:
The mayor-elect also said he had not heard these specific allegations and will not ask law enforcement officials for documents outlining the accusations.

"Accusations come and go."

Suttle said he did not run background checks on Samp or anyone he has hired, saying such checks were a "suspicious, punitive system, and that's not something I build on."

"What goes on in private lives is private business," he said. "I don't sit down with anybody and say, 'Tell me about your past.'"

"You have to set (rumors) aside," Suttle said, "and just look at whom is trying to embarrass whom. I've seen this, and this happens."
In Monday's OWH:
"The mayor has a priority to protect the community," (Virgil Patlan) said. "You just can't hire anybody. The city has a right to know the truth."

"That disgusts me," (Amy Adams) said. "If allegations come up and you don't look into it, that seems ridiculous."

Jim Vokal said it was "fairly arrogant" of Suttle to not seek more information about the allegations. Vokal said Suttle instead should be "making sure he is protecting the public."

Patlan said he had to have a background check done to join his neighborhood's citizen patrol, even though he'd been a police officer.
Suttle has scheduled a 1:30pm press conference. It will be interesting to see if his judgment has changed by then.


By the way, not included on the online version of Sunday's story, note once again the summary of Suttle's other pick for co-Chief of Staff:
Steve Oltmans was fired from the Papio-Missouri River Natural Resources District in 2006 for “a material breach of contract’’ after his board said it had lost confidence in him in the wake of an affair with a former board member.
The affair sparked a special audit that showed no criminal deeds but did reveal incomplete NRD expense records and violations of IRS rules under Oltmans’ watch.
This is a lovely pattern already from the Mayor-elect.


By the way, if you tried clicking on the OWH's story on Sunday morning, after the first two paragraphs, you were greeted with this teaser:
To find out how Suttle reacted after being told of the investigation of his long-time aide and how the boy's father feels about Samp moving into the mayor's office, see the full copyrighted story in Sunday's World-Herald.
Hmm. If the OWH had an online version back in 1941, it may have looked like this:
Japanese Bomb Something
(to find out what, go give the kid down on the corner a nickel.)


Anonymous said...

I hope he fires him and all the law offices that use this guy should fire him too.

Bad judgement is just a part of this guy's past. Suttle needs to learn that if you are going to roll in the slop with them, then someone is going to call you a pig too.

Anonymous said...

Suttle Appoints O.J. As Police Auditor

Anonymous said...

Bad Judgment and ignorance is the trademark of Jim Suttle and his administration and he hasn't even taken office.

I noticed has already been bought.

Jim Suttle will be recalled. He won't get a shot at a second term in office.

Anonymous said...

Allegations. Same as Shane.

Geosuser said...

It was interesting to hear on KFAB this morning that someone had already checked and Mayor-elect Moron can't be subject of a recall until he's in office 6 months. I guess his secret plan for making Omaha one of the top 5 fastest growing cities in the USA in the next four years is to award the top two staff jobs to an alleged homosexual pedophile and another to a disgraced confirmed philanderer. Does he finally do something smart and throw both of them under the bus today? I'm betting on recall effort starting on day 181 of the Suttle administration.

Anonymous said...

Recall? Really?

How should Suttle react to an accusation about a staff member that had no arrest and no charge? Should every rumor of a past misdeed by a staffer be met with termination?

The get the torches mentality regarding this is ridiculous.

Anonymous said...

Well, there were two allegations...including one this year.

But they are more of an example of the ineptitude and denseness of Suttle, and I for one think he will lead to the ruin of the city

Anonymous said...

I seem to recall that the last attempted recall worked out well, too. Equally warranted, as well.

Good luck with that.


They are allegations, however, it didn't move much past that because the child in question KILLED HIMSELF.

I have another question - has Mr. Samp divested himself of his Clear Communication Partners, Inc company?? It seems as if it is a conflict of interest for him to continue as owner of that business.

Also, the police report supposedly has pretty strong evidence to support Fuglei's claim. Also, what about a 16-year old's father who complained about Samp earlier this election cycle. Did Jon Bruning contact Democrat officials and let him know of this??

Seems as if the Democrats have a case of the Mark Foley's running around Omaha.RESIGN SAMP!

RECALL SUTTLE for his arrogant, selfish, self-centered and ignorant attitude.

Who doesn't run background checks on their staff? Are you kidding me?? When I worked in DC, I was subjected to countless background checks and even working at state government level. Once again, Jim is living in the fantasy world his ignorant staff built up around him.

Who doesn't investigate a claim that one of their staff had a sexual encounter with a minor or an email exchange with a minor that was disturbing.

Suttle has no clue and is going to try and take this city down with him.

NOT on my Watch!

Anonymous said...

There was no arrest because the complaint filer committed SUICIDE! Obviously, you did not read the story, MORON.

What would have come of the charges?? We won't know. Prison? Probation?

Should such accusations be leveled against a Republican, there would have been an outcry for him to Resign immediately. Democrats are okay??

Give me a break - child molesters should have a job in government at such a high-level???

Found guilty or not - he should not be the community activist chief of staff for Suttle. He has no credibility and Suttle will have none if he doesn't ask him to resign.

Anonymous said...

Hey don't you know, 16 year-old boys are fair game under the statute!! Just another example of the Suttle machine working one-on-one with kids to reduce the drop-out rate. If Samp was a teacher he would be fired, right Mr. Suttle.

Anonymous said...

I guess you're right. It is unreasonable that a troubled 16 year old might make something up. We probably should condemn everyone involved based on accusations.

I never was fond of that pesky sixth amendment.

Hand some rope and lets get to lynching.

Anonymous said...

First off, this is not like Shane. His wife dropped the PO. In addition, why would he move out if he was beating her? If he was, the police will prove it and a Judge will rule on it. I would like to know what the statistics are on the abuser being the one that files for divorce.

Second, this is not simple rumor mongering. A police report was made. There was enough evidence in the report to garner a search warrant. The search warrant is now sealed. I bet Samp could open it to the public, if he wanted to. The case went away because the only witness-the victim-was dead.

Third, who doesn't do background checks on potential employees? You can't get a job at a gas station working for minimum wage without one!

Last, let's look at the situation. There is no doubt that Samp had an ongoing friendship with Brad (the child in case you have lost track). Samp was 23 and Brad was 14. Samp was not a teacher, therapist, or minister. What part of innappropriate relationship is in doubt here?

Before you jump on the "where were the parents truck", think about the situation. Your 13 year old has just told you that they think they are gay. You are a single parent and dad is parenting from afar. You are probably a little shy of telling a bunch of people in case it's just a "passing thing". Schools are not known to be able to keep anything private, so you don't go there. You may, or may not be, attending Church, but are you ready to tell your minister this? The money is not there to seek private counseling and all of a sudden a "Knight in Shining Armor" appears and is helping your child deal with their feelings. In this situation, most parents would be thrilled-until their child reveals the real nature of the relationship.

If this were a 35 year old guy alleging abuse by a Priest, there would be no question. Why is it so hard for you people to believe that a 20-something with bad judgement would help a 14 year old become sexually active? 19 and 20 year old guys do it all the time with girls, female (teachers mostly) hook up with young boys, do you really think this kid just made this up and had enough knowledge about Samp to get a search warrant?

Suttle should be ashamed of himself.

Anonymous said...

Brad was 14 when it started! Brad was 19 when he finally talked about it! At some point, yes, he was 16, BUT NOT WHEN HE SAID IT STARTED!

Is, "He was 16", actually Matt Samp and the Suttle Administration's defense? Sweet!, Let's remind everyone to check for a driver's license before screwing someone's son or daughter!

I hope the State Patrol is working hard each and every day to keep my kids safer from predators than Brad was. Whether there was sex or not, Matt Samp preyed on this boy-an emotional predator is just as dangerous to a young boy or girl-just not criminal.

Anonymous said...

And what would the background check everyone is so keen to have Suttle have performed found? Most background checks only look for convictions. Oh, I see. It wouldn't have found anything.

Is the debate about Samp? No. I'm on board with everyone else in thinking that he did something wrong and ideally would have paid the price 13 years ago.

However, I don't think Suttle could have or should have done anything different. Shouldn't he back his employees when all we have is accusations?

Anonymous said...

Then why didn't Fahey back Bates?

Anonymous said...

Didn't the newspaper article yesterday say that in the investigation apparently (allegedly) Matt Samp had 15-20 sexual encounters with this kid A WEEK?!? Man. How come they were spending SO much time together?

Anonymous said...

Bates was actually arrested might be one reason.

And of course, Bates wasn't a member of the Mayor's staff either.

On the whole, that's a whole different can of worms on that issue.

I personally think Bates was treated unfairly.

notonmywatch said...

Anoyn: 11:46 AM, June 01, 2009 --

Shouldn't the Mayor get background checks of his closest advisors?? that is like the President ignoring the Secret Service's repeated requests for SPIN Interviews of staff members.

Read Unlimited Access. I think the Mayor deserves to have the best people surround him and he should not have a care in the world.

Furthermore, Suttle is pretty arrogant taking his word. He probably should have requested information from the police, who wrote up the report on Mr. Samp.

This whole thing is sick and disgusting.

Furthermore, what is this about Samp contacting a minor this year?

He has a problem and needs to get it resolved or he will eventually end up in prison.

For those of you jackasses trying to say that Osborn and this case are the same. You are stupid, ignorant and needs therapy. The Osborn case is 2 ADULTS trying to divorce, the SAMP case is 1 ADULT under investigation for CHILD MOLESTATION. Quite Different, I must say.

Anonymous said...

11:26 AM, June 01, 2009

Well then, turn about is fair play. You all went after mark Foley with the gloves off attitude and wanted to destroy his political career. I think we should do the same to Mr. Samp.

Anyway you look at it, neither should be in politics.

Samp should have the dignity to resign otherwise, Stubble Suttle should fire him immediately and get him admitted to a facility to get him help.

Anonymous said...


Mayor's office = White House?

Samp = Foley?

Samp = Osborn?

Have I entered the Bizarro world?

Perhaps we should see if Suttle can get Secret Service coverage.


I think the person is saying that it should be standard policy for Suttle to have background checks. ALL JOBS require background checks, drug tests, etc.

Figures - Suttle doesn't give a crap about who he surrounds himself with. He has a bunch of IDIOTS around him.

1.) Sexual harrasser.
2.) Alleged Child Molester.

That is his closest advisors. Pretty sad, if that is as good as he can get.

What else is going on with his ignorant staff??

Anonymous said...

Nice group of "friends" and close advisors Suttle has. Ugh. It all makes me sick. Matt Samp makes me sick. I hope he moves. I don't want him living here in Omaha.

Anonymous said...

I would bet if background checks are done on Suttle's friends and family, we'll find more sexual misconduct performed by people in a position of power. Does Suttle know or have close relationships with any of those?

Anonymous said...

OWN reports Samp will not be taking the job

Anonymous said...

Monday, Douglas County Attorney Don Kleine criticized Suttle's comments that he would not pursue more information about the case.

"This is a very serious allegation and shouldn't be taken lightly," he said.

Kleine, a fellow Democrat, was equally concerned that Suttle hadn't done more checking previously because Suttle said he had heard "embarrassing rumors" in the past about Samp.

Suttle has a responsibility to check out rumors and allegations when appointing a person to a government job working with the public, Kleine said.

In a Saturday interview about the allegations, Suttle referred to leaving people's private lives private. Kleine, however, said that distinction disappears when people are put in a position of public trust.

"Once you become involved in government, it's not private business anymore," he said, "especially if you're talking allegations that are in appropriate or potentially criminal."


Bon Jovi said...

Samp gives love a bad name

Anonymous said...

Samp is a creep. Ick.

Geosuser said...

That leaves Mayor-elect Suttle with only one more co-chief of staff candidate that should also never have a job at city hall, along with "the engineer" himself.

Anonymous said...

So will Samp be on the campaign payroll now?

From the Bleachers said...

Just watched Mayor Choo Choo give his presser on the Matt Samp issue. I am not sure which was quicker...the official announcement or Suttle's sprint to the door without answering questions. Then he leaves poor Ron Gerard there (aka Red Meat) for the press corps to devour. The expressions on Ron's face were classic. You could just see that he wanted to answer that the weather for the rest of theday was humid with a chance of showers, while sunshine and warm temperatures would great us tomorrow. You are out of your league Ron.....but so is your boss!

Anonymous said...

No matter the person, no matter how strange, they are still allegations not convictions regarless of details.

Anonymous said...

Those who keep arguing that these are just allegations should start a new thread on Samp's innocence. The issue in this thread is that only an idiot or a political nitwit would appoint a chief of staff with this baggage.

NE Voter said...

Should Daub be criticized for hiring Pat McPherson on with his campaign in view of McPherson's sexual assault charge? The jury acquitted McPherson, but the allegations are still "out there." Take a look at the NADC reports -- McPherson made McBank working for the campaign.

I don't think that criticism would be warranted.

In Matt Samp's case, there has never been more than an accusation -- no ticket, no charges, no evidence. I can't argue with Suttle's decision to cut him loose, but rumors and innuendo provide a pretty thin gruel for the "conclusions" being spouted here.

If there was the slightest chance that the recent situation Bruning referred to could have supported charges, Bruning would have leapt at the chance to torch a Democratic operative. Even he had to conclude that there was nothing in the allegedly inappropiate emails that would sustain even an investigation.

Anonymous said...

No Daub should not be criticized, Pat was found not guilty. My problem with this whole situation is that Jim Suttle said he had heard rumors, and he obviously didn't look into it. We will never know if Samp is innocent or guilty because sadly the young man who accused him is dead.

Anonymous said...

For crying out loud, they run background checks at McDonald's and any shop at the Mall. If someone is going to be paid BY ME, the taxpayer, I want to know he's at least clean enough to serve me a burger and fries. Suttle is already displaying an arrogance and lack of judgment that will likely become his legacy, however long he is in office.

macdaddy said...

Suttle's lack of curiosity about this matter should give people pause about how good a steward he is going to be with your money, but this character trait was known before the election and the voters decided that it was okey-dokey with them. Good luck with that recall, though.

Anonymous said...

NE Voter - What??? How can you say that there is no evidence?? Do you know what is in the report? Are you Matt Samp?

The boy committed suicide and the investigation pretty much stalled and stopped.

Dayton said...

It is reassuring to know the general concensus of the Republican Party is public officials need to be held to a high standard.

I know these were just allegations....but, you know the saying "when in doubt"

Can't wait until our next school board elections.

Treasurer's Office said...

At least Samp did the right thing & resigned his position.
How come Republicans always have excuses as to why they don't resign when caught doing something.
Shane-do the right thing:
RESIGN NOW-before this gets out of control. In case you missed it because of your being a Republican:


Anonymous said...

What should Shane resign for???


Samp resigned because he got caught with his hands in the cookie jar.

There is no evidence or police report that Shane beat Teri. There is a police report and investigation on Samp's alleged sexual misconduct with a minor.

The reason there isn't more -- the boy committed suicide after he came forward.

What about his conduct earlier this campaign season with contact with a minor that the Democratic party officials knew about. Bruning did the right thing and kept it quiet and told the right people. Samp should have left then. But PUBLIC OFFICIALS AND THEIR STAFFS SHOULD BE HELD TO A HIGHER STANDARD.

I look at it as - Mayor's Aide caught up in molestation scandal.

If OSBORN did beat his wife, he should resign and get help immidiately for his anger issues. There is no evidence to say that he did.

Anonymous said...

To Notonmywatch:

You answer your own questions as to the reasons that Shane should RESIGN.


Why doesn't your answer apply to
SHANE- I know why-he's a Republican

Even if Terri's allegations are false at this time, we as the public have no knowledge either way. Remember her allegations may be true.
Therefore, Shane should RESIGN NOW and if Terri's allegations are not true then he can rerun as SUPERHERO II-he would be like OJ with a second life.
What say you MR. Republican

Anonymous said...

Questions that need to be answered and things that need to happen very soon;

1. Jim Suttle needs to start giving more answers and details on various subjects- the budget, why didn't he investigate accusations, how Omaha Police Dept will handle illegals, etc.

2. Why wasn't there an investigation into this whole matter when the young boy/man came forward years ago? Can charges be filed now? Has Samp taken a lie dector test? Where does the case stand now?

3. The public needs to take a deep breath, settle down and give Suttle a chance.

4. How can the Attorney General give such an opinion? As for the legal issue is concerned (not public opinion), Mr. Samp is still innocent, in the sense that no charges have been filed nor has he been proven guilty.

5. Jim Suttle has got to talk to the press including local talk radio.

6. Jim Suttle should apologize for his comments that he would not look into allegations made against his staff people. HE HAS A DUTY TO DO THAT! Douglas County Attorney Don Kleine was absolutely correct!

7. Jim Suttle needs to be honest about his plan for negotiating the upcoming police and fire contracts.

Omaha has many important issues that need to be faced, let's work together to move this city forward!

I voted for Jim Suttle and did not want Hal Daub but I have to say, Jim Suttle is off to a terrible start! I am disappointed so far.

Let's hope it gets better.

Anonymous said...

If this Samp thing is such a big deal, how come it has been EIGHT years without anyone investigating, bringing charges, or following up on justice? It seems to me the previous administrations in Omaha have as much to answer for for NOT pursuing this case as Jim Suttle does.

Anonymous said...

you are playing devil's advocate for the purpose of typical, BLAH,BLAH,BLAH.

Anonymous said...

Would it change any oppinions on the Samp thing if there was yet another minor/student who was diddled by a person in power, who is close to Suttle, who was fired for said diddling yet somehow managed to have it swept under the rug? When you have the right connections, it's amazing what can be hidden.

Dayton said...

7:58: Isnt' that the truth!. But, it isn't a political party "thing". Only lying weenies need to beg assistance from "connections" to bury their secret.


Anonymous Chicken Shit at 6:25pm:

I have said that if there is evidence that Shane Osborn beat his wife, he should RESIGN Immedidately.

At this time, there is no police report, investigation, etc. surrounding Mr. Osborn.

Furthermore, this was a child who alleges in a police report and in an investigation that Mr. Samp molested him.

2 totally different situations requiring 2 totally different resolutions.

Today, Jim Suttle still has no credibility because he will not answer any questions concerning any issue including this.

Get real, and use some other name besides anonymous.

chickenshit & proud of it said...
This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.
Burt Reynolds said...


Get your Carville like Deliverance attack dogs packed up and go home back in the hills of Nebraska.
You're out of your league.

Insider said...

If Jim will agree to do a polygraph and answer questions about whether he knows of any OTHER people who are in a position of power who have been accused of and/or lost a job due to having an affair with a minor (and still hold a similar position mysteriously) then I will reveal who I am and what I know, how and why. I'll even take the test right along with him. Don't hold your breath though. That won't happen and I know why. I'd be smiling right now if it weren't so sickening. Hmmm, I think I promised some "I told ya so's". More to come, I'm sure.

Chicken Shit said...
This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.
Omaha Lawyer said...

Judges grant temporary protection orders based on an affidavit of one person. Judges grant these 99% of the time. After a person is served they get 5 days to request a full live hearing on the matter. The hearing will place the parties on the stand with the evidence to support the allegation. Remember Mrs. Osborne did this without having an attorney. Once she hired Stephanie Milone, she caved in. One can only assume she had no evidence and that she may not be able to give credible testimony. The other alternitive is that the CIA got her to drop her application for the protection order. You dems are getting pretty desperate.

Burt Reynolds said...

Omaha Lawyer

Still don't you agree that Shane should RESIGN.

What about that 1% that lied. Teri must be the one who didn't lie. I assume her lawyer backed off because Shane threatened to take her kids away from her.

If you check the facts, Shane was involved in espionage when he was taken down so I don't doubt that he knows the right people including CIA people. What Carville-type Deliverance spin are you going to do now? Shane did nothing but intimidate and browbeat her. Look at her pictures-then and now. the facts are the facts. Quit defending this lowlife. Since you claim to be a lawyer, ha ha, tell this lowlife to RESIGN NOW

Insider said...
This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.
Chicken Shit said...


Why can't you disclose now.
Why do you need a polygraph to disclose the truth. Since your an Insider we will believe everything that spills out of your mouth.

You called me a Chicken Shit earlier so I guess you are pretty weak since name calling is a sign of weakness.

Insider said...

Chicken Sh**, I believe you are mistaken. I'll go through the posts to see if somebody else is using the "Insider" moniker, but I have not called anybody names, as I make it a habit not to do so. Not to say that I have never called names in my life, as I am not perfect, but I asure you I have not done it today or any day that I can recall. Like I said, it's sign of a weakness.

The polygraph isn't for me. It's to ensure that others tell the truth and to make them accountable. You don't have to believe anything I say, in fact don't. Put me to the test, and see what comes out. I've told you how to do it.

Anonymous said...

Anyone who says "I have inside information but I won't share it" is WEAK.

I know who really killed JFK and where Jimmy Hoffa is buried, but I won't tell you unless you can get someone else to take a polygraph.

Give me a break.

Insider said...

I notice you are hiding behind "Anonymous" is that weak?

I didn't say I have insider information. I issued a challenge to meet somebody in the middle. Seems fair to me.

Anonymous said...

But I'm not the one claiming to "reveal who I am and what I know, how and why."

Insider, you're all talk. "I know something bad but I'm not going to say." You don't know squat.

Insider said...

Like I said test me. BTW, if you assume I will blurt out what I know in desperation for YOUR approval without any accountability on the other side, then you are very much mistaken. It's not about me and what I know, it's about the truth and accountability. I'm offering BOTH. It's all about building trust with the public right? I'm paraphrasing, but that was part of his speech today, after which HE REFUSED TO ANSWER ANY QUESTIONS. I predict this will be a pattern.

YOU are all talk. YOU don't know the people involved other than seeing them on the news.

Anonymous said...
This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.
Anonymous said...

On the 181st day for a law. BTW, I'm sure there is more out there that we don't know yet, and that this is just the beginning. It's my belief that people even closer to Suttle than Samp, possibly teachers, have acted similarly to Samp and gotten away with it thanks to being related to the right people. It could just be a matter of asking the right people the right questions. It's sick and it's sad.

Street Sweeper said...


If you can't have a civil discussion here we'll just delete all the comments.

Make your point, and then leave. Name calling and swearing won't be tolerated. If that's what you're into, there are plenty of other sites where you can type your favorite four letter words.

Get a grip.

omaha lawyer said...

If Teri Osborne had the goods on Shane he would be in jail and Teri would have sole custody of her kids. Once a competent lawyer got involved, she backed down. You would be surprised how many false abuse claims are made in divorce cases.

Supreme Justice said...

Don't you republicans get it. You're done. We have Obama, we have Suttle, we have an Hispanic (oh my god) Supreme Court Nominee.

You have Rush, an Arkansas Baptist Minister, a rich Mormon from Utah & last but not least: Shane.

Anonymous said...

Wow?! you're claiming Suttle?

Anonymous said...

Today Suttle is going to announce his top three priorities for his first two weeks. I can hardly wait. Once the big problems have been solved in the first two weeks he'll have 3 years and 50 weeks to hang out with Fahey at Lake of the Ozarks.

Anonymous said...

When Obama made fun of the mentally retarded, he must have meant Suttle.

Anonymous said...

Why was the 9:01 post removed? Because it involved unsubstantiated rumors? Can we say hypocritical? I mean, at least those rumors led to a grand jury. We all know the results of that grand jury, but I presume a grand jury wasn't called for nothing. There wasn't an indictment or grand jury against Samp. So by removing my post about another public, prominent Omahan's gay child sex abuse allegations, you must agree that it is entirely improper to make public mere allegations. I mean, anyone can call anyone a child molestor. That doesn't mean it should be front page news.