Monday, October 12, 2009

Cosmic Bob opines

Speaking of former Nebraska Senators who no longer live in Nebraska-- Bob Kerrey (the guy with the large melon, not the multi-million dollar walking bridge to a field in Council Bluffs) thinks it's great that President Obama got the Nobel Peace prize.

See Kerrey thinks it is an award for all Americans for voting against John McCain, which is just like voting against George W. Bush. (e.g see previous "peace" awards for Carter, Jimmy and Gore, Al). And the dudes in Oslo love them some not-Bush.

Nonetheless, Kerrey thinks that President Obama has F-ed up when it comes to his current war in Afghanistan:
"(Obama) has made too many apologies. And at this point, his strategy is too naïve and has too little coherence to be called a strategy."

By the way, you'll remember that Rockin' Bob supported Hillary in the primaries.

Also Kerrey: he notes that the surge in Iraq SUCCEEDED. Wonder if Nebraska's other former Senator who no longer lives in Nebraska but still issues press releases will admit the same.


Nate E said...

The 'surge' as it is called was ineffective. The reason violence decreased is the Sunnis in Iraq, especially those in the Anbar province, turned against Al Qaida because they were killing there own people. The Sunnis did not turn towards us, they turned away from Al Qaida.

Anonymous said...

I heard Chairman Obama won the Nobel Prize for chemistry this afternoon…

Yup, Chairman O has good chemistry that you can believe in!!!

macdaddy said...

Nate E: first the screw Israel comment and now the "surge didn't work" comment. Could you be more obtuse?

Anonymous said...

Who has more money--Kerrey, Hagel or Tom White? Read the personal financial disclosure form and you see White has to be worth at least $7 mil. (excluding his houses in NE and elsewhere).

Let's hear it for 'Millionaire Tom'!

Anonymous said...

Since Bob has forever connected nebraska politics with iowa politics due to his overpriced and undeserved retirement "gift" from the United States Senate, he know thinks he needs to stick his finger in the Iowa House races and send a New Yorker back to his "home" state to set them straight on the kind of elected officials they should have sitting in Washington.

WOW! Sound familiar?! At least this guy DID actually grow up in Iowa-THE LIBERAL EASTERN SIDE! But,, hey Bob, don't ever let NONE OF YOUR BUSINESS ANYMORE get in your way!

Pathetic, just plain pathetic, Bob.

BTW, catch that Mr. I Don't Wanna Grow Up, himself, is going to speak at the guy's coming out party in CB. SOL(and the S stands for snicker, but you can take it any way you want)

Anonymous said...

If Bobby didn't insist on living in New York City so he can pay for private schools (and get others to also), he might still be rich.

Is Tommie Boy still rich after that energy company committed massive fraud and had to file bankruptcy?