Thursday, December 20, 2007

Quotes of 2007

We've had another great year on Leavenworth Street talking Nebraska politics.

Here are a few of our favorite quotes from the past twelve months.

(Add your favorites, in the comments section.)


I think (Chuck Hagel is) a fantastic senator. If he does want to seek re-election, I want to be among the first to endorse and support him.

- Jon Bruning


I'm from Nebraska. I believe that says it all.

- Ginger ten Bensel


Nebraska State Capitol in Lincoln, NE

- # 3 in the Nebraska Young Democrats' "Top 10 things to do in Omaha"

I will announce a decision on my political future later this year.

- Chuck Hagel's non-announcement announcement

I'm a Chuck Hagel guy.

- Jon Bruning, the day after Hagel's non-announcement announcement

There is no place for blind hate, no matter how disguised, in any legislative body.

- John McCollister on Hagel


Nebraskans will not vote for a chameleon.

- Hagel op Kevin Chapman on Bruning.


Nebraskans are fed up with Senator Hagel’s trying to micromanage the war.

- Bruning

It's a great country to think about a New York boy and a Nebraska boy to be teamed up leading this nation.

- Hagel


The Hot Rancher!

- Democrat fundraising ad, featuring the appearance of Scott Kleeb


Wash this cream through your hair.

- Ben Nelson's barber

I'm not a flake.

- Hagel

He had some encounters with the law regarding alcohol and marijuana.

- Pat Flynn for Senate website


Shut up!

- Lee Terry to Jesse Jackson Jr.

Do you want to step outside?

- Jesse Jackson Jr. to Lee Terry.

Hell, I don't know what party I belong to any more.

- Hagel

My presumption is that he's rich.

- Bob Kerrey on Norman Hsu


Johanns is not the heavyweight among Republicans some expect him to be.

- Bruning campaign manager, Jordan McGrain

Well, that doesn't mean quitting, dear.

- Hagel to The Today Show's Meredith Vierra

What matters, Robbie the intern's opinion or mine?

- Bruning

The outsiders should keep their noses out of Nebraska Republicans' business

- Hal Daub.

If I cured cancer tomorrow people would call it political.

- Bruning

I'm sure that affected his decision to get back to Nebraska now to start scrubbing the smell of Washington from his Senate candidacy.

- McGrain on Johanns

I'm kind of gratified and humbled by the comments.

- Mike Johanns on criticisms from all sides after he left the Ag Dept.

I don't want to make another concession speech.

- Hal Daub

That NRSC poll was bogus.

- Daub, on the Phantom poll


If people are sick of Washington why would they want to choose a man who was the president’s lap dog while he was in Washington?
- Bruning

One friend had to turn his combine off in order to hear…

- Kerrey on talking to an actual Nebraskan

Only Leavenworth Street is talking about that.

- Tony Raimondo on if he would run as a Dem.

I don't want to come across as being critical of Mike Johanns leaving , but...

- Tom Osborne

I would seriously consider an offer.

- Scott Kleeb on whether he will run for Senate

Chuck Hagel is the first Republican… almost 100 years now from George Norris to the present.

- Kleeb

I'll keep all options open, but it's unlikely.

- Raimondo on running as a Dem.


In 2010 you really could have a meaningful race.

- Jim Esch, conceding the 2008 race to Lee Terry

You're not my psychologist.

- Bruning to a reporter

I'm not God.

- Steve Achelpohl on trying to find Democrats to run for Congress.



- Brad Ashford, on whether he was thinking about switching to the Democrats.


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Merry Christmas!


bob said...

This blog offers 37 memorable quotes by various Nebraska politicians. But the only mention of Senator Ben Nelson is a supposed quote by his barber.

Is Nelson brilliant or does he do nothing memorable?

Street Sweeper said...

Did Ben say something worthwhile that we missed?
We just call 'em like we see (and hear) 'em.

Ted said...

S.S. ------- thanks for being brutally honest. You will never find that with the Dems' group hug blogs.

Your objective blog makes conservatives accountable and inturn better leaders in Nebraska.

Merry Christmas

Keep on Keeping on!!!!

BTOsborn said...

Ho, ho, ho.

Who cuts Ben's hair . . . Tony R?

At least the NNN is no longer a group hug. Not since I've been on there anyway. Same thing here on LS. Jeez, you'd think at Christmas time I'd find SOMEBODY that I could get along with.


Anonymous said...

Ben Nelson is a constipating agent on government. You don't get many memorable quotes from a lump of cheese.

alumnus said...

For those of us who enjoyed television's The Odd Couple, Governor Heineman’s suggestion the University of Nebraska and the Nebraska State Fair share the fairgrounds deserves to be a quote of the year. I was shocked when the university and the fair issued a joint statement to reject the fairgrounds use as both a fairground and technology park. Imagine the highjinks!

Harvey Pearlman, Chancellor, UNL: “We have a problem. Microsoft sent me a bill for $54,000 for all the goat crap that got into their servers. Why would you lock them in there, Barney?”

Barney Cosner, ED of the Nebraska State Fair: “Harvey, baby, we talked about this. During the fair days, we need to make compromises. The MS Server room was the most secure location for the finalists. That goat dung is from blue ribbon goats. You didn’t hear me complain when we had to move the snow cone cart to let the CEO from Paypal.”

State Fair Park Ranger said...

Imagine this as you drive to work at Google on the fairgrounds during late August: First you smell the sweet smell of a freshly fried funnel cake, then as you roll past the race track you go deaf from the sound of the tractor pull, finally as you pull into parking spot you watch a young boy washing (or warshing depending on the pronunciation) the excriment off a sheep. Nice job alumnus!

Nebraska Boy said...

"Blah blah blah, blah blah blah blah blah blah! Blah, blah blah bla blah 'blah blah blah, blah!' Blah, blah blah blah blah blah!"

--U.S. Senator Chuck Hagel

GOP operative said...

"Don't forget I'm giving away $10 in unclaimed property every day!!!! It's my little way of letting everyone know that my political ambitions are bigger than even my waistline."

Shane Osborn
State Treasurer

Republican Taxpayer said...

"Yes Ernie, If you won't sidetrack my legislative session, I will get the learning community passed and tax the hell out of Douglas and Sarpy county taxpayers. Will the World-Herald write more good articles to advance my political career too?"

Unicameral Speaker Mike Flood

wally said...

Op, Shane Osborn doesn't "give" unclaimed property to anyone. He makes it available to those with a valid claim on it. Many treasurers do that. And what, pray tell, do you suggest as an alternative? That Osborn keep the money?

The government knows this isn't the government's money, but the government doesn't know where the owners of these funds are. The only way to find the owners is to advertise. If that makes Osborn look good, lucky Osborn. He is doing his job, and far more wisely than your silly critique of it.

Dem Operative said...

GOP Op: After reading your comment I can’t help but think about the pot and the kettle.

In any event, as a rule, fat jokes are: 1. Innovative; 2. Original; and 3. Not at all sophomoric.

Out of curiosity, how many orders of Arby’s curly fries did you have to go through before you birthed such a witty yarn?

GOP operative said...

Looks like Shane and his staff read Leavenworth. Congrats, and feel let your guard down a little. It's New Year's Eve.

caregiver said...

In all seriousness, obesity is a grave concern affecting America's public policy and pocketbook.

It should be discussed openly and honesty. Also, our elected officials should set better examples. Just ask Mike Huckabee.

Did I see correctly that Shane Osborn is in the London Daily Times? You can see a picture of him by clicking here.

GOP guy said...

Caregiver that is freaking Hillarious...are you sure that picture isn't Kate Witek? Kate is living LARGE on that cushy job the Democrats gave her for switching parties in the County Clerk's office.

Anonymous said...

Let's have a new blog topic about the Nebraska politicians who were making noise in Iowa.

Street Sweeper said...

Probably won't go so far as it's own post. Heineman, Fahey, Kerrey, maybe Hagel, right? But none really made much noise (other than maybe Kerrey).
We'll have a new post probably Sunday or Monday after our little holiday hiatus.
Thanks for reading.

curbfeeler said...

Nebraska politics is odd enough to deserve its own catagory.

Lets call it Oddbraska Prolitics. Perhaps Conitics? Lunitics?

Good blog. Keep blogging.