Monday, March 12, 2007

Hagel steals his own thunder

Chuck Hagel invited people from across the state and across the nation, with the secrecy of the D-Day invasion, to announce that he would announce something later.

No Presidential exploratory announcement.
No Senate re-election announcement.
No other striking statements.

Uh, what was the point?

In 2000, Bob Kerrey got the national press to truck to Nebraska to announce that he wasn’t running for President. Afterward, national reporter David Broder stood in the lobby and asked, “Why did I come here?”

We wonder if CNN’s reporters and other national press that made the trip are asking the same question. We’re wondering how many times the press and others will tolerate these people crying wolf.


Uncle Wiggily said...

Good call, Sweeper, though, in all candor, it wasn't that difficult to predict that Hagel would announce that he wasn't announcing. That's pretty much his pattern - get everyone all revved up, then do nothing.

Kinda reminds me of a girl I knew in high school. We had a name for that kind of girl which I'm sure we all remember.

As for inconveniencing the national press, may I just say "bwahahahahahahahahahahaha ..."

Uncle Wiggily

OmaSteak said...

Hagel may be playing it too smart for his own good this time. He wants to run for President but he doesn't want to be embarassed by failing to raise enough money to be a credible candidate. So he's going to use a senate reelection campaign committee to aggressively raise money which can be transferred to a presidential campaign committee if he gets some traction. In the mean time, he is trying to freeze out any potential Republican challengers for his Senate seat since his FEC reports will no doubt show significant dollars available via the Senate reelection committee. That is where Chuck is being too smart for his own good IMHO. I don't think the non-announcement will prevent a primary challenge(s) from being launched.

rj said...

Chuckie no longer impresses me. He has evolved to become a very narcissistic Senator. Ever notice how much attention he places on his clothing, etc.? Way too pimped out. He is so in love with his self. When you take away his military efforts, what is really left relative to political accomplishments? When has he ever shown a broader perspective, a world view compatible with American interests, a visionary like presentation, a true leader's set of skills? No, I think he is just a man who fell in love with his own hot air! A fool in way to many areas. A danger in some.