Tuesday, February 27, 2007

The Day the Music Died

We at Leavenworth Street are coming late to an issue already addressed by a number of bloggers, but we think it's one of which all Nebraskans should be aware.

Yes, we’re talking about the musical travesty that is "I Love Nebraska" by Hastings newscaster Ginger ten Bensel.

State Senator Carroll Burling has proposed changing the state song from “Beautiful Nebraska” (which you can hear part of here, in this NPR story about the matter) to this Nashville pop-country bacon fat covered cheese fry of a ballad. Now we’re not saying this is the weightiest matter before the legislature. But it’s probably the easiest to get your head around.

Ms. ten Bensel has even made a music video that you can watch on You Tube here (we would suggest an airsickness bag if you have one handy).

Note Ms. ten Bensel’s frequent flashing of apparent “gang signs”.

Note the prominence of Nebraskans wearing jorts.

Note the hawk that comes flying out of a dog kennel.

Heck, note the near complete lack of, say, Omaha
Where’s North Omaha?
Where’s South Omaha?
Where are the meat packing plants?
Where is the CWS? Creighton? Barrett's Barleycorn? The Q? Healthy Choice foods?
(But we digress…)

And to help us put it all in perspective is former Nebraskan Thomas Irvin, who has posted his You Tube parody version of ten Bensel’s Hee-Haw diddy.
Tom, you are a true hero.

So while Leavenworth Street may be coming to this discussion late, let it be known throughout the land:

This song sucks ass.

And if it becomes the State Song, Johnny Carson's soul will disown Nebraska.

**Update, 8:30 AM, 2/2707**

Don't worry, saner heads prevailed...

(The state song remains the same - LJS - 2/27/07)


snowBLWR said...

Instead of a bill to change the state song, how about a bill to remove convicted drunk drivers from the Legislature?

Surely, Sen. Chambers, those who get behind the wheel when drunk pose a greater threat than the Dave Hergerts of the world.

snow white said...

Another idea, from The Hotline 2/27:

50 NELSON: Because The Benator And Bright Eyes Is A Natural Combination

Sen. Ben Nelson (D-NE) "has joined some singing celebrities" and recorded a song called "Western Town" for a fundraising CD. Sales of "Nebraska Celebrities Sing for Sight" will benefit the Nebraska Foundation for Visually Impaired Children. Nelson, in "a mellow baritone": "I'm from a western town in Nebraska. ... Don't know why I left so long ago." He "then confesses" that the town "lives in my heart and my soul." Among others on the CD: Conor Oberst from Bright Eyes (AP, 2/24).
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Uncle Wiggily said...


I caught Ginger doing the "Star Spangled Banner" when Dubya was in Grand Island last fall, and I gotta tell ya - the chick gots some pipes.

On the other hand, I agree that her song-writing is a travesty. Maybe she can sell her ditty to the Ditzy Slits for their next album - they don't seem to much care what they record.

BTW - thanks for the reprieve from "All Hagel, All the time" ... not to worry - just yankin' yer chain.


Street Sweeper said...

You have news about Hagel?!!!

One Out In The Third said...

Ginger is a piece of work...if she is not from another planet...she knows beings that are. Her interview with Tom Becka at the beginning of this fiasco provided much insight.

Actually it would have pleased me if our friends in the Unicameral would have spent the rest of the session discussing her request. The citizens of Nebraska would be better off and maybe save a few dollars in the process.

SS...must be a slow news day for you to fish this bit of news up.

Street Sweeper said...

You know, we had actually been ignoring it until 1) we saw that it was finally being debated in the Legislature and 2) we actually listened to the unctuous caterwauling.
Then we HAD to say something…

One Out In The Third said...

"Unctuous caterwauling?" You are the polite one. Noriega would have surrendered in half the time had they played her tune.

Anonymous said...

I can't believe I am thinking it, let alone saying it, I wish it were election season again-political news in Nebraska is boring during the off season!

I agree with snowblower-let's talk about law breaking state senators!

Anonymous said...

is Ginger throwing the horns down in that middle set of pictures?? She's a true nebraskan if she's doing that! we've simply got the best fans in all of sports.

Steve P.

Allan P. said...


The Nantkes thing is getting old. It's been there, done that and you're the only one left talking about it. Apparently, the leg doesn't care either. Can't we Ginger some spotlight?

SG from O said...


The Nantkes thing is getting old. It's been there, done that and you're the only one left talking about it. Apparently, the leg doesn't care either. Can't we give Ginger some spotlight?

snowBLWR said...

Allan P./SG from O. is obviously one-in-the-same -- and he's either a State Democrat staffer or one of Danielle Nantkes' relatives!

The fact is, many Nebraskans are still talking about DUI Danielle.

Today's Lincoln Journal-Star puts Inebriated Nantkes in the hot seat once again. The LJS headline reads "Nantkes' constituents want reassurance".

In the article by JoAnne Young -- another left-leaning LJS reporter -- most of Nantkes' constituents "would like to hear more from the 29-year-old Democrat ... to reassure them.

"They have questions about why she chose to drive after drinking, why she didn’t submit to the Breathalyzer or blood alcohol test when asked. They have concerns about whether she will be treated by the court system the same as they would, if it happened to them. And they want reassurance it won’t happen again. But so far, Nantkes isn’t saying anything more."

For the full story, go to http://journalstar.com/news/politics/doc45e4c1d760fbf791280331.txt

Anonymous said...

The stupidity of leaders is perhaps seen less in what they eventually do, than in the incredibly stupid things they routinely consider with a straight face. After all, time and harsh reality will force even the dimmest bulb to eventually see the light. This goes for crappy songs, for stumbling into Iraq, and other well-intended myopic nonsense.

So this discussion is the "reprieve" we get from talking about Hagel?

Sure. Let’s not have a homeboy possible presidential contender talk about issues. Let’s have Ben Nelson in bib overalls singing the theme from "Deliverance". It may help Nebraska voters forget that good old Ben ran for the war that he is now against.

Squeal Hog!

Anonymous said...

I agree that the song doesn't incapsulate the whole state. I also believe that there is a really cool song from a local artist called NATALIE ILLEANA. She wrote a song about Grand Island. If you like local check this out!