Wednesday, November 21, 2007


There's plenty to say about Jon Bruning's candidacy, but it will probably have to wait X number of years.
Will he run for Senate in 2012? Governor (like he's really always wanted) in 2010?
Will the polar ice caps melt before then, pushing forward a run for Senator of the Island of New Canada?
We'll make that post on our wrist computer from our flying car.

In the mean time, Mike Johanns appeared with Bruning at his going-away gig, and KMTV Ch 3 has a pretty funny video, where Bruning tells Ch 3's Dave Roberts to F-off, in so many words.

Dave: "When you told us last Wednesday that 'I am running hard and running to win,' were you already considering leaving the race when you said that to us?"

Bruning: "Yeah sure. Absolutely . Yeah I am not going to inform you every step of the way what I am thinking, my deepest inner thoughts, you know. You're not my psychologist right."

We will all sorely miss the Bruning Campaign.

But since the Johanns Juggernaut© continues to force out all comers, we can now set our sights firmly on the Dem side of the aisle to check out the true goofiness that's going on over there.

Scott Kleeb is the Dem's current Hamlet in the "To Be or Not To Be A Candidate" sweepstakes. But Kleeb has made it known during his travels that he has no real desire to be the Dem's sacrificial lamb at the Altar of Johanns. Does that mean he'll take on Smith again? Maybe -- though losing twice to Adrian Smith isn't exactly a feather in his cap either. Don't be surprised if he simply runs for the Legislature and bides his time. (And for a fully insightful analysis of the Kleeb Conundrum, check out The Rothenberg Political Report's view here.)

So that leaves...Tony Raimondo? They laughed when Leavenworth Street suggested this a while back! Oh, they laughed!
Tony himself sneered, "Only Leavenworth Street is talking about that..."
So who's sneering now, seeeeee?

The Huffington Post recently did a review of the Raimondo Riverdance, wherein, if you didn't know, Tony now wants to run as a Democrat. Why? Well, because he couldn't beat Mike Johanns for the nom as a GOPer. So, you know...other party.

Let's just spell it out here. If the Dems have no one to challenge Johanns for the U.S. Senate, that is a sad state of affairs for the Dems.

But if they allow Tony Raimondo, a Republican, to take the nomination, they are worse than sad.
They are a complete and utter joke of a political party.
The Greens are a MUCH more respectable party than the Dems, if that happens.
Heck, the Nebraska Party is way more respectable.

And don't think this is lost on the Dems. Over on their party's default blog (the NNN ), there is a virtual shoving match going on over this.
But hey, Tony's got some cash to throw around, and maybe Mike Johanns will push Tom Osborne down a flight of stairs on camera. Then, voila! Senator Tony! And he and Ben can fly around on Tony's jet together. Just like old times.

But, in the mean time, Happy Turkey Day.
We're humbled and thankful that you keep coming by to read.
So get some extra whipped cream on that pie. You deserve it.


wally said...

Bruning the Snotty left a farewell blast at the Media. He's angry because Raimundo the False is quashing Jon's option of running for Senate as a Democrat.

You can bet that Raimundo is getting kissed up by an eager Nelson who wants his buddy Tony to be Junior Ben in the Senate.

Johanns isn't perfect, but his entry into this race is skimming a lot of sludge off the pond.

Nick said...

"Sludge off the pond?" It's supposed to be an election, you dolt. That means a choice between the sludge and the scum. And the last time I checked, it's the people who have the right to vote, not the party.

OmaSteak said...

This "annointing" of Johanns just makes me sick...too sick to enjoy that extra whipped cream on the pie tomorrow. Although I shouldn't be, I'm amazed that NE Republicans can't come up with anyone better than a "go along to get along" RINO known as Mike Johanns. The only person likely to be excited about a Johanns coronation is IA Senator Grassley, who will now look a like a real ball of fire next to future Senator Johanns.
PS - Pat Flynn was on KFAB this morning...maybe he isn't a morning person but IMHO he can't be taken seriously as a candidate for the US Senate by anyone message.

Anonymous said...

according to my calculations, Pat Flynn has a 2% chance of getting 1% of the vote.


Anonymous said...

No one is saying he can't run. However, to run he needs money and if there is no money, he can't run. There may be the ballot box, but there are many votes cast with the dollar as well before we even reach the ballot box.

So, Jon knows that the mothers milk was going to be cut off and quit.

wally said...

Bruning could right now keep on running. But he read the polls.

Before we whine too much about wanting a spirited, contested GOP Primary, keep in mind that no one on earth wants that more than the Democratic Chairman.

mike in omaha said...

Johanns is no Rhino!!! Mike is very conservative and it was wise of Brunning to step aside graciously. Remember the polls showed Johanns having about 60% of the republican vote. So Omasteak are you saying that 60% of Nebraska republicans are Rhino's? The truth is Nebraska voters are familiar with both Jon and Mike and they made their mind up immediately....Jon got his primary by pollster.

pond sludge said...


Sorry to hear about your boy Jon. Fact is, Johanns is kicking butt because he is a good conservative and the real deal (unlike phoney Jon Jon). Get on board or run yourself. Just quit implying your fellow Nebraskans are too dumb to make up their own minds.

We Republicans (and all Nebraskans) will have a real candidate this time around. Be grateful for that on this Thanksgiving.

P.S. -- Considering his appearance on KFAB Wednesday, Pat Flynn isn't qualified to run for school board muchless U.S. Senate. That's all.

Anonymous said...

flynn = nabity.

Jon Rehm said...

Nebraska Democrats can still be thankful for: Ben Nelson, Mike Fahey, Chris Beutler and winning 9 out of 10 targeted legislative races last year. Yes we are a minority party and yes 2008 doesn't look good. I don't see a lot good coming from a Tony Raimondo run, but regardless of what happens the Nebraska Democrats have had too much recent success to be written off as a joke.

Happy Thanksgiving, Go Huskers.

Anonymous said...

Flynn = Mort Sullivan.

--Mimi Sullivan

Big Red Bruning Fan said...

Hey Mike in Omaha - are the 41% of Republicans who voted for Nelson in 2006 RHINOs?

Mike NOhands is a former Democrat. So is Bruning. So, the NEGOP is guilty of the same tactic as the NDP no?

Mr. Green Jeans said...

The 41% of Republicans that voted for Nelson were just voting for a fellow Republican.

OmaSteak said...

The idea that Mike Johanns is a real conservative is just too funny. Thanks for the laugh.

Mike in Omaha said...

Ronald Reagan was a democrat and so was Phil Grahm....Johanns changed parties 20 years ago and voted for Reagan...Go play with Mr. Moose and Bunny Rabbit, Mr. Green Jeans

Mike in Omaha said...

Sorry Green Jeans I meant to post against Big Red Bruning Roadkill

Anonymous said...

This is Unicameralville. Don't confuse politics or principles with what Nebraska voters want.

Do you know what they want most?

macdaddy said...

You guys can pick on Bruning all you want (well, actually, there's not much point anymore), but he pushed Hagel off the roof of the Senate, and for that I will always be grateful. So here's to AG Bruning: a hearty Mission Accomplished!

Anonymous said...

Fathered by a Big Mac:

Bruning pushed Hagel out of the Senate? You better lay off the holiday sauce, dude.

Happy said...

Unicameraville? Yes, I know what Nebraska voters want most. Ask me! Ask me!

Looks like they're going to get it too!

A new Huskers football coach!!

love Bruning said...

Bruning pulled out of the Senate race because he had a better opportunity; his mentor Osborne is going to make him football coach. The pay is much better than the US Senate!

Anonymous said...

If a coach is being criticized, and he is losing games, and he has the Football God looking over his shoulder, and that coach just signed a contract that gives him 3 million bucks if he gets fired, then he has as much incentive to win a football game as politicians have of being honest with voters. They all should be boiled.

Ness said...

Can anyone tell me what the Attorney General meant when he said that he hoped the people of Nebraska realize that he is giving up his personal interests to quit this race for the good of the NEGOP and the State?

Does this mean that before he quit - he was in it only for his personal interests? Why would anyone have to remind the people that he has given those interest up for the good of the rest?

Maybe most politicians are not like that - but a person should give up his personal interests before he enters the race and is willing to give everything up to serve the people of God's Country - not when he is forced by a powerful oponent to quit.

Kori said...

Hey Ness, it's called bowing out gracefully. What more do you want him to do? He realized he was going to lose so he decided to quit the race. What he does or doesn't say in some stupid photo op press conference is totally irrelevant.

Enough already. You won. Bruning lost. Congrats. Now let's have our little coronation ceremony for Yohanns and get on with life.

Anonymous said...

Nothing is more relevant than what a politician says when he doesn't get his way.

Bruning wants to hold life and death power over others but like too many elected officials he has risked nothing to earn that right. He is bitter and he suggests he was in it for himself. That's honest. It is also something voters should remember next time he runs for office.