Thursday, March 15, 2007

Bruning Announces Senate "Exploratory Committee"

In an announcement at the State Capitol in Lincoln today, Jon Bruning, the thirty-seven year old Nebraska Attorney General, declared that he has filed paperwork with the Federal Election Commission for an exploratory committee for the 2008 Republican nomination for the U.S. Senate. Bruning said – twice – that he will NOT challenge U.S. Senator Chuck Hagel if Hagel decides to run for re-election. Hagel announced Monday that he will make his decision on whether or not to seek re-election sometime in the future.

Bruning stated he will do everything he can do, including fundraising, until Hagel announces his intentions. Bruning said that he was announcing now because he did not want to be secretive about his intentions while he was raising money and beginning to lay out the groundwork for a campaign.

Bruning said that he has talked to former Governor and current Agriculture Secretary Mike Johanns, but that Johanns would not give any information about his intentions to run.

Bruning noted that he has had calls from the John McCain campaign about endorsing McCain, but told him that he would not endorse anyone until Hagel makes his decision since “he is a Hagel guy.” He said he believes that after Romney, Giuliani and McCain “beat the crap out of each other,” Presidential voters will want someone like Chuck Hagel. He stated that if Hagel gets into the Presidential race, he thinks Hagel will win.

Bruning said that he will be going to Egypt, Israel and Jordan tomorrow with the Aspen Institute. He stated that he would not express any opinions on any issues because he is not yet a candidate.

He stated that he has begun fundraising and that his fundraising calls have been going “very, very well”.

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Jane Johnson, Omaha said...

Yeah, Yeah, announcing a US Senate Exploratory Committeee makes us all sick. Nothing new? I don't think so. With this formal announcement, Mr. Bruning is being forthright with his intentions. Yes, it's early 2007, but Bruning is doing the smart thing by making preparations in case Sen. Hagel does not run.

Funny Hal Daub came out with a statement earlier today. Coincidence?

I'm from central Nebraska and everyone out there loves Bruning.

Go Jon and Good Luck.

SS--Will we hear anything from you about Howard Dean's visit to Omaha? Check out Nebraska Democratic Party website.

Uncle Wiggily said...

I'm whelmed ....

WTF??!! Isn't there anyone in this state with a pair big enough to actually make a decision?

Buning's stock with me just fell significantly ....


Anonymous said...


Bruning has brass balls to step into Hagel's ring in Nebraska.

It's nice to see someone MAKE a decision: He'll run for Senate if Hagel doesn't. Clear and simple.

Clean out your ears! The announcement was clear! You got your answer!

Eric said...

I think Bruning is playing it pretty smart here. Maybe some of
the big donors are going to keep their money in their pockets until Hagel decides, but there is enough anti-Hagel sentiment out there that Bruning might just have so much support that he can't help but launch a primary challenge.

Can't you see it:
"I really didn't want to run against Chuck, I mean, he's like a father to me. But everywhere I go people tell me they're excited about my campaign and are looking for fresh leadership. By the way, I think all this talk of cutting and running really undermines the President's ability to fight an effective war."

Anonymous said...

imagine all of the lawyer ego-types that would want bruning's position. can we have an odds on that one?? let's go w/ politicos who haven't held office yet.

Beatrice Fiddler said...

I am also whelmed.

Very whelmed.

Anonymous said...

I'm clear out here in Western Nebraska and definitely will support Jon Bruning. At least he's been in our neck of the woods and knows the state doesn't stop at North Platte. We are watching what goes on in Lincoln & Omaha. Thanks, Jon, for coming way out west! A daughter,sister,niece,mom & grandma!