Tuesday, March 06, 2007

The Young Democrat view of Omaha

We here at Leavenworth Street find it our civic duty to help others know about the great City of Omaha and all that it has to offer.

So when someone screws it up royally, we believe we should step in so that they can attempt to fix it.

Case in point: The Young Democrats of America (YDA) Spring Conference in Omaha this May.

Now as we mentioned in a recent post, former 3rd District Dem House candidate Scott Kleeb’s fiancĂ©, Jane Fleming was the E.D. of the YDA until just very recently.

However, apparently Ms. Fleming never made it out of the 3rd to visit Omaha, since if she had, she would have let her staff know that there are no cattle ranches in Omaha (at least not since the old Renstrom property got turned into One Pacific Place many moons ago).

Nonetheless, the YDA web site carries this photo to describe the conference, with the caveat that the photo was “taken on a ranch in rural Nebraska”. Which is fine, except that Omaha is not in rural Nebraska.

But we’re picking nits, right? We’re sure that the Nebraska Young Democrats (NYD) will do us right in representing our fair city! Right! Right?

Well, let’s jump on over to the NYD page, and click right over to the “Top Ten Things to Do in Omaha”.

Ok, so you could have guessed that Numbers 1 and 2 would be the zoo and the Old Market. But did you know that the Number 3 thing to do in Omaha is to drive to the Nebraska State Capitol in Lincoln? Are the NYDs privy to some info that their boy Omaha Mayor Mike Fahey plans to pull an Elkhorn-job on Lincoln? Should Lincoln start annexing land to pick up their size now? You’re on notice Lincolnites! Omaha’s comin’!

So then we go to Number 4 of the Top Ten Things, and find that it’s Boys Town. Well, that’s fine we suppose. But then after we visit the SAC Museum at Number 5, which, by the way is again NOT IN OMAHA, then we’re supposed to go right back to do Number 6 – Boys Town again! You know, just in case you missed some stuff when you visited in Number 4.

After our dual trips to Boys Town, we go to Number 7, the Durham Western Heritage Museum (which really is great, and if you haven’t been in a while you should check out). And we’re not sure what the NYDs have against the Joslyn Art Museum, but apparently they’re too busy in Lincoln to check it out.

So then we get to Number 8, and find the Omaha Royals. We love a nice spring evening at the ‘Blat. Of course, it’s nice to be there when the Royals are IN TOWN – since they will not be in town during the extent of the YDA’s conference. (But you know, that would have meant looking at the Royals web site, or something.)

At Number 9, we find the “Mormom Trail Winter Quarters” (sic). Who knows if these Mormoms are the same ones Mitt Romney hangs with.

And finally at the Number 10 thing to do in Omaha, we find both the Heartland of America Park and the Gene Leahy Mall. Essentially walking around water, but nice enough, we guess. Of course, this now makes this the Top 11 things to do. (But that’s depending on how many times you visit Boys Town, or whether you count Lincoln and Ashland as part of Omaha.)

We’ll assume that the NYDs will be changing the site soon. (And we like how they snuck that riverboat shot in their header. HINT HINT.) So let these screen shots serve them notice that we’re watching how they present Omaha when the rest of the country arrives.

Assuming they don’t just send them to Lincoln.

**Update 3/6/07 10:00 PM**
In under seven hours the NYDs read Leavenworth Street fixed their typos and amended their Top Ten list. Now about the YDA's Omaha cattle ranching picture...


Street Sweeper said...

Aaron Thompson has commented on the other post that the YDA conference in Omaha was planned before Ms. Fleming and Kleeb ever met. So there ya go. No word yet on her influence on the "ranch-hand" photo...

Anonymous said...

Okay, can we try to come up for ten things to do in Omaha.
1. Henry Doorly Zoo
2. Old Market
3. Boys Town (only once guys)

Anonymous said...

"we’re picking nits, right?" Yep, without question. The Nebraska Young Democrats is a statewide organization representing the entire state and not just Omaha. A visit to Lincoln does not seem like a stretch in light of the fact that it is home to the nation's only unicameral legislature, it's only an hour a way, and there are individuals within the YDA who would be interested in it. Congrats are in order for bringing the YDA to Nebraska.

Street Sweeper said...

Uh huh. Except that it was Top 10 things to do IN OMAHA.

And you're sending out-of-town guests to the State Capitol an hour away? Are you taking them to see your Aunt Betty's azaleas as well? Geez, just take them to Boys Town twice, like you originally planned...

Eric said...

I personally like the directions to the hotel:

"Turn left out of Eppley Airfield onton Abbott Drive and drive south. As you drive

into downtown Omaha, merge into your left lane and turn left onton 10th

Street from the interesection of Abbott Drive, Cumming Street and 10th

Street. ..."

Makes me [sic].

Street Sweeper said...

And as long as we're discussing that route, I'm partial to "south on regency Parkway. Turn right at the lights past the Whole Foods Market onton blank Street."

Anonymous said...

Hi Jane---

(as we know you are reading)
Welcome to Nebraska! It means Flat Water in Native American. We are also known as the Bugeater State, the Cornhusker State, the state tree is the cottonwood, bird= Western Meadowlark , and flower is the goldenrod. Hope you enjoy your knew home~~

Let's get 'um (the gender-including spelling) with you at the helm!!

Eye can't wait, academia is finally here!!

Uncle Wiggily said...

OK ... so, is this babe a blonde ... or a brunette ... or auburn-tressed or what?

Every pic I see of her is different - first she comes out like a California surfer, then she gets that dishwater-brown look going, and now Sweeper shows her looking like Morticia Adams.

I don't wanna be picky ... but what's next - hennalucent??

OmaSteak said...

Let's not make Omaha too attractive to any more democrats, we already have way too many here. There's aleady a sizable number of transplanted east/west coast wine & cheese crowd that can't live without demanding more public support (i.e., taxpayer funding) for "the arts", etc. The homegrown variety are bad enough as it is, including all the republicans in name only.

Rick Barnes said...

Street sweeper - If you are hell-bent on criticizing NYD's typos, I feel it would be fair for us to criticize your typos as well.

In your post "The Young Democrats view of Omaha", who is we? I'm guessing that it should read "I" unless there are a bunch of "you" sitting around a table because "you " all cannot get a date with someone as attractive as Jane Fleming (or Scott Kleeb - "we're" equal opportunity).

You mention in the third paragraph that its an "annual convention". You are mistaken - its a National Conference. The National Convention - held every other year is this July in Dallas.

Its my understanding that there are in fact cattle "ranches" in Omaha - Ive heard Boys Town, Elkhorn (newly annexed!) and I recall along I-680 north of town.

In paragraph 8, who or what is "NDA's" - perhaps you meant to type NYD? Just a guess.

And finally, Ive walked around the water in downtown Omaha and it seems to me that the both parks are connected and thus make 1 "Things To Do" and not 2 as you suggest.

One Out In The Third. said...

You haven't been to Nebraska...and you can't claim to be a Nebraskan...until you've been to Ole's.

Hagel is famous there...he has at least 3 of his pictures on the wall. He fits in well with all the other stuffed animals.

Jane might even find a real cowboy sitting at the bar.

Try the onion rings.

One Out In The Third said...

To get to Ole's...

Drive west on I-80 to Paxton...turn right...it's on the right...just before the only stop light in town.

Once you see the Polar Bear...you are there.

Street Sweeper said...

Well allright! Rick Barnes gettin’ a little frisky!

Ok Rick, we’ll play. And when I say “we”, I mean we. Leavenworth Street has been composed of “we” since the day we started. (And we don’t have any problem in the dating department either, but no real idea where you were going with that…)

“Annual convention” was changed to “Utopian Party May Day Celebration” and then finally to “Spring Conference” last night. You “young” Democrats sure seem interested in converging a lot.

Yup, Omaha is one big cattle ranch. It’s tough to walk from Mutual of Omaha to ConAgra to the Q without stepping in a cow-pie. And that’s the impression Omahans like to send to the rest of the country as well. Yee Haw!

Hmm. Interesting concept on walking around the Mall and HoAP. And nice to know that you walked around them once. But we’d argue that they are two distinct places, unlike Boys Town and Boys Town.

As far as other typos that may be in our blog post, thanks and we’ll give you a nickel for every other one you find on our site. We like to keep you kids working. And we’ll be sending you our bill for updates to your site. And fix those directions already will ya? We don’t want everyone getting lost on their way back from Lincoln.

OmaSteak said...

BTW, shouldn't the politically correct democrats list it as "Girls and Boys Town", since that is the offical name now. What's with ignoring the females???

Street Sweeper said...

OmaSteak, you are correct -- except that it's not even a politically correct issue. The NAME of the place is "Girls and Boys Town".

Eric said...

C'mon everyone, I don't think we really need to get up in arms about all this. I think we can all have a good laugh at some things which are obviously honest mistakes (and the NYDs can take it as an opportunity for some free copy-editing before we get too close to the conference in May when it might become a real issue).

As for the conference poster, has anyone seen the posters for River City Roundup for the past 25 years? Is there really anything wrong with celebrating the rural character of our state even in the big city?

And along with One Out In The Third's suggestion of Ole's (which might be feasible for those coming in from the west on I-80), I think we should suggest a new list of things that might actually be fun to do in Omaha when you're finished checking out the empty Rosenblatt.

We actually have quite a few really good microbreweries in Nebraska, and you can't find the beer anywhere but here. Take the I-80 beer tour and stop at Thunderhead brewery in Kearney; Empyrean in Lincoln; Jobber's Canyon, Jaipur, and Upstream in Omaha. As per "Drinking Liberally's" tenants: make liberal use of designated drivers.

Eric said...

By the way NYDs, there are still two more "onton"s in your directions along with an "interesection" and a "westboad". I'd also run a spell check on the "Transportation" page.

ptg said...

It might be my bleary old eyes, but it looks like Jane Fleming has an Ann Coulter-like adam's apple. Not that there is anything wrong with girls having adam's apples, of course.

mom at home said...

Dear Jane,

I think you should convince Scott to change his name to Dick and then we could call this site,"Fun With Dick and Jane!"

As for Boys Town or Girls and Boys Town or Boys and Girls Town (the multiple titles are for past, transitional and current supporters), I would suggest that this is a 2 visit minimum venue. It is an amazing place with an equally amazing mission. Plus, if you visit twice, then you have twice as many opportunities to donate to our amazing jewel-we all know how Libs like to hand-out money. What better place to give it to-certainly better than Jobbers Canyon-unless Jimmy is buying, again!

As for the State Capitol, the only reason I can think of that YD's from all over the Country would want to go see it is if they are planning on running for the Unicameral. If this is the case, then I would suggest they also check out the For Rent in some of the bedroom communities in Western Nebraska. Help Wanted ads may turn up a ranch hand vacancy-with room and board in the next few weeks!

Also, while driving to Ole's, from Omaha, you might want to pull over near Kearney and look up. We (Nebraskans) wouldn't want you to miss the famous Kearney Arch that the liberal New York City ("New York City?!") newspapers had such great fun ridiculing.

This is almost as good as election season!

One Out In The Third said...


Are you trying to turn the YD's into "JD'S?" Stopping to view the Archway is a criminal offense...punishable by a $100.00 fine. Plus we don't want the YD's playing in traffic.

Anonymous said...

A war in Iraq, a war in Afghanistan, secret prisons, torture, domestic spying, politically motivated firings, a botched hurricane response by de-funding FEMA, exposing covert agents for political gain, lying repeatedly to take the country to war... Please think about a little solidarity given this list of slightly larger crimes by the real bad guys. I am a not so young Democrat, thinking about moving my family from overseas to Omaha for a nonprofit job there. I am looking to find the progressive and broad minded folks that make a community worth living in. I have to say the YDA list doesn't make Omaha very, attractive for things to do, but so far the blog hasn't given me much hope this part of "Bush" country either. Please focus on training and electing Dems for the good of the whole country.

Street Sweeper said...

Anonymous at 8:01, since this is an old post, that probably no one is reading anymore, it's likely just you an me. If you're looking for an up and coming spot with good entertainment, great restaurants, and a fantastic and affordable place to raise your kids, Omaha's your place. If you're looking for defeatist, socialist, rah-rah Blue State posts, uh...the Leavenworth Street blog may not be for you. But I don't doubt that if you stick around you will come around soon enough...