Wednesday, August 01, 2007

Lee Terry vs Jesse Jackson Jr.!!!

We are looking for more info on this, but we figured we’d update our loyal readers with what we know.

The Second District’s Rep. Lee Terry went toe-to-toe with Rep. Jesse L. Jackson, Jr. (D-IL).

Terry and Jackson

And by toe-to-toe, we don’t mean they argued their positions – we mean they nearly came to fisticuffs off the House floor.

Apparently House Republicans have been using delaying tactics on some bills that have come through lately and the Democrat House Leader decided to take action against it. The Dems say they had a deal, the GOP said they’re being railroaded. (Lawmakers Shout Across House Floor Over Kids Health Spending Bill - FOXNews - 8/1/07.)

So, according to Congressional Quarterly, it went like this:

The dustup nearly touched off a fight between two members. Profanity flew after Jesse L. Jackson Jr., D-Ill., yelled out that Republicans "can’t be trusted." "Shut up," Lee Terry, R-Neb., shot back. The two squared off later, and Terry said Jackson used the F-word repeatedly and invited him to "step outside" the chamber. They didn’t, thanks in part to a third lawmaker who separated them.
Now we’re not saying that Lee would have gotten his butt kicked – ok maybe we are. I mean, check out these pics on Jackson Jr.’s freaking campaign website! He’s apparently some kind of Kung-Fu grand-master, and he has pics of him breaking this little guy’s jaw!

But I’ll tell you this: Lee Terry may only be 5’7” (5’10” with the hair) and 190 lbs dripping wet, but he’s scrappy. He’d be in there biting ankles and gouging eyes. He wouldn’t go down without a fight.

So there’s your new campaign slogan:
“Lee Terry: Fighting (literally) for Nebraska”.

(Come back to Leavenworth Street as we update.)

[Update: Congressman "Fightin'" Lee Terry's office responded to Leavenworth Street that Terry decided not to "go outside" with Congressman Jackson (good choice), and that today they shook hands and decided to put it behind them. (No word on whether it was one of those handshakes where each of them grips really hard and tries to crush the other guy's hand.)

Apparently some other Members suggested they have a Smack Down for Charity. Lee (again, wisely) declined.]

[Update 10:00 PM 8/1/07: Well, how about the OWH and Washington Post reporting on this story and BOTH referring to the Jesse Jackson Jr. karate pics. And the Post even using the Kung Fu term, just like Leavenworth Street. And the OWH using the exact same photo as Leavenworth Street. How about that? And not a single hat-tip to Leavenworth Street. It's all flattery, right? Right?]


Anonymous said...

Sounds like Lee just said what everyone else wanted to say. Way to go, Lee!

And seriously - on Jackson's OFFICIAL website??!! WTF...

Street Sweeper said...

Nope, I was mistaken.
The pics are via his campaign website.
Post updated thusly.

Anonymous said...

Still ridiculous - either way - WTF... Does Arnold have Conan the Barbarian pics on his site?

Anonymous said...

Street Sweeper said...

This is what happens when you rush to post something.

Thank you Anonymous for pointing out that Lee is, of course, in Nebraska's SECOND District (and the other typo).


Anonymous said...

Here's hoping that Lee Terry -- becomes the new Preston Brooks of Congress.

I suggest Mr. Terry carry a cane with lead weights. And one more bit of advise: don't stop with Jackson. Give the Brooks treatment to Nancy Pelosi, Barney Frank, Maxine Waters, Jan Schakowsky, Joe Crowley...

Let us know if you need help, Lee.

Anonymous said...

Lee's my hero! Thank you saying what everyone dreams of saying to an out of control Dem. Keep up the good work, Lee! And ditto on what snowblwr said...let us know if you need help. We got your back.

Anonymous said...

I'd like to point out that what they were debating was CHIP, the Children's Health Insurance Benefit. And they weren't debating the expansion of the program, just the reauthorization of it (otherwise it will expire).

CHIP by the way, is a program that helps the States provide health insurance to children who would not otherwise be able to have any access to health care coverage.

It is one of the most successful and most well liked programs from Clinton's 90s.

I've seen polls that have roughly 80% of American supporting reauthorizing CHIP, 10% opposing, and 10% unsure.

And, furthermore, the house GOP (Terry) was not using delaying tactics in order to stop the bill (which they will certainly not be able to do), or because they oppose it (which most Republicans don't, even Terry will probably vote for it. In fact, only the most extremist Republicans oppose CHIP on principle).

The House GOP leaders were delaying the bill because they have, expressly stated, that they don't want the Democrats to "accomplish anything" this cycle.

And futher-furthermore, at the point of their dust up, the Republicans had just gone back on a promise made to allow the bill to go forward, a promise made quite publicly which had been reported in much of the media.

Finally, I'd like to point out why Jesse Jackson Jr. cares about it so much. You see, JJ's district is in South Chicago, and is a very poor district with lots of uninsured children, many of them under 10.

Whatever you think of Terry, and whatever you think of JJ & cursing on the house floor... the Republicans were pretty despicable throughout this process and you should be ashamed of your party (and Terry) this week.

Street Sweeper said...


“Democrats are good and Republican are bad” is the weak-ass argument you’re rolling in here with? Were you hoping that no one else could read the linked article?

Well for those who didn’t, here’s the GOP’s beef with the Dems on this issue:

“GOP lawmakers are peeved that the SCHIP legislation includes a tax increase on tobacco to pay for the measure, and they object to the impact of the legislation on people enrolled in Medicare Advantage, among other issues.

One beef Republicans have is that the tax increase included in the SCHIP bill, as currently written, was not subject to a hearing in the House Ways and Means Committee, which has jurisdiction over changes to the tax code.”

Thanks for your standard (one could say, “despicable”) oversimplification that I’m sure we’ll see time and again over the next year and half.

Anonymous said...

Both should have their words stricken from the Congressional Record. It is about time someone stands up to the bullies in the Jackson family.

Anonymous said...

Reminds me of the time Scott McInnis and Pete Stark nearly got into a fist fight during a Ways and Means committee hearing. Stark yelled, "Fruitcake, Fruitcake, your a *** **** fruitcake."

Anonymous said...

Dear Dum-I mean, Dem,

You have no idea what your talking about. Most of this bad Bill was written outside of the jurisdictional committee's authority. It more than doubles the eligible recipients(under your logic-must be every single potential voter for Jackson) raises taxes and will cut benefits in the Medicare program. If those are not good enough reasons for the GOP to rethink their support of this boondoggle, maybe the fact that a child is now anyone under 25 ears old-old enough to serve in the House of Representatives, but not old enough to have gotten a well subsidized degree and a decent paying job? Give me a break!!

Also, Lee should watch out for Jackson. Not because of the martial arts background(by the way did he forget the rule of martial arts-self control and defense-NEVER TO PICK A FIGHT!!!!)BUT, because Jesse Jackson JUNIOR is apparently best buds with Jesus Christ, himself. Check the Congressional Record for swearing -in day. During the congratulatory period for Nasty Nancy, he rose and said, "On behalf of Jesus Christ, I congratulate Nancy Pelosi on her election as Speaker of the U.S. House of Representatives."

Someone needs to remind him that he is no closer to Jesus than the person he sat next to on the subway AND it is no one man's right to speak for Him or on His behalf.

Anonymous said...

looks like drudge report linked the owh story and its has crashed

Anonymous said...

Hey Sweeper:

Here is a news tip that needs further investigation. (We know neither the World-Herald nor Journal Star will likely touch this...)

Lancaster Co. GOP chairman Mark Fahleson was on Wednesday’s “Drive Time with Koby Mack” on KLIN. Fahleson says that they have looked into Sen. Tom White’s “Nebraska Leadership Project” mailed surveys and brochures at taxpayer expenses a couple of months ago. According to Fahleson, the project’s website is owned by the Nebraska Democratic Party; moreover, the project’s address is the same as White’s campaign.

Of couse, Tom White is the Legislature's new showboat and Brylcreem aficionado who fancies himself in Lee Terry's seat come Jan. 2009.

In the immortal words of CC Music Factory: things the make you go hmmmmmmm.

Anonymous said...

If what Snowblower says is true how in the world is that legal? Why aren't our newspapers all over this? Does anyone know what the penalty would be, if any, for this kind of offense?

Anonymous said...

Speaking of Tom White and fistfights....White almost threw one at Gay this past session....White has quite a temper!

Anonymous said...

This Just In....

State Senator Tom White is a Gay Basher!!

Anonymous said...

Dems and liberals are a protected class in Lincoln. Only Danielle "Doesn't Blow" Nantkes is fair game, and even she got a pass by the Lincoln paper for her last offense (bouncing a check to pay fines for past campaign violations).

Anonymous said...

Typical Republican. Pick a fight you can't win. Sound familiar?

Anonymous said...

Tom White sent his aide, an immediate past Nebraska Dem Party staffer, to explain what happened. Supposedly the "whois" database is in error. White actually paid for the site out of his own pocket and the registration to the Democrats is a mistake. There was also talk of a link to the Dem website from a legislative email of Tom White's. The staffer on radio had a response. That link was just an honest mistake by the programmer. Coby Mach didn't give this staffer a pass...which is more than I can say for the print media.

Anonymous said...


It just goes to show how important a college degree is. That aide doth protests too much, methinks.


Anonymous said...

Aug. 2, 2007 – 11:02 p.m.
An Innocent Man: Jackson Gets Apology Over Shouting Match
By Jonathan Allen, CQ Staff

It turns out that Rep. Lee Terry had the wrong man when he charged across the partisan divide Tuesday night and engaged in a profanity-ridden exchange with Jesse L. Jackson Jr. on the House floor.

During a tense debate on the Agriculture spending bill, a Democrat shouted across the chamber, “They can’t be trusted!” Terry, R-Neb., retorted, “Shut up!”

Later, Terry confronted Jackson on the floor, mistakenly thinking it was the Illinois Democrat who had challenged the trustworthiness of his GOP colleagues. Jackson had called out, “Honor the deal,” but it was New York Democrat Anthony Weiner who yelled, “They can’t be trusted.”

Terry moved in close to Jackson and accused Democrats of spouting — well, you get the picture. A surprised Jackson asked whether Terry had cursed at him, and countered with a couple of F-words and an invitation to step outside.

Weiner, the real instigator, expressed mock surprise Thursday when told about the exchange of profanity in the chamber. “We use only the Queen’s English in Queens,” he said.

Terry, meanwhile, has apologized to Jackson, who holds a black belt in tae kwon do.
Source: CQ Today

Anonymous said...

ooh ooh! I have another off topic direction in which we can hijack this discussion.

Who can count backwards 9 months from August 1st?

Anonymous said...

After listening to the Coby Mach show I think we should start a contest to see if someone can name a bigger coward than State Sen. Tom White. The guy doesn't even have the common decency to face the voters he is currently defrauding, but instead sends out his Dem. Staffer lackey to be his mouthpiece.

Interestingly enough, wasn't it Ian Russell (the lackey who went on Coby Mach's show) who was buying up internet domain names of GOP candidates during last year's election cycle?

First Danielle Nantkes commits her 3rd DUI, gets caught falsifying her campaign statements, gets fined for late campaign filings, and now this Tom White debacle.

My goodness, you liberals must be so proud of your Nebraska Democrat Party!

Anonymous said...

Brian B,

This liberal wishes he could care, but it's freakin' Nebraska, one of the five most irrelevant states in America. The place is run by wingnuts, bible thumpers, and hayseeds.

Anonymous said...

Anonymous coward.

I was thinking the same thing when I saw the posting on the Dem's website.

it time for another Kleeb post

Anonymous said...

SS, Wonkette is now linking to here.

Street Sweeper said...

I don't think we'll comment on Kleeb's new family in any way.

Though apparently he's finding time to attend the Yearly Kos deal this week.

Anonymous said...

Politics is, of course, a contact sport, and I don't need to hide behind anonymity to get my point across. I work for Senator White. We've been surprised by the latest round of partisan attacks against Senator White, because he's just been working to provide property tax relief to his constituents.

There is absolutely nothing to the allegation that taxpayer dollars were used to promote a Democratic Party program. Senator White paid for out of his own pocket to communicate online with his constituents. He intentionally did not use his campaign website (as quite a few senators do after their election) and refused offers of assistance from the Democratic Party to avoid violating the spirit and letter of the law and to honor Nebraska's tradition of the nonpartisan Legislature. The whois registration was an error on behalf of our website vendor, and has been corrected ( But I suppose the partisan operatives have nothing else to talk about - they need to keep trying to distract Nebraska taxpayers from the fact that, due to pressure from the administration, the average homeowner in Nebraska only got $7/month in property tax relief despite bold pronouncements from incoming senators that property tax relief would be the most important item on the agenda last session...

Anonymous said...

To Ian the Lackey --

Were you or were you not the same little weasel that was buying up domain names of GOP candidates during the last election as reported by the LJS? This is a pattern of behaviour for you liberals. Stop trying to act as if you are above the fray of partisan politics because you and Barry Rubin practically wrote the book on it.

Anonymous said...

Sorry to disappoint, zach, but you have me confused with another former Democratic Party employee. I had nothing to do with buying the web addresses (but kudos to you for your long memory).

Anonymous said...

There was a piece of literature which came to my door promoting Tom White's website. That liteature was from White's legislative office. The website is a campaign site any way you look at it. He should get busted.