Friday, September 28, 2007

Daub: I don’t want to make another concession speech

Four term Congressman and former Omaha Mayor Hal Daub made it clear this morning: If he can’t win, he doesn’t want to be in.

As he put it, "I don't want to make another concession speech."

Daub stepped up to the podium at the Omaha Press Club and spelled out what he thinks a qualified candidate needs in order to run:
1) passion for public service
2) the time to commit to a campaign – to travel the state and learn from your consituents
3) the money to compete – yours and others.

Daub admitted that he couldn’t raise the money to compete in the (ostensibly) three-way primary. Being very blunt, he stated that in order to raise the real money you need in a campaign, you have to do it in the Omaha metro. With particularly Mike Johanns (who he didn't think would get in the race) sucking it all in, he couldn’t mount a campaign that could compete.

Daub stated that he believed he could compete through January, but by February or March his money would dry up. He then made the bold statement that if one primary candidate outspends the other by a million dollars, that candidate will win.

So what about the recent National Republican Senatorial Committee poll showing Johanns at 58%, Jon Bruning at 16% and Daub at 12%?

“That NRSC poll was bogus.”

Daub went on to elaborate that he spent nearly $28,000 (of his own money) on a benchmark survey which showed him very competitive, particularly against Bruning, and that Johanns numbers were nowhere near those in the leaked NRSC poll.

Daub stated that the science of the campaign – polling crosstabs and the like – showed that he could be competitive, but that his third tenet of a successful campaign could not be reached. And if he couldn't win, he wasn't going to stay in just to bloody up the eventual Republican nominee for the general election battle.

Daub said he will be returning to contributors ALL the money that has been rasied by his campaign, and which has been sitting in a trust fund.

He stated that he will be voting for Mike Johanns in the primary – though he didn’t consider that an endorsement. He said he felt that Bruning is deserving of compliments for his determination and organization.

Finally, showing emotion, Daub said of his decision to quit:

"It was a damned hard decision – the Senate has been a long time goal and dream. I believe I would have made a difference in the Senate."

Leavenworth Street will provide more analysis later.


Anonymous said...

Awwww man, that sucks! Hal is a good guy with great ideas, who truly cares about Nebraska. I was already conflicted about whether to vote for him or Johanns. But I guess this is in the overall interest of the national GOP.

Daub for Senate 2012!

OmaSteak said...

Daub for Mayor of Omaha 2009.

Anonymous said...

I guess Dave K. and Lou Ann L. have egg on their face for hoodwinking Don Walton with the bogus poll that no one has seen.

Street Sweeper said...

Well, the MSM has been mentioning the poll like it's Gospel, so it would seem that the goal of the leakers has been accomplished.

Ever since the "poll" was leaked, Hal has said it was crap, and he said that again today. I don't think that is what influenced him (though it probably didn't help).

Anonymous said...

As Hagel proved the last time around, it's all about the money. Hal had it right - only in the wrong order of importance. BTW, this poll, was intended to keep Kerry out as much as put Hal and John on the bench. Again, all about the money!

Street Sweeper said...

I would agree, but then where are the leaked Johanns-Kerrey matchup numbers?