Wednesday, February 03, 2010

McGrain new GOP ED

Jordan McGrain is the new Executive Director of the Nebraska Republican Party. McGrain takes over for Perre Neilan who is going to work for Tenaska.

A few quotes:

Dave Heineman: “Jordan McGrain is a proven strategist and fundraiser who has what it takes to make the Party sound, strong, and successful in 2010 and beyond.”

Hal Daub: "2010 is an important year for the Republican Party. Jordan McGrain adds the leadership and competitive spirit we need to be successful.“

Mark Fahleson: "I am excited to have Jordan as a part of the team. I believe his energy and experience will be an asset to our candidates across the state."

Street Sweeper: "Tom Sizemore is the new ED of the party?"

(Ha! We've still got the funny...)

We're happy to see McGrain in this new gig.

McGrain is a semi-frequent commenter here on Leavenworth Street, and has had his finger on the pulse of Nebraska politics for a while now.

You also may remember that McGrain was our guest-correspondent for the 2008 National GOP convention, filing reports here, here, here, here and here. (We should note that our relationship is still via email and IM only. Unfortunately, Jordan does not know the identity of those running L. St...)

McGrain has taken a lot of hits on this blog's comment boards since his name came up for the job.

Big surprise.

McGrain is a political op and campaign manager. He vigorously defends his clients and works hard on their behalf. This is the kind of job where if you don't have people disliking you, you're probably not qualified.

McGrain's experience will benefit the party as he recruits candidates, raises money, lobbies, and manages communications and overall political operations.

It's a big job. And the NEGOP is lucky to have him.

Even if he does get confused for Tom Sizemore now and again...


pol observer said...

Let's kick some democrat butt!!! I kind of feel sorry for White and Lathrop with Jordan at the helm.

Tom Sizemore said...

That is one handsome man!

Anonymous said...

To 9:10AM: Again, thanks Mom. Love Jordan

pol observer said...

Sorry Anonymous, I'm not Jordan's mom. Actually someone that has been on the opposite side of McGrain. The debate is over, let's see what this guy can do.

Knocking Jordan is like knocking Patton, many people didn't like his methods but did you root for Patton to lose. In the end Patton changed a lot of attitudes when given a second chance in France. Jordan has been tapped to wage war on the Dems...God have mercy on

Northwall said...

Glad to see McGrain at the wheel. He should do a great job and is more than qualified.

Pol observer is right, watch out white and lathrop. Should be a good year for us in Douglas County.

NE Voter said...

"Should be a good year for us in Douglas County."


Northwall, please identify the Republican candidates running for office in Douglas County.


northwall said...

NE Voter,

Don't you worry. It will be a good year.

You may want to check the filings and announced. It seems that you are missing some folks in a few key races.

(You know, those names that are on the top of the ballot, the ones that draw voters to the polls)

I think you will find we have a strong showing when the time is right.

So, Considering the circumstances as I see them, I like our chances for any Republican running in Douglas County at this point.

As always, this is simply my opinion. I will look forward to talking to you after election day.

Also, who is my counterpart in Douglas County on the D side?

/ Wake up democrats! The change is not working!

Uncle Wiggily said...

Dunno Jordan McGrain from a load of hay ... but he writes well, and I'm told he doesn't sweat much.

It'll be interesting to see how he approaches the whole Republican diaspora - the epidemic flight of Republicans to the comforting corridors of "Independent-ism". If he tries to co-opt the Tea Party/Grass Roots/9-12/C4L/etc movement into the traditional Republican Party, then his tenure will approach that of the proverbial popsicle on the front porch of Hell.

I wish him luck ... but I hope he has the good sense to learn from the Unaffiliateds, rather than trying to assimilate them.

90th and Maple said...

Jordan was a wise choice - well done. He will do very well in this role.

Anonymous said...

OK NE Voter, I'll play your little game. Lets's look at the legislature.

Lillis v. Lathrop in 12 for one.
Now, who do the Dems have vs. Lautenbaugh or Pirsch? Anything more than a token retread candidate in LD 10? Heck, do you even have a candidate in White's district yet?

Anonymous said...

Lt. Gov
Attorney General
Treasurer (open seat)


Also, your SOS candidate is not credible. You would have been better off leaving that one alone instead of running 'Tommy Boy'.

Anonymous said...

The dimocrats could go with a slate full of retreads.

Governor? Tony Raimondo
Lt. Governor? Maxine Moul
Auditor? Kate Witek!
Treasurer? Stormy Dean
Attorney General? Steve Achelpohl
Dogcatcher? Scott Kleeb

Anonymous said...

General Patton and Jordan McGrain?

NE Voter said...

I ask again.

Please identify the Republican candidates running in Douglas County.


Anonymous said...

NE weak are you? We will have John Friend and several county comm candidates. Likely challengers for Ewing and Morrisey.

What about the other races in the county? I thought legislature was the priority. OOps!

Anonymous said...

this McGrain is the same guy that lost to that Samp guy, right?

Soud O said...

Uncle Wiggily 2-3-10 11:24
"It'll be interesting to see how he approaches the whole Republican diaspora - the epidemic flight of Republicans to the comforting corridors of "Independent-ism". If he tries to co-opt the Tea Party/Grass Roots/9-12/C4L/etc movement into the traditional Republican Party, then his tenure will approach that of the proverbial popsicle on the front porch of Hell."

Very true
Most of us (9-12ers, Tea Partiers, Minuteman Patriots etc.) have never been involved in politics, but we have this built up anger over the way they are conducted.

For my whole life time Politics has been called a game. (That is wrong)
Mark Steyn wrote in his piece
(Live Free or Die) "In most of the developed world, the state has gradually annexed all the responsibilities of adulthood."

The thought that came to my mind was that this idea of politics as a funny game is a sure sign of arrested development; in many cases under the guise of patriotism.

Their is a sea-change that neither party is entirely aware of
, and many of us will be working hard to get Matt Sakalosky elected.

If he ever starts to think of it as a game he'll be gone Too!

I'm not sure what was meant by the "comforting corridors"

How bout, Thousands of Americans who have gotten off of their couches and are readying themselves for a fight.

Anonymous said...

Matt has always treated it as a game. He sat around with a bunch of buddies watching everyone swim and drink margaritas and said to himself,
"I'm the smartest guys here, I think I will go run for Congress." He didn't bother to become active in the Party or even make himself aware of how (other than the Saturday morning cartoon version) an idea becomes a Bill to become a Law.

He is a line cutter and refuses to accept criticism.

Why would anyone want a guy like that representing such a diverse district as Nebraska's 2nd? My goodness, has he ever even been to a friends home in North Omaha? Does he even know anyone in North O?

An elected official HAS to be approachable by all constituents in the District-not just the ones that look like you or believe the same idealistic, black and white-no middle ground thoughts.

Matt needs to grow up and get to know his neighbors in this entire District before considering whether he should represent them or not. Get out of his idea of South O from his good old days and go visit the South O of today.

You don't have to be in favor of Amnesty to be able to treat the legal immigrants in our community with respect.

jamesr said...

I hear Jordan is a good guy. But at this rate the GOP could hire Flavor Flav and have a good election cycle... Tom White? Gone. Rebekah Davis? Gone. And their SOS candidates are even less credible. Don't get me started on their gubernatorial candidate. Oh wait. They don't have one.

Soud O said...

Anonymous said...9:37 AM,2-04-10
Matt has always treated it as a game. He sat around with a bunch..................

It took 1hr. and 6 minutes for you to make my point.

If you are interested in seeing for yourself go to
and become a Matt Saker

you are going get a lot of game time out of that line.

If you want me to list Lee's votes
I would be glad to.
Its time for a change.

jamesr said...

matt sakalosky is no longer relevant politically. the best thing he can do is go back to his small business and try to boost nebraska's economy, because nobody but lee terry has a chance of represent ne2.

Anonymous said...
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Street Sweeper said...

No links in the comments section.

Anonymous said...

Can't let the work week end without noting...

Still no Dem candidate for Gov...what's up, guys? Having a problem... anything we can do to help? lol

This is getting national note now--and national embarassment for the NDP.

Funny how Vile Kyle, Samp and Rogers have time to post here . . . but apparently don't have time to find a live one to head their ticket.

Anonymous said...

Turnout drops in the off-pres. year anyway, but it is really going to crater by Dems if they don't have a credible statewide candidate, campaign and message.

Goodbye, Tom.

Brinker said...

Good luck Jordan. I know you'll do a good job. Maybe we can get a cup of coffee sometime.