Wednesday, February 03, 2010

Tom White's FEC report: behind the REAL numbers

Democrat Tom White filed his NE-2 congressional campaign report with the FEC the other day.

And White announced that his campaign raised $175,000 in 4Q of 2009. (In comparison, Congressman Lee Terry raised $281K.)

Well...except that White didn't raise that.

You see, White raised only $125,000, and then "loaned" his campaign another $50,000 of his own money. Interesting that these numbers are down about $80K from the previous quarter. Not a good trajectory, eh?

Now is this a big deal (in the long run)? Meh.

But here's what it shows: White is willing to sell and spin the most basic stuff as "the TRUTH", when it's patently not.

Is this a theme for the White campaign? You be the judge.


We were looking at White's Congressional campaign expenditures from 3Q and 4Q of 2009.

He has only spent about $40,000 to date!

Now that's $40K -- from all of last year -- on fundraising and events and staff and websites and...

(cue record scratch sound effect)

Wait, staff and websites?

Well, we know that he has a site up at And we know that Ian Russell is his main lieutenent orgnaizing all things Tom White for Congress.

But nary a dollar has been spent -- according to what Tom White filed as a true and accurate statement with the Federal Government -- on salary for Russell (or anyone else) or development or hosting of his Congressional campaign website.

Now, the website says very clearly at the bottom "Paid for by Tom White for Congress".

Uh, so where are the receipts?


Well, let's instead gander over at the Nebraska Accountability and Disclosure Commission website.

When we go to the "Tom White for Legislature" committee filing,  we see all sorts of expenditures in 2009.

There is $1,750 to Eric van Horn for web-site design.
There is over $9,900 to Ian Russell's company, Vanguard Strategies (not to be confused with Vandelay Industries), for an assortment of items including website maintenance and political consulting.

And then when we jump over to the website registry page (isn't the interwebs awesome?), we see that was registered by Ian Russell of Campaign for Nebraska's Future.

(White's old website --, also registered by Russell -- now forwards to TomWhite2010. And his other site (mysteriously registered by proxy) isn't even up anymore.)

Yet none of this shows up on any of White's Congressional campaign reports?

Why would that be?

Well, first it could be because White is trying to save money and wants to have his Legislature campaign committee pay for things instead of the Congressional committee. That way his Congressional campaign looks like it is much more successful (COH-wise).

But that would be, um, illegal.

Or White could be trying to get by without paying for things (right now anyway) and having in-kind contributions made.

But, if you don't list those, that' as well.

But hey, if we missed something, or are in error or this was all above board, we are more than happy to look at the records.

It just seems like this is a pretty simple answer for the campaign: You buy products or services, you list them.


Make no mistake kids, this is going to be a difficult campaign for White.

He is not in the position of the high-flying days of the 2008 Obamamania. Heck, he doesn't even have the grass-roots enthusiasm of Jim Esch.

And we chuckled when Democrat Rep. Chris Van Hollen pointed to the DCCC spending $800K in Nebraska in 2008 -- as if the same set of circumstances are in NE-2 this year.

Congressman Lee Terry is in a strong political position, is raising money and is doing and saying the right things.

Tom White's campaign strategy is already -- already -- getting that whiff of desperation.

These aren't the moves of a campaign with early momentum.

Keep an eye on how they handles things going forward...


Anonymous said...

If any money from his legislative committee goes to ANYTHING dealing with a congressional run, this is a MAJOR violation of FEC law.

He would be using no Federal money (unregulated) for a Federal race.

Uncle Wiggily said...

Wowsers ... I'm guessing there is an amended FEC report in White's immediate future.

GeosUser said...

Jeez, go figure...a sleazy lawyer doing sleazy things in financing a political campaign. Now there's hope and change you can always believe in...LOL!!!

Old Abe said...

I wonder if there is any connection between this and Mello's LB777.....hmmmmmmmmm

macdaddy said...

Now that's so nice of you guys to point out some irregularities so that White can amend his reports with zero penalty, either from the FEC or politically. I have a suggestion: let it lie. Collect the reports, make your notes, and keep them to yourself until such time as it becomes very hard for Tom White to amend his reports without looking like an incompetent or a shifty politician. Keep it quiet until voters are paying attention, which, I assure you, is not in February. Quit giving the opposition a heads up.

Anonymous said...
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Anonymous said...

If he used funds from his leg campaign foe fed purposes, he cannot ammend his FEC filing to correct the problem. That ship has already sailed.

He used non federal dollars on a federal race. That is a BIG problem.

Anonymous said...

I can't wait until he tells his wife that he has to write a check out of their personal funds to pay this fine.

It's pretty sad when an officer of the court goes to such great lengths to desperately seek the loophole in Federal law.

Tom White=Pathetic, plain and simple.

Anonymous said...

BTW, where do you get these awesome shots of TW?

Anonymous said...

@ 3:29...

Maybe sweeper has been hanging out at the holiday or interlude lounge :-)

NE Voter said...

Same old M.O. from Sweeps every congressional cycle.

Post after post after post breathlessly accusing the Dem. candidate of evil FEC violations. How many times did you post similar accusations against Esch in 2006 and 2008? Probably close to a dozen or more.

And always the same outcome: No violations found. No fines. Nothing but hot air.

Love ya, Sweeps, but you're starting to repeat yourself.

Anonymous said...

Gee NE'd those other races turn out?

Anonymous said...

NE Voter

Mixing Federal and Non-Fed Dollars is a whole new level over the errors made by Esch, Thomson, Scott et al.

This line is clear.

Jerry Springer said...

Here's a challenge to all the Republicans reading this blog, please name one thing that you're proud of that Lee Terry has accomplished in his decade in congress??

Nebraska Republicans have no message, no solutions, no ideas, they're just wholly invested in the personal destruction of Ben Nelson and Tom White. It's sad to see the party of George Norris reduced to the Jerry Springer show.

Dezenhal said...

The most recent thing that I'm proud Lee has done is to not vote for Nancy Pelosi for Speaker. How would Tom White vote on that one?

Anonymous said...

good work by Pepe Boomer, that's Lee Terry's attack man. the excitment is off the hook for Jordan McGrain. He is such a brilliant mind. Maybe he can create a blog or sell some dirt on an opponent and call it public service or patriotism. Tommy White and the Dundee Liberals are shaking in their loafers. democracy in action. debate it out boys and gals. See you at Clancys and Country Club. Fahey in Missouri, Daub freaking out. No candidate for Governor. Nice job Heinneman, way to kick the pregnant women off the welfare rolls, sweetness. Go Big Red.

macdaddy said...

I agree with Dezenhal. Jerry Springer seems to think that with Nancy Pelosi in charge(4th year in a row!), a Republican has any chance of getting something done. Well, they do, but it requires bending over and grabbing your ankles. Maybe he'll want to read up on how the House of Representatives is set up. But then I think he's probably too busy watching skanky women make fools of themselves over even skankier men.

Anonymous said...

Put the crack pipe down, would ya'?

Ask the rural telecom people what Lee has done. Ask the landline people. Ask the wireless industry. Lee has fought for legislation that allows them to conduct business (profitably, it is America, after all), provide expanded service to many under or unserved citizens (constituents, or not), and put resources where they need to be to provide a better product to their customers.

The Congressman has fought for almost a decade to force the permitting of additional LNG terminals. Supported research into the use of shale as an energy source (only to see Pelosi bar the use of a proven jet fuel source).

Lee Terry fought for a fair and just mandate on auto manufacturers to improve fuel efficiency over time. Not a "greenie meenie" strangling of the auto industry, but a fair approach to reduce consumption. It is shocking to me that the UAW would continue to support the Dems since they would prefer a complete strangle hold on vehicles that use fossil fuels.

And finally, Congressman Lee Terry has voted against all varieties of cap and trade, offered very real alternatives in the healthcare debate and stood up to challenge the Democrat leadership to obligate every member of Congress be required to participate in Nancy Pelosi's Public Option (you know, what's good for the goose is good for the gander) Waxman didn't like that, he ruled that a personel (benefits) matter, not appropriate for inclusion in America's Public Health Insurance Mandate. And yes, he voted against Nancy Pelosi's Healthcare Bill and would have voted against Ben Nelson's version of a "good Bill".

Oh, and don't forget about the Post Office renaming. Honoring one of the Congressman's hometown's citizens on the floor of the U.S. House of Representatives was probably one of the Congressman's most honored moments.

Just ask him sometime. I bet you'll be surprised by his answer.

Jerry Springer said...

I'm sorry, the questions was what are you proud of that he has ACCOMPLISHED. Whenever I ask any Republican that in person all I get is a deer-in-headlights look. Even anonymous@11:15 (who probably works for Terry) doesn't have an answer for that.

Anonymous said...

Jerry--go back a few posts on Terry's fundrasing--click the flyer that is posted--gives you pretty much all you need.

btw--National Journal says Terry's an expert in Congress on telecommunicaiton policy--you know more than them? Doubt it.

Anonymous said...

Let's talk about what White has accomplished...

Is he gonna promote being the architect of the no-age limit in Safe Haven, or try and run from it? (Probably the latter.) All he did was make NE look foolish to the country. He and EBN really do stand together.

Anonymous said...

Heard that a couple of reporters are really ripped at White. That, they feel he lied to them when he said last Wed. he 'raised' $176,000.

Could be a prob for TW going forward...

Anonymous said...

White should have thrown Ian a few bucks from his congressional campaign--use some of the $50k loan he made.

Vanguard Stratgies is Ian's company--what did he do to get paid $10k by White's senate cmtee last summer? Probably not much.

Face it, the $10k was really to cover Ian for his work on the cong race. But ya can't do it that way legally.

Anonymous said...

It's not like White is strapped for cash--the guy's a multi-millionaire w/plenty of dough.

Come on Tom, throw the kid a couple Bennies.

Anonymous said...

Mr. Springer,

I wouldn't have typed it if I wasn't proud of it, especially the votes against Cap and Trade(since he is on that committee and actually knows what he is talking about) and the votes against the Pelosi Stimulus of 2009 and his refusal to follow Pelosi off a cliff and allow the TARP $$$ from 2008 to continue to be spent on more failed job growth attempts (that's not what it was for, btw)-Oh, and I can't forget the crap Pelosi PPO..

But,most of all, the fact that one of the first things a "white guy" from Omaha thought to do upon arrival in Washington was to honor a well deserving African American community leader, is something this Congressional District should be very proud of.

Anonymous said...

I think NADC and FEC can investigate what work Ian did for 10k

jamesr said...

-Lee Terry was a 100% approval rating from NRLC.
-Voted against the House healthcare bill.
-Voted against stimulus.
-Has an "A" rating from the NRA.

Lee Terry is the man, and Tom White has no leverage against him.

Anonymous said...

Nice effort. Lee Terry is squeaky clean in spite of the occasional F-bomb directed at non english speaking cab drivers that are trying to run people over in heavy foot traffic.

We will anxiously be awaiting your next attempt A-hole, oops, I mean, Anon.

Anonymous said...

What are we proud of Lee Terry doing?
Beating Jim Simon
Beating Michael Scott
Beating Nancy Thompson
Beating Jim Esch
Beating Jim Esch
Going to beat Tom White

Someone help me, who am I forgetting?

Anonymous said...

anon 11:09 - kyle

Glad to see the maturity level of the democrats on the board are keeping on pace with lets say a 12 year old school girl.

Grow Up.

Is Tom White still for Obama Care? Still standing strong with Washington Ben?

With Whites lack of ethics and Washington Ben whoring himself out to the highest bidder, imagine how much more we would be embarrassed as a state of Tom got elected.

Anonymous said...

Anon 11;09 is not Kyle. Comment was directed at one that has been removed-thanks, Sweep.

BTW, Congressman Terry is squeaky clean and very few people begrudge him a momentary loss of "cool".

Carry on.

Anonymous said...

That parade float guy running against Terry hasn't filed anything with the FEC since the end of Sept, 2009. I guess the pickup has a flat.

Anonymous said...
This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.
Anonymous said...

Why did White file an amended FEC report yesterday?

Inquiring minds want to know!

Street Sweeper said...

No links here kids.

Anonymous said...

This thing will bite White bad--he essentially misled the reporters he talked to.

And they wont forget it.

Anonymous said...

I bet Van Hollen told White to step up his fundraising or he'll be dropped.

Anonymous said...

Speaking of Van Hollen, he was off by $200k.

He said the Dems threw $800k at Terry in 08--the total hit was $1 million (including $$$ the national party passed to the NDP for state ads, etc).

Fact is, Terry survived their $1 million barrage in what was a bad cycle for the GOP. 2010 is a totally different case.

Anonymous said...

White was stupid. He should have told the reporters right off the bat he was reporting a total of $176,000 raised--and that includes a $50,000 personal loan.

Good prep session, TW staffers.

Anonymous said...

Notice how Van Hollen ducked and weaved when asked by the OWH what they will put into NE2.

Sounds like they have cold feet on 'White Lie' White.

Jerry Springer said...

Tick-Tock kids, nobody still has provided me with anything substantive that Terry has accomplished in a decade, except for voting with George W. Bush 90% of the time and renaming a post office. Lee Terry has only passed one more bill in Congress than I have, and that was to rename a post office. He was ranked in the bottom 5 least effective congressmen in congress by a bi-partisan group that listed as many Republicans at the top and bottom as Democrats.

Phil Montag said...

I'm taking the week before the election in October/November off from my job and I'm going up to Omaha and canvassing the heavily Democratic sporadic voting precincts everyday for Tom White, hopefully knock on about 1,000 doors. It won't cost Tom White's campaign a dime, in fact I'll probably donate a little that month for GOTV.

Go ahead and file a complaint with the FEC and see what they say. The idea that someone can't volunteer and help out a candidate they believe in or that it is a FEC violation is laughable.

Anonymous said...

White raised a third less than before, and only 44% of what Terry raised in the same period. Yet White then loaned his campaign $50,000 of his own cash. That's like giving stimulus dollars to a suicide cult. A reasonable return is more than unlikely.

White must have graduated from the Obama School of Economic Wizardry.

Forget the FEC. The theme of White's campaign is stupidity.

Anonymous said...

I am at the Lee Terry townhall meeting and he is not here. What's up with that? Has the weather kept the crowd down? is there a Nebraska football game on?

Anonymous said...

considering there were votes scheduled and held on the house floor today, you should check your calendar

Nathan said...

Helmet Law, good or bad? Anybody have an opinion on it?

Personally I like it and think we should keep it.

Anonymous said...

Jerry--we referred you to the flyer on Terry's record. If you read it, you'll see the legislation he has played a major role in getting enacted (Hill-Terry, Geothermal Energy, E-85, for example) as well as his standing in Congress.

Note The Hill newspaper suvery of members. The Democrats themselves ranked Terry as one of the least partisan members--which destroys Tom White's argument that he used to make (but has stopped making) that Terry is too partisan.

Read the want to keep this discussion going, let's do it.

Again, National Journal ranked Terry as of the the experts in Congress on telecommunications policy.

You know more than they do?

Anonymous said...

Phil--volunteer all you want.

And hit those doors and calls hard--you'll need to because Terry's field op is cranking up and is gonna blow TW's op out of the water.

Don't believe me--then read Adkins/Petrow's new book out about 08 races--they document how good Terry's approach to reaching voters is. Doubt you guys come close to it this cycle.

Anonymous said...

And Phil--
If White's state senate cmtee (which doesn't have a race this year) is covering Ian for his work on the congressional campaign, than that's illegal.

Another example where White is stupid. He should have paid Ian $1,000 or $5000, anything, out of the cong cmtee to avoid that very appearance.

Tom is gonna get asked about this by reporters. He might want to get his story straight this time, since they don't believe anything he says now as a result of his lies last week about financing.

Anonymous said...

Van Hollen's comments have the feel of what happened in 2004.

Nancy Thompson made it very publicly known she was discussing with the DCCC being targeted.

Rep. Bob Matsui (DCCC head) said they were looking at NE2 and would decide "later on" about $$$ for her.

That's the same thing Van Hollen just said.

DCCC never ponied up for Nancy.

buck turgidson said...

Anonymous 11:25 2/4 is forgetting Shelley Kiel and, in the city council days, Anne Boyle.

Anonymous said...

More for Jerry--

You guys have tried to sell that 'one bill' canard every cycle since 04--voters didn't buy it in the past. Why do you think they'll buy it in 2010?

You apparently operate under the premise that voters are stupid. They're not in NE2, as you'll find out again when Terry wins.

Anonymous said...

Interesting as to the silence from the Dems here about White's role in advocating for the no-age limit in Safe Haven. Don't blame you for running...

Problem is, everyone in NE will remember this--same way they will remember the Cornhusker Kickback this Nov.--which White said he proudly stands with Nelson on.

Anonymous said...


Another week is wrapping up.

If the Dem posters here had a legit point, wouldn't there be a bunch of people wanting to run as Gov. on the Dem ticket?

Looks like people are running--away from the NDP as fast as they can.

Anonymous said...

"we referred you to the flyer on Terry's record. If you read it, you'll see the legislation he has played a major role in getting enacted (Hill-Terry, Geothermal Energy, E-85, for example) as well as his standing in Congress."

Boomer, nice try making those claims again. Shall we break them down?

HILL-TERRY: Terry only consponsored. The lead was Rep. Baron Hill. And they both can thank Rep. John Dingell for getting the final version in that passed.

GEOTHERMAL: While it was Terry's version of an amendment to put Geothermal in federal buildings, the exact same wording was introduced previously in other bills by Sen. James Inhofe, and Rep. Heather Wilson. It's clear this was written by someone who then passed it to members of the House and Senate.

E85: Terry had nothing to do with this. The text got into the House version of the energy bill through an Amendment introduced by Rep. Stupak and Rep. Inslee during the committee markup. However, that bill was edged out, and the text can be traced to the final version, as coming from H.R.3221, which was put forth by Nancy Pelosi. The idea of E85 pumps originally came in 2006 through bills introduced by Senator Mark Dayton, and cosponsored by Senators Dorgan, Harkin, Durbin, Obama and Stabenow.

Anonymous said...

Off Topic......

So the largest Union decided to refuse the pay freeze. Hmmm they say there is over a 1BILLION dollar shortfall. I suppose the Union thinks they will be giving the Gov a black eye. Perhaps not the best thought out plan. The Legislature doesn't have to do any budget work this session, so the Gov is covered. At least until the deadline to file is passed. Then it really won't matter if no one is in the race against him.

A benefit of all this could be a reshaping of State Government. Which will play well for the Gov.

Anonymous said...

And oh my gawd, all we heard about two years ago was Hill-Terry, Hill-Terry, Hill-Terry. Maybe that helped him a little bit in '08, but that's STILL all he's got? It won't work for two election cycles. Lee's a do-nothing loser in the House of Reps.

Anonymous said...

Kind of interesting to see Nancy Pelosi donated $4000 to the Tom White campaign! Check it out on page 94 of his amended statement with the FEC.

Anonymous said...

Hmmmmm..... Nancy Pelosi has contributed $4000 to Tom White's campaign, pg 94 of the amended report.

Anonymous said...

1:16--no, there's more coming. AP reported this on 11/3/09:

"A House panel has voted to block the importation of foreign wastes in the United States ... . The Energy and Commerce Committee's energy subcommittee on Tuesday approved by a voice vote a bill sponsored by Reps. Jim Matheson, D-Utah; Bart Gordon, D-Tenn.; and Lee Terry, R-Neb. to prohibit the importation of low-lvel radioactive waste."

So...when that one passes you can add that to Terry's list of legislation he helped craft.

Anonymous said...

1:16--on a 'do nothing loser'--sounds like you're talking about White.

What did he do during the Special Session other than intro a bill that was ruled out of order... lol

Anonymous said...


Definition of insanity is doing the same thing over and over again and expecting a different result.

But that's what the Dems are doing in regard to Terry. Can't they come up w/something new?

They already lost the debate over his record and bills he helped craft, etc.

Can't wait til they launch the scud missile attack on veterans. Richard Carter's gonna blow them out of the water in response. Come on, D's, let's go!

Shoe Salesman said...

Anon 1:16:

Why was lee terry FOR storing low level nuclear waste in Nebraska and now he's against it being "imported" anywhere else? Sounds like a flip flop.

Plus - "importing nuclear waste? What's he gonna do next file a bill to stop importing sludge or sewage or one to stop exporting "american values." What a worthless doofus.

Oh and did the nuke industry lobbyists write that bill for him as well?

Anonymous said...

But don't forget the economy...

Unemployment #s are out for Jan--another 20,000 jobs lost--was expected to be 5,000.

The Dem 'stimulus program' isn't working--

If you add in people who have quit looking for a job or are working part-time even though they want to work full-time, the unemployment rate shoots to 17%.

Still support the program, Tom?

Anonymous said...

Shoe--I cited the AP story--you should google it and read the background. EnergySolutions, Inc. wants to transport 20,000 tons of nuclear waste in Italy to the U.S. where it would be processed in Tenn. and then stored in Utah.

Matheson/Terry would prohibit all such imports--and, as mentioned, is on the track to be enacted into law.

(We could make a small exception and dump it at your house if you want.)

Anonymous said...

Shoe--I think the 'doofus' label is more for you and the Dems--i.e. stimulus program and healthcare bill failures.

Plus, I think a party that can't get anyone to run for Gov. or most of the statewide offices by this point are the real 'doofs'.

Anonymous said...

Street Sweeper: Since I am not an attorney and you must be close to one or know federal laws regarding campaigns, would you please site the law where a candidate can't take money from one state committee and use it, or transfer it, for another?

Not to excuse a candidate or his people who should know better, but what exactly is written to this regard? Please enlighten.


Anonymous said...


Street Sweeper said...


I may or may not be a campaign lawyer...but I can guarantee that I'm not YOUR campaign lawyer.

Use your Google machine.


Uncle Wiggily said...

Bwahahahahahahahahaha ...

When I grow up I wanna be just like Sweeper.

Jan Baran said...

Federal election law prohibits contributions to candidates from corporations and labor unions (if they establish a PAC that's permissible). Nebraska law does not. White accepted union and corporation money (non-federal PAC money) for his state committee. Thus, a contribution from his state committee (funded with union and corporation money) to his federal committee, whether direct or indirect, is impermissible.

Anonymous said...

yes, it is obvious you are not a lawyer or you would know that "cite" is a form of "citation" not "site" as in "website".

Sweeper, are stupid people just to stupid to go to

Federal elections are only permitted to take funds from ones personal resources. In Nebraska, State Senate candidates are permitted to take hundreds and thousands of $$$ from any source they can talk into it. Asame is true for the other Constitutional Offices-unless they have agreed to "limits".

Anyway, Tom White is barred by Federal Election Law from using Nebraska State Senate campaign dollars for any purpose toward getting on the ballot or elected to a Federal office.

It is considered to be "dirty" corporate money.

BTW, PAC $$$ are accepted into Federal Campaign accounts if they are registered with the FEC (federal election commission for all those non lawyer types). You know why? They are only filled with post tax $$$ given by the executives out of their personal accounts. No corporate $$$, no Shareholder profits, and no one's retirement account.

curbfeeler said...

Anon 3:05. Oh but you do excuse candidates "who should know better".

Regardless whether a candidate is or is not an attorney, they must fully understand campaign finance law or else, by not following that law, necessarily be either too stupid or too crooked to hold public office.

People run for public office to either make law or to execute law's power over others.

Excusing a candidate's ignorance of campaign law is like
excusing your surgeon for being drunk during your heart surgery.

Anonymous said...

Seems pretty obvious what White was doing:

To hold down his cong. campaign expenses, White pays Ian $10k from his state senate campaign committee.

If White had a senate campaign going, that would pass the smell test. He didn't.

Anonymous said...

Just plain vile...

Kyle at NNN has a new post up calling the Gov an 'immoral man'. What's good about this is it shows the public how vile, obnoxious and out-of-touch NDP is--the more Kyle rants, the better for the GOP.

Above all, now you know why they call him "Vile Kyle".

Anonymous said...

Rut Row...

Rasmussen Report just out says "voters now trust Republicans more than Democrats" on 9 out of 10key issues they polled.

Economy----> 46% trust Repubs; 42% trust Dems

Healthcare---> 49% trust Rrepubs; 37% trust Dems.

Dems-----> you're cratering....

Anonymous said...

this blog is becoming boring, stale, and predictable

Street Sweeper said...

So are some of the comments.
(Oooh! Zing!)

Brian T. Osborn said...

Anon 9:08,

Thanks for your highly astute observations. Now go back and play with your crayons.

Anonymous said...

Take a look at Joe Jordan's most recent story at Watchdog on the Gov's race.

He says several Dem leaders told him privately they will be 'surprised' if a credible candidate steps forward.

NDP and its underticket candidates---->real trouble in Nov.

One Out In The said...

Maybe we should have statewide draft or lottery for Democratic candidates? Anyone else have an imaginative idea on how the Dems can be included?

One Out In The Third said...

...Third...with fat fingers.

Anonymous said...

Kyle has finally picked up this story over on NNN, proving that it is old news. Got something new Sweeper?

Anonymous said...

1:42--thanks for the tip. I read Kyle's post--he seems to think Terry's camp underestimates this race. Not a chance! White's misteps are self-inflicted, but we'll see who wins in the neighborhoods this summer and fall.

One Out In The Third said...

Yes's time for a refresh. You could do a brief summary of Rebekah Davis's FEC report. That would take about three lines of text.

Street Sweeper said...

Doing a bit for the folks who pay me.
Will get an updated post tomorrow maybe.

Anonymous said...
This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.
Anonymous said...

The only opponent Lee Terry has or ever will under estimate is Jim EschI, the fundraising numbers prove that.

As far as what the Congressman "thinks" of Tom White? His opinion is probably similar to that of other people that have had to work with White.

One Out In The Third said...

How about a "Best of Comments Deleted?"

Street Sweeper said...

was a link

Anonymous said...

SS- or..... some dialog on the Fulton et al race? Seems only one candidate has filed to date. Nesbit is out telling people he has organized 60+ counties, had lots of press spots, run a poll and yet has not reported spending very much. You and the board members keen eyes on the issues and statements would be nice.

Anonymous said...

Who gave Nesbitt $45,000 of in-kind contributions? He has about $7000 left to spend. He gave himself a $5000 loan, and owes himself around $2900 for mileage and such. If he paid himself off he would be broke. Also noted there was $12,000 spent this period of which $9000 went to adds durring the bowls. Okay so he didn't spend over $250 on anything and still spent $3000?

He raised $13000 from 6 people and one lobbyist, and two of the donors gave $5000 each.

Just an fyi from the NADC report.

Anonymous said...

To 9:39PM 2/6 Jan Baran: Thanks for your response.

To 4:34PM 2/6 Sweeper: Don't need a campaign lawyer or smart remark, just an answer.

To 10:14 2/6 Anon: No. I'm not too stupid, or even "to" stupid. Thanks for the spelling lesson.