Tuesday, September 02, 2008

Cigar Bars and Wizards - RNC Day Two

Because of technical difficulties, we're posting Jordan McGrain's update from the GOP Convention in St. Paul a little late this evening. You'll still get the gist. Do it up Jordan:

Since some feisty Leavenworth Street readers may be concerned with what’s happening inside the doors of the Xcel Center, and not just my ramblings about all things peripheral, here’s an update of the GOP efforts to get the convention schedule back on track.

RNC Chairman Mike Duncan and McCain Campaign Manager Rick Davis held a conference call for media this morning at 10 where they announced the speakers for the evening. President Bush will address the crowd via satellite before giving way to Fred Thompson and Joe Lieberman. Thompson’s speech is titled, “The Courage and Service of John McCain.” Thompson will apparently open his remarks with a quote from his greatest film of all time, The Hunt for Red October.

“John McCain doesn’t take a dump without a plan.”

Lieberman will give the last speech of the evening, titled “The Original Maverick John McCain.” I can only assume that the inclusion of the adjective “original” in the speech title was necessary to differentiate the Republican nominee from my new consulting firm, Maverick Political. Davis added that this would be lifelong Democrat turned Independent Joe Lieberman’s first-ever appearance at a Republican Convention. No, really.

Rudy Guiliani was scheduled to speak tonight, but is now on tap for later in the week. Several Nebraska delegates and I enjoyed cigars with the former New York mayor at a benefit event for the Red Cross to help hurricane relief efforts. Rudy was congenial and energetic, a fantastic host. At least that was my impression from 500 feet away.

Finally, a national reporter asked Davis if there was a noticeable increase in fundraising since the announcement confirming Sarah Palin as the VP nominee. Davis confirmed that the campaign had taken in more than $8 million online since Friday. That’s a big 10-4 on the noticeable increase, I’d say.

The delegation is soon headed to a lakeside lunch sponsored by Chairman Mark Quandahl. Despite his diminutive frame and facial resemblance to Harry Potter, our Chairman is a serious dude who takes this job, well, seriously. I’m sure this lunch will be THE place to be today.

More on tonight's speeches and the Nebraskan reaction tomorrow.

Thanks Jordan! Good to see you and Mark are taking in the sights of the Twin Cities!


orpheus said...

As far as I can tell, the Palin factor is the only thing giving any life to this convention.

Otherwise, McGrain's not so stirring (yet self-promoting) account of the convention's goings-on indicates another stodgy gathering of the same old Republicans, being hosted by the same big corporations, celebrating the same old warmaking foreign policies.

My only hope is that the Palin pick truly indicates McCain's desire for a reformist government. Ole Mac says he loves Teddy Roosevelt -- prove it to us, Senator, by showing us once again the commitment to clean up Washington and cut ties from the special interest fat cats that are weighing down what was once a truly grand GOP.

Anonymous said...

Dear Orpheus,

After you do your research, how about you repost and let me know which of the big, nasty, corporate giants the Republicans are being hosted by.

Then I'll let you know how many giant shrimp cocktails and kobe beef sliders the Dems choked down on those same corporation's $$$. Equal pay for equal play is the only way both conventions could pass the Ethics Tests.

Go back to NNN and when you figure out what Party you want to be in, go there. We don't want you or need you here-except to roll our collective eyes at!

Anonymous said...

I bet Orpheus was in Denver along with the other usual suspects like Hannah Montana, "Towelhead" Kyle and Esch, when the latter wasn't puking at his hotel.

Get this: these clowns rail against pharmaceutical companies for "ripping off" seniors and other people with high prices--then they go chow down on Novartis' dime. What hypocrites.

They were like pigs eating at the trough.

Malone said...

Sweeper: So let me get this straight....you scold julie schmit albin for posting press releases but then allow jordan mcgrain to use this site as his own personal commercial?

Way to be consistent.

Oh, and jordan, judging by the graphic I'm assuming your new company is a Florsheim's outlet?

Street Sweeper said...

Jordan is an L. St. correspondent. I personally put in the link for his new company. I figured it was the least I could do.

Now if Jordan tried to put a press release into the comments section, I would delete it as well.
As a matter of fact, I just received a release from Jordan, for presumably a client of his. But it wasn't in the comments section.

Julie did not know the proper method for sending us a release. I changed her release, and put her comments directly into the proper section, instead of in release form. She knows now.

So no inconsistencies. But we're happy to help you understand.


Anonymous said...

A couple of observations from last night:

1) I have always liked Laura Bush. I felt sorry for her trying to come up with some accomplishments that her husband has done. His help in Africa is truly his best legacy I believe.

2) I'm tired of seeing George W. smirk his way through his speeches. He was right when he said that they "traded up" and got Laura.

3) Fred Thompson gave about THE MOST boring speech ever. How many times did everyone yawn through that one?

4) Interesting watching Joe Lieberman. What did every single person in that auditorium have to say about him 8 years ago? Remember Sore/Loserman? Now he's their shining glory? Weird.

Street Sweeper said...

I'm game for this discussion:

1) Everyone loves Laura Bush. Unlike our last First Lady...

2)Bush smirked b/c he was telling a joke. Oh wait, I forgot, Dems are humorless.

3) The Thompson speech was spectacular. His description of McCain's life story was engrossing and his shots at the opponent were on the money. I couldn't get enough.

4) Anyone can make a mistake. The GOP is a forgiving bunch...

Anonymous said...

So you're saying Bush's entire speech was a joke then? And all his speeches? Because he smirks through every speech. It's very disconcerting.

curbfeeler said...

The difference between the Obama and McCain conventions is the difference between Hollywood and real life. Obama was what he is, all show and words. McCain is what he is, a record of action and reform. You won't see McCain putting on a show.

The substance of this difference is being ignored.

What bothers me isn't that the Media fails to care that McCain and Palin have as reformers taken on Republicans. What bothers me is that the Media doesn't seem to care that Obama and Biden have never bucked their party in the same way. These two lawyers have their noses shoved up the Democrat Jackasses' rump far enough to gag a maggot. And yet they supposedly offer "Change". Give us a break.

Fly onward orpheus.

macdaddy said...

The problem is that the MSM quickly sized up Palin and saw that she could deliver on that reform. This scares the MSM for 2 reasons: 1. It will give the Republicans a lock on the White House and a strong case to win back Congress. 2. Nobody in the MSM or in the donkey party is serious about reform. Even Ben Nelson does his fair share of go along to get along.

Hence all the lies about her personal and political life and no discussion about what she has actually accomplished. I tell you what, this country is not ready for a woman President and the main stumbling block is the Democrat party.

Anonymous said...

What about the Keating scandal?

What about John McCain endorsing Rick Renzi?

Dear God, the Thompson speech was one of the most boring I can remember. Not to mention, you could even see the teleprompter. Also, he is an actor??? Sure didn't seem like it.


Anonymous said...

Palin was for the bridge to nowhere before she was against it.

Anonymous said...

Macdaddy said that nobody in the MSM or the Dem party is serious about reform. How can you honestly say that anyone in the Rep party is?? You had the WH and the Senate and House for how many years? What big reform was going on then? How many times did McCain vote against Bush? How many times did Lee Terry go against Bush?

Uh, yeah.

Anonymous said...

Must be nice to be able to go to a cigar bar and actually smoke a cigar. Can't do that in Omaha now, and soon our rights will be taken away throughout Nebraska thanks to our all-knowing Legislature.