Wednesday, September 03, 2008

Purple GOP Rain - Twin Cities Day Three

More of Jordan McGrain (and his fuzzy camera) from the Twin Cities:

As you may expect, the speeches delivered by Fred Thompson and Joe Lieberman were generally a hit with the Nebraska delegation. I thought Thompson hit it out of the park, though he fumbled over the teleprompter a bit.

Technical glitches aside, I know I want Fred and his authoritative folksiness speaking for me if I ever seek office or am prosecuted for a major felony. With two days left in the Twin Cities, either of those scenarios is entirely possible.

Some thought Lieberman's speech to be solid but unspectacular. Maybe. I thought he went above and beyond with his praise for Sarah Palin. But to stand there and give that speech as a lifelong liberal democrat took some serious, serious onions. As Joe said, in this election, country is more important than party.

As the speeches wrapped, the stanky band of protesters began to assemble around the street exits, slowing the procession of conventioneers from the Xcel Center. These folks need to understand that when it comes to Nebraska, we Republicans aren't ruthless, cutthroat, win-at-all costs people, with the obvious exception of Chuck Sigerson.

I've spoken to Chuck about this and, as an olive branch to the great unwashed, he has agreed to leave Minneapolis on Friday. Thanks for taking one for the team, Chuck! Your party owes you.

Speaking of former state chairmen, I've heard grumblings from folks confused and a little upset by the comments from David Kramer in Monday's Journal Star article by Don Walton. [Hey Dave, stop waving at the camera while Sean Hannity is trying to talk! - SS] Some have even gone so far to suggest that, with his contention that the GOP deserves defeat, his support for a pathway to citizenship (or amnesty as we consultants call it) and his head-butting with our national committeeman Pete Ricketts over the affirmative action ban, that maybe David Kramer, frustrated by the depth of the GOP bench, is prepping to run for office as a democrat.

Look, I don't think that is at all likely - he was a pretty outspoken republican chairman - but the point is that he has people talking. I know David has a reason for saying what he said, and I know he's not about to share it with me.

After the convention wrapped, I traveled around the evening's events starting with AgNite, sponsored by the Minnesota Ag Council. I didn't stay long after I realized that my two drink tickets were, in fact, only good for two drinks.

I later made my way to a party sponsored by Mike Huckabee, where he auctioned signed guitars for charity and played with his band, Capitol Offense. The Governor looked to be renewing his commitment to a size 48 waistline after famously dropping more than 100 pounds. Here's hoping he doesn't totally fall off the chuck-wagon, as it were.

Next was country star Trace Adkins playing for the Tennessee delegation at the bar owned by Prince. Yes, that Prince. The same bar featured in the movie Purple Rain. To top off the bizarro nature of that event, I ran into former Congressman Jon Christensen, who was running with a (male) executive from Victoria's Secret. You heard me.

It's 5:15 now and I'm sure Street Sweeper is wondering if I'm dead. I'm going to call it a post for now, but will check in from the floor tonight during the most highly anticipated speech of the convention, the one coming from Sarah Palin. Romney, Huckabee, and Guiliani are also on tap.

I'm going to check with my old friend Carlos Castillo to see if he can get me on the convention floor tonight. Carlos has slowly become the Ellis Boyd Redding of the NE GOP - if you need somethin, chances are he's the guy who can get for you.

Thanks Jordan. We look forward to your review of Governor Sarah Palin's big night.

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Howie said...
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Street Sweeper said...

Sorry Howie. Clean it up.

Anonymous said...

How should my post be cleaned up, Sweeper? Are we not all adults on this board? However, if not all adults, the term (in dispute)is English proper.

And, fact is fact.

Howie said...

didn't mean to sign as anonymous

Street Sweeper said...

Well, some of us are adults. Those who are, don't comment like junior high students.

Pipsisewah said...

I just hope Bob Hoig was watching. After delivering a propaganda laced speech which Goebbel himself would have been proud of, she stood at attention, locked her right arm and saluted just as a German storm trooper would have. Inadvertant symbolism, perhaps. But as a mayor, she did suggest book burning and banning.

She'll make a fine VP. She set the record as Governor for earmarks per capita, she preaches ethics, but is being investigated for ethics violations, and if you disagree with her, you are fired. She held Sen. Stevens hand and walked in favor of the Bridge to No Where. But when he was indicted, she jumped off the ship. If elected, maybe she can find some of Cheney's old "You can't subpeona me" cards in his desk.

She won't have much time to campaign in October when the results of her ethics violations are posted, and the hearing starts.

Anonymous said...

For a good little liberal, you seem to have no faith whatsoever in the ability of trial lawyers to quash all attempts to force her into court during this election.

It seems that the Left is so jealous of our pick, that they must resort to personal attacks on a good mom, "a community organizer" and a well liked hockey parent and PTA member.

What, aren't Obama and Biden as active in the parenting of their children as Governor Palin is? Those dads must not have the time management skills that this mom has!

Anonymous said...

Wait. Did Jon Christensen and Miss Kansas get divorced?

Jordan McGrain said...

For the record, the Victoria's Secret executive with Jon was a guy. I'm sure JC and TD are A-OK. Don't get you dander up.