Friday, September 05, 2008

So Long St. Paul

Bringing the convention, and his correspondence to a close is L. St. man-at-the-convention, Jordan McGrain...

Five days of conventioning have taken a severe toll on your faithful correspondent here, so I'm going to bring my so-called coverage to a close with the lazy but always reliable bullet point rundown. Here goes:

• Omaha guy Tim Barnes hosted a reception Thursday for the Republican State Leadership Committee, the third-largest 527 in the country. Tim is founder and finance chairman of the RSLC, which has raised more than $23 million this cycle. He's a guy every Nebraska Republican should get to know.

• I walked past the Fox News tent and saw Sean Hannity's head hanging out in there. You could see that thing from space. It has it's own assistant and entourage.

• I want to take a moment to apologize to Street Sweeper for the lack of photos submitted by me. I just couldn't deliver. Ansel Adams I am not.

• DCRP Chair Brian Buescher gave an interview to some guerrilla news team hanging out in the Xcel Center lobby hours before the McCain speech. They kept referring to him as Mr. William Shatner, despite his protests.

• I saw Kathy Griffin walking through the concourse. It may have been a man who looks like Kathy Griffin, but I'm not sure of the difference.

• There was some official business on the floor I missed while chasing down actor Jon Voight, also known as the father of the hottest babe on the planet. We shook hands and he was out the door. Again, no photo.

• Thanks to my good friend Dan Archer, I made it into the RNC Host Committee hospitality room. While standing in line for cheese curds and coconut shrimp, former Tennessee Senator Bill Frist was introduced as the next speaker. A very loud gentleman started to boo at the bank of 18 TV screens:

"Boo, Frist! You piece of s**t!"

I look over to see that the heckler was none other than a former senior Senator from New York, who looked like he'd been in the lounge since Monday.

• A bit of RNC-NFL cross promotion as Joe Gibbs is introduced. He says he's a phys ed major and none too sharp, which makes being here intimidating. The stage door is on your right, Joe. Someone will open it for you if you want to leave. And please apologize for beating the Broncos 42-10 in the Super Bowl, you jerk.

• Compared to Wednesday's grand slam lineup of Mitt, Huck, Rudy, and Sarah, tonight's speakers are a tad lethargic. This arena has less energy than a meeting of the Oceola Rotary right now.

• I've always liked Lindsay Graham, Tom Ridge is a decent man, and Cindy McCain is a very classy and generous person. But good lord, these speeches. I'm about to pitch myself down the escalator.

• The Man is about to come to the stage as Fred Thompson's voice-over intro is booming through the hall. Everybody's life sounds better when narrated by Fred Thompson.

• You watched the speech. I don't have to tell you what he said. But you may not have seen the gang tackle and flurry of haymakers one of the interrupting protesters took from security, delegates, guests, whoever. I hope eating food through a straw for the next few months was worth it, dude.

• Time for the Impromptu USA Chant Scoreboard: RNC - 452, DNC - 0.

• I thought McCain's speech was honest and straightforward. He's not going to set the world on fire with his oratory skills, but he got the job done. We all leave here feeling much better our prospects than we did eight days ago.

• Well, I'm done. Thanks Sweeper, whoever you are.

No, THANK YOU Jordan. Fantastic job.

And, as promised, a Separated at Birth for you.

Now, we know your mom or wife may be thinking Clooney, but our thoughts were...

GOP Convention Late-Nighter,
Jordan McGrain and
Every-night Late-Nighter,
Tom Sizemore...


Larry Craig said...

I'm sure you GOPers wouldn't have said a peep if Chelsea Clinton got knocked up in the 1990s. Same way you wouldn't be making any jokes if Michelle Obama was a recovering addict. Just like you were completely respectful of Kitty Dukakis in 1988. Leavenworth Street is a lot funnier than NNN, but somehow you're guys sense of humor escapes when the joke is on you.

Street Sweeper said...

I can almost guarantee there were no blog jokes about Kitty D. back in '88.

And your name is "Larry Craig"! Why that's just rich! You ARE clever...

Gerard Harbison said...

Actually, it's the violent rape fantasies about Sarah Palin that have appeared on certain liberal blogs that kind of disturb me. I know, I'm an old fuddy duddy anyway, and worse yet, a binary thinker who doesn't understand why it's OK to do really horrible things to women just because they're conservative.

Anonymous said...

More good news...

Rasmussen Poll is:

McCain 46
Obuma 48

Within MOE.

CBS News Poll--tied at 42% each.

First post here----just a lot of GNAS--ground noise and static. Feel free to disregard.

Uncle Wiggily said...

Give Jordan a squeeze for me, Sweeper - he did a nice job, well-written, non-pompous, amusing and informative.

And thanks to you for coming up with the idea - only other on-site coverage by local blogs I could find was over on the Neener-Neener Network ... and I don't have the gag reflex to tolerate that.

Jordan's got some game ... thanx again.


lnk said...

Sweeper--I second UW's comments.

Good job by Jordan.

Did everyone notice "Towelhead Kyle and Hannah Montana's" picture last week over at NNN? They all went to the Novartis lunch in Denver (for free, of course). This, from the same group that routinely attacks pharmaceutical companies for "ripping off" consumers. Seems they didn't have any problem mooching food off them like pigs at the trough.


Anonymous said...

Has Esch disappeared on another trip?

Not a peep out of him at all this week.

Is he going underground until he starts the TV buy in October?

Anonymous said...

Jim was here in Omaha at least last Monday.

It is just that the campaign couldn't hold a news conference all week--the dad had laryngitis.

Anonymous said...

McCain's speech beat Obama's by 500,000 viewers nationally.

Best placard at the RNC:

Change we can trust

Anonymous said...

Here's something of interest:

Jim Esch opposed the stimulus checks (that returned $300, $600 or more to hard-working Nebraska families), saying the money would be better spent by the nation's mayors.

I wonder how Detroit Mayor Kwame Kilpatrick would have spent our stimulus funds. Maybe someone can ask him while he's in the Big House for a few months.

macdaddy said...

I heard from Esch. I got a flyer in Val-Pak asking if we've noticed that the price of gas in 1998 was $0.99 and today was $3.59. Why, yes, I had noticed. I also noticed it was $1.25 in the summer of 1998. I believe Clinton was President then and the Republicans were in charge of the House. And I noticed that it was $2.25 when the Dems took over Congress in January 2006. Of course, I really noticed that it was $4 this summer and is now $3.59 since Bush lifted the federal ban on off-shore drilling.

But that Val-Pak thing was a stroke of genius. I think that was money well-spent. The other good place to see Jim Esch's face would be the back of a milk-carton. Maybe somebody would notice him then.

macdaddy said...

Correction: January 2007, not 2006.

Anonymous said...

MacDaddy--it does make alot of sense.

Jim is just micro-targeting voters: people who sit on the bus bench, drinking out of his water bottles while they read the Value Pak coupons.

That's in addition to the gillion family members (including the teens who all seem to come up with $2,300 on the same day to max out to Jimmy.)

No wonder the DCCC staffer ran back to Eppley to get on the first flight out of town!

Mr Morality said...

Hey Larry Craig, I heard the most visited place in the Twin Cities was your Memorial Mens room. Nice idea for $5.00 tours with post expense fees given to your Wide Stance Defense fund. As successful as this was, you could rent a stall at a Vikings game and start a Wide Receivers Club.

I know how confusing a restroom can be. I asked the guy next to me if he had any paper. He handed me this package of Zig Zag toilet paper. My thought was they were awful small, and not very many. Next thing I knew, the cop next to me busted me for possession of drug paraphenelia.

I feel your pain.

Anonymous said...

Is it true that Bristol Palin dropped out of school 8 months ago?

Anonymous said...

Anonymous 9:24--back again with your fixation on Palin's kids, huh?

Anything you want to tell us? Help is available for people with your problem...

Anonymous said...

These Democrat operatives like anon 9:24 are just plain stupid.

You'd think after the pounding they took for their sleazy attacks on Palin's family that they'd get it.

Keep it up--all you do is help elect McCain/Palin.

Anonymous said...

So then, can I take that to mean that Sarah Palin will stay out of my family's private business? If my cousin wants to marry his boyfriend, she won't try to butt her way into that? If my school district decides to teach comprehensive sex education to middle/high schoolers, she won't try to tell us to teach our children abstinence only? She won't try to get herself involved in my private business between my doctor and I? When my husband and I decide which birth control we want to use, she won't think she needs to sit down in our bedroom with us and tell us which method she prefers we use?

I could go on, but please enlighten me on what is "private family business" and what isn't? Is it only private family business when it has to do with a conservative family?

Anonymous said...

Get this--after Obama's speech at Invesco Field, what did the Dems do with all those little American flags?

They threw them away--12,000 in all!

Fortunately, some veterans got them out of the garbage bins--and they are going to haul them on the stage at today's McCain event!

Just when you think the D's can't go any lower, they do.

Anyone want to guess wheat the Nebr Dems did with their flags? Probably part of the 12,000. Shame on them!

Anonymous said...

Anonymous 10:54

Again, help is there if you want it--your fixation with the Palin children borders on sick.

Do you wish you could look in their bedroom windows too?

Anonymous said...

Um, anon 11:03, I didn't mention her children. Oh, the irony of your post is almost funny if it wasn't so sad.

Anonymous said...

It is unfortunate that the Palin family is suffering a hardship in the bright light of unforgiving media glare. That sucks. Is it surprising? No. Is it newsworthy? Yes, sorry to say it - it is. No one gave a crap about Chelsea's feelings when Bill's cigar went unlit. Same with John and Elizabeth Edwards (AND their two young children).

In a perfect world, the reproductive choices of minors would be off limits to the world. But they are not. The social conservatives have seen to that. It doesn't make it not "news" because you don't want a teenager harrangued.

Sorry, social conservatives, you can't have it both ways. You can't be all up in people's business when they're doing things you don't approve of, but tell everyone else to stay out of your business when they don't agree with your choices.

Anonymous said...

How interesting that Palin and McCain love to bash public schools and teachers and yet Palin claims to be a "fighter" for special needs children. The private schools I know of won't touch a "special needs" child. Palin's record in Alaska will show that she cut special education by millions. Just two weeks ago McCain said that the economy was sound. Does anyone out there know what caused his dramatic conversion?
In my community, the ultra conservative religious folks are going crazy over Palin. I am confused though, because these same people who think Palin would serve us well in the white house would not even let Palin vote if she was a member of their congregation. They do not believe that women are qualified to vote let alone become ministers. Hypocrites!

Anonymous said...

Anon 12:06--since you dragged Edwards into this, here's an idea:

Get Jim to invite Edwards to come to Omaha and campaign for him.

Hey, admittedly it is an offbeat use of campaign $$$, but not when you see where Jim is spending his money.

How much in 'loan repayments' did Jim take this week before disappearing again?

Anonymous said...

And let's all clap for anon 12:41 for once again deflecting away from the real questions.

I've never met Jim, and I'm no way affiliated with his campaign. I'm a registered Republican who is sick of the religious right trying to steal the party.

I was happy to hear in McCain's speech the other night his taking some responsibility for where we've gone wrong in the past 8 years. I hope he means it when he says things will be different if he is elected president. I may vote for him still, but I'm a little nervous about Sarah Palin's social views. Any chance that she's possibly softened her views on a few of these things now that "real life" has happened to her very own family? I hope so. I personally hope she does do a "flip flop" on some of these things.

Anonymous said...

McCain and Palin will say whatever they need to in order to get elected. Once elected LOOK OUT. Don't count on any views getting softened. More of the same! Can we afford it?? The lies and the flip flops are totally bizzare! I am a republican but I am not crazy!! At least not yet! I may go crazy if McCain and Palin are elected and I have to watch our country crumble.

Anonymous said...

It's too bad for liberal Jean that the public can see through her talking points to her record.

Why was Jean not supported by Right to Life in 06? She submitted their questionnaire and was not endorsed.

Anonymous said...

Why is the republican party so in love with war? They are already looking ahead for the next war to become involved in. Also, why is the republican party so devoted to the extremely weathy? During the past administration 90% of the wealth has become controlled by 7% of the population. Where was the maverick John McCain when all of this was happening? When did the republican party become the party of the rich and the enemy of the middle class? Now McBush is all for alternative energy. Why did he block every attempt to explore alternative energy sources while he was in the senate?

One Out In The Third said...

I'm sensing a lot of bad liberal vibes...or "negative waves" as Oddball used to say. McCain and Palin must be really leaving them nervous. They should be. Looking at McCain's 96-year-old mother there has to be a little longevity gene pool action going on.

You won't have to worry about Palin having to take over...I figure JM is good for two terms. By then Palin will have completed her understudy...and at 52 she will be good for a couple of terms after McCain retires.

Another thing...McCain is pulling about 10 percent of the Democrat veterans over...shown in recent polling...along with the normal contingent of active duty military. It will be interesting to see how many active duty military absentee votes will not be tallied in the final wash.

Republicans "love war" (to that I say "prove it") but you don't need Mr. Obvious to come to your house to help us recognize that liberals are filled with hate and denial. The problem with Dems is they can't make a critical decision...I was for it...then I was against I'm for it...

Oh...the rich argument doesn't work either.

asecurityguard said...

As a dem i am glad that Palin was picked as VP because the election was just handed to us on a silver platter, thank you. (Some prominent Repub strategists agree as well). You here or 'sense' the negative waves because this move smacks of obvious political pandering (trying to get the Clinton women voters, trying to get the Social Conservative voters) and outright desperation. For a campaign in desperate need of good news, you got it for a day or two, and now that her record is widely known, people realize she ain't what she claims to be. I for one cant wait to see her debate Biden because she will be destroyed and embarrassed, it will make for good entertainment. As a side note, its really low that she is using her special needs child as a political prop, i know people who work with them and they know that repubs have done nothing but slash that budget. (Just as Palin did when Governor, before she had her son).
McCain is doing ok with active duty members, as any vet should. But compared to his opponent he is lagging (or did you not know that Obama has gotten more money from active duty soldiers than McCain???) watch an actual news channel instead of FOX and you would know that.
How is the repubs voter turnout effort going? I saw several articles where Dems have gotten a couple million since 2006 alone, and repubs have lost voters. Keep dreaming, its entertaining for those of us in reality.

macdaddy said...

ASG:Glad to hear you're upbeat about the election, but Our Lord and Savior Obama, despite being able to lower the seas and cool the Earth, apparently does not have the same faith. At least not judging on the way he lit into Palin today.

gal pal said..., it was half time when you had time to post. You sound so bitter, bitter, bitter. Could it be that you were Jean's former campaign manager that she had to fire during her run for the legislature?

Could it be that you are also a fellow school board member of hers?

Tisk, tisk, tisk on you!

macdaddy said...

Anon 1:00 Not sure why you are so set against the religious right, especially since you identify yourself as a Republican. With whom would you replace the approximately 35% of Republicans who identify themselves as the religious right? Or do you prefer to be the minority party the rest of your life?

Ben Jr. said...

Republicans love war because they love peace more.

Remember --- we, as a country, have not been hit by terrorist since 9/11. Peace can only be obtained by strength. Chamberlin "TALKED" to Hitler and Clinton "TALKED" with Suddam ---- did it work --- NO!!!

West O Republican said...

I think its funny all the trash talking against Jean Stothert. I remember when Blumenthals boy said this!!!

“These numbers show that the pundits who say Mike Johanns is a clear favorite are flat-out wrong," said Bruning Campaign Manager Jordan McGrain. “Johanns is not the heavyweight among Republicans some expect him to be."

He was lying about Mike Johanns, he is lying about Jean Stothert.

asecurityguard said...

Ben jr,
So when Saddamm attacked us we went to war, oh wait, Saddamm didn't attack us...
Taking her to task for the earmarks in Alaska? Showing her for her true self? What was so bad about that?

One Out In The Third said...


You have been watching that revisionist news again haven't you? Your "surge" of military money to the Obama camp is that of "military workers" not the actual followers my friend. Their contributions were marginal at best. From what I've read in the Washington Post McCain still held a 59/41 margin of real military people in August 2008.

Ponder this...what would you rather have in combat...bullets or the money to buy them? How about an election? Voters that are likely to use their ballot...or advertising money? Although it's hard to stomach I do watch CNN reports and MSNBC for the comedy.

barneyfrank said...

The KuKluxKlan has new competition in the hate-sexism of Democrats.

Every blow you land on Palin gives 51% of the American population good reason to hate Obama's guts.

Pounding the crap out of a lactating mother on behalf of two Democrat men? Which wizard figured this was a good idea?

But you cannot help it. You love Obama. So you crap on America's 51% oppressed group in order to further America's 13% oppressed group. Nice try but bad math skills.

Please keep pounding Palin. Oh please, please, please.

Anonymous said...

To WEST O Republican: That post is hillarious!!!! I remember the quote from the Brunning campaign that called Mike Johanns "Bush's lapdog". Not only did they trash Johanns but Bush as well. Trashing established conservative republicans seems to be the norm in his campaigns.

macdaddy said...

ASG: Obama's criticism of Palin on earmarks has me puzzled. Why would he want to draw attention to his integrity? His integrity in never turning down an earmark. His integrity in going after earmarks for his wife's employer after they gave her a 140% raise. His integrity in making sure that the money went to that Bridge to Nowhere rather than the good people of Louisiana after Katrina to fix their bridge. Obama, he's no hypocrite! He'll never turn down an earmark! He's a proud member of the Senate back-scratching club!

Don't even get me started about one of Biden's sons (who is an adult) being a lobbyist or another of Biden's sons (also an adult) rising quickly through the ranks at MBNA, the bank that has very, very close ties to Biden.

Obama is quickly losing his reputation as a skillful campaigner. And wasn't that his latest claim to the Presidency? The fact that he's been campaigning so he'll make a good President? Hillary must really be looking forward to November 5th when she gets to say, "Told you so!"

Anonymous said...

Why is no one trying to defend liberal Jean Stothert's record? All I hear is inner-party fighting and name calling.

I just want two answers:

1) Why was Jean Stothert not endorsed by the Right to Life after submitting a questionnaire? Was she too liberal for them?

2) Why did Stothert vote twice to raise the property tax levy in Millard in FY 02-03 and 03-04? Now she says that we have to get control of property taxes. If she didn't vote to increase the levy twice, property taxes wouldn't be so high.

I want answers about her liberal record.

Anonymous said...

The MSNBC Focus Group really said it all.

They asked the participants to name a significant piece of legislation that Obama authored and got passed.

You know what the response was? Total silence.

There's no record there. The presidency is more than about making a good speech.

Anonymous said...

There's an Esch siting!

His people were at Our Lady of Guadalupe--they really hurt themselves--by violating the Church protocol against campaigning and handing our stickers to people.

Rules just don't appear to matter to Jim Esch.

Anonymous said...

From 2006:
STOTHERT: The best way to provide property tax relief is to prioritize spending, cut waste and grow the economy. My goals are to focus on spending restraint and to increase efficiency and accountability in state government.

STOTHERT: The Legislature is responsible to see that school funding is fair; not only to the students, but also to the taxpayers and that funds are adequate and equitable and guarantee a high quality education. This is done through a combination of state and local revenue sources.

What you fail to see is the state has cut funding to the MPS. Not to mention through the Learning Community, more of my $$$ is going to OPS and not staying my school district.

Maybe I should file a lawsuit to get rid of the learning community.

Do we really want Ernie Chambers, telling us how to educate our children in Bellevue, LaVista, Millard, Elkhorn and Westside??

If we expect to keep the same type of good public education, it might be necessary to look at raising money from the people who live in the district. SUCKS! It really does, but how to fund the loss of funding remains a mystery.

Anonymous said...

John McCain talks about all the miraculous things he will do to turn this country around. My question is: If he is capable of such great acts, why hasn't he done them already? Hasn't he been a man in power for 25 years. Where has he been for the past 8 years?
Just a comment to think on.

Anonymous said...

Esch handing out stickers outside of a church compared to Republicans (too numerous to name) and the mega church pasters who support them having big political rallies IN their churchs.

Hmmmmmmm....where's the actual violation....appears to be with all those Republicans.

Anonymous said...

I wonder who the person is that is bashing Stothert??

Anonymous said...

Yeah, did Jean Stothert happen to disagree with Lee Terry about something some time? Such venom against her! And generally if there is negative campaigning, you'll see a Lee Terry staffer somewhere sniffing around....

Anonymous said...

To bad that David Boomer was seen handing out stickers at Our Lady of Guadalupe.

Little David tried to use his "Little Man Syndrome" Ego to intimidate a South Omaha Legislative candidate to stop stickers. When the candidate blew Little David off by saying he had permission from Church and community leaders, Little David stormed off, grabbed a roll of stickers from the bag of a Terry staffer, and started handing them out.

Poor Little David.

Interested voter said...

I'm waiting to see which Republicans are upset with Jean Stothert. It's funny that after her narrow loss to Steve Lathrop, most major office holders encouraged her to run for city council if Dan left a vacancy. Those same people were also in attendance when Jean dedicated Ronald Wilson Elementary School (notice she didn't name it after Bob So please Mr. Anonymous Trash talker, provide a list of those that are not a candidate or on a payroll that are upset with Jean Stothert.

Anonymous said...

"Mr. Anonymous Trash talker"?

I just want to know:

1) Why was Jean Stothert not endorsed by the Right to Life after submitting a questionnaire? Was she too liberal for them?

2) Why did Stothert vote twice to raise the property tax levy in Millard in FY 02-03 and 03-04?

I just want answers about her liberal voting record.

Anonymous said...

Anon 11:11--If Jeremy Nordquist said he had permission to sticker people, then he was not being truthful. The leadership of Our Lady of Guadalupe prohibit it.

If Jeremy won't follow the rules in S.O., why would you think he'll follow them in Lincoln?

Anonymous said...

Anon 1:12:

I was there with Nordquist. We certainly had permission.

If you notice, nearly half of the people working the ticket and food booths were wearing Nordquist stickers. That is because Jeremy is actively involved in activities at multiple South Omaha Parishes, including OLG, OLL, St. Frances Cabrini, ICC. He is not the typical politician that pops down for the parish festival and leaves until the next election. He has been a true community leader in South Omaha for years.

Apparently, David Boomer didn't think he had permission but he started handing out stickers anyway. It must be that "Little Man Syndrome" ego.

Anonymous said...

You didn't have permission from anyone authorized to grant it from the Church. Period.

So, I guess Nordquist has "Fat Man's Syndrome"?

Anonymous said...

Yeah. Nordquist is fat!

Anonymous said...

He's really ugly too.

Anonymous said...

Now that Jordan is back in town and over the hangover are we to expect more Stothert attacks?

Julie Schmit-Albin said...

Someone keeps asking about Jean Stothert's standing with a pro-life endorsement. NRL PAC Director Denise Ashby and I met with Jean in the summer of 2006. (In the Primary, neither she nor Steve Lathrop responded to our survey.) She did fill out our survey for the General, as did Sen. Lathrop. However in visiting with Jean it was clear that she did not support a ban on embryonic stem cell research with regard to using embryos produced in IVF clinics for reproductive purposes. We had three questions on our survey in 2006 regarding unethical medical research and our Board determined in 2000 when we first added those questions that they would carry the same weight as the question on overturning Roe v. Wade. In fact, from 2000 on we did not endorse several state senators who had previously been endorsed, solely on how they had been voting on the bio-ethics issues that came before the Legislature. (Read, Bromm, Byars,McDonald, Robak...there were others.) So we were unable to endorse Jean in 2006 over that issue, although she opposed cloning (creating new embyros for the express purpose of using them for research).

And before anyone jumps in on how we can endorse McCain (who opposes cloning) when he essentially hasn't come over on the same issue (IVF embryos in labs) that Jean had a problem with: We defer to National Right to Life in presidential races and support their decision to support McCain as the only sensible, viable choice for the pro-life movement. NRL PAC does not technically "endorse" in presidential races but we do put out the info that National Right to Life has taken a position. So candidates much lower on the totem pole (under Prez & Veep),are scrutinized more heavily by NRL PAC and held accountable for their votes for Nebraskans in Congress and in the Statehouse. The flip side to that is if an incumbent has a good voting record/record of action in office and passes the survey and interview tests, that incumbent receives preferential treatment with a sole endorsement, even if said incumbent is challenged by other bonafide pro-lifers. Sorry for the treatise, Sweeper. I jumped the gun and figured my explanation would invite other questions.

Street Sweeper said...

No problem at all.
That's the kind of info we like here.
Thanks Julie.

Anonymous said...

So.......what does NRL think should happen with the leftover embryos created with IVF, if they're not used for stem cell research?

Millard Repub said...

Thanks for the information Julie.

I am pro-life, and for me that includes being opposed to embryonic stem cell research. Jean is just too liberal for me on this issue, and I will not support her candidacy for city council.

Not a paid consultant said...

The trash talking against Jean Stothert will stop when someone isn't recieving a paycheck from her opponnet. Jean Stothert has the same pro-life positions as John McCain...enough said!!!

millard repub said...

I don't know how you define pro-life, but Jean Stothert is not. She supports using embryos (unborn babies) for research. That is not pro-life and I will not support her!!!

Anonymous said...

To : Julie Schmidt Albin

Are you voting for McCain??? It seems Millard Repub isn't either.

Anonymous said...

And so I take it that Millard repub and JSA are also against IVF, right?

not a paid staffer said...

To Anonymous: Good point on Invetro Fertilization!!! So is Nebraska Right to Life against IVF??? So is Blumenthal and his paid staffer Millard Repub against IVF???? It seems to me is that the McGrain hitpiece will have Jean Stothert photoshopped aborting babies with a wire hanger on the front and a VOTE BLUMENTHAL on the back. Nice city council mail piece!!!

Anonymous said...

Julie - do you favor IVF?
Millard Repub - do you favor IVF?

What do you think happens to embryos after 10 years?

Anonymous said...

Wow. The pro-lifers' on this thread silence is deafening. It's amazing how quickly they become silent when confronted with their own hypocrisy.

Julie Schmit-Albin said...

To several recent "Anonymous'" (Sure would help if we had a
name(s) here folks or at least a psuedonym (sp?.) I like the way the delegate from Iowa put it, something to the effect of, "At this point I will walk over broken glass to get this ticket elected." Of course I am voting for McCain/Palin and doing everything I/we can to get out the vote for them. The alternative is horrific in our book. In Vitro? I think I have responded to that on this site before. No, Neb Right to Life does not have a position on IVF. If you find that hypocritical, so be it. If someone wants to sponsor legislation attempting to regulate the number of embryos which can be created for implantation, we would run that by National RTL to see if they would have us take a position on it. The RTL movement was spawned in 1973 in reaction to Roe v. Wade, no one dreamt that it would come to where we are fending off attacks on babies created through IVF and/or cloning. Guess it's just one more area where some would like National RTL to take a position, as if we don't have our hands full already...

askinga? said...

I don't think you can take a position on ESCR or Cloning without taking a position on IVF.

You would not have either without the other.

Do you believe in the death penalty? Just asking, as I do.

Anonymous said...

Well, if you believe in the pro-life movement. Then you would ask your almighty Congressman Terry to sponsor legislation concerning IVF.

Julie Schmit-Albin said...

Askingya? (Thanks for the name): We take a position on what happens to human life in the womb and also, more lately, what happens to human life which is created outside the womb for unethical medical research via cloning and yes, what happens to those embryos that are created as a result of IVF and targeted for research. Just as National RTL doesn't have a position on artificial birth control (except that which acts as an abortifacient), they don't have a position on IVF, except, what happens once that human being is created. If those human beings are targeted as human guinea pigs, as some suggest should be done with IVF babies, then we oppose that. Just as we oppose somatic cell nuclear transfer which would be done with the express purpose of creating new human life just to destroy that life for research. You bring up your support of the death penalty. Do you demand of death penalty abolitionists that they harbor habitual criminals or make every attempt to clean up crime in their neighborhoods BEFORE they are able to advocate against the death penalty? Do you expect of PETA that every member take in every stray animal and spay and neuter them BEFORE they are able to advocate for animals? Or, do you expect either of those groups to engage in myriad numbers of other issues which might be on the periphery of their core interest? Some want National RTL and its state affiliates to stray from what we try to keep as our focus (abortion, euthanasia and now unethical biomedical research)in an effort to dilute our impact. If we were all things to all people we would never have been as effective at stemming the outrageous numbers of abortions which have actually decreased in recent years. How many more babies would be aborted if there wasn't a pro-life movement, standing in the gap, trying to plug all the holes in the dike? There are other entities (religious and otherwise) operating in the arena of multiple issue advocacy. The strength of the pro-life movement is a result of our single issue focus on the unborn slated for abortion and medical research and the elderly and disabled targeted for active euthanasia. In other words, we seek to protect and defend human life from fertilization through natural death.

Millard Parent said...

Doesn't Millard have abstinence based sex education?gbmm Millard is pretty conservative on that issue. Their sex ed program is virtually the same as the the Catholic Schools.