Wednesday, November 05, 2008

All politics is local

Mistah Speakah, Tip O'Neill, said "All politics is local."

That applies to the results across Nebraska on Tuesday.

The national results, as expected, favored Barack Obama and the Dems. But local Republicans continued their dominance in Nebraska.

Mike Johanns. Jeff Fortenberry. Adrian Smith.

And then the closest race, Lee Terry

In Douglas County, the results for that part of the 2nd District Congressional race looked something like this:

Terry: 102,364
Esch: 99,551
2,813 dif

Compare that to the unofficial results for Douglas County in the Presidential race:
Obama: 104,026
McCain: 97,425
6,601 dif

Joe Jordan and others scoffed at the idea of the "Obama-Terry" voter.
Those numbers add some vindication.


While Leavenworth Street's predictions were off by at least 1% for the Presidential race in the 2nd District (we'll wait for those final results), we didn't do too bad for the Terry - Esch and Johanns - Kleeb over / under marks. (Nailed the Senate race percentage, and off by a half percent on the House race.)

Of course mea culpas (mea culpae?) are in order for the Fortenberry and Smith camps. For what it's worth, we originally had Fort getting 63%. But 70%? Whoops.

And then Adrian Smith pulling in 77%? Yikes. Those are Rep. Tom Osborne numbers. And we thought our prediction of 68% was generous.


And what to say of Senors Kleeb, Esch and Yashirin (and Stoddard)? Guys, valiant fight, and all that.

But next time, you might want to try a run for City Council before you reach for the gig in Washington.

It worked for Johanns, Terry, Fortenberry and Smith...

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Anonymous said...

On election day 2006, Kleeb violated election rules in Kearney by illegally placing more than 200 Kleeb signs on city and state property. Kearney officials let him get off "Scott" free.

On election day 2008, Kleeb once again broke election rules by shaking hands with voters who were standing in line to vote in Lincoln. The election commissioner said he probably won't do anything to Kleeb.

Who will it be who finally tells Kleeb about election day rules? How long will it be until Kleeb decides to live by Nebraska election rules?

Or does it really matter any longer?

macdaddy said...

Don't blame me. I voted for McCain. But I do look forward to the Earth cooling, the sea levels falling, and the lion laying down with the lamb.

Stan said...

SS ----- your final comment about seeking city council or some political position before the "big dances" in D.C. only shows how egos of people like Esch and Kleeb are destroying the real Democratic party in Nebraska.

I know MANY --- I repeat MANY very qualified community leading Democrats who have been on the city council or the county board that decide to step back and let these "have done nothing" candidates continue to lose and make a fool of themselves and our party.

As a life long Democrat in Nebraska I am urging my friends and neighbors to take my/our Democratic party back from the disciples of Howard Dean and George Soros.

We are a better party than what has been demonstrated in the election of 2008.

Gretchen said...

We are all waiting with bated breath to hear from the ultimate whiner --- Kleeb, as to why he lost.

There will be stories in New York, New Haven and San Francisco for his big dollars supporters as to how those darn pesky Republicans did not play fair.

The first question I will be seeking an answer is how much did Scooter hold back so he can live the life style of the rich and famous on campaign left overs.

Lisa, will you help us on that one?

macdaddy said...

Stan: it's too late. Obama has complete control of the Dems. He is worse than Soros or Dean and much, much smoother. People like Ben Nelson will be tolerated, but only barely. Esch will run again in 2010 and next time he'll win. Pelosi will see to it that Terry gets shut down for the next 2 years. The Soros/Dean model delivered and there is no reason to leave a winning strategy.

Anonymous said...

Sorry, Mac. Esch already said he's not seeking a rematch.

Why don't you run against Lee?

Anonymous said...

Rumor has it that Scott Hazelrigg got engaged last night. He's gearing up for running for something. Family unit? Check.

Street Sweeper said...

So he's going to hire a campaign manager / wedding coordinator?

Geez, give the guy a break...

Anonymous said...

When I went to vote in Grand Island, there were at least half a dozen Kleeb signs on the corner of the school where I was voting. I'm all for supporting your candidate, just make sure you follow the rules.

Anonymous said...

SS: Do you have any insight as to which way the uncounted ballots in NE-2 might lean?

Street Sweeper said...

Not especially. Except that if it is military, I would expect them to lean GOP.

Anonymous said...

So, anyone want to pick odds on whether or not Chuck Hagel is going to be selected to be a part of the new Administration? I, for one, hope he is.

Anonymous said...

I love it. Nebraska last night said that everything in this country and been absolutely wonderful, especially this year, and everything must stay the same in Washington. Talk about making ourselves insignificant now more than ever. Democrats will now control the House, Senate and White House. Thank God for Ben Nelson, because we may still have a chance at having a voice. One thing is for sure - Terry, Fortenberry and Smith will never have the ability to step up and show any real leadership qualities. They're all yesmen. Well, I take that back - Fortenberry has someone some balls and voted with his mind rather than the party a few times. Maybe he's got some promise.

Anonymous said...

I know. I'm so disappointed. Jim Esch came sooooooo close. Now we have to put up with Lee Terry for two more years. Each election Lee's support gets less and less though. Hopefully we can recruit better people to run against him in 2010 -- both Republicans and Democrats.

Anonymous said...

I know. I'm so disappointed. Jim Esch came sooooooo close. Now we have to put up with Lee Terry for two more years. Each election Lee's support gets less and less though. Hopefully we can recruit better people to run against him in 2010 -- both Republicans and Democrats.

Anonymous said...

Oops, sorry. Didn't mean to double post -- my computer hiccuped. I guess it's sick at the thought of another two years of Terry too -- my computer threw up.

Anonymous said...

Anon 10:35. the Nebraska Democrats will recruit better candidates in 2010 and beyond, because there is no possible way they could get worse candidates. In a year giftwrapped for the Democrats, the NE Democratic party put out the 4 worst, most incompetent candidates imaginable. 3 of them were under the age of 40 and had no experience what-so-ever, with the other being an old baffoon. So yes, in 2010 you will have a better candidate.

pol observer said...

Hazelrigg can hire Jim Esch...he needs a job!!

Paul M. said...

Anyone heard from Brian T. Osborne?

I still don't understand the results for Senate.

BTO guaranteed Kleeb would win...

this is all so confusing.

3rd Floor Watcher said...

Speaking of Local Sweeper: The word is that Jim Vokal and Brad Ashford have met recently. Evidentily Jim is not happy Ashford is running for mayor. I bet Daub and Suttle are licking their chops watching the second tier candidates squable over who gets to run. Man-up republican mayor wannabees...Daub didn't bat an eye getting into this race and he didn't wait for anyone's approval. If you think you will get more votes than him or Suttle put your hat in!!!

Anonymous said...

Daub has not announced his entrance yet. He only has an Exploratory Committee.

Cal said...

A sitting member of the City Council is "second tier?" And Daub has done what lately???

Anonymous said...

Tom White in for ___________ in 2010.

Anonymous said...

So I didn't do too bad....

It was a Johanns/Fortenberry/Terry/Smith win:)

I am really savoring the Terry win!

Anonymous said...

None of Brad Ashford's multiple personalities are running for mayor. Bank it.

BB said...

Time now for Jim to get a job and pay back all that campaign debt. Any bets on how much that is? Jim had better remember he still has to file FEC reports.

One Out In The Third said...

Nary a mention of the post-election Kleeb today over at NNN...thrown out like yesterdays toast. They must still be doing their post-election review of what went wrong. They obviously didn't register enough dead people.

Adrian Smith better be looking over his shoulder again...Lisa is looking for someone to shadow now that Senator-Elect Johanns has 6 years before the next go-around.

macdaddy said...

While we are basking in the glow of the electoral judgement of Nebraskans, we should not forget, nor let others forget that Obama and the Dems own the whole thing now. It's their government, their judges, their regulations, their economy, their unemployment rates, their stock market, their tax rates, their budget deficit, their energy supply, their nuclear threat in Iran, their foreign threats, and their war in Iraq. I do hope they grow up and govern sensibly, but if they don't, I, for one, will be more than ready with a big fat "I told you so." Welcome to The Show, Obama. Your press can only hide so much.

Anonymous said...

The press will turn on Obama like the rats they are....... not right away but as soon as they realize it is their bottom line being affected they will. Of course when they crack down on those who are in dissent, to include the internet sites like this and NNN, there will be those who say "I never saw it coming and will wonder what happened. It won't be a sudden change but more of a "Fairness" approach. Then one day you wake up and find there are on a couple of State Papers and News Providers.....take the soma and be good. Remember Change is Good.

Anonymous said...

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3rd floor watcher said...

To Cal: A sitting counciman who represents 1/7th of the city and no one cares about is a second tier candidate. When you were the former mayor and a congressman that is guaranteed 40% of the vote you are a first tier candidate. Running Retarded (excuse me mentally challenged) billboards does not get the public calling for your election. Don't get me wrong, I like our republican councilmen, but the names Cleary, Council, Anzaldo, Callinger were road kill. Suttle is an ass but he is the only Dem running and he can raise money. So if Vokal, Ashford or Hazelrigg want in they go through Daub. Geeze Sweeper you thoght the 2008 elections were fun!!! Oh by the way Change is coming in District 6!!!

macdaddy said...

Under Obama, the tenth man will have to pay $59 plus give $1 to everyone else. But that's patriotism, right?

Brian T. Osborn said...

Pauli Girl,

Yeah, I kind of blew the call on Kleeb didn't I? Oh well, I guess I'll have to console myself with OBAMA in the White House, DEMOCRATS owning the House of Representatives, and DEMOCRATS owning the Senate. I guess you kind of blew those calls didn't you?

Just got back in from Omaha. I partied with the swells at the Hilton last night after taking our girl to the airport so she could get back to La-La land and help put OBAMA in the White House.

What is it with you Republicans that you can't spell for crap? It is Osborn, no "e" on the end. I don't coach football, I know how to spell.


I'm a man of my word. A six pack is waiting for you but you need to pick it up in person. You've got my email, drop me a line.

Brian T. Osborn said...

It is too bad that Nebraskans didn't elect any DEMOCRATS to Congress. They're going to play hell trying to get Johanns, Fortenberry, Terry and Smith doing anything for them other than procuring flags certified to have flown over the Capitol.

I guess you'll still have Ben willing to help you out.

Anonymous said...

Jim Esch will be back. Never give up!!!!!!!

blah blah blah said...

Maybe if E. Benjamin actually went out and did some campaigning for your candidates it may have made a difference. I don't know but I think Ben still holds some sway over moderate and independent voters in this state. Maybe a few TV commercials with Nelson endorsing Esch or a few appearances would have helped close the gap. Call me crazy, but I thought that the face of Nebraska dems would actually want to help his party.

Ben Jr. said...
This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.
macdaddy said...

BTO: say it ain't so! I thought Obama was moving us past the era of petty politics and towards an era of working together for change. You saying he's lying? Are you saying he's just a grubby politician like all the other Dems? That's very depressing when the Dems biggest cheerleader on this blog doesn't even believe their BS.

macdaddy said...

Blah, blah, blah: that's very astute. I never noticed that Nelson was missing from his campaign. I wonder if his party will make him pay, especially after they dropped half a mil on Esch.

Anonymous said...

Ben Jr appears to have a fixation. Obsess much?

Anonymous said...

Well, at least we know all our energy problems will be fixed immediately, right? Lee Terry has his energy plan and he's so respected across the aisle, I'm sure his plan will be first thing on the agenda come January, right? Right?

Oh wait, or is Lee Terry going to be nominated as Energy Secretary?? You betcha!

Thank goodness Lee was re-elected. Now all the world's problems can be fixed. Phew!

Anonymous said...

Hey 3rd floor:
Yeah, but besides all that.

I think I meant to point out that a sitting two-term councilman, former President of Council, is not a 2nd tier candidate, versus someone who has not held elected officed for over a decade. I do give Hal all the credit in the world for his accomplishments (past and continued). No argument there.

Brian T. Osborn said...

Puff McDiddy,

I have always proclaimed myself to be a VERY unashamedly partisan Democrat. Haven't you noticed, or is that too difficult a concept for you to grasp? I don't speak for Obama, I just support him, so please don't try your usual Republican dirty tricks of trying to make him responsible for what I say.

3rd floor watcher said...

You know this Spring we are looking for that elusive Hal Daub/Frank Brown

Oh the 2nd tier candidate isn't a swipe at Vokal. Obama was a second tier candidate initially in the presidential race. Vokal, Ashford, and Hazelrigg will have to find lots of money for name ID. Jim isn't household name and Hazelrigg is worse off. Jim has not been tested on a city wide ballot and he has to eat into Daub's base. Second, the billboards only resonate with the people that allready know Jim and the politicos both R and D that care this early about the race. Ask an average voter what RUNJIMMYRUN means. They probably think it is an ad for Jimmy Johns sandwiches.

Anonymous said...

Is Esch running for mayor?

3rd beating is always the best

Anonymous said...

What about Suttle run against Terry in '10?

Anonymous said...

3rd floor...what change is coming to district 6?

macdaddy said...

Anon 9:28: did you miss Tuesday? The One got elected. He's going to fix everything. Did you not pay attention to his campaign? We don't need to worry about filling up our tanks or paying our mortgages. Lee Terry, Jim Esch, it makes no difference, all are as nothing under The One. And BTW, in the first 2 days of the rule of Obama, the stock market is down almost 10%. But Obama will make us whole. Unless you worked for his campaign, in which case you got to be first in line for the wealth distribution.

Brian T. Osborn said...


Why, oh why, do you not pay back the school district where you attended school? Obviously the hard work all those good teachers did trying to educate you was wasted.

Honestly, have someone explain to you, again, how the remote control for your television works. Did you know that there is life beyond Faux Noise?

3rd Floor watcher said...

Franklin Thompson will have his hands full with a political blast from the past.

Anonymous said...

what work experience did Lee Terry have before he ran for City Council? How old was he when he ran?

Sarah said...

Lee was a damn, good bartender...gotta a problem with that?!!!

fiscallysound said...

From 1927 to 2003, it has been found that the excess returns have been about 2% for Republican presidents, but 11% for Democratic presidents. Among small cap stocks, the difference is even greater. The bottom 10% of stocks as measured by market cap shows a difference of excess returns of about 22% for Democrats compared to when a Republican held the presidential office.

Furthermore, on average, the stock market volatility during a Republican administration was more pronounced than that during a Democratic administration.

Not every cycle plays out the same. But one thing is for certain, in most Presidential cycles - year one is the slowest in terms of growth for the stock market. However, overall Democrats have a better track record in growing the stock market, with less pronounced retractions in stock growth.

The 3 largest percentage drops in the stock market in the last 40 years have taken place under Republican presidents.

macdaddy said...

Fiscallysound: I'm sure that during the Obama administration, the stock market will rise. In the meantime, watch the Dow drop below 8000 as people scramble to get their capital gains before they lose another 5% minimum next year. Plus, Obama promised it would, so I eagerly await the abundance of Obama's promises. This is Obama's America now. I certainly don't begrudge him any successes he may have, but he also owns the failures and it's going to take more than a speech to avoid all the failures.

Right Wing Professor said...

Now, 'fiscallysound', explain why you chose 1927 as the start date for your factoid.

Anonymous said...

Macdaddy -- you're so negative. I feel sorry for your wife and/or kids....that is, if you have a wife and/or kids.

OmaSteak said...

"Joe Jordan and others scoffed..." Just how does a dead guy scoff???

Anonymous said...

Did anyone read Joe Jordan's blog today? Where does Lee Terry get off being so rude IN PUBLIC about Hal Daub all the time?? Talk about back-handed compliments!

Street Sweeper said...

Wow, a little sensitive?

Terry is trying to help here. Chip Maxwell has made similar comments.

Many consider Daub's style to HAVE BEEN abrasive. Terry and others are arguing that his methods have mellowed.

Hal needs that message to be conveyed.

The comments in Jordan's blog here:

OmaSteak said...

Hal's newly adopted "Mr. Reasonable" disguise will only last until someone disagrees with him, then his real personality will come shining through. That isn't saying that Hal wasn't a good Mayor, but can Omaha afford another 4 years of Hal's "visions" given already high taxes and huge debt load???
PS - a dead guy can scoff and blog???

asecurityguard said...

So obama is pres-elect for 2 days, and already he is being blamed for the stock market tanking the past two days? My you are starting early!!! More pathetic than usual macdaddy. As of this posting the stock market is up 197 on the day, lets be sure and spread the credit as well.

Anonymous said...

No - Republicans don't know how to spread credit. They only know how to tear down and be negative. So, enjoy it for the next 4 years of negative bullshit plitics from the Rethuglicans.

asecurityguard said...

Hey i see the jobless rate hit a 14yr high today. Damn you Obama!!! Pres elect for two days and already screwing it up?? Argh the agony!!!
And his first press conference is about to start, and thats going to deal with the economy!!! My god the stock market will go down to 1980 levels now!

Anonymous said...

Love how Kyle is ripping a bit on Ben Nelson over on NNN. They just won the White House, hold congress, and yet are not happy. I sometime wonder if they will ever be truly happy. It is a sad way to go through life.

Anonymous said...

They say love is blind.... so when those who love Obama don't see what is happening in the markets is in no small way a result of the election of their loved one, I can understand it.

macdaddy said...

Did or did not Obama back the bailout that was supposed to help the economy? The way the papers made it sound, he was orchestrating the bailout plan behind the scenes. See, he gets to share in this economy because he is a lawmaker in the majority party in the Senate. Now, if you're telling me that he does't have any clout in his own party despite being, at the time, the presidential nominee, then that doesn't bode well for him as a President, now does it? It's put up or shut up time for Obama. There is no honeymoon for him, boo hoo hoo. He doesn't get to vote "present." If he thinks he can make the Earth cool and the oceans fall, then surely using some of his mojo on the economy shouldn't be too hard, right? I'm not sure why you Dems think you're going to get a pass for the next 4 years on all the things you promised. Obama won it, and now Obama owns it. It's time for him to be the leader he claimed to be. And if he doesn't like it, he can quit. I'm sure Biden can do a terrific job.

So tell me, all you Dems, when do you think Obama gets to take credit or blame for how this country is doing? How many days after he takes office is this country officially his?

Anonymous said...

Anon 1:54 -- huh. Kind of like you guys always rip on Chuck Hagel? Kinda like that?

Anonymous said...

Macdaddy, how many of the failings during the Bush Administration did you blame on the Clinton years?

Let me get this straight, during Bush's entire EIGHT years in office everything was Clinton's fault, but now that Obama was just elected 3 days ago and hasn't even been inaugurated yet, you're ready to blame him for all that's wrong with the world now?

Sheesh. What it must be like to live in your world.

3rd floor watcher said...

Brad Ashford is now out of the race. Hmm which of his multiple personalities will say he is running next week. Jean Luc Vokal will certainly be in now. Make it so Number 1!!! Let's see if Hazelrigg wants to join the dance.

Anonymous said...

Well, well, well...the Dow ends the week with a gain. Good news for all of us, huh?

Anonymous said...

Nope. Hazelrigg is most definitely out.

Anonymous said...

Well, macdaddy at least Barack did not suspend his campaign and do nothing. McCain looked like an idiot suspending his campaign, then really backing everything that the President wanted twice and then still went to the debate.

Barack was cool,calm and didn't rush to judgement and jump the gun on anything. He ran a very well oiled campaign.

That made him look more Presidential than McCain.

asecurityguard said...

It would be a nice start if he were allowed to take office before he started being blamed for being a bad president. Your not even allowing that, in fact you were blaming him before he was even elected! Most economic reports also say that there will be more bank failings next year than this year, are those his fault already? How about 240,000 jobs lost in October? Surely that must be his fault as well because he was leading in the polls for the entire month. Maybe its a conspiracy, all these people will be fired and laid off while Bush is still in office, but as soon as Obama takes power then the companies will start hiring again! It must be a conspiracy because nothing else makes sense!!!

Anonymous said...

OWH has called the 2nd CD for Obama!!!

Maybe Heineman should call a special session to change the electoral vote breakdown.

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

Welcome to OBAMAHA!

Anonymous said...

YES!!!!!!!!! We did it!!!
OBAMA won the 2nd District!!!!

Go Big Red & a blue spot!

Anonymous said...

So by how much did the Terry/Esch race tighten?

Anonymous said...

According to a previous posting on the Leavenworth Street blog, the numbers were;
Terry 102,364
Esch 99,551
diff of 2,813

as of 8:15pm on 11/7/08 on the Douglas County Election Commissioner's site, the numbers are;
Terry 109,500
Esch 107,350
diff of 2,150

did Esch just gain 663 votes?

macdaddy said...

I see the Dow ended up today. I also see that the unemployment rate is up to 6.5%. I can wait a few years before the stock market has to recover. Think those unemployed people can afford to wait until the end of January to get some help? Why doesn't Obama have a plan ready to go now? He sure made himself sound like he knew what he was doing. I'm sure he could get his buddies to call Congress back into session to get some legislation passed. Pelosi even hinted at it before the election. What's so hard about that? How long does Obama need?

Brian T. Osborn said...


I think you would do well to go back and study up on how the government of this nation works. President-elect Obama will not have the authority to implement his new plans until he assumes office on January 20. That is of course, unless you, with all your mighty political clout, could sway George W. into abdicating and taking his puppet master, Dick Vader, with him.

asecurityguard said...

Two more banks failed on Friday: Damn you Obama!!!

Anonymous said...

what were the final numbers on the Terry-Esch race??

I still can't believe you people in Sarpy County voted this guy back into office.

blah blah blah said...


I want to know if you can answer my question from before. Why didn't Nelson campaign for Esch? Do you think it would have made a difference? In my opinion it would have. I know alot of staunch Repubs who truly like and respect Nelson. I can't imagine why he wouldn't want to help his own party in Nebraska. How do you guys feel about it?

I'm not trying to stir crap upor anything, I just honestly want to know why he didn't help out Kleeb & Esch.

macdaddy said...

So when do you think Obama has to take ownership of everything that happens in this country? I know that many, many Dems blamed Bush for 9/11. So why don't we take that date? Every that happens after 9/10/09 is to Obama's credit and fault. Even better, let's make it a cool number. Obama, you have until 09/09/09. Before that, blame Bush. After that, look in the mirror.

Brian T. Osborn said...


You just have to play the blame game, even before the coin is tossed, don't you? You want to know what has been wrong with this country, even before 9-11? Look in any mirror yourself and you'll see it looking back at you.

Why don't you try to be part of the solution rather than part of the problem?

Blah, blah, blah,

I wish I could tell you why Ben Nelson won't stand up for the Nebraska Democratic Party rather than just himself. I have encouraged him to support our candidates, in person, and all I got from him was a, "I'll have to think about it."

Ben and I evidently have a difference of opinion about the significance of holding office. He is a U.S. Senator and believes that makes him the leader of our party, that we should follow his lead. His is a top-down power structure.

As the 3rd CD Associate Chair of the NDP, I believe my position is one of representation. I should be led by my fellow Democrats and I should support them in all ways that I can. That is a bottom-up, grassroots power structure.

I believe the power of politics belongs in the hands of the people and we who have been entrusted to wield power on their behalf should never lose sight of who that power belongs to.

Anonymous said...

Congressman Terry practiced law in the same office that he clerked in for 2 years of law school at Creighton before running for City Council and winning a Primary and cleaning Ann Boyle's clock in the General. He then served as vice President and President of the Council (elected by his peers). He also managed to serve on the American Diabetes Assc Board and served as their Chair, got engaged, and bought a townhouse. The really interesting part is that he did all of these things WHILE paying back his student loans.

Again, Anon, what has your Candidate done since, or before?

Anonymous said...

Blah, Blah, Blah....Senator Nelson is a smart man. Why would any smart man, politician or not, take a chance on supporting Kleeb or Esch? Would you if you were in Nelson's position?

macdaddy said...

BTO: why are you being so defensive about Obama's powers? Are you worried he won't deliver? You should be. But, hey, I'll probably cut him some slack until 9/9/9. That was a heck of a lot more slack than you Dems cut W. If I recall correctly, the knives came out for W. the day after the election. Of course, if he really messes up by letting Iran attack Israel, then I won't cut him any slack. And BTW, I'm sure that Congressman Smith is really worried about 2010 if you're the, uh, what the hell is an associate chair? Does that mean people sit on you only if the main chairs are taken?

Anonymous said...

Lee Terry is a joke and all his voters are morons as well. Gimme a frickin' break. With three weeks left before election day, the Esch people were saying the race was even. At that point, with the Obama wave, and Esch having a positive rating among voters, you could say if the election were held then probably Esch would have squeezed out a narrow victory.
So, there it was. A moment of challenge for the great Lee Terry. Times of difficulty shows one's truest character. HOw did Lee Terry respond? He begged the national Republican Party for nearly a million dollars and then his Karl Rove out of town East coast hitman David Boomer created tv ads that ripped into Jim Esch personally. Lee didn't defend his record, he took cheap personal negative attacks on Jim Esch in order to take Esch down and to cling to power.
Now, there's no excuse for a DUI. But, he was 25 years old, should this disqualify him the rest of his life? What a cheap stunt by Terry to get voters minds off of the outrageous failures of the Republican Bush 8 years.
As for Jim working only 30 days out of the last 3 years. That was totally bull----. Wake up people, Jim Esch was running for Congress the last three years!!! Ummmn, I don't think you can have another job and really take seriously running for Congress.
And Lee's job experience out of school? He was a law clerk and lawyer and ran for city council. Lee Terry was planning running for office since he was in high school. His whole life has been about being a politican and living off the public dole. It wasn't like Lee Terry was working in some factory sweating. Lee's daddy groomed him to be the nice little conservative Republican that just needs to say "cut taxes" and then can enjoy a long distinguished political career in a state like Nebraska.
All Esch had to say was something like "Lee Terry wants you to focus on my job because he doesn't want you to look at the dismiss job he's been doing in Washington for over 10 years after breaking his pledge to support term limits".
Or Esch could have said something like "during my brief time with the Omaha Chamber of Commerce I helped deliver more economic aid to Omaha than has Lee Terry in 10 years in Congress".
If voters would have been focused on the economy, the war, Bush mismanagement, etc instead of Jim Esch having a DUI, we would be hearing about Congressman-elect Jim Esch.
Enjoy your hollow victory Lee Terry and supporters....

Brian T. Osborn said...

macdaddy said...
BTO: why are you being so defensive about Obama's powers? Are you worried he won't deliver? You should be. But, hey, I'll probably cut him some slack until 9/9/9. That was a heck of a lot more slack than you Dems cut W. If I recall correctly, the knives came out for W. the day after the election. Of course, if he really messes up by letting Iran attack Israel, then I won't cut him any slack. And BTW, I'm sure that Congressman Smith is really worried about 2010 if you're the, uh, what the hell is an associate chair? Does that mean people sit on you only if the main chairs are taken?


Defensive? Hardly. I have complete confidence in Obama's ability to surround himself with the highest level of advisors. That Warren Buffet was on his economics team is indication enough of that for me.

George W. Bush deserved every bit of criticism he has received and, as far as I am concerned, he should have his ass hauled into an international war crimes tribunal for what he has done, then brought back to the U.S. and be put on trial for treason.

Why is it you Neo-Cons have to invent scary scenarios, i.e "letting Iran attack Isreal," as though they were fact to back up your arguments. Dip your toes into the real world, it isn't as bad as you guys love to make it.

Being an Associate Chair means I do more for my party than just blather a bunch of bull s*** on the blogs while hiding behind my phony name. You should try to have enough cojones to do likewise. I won't hold my breath.

macdaddy said...

Sorry, BTO, I'm not a neo-con. I've been conservative from the start.

As for Bush, I think the Dems should definitely go after him when he leaves office. Goodness knows, there aren't other, more important matters to attend to. They should also remember that what goes around comes around, and I'm sure there will be plenty of things to charge President Obama with when he leaves office.

As for Obama, I hope he ignores your advice and takes Iran seriously. You may not realize this, but there are many people out there who see Obama for the fraud he is and are more than happy to use that to their advantage and our peril. I do know that Obama won't need to worry about politics not stopping at the waters' edge unless it's members of his own party undercutting him like they were so eager to do with Bush. He still has time to surround himself with excellent advisors. Right now his administration sounds like the third Clinton term. And as for Warren Buffett giving advice, just remember that he always looks out for Warren Buffett.

Brian T. Osborn said...


Glad that you agree Bush should be indicted. God knows how much of our hard earned tax dollars were wasted by you guys trying to pin immorality charges on Clinton!

I think torture, unprovoked war, spying on US citizens, etc., etc., etc., goes far beyond having zipper problems.

Anonymous said...

Look at the Dems cry!!!! Cheap shots you say.... Wow Anything that went on the tv was TRUE! Talk about cheap shots that is the play book of the dems..... How can Esch run a TV add and say Lee Terry does not support our vets? He was one of the freaking co-authors of the very bill Esch said he voted against. Don't try to play politics on a freaking resolution that Nancy P. and Company put up for a vote (Which was a democrate budget and a party line vote) did little Jimmy fill you in on the details... wait he still doesn't know what a resolution is in congress, THAT CRAP DOES NOT FLY WITH NEBRASKANS. The same resolution was on the Republican budget that Lee voted for, so find another argument. Vets can see through a lie and that is what Esch did in the TV add.

The VFW also put their support behind CONGRESSMAN TERRY! I wonder why? Maybe becasue they know who the real supporter of the men and women in the armed forces! LEE TERRY

Jim Esch was a joke and will continue to be a joke. He might want to get a job. With all the backing he got (4 million) and still could not win.

Get a JOB Jimmy! How sweet it must be for Congressmen LEE TERRY!!!!

Anonymous said...

If Jim Esch is such a joke, how come he came within 3 points of beating the 5-term incumbent, Lee Terry?

How embarrasing for Lee.

Anonymous said...

I feel that Lee Terry has to thank primarily the late ads that ran sponsored by the national Republican party. If those ads did not run, I doubt very much Terry would have been able to hold on to his seat.

(I don't know this for sure but I believe Jim Esch's father is a veteran and lost his leg in war?)

Anonymous said...

Daddy losing a leg in a war is no more a job qualification than Daddy running for Congress in
1976. Both are irrelevant to a person getting elected to serve the people.

What is relevant is the kind of person you are.

Jim Esch is the kind of person that wants to have his bills paid by someone else and occasionally offer something up in return for that. So, are you saying that Jim Esch was paid by his family's real estate firm to run for Congress for the last 3 years, and that they only gave him a title when he needed it for the OWH Primary interview? That was his job? And are you insinuating that Dick Jeffries did nothing to bring in the Economic Development donations that Jim Esch likes to claim as his own? And, if Jim was running for Congress for the last 3 years, what the heck was he doing traveling the world hoping to "stumble upon a good" business opportunity?

One last thing, MAKE UP YOUR FREAKING MIND ABOUT EARMARKS!!! You either like them, or not, but you can't have it both ways.

As for that long disertation by "Anonymous", Mary Barrett is showing her true colors in that one! Any local Pol that thinks she is their friend, better watch their back!

Anonymous said...

I would like to thank BTO and Daddy Esch for serving our country on this Veteran's Day.

Anonymous said...

The Lee Terry people are at it again. They continue to bash Jim Esch and his family. Enough! Lee Terry won the race, stop going over Jim Esch's personal life for the last three years. Who cares. Lee Terry was successful in getting people to focus on Jim Esch's personal life instead of the issues that really matter to people like the economy, health care, etc.
Lee Terry can rejoice and say "how sweet it is" all he wants but no one is excited about his "win". Its very hollow and really meaningless. Lee Terry has done nothing in the last 10 years and he certainly won't get anything significant accomplished in these next two years with a Democratic House.
I'm sure Jim Esch is a good man that would have brought a fresh perspective and we all should thank his father who served in war.

Anonymous said...

Anon 2:34 seems to have missed the fact that it was the Esch supporter that was bringing up Family when they attacked the Congressman's father for raising a responsible son that stayed out of trouble because he set a goal for himself at an early age, worked hard to acheive that goal, and did not let anything get in his way along the way.

If you want to let the race go, then by all means quit posting your snotty comments about the Congressman and his family, friends, and supporters.

But, don't for a moment think that you will be given free reign to post on a conservative blog your inept defense of the unqualified candidate and you obvious hatred of the Terry Family. It sounds a little too personal, maybe it is that Louann person instead of Mary posting all these personal comments?

BTW, calling a majority of the voters in this district morans is really no way to kick off the next election!

Anonymous said...

Lee Terry broke his promise on term-limits. Lee Terry admits he "sits at the kiddie table" in Congress. Lee Terry wastes our money with his frank mailings announcing his meaningless townhall meetings in west Omaha and Bellevue. Lee Terry voted for the bailout. Lee Terry voted 90% of the time with George Bush. Lee Terry has absolutely nothing of significance to show for his 10 years in Congress. Lee Terry every time accepts a Congressional payraise. Lee Terry is against A minimum wage. Lee Terry won because he hired a political hitman from the east coast to run nearly one million dollars in negative personal ads against Jim Esch and his family.
Its disgusting. Shame on you Sarpy County and west Omaha.
We will get nothing out of Lee Terry except more deregulation and tax breaks for the rich. And next time around all the big corporations will pump all the money he needs into his next campaign victory. And local conservatives think he's a freakin' hero....WHAT A JOKE

Anonymous said...

Anonymous 9:17: in case you didn't hear it, the election is over . . . and your guy lost. Now, why don't you give it up for a bit--go hate someone else for a while.