Monday, September 08, 2008

Valpak campaigning

We haven't heard much from the Jim Esch for Congress campaign in a while -- except that he apparently missed the Obama stadium pep-rally because of Afghanistanarhea, or some such.
Well one of our faithful readers forwarded us the latest in the Esch campaign bag, directly from his mailbox.

Esch is now joining the likes of dollar dry-cleaners, nail salons and granite counter-top fitters, by placing ads in Valpak! (See if you can find it on the right.) You know, that chunky, light-blue envelope that has about a hundred coupons for various stuff that you usually never use?

We can't say it is a complete waste of campaign dollars. It is kind of like direct-mail...except not. It is a random target-audience. You don't know if you are hitting likely-voters or even registered voters. And recipients are forced to open the thing, flip through it, and hopefully find the Esch ad underneath the one for gutter-covers.

Compare that to a mailer sent that has your photo and logo right on the front or back, with other eye-catching info. Well, it is probably better than spending six grand on bottles of water...


Speaking of the Esch campaign, a hat-tip to the gang over at the NNN for their interview of Esch. Not a lot of information to base your vote, but it was certainly interesting to hear Jim bitch and moan about the "lies" about him.

Here are a few sample comments:
  • "I can almost guarantee that they'll run just basically lies..."
  • "They will lie. I'll go ahead and say it. I don't care."
  • "To be honest with you, I don't read the blogs because I think I'd go insane probably."
  • "Yeah...Most of the stuff they put out there - the innuendo and rumor - will that make the airwaves? I don't know. They're pretty vicious statements."
  • "Given a few of the rumors I've heard them spreading about me that are so off-base....I've actually found some of them humorous....I don't even think a lot of these have made the blogs, quite frankly. They're even worse than the things I've heard on there."
  • "The more they attack me...that does raise your profile."
So, first of all, his campaign strategy would seem to be, get the other side to talk about Esch so his name I.D. can go up.

And second -- Jim doesn't read the blogs? Oh really. Well, we happen to know that he at least reads this one, because he has commented here and told us so.

But moreover, what are these "lies" that Jim seems to think that people are telling? There have been the public spats about whether Esch has properly filed his FEC reports. All factual stuff.

Next there was the issue of Esch's .223 DUI. Esch discussed that on the news and said he was surprised no one else brought it up in the 2006 campaign (since he didn't).

So again, what are the "lies" Jim refers to? And frankly, why would Lee Terry need to lie about anything? Jim's record is right there in front of everyone if they want a comparison. And the legislative issues are stark as well. One need only look at their last radio debate to check that out.

So in the end, there are apparently "rumors" out there, that haven't even made the blogs, that Jim has heard, that are untrue. To tell you the truth, we hear most rumors on this stuff, and we don't know what he's talking about. If there's some big word-of-mouth thing going on, we have yet to hear of it.

Esch campaign, please fill us in. "The blogs" want to know.


In case you, and the rest of the world, missed it, Mike Johanns and Scott Kleeb (a/k/a "Smoky Smokerson" ) debated over the weekend.

All the same stuff came up and you can guess the responses.

Kleeb says Mike Johanns hates Nebraska and would rather leave orphans shoeless out in the snow so that he can line his silk pockets with oil covered gold. Johanns laughed it off and one-linered him later. You know the drill.

What is interesting in this race, is that Kleeb could potentially get blown out. And some Dems are already griping that Kleeb should have sought a rematch against first-term Rep. Adrian Smith instead of trying to topple political -giant Mike Johanns.

Kleeb must have thought losing to Johanns would look better than losing to Smith again. We dunno. But we can tell you the Kleeb bloom is quickly withering. It will be interesting to see how long his political career stays afloat.


macdaddy said...

I just don't understand the line of attack that a politician quit their current position to seek the next position. Can somebody explain why it's important? Or is this just throw everything you have and see what sticks? Cause if it's the latter, quit (there's that Q word) wasting our time.

Anonymous said...

Boy oh boy I'm seeing lots and lots of Jim Esch signs everywhere these days -- including my own front yard. Go Jim!

Uncle Wiggily said...

It is not my habit to quibble with the accuracy of your reportage, Sweeper, (since it is rarely necessary to do so) but ...

With regard to Kleeb, 'zactly what "political career" are you speaking of? Unless of course being a professional, albeit stunningly unsuccessful, candidate qualifies one as having a "political career".

Or did I miss a memo?


Street Sweeper said...

Hmmm. Interesting point, UW.

"Political aspirations"?

"Lookin' for a job"?


I'll work on it...


One Out In The Third said...


If you can wear the boots (jeans tuck optional) then do the job when called upon. No one is complaining about any of the other politicians stepping up to a higher calling. There are always bailouts as a President's term comes to an end. I do however respect Condolezza Rice for hanging on.

What frustrates me is a politician that makes promises then draws a blank after they are elected. Do I trust Johanns? No. But I trust him a helluva lot more than the inexperienced alternative. And did I say Pro-choice Liberal Social Engineer?

Grab the rhetoric and use it...doesn't matter if it's just has to sound good. Play on fear...that's what sells mouthwash... deodorant and Kool-Aid.

OmaSteak said...

IMHO, Kleeb and Esch drank the early DNC/media koolaid that Obama was going to sweep to a landslide victory and carry any/all other Dems candidates, inexperienced and/or inept, into office. Since they can't campaign on their socialist ideals, they've been left with not much to say beyond "change" and "hope". Even NE Dems want a little more substance than least in the down ticket races. You have to at least feel sorry for their donors and volunteers...wasted time and money in both cases.

Did the pool on Kleeb's NE departure date get started yet? Ms. Jane leading the family back to the east coast to pursue her career as a political strategist???

Right Wing Professor said...

My favorite line was this:

Hopefully, we'll have money...If we're on television and can get our message out, we know we can win

Son, if, eight weeks out, you're still hoping you'll have money, you might as well save some and quit now.

On an related note, I got an email from the McCain campaign asking me to volunteer for 10 days in a 'neighboring state'. I guess Nebraska 2 isn't 'in play' any more, huh? :-)

macdaddy said...

"No one is complaining about any of the other politicians stepping up to a higher calling. "

Huh? So it's just Johanns? That's a little bit inconsistent isn't it? So quit wasting our time.

Pipsisewah said...

The Unleavendworth boys are mad because someone is asking Iron Mike to tell us what he did in his years of public service. He did what he was told.

I went out to the pkp so I could listen to KRVN. Iron Mike's voice was crackling, he was pissed. Why should he be so indignant that for the first time, someone would dare question him? Even he is talking change.

Change what? The failed policies of the administration he was a part of? Can any of you honestly say our country is better off than it was eight years ago? Send Mike to DC, and the only change he'll bring is a change of clothes. He is the perfect model of a Bush yes man.

Career politicians are a big problem with DC. You can call Johann's a quitter, a resigner, or an opportunist. Nebraska does not need another party line player who does what he is told.

Mike is not a simple farm boy from Iowa who has dedicated his life to public service. He is a politician who makes every move based on a cold, calculated plan. If that is want you want, vote him in. When the money from his big boys starts clinkin, Mike is done thinkin.

He'll sell us down the river, and not just the Republican.

Street Sweeper said...


We don't have any problems with Qs about MJ's resume or accomplishments. His record is an open book.

Since SK has no record (since he is on his first "full-time" job,) one of the few ways we can judge him is by the company he keeps. Such as those in NY, DC and the Daily Kos retreats.

We will have more on Kleeb's "questions" tomorrow...

Anonymous said...

OMG, I actually had to go to the recycling bin to get my unopened valpak out. I opened it (felt like a kid looking for a golden ticket) and low and behold, there was my coupon for Jim Esch. Just like all the other coupons in the pak, I kept trying to figure out what it was good for. I decided nothing and tossed it.

However, on second thought, it was good for something, I am still giggling about what a dumbass he is!!!

Unlikely Anonymous Anymore!

Anonymous said...

Latest Gallup Poll:

McCain 50
Obama 46

Anonymous said...

CBS News Poll:

McCain 46
Obama 44

Anonymous said...

Sweeper--get this:

NNN is blocking Republicans from being able to post comments there.

They can't take the criticism or other viewpoints.

Just what you'd expect from "trained seals" who all waddle together over the cliff.

Anonymous said...

I went to the debate yesterday and Mike Bushanns certainly hasn't had to face a real challenge or a real debate. He scowled and lied, and scowled again. He doesn't want to have answer why he, as Governor, pressured INS to stop their Operation Vanguard program (going after employers who hired illegals, and then arresting the illegals). He tried to brush that off. The facts are in print. He showed his anger at the end and the crowd reacted clearly in Kleeb's favor. It was not a Johanns friendly crowd in what is usually a Repubican part of the state. Johanns did horrid.

Anonymous said...

Did Johanns flip on immigration? Was he for illegals before he was against them?

Anonymous said...

I listened to the debate and I agree! Bushanns did horrid! Mr. Whimpy Whinny was about ready to cry. We have had failed leadership. We need new leadership.

I tried to visit with Johanns about education when he was governor. We paid money to be at an event he was attending. Once we arrived
we realized that we could not get close to him. Our tickets were not expensive enough. He was actually in a roped off area and had state patrol officers surrounding him. You had to buy a $300 ticket in order to be in the roped off area. I learned then that Bushanns doesn't much care for the working class people. I thought these were the people he was elected to serve.

Scott Kleeb is trying to make contact with as many Nebraskans as possible. If elected he will serve us well.

Anonymous said...

Yep, Bushanns flip flopped on immigration. Of all people - Michell Malkin - wrote about it! She once said about the (new)Sec. of Ag: "Bush's choice for Secretary of Agriculture, Mike Johanns, has a dismal record on immigration enforcement. While Governor of Nebraska, he protected large meatpacking and agricultural interests in his state who employ thousands of illegal immigrants."

She then quotes an article that states: "Gov. Johanns, who has accepted large campaign contributions from large agri-businesses (2002 Campaign Finance Statement), stepped in on behalf of these contributors and pressured the U.S. Department of Justice to end these enforcement efforts."

Just google "Mike Johanns" and "Operation Vanguard", and you'll find out all about it. He lied at the debate and tried to claim that it was a federal program only and he had no part in it.

Guess again.

Street Sweeper said...

It would seem that the Kleeb staff has learned how to use the internets...

Welcome to Leavenworth Street. Decided to be "more aggressive", huh?

Anonymous said...

Not a Kleeb staffer ... just a middle class Nebraskan, tired of failed leadership.

This election I am not voting for anyone who even slightly resembles Bush. It will be a LONG time before we get out of the mess this administration has gotten us into.

From what I have observed, Kleeb's staff is way too busy to spend time on the internet. They have been too busy entering info for new volunteers and organizing events. Many people are fed up. Scott is working hard to meet and listen to as many Nebraskans as he can. We middle class people are responding to his message and volunteering to help him get elected. Who knows how the election will turn out. If he wins or loses, atleast we will have worked to try and make a positive change.

Street Sweeper said...

Feel free to make your case, but don't pretend this isn't organized. Three people using "Bushanns"? Give it a rest.

Gretchen of Gering said...

I guess I got a different message from "the Debate". Scooter said we have not had leadership for 30 years in Washington --- He must have meant Exon, Kerrey, Nelson and Hagel. I certainly agree, that is why we need Johanns in DC.

Scooter is still on a listening tour he started two years ago because he still doesn't have a clue about Nebraska!!!!!

I never hear Scooter talk about Bristol Palin and morality ------- Hmmmm, I wonder why??? Anyone know???

macdaddy said...

Good idea to attack Johanns from the right on immigration. Unfortunately, the Dems are NOT to the right of Johanns. Kleeb can say he wants enforecement all he wants, but Harry Reid and the Dems will not let it stand. Instead, with a filibuster proof majority, partly provided by Kleeb, we'll see full-bore shamnesty, probably within the first 100 days. So Kleeb can say whatever he wants. What Nebraskans will get is whatever Harry Reid wants.

Anonymous said...

That's funny, Mac, cause the Repugnants had control fully for 6 years and couldn't even agree among themselves. They were torn between being tough on illegals and keeping their corporate pimps happy. The thing is you know where Johanns will stand (as his history shows his actions will always be in support of Amnesty in deference to the businesses that need illegals). Kleeb has made it clear and his position has never wavered, and that is we are a nation of laws and those laws must be enforced. When Johanns actually had the power, he told the feds to go away.

Gretchen, why are you so obsessed about Bristol Palin. Don't you think she should be left alone? If you have questions, shouldn't they be foced on Sarah Palin instead? And I love you funny rational. Johanns has to go to Washington because of 30 years of failure? Guess what. He was there. He let his employees spend nearly $40 Million in 2005 & 2006 on fun trips to the Virgin Islands, Australia, Los Vegas and Hawaii, while shutting down needed FSA offices. So much for being a fiscal conservative! He also botched up the the mad cow disease issue. He cut testing during a time when it was needed, and his actions resulted in (what a recent gov. study found) losing track of foreign cattle coming into our markets at alarming rates. When small operators wanted to test on their own using USDA standards, he actually fought against them because he big corporate operations didn't want to feel obligated to spend the money doing the same (so much for free enterprise and competition). He actually took the issue to court and won. There has still be ongoing problems with trading with Japan and South Korea - a failure of leadership on his part - and then he left with all kinds of issues just hanging in the air...all to further his career and to make sure he and Stephanie can stay in the $1.5 Million home in Arlington (she still lives and works there, you know).

Anonymous said...

Bushanns has become a very popular name in this state. I personally prefer "Mr. Whimpy Whinny." I started calling him that way back when Mike was governor. Remember when the educators of Nebraska marched in protest at the state capital?

Unfortunately, many republicans would vote for a dead horse if it was a republican dead horse.

What ideas do all you leavenworth boys have regarding the national debt and failing economy? Just wondering. Do you have any real solutions or do you just like to discourage and block those who do?

Gretchen said...

Woooooow --- the list goes on and on about Johanns accomplishments or lack there of. Please tell me one thing Scooter has ever done by vote or decision making, either good or bad, besides TALK, TALK, TALK. Oh!!! I guess he does have his BEER and BAR-B-Q's

While I know I am not an expert I look at who endorses who, thinking they are watching candidates more close that I am able to. Maybe Johanns is all the better we can do but with Farm Bureau, Right to Life and NRA endorsing him, he has my vote.

Anonymous said...

Stop the presses! Anon at 10:53 will never vote for Ben Nelson again! If all the Democrats in this State would have taken that stand 2 years ago, we wouldn't be stuck with Nelson now.

ptg said...

From the thumbnail I thought the Esch Valpak ad had a coupon for cents-off on gasoline. What a disappointment. What ever happened to good, old-fashioned vote buying?

Street Sweeper said...

The Coin of the Realm in this campaign is, apparently, bottled water...