Monday, August 25, 2008


This past weekend saw a couple of debates (and a 3 AM text message...).

Let's review.

*** We did a full-on running diary of the Terry - Esch debate on KFAB on Friday. Not that much really notable, though.

Terry rattled off all the things he has done for the district and showed a mastery of the issues. Esch said things are bad and if you vote for Terry they will get badder.

But the radiothon did have one actual dialogue, and if this campaign is remembered for anything, it may be this:

Jim Esch apparently doesn't know the difference between a bill and a resolution.

Now there can be some quibbling about whether the "Hill-Terry Bill" is a "bill" or is an "amendment" to the overall energy bill.

But here's the thing: it was introduced as a bill, and was given a bill number -- "H.R. 2927".

Here is what it is NOT: A "resolution", which would have been listed as "H.Res 2927" (or other number).

A resolution is something like "a sense of the House that we should support trees".

Jim Esch walked into the debate --his SECOND go around at running for Congress -- STILL not having basic knowledge of terms and process for the job he is applying.

That is astounding.

Then there was the meet in Lincoln on Saturday for the Senate candidates.

First off: Can we put this in a sound-proof room at some point? Seriously, should you be able to hear the band go by when you are trying to decide who should vote on the next Supreme Court nominee?

And we will also ignore the fact that the Super-Loving-Trees Party candidate was included. As if that really helps us.

So in case you missed it (what, you didn't tune in at 11 AM on a Saturday? What do you have, a life?), it was about as you'd expect.

Mike Johanns was hyper-educated on the issues and Scott Kleeb spoke in his standard Zig Ziglar-esque style. But unlike his 2nd District counterpart, at least Kleeb can deliver his spin in an effective manner.

For instance, after a detailed question about flood insurance in the Farm Bill, Johanns gave an incredibly detailed response directly to the question, that would leave anyone saying, "it would seem to me that he is familiar with this issue...".

When it came time for Kleeb's response, he vaguely addressed the question that was asked, then smoothly segued to his attack on Johanns (about vetoing the Farm Bill -- which Joahnns then slammed back in his closing remarks).

But here was the interesting political tact that Kleeb made that makes you go "hmm".

As they were bantering back and forth about Global Warming, Johanns pointed out that most Nebraskans continue to question the science on the issue that most Dems take as the Gospel According to Al.

In his post debate comments Kleeb then said this: "It seems like the only person who doesn't believe the science is in (about man's role in global warming) is Mike Johanns".


We have news for Scott. We understand that he has been locked in an Ivory Tower for some time, and is surrounded by a giant staff of yes-men. But many many Nebraskans still feel that, 1) NOT all the science is in on global warming, 2) if there is global warming, not all the science is in on man's impact, and 3) even if there is global warming, not all the science is in on man's ability to have any real effect to change it.

Now, you can argue (and we have no doubt the commenters here will...) about the truth or not of the above listed arguments. But the fact remains that many, and we'd venture a majority, of Nebraskans feel that way. And Mr. Kleeb just looked down his nose at them.

As we said, interesting political move by the Democrat...


Finally, we don't know if Chuck Hagel looked at his cell phone for his 3 AM text message, but we do know this:
Chuck is more than happy about the pick.


Anonymous said...

While not all the science is in. Most, if not all credible scientists, concur that global warming is real and that man is definitely a MAJOR factor in this warming.

Insurance companies, who have a monetary interest in this debate, believe in global warming and that man's impact is substantial. Tim Wagner, Johanns' appointee as Nebraska's Commissioner of Insurance and former chair of the National Assocation of Insurance Commissioners task force on Property Casualty, headed a task force and studied the credibilty of the problem and determined global warming to be real and that something must be done.

So I ask, Secretary Johanns what is his personalv view of global warming? Does he believe in global warming and how does he know what the majority of Nebraskans think?

For a person who is "hyper educated on the issues" why is relying on what the "majority of Nebraskans think" (without siting his source of the information) and not what his own research and looking to the scientist who might be able to provide a more educated answer?

If he is so concerned about what the majority of Nebraskan's think, why didn't he serve the full term we said we wanted him to serve?

Shouldn't he be reading up on the issue himself and not just putting his thumb in the wind and agreeing with what he believes the majority of the Nebraskans think?

Perhaps Secretary Johanns has been in Washington too long to realize after reasoned debate and analysis, the majority of Nebraskans now believe in global warming. In addition, as a state without much oil, but lots of corn and wind, renewable resources are good for the state's economy.

Come on Mr. Secretary, Give Green a Chance.

JK said...

Why is it that, for decades, the liberal-secular elites scoffed at those of us with religious beliefs and told the faithful to "prove it"?

The anti-production global warming crowd is comprised mostly of liberals who are trying to fill that void in their soul. Moreover, most of the global warming cult members have no connection to the physical world other than the walk from their air-conditioned office to their air-conditioned foreign car.

But at least they are "saving the planet," right Nancy?

Man-made global warming is a hoax. Ask any woolly mammoth.

Anonymous said...

Kleeb surrounded by "Yes men"? What about Iron Mike? He is such a puppet tied to the Republican Bush boys and big business that he can't take a leak without permission. He left Lincoln in a big mess, he left the state in a big mess, and he left the Dept. of Agriculture in a worse mess. The Bushees will continue to love him cuz he'll be the first to say "Yes sir, boss man, I'll vote how you tell me!"

Don't even bring up ethanol! I've been around enough of those plants, and have friends who develope them, and most of them will tell you Gov. Dave did more for ethanol in the first five days as governor than Johanns did in the previous five years.

Taking way all of "Leavenworths spin" away. Kleeb did out milk the dairy boy from Iowa at the Custer County fair.

Don't even start on religious beliefs. Johanns sainthood comes after his second belly button was installed shortly after his current marriage. Didn't he used to be Catholic? Ironic that religious people are now asking for scienced based decisions, but when science doesn't agree with them the jump back across the fence and once again become faith based? Don't tell me the The Republican party is the faith based Christian party. GOP doesn't stand for "God's Only Party" Until I hear from them they plan to help the poor, heal the sick, and feed the hungry, they are using the name of Christ for personal gain. Shame on thee!!!

Uncle Wiggily said...


I didn't hear the debate between Johanns and Kleeb, but judging from the alacrity with which the worker bees over at the Neener-Neener Network descended on your comment section, I'm guessing that Mike must have really cleaned the Sandhills Savant's clock.

Samo, samo ... "The science for anthropogenic global warming is real" ... but no documentation, no references, just sec-prog enviro-nazi talking points ....

BTW ... do you have anyone in Denver this week? Might be nice to get a balanced perspective of the doings at the Pepsi Center.

Street Sweeper said...

We were going to apply for credentials...

But then we found out you have to wear recycled cardboard shoes and confess your sins to Algore for any fried food you may have eaten.

We decided to get just a corn dog at the Fair instead...

Anonymous said...

I'll be right back, Uncle W. I need to go buy one of them red Stegasarus books so I can interpret what the hell you are saying!!! You sure know a lot of big words. You sound a lot like some of my old perfessors who drew every dime of their payroll off the teat of the taxpayer, than complained about the guvearnmint. Anthroprosecenvironazi what? Stay away from my Scrabble board.

Uncle Wiggily said...

Anon 12:04

Sorry - I keep forgetting that, when conversing with liberals, one needs to keep it on a sub-kindergarten level. I'm used to chatting with conservatives, among whom the occasional polysyllabic word doesn't induce fits of drooling and gibbering. I'll try to do better.


Right Wing Professor said...

How Nebraskans' 'feel' about global warming is irrelevant. The laws of physics don't pay any attention at all to our feelings.

That CO2, and other less important anthropogenic emissions, have warmed the climate, and are going to warm the climate far more in the future, is hard science. What, if anything, can be done about it is policy; but you won't get good policy if you don't at least understand the consequences of the science. Personally, I doubt there's much that can be done about it, and I think most of the proferred 'solutions' will do nothing to cure the disease, but I am sure of this: radiation fluxes from the earth cannot be measured by opinion polling.

And I ain't no dewy-eyed liberal.

Street Sweeper said...


This is a blog and a discussion about "politics". Therefore, how VOTERS feel about any said issue is certainly relevant.

When a candidate sneers about a view a voter holds -- as opposed to presenting his opinion in another way -- it matters in the campaign.

And for what it's worth, your opinion dovetails with the third point made here: "even if there is global warming, not all the science is in on man's ability to have any real effect to change it."


Right Wing Professor said...

I'm not in the Scott Kleeb fan club, but I don't see where he sneered about anything. I think less of Johanns because of his answer, and slightly more of Kleeb, if only because Kleeb's usual tactic is to fudge any opinion he holds that differs from the mainstream -- as, for example, his 'stand' on abortion.

Leadership sometimes requires that one deviate from the mainstream view...assuming the mainstream view is to disbelieve in anthropogenic global warming, and I don't recall any poll that shows that.

I liked Johanns better when he advised Bush to veto the farm bill.

Street Sweeper said...

If you don't see "(Johanns is) the only person who doesn't believe the science is in" as sneering, then I can't help you.

Anonymous said...

Thanks Unk, I feel better, already. I am a little confused about your "chatting with" comment. That would involve a dialogue, not to be confused with your diatribe.

I'm no liberal, but are the "conservatives" you talk to the tax and spend conservatives, the spend but don't tax conservatives, the let's have a war and let someone else pay for it conservatives, or the paygo conservatives? The conservatives have ran up a helluva tab, but unfortunately, the next person to sit at the bar is gonna get stuck with the bill.

Tell me Unk, there must be more to being a conservative than closing a mind and opening a mouth?

Uncle Wiggily said...

Oh ... now I get it - you're not interested in issues - you just wanna rip on me. Sorry Sparky - I have neither the time nor the inclination to undertake your education. If you want a peein' contest, go on back to the Neener-Neeners - golden showers are their specialty.

Anonymous said...

"I didn't hear the debate between Johanns and Kleeb....." and then we get a full on analysis from that rodent on a pogo stick. Why don't you back and do some more fascinating pontificating on Biden's combover and "Pooty Poot"?

Anonymous said...

In reality the final version of Hill-Terry was technically not a bill. It was a section of a much larger piece of legislation.

It was never voted on as a stand-alone bill and pieced into a much larger bill. It was a part of the Energy Bill of 2007.

Would this bill have passed as stand-alone? Probably not.

How many Republicans would have supported this bill on its own merit? Not many.

8:47 PM, August 24, 2008

Anonymous said...

I'm no ecomomics expert like yourself, Unk, but is a "golden shower" similar to a Reaganomics "trickle down" theory? If it isn't, please enlighten and educate all of us with the web sites you are familiar with where we can get such information?

One Out In The Third said...


You all neglected the comments on illegals presented by Milque-Toast Mike and Speed Racer. Lip service flowed freely from both. I don't give a tinkers dam about what either feel about any issue...I want to know what they plan to do about it.

Global warming alarmism is a money maker and a tax revenue wonder the insurance companies...politicians and greenies are on the G-W Gravy Train. Fear is their best and age old marketing is for all politicians and snake oil salesmen.

Kleeb says the right things to get just depends on what circle he is standing in at the time he speaks. Here's another question...Will Kleeb completely deplete his campaign fund before November to show he is sincere about being a Nebraska U.S. Senator...or is he just building a fund to come back in two more years?

I am just glad that he didn't choose to run for a seat in the Unicameral where he and the other clowns could "nanny us" on a more personal level. If he were real...he would have started at the local level first...youth is on his side.

Kleeb is nothing more than an East Coast Chute Rooster...he reads like a book.

Anonymous said...

How much does Bruning have in his war chest, and how much did Iron Mike give back from his pot o gold when he left politics for his "last" dream job? Give me a break!!

One Out In The Third said...


How bad does Kleeb want it? Is he willing to spend it all to bring on "change"...or his he going to hang on to his "change" so he can play again?

One of the points I am trying to make is that there needs to be some serious "change" to campaign funding and balloting in the U.S.

truth seeker said...

Dear one of many Anons ----- Tell me how spending only works one way. When the Repubs got majority under Clinton and cut his spending. Clinton was the smartest man on the planet. When the Dems promised paygo and cut spending two years ago---- they didn't do it and they still blame Bush.

This "brilliant" thinking was witnesses at a small town debate. The Dem spoke first and told of the many social programs that the Dems started and were responsible for ---- then in conclusion stated that Reagan caused the largest tax increase in the history of our nation.

I think even UNL4.0 could see the falacy ---- but he would have to OPEN YOUR EYES!!!!!!!!!

blah blah blah said...

Hey anonymous @ 11:04

Johanns really left the state in a big mess. What's the surplus now $550 million+? Wow, what shambles we're in. I know other states are laughing at us right now.

Anonymous said...

Esch talks about What Congressman Terry's record.... What is his like? Just what I thought BLANK!!!! Before you pick the speck out of someone else's eye please take the stick out of yours first.

As for the Hill-Terry Bill... It is clear the Eschies have a lot to learn about how a bill becomes law. Many times STAND ALONE BILLS that are great ideas will be swept into other pieces of legislation which BOTH SIDES feel is very important. Thanks for recongizing the BOTH LEADERSHIPS saw the bill as a step forward and wanted to include it in the LARGER ENERGY BILL!!!

Thanks LEE for coming up with a great idea and making sure both sides voted in favor or your BILL!!! Sure is nice to see Lee get both sides to agree that his Bill is included into one of the most important pieces of legislation Congress can pass. Please stop your arguement that Lee can't get Bills passed. It is an arguement that is making you look very foolish.

The best part about it is I am a teacher in the Omaha area and actually teach my students how legislation is drawn up and what both the Democrats and Republicans do to Bills that are brought to the floor.

Lesson one: Legislatures drop a bill. That is when they submit it to the floor... Esch are you paying attention? Then they put the BILL into the HOPPER where it is assigned a Number like H.R.2327

From there it is sent to a committee depending on the nature of the BILL. In this case Lee's Bill went to the Energy Committee. This is where each member of congress that is part of the Energy committee can MARK UP the Bill.

Esch are you following me??? Wake up JIMMY!!!!

BUZZZZ..... class is over for today. We will be back tomorrow to discuss the more action on how a bill becomes law.

By the way... Keep talking Eschieeees it only helps LEE!!!!

Icarus said...

One out in the third makes a point. No one picked up on an interesting aspect of this debate - Kleeb calling Johanns out for supporting Bush's amnesty plan for illegal aliens.

Johanns has no good answer to this question - he did in fact advocate for Bush's immigration proposal, which was to legalize the illegals.

He also has potential vulnerabilities regarding Operation Vanguard, the INS enforcement effort at NE meatpacking plants in the late 90s. As Governor, Johanns commissioned a "task force" to help shut it down, because enforcing the law apparently was damaging to the economic wellbeing of Nebraska communities (read big meatpackers). You can read more about the history of Operation Vanguard by Googling it along with conservative commentators Michelle Malkin and Mark Krikorian. They both criticized Johanns as Bush's Ag Secretary pick because of it.

Isn't it sweet how politicians love to talk about getting a handle on the illegal immigration problem -- and then cave when it comes time to actually do the job and put an end to such blatant corporate welfare?

Anonymous said...

I hate to say it, One out, but I agree with you. You should only be able to accept donations from registered voters, in-state. National parties shouldn't be allowed to buy ads, robo calls, or send mailings out on behalf of candidates. Anonymous PACs couldn't send out hate brochures the night before an election. And last, but not least, no advertisements on television the last two weeks before an election.

I was the recipient of two unapproved robo calls(political calls were exempt from the Do Not Call Lists passed by the politicians) two years ago, and received two mailed brochures against Greg Senkbile and Sen. Dubas. Both of these candidates are fine, honest people, and would never approve of any of this crap. The lies and insinuations against both candidates were so absurd. Unfortunately, political marketing lives by the "worst said last" theory. So much for a non-partisan Unicameral. The price of poker has gone up.

Any money left in the candidate's account should be given to a food bank, youth shelter, or other charitable organization as soon as possible after the election.

Big money, and big party donations may buy a Senator, buy we pay for it in the end. It aint a perfect world, its politics!!!

Anonymous said...

Anon 5:21,

Where should I send my copy of Schoolhouse Rock. Maybe if you listen to it enough times, you will understand how our Government works. We, in Team Terry, are sorry that you, in Camp Esch, don't "get"it, but there is not much we can do, I guess. The use the word "technically" to try to undo what your ignorant candidate did to himself on friday is a little high school, don't you think? Not surprising since you guys are actually running this race like Jim is running for High School Class President, or something (it certainly would not be Class Treasurer).

Maybe if the dialogue went something like this, then you all over on the Esch campaign could understand it better,

Lee Terry: "To quote PeeWee Herman, 'I am rubber, you are glue, everything you say bounces off of me and sticks to you!'"

Jim Esch: "What, huh? That's not fair, nobody said we had to quote somebody or say we knew what we were doing!" (leaves crying to mom and dad that Lee Terry didn't play fair and would they call his dad and tell him how dumb he is! also inquires if his dad can beat up Lee's dad)

And yes, the Cafe Bill would have passed the House because it is a Democrat House and the Dems like all things conservation. Would it have passed a Republican House? That seems rather irrelevant, but it is obvious that it would not have, that is why when it was the Terry-Hill Bill, it did not even get out of Committee. THE PARTY IN THE MAJORITY GETS TO CONTROL THE AGENDA! The Republicans refused to concede to conservation without concessions to them on drilling. THIS IS CALLED GRIDLOCK. Gridlock is the primary reason the Republicans lost the Majority in the House and Senate (collectively called Congress).

Lee Terry is very good for the Republican Party in Congress because he sets a good example of Bipartisanship (when 2 groups of differing ideologies work together for a common good). This is what the 2nd District wants from their Congressman and this is why they return him to Congress to work within BOTH Parties (as much as can be expected) and get legislation that is good for Nebraska, and good for our Country, passed.

Jim Esch says he will be "bipartisan", but only spouts the Democrat Party rhetoric. Lee Terry has proven, Bill after Bill, issue after issue, that he will work with Members of BOTH Parties to pass Bills and Resolutions that the Majority of Nebraskans and Americans can be proud of.

Anonymous said...

And in Presidential Elections maybe the candidates should only be able to spend money that they raised in the state on advertising in that state. Esch would be really screwed then!

macdaddy said...


So we are to believe that Kleeb would be better at controlling illegal immigration than Johanns? Not hardly. The Dems plan is to make everyone legal. Voila! Problem solved.

The problem Kleeb has in attacking Johanns from the right is this: he's a Democrat. Ergo, any conservative position he takes is either delusional in the face of Harry Reid controlling the Senate or a lie.

Anonymous said...

For all the is the link to School House Rock - How a Bill Becomes a Law. Watch and learn like millions of children have!

Anonymous said...

Are we better off today than we were 2 years ago? 4 years ago? 6 years ago?

Oh, didn't Lee sign a pledge to only serve 3 yerms in office? LIAR!

No $%&# that the party in power sets the agenda. Lee could have at least dropped CAFE standards legislation on the floor. Again, he didn't because he didn't care about that legislation until it became important when the D's took over the agenda.

Furthermore, Republican's didn't even finish the budget in 2006. They left it for Democrats to come in and pass an omnibus bill for 2007 spending. How pitiful the Republican majority was at the end of the 109th Congress. Wasn't Lee part of that failed Leadership?

It's time for change. Lee is part of the problem in DC.

Anonymous said...

Anon 7:44,
Esch isn't running for Presiedent

Anonymous said...

Johanns has been around too long. He has accepted so much money from so many industries that he has probably forgotten who he still owes. He owed the packing industry a favor, and he made damn sure to pay it back. Stopping a series of several raids on packing plants cuz it might hurt his friends? If he was still a Democrat, the Sweeper would have him hanging by his forked tongue by now.

But I do have to give Johanns credit for one thing.....he did say at the debate that his wife worked at LTT and currently at Alltell. He tried to make it sound like a 9-5 fixing phones, job. What he failed to say was after his administration pushed through some of the most non, free- market, protective, regulations in the country, his wife rode the industry elevator to the top. They made sure she never went up the corporate ladder. Is it any wonder he still protects the telephone industry, and approves of their giving the government open rein for illegal wire taps?

I hope they have a weekly debate. This election is not Kleebs to win, its about Johanns to lose. The more he talks, and the more he gets mad on TV, the more we see the real Mike Johanns. Sorry Repubs, Johanns does have 30+ years in politics, but the hidden clothes hamper with the dirty laundry has just been found. Whats more enjoyable is Johanns is opening the lid and pulling things out.

OmaSteak said...

Kleeb can try and score some points off Johanns for his support of Bush's amensty plan but since the Dem party is 100% supportive of a complete open borders policy, Kleeb doesn't have much credibility on the issue either. Bruning could have beaten Johanns over the head with it in a primary battle on the R side but a Dem trying to do it is beyond belief.

Anonymous said...

Anon 8:20,

If you want to name call, how about lazy, cheater, liar, and sneak for Jim Esch. If you ask any old "friends", they would probably add party boy and sleaze to the list.

Now that name calling is over, the voters have had MANY opportunities to force Lee into his term limits pledge, which, he disclosed in about month 4 or 5 (check Joe Jordan's archives on this) that he would be unable to honor based on the ultimate importance placed on seniority in Congress. You might want to say that he was blinded by claims of bipartisanship by both Parties into thinking that 1 Member from a low population state could enact laws in just a couple of years that would really help the common Nebraskan-which Jim Esch is not (note access to $140,000 at the ripe old age of 28).

Very few people that have actually met Lee Terry would call him a liar. They may not like his positions on some issues or they may call him a "right-winger", but in this District in Nebraska, that is not a bad thing. Most, end up calling him Friend-including many Democrats. Every single candidate that has come along has resurrected the term limits argument and every time, the voters decide that issue to be particularly irrelevant. Maybe it has something to do with what term limits is doing to the Nebraska Legislature or what it has already done to the school districts and communities in Douglas and Sarpy Counties (you would be hard pressed to find anyone that won't acknowledge how the Learning Community has pitted the communities within it against each other). Whatever the reason, as a taxpaying voter, I am glad for the failures of term limits.

As for the Omnibus of '07 that the poor Democrat Party was forced into voting for, you should probably put that pointy little finger down until your Party manages to pass a few more Appropriation Bills (not Resolutions, right?) yet this year. Ask anyone that reads a paper if they think that the Dems are going to bother to fund more than 1 or 2 more departments of our government before going on vacation again in October. They will not and in a rush to get away for a ski holiday in November, the Democrat Leaders will pose a Big-Fat-Omnibus Bill of their very own. Two Omnibus Spending Bills in only 2 years of "Leading" in Congress! Now the Dems are the ones that I would call liars.

What did the Dems promise 2 years ago? Could somebody over at Camp Snoopy remind me what kind of government the Dems promised if returned to power last election? My memory seems to be getting as bad as Pelosi's.

lnk said...

Eschies--please bring up the term-limits thing against Terry. Remember how well it worked for Nancy Thompson in 04? Go for it.

Also, I hear Jim's really hustling to get PAC checks in Denver. Just how "corrupt" will he now be?

Anonymous said...

Maybe that's the one promise we should help Lee Terry keep.

Well, then it's his stupidity for signing that dumb pledge anyway.

Senority?? He is so far down the list of senority on that committee. That comment strikes me as hilarious.

Ink - you forget this election is not about who has been in the longest or who thinks they are entitled to the office.

In case you forgot DAVE; the people put the person in office.

Why don't you get your crooked behind back to Connecticut. Oh yes, there isn't very many people knocking on your door in CT to run their race.

Lee is part of the problem in DC, not the solution.

Anonymous said...

Question: How many times in the 12 years the Republicans had control of the House did they manage to pass all 13 appropriations bills??

Anonymous said...

Wait a second, hold the presses! I just heard a rumor that Lee Terry is actually having Dick Cheney to Nebraska for a fundraiser to go hunting! Can that be true? Oh, the jokes that come to mind!

Whose boneheaded idea was that? Well, I guess Dick has a lot of time on his hands because NO ONE ELSE IN THE COUNTRY wants to be anywhere near him....especially while he has a hunting rifle in his hands! Too funny.

lnk said...

Anonymous 12:29--the election is about which of the two candidates the voters prefer. We'll see on 11/4 what they decide. I think they'll stick with Terry because: a) he's delivered substantial legislative accomplishments (i.e. that thing called "Hill-Terry"--you know, the one that is a "bill" and not a "resolution" like national tulip week); b) as well as attending to the needs to the district--i.e. Children's Medical Center, STRATCOM, and other funding; and c) the alternative--your boy Jim--has absolutely nothing that would recommend him to be a U.S. Congressman.

Anonymous said...

I would love to hunt with the Vice President. Maybe he could teach me how to hunt JackAsses. Now that, would be a good time!

Where do you suppose he will be? I guess probably Douglas County since it has the highest number of Dems in the State. Easy picking that way.

When's he coming? Come on Little Mr. Know-it-all, when's he gonna be here?

Anonymous said...

Anon 12:30, I have no clue and I do not have time to do the digging for your thesis. Let me know when you get the info and then I will fact check for you.

My question to you, or any one of your little minnions over there at Camp Snoopy, is, How many of the promises that the Democrats made 2 years ago have they bothered to keep since being in the Majority?

Anonymous said...

Hey Ink, I thought Lee Terry was the hater of all things for kids. Isn't that what the Democrats said about him when he refused to vote for SCHIP?

Did the Congressman really and truly help the kids over at Children's Hospital? Didn't he also help get money for schools by fighting for the 2nd District's fair share of Impact Aid?

It seems like Congressman Terry really does care about the kids in the 2nd District. What on earth could have been going on with SCHIP that would force our Congressman not to vote for it?

Anyone, anyone?

Anonymous said...

Terry people,

Please, please, please keep throwing Hill-Terry around in every post, ad, and news release! Not only are people tired of it, but every time you do people's eyes glaze over because it's so obvious it's doing nothing to help the average family in the 2nd district. I know every time I fill up my gas tank or write out a check for my family's groceries I start to grumble, and then say, "Oh! Wait a minute. Lee Terry helped with Hill-Terry! All our problems are solved! Our fuel efficiency standards are still worse than most of the industrialized world!" Ha ha.

Another thing it does when you keep mentioning it ad nauseum is it actually highlights how little else Lee has done in 10 years. People say, "Okay, okay, I get it. Hill-Terry....but wait a minute, that's IT?"

Anonymous said...

How sad...Republicans were the ones who created SCHIP and now they are or were not willing to fund it.

Sad. Just sad.

Reminds me of NCLB.

Anonymous said...

Okay, I'll start the joke:

Dick Cheney, Lee Terry, and a priest were out in the woods with a couple of hunting rifles....

lnk said...

Anonymous--it's pretty simple: Terry wasn't willing to raise taxes on Omaha-area families just so families in the Northeast earning $90,000 a year could get free SCHIP for the kids.

Keep in mind SCHIP was a Republican initiative. We built it, we paid for it, it's ours, and we're gonna keep it. (Yes, I'm playing off of Reagan's Panama Canal comments in '76.)

Serving the local district is a big part of Terry's job. Everyone should listen to the close of the KFAB debate. Voorhees asked both candidates to tell where they'd focus on local NE2-specific projects. Terry reeled off a string of things he has done and will continue to work on. What did Esch say? Nothing.

Esch has as much knowledge of the local aspects of NE2 as he does on legislation.

Anonymous said...

Jim Esch is the one that is suppose to be VBFF with the Catholic Priests. Are you actually conceding that not all the Catholics in Omaha are going to vote for Jim Esch? Is that anything like the fact that none of the Catholic parents at Creighton Prep wanted Jim Esch anywhere near their children or their money and that is why he was fired from his job at CP after less than 2 months?

Just asking, since you did say that there would be a Priest hunting with the Congressman and the Vice President. I bet there is a waiting list to have 4 hours of uninterrupted chat time with the VP and the Congressman.

Anonymous said...

Well, you would know if there are enough big-money people waiting to go hunting with Dick and Lee.

As for the average 2nd District person? No thanks. I bet Dick's approval ratings are even lower than Congress' approval ratings!

I think it just helps to highlight how Lee has absolutely NO IDEA what the majority of Americans feel about the way our country has been led for the past 8 years.

Anonymous said...

I must commend Ink for citing the source of his reference in his post. It is good to see journalistic honor on the web these days!

And thanks for clarifying why the Congressman denied the expansion of SCHIP. BTW, does anyone know what the income and age of child requirements were for the original SCHIP that the Republicans created to help low income families that were struggling to provide health care for their kids? And, how did that compare to the Democrats proposed expansion of SCHIP that could not get enough bipartisan support to pass?

Please inform me O Wise One :).

Anonymous said...

Does anyone know anything about the Boucher-Terry Bill? I remember hearing something about it a few years ago, but I did not understand what it was all about.

Can someone check into it, you see, I am quite lazy and prefer everyone else to do my work for me. However, I do want to be an informed voter and since it seems that the newspaper doesn't want to tell me anything about my Congressman, then you all will have to help me out.

Maybe I should cancel my WH subscription and send the $250 a year to Lee Terry for Congress?

macdaddy said...

Anon 1:36: When you fill up your gas tank with $4 a gallon gas, you should be asking why the #&*^&*(^&*)% won't Nancy Pelosi even allow a vote on more drilling. And when you do, you'll find you have the same position as Lee Terry. What you won't have is the same position as Jim Esch.

Remember, gas per gallon, Jan, 2007 was $2.25. Summer of 2008, over $4. Hmmmm. What happened in Jan 2007?

Anonymous said...

Did he say help families who can't afford decent health care?

I took my child to the allergy doctor and she has severe outdoor allergies. We recevied the prescriptions and the total cost was over $200.00 for 2 prescriptions. At least I had good health care coverage that pays for those prescriptions at 100% until I reach my cap for the year.

However, what do those families who are in the donut hole do? Choose gas, food or prescriptions for their children.

Just another unfunded mandate from Congress. Like NCLB.

Mr Ink, do you think income of $80,000 for a family of 4 in NYC gets you as far as $80,000 for that same family of 4 in Nebraska??

The state asked for a waiver. President Bush denied the waiver. There was nothing in the SCHIP legislation that overturned the denial of the waiver.

Do you think $80,000 is rich?

Do you think that paying 50% more for gasoline is good for the economy?

Do you think paying 40% more for eggs is good for the economy?

Do you think paying 60% more for milk is good for the economy?

Do you think paying 10% more for health insurance is good for the economy?

Do you think that families should choose to have their child seen for something that is out of their control?

If you are so pro-life then we should ensure a child's right to access quality health care.

Hell, one month in Iraq could pay for any plan that Democrats or Republicans put forward to ensure all children have access to quality health care.

I guess you would not understand.

Anonymous said...

Sorry, macdaddy, most people understand that more drilling alone would do little-to-nothing to help our current energy crisis. It's all election year posturing.

What I do know is that Lee Terry has been on the Energy Committee for what is it, the last 8 years? Why didn't we hear him crowing about his infamous "energy plan" 8 years ago? Heck, even last year? He only came up with a "plan" this year because he thinks that is what his constituents want to hear.

Anonymous said...

I wonder if the people that will be hunting with Dick and Lee are the same type of people that were involved in Dick's secret energy policy meetings? I would wager that's a pretty good bet.

Anonymous said...

Dems will be Dems, Left wing Bomb throwers with absolutly no solutions.

Doesn't DEM stands for rely on the Government for everything. We see how that works for people. The American dream means to go out and work for everyting you can. It's UnAmerican to not work for your success..... Jim what have you worked for?

Anonymous said...

"Doesn't DEM stands for rely on the Government for everything. We see how that works for people."


lnk said...

I just heard the '04 Democratic Vice Presidential candidate is coming to Omaha for Esch.


Anonymous said...

"I just heard the '04 Democratic Vice Presidential candidate is coming to Omaha for Esch."

Ha! Well, that'd make about as much sense as someone wanting Dick Cheney to campaign for them! Oh, oops, sorry. Lee DOES want Dick to campaign for him. {shrug}

Anonymous said...

Well, maybe Biden is coming then for Esch.

Don't they have something in common?

Think Neil Kinnock.

Anonymous said...

Just saw on Jim's web site that he is starting a food drive. People can bring canned goods to his headquarters.

I heard he was having cash problems, but feeding his staff with donated canned goods must mean they are in real trouble.

Anonymous said...

Maybe Susie Buffet is requiring Jim to donate food to the homeless shelter before she will put her 10,000 voters on the bus from there to the various polling places in North O to vote for him.

Anonymous said...

I think paying 20% less per gallon of gas because it was drilled 10 feet away from where a moose was standing would be sweet.

I think if trucking companies, railroad companies, independent truckers, dairy producers, meat producers, construction workers, etc., would all find it good for the economy if gas were 20% less per gallon. That way, their employees would get back to being paid more than the oil companies.

Mostly, I think the folks up in Alaska think it would be excellent for their economic outlook if America were to drill in its own backyard instead of someone else's sandbox!

Can someone please explain to me why Democrats would prefer to leave gas at the price that it is? Is their world really ruled by the Far Left Environmentalists (notice that I came up with a much nicer term than extremists)?

Anonymous said...

Anoyn 4:47pm - Can you guarantee that the oil drilled in your backyard is going to be refined into gasoline in the country?

No. Oil is a global commodity and is traded on a global market. Therefore, it is priced accordingly.

On August 21, 2008, the Washington Post reported that the Commodity Futures Trading Commission (CFTC) has now learned that an astonishing 80 percent or more of oil contracts on the New York futures market are held by speculators. "Financial firms speculating for their clients or for themselves account for about 81percent of the oil contracts on the NYMEX, a far bigger share than had previously been reported by the agency." One foreign financial firm owned 11% of all NYMEX traded energy related oil future contracts for the purpose of speculation.

Has Congressman Terry requested an investigation into this?

Anonymous said...

Here's something of interest:

In the last week, NNN has posted three articles on the Terry/Esch race.

These article engendered a grand total of TWO comment posts.

Now we know why the lib trolls are here--even they appear to be bored with the content offered by NNN.

Anonymous said...

Interesting that today's Gallup Poll shows no "Biden Bounce" for Barack.

McCain is up nationally 46-44.

People--read the stories about the DNC--there is major fighting going on between Hillary's faction and the Obamatons. Most unfortunate.

macdaddy said...

Anon 2:35 - since you know everything please tell us your every solution to every problem possible. We'd like to hear them in the next 30 days. After that, you will get no credit for anything additional solutions you may think up.

jd said...

Right Wing Prof,

Regarding so-called global warming (the newest religion), I'll borrow a line from Clinton: It's the solar rays, stupid.

Regarding the global warming brown shirts, I'll borrow a line from Reagan: The global warming fanatics are the focus of evil in the modern world.

Right Wing Professor said...

'Solar rays'? ROFL!

Are they like death rays, jd?

Right Wing Professor said...

Doesn't appear that Johanns is backing a winner on AGW, according to this morning's news.

Frank said...

not looking at 68 posts to see if this has been said, but I can think of at least one way to better say

"Should Congress spend people's money and force them to change their everyday life with the hope that it will change the weather?"

It's lives, not life. Just sayin

I Love Omaha said...

Mentioning global warming in Nebraska Senate debate makes about as much sense as selling refrigerators to an eskimo. When people are paying $3.50+ at the pump, the only thing getting hot is our patients.

BTW, why is it that the left always points to the "majority" of scientist who support the idea or global warming yet have to rely on a politician, who invented the internet by the way, to convince us that it is true?

If the science was so sound, why have one of the world's most condescending, hypicritical jackasses out there as your front man? I believe in honesty as well but I wouldn't have Bill Clinton as my spokesman as much as I wouldn't have Ted Kennedy as a safe driving advocate either.

But Nebraska voters already know this which is why Scott will be job hunting come election day.

Republican Prep Grad said...

Let's stop with the Prep issue. There are many, excuse me, hundreds of reasons not to vote for Jim Esch, but to say Prep parents didn't want Jim near their kids is pure crap. Let's get Lee elected the right way and not through innuendo. Grow-up annonymous!!!

obama said...

They speak of petty issues and avoid riscussion of the important issues.

Typical Republican attempt at division and fear. Trying to wedge the general populace into voting for him because of fear mongering, trying to make the public think they are stupid and should vote for the all-mighty "emporer" Lee Terry because he is going to save us from those evil Democrats. (Laughing)