Friday, July 18, 2008

Esch's water play

Jim Esch recently crowed about his fundraising prowess. What you may not know is just how Jim Esch is SPENDING the money that people have given him.

For instance Jim apparently likes a good parade.
He took part in July 4th's J.E. George parade and the Ralston parade.

In both of those, Esch's campaign staff and volunteers handed out stickers and candy and...full bottles of water.
You may remember that Esch did this in 2006 as well, and was criticized by many in his party for wasting money.

Well guess how much the water cost for those two parades.
Go ahead guess.
You got a number in your head?

Well, when we took a look at his FEC report we found that this cost...

SIXTY-FIVE HUNDRED DOLLARS! Handing out bottles of water!

We crap you negative. Here are the line items in the report.

And the funny thing is, that's not even the end of it. Not counting the cost to sign-up for the parades, and the stickers and a banner -- all of which you gotta have, Team Esch went ahead and gilded the lily. They spent over $700 on t-shirts, so that every one of their many volunteers could wear one (instead of, say, wearing a white shirt and slapping a sticker on it). Another $96 on candy. Then an additional $780 on "misc" parade supplies. And that's not counting additional amounts in their report which mixed parade supplies and office supplies.

So, to give you an idea, Jim Esch spent around $7,500 on two parades on July 4th (and that number is probably a little conservative).

We certainly don't begrudge a campaign spending money for a parade. But when you're (supposed to be) counting your pennies so you can make solid media buys, this is blowing money.
So, for those of you donating, or thinking of donating, that's seven to eight grand that WON'T go to radio or TV ads, or direct mail, or get out the vote programs or any other valuable campaign method for garnering votes.

You could very literally say it's money down the drain.
(And it gives you a good idea how Esch would spend money if he ever got into office)


And speaking of Jim Esch's "expenditures", note that he took $6,000 away from his cash-on-hand in order to pay himself back for the $107,000 he "loaned" his campaign back in 2006.

Of course, this is just taking money out of one pocket and putting it back in the other.

You see, of that $219,465 that Esch says he raised since April 1, 2008, $48,850 of it has come from someone with the last name of "Esch". Take THAT Nancy Thompson!

But to drill down even further, $10,700 of that take since April has come from members of the JBDHSK Partnership -- the "business" of Jim's little brothers and sisters. Jim "earned" $10,000 from that partnership last year -- doing what exactly we don't know. So when Jim's siblings max out their donations, realize where that money is coming from in the first place, and the purpose: it boosts his fundraising numbers, then goes right back into Jim's pocket.


And you are probably tired of hearing about it, but Esch has still not filed this FEC reports correctly.

It essentially comes down to him amending his April reports, without amending the previous ones as well. He said he had raised a certain amount in April, but then changed it to say, no, he actually raised that money in last reporting period. Except he never changed those previous reports.

So they're all wrong. Are you still reading? Well, the FEC will be...


Jim Esch and his buddy Dem chairman Matt Conneally were trying to make a point the other day beside the McCain fundraiser.

They wanted to be cute by serving hot dogs in comparison to the John McCain fundraiser (which brought in over $700,000 at the SAC museum, to now eclipse Obama's Nebraska fundraising totals).

People paid good money to see the Republican nominee for President of the United States at a museum filled with really awesome aircraft, while dining on smoked salmon and glazed chicken.

And what were the Dems doing? Making "supporters" pay to get into the park, stand out in the heat and then charge them FIVE BUCKS for a hot dog! Rosenblatt and Memorial Stadiums don't make that much of a profit from their wieners. That's a 1000% markup!

Way to stick it to the little-guy Dems...

And hey, how about the Lee Terry campaign's new senior economic advsior and "Truth Squad" leader -- Richard Carter!

We had heard that Carter would be working with Terry, but we didnt' realize he'd be in the campaign office as well.

Rich, lookin' sharp on KPTM!


And finally, we suspected Chuck Hagel had no chance to be Obama's VP nominee, but Ben Nelson has finally slammed the door on it.

You see, Nelson recently said he has no problem with the concept of Chuck on Obama's ticket. If Nellie is ok with that, it's crystal clear that it ain't gonna happen. (And thanks to a loyal reader for pointing out that the G.I. Independent ran this story...on the obituary page...)


lnk said...

The OWH says today that Esch 'worked' at Creighton Prep last year for one month raising money. Then he left.

Jim, were you fired?

OmaSteak said...

For the president of an alternative energy company, Jim's energy policy announced yesteray is mighty low on specifics...even concerning windpower. I can see why the Dems are scared to death of "drill here, drill now, pay less" policy. If you look up empty suit in Google is Jim's photo there???

lnk said...

Not to mention that until about 2:30 pm yesterday, Esch's issues piece on 'energy' was WORD FOR WORD the same issues paper he had on his 06 web site.


right wing rant said...

Hey, you Republicans need to think before you post...

Who cares about energy prices when you're a teenager in his 30s -- and Mom & Dad are still paying for your fuel bills?

lnk said...

You gotta read this:

Folks--the D's are imploding over at NNN. They are fighting over Lisa 'Hannah Montana' pulling a fast one to become a delegate to the Dem convention. One D poster said she violated party rules and had a friend falsify paperwork to get the slot.

Click "Statement" by Hannah for the thread (right side under 'comments').

Here's what one lib blog troll said just an hour ago: "No wonder the Nebraska Democrats are such hapless losers!"

Tom Dorsch

Maybe he'll join Carter and come over to our side.

Republican Prep Alum said...

Prep is embarking on a multi year campaign to build a new gym and fitness facility. I don't begrudge Jim for not wanting to stay. That is a multi-year commitment. There are a million things wrong with Jim being a congressman, this isn't one of them.

Uncle Wiggily said...

dang ... just when I thought mebbe we were Esch-free on Leavenworth Street for a day or two ...

I now know more about this guy than my own brother ... if I had a brother.

Truth Squad said...

It is really too bad that there is an archive on this site. Sometimes you probably regret your words. . .

March 4th, 2008 - "Primary colors"
"We'd also note that while Esch's work background is regularly questioned, Carter is now going on blogs and such declaring that he is an "Economist". He does apparently teach Econ 101 at Metro, but we weren't aware that teaching a course gives you that moniker. We would venture that one needs to be employed as such to declare that you are that. I.e., just because you teach Math, that doesn't make you a "Mathematician"."

Also . . .

"Street Sweeper said...
I wholeheartedly disagree with your presumption.
And "Economist" is a job title. If you have a degree in economics, then you have a degree in economics. Once you hold a position or a job where you are "Economizing" (as it were), then you can call yourself that.
A better argument for you is that teaching it qualifies him to use the moniker -- though I disagree with that as well. Teaching doesn't mean you're doing."
10:38 AM, March 04, 2008

Also . . .

"Street Sweeper said...
"Degree in economics? Great. Expertise in economics? Maybe. "Economist"? Nope."
11:48 AM, March 04, 2008

Sweeper, ask yourself again "how about the Lee Terry campaign's new senior economic advisor and "Truth Squad" leader -- Richard Carter!"????

You might want to call up convicted felon Gov. Rowland's pal Boomer and have him rewrite his press release that claims "Carter is an economist who currently teaches at Metro Community College."

Anonymous said...

Truth squad: GET A LIFE

Street Sweeper said...

What's to regret? We're not associated with Terry's campaign. And Richard Carter is a big boy and can comment on anything he wants here.

As a matter of fact, he did just that on another issue here at Leavenworth Street and we thanked him for his candor. Carter has proven he will stand up to anyone on political issues.

And I'd also venture that, as an Economics professor, he'd question the economic sense of blowing $6,000 on bottles of water.

Anonymous said...

W O W S A H !

Latest post over at NNN from the Obama head guy to Tom Dorsch:

"Tom, what exactly did you do to help with the Chelsea Clinton event, or were you too busy smoking pot with 16-year olds?"

W O W S A H.

Anonymous said...

Anybody realize that Lee Terry is still claiming in his energy plan on his website that the Chinese are drilling for oil off our coasts?

His ignorance astounds me! And he's supposed to know this stuff, right? I mean, isn't he a "leader" on energy issues in our country?


Anonymous said...

When are the 4th of July Parade winners going to be announced? Can I suggest a category of "most money wasted"?

Anonymous said...

Oh, and yeah. Ink is STILL claiming it's true that the Chinese are drilling off our coasts on this blog (another post)and NNN.

These are the guys that are going to save our country with their big "energy plan"???

Anonymous said...

Guess that "truth squad" guy, Rich Carter, better get to work!! On the Terry campaign!!

lnk said...

Recent Anons--Esch trolls:

Nothing in Esch's plan at all for more drilling. Boneheaded move, guys. You're on the record now.

Did Jim get fired last year from Creighton?

Anonymous said...

How about all those Chinese people drilling around Florida, Ink?

What say you?

Anonymous said...

Gee, I guess Lee plagiarized that little bit for his energy plan from Dick Cheney, huh?

Too bad Dick turned out to be wrong. Maybe Lee should start checking things out for himself.

ihateplastic said...

Esch claims to be environmentally-friendly. What about all the plastic for the water?? That sure is stupid, eco-dumb liberal.

Can we say - hypocrisy!!!

lnk said...

Esch trolls:

When Jim loses in Nov. maybe he can go work on an offshore Chinese rig.

Sounds like he needs to earn some quick cash.

Only so much in 'loan repayments' he can take from Esch contributors this cycle.

uncle buck said...

Ink: after reading numerous posts of yours, I am wondering, what's your vendetta with Esch? It is obvious that your attitude goes beyond Party Lines.

asecurityguard said...

Esch is running the same kind of campaign he ran the first time, a low budget grassroots effort. Spending that money for parades is a way to get his name out and visible to the voting public. Think of it this way: He spent $7,000 on a parade, if he had run a commercial would he have reached as many people with so few dollars?

Anonymous said...

I am not going to begrudge the T-Shirts, because they have uses beyond one parade. Many of the campaigns I have been with use t-shirts. Many supporters where them out while walking, running, at ball games, etc. They are good conversation starters and are passive way of expressing your support without having to be in someone's face. People will be more influenced by someone they know, trust, and respect wearing their support in a t-shirt, than they will by a flashy TV or radio ad. The question is, does Esch campaign have any supporters that people would know, trust, and respect? Maybe I just argued against my point, but it doesn't lessen it's validity.

I have a question about the water bottles. Were the labels printed specifically for Esch, or did they just remove the labels and toss on stickers. If it is the latter, then how on Earth did it cost so much. I have used them before, but we purchase the small bottle at a wholesaler (who was a supporter) and combined with the use of a sticker, probably cost 30 cents per unit.

Anonymous said...

Uncle Buck, obviously Ink is jealous of Esch because it seems that Esch actually has friends and family that care about him.

Anonymous said...

I wonder if Ink has any family or friends left? He's probably run them all off by checking their financial records or credit reports any time he had a difference with them!

lnk said...

Uncle Buck--nothing personal against Esch. I've never even met him.

I just don't think he is qualified to be a Member of Congress. He doesn't have any serious professional accomplishments, he didn't level with voters in 06 (DWI) and he's not leveling with them now (his employment and income). He doesn't think rules really apply to him (late filings) and he is lazy. He has nothing of significance to offer. Other than that, I guess he's ok.

lnk said...

Esch trolls-----> Was Jim fired from Creighton Prep last year?

How about a yes or no.

Everyone else--please check out New stuff there on Jim.

3.95 unl student said...

We need to drill more NOW! God would not have put all that oil there if he didn't want us using it. He put us in charge of this planet, not the stupid caribou.

Anonymous said...

So, Terry people, are there Chinese drilling off our coasts or not? Lee Terry says there is -- do you agree with him?

Anonymous said...

Honestly. Let alone that Lee Terry should know that he has a lie in his energy plan, doesn't he have a staffer that should be paying attention to that stuff? You know, to try and keep him from looking stupid?

newsman said...

Truth Squad ----- I am trying to follow your brilliance on the "economist" moniker and apply it to Klebster.

Kleb lived in Italy longer than Nebraska, lived in Colorado while going to CU longer than Nebraska, went to school at Yale and lived in CT longer than he lived in Nebraska ------ when he goes to his parents home to have a family get together he goes to Colorado. Because he visited his family in Nebraska during summers --- I guess he thought two years ago he could call himself a NEBRASKAN.

Now that he has lived here more than ----- well someone ---- He and Jane can say they are deep rooted Nebraskan natives!!!!!

How ironic ---- two years ago Moul supporters were calling Fortenberry a carpetbagger!!!! Hmmmmmmmm!!!!

CONCLUSION: If you cannot call Carter an Economist, it is a stretch for us to call Scooter a Nebraskan.

Flush 25 said...

newsman---such anger and lack of focus.

Anonymous said...

Does not sound like Esch has teh Nebraskan working values that a true Congressman needs.

I believe if you look at Congressman Terry's resume you will see excellent record of a true Nebraskan that is not afriad to work for a living.

Anonymous said...

I wish I could live off my parents.

Has Esch paid himself back the debt he owes himself from the last campaign? Looks like that is his goal to me!

Anonymous said...

Sources very close to Creighton Prep state that Jim Esch was let go from his position. I believe it was because he never showed up to work.

Not a good fit usually means... I suck and I could not live up to the task.

Anonymous said...

I heard that too! He was fired, let go, or it wasn't a good fit. All means the same!

Has Esch figured out was district he is running in yet? I heard he put the wrong district and that is why the FEC could not get a hold of him. What a screw up, I can't fill out a simple form but I think I can write bills for congress! Um, I thought law students could fill out forms.... Maybe that is why he has not practiced law yet, still trying to learn the basics of filling in the blanks. What a joke of a candidate!

TedS said...

Newsman --- great shot. You can tell when your salvo gets a direct hit on a sensative nerve ---- a red herring will follow rather than debating the issue!!!

arlo said...

Hallelujah!!!, Lee and Mike are both attorneys!! Praise the Lord!! Amen!!!

Clinton was the last attorney we had in the Oval Office. Thank God for attorneys! We peons need to realize our place in society.

Anonymous said...

In a bizarre turn of events, I agree with Security Guard on the Parade $$$. If I were a candidate that had so little name ID, then I would agree that this approach probably put his name in front of more people than would have noticed on a commercial, especially if they are so poorly done and run on the cable channels where all the kids change channels at commercial time!

However, I seem to remember that Esch announced (in his announcement speech) that he would be running a "Green" campaign this time. Most of us politicos thought that meant, no yard signs, more busbenches and no evil plastic water bottles. His big billboard buy before the Primary was a step in that direction, then he went downhill from there!

Any Greenie will tell you that not buying water in bottles is one of the easiest ways to go green and not waste so much energy making and transporting them, let alone the giant pile of plastic in the landfills. I know that the plastic is recyclable, but you have got to be a moron if you think parade and festival goers are carrying around those little bottles as souveners to take home and put in their green bin in the garage!

I do have a question about Esch's Energy Plan. Does it include lots of subsidies for building a windfarm on old family farm land in Colorado or North O? LOL

Definitely SWK

asecurityguard said...

Tis a strange and funny world we live in SWK

3.95 unl student said...

I heard from someone very close to the situation that Jim Esch was fired because he was seen torturing puppies on his lunch break.

While I don't really agree with the firing (I mean, it was his BREAK), I think we should be cautious about electing a puppy torturer to Congress.

Anonymous said...

I doubt the validity of the "puppy torture" story. I know for a fact that he was seen bathing his parents doggy in their driveway. This would not be a sign of a "puppy torturer", I do not think, but I could be wrong. We all just thought he was paying his parents back for all of his loans "one doggy bath at a time".

I believe he was fired because the Prep Alumni was tired of having him call and nickle and dime them 24/7. Of course, that is assuming that he did not leave to go somewhere and dry out!

Guess W

Anonymous said...

Boy, either the Terry people are REALLY scared they might lose their jobs in November, or it seems they ALL have a collective crush on Jim Esch. Watching him wash a dog in his parents driveway? Were you hoping you'd see him in a wet t-shirt?

And, I noticed this morning that Lee Terry is STILL claiming on his website that the Chinese are drilling off our shores. Does he really believe that?


asecurityguard said...

"I believe he was fired because the Prep Alumni was tired of having him call and nickle and dime them 24/7." Isn't that what a paid fundraiser does? And he was only there a month...
I wonder what you repubs would be saying about Richard Carter if he had won over Jim Esch. I highly doubt that there would be the glowing endorsements coming from you all. Terry must think he scored a coup by getting Carter as his advisor, hoping he brings some dems with him and make Terry seem more centrist. Good luck with that strategy folks!

Mr. Goodsense said...

We don't need no stinkin' Dems in any of Nebraska's districts.

Republicans will still win.

Now, if John McCain was only a Republican...

Anonymous said...

It is a well known fact that during the last race Esch was using both the Prep Alumni directory and the Omaha Chamber directory and email list (which had to have been taken while he was employed by the Chamber)to solicit funds and support.

I think the Conservative Prepsters were just sick of his presumptious voice telling them what they should do, especially, after 18 months of it already!


Anonymous said...

1) It is a campaign's (and its supporters, volunteers, and yes, its staff,) duty to know everything about its opponents. That would be why Esch's buddies or treasurer, the PI, has been known to photograph the Congressman and his family during this election cycle. This is why, we all comb through the FEC reports, the Ag Subsidy tell all blogs, and even listen to all the "stories" that we are told, at nauseum,about Esch and what kind of person he is.

2) It is humorous to read all of these "complaints" about the "Terry Staffers" trying to keep their jobs. I suppose it never occured to any of the NNN or Esch Folks that the Terry Staffers actually might be supporters that believe in the message and ability of their boss to carry it and fulfill it? Let's just concede that the only people that care about these 2 candidates are Terry Staffers and Folks With The Last Name Esch. At least the Terry Staffers have a choice in who they support, I am not sure that any of the Esch's do-especially the one that got a paycheck from Big Brother's Campaign last Quarter (all while holding down a job in another city!).

3) Jim, don't quit your "day job", you are going to need that $14,000 "earned income" (and whatever unearned income you got last year, too), to pay yourself back for all of your campaign debts. I don't think any of your employees will wait another year and a half for their FINAL PAYCHECK like they did this time.

Happy Campaigning!

A Nerd That Likes To Read The FEC Reports

lnk said...

Eschies---->how come no water bottles at the Bellevue Riverfest yesterday?

Very impressive performance by the three Esch staff in t-shirts. They sat together at a picnic table and ... then sat there. Why didn't they just stay home and take naps?

Meanwhile, hundreds of kids and folks had Terry stickers on.

Anonymous said...

So, can I ask a few questions of the "truth squad"?

Is Richard Carter also supporting Mike Johanns and John McCain? It was reported that Richard was in the motorcade for the McCain event last week.

And did he recently ask the Sarpy County Democrats to give him money for his campaign debt?

This all is VERY shady and disingenuous.

lnk said...

Anonymous 11:59--Carter has a debt? How much?

I'll put the word out and get our people to help take care of it this week! Thanks for the info--I didn't know that.

Was Jim fired from Creighton Prep last year?

Anonymous said...

I have never met Jim Esch and I have no idea about his work at Creighton.

Why is Lee Terry still lying to his constituents and telling us that the Chinese are drilling for oil off our coasts? Scare tactics?

Anonymous said...

Is Richard Carter supporting Mike Johanns and John McCain too?

Anonymous said...

I was looking for a restaurant and googled 'Leavenworth Street' and came across this site. You guys are real winners. I am sorry for beating people like you up in high school. Apparently, it has made you all nerds for life. I guess you haven't stopped arguing, about nothing, since you sat at the outcast table in the school cafeteria.

OH. . OH. . someone spent too much money on bottled waters. I got to comment on that. OH. . OH. . someone that no one knows endorsed a guy that no one knows, but is likely to win anyway. I'm so excited.

The comments you write on here are not changing anyone's mind. Save your self the time and energy.
Go spend some time with your friends and family!!!

argos said...

10:10. It takes a really special loser to do something they aren't interested in doing, like reading this 50+ item blog, and then criticize the bloggers because they enjoy discussing things that you don't like to read, but which you read anyway.

You seem not to know who was and who is running for office but you have opinions anyway. Voters like you are the reason democracies fall. Hitler was elected by dimwits who didn't pay attention to politics.

Go back to looking for your dinner.