Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Esch continues to screw up

Jim Esch has YET to file his financial disclosure report with the FEC.

That's right, the same financial disclosure report that was noted in the OWH back on June 1st, over two weeks ago.

So, from today's OWH, here is the sequence of events for why this candidate for the United States House of Representatives, who is running for his SECOND time, keeps screwing up.
(It helps if you play the Benny Hill "running around" music while reading this.)
Esch said he did not receive the paperwork from the clerk of the U.S. House until after the May 15 deadline for submitting it. He said he is completing the report now.

A spokesman for the clerk of the House said Esch was not initially notified that he needed to file the report because he was not included on lists from the Federal Election Commission of candidates who need to file.

The reason for that, according to an FEC spokesman, was that Esch made two mistakes on his initial "Statement of Candidacy." He omitted the election year in which he was seeking office and the congressional district in which he was running.

The FEC sent a letter notifying Esch of the mistakes, but campaign finance director Mary Barrett said the letter went to the wrong address.

After being notified by a reporter of the situation, Esch filed an amended statement May 19 and received the disclosure paperwork.
And after all those excuses, and apparently since May 19th, Esch STILL hasn't filed. And for those of you keeping score at home, this is the same guy who failed to file his required FEC reports for the entirety of the year 2007.

Ladies and gentlemen, your Democrat nominee for Congress!


Here are a few of our favorite quotes from "The Mike Fahey Screwup" (we're taking suggestions for other names of this event).

"MECA is one of our more prestigious boards, and there are many qualified and deserv­ing people in our community."
-Omaha Mayor Mike Fahey

"David Sokol has been a tremendous chair. I personally don't know of anyone better than David Sokol to run the MECA board... The damage has been done. I think this is going to reflect negatively on the mayor and our city."
-Terry Moore, Pres. Omaha Federation of Labor and MECA Board member

“David is a very good friend of the NCAA. We turned to him for a lot of advice and guidance in this stadium process. We were very concerned when this hap­pened. We were very concerned about the timing, too, where it would take away from the baseball being played on the field.’’
-NCAA's Dennis Poppe

"Unbelievably bad timing."
- CWS, Inc.'s Jack Diesing, Jr.

"Fahey and the guy who actually runs Omaha, his chief of staff, Paul Landow, felt like they took a pretty good beating from Sokol over the last year. They simply couldn’t pass up the opportunity to even the score."
- OWH columnist Robert Nelson

"Omaha Mayor Mike Fahey’s bumbling pow­er play against David Sokol is an embarrass­ment in all regards....The mayor’s effort was an act of shameless opportunism. It fully de­serves the scorn heaped on it."
- OWH Editorial page

"Fa­hey’s act of booting Sokol from MECA for not being a registered voter here was dirty pool. (And re­leasing it after the new NCAA contract was signed? Interest­ing.) This was about the mayor wiping out an adversary."
-OWH's Tom Shatel

"I would have backed Sokol regardless."
- City Councilman Franklin Thompson

"This is petty politics. I really can’t believe it. And I’m disappointed in the mayor."
- MECA Board member David Kramer

“I can’t think of anyone who has done more to progress the modern city we have than David Sokol."
-Former Omaha Mayor Hal Daub

"Mayor Mike Fahey was advised this morning that the private funding for the new downtown baseball stadium would be in jeopardy if David Sokol was not reappointed to the MECA board."
-The Mayor's Office


Anonymous said...

Let's just call it what it is, "The Landowski Affair". Then we can let Mayor Mikey play victim.

The real mayor of Omaha said...

I don't care what the others say, I got to be mayor of this town without being elected. I don't even take the blame for my mistakes....BEAUTIFUL!!!!

Anonymous said...

As far the Esch thing goes, that wrong address that Mary Barrett is referring to, must be the same address that Congressman Terry's Congressional Office returned the campaign meeting request to. You know, the one that Jimmy insists he never received.

Perhaps Jim and Mary should take a lesson from David Sokol, fill out your mail forwarding card at the post office.

It really is that easy to be honest, guys!

Pol observer said...

I hope people understand this screwup is fatal for Fahey. He alienated, the OWH (editorial, news, and even, the business community, Labor (Terry Moore), the city council, the CWS crowd, and let's throw in South O and Elkorn as existing enemies. No Dem is defending him and the Republican's are piling it on. Go buy your swearing in dress Mary Daub, your husband can thank Paul Landow for the victory!!!

Anonymous said...

Isn't that kind of like mailing your bills, but not putting a check in any of the envelopes?


congressional insider said...

Jim Esch has nothing to worry about. He will win this election hands down. terry lee is finished.

Anonymous said...

Fahey's Folly?

Or a little baseball jargon - did you know the CWS was in town:

Mike's "Muff"?

- To make an error, typically on an easy play. "He muffed it. The ball went right through his legs."

Mike "Mendoza" Fahey?

- Mendoza [line] = A batting average of .200Named (most likely) for Mario Mendoza, a notoriously poor hitter but decent shortstop who managed to have a 9-year major league career from 1974 to 1982 with a life-time batting average of .215.

BB said...

Congressional insider: What color is the sky in that world of yours? Esch's excuses sound like Al Franken's excuses for not receving 10 notices from the worker's compensation board in NY. Perhaps Esch would have gotten it if he had a campaign headquarters; you know the thing candidates establish at least a year before running if they are a credible candidate. The Esch campaign is in chaos; they have no idea what they are doing and this proves it. He just threw this all together after he got an ego boast at the cacuses. He has no structure, no organization, and no platform. Have you noticed he has not put out one policy position since he was caught plagarizing from the Brookings Institute? The jig is up! The fraud that is Jim Esch has been exposed and there is more to come on this sham candidate. Nice nominee Dems. Terry by 20%

Anonymous said...

Fahey's F-up.

There's something about Sokol.

Strike Three for Fahey.

The Big Ooops.

congressional insider said...

No matter concerning Esch. Esch will ride on Obama's coattails, by 30%. The Republicans suck this year, McCain is a joke. Eventually Esch- because of his good looks- will be a VP someday & will ride his beautful looks (as opposed to terry lee) & his talented conversational ability to the White House.

Eschman said...

You can be a screw up, as most politicians are, but yet win any election you are in because of good looks and oracle abilities. Look at Ronald Reagan-the biggest screw up ever.

Anonymous said...

I thought it was the "research director's fault" on the nonfiling. Oh, I'm sorry--that was Jim's excuse when he was caught plagiarizing a report from the Brookings Institution on his web site.

For future reference, Jim, here are some possible excuses when you get nailed again.

** Power went out at the HQ we finally got.

** I was gonna mail it but cash is a little low--the PAC checks haven't been coming in like I thought.

** I was having a few at the Bluejay; someone broke into my car and took the paperwork.

** Mary Barrett's fault.

** Lou Ann's daughter's fault.

Anonymous said...

Before you make fun of others for being sloppy, please make sure your own house is in order.

Your article should state May 19 not the "March 19" you have.

Otherwise, your point is valid.

Street Sweeper said...

Ah touché! Thank you for the additional proof-read.
(Though in our defense, our staff is slightly smaller than Jim's...we think.)

3rd Floor Watcher said...

Landowski Affair!!!!! What was Mike Fahey doing with Paul Landow and a Cigar? C'mon Anonymous

OmaSteak said...

Today's Koterba cartoon in the OWH was good. It would have been even better...and more accurate...if Landow had been portrayed standing behind Fahey attired as his caddy with a bag full of clubs, pipes, maces, etc.

PS to Congressional Insider...Esch is going to get beaten even worse this time than last. It's unfortunate that you Dems can't come up with any better candidates for Federal offices.

congressional insider-not omaha insider said...


You think that terry lee is a much better candidate than Esch? Only in Omaha (son of an insider).
terry lee couldn't find his way out of a dairy barn.

Anonymous said...

Congressional Insider:

Given that you're good buds with Jim, maybe you can answer this: why did he not disclose his drunk driving conviction (from 2001) to the voters when he ran for Congress in 2006?

Anonymous said...

I think it is pretty obvious why Esch has not made this particular filing, which is to disclose sources of income.

It will probably show that this 32-year old essentially lives off of trust fun payments from mom and dad.

Anonymous said...

Congressional Insider has got to be a Barfly!!

Uncle Wiggily said...

I got no dawg in the Secon District fight ... but ... can you guys actually be seriously considering a candidate who, when filling out his application for candidacy paperwork, "omitted the election year in which he was seeking office and the congressional district in which he was running" ???

You folks must be a snap to shop for ....

Gerard Harbison said...


As a Perfessional Educamator, I understand Esch's problem. You see, he learned in high-school that when he takes tests, he should skip over the hard questions and return to them later. By mid-July, at the very latest, he'll have figured out what city he lives in and what year this is, and then, by golly, he's going to ace those questions, just as soon as he remembers where he left his stash...

Anonymous said...


Jim Esch


he want's the change - change of process, change of story, change of address.

Dude's a clown.

On Fahey Screw-Up: The Big Landowski. lol

congressional insider said...

Esch is no different than every other politician that lives not only off of his parents (Bush I &II,all of the Kennedy's, Al Gore,McCain-wife,etc) but off of lobbyists, big-time campaign donors. I think it is better to be supported by your parents than from a bunch of blood sucking greedy Republicans.

Eschman said...

Tell me you Toolman Terry Lovers: Why is Esch not capable of winning against the Toolman?

Anonymous said...

Anonymous 3:35--yes, Esch wants 'change' but it is the wrong change.

Terry has released a major energy plan that will get us to self-sufficiency in 10 years.

Terry wants drilling in Alaska and Offshore--Esch does not. Terry has the right change--Esch is the wrong change.

Congressional Insider...
What has Esch proposed in the way of policies, other than to plagiarize the sub-prime mortgage paper from the Brookings Institution?

Anonymous said...

Hey - give Jimmy a break - he's been busy passing out water bottles at the CWS to all those fans who don't live or vote in NE.

Anonymous said...

Eschman--let me think on that one and give you reasons why Jim is indeed not capable. It will take some time.

Anonymous said...

If Esch can't find his current address card, know what year it is, or what Congressional District he wants to run in, how is he ever going to navigate the tunnels that get you from the House Offices to the Capitol when it is raining outside.

Come on people, if your too stupid to come in out of the rain, then perhaps, you too, should remove yourselves from the registered electorate in this District (which is #2 for all you Eschies out there!)LOL

BTW, I have to concede that "The Big Landowski" is better than "The Landowski Affair" especially since the idea of those 2 and cigars about made me hurl!

BB said...

Actually Eschman, that is question that you and the rest of the Esch Drinking Crew must answer. And so far, with your organization (hey, opening a campaign office less than five months before the election ain't bad) and lack of policy initiatives (you can only say "change" for so long before it rings hollow) you have done a dismal job of answering that question. This is precisely why you will lose, and lose in such a big way that NE Dems will be pining for the candidacy of Michael Scott.

On another note, it looks like Jim won't get squat from the national party (again):;_ylt=AsGhb_383tpmyeyBEzWpOe2s0NUE

BB said...


Anonymous said...

I hope Jim used his frequent flyer miles to get to DC last month, after 3 rounds, the DCCC still has no faith in his ability to get out of a wet paper sack.

Poor guy.

pol observer said...

You people are idiots, Esch is a genius! Jim didn't file an election year because he will be a perpetual candidate. (well at least until the trust funds run out)

Anonymous said...

Uh, yeah, on that "energy plan" of Terry's -- it's not going to help us one bit because he most definitely does not have the clout, intelligence, or respect from his fellow colleagues for it to go ANYWHERE. He can spout off about all the "plans" he wants. It's not going to help anyone.

congressional insider said...

Yep-the Democratic controlled House & Senate & Democratic run White House are just dying to hear toolman Terry's energy plan.
Terry lee is a lameduck for the next 16 years (Obama-8years & Hillary-8 years).
A great looking guy like Jim Esch is the perfect candidate to get in with the Democrats & do Nebraska some good while he builds up seniority in Washington for the next 16 years. That's how it works out in Washington. Maybe Big Jim can study up on Terry's fantastic energy plan & plagerize that one. HaHAHAHaHAHa

asecurityguard said...

As a esch supporter and a realist, i dont think he will win this election. He has a much better chance in a nonpresidential election year than in one. All the republicans will go to the poles in this race, see the "R" next to "Terry, Lee and assume that its the old news anchor and vote for him. This district in too dominated by you republican retards to elect the best candidate. But please tell me, what has Lee done to deserve to be in congress for another 2 years? What has he accomplished? Dont use his past jobs (city council) and dont criticize Esch, none of you are able to say why he deserves to be there for two more years

Anonymous said...

Lee will win. Esch will show well with the Obama Bump.

Fahey is done, so who will the Dem's put up in his place?

Oh, and love the high level of retorts here, a real classy job on both sides. Hmmm let's see I can't form a decent statement so I will resort to name calling.

Have a great time with it all and I will check back in Nov to see by just how much Congressman Terry won by.


Anonymous said...

When 75% of North Omaha turns out, Lee had better be very well organized in Sarpy because otherwise he will be doomed.

Oh yes, I did forget they might be Obama-Terry voters. HA! HA! HA! Not likely.

Anonymous said...

Congressional Insider (4:47): What time did you start drinking today?

Anonymous said...

A Security Guard (5:17): Check out the floor debate on the omnibus energy bill last year. Specifically, read the debate on the Hill-Terry CAFE standards. Please pay close attention to the words of the Chairman of the Committee--Dingell--in crediting Terry for it. Can you handle that?

Anonymous said...

What the hell is Esch doing? If he wants to show me that he's a big boy ready to tackle big boy issues he needs to grow up & get his s*** together.

He's acting like a spoiled teenager whose has to have his Mom call the teacher and explain why Lil' Jimmy didn't turn in his homework.

congressional insider said...

anonymous 6:06PM:
I started at the Jay around 11:00AM.
Had to be in court at 1:30 where I had a few when the judge wasn't looking & now I am back at the Jay , since 4:00.

It is the only way I can deal with republican thinking (the old fashioned way-not on the prescription way you people do today).
Come on down & buy me a drink. I'm at the Jay-3rd from the left.

Anonymous said...

Anonymous 5:41--a 75% turnout in Ward 2 would still be less votes than are cast in Ward 8--where LT creams JE. Jim still loses. Sorry.

Anonymous said...

Question for the Eschies:

What bar are you all going to tonight to drown your sorrows over not getting on the DCCC target list? Will Jim be with you?

Anonymous said...

Insider--thanks for the invite--need to decline. We're still contacting voters here at the Terry HQ.

Is Jim driving you home?

Anonymous said...

Insider--care to answer the post at 1:38?

congressional insider said...

anonymous 6:49
That's too bad. We are all down here now having a precelebration party for Mr Esch-Big Jim to you.

However you probably need all the votes you can get for terry lee. He is a hasbeen.

Jim is here too. He is driving me home. He is the designated driver.

congressional insider said...

anonymous 7:00

Jim told me that he has sworn off drunk driving.

Have you ever heard of casting the first stone? Get over it. That is old news. Talk with George Bush before you talk with Mr Esch.

asecurityguard said...

Anon: 6:11 how about you post a link. if you make a assertation then back it up yourself, do your own leg work.

Anonymous said...

Again - I ask as always - WHY DIDNT LEE TERRY PROPOSED Corporate Average Fuel Economy (CAFE) Standards when they were in the majority?

Fact is, he never did or wanted to.

Eschman said...

anonymous 7:49

Because terry lee is a Republican.
That is all we idiots need to know.

Democrat Kool-Aid Drinkers!!! said...

Yea Man JIMBO is going to whip Terry Lee's butt. Dude we have 2 Obama staff members here which Doubles Jim's staff. We are going to take this seat because Jim is the most qualified candidate!!!

Anonymous said...

Ask the auto dealers what Lee had to at about CAFÉ standards in his first term. They were pissed then, but have come to see that the Country wants standards and they should try to lead the way. Go ahead and ask them about it.

Eschman said...

democrat kool-aid drinker:

Is that all you have? Is that why we are supposed to vote for LEE TERRY? You got my vote!!!!! What's in that kool-aid-DUDE?

dem Kool-Aid Drinker said...

Hey Eschman you smoking out of my pipe too??? If you stare at Jim's Logo long enough man you ses a US flag...Bitchin!!!

HAIR said...

dem kool-aid drinker, you ain't no Dem and you ain't from the 60's. We know one when we sees one...if ya ain't lived the 60's, don't try to pretend! Go Esch!, we love ya man!!!

P. Landow said...

I hope Jim wins. I know somebody that will be available to be his chief of staff next year. Does Jim know David Sokol?

Anonymous said...

A Security Guard (7:49)--not my problem that you don't know how to do research.

Go to THOMAS--get the floor transcript on last year's major energy bill. There is separate debate on Hill-Terry.

Or, you can wait--and learn about it when a Terry TV ad goes up. Your choice.

Anonymous said...


Folks...wait until you hear this! (drumroll please....)

Jim Esch is going to "open" his HQ on June 26! Very impressive.

Anonymous said...

Will he also have all those delinquent reports filed by then?

Incredible story in today's OWH on this.

Anonymous said...

Is June 26th the day the new garage door opener gets installed at his parents?

Anonymous said...

Jim's web page asks people to bring things for the HQ--like paper, etc.

Will he report those as in-kind contributions on any future report? Or, will he even file the reports?

Anonymous said...

In todays WH, Esch says that, "he didn't think he had to file" quarterly reports with the FEC while he had $140,000 worth of debt on his campaign? Debt is activity, why did he file any reports, if he "didn't think" he should have to.

Why do we have an FEC if they don't investigate, don't prosecute, and don't levy fines when the law is broken?

I bet NE Pols are really wishing our State A&D Comm was so lax. How much did Hergert have to pay?

Anonymous said...

Congressional Insider (7:38):

I'm glad to hear that. Now, why don't you ask Jim to make public the arresting officer's report?

Let's see what his demeanor and condition was the evening in which he was arrested.

Anonymous said...

Congressional Insider (7:38):

I agree with anon 9:10. If Jim Esch is truly your golden boy, with nothing to hide, why is he having all of these problems with reports that are supposed to provide transparency? I think releasing his arrest record to the voters of this state would only be a great step forward seeing as he has missed every other opportunity to come clean.

Anonymous said...

Yeah, I listened to the debate on the omnibus energy bill. Anon 6:11 from last night -- you're right. You do need to "pay close attention" to what Dingell had to say. He mentions Lee like an afterthought. He praises Congressman Hill as instrumental in the bill and then says basically, Oh yeah, that guy from Nebraska too, whatsihisname Terry.

Ha ha.

Anonymous said...

Again, it seems like all the Terry staffers can do is tear down Esch with personal attacks. They have never addressed how Terry's "energy plan" is going to actually help us. Anyone can put out a "plan," but if nothing is done about it, who cares?

Hmmm, I think I'm going to hold a press conference this afternoon with MY plan for energy independence. What? None of you care? I'm just like our esteemed Congressman Terry now!!

BB said...

The article in the OWH is just a foreshadow of what is to come for Jim. In '06 he ran his campaign in a vacuum, now he will get a real taste of what a political campaign is like. The fact that he is soliciting donations for office supplies is a bad sign for him. If he can't afford paper clips and pens, how is he going to afford a professional staff that knows what they are doing, campaign literature, TV ads, etc.? The answer is, he's not. And anon @ 8:56 makes a good point, he needs to report these donations to the FEC. Like that is really going to happen. I predict the FEC will levy some sanctions on Jim before this is over. This train wreck is going to be fun to watch!

Anonymous said...

anon 9:56

To my knowledge I have yet to hear of any kind of plan on anything coming from the esch campaign? Please, enlighten me with how Jim's plan will lower my gas prices, make it so our country does not have to beg for oil in the middle east and how he will do so without destroying the economy.

I will be patiently waiting, and waiting.... and waiting...

I hear there happens to be a procrastination problem over at that campaign...

Anonymous said...

Anon 10:03:

No, you first. I asked you how Terry's plan is going to actually help us. Please, enlighten us. Tell us step-by-step what's going to happen with his plan now that he put it on his website. What happens next? When does it happen? I'm sure the congressional leadership is banging down his door asking for him to unleash his PLAN. (Yes, that was sarcasm.)

Anonymous said...

Anon 10:03

I am not sure exactly what you are asking for? You simply just answered your own question. yes, it is on his website:

As far is "Jim's plan" And, I use "Jims plan" loosely as there had been some issues in the past of Jim borrowing information word for word from elsewhere...

That aside... I do not see anything that could be set in motion and immediately help us with our high gas prices such oh, I don't know, maybe suppling more oil produced in our own county? And, while we are doing that start the move away from traditional energy sources?

Where is it anywhere in "Jims Working" on how to deal with the current energy crisis in this oil driven economy?

Also, I don't know if you read the paper or watch the news much but certain elements of this plan have been called for from the white house and from congressional leadership.

So once again... I will be waiting... Heck maybe esch will get his paperwork filed by the time you respond.

Anonymous said...

"certain elements of this plan have been called for from the white house and from congressional leadership."

What elements? And did the White House and the congressional leadership ask Terry for his input specifically? Did they call him up and say, "We saw your plan! It's excellent. Just what we've been waiting for! Get to work Terry Lee! We've been waiting for you to come up with a plan to save us all!"

Anonymous said...

still waiting on "Jims Plan"...

are you going to hang on Anon's 10:58's words all day or are you actually going to explain something?

Street Sweeper said...

As long as everyone is going to keep referring to and responding to each other, please give yourself some sort of an online name.

"Bob", "Moniker", "Neo", "Carville", "Rove", CoolDude402" are all acceptable sobriquets. Please come up with one and identify yourself. It will make this all flow much more easily.


Anonymous said...


I want at this time to pay particular compliment and congratulations to two of our very able colleagues and those who have joined them in their efforts to protect this legislation.

Mr. Hill of Indiana, an extremely valuable member of this body and Mr. Terry, another very valuable member of this body. These two members, from Indiana and Nebraska, have provided extraordinary leadership in this matter in the Hill-Terry bill, and they deserve the great thanks and congratulations of this Congress.

Anonymous said...

Unlike you, Anon 11:34, I don't work on anyone's campaign. I'm just a citizen who is fed up with Terry Lee's lack of leadership and help for the voters of his district. I never said I was a spokesman for Jim Esch. In fact, I have no idea what his plans are. All I know is Terry is as ineffective as they come. I want him OUT. I don't want him representing me, because he doesn't -- not in the slightest. I am a Republican who wants to elect Jim Esch, have him in Congress for two years, and then find a REAL Republican to run in 2010. You know, someone who is actually smart?

Oh, and all of Terry's campaign staffers posts on this blog just reiterate for me why we should not re-elect Lee Terry. They are as petty and mean-spirited as they come. They can't defend their own candidate, just smack down the opponent with personal attacks. It's despicable.

Anonymous said...

Eschies--please reread the 11:40 post.

Dingell is the Democratic chair of the House Energy and Commerce Committee.

He refers to Hill-Terry.

Is this argument now over?

P.S. You should watch the video of Dingell. Or, you can watch it when the Terry ad hits the air. Your choice.

Anonymous said...

Anon 11:44

Oh god, seriously? That's all you've got for 10 years in Congress? He helped a Democrat member on one bill in his own committee? The chairman mentioned his name once on the House Floor, and that's what you're hinging the whole argument that he should be re-elected on?

Again, no one has explained what steps are being done to enact TERRY'S PLAN. When is he meeting with leadership about it? When does he travel to 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue to talk to President Bush about it?

Anonymous said...

Anonymous 11:54--no, that's not all we've got. There are other laws that Terry sponsored.

For now, though, how about Jim Esch admits his "1 bill" claim is false. If he does that publicly, then I'll give you the next public law that Terry sponsored.


Anonymous said...

Eschies--again, you guys were the ones who called into question Hill--Terry.

The fact is, it is the law now and Terry sponsored it.

If you want to fight about that, give Dingell a jingle.

I take it you guys don't have a research person at the soon-to-open HQ.


Anonymous said...

Okay, if anyone wants a good laugh this afternoon, go to and search under "Lee Terry" in the "Browse Bills by Sponsor" section. For one thing, look at the status of MOST of them, "Referred to House Committee, Referred to House Committee, Referred to House Committee, etc., etc. -- and there they sit. Never to see the light of day.

Second, look how many don't even have ONE co-sponsor! Nobody wants to put their name on SOOOOOO many of his bills!

Of the two that have passed -- one was recognizing some Marines on the occasion of their 25th reunion, and the other one expresses sympathy for the Von Maur victims.

Oh my.

Sil said...

What a pathetic campaign. No wonder the DCCC doesn't want to compete here, the guy doesn't even have a campaign HQ.

Jim Esch = Second place

John Sacramoni said...

The DCCC knows that this is a fruitless effort. They have several incumbent Dems in the House who are part of the "30-Something Working Group." They are all articulate, bright go-getters (i.e. Reps Jason Altmire, Chris Murphy, Tim Ryan, etc.) The DCCC knows good young talent when they see it and this guy doesn't fit the bill. They just can't afford to waste resources dragging this guy over the finish line.

Anonymous said...

Too bad the Terry campaign wasn't searching for Clinton-Terry voters instead of Obama-Terry voters -- they're both into the politics of personal destruction. Both campaigns have a lot in common.

Anonymous said...

Anonymous 3:25--please tell me who, exactly, forced Jim not to file reports properly or who forced him to get loaded and then behind the wheel.

Anonymous said...

Where the hockey stick do you think a Bill or Resolution has to go after it is introduced on the Floor of the House? To the appropriate Committee for vetting! Nice try at a point, but that's the process and that's why Chairman Rangle's Bill to honor a former Member was referred to House Oversight.

I really would have thought that private school would have given you a better understanding of our Country's government.

BTW, do you have something against honoring Marines or recognizing the value of the lives lost in a horrific tragedy? Should they all just be put in the same folder as the Post Office in North Omaha that the Congressman requested a name change for in his first term.

You sound like a whiney teenager-no surprise there, though!

Anonymous said...

Anonymous 2:32--we've had a good laugh today.

About the Esch campaign.

Anonymous said...

Anony 3:25:

Lee already has the Clinton-Terry voters, they don't like Obama and would never put up with Jimmy's laziness.

Feel free to find a McCain-Esch voter.

We'll be waiting in Congressman Terry's office next January when you come up with one.LOL

Anonymous said...

Well, I know quite a few people who are contemplating voting for McCain and Jim Esch.

Anonymous said...

Jim does have a rather large family!

Anonymous said...

Once again a politician has a plan. If I had a dollar for everytime one had a plan, I would be a millionaire.

If he believes in this plan, why doesn't Mr. Terry drop the legislation on the floor of the House?

Isn't this just an election year ploy for him to say, I'm doing something?

Once again, I ask - Why did Mr. Terry not propose CAFE standards increases in 1998, 1999, 2000, 2001, 2002, 2003, 2004, 2005 and 2006 while he was in the majority?

Made up name not Anonymous said...

STOP THE ANONYMOUS INSANITY!!!!!! How about Anonymous Esch Supporter or Anonymous Republican....Sweeper Help!!!

Anonymous said...

Again, go back to his first term and ask the auto dealers what they thought of his CAFE Standards Plan, back then. They didn't like it.  Lee Terry continued to push his plan and worked with the Auto Manufacturers and the local Auto Dealers to come up with a level of CAFE that would not cost thousands of jobs.  Timing is everything and Lee Terry understands that.  The fact is that the Republican Leadership was not very reasonable for the last couple terms and that is exactly why the leadership changed within the Party and, obviously, within the House and Senate.You people keep referring to Jim as someone who will be willing to cross Party lines to work for compromise.  The fact of the matter is, Lee Terry has proven, repeatedly, that he has no problem working across Party lines to get a task accomplished, has shown that he invites opposing sides to come together and work for a common goal, and  has one of the best reputations in Congress, all while keeping his ego in check.When has Jim ever displayed any of these qualities-and don't even try to sell me the small ego one!YKW

Anonymous said...

It's 6:13 pm ... is Mary working on Jim's delinquent report(s)?

Anonymous said...

SS, I just have to ask, what is your record for most comments per posting? If 100 is a record, I think we'll all be happy to oblige.

YKW :)

congressional insider said...

We are still down at the Jay.
Are you people still arguing about the great and fantastic Esch.
He will win by a landslide on the back of Obama when Obama sweeps Nebraska.

Eschman said...

Esch & Kleeb at the front door talking to all the ladies, terry & johanns at the back door crying like a bunch of babies.

congressional insider said...

I'm soory- I should have said:

Esch & Kleeb at the front door talking to all the ladies, and terry & johanns at the back door of the dairy barn crying like a bunch of babies.

We are stil at the Jay. Come on down you terry lee supporters & we will explain to you your insanity.

Anonymous said...

Anoyn 6:10pm - Enlighten us to how scared the auto people were of his plan??? Please.

Furthermore, it shows how out of touch with reality you are that it was because the Republican leadership was not reasonable. It was not because they weren't reasonable, it was because they forgot how to be Reagan Republicans.

lady bug said...

I want to be the 100th comment.
Go Huskers: Go ESCH

lady bug said...

do i get a prize for being 100th?

ed said...

Wow! 100 insults later and still nothing of consequence has been discussed here. A new record of inanity.

LNK said...


It is interesting that last evening's posts by the Esch staff (congressional insider, eschman, lady bug) were all made at the same time the Terry team were out greeting voters (yes, during the rain).

Esch's people were at the 'Jay; Terry's Team were campaigning.

Speaks volumes--no wonder the DCCC has totally blown off Esch this cycle.

lnk said...

So, to review the bidding about Jim's screw-ups:

1. He owes a new report to the FEC for the April Quarter--that new report was due June 13.

2. He owes a new report to the FEC for the pre-primary period (4/1-23)--that new report was also due June 13.

3. He owes a financial disclosure form to the U.S. House. That was due 5/15.

Sweeper--can you post an update next Friday as to whether Jim has complied with the law?

ptg said...

I note that Esch has a miniature of Bob Hope's ski-jump nose. What could this mean?