Monday, June 16, 2008

Fahey backs down

The OWH is reporting that Omaha Mayor Mike Fahey is backing down and will RE-APPOINT David Sokol to the the MECA board.

Get a load of this official statement from the Mayor's office:

Mayor Mike Fahey was advised this morning that the private funding for the new downtown baseball stadium would be in jeopardy if David Sokol was not reappointed to the MECA board.
He "was advised"? By WHOM??? Who are these new advisors of the Mayor's? We thought Mike was the Mayor. We thought he makes the decisions. So now we're to understand that there is someone else telling him what to do? Nice, nice.

And we could have sworn that Fahey said that there were lots of other qualified people for the position. It would seem that those who ACTUALLY run the city disagree...

And we wonder if the NCAA honchos that are in town may have given Mike a piece of their mind as well. It was said that the NCAA had been told that the problems with Sokol's address and the board were solved. It's not unlikely that they didn't like the idea of being BS'd right after they inked a new CWS deal with the city.

Well, just another case of Fahey going off half-cocked and the matter having to be reeled in.

You could say that Fahey is lucky that the recall petitioners are done.


Pol Observer said...

Hal Daub's chances of being Mayor just doubled. Anyone disagree??? What is it like Mayor Fahey having Ken Stinson telling you you screwed up. Who is the Mayor of Omaha????

tricityrepublican said...

when i hear about this i didnt have a problem. Fahey was trying to get rid of an enemy. He forgot about how important a guy sokol is.

bob s. said...

All bow to King Dave.

Be it Tom Osborne or Mike Fahey, it's another example of what happens when you throw around the $ sign.

Anonymous said...

It also happens when you make a blatent political move at the wrong time. Wait until the CWS has left the building before you go Machavelli.

Gerard Harbison said...

What it really shows is that you shouldn't bring a peashooter to a gunfight. If Fahey wanted to punk Sokol, what he needed was video that included boy scouts and handcuffs. A four month, picayune muddle over voter registration isn't a weapon of sufficient caliber to take down prey of this size. In fact, it will only annoy the beast.

OmaSteak said...

If Fahey wants to fire about Paul Landow??? I hope the city attorney is retirement eligible because he in effect announced his desire to leave his current post by backing Landow's play.

Pete said...

"He "was advised"? By WHOM??? Who are these new advisors of the Mayor's? We thought Mike was the Mayor. We thought he makes the decisions. So now we're to understand that there is someone else telling him what to do? Nice, nice."

I'm not defending what was a ridiculously dreadful political gaffe by Fahey, but insinuating that the leader of our city should not be advised when making decisions is equally dreadful.

I'm unaware of any successful leadership regimes (to which, I would argue that Fahey's leadership has mostly resulted in successes for Omaha, political acumen notwithstanding) that don't involve some sort of consultative approach.

Oh yeah, they're called dictatorships.

There are plenty of problems with how this shook down, but soliciting opinions of trusted staff is generally a positive, unless you have President Bush's staff.

Street Sweeper said...


Of course you have advisors. And of course you get advice.

But tell me the last time you heard an elected official say, "the guys with all the money just told me how to do my job".

That may be the reality at times. But I'm AMAZED that Fahey put it down on paper.

Pete said...


And that, in essence is the crux of what the problem here is.

The question I have to Fahey: How could he possibly not have asked the big money what they thought of all of this BEFORE Sokol was ousted?

We all know that, at times, the guys with the money tell politicians how to do their jobs. I feel like your characterization that Fahey is more of a cow-tow than most other politicians in town is an oversimplification at best.

Anyway, I agree with your assessment that this was handled about as poorly as possible and ripe for fodder but not for the reasons you suggest, which seem fairly petty in the vast scheme.

That said, enjoy the discourse.

Street Sweeper said...


I'm not sure if, in previous back room deals, Fahey bowed to the money-men more than others.

I only know that here, he ADMITTED that others made the decision on what is supposed to be the Mayor's appointment.

That's political castration.

asecurityguard said...

The big money in this town spoke up, Fahey backs down. Very bad move by Fahey, bad timing, WRONG person to do it to. If he wanted to say screw it and replace him anyway then legally I think he could do it, but he would lose all the funding from the big money in this town. Generally Fahey has been a good mayor, but I dont like this at all. Why replace a guy who "sits on the NCAA Leadership Advisory Board of Directors" on the opening day of the CWS? Bad Mike, bad Mike.

Anonymous said...

Who does Fahey think he is? Honostly

OmaSteak said...

Fahey has been a good Mayor??? You've got to be kidding...I could list at least half a dozen shady/stupid things Landow/Fahey have pulled during their time in office. If the OWH wasn't in Fahey's backpocket, the headlines over the past 7 years would have been very different. Paul Landow "advises" Fahey on all things political and this deal with Sokol has Landow's fingerprints all over it. He should resign now or the City Council at their next meeting should pass a resolution calling for his dismissal from city payroll.

Me. Friend of Bamboo. said...

Man, Fahey really pulled a big boner this time!

Daddy Johanns said...

Sokol obviously called Daddy Warren Bucks overnite & got him out of bed whining what Fahey did to him. "Daddy please help me, that bully Fahey was mean to me".

I would never do anything so juvenile!!!!!

Anonymous said...

While Fahey's actions were politically baffling and damaging, anyone else have a problem with Sokol sitting on a board that spends Omaha taxpayers money while he "lives" in the state of Wyoming where, conveniently, they have no income tax?

Were we not just inundated in the past 2 months with stories about these deadbeat people in Nebraska running off to other states to get their cars licensed cheaper?

peter north downtown said...

To be clear, Hal Daub would also bow to the money folks every day of the week and twice on Sunday, he'd just be smart enough not to do it on the front page of the OWH.

It's truly hard to believe how terrible the Fahey Administration is at the PR game - a flaw that would be fatal if not for a "friendly" hometown paper and a junior varsity local news media.

Anonymous said...

The problem with the accusations of David not being a taxpayer in Nebraska is that the WH indicated in their story on Sunday that the Sokols continue to be taxpaying citizens of this state and for close to 2 months they were blessed to have been able to sell a very expensive home in a down market and find and close on a new residence in a great buyer's market.

So, for all of 2 months they did not pay county property taxes and they got to vacation. Most people would call that good timing and the benefits of hard work.

The one mistake Dave and Peggy made was not dumping their personal business on his employees at his office. They actually paid someone to help them manage their properties and probably gave that person a nice bonus as a thank you for helping them with their private mail while they were in a pinch.

I guess the people on Fahey's side would have preferred that David just take their lead and fib on the government form.

BTW, it would not surprise me if the Sokol family is one of the large donors for the stadium, that's the kind of folks they are. They take care of family.

I would also bet that there is another very generous family in Omaha that did not like the way this was handled-TD Ameritrade anyone?

To Daddy Johanns, Warren ain't all that, besides, he gave away all his money already and has never been into naming rights.

Daddy Johanns said...


"Ain't all that" what? What do mean by "that"? -What are you talking about?
Warren still has all of his moola. He is only giving away a small portion every year, until he dies. You need to understand Estate Law!!!
Warren DADDY Bucks OWNS & OPERATES Omaha & Nebraska (as in Huskers)-Wake up IDIOT!!!!!!!!!!
When Warren DADDY Bucks speaks-little people like SOKOL jump. Not tomorrow but NOW. Not Fahey-oops-Now Fahey does- an about face. Gee, that suprises me.....LOL!!!!!
Don't you work for Warren? You should! Everybody else does!!!!!

Anonymous said...

I have one word concerning Mike Fahey. It rymes with Wussy!!!!

OmaSteak said...

Sokol was on KFAB this morning and for public consumption was being very polite about Landow/Fahey's actions. He did make one very pointed comment about Fahey's very public lack of "good judgement". Guess what one of Hal's major campaign themes will be???

Anonymous said...

Dear Daddy,

Not everyone wants or needs a sugar daddy. I remember that national news conference, not so long ago, where Billy and Mel announced that they would now be relying on Daddy Warren to pay for all of "their" hopes and dreams for this world. Which, absolutely, includes population control not only around the world, but right here in America, too.

Please, as you hand Warren his wings and halo, do not forget that in all the good he does (The Rose, Central HS Stadium, the Omaha economy by having his Berkshire Annual SHM here, etc...), let's not forget that his Omaha Schools Foundation money comes with a controlling "my ideas" clause from his daughter that believes that if you move your family West of 90th Street, then you did it with racial-selfish motives.

If Warren influenced Mayor Flakehey and Junior Mayor Paully, then it was by threatening their campaign accounts as liberal Democrats.

It is more likely that there was a long line of people visiting Mikey Suite up in the Press Box during Sunday Evening's CWS Game that told him he was being a petty ass and that he would, yet AGAIN, be costing our lovely City hundreds of $$$ in litigation costs-just like he is costing us now an generations into the future with his failed leadership in coming to a resolution on the Police and Fire contracts.

The NCAA was probably not happy to have one of their national advisors treated that way, Ken Stinson was probably not happy, the Deisings(sp), the City Council, no one on the MECA Board, the Knights of Aksarben, The NE Athletic Director, the Governor, most of the Unicameral, the Omah Chamber, the entire Congressional Delegation-including Senator Nelson.

Fahey and Landow are a machine that has run out of juice!

BTW, could we have a permanent Chief in either of the Departments soon, pretty please? The City should not have to wait for Faheys political agenda to be determined before we, the citizens, get some permanent leadership.

snowblwr said...

Maybe the bigger issue here is that Sokol felt the need to move his primary residence to Wyoming. Nebraska taxes are out of control -- we claim one of the highest state/local tax burdens in the country.

What can we do about it? Simple:

1.) Elect Hal Daub as mayor in 2009

2.) Elect Kurt Geschewender, Beau McCoy, and Scott Lautenbaugh to the Legislature in the Omaha area. In the Lincoln area, we need to vote for Coby Coash, Tony Fulton, and Jim Jeffers.

The education and trial lawyers are killing us financially. As the 80s group Crowded House once proclaimed: Don't let them win!

Arlo said...

ArloWell, well, well, snowblwr is in his or her 30's; probably has at least a 4 yr degree; didn't do too well in college though; therefore, has a so so job (if one at all); has maxed out his or her lines of credit; further, can't stand to pay taxes in order to take care of his or her environment because there won't be much from the paycheck to party on all week and purchase the latest piece of electronics....hmmm, are you still living off of mommy and daddy? it maybe a good thing that your parents worked hard and paid their taxes for you so that you obtain all those student loans to be able to go to college and get that so so job? Where do those monies come from for those student loans, anyway?

Guess you could move out of Nebraska, but guess what, regardless of rate, taxes are a way of life in any state...grow up and accept responsibility for yourself and mankind.

I'm sure Sokol can afford to pay Nebraska State taxes and local taxes. I don't care if you are a Dem or Repub...your thinking is all about greed and selfishness

Omaha Firefighter said...

Why is everybody down on Fahey...Omaha has less Murders, Pension costs are down, He had broad based community suuport for the new stadium, and he has the most effective chief of staff in the Nation. He deserves to be elected again, so I can retire in 3 years!!!!

Anonymous said...


Sister Helen said...

From 1991 to 2007, bankruptcy filings for the age group 75 - 84 has risen 433% and our priorities for today should be concerned about our city's politics?

Such idiocy!

Anonymous said...

Fahey admits to bending over for tyrants who impose on elective power. He does what he is told. Not every voter likes that.

Anonymous said...

bye bye Fahey......

so who will he try to put up in his place so he still has a grip in the office? It's time to start looking for another Dem, maybe Raimondo? I'm sure Esch would file for it if he knew when the election was:)