Friday, June 20, 2008

Media Friday

It's a media Friday politicos! Here is some video and audio to whet your whistle for the weekend.


The commenters continue to argue about the Baron Hill- Lee Terry bill to improve fuel efficiency standards.

We've posted Rep. John Dingell's comments about the bill, and about Hill and Terry on the floor of the House. Some glowing words from the Democrat Chairman of the Energy and Commerce Committee...

On a side note, Dingell's Democrat Congressional Campaign Committee has decided that Jim Esch's campaign is not worth focusing on...


Next, we've dropped in Joe Jordan's interview with David Sokol after the finale of the Fahey Flipout.

Note that Sokol is gracious, even-tempered and answers Jordan's questions. Unlike Mayor No-Comment. And the rest of the Nebraska Dems...

(video embedding issues. click photo for link)


Finally, we'll link to the interview of Senator Ben Nelson (a-member him?) on Todd n Tyler.

The aging hipsters glowingly chat with E. Ben about Tim Russert, and the Senator recalls (about 4:15 into the interview) Russert writing Omaha and a little Nebraska map on his whiteboard.

Except Russert never did that. He did mention Omaha recently, but the only place you'd see the map would be here on Leavenworth Street.
You see, sometimes we edit photos to make a point.

So, no Senator, Russert didn't really write that, but thanks for being a loyal Leavenworth St. reader!

Also, for clarification, Tom Osborne didn't really wear a "Vote for Pedro" t-shirt...

...and your hair isn't really a loaf of bread.

We think...


And former Kennedy speechwriter Ted Sorenson was in Lincoln raising money for Scott Kleeb. While in town, Sorenson took a few partisan shots at the President.

It seems that Sorenson doesn’t care for a President who talks funny, blundered an invasion, got American into an unwinnable war and made us less safe vis-a-vis our enemies.

Oh, wait. No, he LIKES those things in a President.

See: Boston-accent, Bay of Pigs, Vietnam and losing missiles in Turkey against the Soviets.

But gee could Kennedy spin a phrase. Golly.


Wonder Bread said...

How dare you make the comparision of Ben Nelson's hair to a loaf of bread. Street Sweeper I am offended and demand an apology.

Anonymous said...

I thought I read an article in the OWH earlier this week about Russert's assistant (also a former staffer of Bob Kerrey). She was remembering him and it talked about a time he put together a piece for the Omaha Press Club and did the whole "Omaha on the white board" thing? Could that be what Senator Nelson was referring to?

lnk said...

Sweeper--thanks for posting the Dingell video. The argument should now be over as to Hill--Terry. The fact is, this was the most significant accomplishment in the area of energy conservation in years, and Rep. Terry wrote it!

If the Esch staffers continue to disagree then they should just give Dingell a jingle.

Street Sweeper said...

No. Russert did mention Omaha and the possibility of Obama taking a Nebraska Electoral vote a few weeks ago. But (to our knowledge) no dry-erase board was used.

In Michael Kelly's column he talked about Russert being in an Omaha Press Club ball show video back in 2001 with the whiteboard saying, "Dundee, Dundee, Dundee."

On TnT, Nelson said:
"Just last month he drew an outline of the sate of Nebraska on his slate and he had a dot for Omaha..."

That sure describes our blog photo...

lnk said...

Jim Esch has had quite a week.

1. he pleads his case before the DCCC and they show him the door.

2. the OWH documents a blatant pattern of disregard for filing reports.

3. his argument on Terry's bill sponsorship is destroyed forever with the Dingell video.

What will Jim do now?

Anonymous said...

I like how Dingell stumbles over Terry's name. He gives an eloquent Floor speech, and then when he gets to Lee Terry he stammers and stumbles a little bit. Kind of like it's hard for him to say it with a straight face, you know?

Anonymous said...

A loaf of bread for hair, skin texture of raw dough, a donut shaped body and a mushy, yeasty brain. Quick, call Pillsbury. He's escaped!

Anonymous said...

Yep, SS, you're right. The Kelly column did say Russert's whiteboard said "Dundee." I couldn't remember.

Anonymous said...

So, I guess the moral of the story is that Terry does better under a Democrat-led chairman and Congress.

Still no comment from the Terry staffers on what is to become of "Terry's energy plan."

It's hard to believe anyone will pay attention to it when his ranking on his own committee and in the Congress is SO LOW.

Son Of Wonder Bread said...

PLEASE STOP THE ANONYMOUS POSTINGS!!!! I love the loaf of bread with eyes. Maybe that is why I saw Ben coming out of Rotella Bread yesterday.

Anonymous said...

Anony 9:21:

Did you just call one of the most respected (by both Parties) Member of Congress a liar?

No wonder the DCCC showed your campaign the door.

BTW, how many of the Eschies at the Jay are minors, that means under 21 for those that are unsure of the law.


Anonymous said...

Anon 10:30

Oh come on, that's silly. Nowhere did I call Dingell a liar. You're reaching. You're also reaching when you make this video a mandate that Terry should be re-elected. You must know that this type of Floor speech happens all the time. Of course Dingell had to throw Lee's name in there. And yes, he did throw it in there.

It certainly doesn't mean that he thinks Lee Terry is the poster child of the Energy Committee. If Dingell thinks Terry is so fantastic, when is he coming to Omaha to campaign for him?

lnk said...

Since the issue of Lee Terry's energy plan has been noted here, everyone should know that the plan--a very comprehensive set of ideas for making our nation energy self-sufficient--is avilable at the web site:

I'd invite the Esch staff to read it and possibly become enthused and engaged enough to develop a similar plan for Jim. Go for it, guys!

Anonymous said...

Okay, I've read it.

Ethanol, cellulosic ethanol, drilling in ANWR and other domestic areas, increase nuclear power capacity.....{yawn}

Okay, which one of those was an original Terry idea? I mean, seriously. Give us step-by-step how Terry is going to get this accomplished. And a timeframe please.

Anonymous said...

Do Terry staffers honestly think voters are going to look at that plan and go, "Oh my god! He's brilliant! We've never heard any of those ideas before! He's SO innovative! Praise God for Lee Terry!"


lnk said...

Anonymous 1:32:

I think voters will say:

1. Good for you, Lee. Looks like a really solid plan.

2. This Jim Esch guy, does he have a plan?

3. As far as Esch, isn't he the guy who can't follow rules or had some problem with the law a while back?

curious said...

Whatever happened to Max Yashirin?
Is he going to ride the Obama wave to victory like Esch?

Anonymous said...

Ink, where's the step-by-step and the timeframe?

Also, which ones were Terry's ORIGINAL ideas?

I'm gonna keep askin'.......

Anonymous said...

I mean, what's the point of having a plan if you don't have any means of implementing it, right?

BB said...

Responding to all the anon Eshites about Terry's energy plan is a waste of time because nothing will satisfy them. It's all way above their heads anyway. Like the candidate they support, they don't care about substance otherwise they would have offered some by now. Noticably absent from this chain is any plan that Jim has and we are going on two days of this discussion.

As far as that Max kid goes, he and Esch have a lot in common. Both have inept and underfunded campaigns and both have a penchant for drinking and driving. Although Max tops Jim in this regard because he actually did time. Nice candidates Dems.

Neal Obermeyer said...

That is hilarious about Nelson confusing your blog with reality. Good work!

Anonymous said...

I love how when it comes right down to it, Terry-bots don't have any answers about how Terry's plan might actually help anyone anywhere. They just call it a "waste of time" to provide any answers about said plan, and then resort to personal attacks about how we wouldn't get it anyway.

Yeah, good plan guys.

Methinks they thought they good be as lazy as the past ten years. Put out a "plan" during an election year and then hope it will all just go away until the next election -- and hope nobody remembers they ever had a "plan" in the first place.

Must be why Terry's numbers keep going down each election.

Anonymous said...

Just for Sh.ts and giggles, how about you tell us how to implement an idea in Congress.  Surely, your Campaign knows how to do that, don't they?  BTW, I can't even describe how sick I am of hearing Dems run around chanting "timeline, timeline" as their mantra for whatever is the subject of the day.If you really cared about timelines or timeframes, you would abide by the ones set out in the law and file your freaking paperwork within the appropriate "timeframe".YKW

lnk said...

BB--can I ask you a question? You seem to be one of the more reasonable people on the blog.

I personally think Jim Esch violated the public trust when he ran for Congress in 2006 yet never disclosed his 2001 DWI conviction. There are rumors as to his condition and demeanor the night he was arrested.

I believe he has an obligation to authorize his attorney to release the arresting officer's report as well as all of the other documents in the case--including several motions his attorney filed to try and throw out the arrest on technicalities.

Would you agree Jim should do this?

Anonymous said...

Okay, thanks, I'll take all that as a no. No -- Lee Terry's plan won't do squat. It's all just an election-year ploy to make it look like he's doing something.

Anonymous said...

Oh my gosh, this is funny. I've been under the impression that bb and ink are the same person. Now "they're" asking each other questions and patting "each other" on the back about how smart "they" are. Love it!

If they're not the same person, they've got to both be staffers on the Terry campaign. They're desks are probably right next to each other and they have been laughing back and forth about what to type. The visual is too funny.

BB said...

Actually, Jim's arrest record and transcript of his court hearing are matters of public record and can probably be obtained by contacting OPD.

Anonymous said...

Funny, anonymous 4:19--except your visual is wrong.

Why don't you talk to Jim (or maybe you are Jim) about letting the public see these documents.

Then, please keep working on those three delinquent reports that need to be submitted to the U.S. House and FEC.

gal pal said...

curious minds can always check OPD and the Sheriff's Office for all public records for a price...right?

Anonymous said...

Okay, yeah, funny -- but I'm not Jim Esch, do not work on Esch's campaign. In fact, I've never even met him. I just hate Lee Terry. I'm even registered as a Republican.

Can you say the same? I mean that you're either not Lee Terry, NOR on his campaign staff?

asecurityguard said...

So much to discuss here i dont know where to start. Hows this: Kennedy did make a us safer because he prevented Soviet nukes from being in Cuba, Bush made Saddamm give up his non-existent nukes. Sweeper needs to go back to history class. Sokal can claim all he wants he never called donors, yea sure, we all believe that. In your mind if praise from a fellow congressman somehow validates Lee Terry being in congress then some people are too easily pleased. I guess some just want effectiveness in congress and some want a congressman with an 'R' next to there name.

asecurityguard said...

I dont see why not disclosing a DUI is a big issue, I never hold that against any of my employees or potential ones. If there is a repeated history of it then that is different. Some people need to get off the high horse

lnk said...

Anonymous 4:52--I could say my name, occupation etc., but, frankly, I don't care to. I don't see any requirement for that in order to post here--but, you are free to ask, of course.

You made allegations of collusion between myself and BB--I simply wanted to tell you you are flat wrong on that. I don't know who BB is.

Finally, I think it is unfortunate that you "hate" Lee Terry. I don't "hate" Jim Esch, although I obviously do not believe he should be elected to Congress. "Hate" is an unfortunate thing--but live your life how you want to.

Earl said...


Me thinks thou dost protest too much.

Anonymous said...

Frankly, I would think that a person who has been in Congress for 10 years would be able to run on their record -- not just try to drag the other person down with attacks on their character.

I think this says a lot about Lee Terry and his campaign. They have no substance behind their big election year "plan." They know they have nothing so all they can do is go on and on about headquarters and DUI's. Reminds me of childhood bullies.

God willing a lot more of the 2nd District voters will be sick of this too. I know I, as a registered Republican in the 2nd District, am totally sick of it.

Neal Obermeyer said...

We may not know who Ink is, but he sure is a Political Guy!

Would you agree, Ink? ;)

Anonymous said...

Neal - you are absolutely right. "Political guy" from NNN="ink"="Terry campaign staffer" with nothing better to do than blog all day.

Anonymous said...


We have a plan for Social Security. A Plan for Medicare, One for Energy, Another for Education, one for Iraq, one for Crime and one for the climate.


How about doing something with that plan, you know what to do.

Show me some real action and words.

no plan man said...

Terry's plans are so great they should all get accomplished without him having to do anything. He is the "plan man", he lets other people do the heavy lifting. cant you guys see the brilliance of this?

teh red headed prophet said...

neal, Ink is nothing more than a "Wannabee".

anonymous 6:19, you are so right, Ink has nothing better to do all day than to blog....too bad he/she isn't paid for the services.

Bet he/she is still working in the rain at the CWS for T. Lee ....LOL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

lnk said...

Neal--would you agree that Terry sponsored the law on CAFE standards--aka "Hill Terry"--or do you disagree with Dingell?

Eschies--I've mentioned it before--it only takes a minute to get on here, see your absurd posts, whack out a response and then go back to work. And, there haven't been any personal attacks on JE from me.

Can you same the same about your treatment of LT?

asecurityguard said...

Does ineffectiveness qualify as a personal or professional attack? I will attack on that all day long, same thing about a lack of an energy policy while he has been in office, same thing about his new enery plan (which is a joke). if you want to get personal about him, I know two of military contacts who have met terry when he went to there base. They said he was a jack@#$ to the enlisted but treated everyone Major and above like Gods. This isn't a personal observation but relayed to me by trusted people.

Targeted Voter said...

I see now that Terry will not just be courting the elusive Obama/Terry voter, but has added a great new voter. The Dingell/Terry voter. We better get to work and ID this potential base od support for Terry.

Anonymous said...

If Congressman Terry was a true leader, he would fight to restore the cuts in grants for police.

Trusted leadership??? How about standing up for law enforcement on this one. He has no leadership skills whatsoever.

Anonymous said...

Speaking of Jack ass@#ses, you are right about repeat offenses. However, just because you don't get arrested everytime you partake in your problem, does not mean that you don't have a problem. Was anyone at the museum celebration a few years ago? Now that was when someone was being a Jack@#s!

As far as running on the issues, I am sure the Terry Campaign will stop telling the voters who Jim Esch really is whenever he quits lying to the voters about the Congressman's actual record. You can't just talk about the stuff you like, you also have to acknowledge the stuff you don't like-maybe the prolife legislation that Lee has been involved with?

Oops, am I being too personal again? YKW

Anonymous said...

Once again, avoidance of the issues and only going to personal attacks. I hope the 2nd District tires of this constant barrage of negativity.

That is the only MO of Terry and his staff.

Anonymous said...

Ink - You mentioned you don't hate Jim Esch, you just don't want him elected to Congress. Isn't that a decision for the people of the 2nd district to make and not outsiders, such as yourself?

lnk said...

Anonymous 11:20--it absolutely is a decision of the voters. But I can advocate one way or the other--the same as you are doing, right?

The fact is only one of the two candidates has proposed a substantive plan for addressing what is the nation's most pressing issue--energy. That candidate is Terry. You may not like the plan--but, you also can't beat something with nothing.

Let me add: the parade today was very nice--both the Terry and Esch campaigns were well represented and civil to one another. Maybe that can happen on this blog, too.

lnk said...

A Security Guard 9:33: I meant to add--"effectiveness" is a valid issue to discuss--go ahead.

You had asked repeatedly in prior posts for documentation that the Terry did sponsor the CAFE standards increase (Hill-Terry). Do you now have all the info you need?

Dingell specifically calls it the "Hill-Terry Law."

Uncle Wiggily said...

"Dingell/Terry voter" ??!?

Izzat anything like a "dingleberry" voter? You know - the kind who vote for the glib tongues, tight jeans and nice hair.

Just wondering

Anonymous said...

Mr. Ink (Terry Campaign Staffer), I have been civil to you in this entire thread.

As a matter of fact, I'm respectful to Congressman Terry. Why didn't he put this plan together last year or the year before.

This is an election year ploy. Has he dropped the plan on the floor to the Clerk? When will this take place?

Just like all the road construction in Omaha,a Mayor Fahey plan to attempt to get reelected in May.

Street Sweeper said...

FYI, the bill was introduced in 2007.
And in the House, EVERY year is an election year.
Hope everyone is enjoying their w/e!

Anonymous said...

What bill?
What is the Bill Number?
Why would he introduce the bill last year and now a plan???

Give me a link to the bill that would be located on the THOMAS LOC website.

Makes no sense to me.

Anonymous said...

For a member like Terry in this climate, every year has to be thought of as an election year.

No leadership, no courage. Trusted leadership, HA! HA!

Anonymous said...

One should go back to the "great Debate" of 2006 at the Press Club. Congressman Terry covered these issues when asked about Energy in 06. Esch basically did a "ditto" to Lee Terry's energy plan then and ignored the question.

I hate to make a point, but isn't accusing Congressman Terry of being a man with out a plan or asking "what has he done for me lately", a little like "the pot calling the kettle black".
While you all refuse to acknowledge that he has done anything in the last several years, we only ask what Jim has done since Law School? Or, at least the last 2 years, and washing the dog in the driveway doesn't count.

Anonymous said...

So wait. This "energy plan" of Terry's has been his "plan" since AT LEAST 2006? Shouldn't we be on the road to energy independence 8 years from now then? If he's saying his plan can lead to independence in 10 years, and he started it 2 years ago -- woohoo! Only 8 more years of suffering! Why isn't the national press all over this????

Oh yeah, because it's not happening.

Anonymous said...

So.....he's unleashing a plan now? But there was some bill about it last year? And, he talked about it in 2006?

Wha-huh? What bill number was this? Does it have his name on it?

Anonymous said...

This big plan wasn't conveniently "borrowed" from somebody else's bill now was it?

asecurityguard said...

You are correct Ink, Dingell did praise Terry for the his part in the bill, Im glad someone finally was able to backup what had been repeatedly stated. However does praise from a committee chairman really justify him being in office now? You can look at the congressional power rankings for the proof, how about someone with the foresight to get us out of this problem before we get their? Or someone who can get it approved 2 earlier than two years after it is proposed? That would be nice and until that happens Lee Terry will not get my vote or money.

Anonymous said...

I'm really disappointed in your attack on Ted Sorenson. He's an honorable man who is a part of history. He's 80 years old and still gives talks even though he can barely walk...but his mind is as sharp as ever. Maybe you didn't like what he said, but the fact is he is the one that coined the phrase "ask not what your country can do for you, but what you can do for your country." He's a Nebraskan who has contributed greatly and he deserves some respect for that.

Anonymous said...

Anony at 8:30:

Now you know that Jim Esch is the only person in this race that "borrows" plans from other people.

And, before you even go there, if you are part of a group, and that group has developed a plan, then, yes, you can call it your plan too. That's what's called "teamwork" and it is something that Lee Terry is very proud of being a part of and including other people in.

You really are making this all too easy to respond to.


Anonymous said...

Okay, who is the rest of the "team"? And what is the bill number that was introduced last year?

Ben said...

Dear Ted Sorenson Fan ----- if you google the saying of "ask not" you will see we need to honor Ted the same way we honor Biden or anyone that dabbles in plagiarism.

lnk said...

Security Guard--thanks for your response. The point I'm making is the Eschies claim LT has only gotten one bill passed into law in 10 years (the post office). That is false. Everyone here has finally agreed that Hill-Terry is a law that LT sponsored. So, that's now two. And, there are others as well. As the posts continue over the new weeks, I will show you the other laws Terry has sponsored.

Also, I want to say I agree with Jim Esch on something: the need for conservation. It is key--and the key action Congress has taken in this regard is to raise fuel economy standards for cars and trucks by 40%. (Hill-Terry.)

Last, can I ask Jim or his staff a question? In these tough economic times, why in the world do you guys want to raise taxes on hardworking Nebraska families? It makes no sense.

Pol Observer said...

After reading this mornings World-Herald I just wanted to thank the Mayor for not running for a third term. In memory of his accomplishments I suggest we name the new city park near 192nd & Dodge, "Paul Landow Park". Thanks for your 8 years as mayor Paul. You have left quite a legacy!!!

Omaha Firefighter said...

Wait a minute Mike Fahey, we paid your brother John to negotiate and for you to rubberstamp our contracts. You owe us!!! Please run!! You will ruin my family if I can't retire at 45 years old and make $100,000 a year on my pension. What will I do top make ends meet? I can't collect social security for another 20 Years.

Anonymous said...

A loaf of Ben, a jug of whine and thee.

targeted voter said...


Now that is some funny stuff that took it a step further. Though I believe they are called Dinglelterries.

asecurityguard said...

Well im not Jim esch and not a staff member of his, but i will say this: Taxes need to be raised and spending needs to be lowered. We as a country cant have these huge bedget deficits each and every year. Its like getting a credit card to pay off a credit card, and then getting one o pay off that one ans so forth... When 22 cents of every dollar goes to pay teh interest on debt, that is way to much. (Now is the time when i get attacked for saying taxes need to be raised)

asecurityguard said...

BTW, i wasn't insinuating that you necessarily would attack me, that was for everyone on this blog.

Anonymous said...

anony at 8:18,

and i heard he plagiarized it from Jim Esch-wait, is it plagiarizing if i use the word "plagiarize" that i read in the paper describing a lazy, thoughtless candidate for Congress? Just in case, i read this in the Omaha World Herald and saw it on KETV (also in Omaha).

just asking.

Anonymous said...

Dear Security Guard,
To paraphrase Lloyd Bentsen during his Omaha Vice Presidential Debate, you're right, you are no Jim Esch, I know Jim Esch and he can't put 2 original thoughts together (at the same time). LOL

lnk said...

A Security Guard--that's why it makes perfect sense for you to support Jim Esch. You both are on record as supporting higher taxes. Go for it!

As of Monday, Jim is 39 days late in filing his financial disclosure form with the U.S. House, and 10 days late in filing two reports with the FEC.

Neal Obermeyer--sounds like a story here to me. Next news column?

3rd Floor Watcher said...

Does anyone think the Powers that be are showing Fahey the door?

asecurityguard said...

You can attack the solution, but not the argument. Its simple economics, money borrowed will have to be paid back. I would rather each generation take care of their own problems instead of passing the buck (literally) onto the next generation. So far we are paying for the mistakes of our fathers, and their fathers before them. Its long past time we pay our own way. Thats why its so easy to be a republican, low taxes for everyone, we can keep the social problems, who cares that our kids and grandkids will pay the bills!!!

asecurityguard said...

I think its safe to say i will never be elected to any public office.

lnk said...

Security Guard--I mean this sincerely--thanks for a well-reasoned defense of higher taxes. (Although I disagree with you.)

Tell me why it makes sense to raise income tax rates 50% for single mothers who are now entering the work force for the first time. That is what happens under Esch's plan--which eliminates the 10% bracket and hikes it to 15%.

Please defend that to me.

BB said...

Thank God for that!

And to all you Eschites, the words of Sir Winston Churchill offer a nice critque to your economic platform:

"Socialism is the philosphy of failure, the creed of ignorance, and the Gospel of Envy."

Although in all fairness, does Esch even have a platform to be critiqued on anything? Ever since he got caught plagarizing he hasn't articlated anything that might be seen as a platform on his web site. He's only posted touchy feeling "Our thoughts and prayers for____", pronouncments about state issues that he would have nothing to do with running for federal office, and solicitations for donations of office supplies.

asecurityguard said...

Im not familiar with that plan, Where is that at?

Good to hear from you. I was beginning to miss you interrupting civil discourse with childish insults, but i digress. So may i assume you are for the cycle of debt and deficits?

lnk said...

A Security Guard: Jim endorsed the Democratic budget resolution that passed two weeks ago, didn't he? The tax increases are there.

Regardless, Esch stated in several news stories that he supported higher taxes. Do I need to get the backup on that also for you? (Don't you trust me by now?)

Also, Esch wants to whack small business with a huge tax increase by eliminating the Section 179 expensing. Brilliant move in that most jobs are created by small businesses.

Why would Jim and you do that?

BB said...

Yeah, right, whatever you say. Just because I'm against your taxing and spending, I am for the cycle of debt and deficits. It's really that simple in a liberal's world. If you you do not agree with their solution, you must want bad things for the country.

asecurityguard said...

BB, my aren't we a little quick to play the victim card? Its not like i shot your puppy, I guess I just want to know your solution for getting rid of the deficits and paying off the debt. BTW, i mentioned cutting spending, read it again. Post at 6:24am.

Ink, Now i know what you are referring to. He did endorse it but if im correct there were also hefty tax breaks in their for lower income workers (which i would assume a single mother just entering the work force would be). I'll mention 179's after a little research...

lnk said...

A Security Guard: Look forward to seeing your research!

Here's another item--Jim is quoted as saying building a wall along the border to deter illegal immigration is "a ridiculous idea". Do you agree with him?

How can we secure the border if there is no wall--even with high tech sensors, etc?

asecurityguard said...

Yea, i had to learn what a 179 is! I cant go by much, mostly because i dont know exactly what he said and am just going off of your words, but it seems you may be correct. I think Esch was saying that only a wall to deter illegal immigration is ridiculous, and that is true. It will take much more that a wall. Penalties (with some weight behind them) for employers would do much more to stop it than just a wall alone. Most illegal hispanics come across the border, but a huge number get in other ways as well.
Isn't terry on record as saying that when job opportunites are taken away from illegal immigrants tehy will voluntarily go home? Im pretty sure he and Ricketts were as one on that idea. Your thoughts?

lnk said...

ASG--researching it now! Be back to you soon.

The Section 179 provision allows small businesses to write off up to $128,000 in new equipment purchases in the year they are made--rather than having them depreciate it over 7-10 years. It is a huge benefit to them. But, under the Esch plan, they lose this write-off.

Maybe we should write-off Esch just like the DCCC has?

Anonymous said...

Arabs, Africans, Asians re crossing the northern border also. It is a longer and more porous border.

Would be nice if we did something up there also.

Anonymous said...

Go ahead and write ol' Jimmy off. We'll see what happens the day after the election.

Your boss sure isn't taking this election lightly or is he??

lnk said...

Anonymous 4:14: The DCCC, not me, wrote "Jimmy" off. (I'm surprised you refer to your boss in that manner.) We call Lee, Lee.

Where are those reports, guys? You're just going to trigger another bad story or two for your campaign if you don't file 'em.

Anonymous said...

So, does Lee plan on voting yes for The Saving Energy Through Public Transportation Act of 2008 - H.R.6052.

This bill would promote increased public transportation use and increased use of alternative fuels by public transportation systems.

asecurityguard said...

Now im not a small business owner, or any business owner for that matter, but either way the expenses get written off. As i understand it after my own minimal research, the equipment purchased can be depreciated in one year or 7-10 after. Also this is done on a per-item basis, meaning you can use it however many times you want, but one single item cannot be over the limit. But the new law passed in 2008 that esch endorsed (as part of the stimulus package) is also retroactive, meaning that expenses from as far back as 2002 can be done under as amended tax form. And that will really help the small business owners who are struggling right now.

asecurityguard said...

Im sorry I beleive it is only retroactive to 2003

Anonymous said...

If im correct, isn't that high tech wall going to be really low tech noe because they cant get teh software to work with everything in sync? And yes, there should be more border agents in the North, but the border patrol is having alot of trouble recruiting and filling positions.

lnk said...

ASG 7:09: Good research.

You mentioned the stimulus bill--those checks are now going out to people in Nebraska and other states.

Too bad Jim opposed them. He said we should just send the money to cities instead and let the mayors spend it.

ASG--did you get your stimulus check yet?

Tuesday morning: Jim's financial disclosure form is now 40 days late.

His two filings to the FEC are 11 days late.

Anonymous said...

So, does Lee plan on voting yes for The Saving Energy Through Public Transportation Act of 2008 -H.R.6052.

This bill would promote increased public transportation use and increased use of alternative fuels by public transportation systems.

lnk said...

Anonymous 8:53: Please call his congressional office and ask. Do you need the number?

lnk said...

Why doesn't Jim give back his stimulus check, or at least endorse it over to Fahey?

He said people shouldn't get them--that the $$$ should go instead to the nation's mayors.

Anonymous said...

I find it interesting (funny, maybe?) how Ink thinks the only people on here criticizing Lee Terry are Esch staffers.

I've never met Jim Esch and, in fact, am a registered Republican who will NOT be voting for Lee Terry. And there's a lot more like me out there.

Funny how it seems the only ones on here who are defending Lee Terry are paid by him.

asecurityguard said...

Yea i got my stimulus check, are you aware that they haven't done any good? The $600 every person got actually isn't doing any stimulating (that is not meant to be perverted). Each check received by the taxpayer has basically been spent, not on extra goods but on higher fuel and food charges. More money for the mideast I see... BTW, the high gas prices are due to the speculators driving the price up. How does Terry feel about added regualtion on those markets? And in the investment bank industry (Bear Stearns)?

Anonymous said...

I love that Jim Esch is for raising the low income earner's bracket by 50% (from 10% to 15% according to a posting here), then he wants to shower them with gifts of tax breaks. Real nice, do I beg at your feet now, or should I wait until you tell me to?!

So typical of liberal thought, they take away from you and then make you prove that you are worthy of their charity and then hand you "gifts" of your own earning!

How about we just keep our own money in the first place!

Also, is ASG advocating the Republican idea of privatizing Social Security? He thinks we should take care of our own generations, right? Wouldn't that be a way of ensuring your own destiny?

Anonymous said...

Opinion: While I tend to think that the prices are being driven up by the speculators, you can't ignore the point that if we produce more of our own energy, then the speculators should be limited on how they can affect pricing also.

Fact: The jury is still out on the speculators effect, the oil company's effect, the market's (meaning "end user") effect, or OPEC's effect on the price of energy whether it be oil, natural gas, coal, natural or conservation.

The solution is multi pronged and no one should assume that all of this "fly swatting" is going to have much of an effect unless it is presented as a multi tasking effort toward a solution.

If it makes anyone feel any better, just remember that European Countries have been paying 2 to 3 times more for energy for decades longer than we have (and they are still more expensive than us).

asecurityguard said...

Im not at all for the privatizing of Social Security. Im referring to Budgets Deficits, ya know the whole spending money we dont have thing? Taking out loans to pay for invasions of sovereign countries and subsidies for oil companies. Taking in revenue and spending way more, sound familiar? Where have all the fiscal conservative republicans gone? Are there any out there? An endangered species says I...

asecurityguard said...

Oil prices are being driven by speculators. China and India re growing and using more, but the massive jump in prices ($1 dollar in under 6 months!!!) on china and India. We should produce more oil, lets start by having the oil companies use the 68 million acres they already have leases on but aren't drilling (on the sea floor alone).

asecurityguard said...

Oil prices are being driven by speculators. China and India re growing and using more, but the massive jump in prices ($1 dollar in under 6 months!!!) on china and India. We should produce more oil, lets start by having the oil companies use the 68 million acres they already have leases on but aren't drilling (on the sea floor alone).

Sarah J. said...

anon @ 10:14 - just so you know, you are wrong. i'm voting for lee terry and i am not paid for him and i will defend him against ignorant statements.

also, i'm sorry you are so combative. it must be exhausting to be you. i hope you can chill and learn to be a little more civil with your discourse. maybe that will come with age and wisdom for you? good luck.

Anonymous said...

I was reading that they have plenty of rigs but not enough staff to be able to man those rigs.

I dont care how many rigs they have avaliable to drill, if they don't have staff to man them; then its not going to go out and drill the OCS if it was possible.

Story link:

Anonymous said...

How much are they paying? I like money

lnk said...

Anonymous 10:14--the problem is, we don't know who is who when people post anonymously.

This allows someone like yourself to be easily confused with one of the rude and obnoxious Esch staffers.

Why don't you put special initials at the bottom of your post so you can be differentiated from the other anon posters?

Anonymous said...

Drill Crew (59-86000)
Deck Crew (47-69000)
Control Room (59-89,000)
Rig Management (108-160,000)
Mechanical Dept. (57,500-87,500)
Subsea Dept. (65-86,000)

Here is what the offshore lifestyle is like..from Lifestyle
When you get an offer of employment your thoughts will turn to what it is going to be like working in what will be a very strange environment for most people.

From your first trip away life will change dramatically. Not only will your starting salary be on par with middle management onshore, but you will also be living in your place of work, completely surrounded by sea, with no sight of land.

The industry has an above average staff turnover due in part to people being unable to adjust to the lifestyle. Don't get the wrong idea, working offshore is not as difficult or arduous as some think it must be, conditions have improved dramatically and are continuing to do so.

On arrival at the rig you will be issued with safety boots, hard hat, safety glasses and coveralls. You will then be given a guided tour of the whole installation. Alarms, drills and muster points among other things will be explained to you.

A positive attitude will make life offshore much more enjoyable and may increase your chances of promotion. Keep focused on why it is that you are working out there and the plus points of the job. Everyone has different reasons and goals that bring them to the offshore industry.

You will work a twelve-hour day with a break in the morning, lunchtime and afternoon. "Tea shacks" are at various places throughout the rig and at designated times filled rolls or cakes etc. are provided. For your lunch you will take off work gear and go into the galley. The food is usually very good quality with a wide selection at every mealtime. The catering crews on some rigs organize theme nights with Chinese or Mexican food making up the majority of choices on the menu.

Quiz nights may be a weekly event, often held after the safety meeting and perhaps involving a small prize.

Offshore installations operate 24 hours a day, so depending on your job you may have to do night shift. With some jobs you may have to do a combination of days and nights. There are different systems used usually dependent on helicopter arrival times and company policies. Often you will start your "trip" on day shift and then move to night shift on your final days before going home. For example if you do two weeks on-two weeks off, you may do a week of days and a week of nights.

Off shift facilities vary from rig to rig. In the past there may only have been a packet of cards and a couple of dog-eared novels as rig leisure equipment. Today most rigs have a cinema showing satellite TV and a selection of videos, which are updated regularly, others also have TVs in every room. Many have excellent gym and sauna equipment. Others have table tennis, computers with Internet link and computer game consoles.

It is a great feeling to step off a rig with two or three weeks off. Some people travel half way round the world to their work.

redstate said...

A possible solution: if illegal's want to go and be on these rigs and help us drill for oil in a time of national need....maybe they could apply for citizenship that way.


lnk said...

RE: Jim Esch's failure to file

"In the end, it's a minor concern which is being resolved."

"These things aren't the issues that voters are going to be concerned about."

Dave Sund
Post on

Following the law. Following the rules. Being honest.

These are things the voters care about. And Jim Esch lacks all three.