Wednesday, June 04, 2008

Esch late again?

Did you read Joe Morton's story in the OWH about Nebraska's Members of, and candidates for, Congress and their outside assetts and income? Morton made some quips about Jeff Fortenberry, and noted income and assets for Lee Terry, Mike Johanns, Scott Kleeb, Ben Nelson, and Chuck Hagel.

And who was absent from this info?

Jim Esch!
(and Fortenberry's Dem opponent as well...)

Was the OWH just unable to reach Esch? Or is Esch late, again, in making the necessary filing statements in order to be a Member of the House of Representatives?

You may remember that Esch was late for nearly the entirety of 2007 in updating his statements, and it was only after he decided to make another run for Congress that he updated the required information.

This is the same candidate, by the way, that also does not have a campaign office. So maybe Morton was just wandering the streets knocking on doors and couldn't find him.


Don Walton of the LJS reports that Jake Thompson, formerly of the Omaha World Herald's Washington bureau, will be the the new communications director for...Democrat Senator Ben Nelson. He'll be able to swap stories with Nelson staffer Jim Fagan, formerly a reporter from WOWT in Omaha.


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omaha repub said...

Sweeper, Jim is high tech. He has a virtual office. Brick and Mortar is out, e-mail and web pages are in!!!! Even the traditional logos are out. Didn't Esch get an award for his logo. C'mon sweeper we are dinosaurs, Jim Esch is the

Anonymous said...

Sweeper--good work! I did some research at the U.S. House site: that financial disclosure form was due 5/15--what is Esch hiding? The form specifically states that anyone who "... fails to file ... may be subject to civil penalties and criminal sanctions (See U.S.C. app 4, s. 104 and 18 U.S.C. s. 1001)."

Jim wants to be in the U.S. House. But if he doesn't file, maybe he'll end up in the "Big House" instead.

Todd said...

anon 10:40am:

Get a life. Seriously. Maybe pull back the shades on your windows to let in some sunlight, take a walk, get outside, try talking to a girl (or a guy, don't want to be sexist), or maybe even find a hobby.

"Big house." I get it. That's awesomely funny!

Anonymous said...

Sweeper, you really are desperate, aren't you.

The article clearly states that "eight Midlands lawmakers provided copies of their reports to The World-Herald", and that Esch's report was "not available". What this could very easily mean is that they requested the reports, but didn't receive a copy from Esch before the article went to publication. That doesn't mean he doesn't have one or hasn't filed. Now, if it comes out that he didn't, okay, but right now there is nothing that you can base your slander on. Unless, of course, you don't care about waiting for the truth and only care to find a way to act like a typical, right-wing slime machine.

Street Sweeper said...

Please do point out the "slander".

We pose the question as to whether or not Esch filed. If he did, then the number of pro-Eschees who troll this site should be able to clear it up.

If not, then it's a very good question.

Anonymous said...

Anonymous 11:20 (aka "left-Wing Slime Machine"): If Jim has the report, then why don't you have him release it today or even post it here on LS?

I bet Jim blames this latest error on the "policy director" (like he did when he threw her under the bus when he got caught plagierizing the Brookings Institution report). Regardless, Jim is sending the message (again) that he doesn't care about deadlines or legal requirements.

BB said...

Anon @ 11:20 - Actually, because this was not spoken communication, it would be libel, not slander. And it is neither of these if the accusation is true. In this case, it is neither because a question was simply asked and an affirmative statement was not made. Being that whoever wrote that posting doesn't seem to understand basic legal concepts, I wouldn't be suprised if the author was Jim himself.

Anonymous said...

Todd...kind of highstrung there, aren't you?

The 'Big House' was meant as a joke, but I'll put 'lol' next to any future attempts at humor!

moniker said...

The article states: "The 2007 reports have yet to be publicly released — they are due later this month — but eight Midlands lawmakers provided copies of their reports to The World-Herald."

I'm not an Esch fan, but what exactly was he late on if they are not due until later this month? Or am I misreading that and the compiled reports are due to be released later this month, but candidate/member deadlines were earlier?

Also, I find it ridiculously intrusive that anyone running for office is now expected to release their financial, medical, etc. information. I half expect the media to demand to know how often they use the restroom, and the particular color of the waste involved.

pol observer said...

Why is everyone all bent out of shape? I have the ESCH FEC report here!!!

Angela Esch $2,000
Bob Esch $2,000
Carl Esch $2,000
David Esch $2,000
Ed Esch $2,000
Frank Esch $2,000
Grorge Esch $2,000
Harry Esch $2,000
Ida Esch $2,000
Jerry Esch $2,000
Kerry Esch $2,000
Creighton Prep Class of 1993 $2000


Office $0.00
Website development $25,000
Logo Development $1,000
Glamour Shots photography $1,000
Bluejay Bar and Grill $2,200.00
Cheesey Billboard off 84th & Center $1000
Negative Result Drug Test $90.00 (billed to Richard Carter)

Street Sweeper said...

(Editor's Note to average reader: Pol Observer's post is in jest. But props for alphabetizing the names...)

pol observer said...

Thanks Sweeper The amended FEC report is in:


Larry Esch $2,000
Mary Esch-Townsend $2,000
Neil Esch $2,000
Oscar Esch $2,000
Tony Raimondo $2,000

Scott Kleeb $1,000 (written off)

In-Kind Donations

Barrett's $500.00
Pauli's $200.00
Red Lounge $300.00
Dubliner $500.00
The Maxx $200.00
Playhouse Performing Arts Center $1,000
Mr. Toads $200.00
18th Amendment $200.00

Does anyone else have any of his other amended reports?

Anonymous said...

yep sounds like a gotchya there sweeper, perhaps you should file a complaint with the reports police

and what is with this windmill energy story I keep hearing esch tell

Street Sweeper said...

By the "reports police", I take it you mean the Federal Election Commission? I'll let them shake it out, along with any appropriate penalties.

Though you would think that if Esch actually filed what he was supposed to, we would know by now.

Anonymous said...

Correction Sweeper<

Jimmy didn't file his 2007 reports in January 2008 so that he could run again. He filed them so that he could close out his campaign committee that had $120,000 worth of debt. Many people were shocked that he would do this because everyone knows that you don't close a committee if you have debt. Once it is closed, your ability to pay back yourself for all those loans is forever lost.

But, a promise is a promise.

Anyway, the really weird part is that Esch stuck all that old debt into his shiny NEW campaign committee that he opened but did not
disclose donors or expenses for. He raised and spent money with no oversight for almost 2 months and then the only expenses he seemed to have had were to 1 person. Boy did she ever get a lot of money from him.

I wonder what the FEC will say about that-now that they have appointees to the Board and will now complete all those investigations that they didn't work on last year because they didn't have a quorum?

Betty said...

After reading Joe's column I am appalled. Kleb is 34 years old and still doesn't have his life together.

A man that touts change and knowing how to make our world a better place has liabilities that exceed his assets. His decision make capabilities are clouded at best.

Nebraskans will see through his facade AGAIN!!!!!

The good news is --- I think ---- Kleb, unlike Obama, knows there are 50 states in the United States --- NOT 57!!!

Anonymous said...

Betty --- at least get your facts correct. Obama said he had been to 57 states and soom to hit another to cover all of these United States.

So the fact is Obama knows there are 58 states.

And all of us supporters know he is correct on ALL issues and the smartest candidate for President.

Previously Hillary was the smartest in the world --- now it is Obama!!!!

Anonymous said...

Will daddy pay for Jim's HQ?

Will it open this month?

Anonymous said...

Betty: It does takes a while to get a PhD. He hasn't been out of school long at all.

curbfeeler said...

Scott Kleeb reported he has as little as $4,000 in assets and as much as $165,000 in debts.

Q. How do you bribe a indebted politician?

A. Too easily.

Pol Observer said...

Curbfeeler wrong answer!!! Pay him $30,000 a year from an extreme liberal enviromental group as a consultant. I didn't know Scott was a PHD in enviromental studies.

Anonymous said...

I hear Esch has written an energy plan--you can get it at the Brookings Institution web site.

Anonymous said...

I would be willing to bet that most people with a PH.D owe way more than what they have in assets. BTW, it was a between $4,000 and $63,000, the real answer is somewhere in the middle. Plus he is making pretty good money, over 70,000 a year. Even with liabilities between 75,000 and 165,000 he is doing pretty well for himself. You republican blowhards should learn to criticize when it is deserved

Anonymous said...

I would be willing to bet that most people with a PH.D owe way more than what they have in assets. BTW, it was a between $4,000 and $63,000, the real answer is somewhere in the middle. Plus he is making pretty good money, over 70,000 a year. Even with liabilities between 75,000 and 165,000 he is doing pretty well for himself. You republican blowhards should learn to criticize when it is deserved

curbfeeler said...

Anonymouth 4:49, 4:49. Get excited and stammer on your button?

Mr. Kleeb said his total assets were as low as $4000 dollars. Homeless people saving up for a tent have that much. If you don't like that number, talk to Mr. Kleeb. But don't tell us it is normal for a guy to want to spend OPM before he pays off his own personal debts.

Anonymous said...

Homeless people aren't fortunate enough to have 4 cents (many thanks to the R's)...what selfish, ignorant world do you live in? Oh ya, the R (ridiculous)world.

Betty, are you done talking to yourself(ves) for the day?

pol observer said...

I think you are missing the point folks. Where does Kleeb get his lion share of income from? Consulting for a radical environmental group!!! You should read the positions of this organization.

Gwen said...

Dear All You Anonyms

I have seen where the Kleebster had studied for a PhD but I have never seen where it was awarded.

What was his "thesis" ----- how did he test it, and what where his conclusions or results?

So --- I don't think I will call him "Doc" just quite yet!!!!

Anonymous said...

"Scott got his Masters degree in international relations, and then a PhD in history, with a special focus on agricultural economics. Awards and honors soon followed. His doctoral dissertation won the prize for best work in Western American history" He went to Yale university. This was lifted straight from his website.

Robin said...

Holy Smokes, dare someone other than a Creighton Law Graduate attempt to run for political office in this state.

Anonymous said...

Its a heinous crime robin

Ricketts' FEC Lawyer said...

Anyone remember Pete Ricketts didn't file his financial disclosure forms until 6 months after the deadline?

Where was the right wing wacko echo chamber back then? Maybe Esch is following Pete's lead in transparency and disclosure.

And, anyone count how many folks named "ricketts" contributed to Pete's campaign and the NEGOP? Seems all those contributions "earned" Pete a spot as chairman or whatever he is.

I thought elephants were supposed to have long memories.

Loyal Dem said...

Ricketts FEC Attorney --- don't you get it. We Dems, rather than demanding and expecting excellence --- all we have to do is say the Repub or someone of stature did it too.

Another case in point on rationalization and justification. When William Jefferson Clinton got caught with his hands in so many panties --- he said Thomas Jefferson did the same thing, rather than apologizing to the American people for his wrong doing.

We as Dems don’t have to be pillars of excellence, we just need to be a little better than the worst Repub.

Anonymous said...

The two prior posts: There's an easy way to settle this--have Esch file the required disclosure and make it public today.

What is he hiding?

BTW--it was one week ago that Eschman Sund said they had an HQ. Still not open...good hustle there guys!

Anonymous said...

Another point, is that Jim Esch got all his "passes" last Election when he wasn't a professional politician.

Pete Ricketts also got a lot of passes last Election when he wasn't a professional politician.

The difference this time is that by the Dums own definition, Little Jimmy IS a professional politician now and seems to be stepping in political poop everytime he walks out of the door of where ever he slept the night before.

It seems that Congressman Terry has stated multiple times since the day after the last election, that he spent the vast majority of his time over the last 3 years ignoring Esch, but that he would not ignore him or his campaign this time but, rather, (in my own words) kick his ass all over this District.

All I can say for Little Jimmy is that he better batten down the hatches and grab his blankie 'cuz this ain't gonna be any fun for him or his finances!

Anonymous said...

Anonymous 8:52--you must be Jim Esch.

Your post: "This was lifted straight from his (Kleeb's) website."

Anonymous said...

Hey, anonymous 4:13--re: the "reports police" you referred to:

Here's the law on financial disclosures, see the U.S. House and FEC:

Anyone who "fails to file . . . may be subject to civil penalties and criminal sanctions (see U.S.C. app 4, s.104 and U.S.C. s. 1001)."

I know this is no big deal to Jim.

Anonymous said...

Is that because he has grown accustomed to civil penalties and criminal sanctions?

Maybe I was wrong, it seems he might fit just right in the Kennedy/Democrat Party.

the giggler said...

Anonymous 8:22

Care to wager on how many Republicans are in jail at the moment?

The best you can do is refer to a car accident from the 1960's?

I guess, gay bathroom sex, perjury, pedophilia, prostitution, bribery, fraud, and having secret families are all AOK as long as you are a "good conservative."

And all this tough talk about Lee "kickin' asses" is ridiculous. He's been referred to as the Pillsbury dough boy of congress. is he going to giggle us all to death?

Anonymous said...

It's Sunday--where's Jim's financial disclosure report?

What is he hiding?

Anonymous said...

And, it's 10 days since Esch's campaign said they were getting a headquarters.

Is it open now?

Anonymous said...

No, the best I can refer to is that every Dum this state is running has been in BIG trouble with Johnny Law. Losing your drivers license for any reason is never good news, but when it is for plowing down the road while you're plowed and playing with your girlfriend in the passenger seat, it is downright shameful-JIM!

The "accident" was the one when Little Kennedy attempted to kill 2 Capitol Hill police officers while he was high on Ambien?!

The 1960's accident was just the predecessor to a long line of Kennedy homicides.

As far as Lee "kicking asses", I am not so sure that is his area of expertise-by his own admission. However, he will be mopping up the floor with Jimbo come November (if Esch can handle that may weeks at one job!) and if Jim prefers the bar room floor, then so be it.

Anonymous said...

The clock is ticking, have you responded to any of your FEC Failure to Comply requests?

You know, mommy and daddy cannot pay FEC fines-neither can your campaign.

Miss Mary can't front you the money, either.

Anonymous said...

Esch and Terry are not the future. Adam T. Plageman is! Plageman in 2010!