Tuesday, February 26, 2008

Has Esch tossed his hat?

Jim Esch has had his $40,000 campaign website up ever since the day after the 2006 election. He did one last post entitled, "Not a win, but I would not call it a loss either..." (which we perfunctorily refuted ), then went off to not-file FEC reports for the next fourteen months.

We heard from him a few months ago when he announced he wasn't running because Hillary would be too much of a drag on the ticket. He gave 2008 to Congressman Lee Terry and said maybe 2010 would be good. (In the mean time, Rich Carter jumped in the race, God bless his soul.)

But with the Obasm that Dems are having lately, it would seem that Esch has had a change of heart.

We look at the old Esch for Congress campaign site, which hadn't changed in four hundred sixty-some days, and see this:

We're looking forward to Esch and Carter taking shots at each other, just like...


...the Dem Senate race that has finally livened up!

As we noted yesterday, Scott Kleeb jumped right out of the box knocking Tony Raimondo for becoming a Democrat. Apparently that will be Kleeb's main issue for why Nebraskans should send Scott to the U.S. Senate.

And over at the Raimondo HQ? After Tony was done bashing Mike Johanns and remembered that he hadn't gotten the nomination yet, he let this one fly against Kleeb (and his rip off of the Obama slogan):
Scott comes out of education. I come out of business. What has business had to do with the last two decades. Change. Change. Change.

The appropriate political response here is, RrRRRRRRrrr! Cat fight!

(Of course, during all that time at Behlen, it seems that Raimondo didn't have time to do much public speaking. You can take a look at his announcement speech here, just as long as you have a pillow nearby.)


In the mean time we'd like to point you over to the very well done Mike Johanns website, where you'll find at least four new videos up. They're short, to the point, and we'd say well-produced.

Johanns campaign manager Chris Peterson is also having fun batting away the Kleeb and Raimondo accusations during Spring training. It will be fun watching them scurry when the Johanns camp marries the Dem nominee to all of Obama's positions. You know, the ones that get a little more specific beyond Hope! and Change!...


Mike in Omaha said...

Chris Peterson has the easiest job in politics this cycle. Hell Chris is more qualified to be Senator than Scott Kleeb. He just doesn't look as good in a cowboy hat....lol Sorry Chris

Anonymous said...

If Nelson has Kleeb's kneecaps drilled, will that effect his night job with Chippendales?

Anonymous said...

Does this mean Jim Esch's mommy has to foot the bill again for her son to lose? WOW, she really needs to tell Jim to get a job.

Anonymous said...

You mean bar fly is not a real job?

Anonymous said...

I wonder how much 13 years of Catholic School plus Creighton University BS and JD costs?

Assuming, the amount is well over $100,000;then you add the $125,000 that Esch (or an Esch) legally or illegally lent to his failed 2006 election and has yet to payback, that must mean that Jim's money is inherited because return on their investment doesn't seem to be their gig.

It seems the most successful thing Esch has ever done is spent money and hung out with his famiy-Where's the work experience? Where's the ability to pay one's debts? Where's the man, all I see is a boy being taken care of by his family.

Anonymous said...

anony, a Creighton undergraduate education, tuition alone, will run you $120,000 alone. Jim does not have that much money from working.