Thursday, November 09, 2006

Terry v. Esch: No, Not That Close

The day after the election on his campaign website, before he makes his declaration for 2008, Jim Esch starts with this line:

“Not a win, but I would not call it a loss.”

No, it’s a loss.
Esch lost by 10%. In political terms, that’s a solid loss.
It’s not in the 60’s, but make no mistake, it’s still a specific spanking.

Democrats and others woke up on Election Day-plus-one surprised that Terry didn’t win by more. (And we find it hilarious that Barry Rubin is now running for cover from intra-party criticism.) Now they’ve apparently convinced themselves that with just a little more punch, Esch could have pulled it out. (Esch pops onto Democratic party radar a day late – OWH – 11/9/06.)

Uh, no.

In our prediction, one of the only ones available anywhere in this race, we at Leavenworth Street made the guess that Terry would hit 63%. The mistake we made in our odds was that we ignored the fact that Terry all but ignored Esch.

Terry ran a full court positive campaign and acted as if he were running unopposed. He did not run any negative ads against Esch, and did not take the time to define Esch. Against a more formidable opponent this could have been costly for Terry. But had he gone negative (or comparative) he would have defined Esch any way he pleased, obliterating him and putting him in Michael Scott territory.

Esch ran a high school student council campaign, sporting t-shirts and tennis shoes to big-boy events. After a trip to Washington where he failed to gain any PAC support, he claimed he was PAC-free, and then failed to raise any significant money. He then wasted the tiny amount of campaign funds he collected on a vanity website that he and his drinking buddies could admire, instead of on effective TV, radio and print ads (not to mention polling). His bus-bench campaign made it look as if he were running an extended state legislature campaign, instead of trying to sit in John Cavanaugh’s old seat.

On Election Day, Esch admitted in his campaign blog that he thought of quitting the race before the general election, yet was talked out of it by his parents, as if he were tiring of his 3rd grade karate class after finding out it wasn’t all about chopping boards in half. This only magnifies what many knew: Esch would love to sit in an elected office, because, well, he wants to sit in an elected office. He hasn’t built a resume as a hard worker, or a dedicated public servant or a successful businessman. He’s built a resume of being the guy whose name was on a ballot when the Democrats got swept into office. Except he didn’t get to join them.

We’re sure that Esch is convinced that if he’d only put some effort into it, he could have made the race competitive. (And Jim, since you’ve already declared for 2008, will you also refuse PAC money again?) The reality is that a well-qualified candidate could have made this competitive. Esch was not that candidate, and simply declaring that he’s going to do it again in two years doesn’t make him any more qualified.

In this year of Democrat takeover, Lee Terry is fortunate he didn’t have a more qualified opponent.

But Jim Esch is lucky that Lee Terry didn’t knock his political block off.


Holly Esch said...

You sir have one HELL of a chip on your shoulder. I don't know why you seemingly hate Jim so much, but your bitterness is apparent. I don't really care if this gets posted, because now that the campaign is over, I am going to say something as Jim's sister and not someone affiliated with the campaign. Say what you want, I think you are just miffed that your obviously arm chair political predictions were not what you thought they would be. I am not someone who gets mad easily, but when you say something about my family, I see red. You have slandered my brother's name enough. Jim and my entire family, not mention this ENTIRE campaign of staff and volunteers has worked harder than anyone!
And how dare you say anything about my mother and father! Do you even know what my parent's have sacrificed for us?! What is so wrong with having supportive parents? At least Jim is close with his family, and I don't know why you see fault with that! Nothing was handed to us or them. We earned everything. My family is not perfect, but don't you say that they do not work hard. Call me what you want, I don't care, but I will defend my family and the people who worked so hard and long on this campaign to the bitter end.
Lee and Hagel even told Jim they would be happy to take him into the Republican party because of the great campaign he ran... so if you think you know whats going on, maybe you should think again. This campaign deserves respect, each person involved deserves respect, you however, who sits behind a screen and for the amount of posting you do, I am guessing you don't get out and help candidates very much, do not get to say a thing about something you know so little about. DO NOT make what people do for a living or a civic duty sound worthless. We tried to change something for the better, and Lee will agree. So, seriously, should you want to respond to me directly, you have my e-mail. I don't back down from a good fight. We will be back in '08 and we are still keeping Team Esch together, and we came closer to beating Lee than any other campaign has. So brush of your shoulder and do something to change the world for the better. I am waiting for your response.

Anonymous said...

Anything Terry would have done would have raised Esch's profile, getting Esch more votes. He lost by the difference in name recognition between the two candidates---had Esch had name recognition parity, he would have been within two points of Terry.

Terry is thinking about running for Senate---it would be amusing to see what Jon Bruning would be able to say about Mr. Terry...I think a Republican primary could be EXTREMELY fascinating.

Street Sweeper said...

Holly Esch,

If you, as Jim’s younger sister and a campaign worker WEREN’T upset at critiques of Jim and the campaign I would be surprised.

But, this is the big-time and criticism comes with the job application.

But let’s clear one thing up: Leavenworth Street has NEVER criticized your parents or the rest of your family. Today’s post quotes what Jim said about your father, and our criticism comes at his admitted attitude about running for office. I commend your father, but criticize your brother. And your brother, as a candidate should be able to accept it.

I should note that there have been other comments posted here that have criticized where Jim’s money comes from, etc., and you can take that up with those commenters. Though again, how a candidate’s campaign is funded is certainly up to public scrutiny.

I’m sure you worked very hard on your campaign. However, on this blog where we comment on Nebraska politics (it’s in the title), we certainly have critiques of the campaign that the Democratic candidate for the House of Representatives ran, and have expressed those.

Street Sweeper said...

"anonymous", I would agree that if Terry had done a negative ad or two, it may have raised Esch's profile. But with it would have come a definition of Esch that wouldn't have been countered. Negative name ID isn't good name ID.

And hold onto your thoughts about the Senate '08, as we'll be posting on that, probably tomorrow or early next week at the latest.

Anonymous said...

"Lee and Hagel even told Jim they would be happy to take him into the Republican party because of the great campaign he ran..."

My Gawd Child. Have you no sense at all????? Ever thought that that if Terry and Hagel made such statement, that they might have been in jest - perhaps a token, Holly? There is no way Hagel or Terry would have meant something like that. You lie, your brother lies. Hell, Holly, the entire reason your big bro ran was because he smelled a political opportunity. That certainly explains his daily changing positions.

And BTW, when your big bro is out running his mouth about sitting member of congress "lacking integrity" and "selling their votes to the highest bidder," I'd love to see how you are going to tell me that Jim ran a positive or even truthful campaign. Everywhere he went, he sang DCC TPs or just told people whatever they wanted to hear.

A word of advice, it will catch up to you all. Very soon.

Terry ran against Rickett's cash and throw 'em all out message - Terry didn't run against your... message??? WTH was your message anyway? Jim Esch loves anything??? Jim Esch will someday see reality??? Jim Esch loves change with no solutions??? Jim Esch loves youtube??? Jim Esch loves every bill that Terry introduces and passes and even claims the ideas as his own??? Jim Esch will bus people to the polls who don't know what they are voting for??? JIM ESCH LOVES BUS BENCHES???

Seriously, Holly.

What do you really bring? Snotty looks??

How about you go destroy some more Lee Terry yard signs then talk about your brilliant campaign strategies.

Tell you what, you are in way above your head and so is your bro. a 10-point win in a year that 20some House R's went down, gives you nothing.

So there's my free advise for you. Even if you are rude and obnoxious.

anonymous coward said...

Speaking of rude and obnoxious... Pot, this is kettle. You're black.

Anonymous said...

Goodness kids, it's Jim's sister for crying out loud. Leave the girl alone.

That being said, I don't agree with much that SS says, but I do think that jumping into the political sphere means the risk of close scrutiny. And while Esch's campaign was high-energy and visible, it was also non-tradional in its methods of delivery. A critique of its effectiveness is not unwarranted (and perhaps even useful should Esch go for another run anytime soon).

If the Dems are smart, they will take this election cycle as a learning experience. Kleeb in particular forced western Nebraskans to at least pause and think about their reasons for voting for a particular candidate. Most still chose party loyalties, which is certainly fine, but the fact that such a tradition was even challenged is both a testament to Kleeb's strengths and illustrative of Adrian's inadequacies. In the future they need to be much more strategic if they're going to expect any success. I'm positive the next GOP candidates will be of much higher caliber than either Ricketts or Smith.

SS, I'm curious to hear what you have to say about '08.

Anonymous said...

anon@2:06.... Apparently they have internet access at the Regional Center. I've read and responded at this site over the past month or so and have been entertained, angered, forced to think about things, but never seen anything like your infantile, yet bullying, post. The only saving grace is that I can, with certainty, celebrate the fact that you are not on my side. Do yourself a favor and take some time off from thinking about politics.

evil pelosi said...

I find it down right hilarious how disillusioned the Esch camp is, THEY ACTUALLY BELIEVE the reason they only lost by 10, was because they ran a good campaign. Their political savvy is equal to that of those stupid bus benches.
In ANY other year Lee would have buried ol' Jimmy (please don't cry Holly, I don't mean it literally.) It was not what the Esch campaign did, but instead the national discontent within our party, (thus the practically non-existent GOP voter turnout in Douglas and Sarpy counties) coupled with the fact that people absolutely despised Pete Ricketts and his cash, (thus the large democratic turnout) that even allowed Jimmy to hang within 10% of Lee.
Don't get confused Esch camp, it was nothing you did that made this race close. Come again in '08 and you will be buried much deeper.

Anonymous said...


Is Jim still going to run w/o special interest money in 2008? Do you think Jim could beat Terry if he had the money??

These people on here need to realize that Esch can win.

Sarah Johnson

tiffany seibert said...

Jim Esch's message resonated with many voters on both sides of party lines in this election. While it may not have inspired you, Anonymous, it inspired hundreds of volunteers and 47% of the voters. I think that says something about the strength of his message, considering the "tiny amount of campaign funds," and the lack of "effective tv, radio, and print ads (not to mention polling)," (STSW).

If the election were decided by strength of support, Jim Esch would have won by a landslide. Unfortunately a vote of lukewarm support counts as much as that cast with enthusiasm for a candidate, and Terry pulled out the victory.

And to Holly, comments such as "My Gawd child- Have you no sense at all?" and calling you "rude and obnoxious" don't even deserve two seconds of your time. Personal insults do not belong in a political "forum" which this blog claims to be. You know how hard you, your family, your staff, and your volunteers worked on the campaign. It is unfortunate that anyone would attempt to drag what has been a sincere, hard-working campaign through the mud with unfounded personal attacks and accusations. I would pass that advice back to Anonymous, "It will all catch up with you very soon."

I understand that politics is personal, but it is important to remember that we all want what is best for the country- we just have different ideas about how to do that.

Anonymous said...

has any reporter or member of the democrat party stopped to realize that esch is the biggest loser of all the nebraska house candidates. esch had by far the largest dem base to draw from in the secong district, out of all the districts and yet kleb and mole turned out thousands and thousands of more dems than esch. but hey if the omaha world herald can only see as far as esch's spin - that's there own foolish fault.

evil pelosi said...

Yes Sarah Johnson, in bizarro world the janitor that works mornings at the playhouse could beat a seasoned U.S. Congressman like Lee Terry, but this is reality.
If you really support Jimmy, you should advise him to start somewhere more appropriate for a dude like him, like say running for president of the college democrats or something.

mom at home said...

It's called being polite, that is what Lee Terry is all about. By the way, why would Lee want to run for Senate in '08 since his win (with other loses) is a gain for him on the Energy and Commerce Committee.

By the way, talk about a "chip on your shoulder"?! Holly ought to see a chiropractor about that problem with hers!!

Anonymous said...

mom at home:

Please please please study how the House of Representatives work. Lee Terry had little power in the House when the Republicans ran things---he has no power now. He is a complete nobody, and it isn't even his fault anymore.

He is exploring a Senate bid. I don't think he can survive a Senate primary. If he proves me wrong, good for him.

mom at home said...

I bet I've studied it more than Jim Esch did!

Anonymous said...

all i can say is the picture in the OWH after election day and Terry's look on his face at the 10:15 newsflash were PRICELESS...

Terry in a senate race - he may as well kiss his political career goodbye...

Bruning and fahey run head-to-head in 08

Anonymous said...

Sarah and others, while you seem to genuinely, if not blindly, believe in Jim Esch for whatever reason, don't let your infatuation get carried away. The reality is he had his shot this year.

In '08 it will be a presidential year; two, possibly three, people who play well in Nebraska will be running on the Republican Ticket:
McCain; Guliani; and Hagel???.

The reality is voter turnout is larger in "on" years...and with any one of those popular candidates running, Dems will not have the opportunity they let slip by this year.

While Mr. Esch did better than others expected, 10 points is in no way a close race. While I applaud his effort, the same race doesn't work in '08.

Republican turnout will be much higher and Democratic turnout likely peaked this year. Mr. Esch is now a known commodity. The same race in a tougher year gets him rougly the same, if not worse, results and labled by serious people as nieve.

Being known, he has a stake in this horse race now. He can't go about it with this my way nothing to lose attitude he displayed in his "kiss the ring" comment in the OWH where ten points is viewed a win. If he was so successful, why is he not making national news; because ten points is a solid loss...especially in a year where the political climate was ideal.

Mr. Esch will also not be able to enjoy the anonimity he was granted this year. He will be taken seriously as a candidate, and his closet will likely be cleaned out in search of ammo should he mount a real charge. If this year has proven anything, its that politics can be nasty (see Nelson Rickets and a handful of other races around the country)...Mr. Esch did not see that side of things and very possibly may in '08. If he thinks a mailing distorting his position is negative, that is only proof of how green a candidate he really is.

Further, lest we forget, the Democrats have a chair in the game now too. They won't be able to claim the problems in '08 are completely attributable to the Republicans. In two years, one will easily be able to point the finger at the party in control of the legislative branch as they will be able to blame the Commander in Chief.

While a moral/morale victory for you and Mr. Esch, this is in no way a victory on political terms. The seat is still occupied by a Republican, the best opportunity one could have to beat an incumbent is gone, and patting yourselves on the back for giving it the old college try will soon be lost on the general population in roughly two days when the Huskers play their next game.

Good luck planning for '08...the rest of us have to get up and go to work tomorrow.

Anonymous said...


" as if he were tiring of his 3rd grade karate class after finding out it wasn’t all about chopping boards in half "

I don't care who you are, that's funny.

Don Kuhns said...

Well that was certainly an interesting piece of fiction, Street Sweeper. I'd think that the butt-whipping handed to the Republicans on Tuesday had pushed you over the edge, if I didn't know that you already resided there.

My God, we're talking about a political unknown running for U.S. Congress against an unsullied incumbent with four terms under his belt. There is simply no question that Team Esch did a great job against very long odds.

Your statement that Terry did not go negative is simply a lie, and you know it. One of my favorite moments from the campaign was reading that Jim had called Lee Terry a liar, which is exactly what he and his wingnut brethren are. Obviously Terry realized late how much trouble he was in. Going negative with outright lies during the last few days of a campaign is a desperation move in anyone's book.

It's funny that you should characterize Jim's run as a "high school student council campaign". Of the pathetic few Terry boosters I saw during this cycle, about half appeared to be of grade school age.

I also find it funny that a Terry fan would write,"But had he gone negative (or comparative) he would have defined Esch any way he pleased, obliterating him and putting him in Michael Scott territory." Aren't the losers supposed to be bringing up the "what-ifs"? I think with that remark you disproved your whole point.

asecurityguard said...

Street Sweeper,
Wow are you an idiot. Where do you get some of these ideas of yours??? A political nobody democrat running against a 4 term repbulican incumbent in one of the reddest states in America is going to lose 9 out of 10 times. But if the challanger can make the incumbent even a little nervous in that situation it is a surprise. Did you see Terry on TV tuesday night??? He had the most dumbfounded look on his face like he didn't know what was happening and it was all a bad dream. Jim didn't sell his soul to the special interests so of course he didn't have the 1.1 million dollars to spend. If he did have that much money he would have won because people were attracted to the cause because he refused to accept special interest money. He didn't have name recognition like he does now. He didn't get the support from the state dems or the national dems. When he gets that in two years, watch out. And Holly, love what your saying and keep it up.
nathan erixon

Anonymous said...

Dear Don,

If you want to talk about a liar, let us begin with Mr. Esch. Can you defend his maling on the last weekend of the campaign telling voters that he has the endorsement of "Nebraskan's for Life"? There is no such group, organization, or charity recognized by any of the pro'life groups locally, statewide or nationally. When asked about it, Mr. Esch tried to defend his lie to the public as a "mistake" by the printer or somebody. It was intentional and it was a lie. Mr. Esch lost his prolife endorsement because he believes that playing Frankenstein on "human embryos already scheduled for destruction" is okay. What are these embryos, life or not. You can't refer to a potential baby as if they were a blighted building ready to be imploded. I'm just willing to bet the the families who can't even produce embryos for invitro wouldn't look at it that way.

Back to the liar. Mr. Esch sent this mailing at the last moment knowing full well that the OWH would do nothing about it and it dropped the day after last comments were allowed to the Pulse. This is probably the only bit of campaign they did right. Negative and nasty, typical Dem politics. As for the rest of the campaign, the reason it was run as a mostly volunteer and family program is because Mr. Esch was stupid enough to pay over $70,000 for his website and maintenance and gave Mary Barrett over $58,000. Yes, I too, agree that Jessica Moenning was in over her head and WAY OVER PAID, but Rickett's had the money, Esch didn't and was a fool to waste it the way he did.

My final point is this; who will pay back his loans to his campaign, and presumably whoever lent him the money. They are required, by law to be paid by individual donors under FEC rules. Not your parents, and they can't be "forgiven". As was said previously, if mr. Esch wants to come back in 2008, I am sure the Terry campaign would welcome the opportunity to sho the people of the 2nd exactly what kind of a kid Esch really is.

Anonymous said...

In case anyone doesn't remember, Terry won the election. Your candidate is in office. It doesn't really do any good anymore to attack his opponent. So can we all give the Esch bashing a rest for a while? Maybe wait until the next election?

Street Sweeper said...

Uh, it was ESCH who started campaigning by declaring for '08 on his website -- and Holly Esch said herself that "Team Esch" is gearing up for the next round.

Let the campaigning begin!

Anonymous said...


typical "team esch". wah wah wah. little jimmy told a lie and got called out on it. poor little jimmy gets to say whatever he wants but god forbid someone brings him to reality. it's ok for jimmy to lie and attack, but if the congressman defends himself then he's a bully. wah wah wah.

wake up.

Anonymous said...



Anonymous said...

LETS NOT TYP ALL OF WHAT WE SAY IN CAPS LOCKS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Everything Happens for a Reason said...

Whether this race was "close" is a matter of perspective.

What is not up for debate, is that this race was far closer than it should have been.

Street Sweeper said...

"Everything happens", that is absolutely up for debate. In this year of the Dems, you could argue that Esch should have gotten much closer than 10%, had he run a decent campaign. Though we go back to our point about Terry running no negs on Esch.

Morgin said...

"Mr. Esch lost his prolife endorsement because he believes that playing Frankenstein on "human embryos already scheduled for destruction" is okay. What are these embryos, life or not. You can't refer to a potential baby as if they were a blighted building ready to be imploded. I'm just willing to bet the families who can't even produce embryos for invitro wouldn't look at it that way."

And I am willing to bet that individuals and families battling cancer, Alzheimer's, Parkinson's and many other horrific diseases potentially cured by stem cell research wouldn't look at it your way. It seems that those who are opposed to stem cell research, based purely on the pro-life argument, are those who have not been directly affected by these diseases. I applaud Jim for recognizing the importance of stem cell research for medical advancement and realizing it doesn't directly coincide with your stance on abortion.

It seems that the majority of people have taken it upon themselves to personally attack Jim and his family. I disagree with the notion that “because you are running for public office” these types of attacks are to be expected. Many of us know there are aspects of Lee Terry's personal life that could be exploited, we just choose not to. Why? Because it has no place in the political arena or on this blog. It says a lot about Jim Esch's campaign and his political views that you have resorted to name-calling. One would hope that individuals would be able to intelligently debate issues and critique candidates based on these issues. It’s ironic that those of you who state that Jim was running a “high school campaign” are those who are, in turn, acting like they are still in high school. Grow up.

Jim was able to run a solid campaign without special interest money and was always straightforward with his views. With Jim, what you see is what you get. For the first time in a long time, he was able to get a community excited about politics. For a state that is primarily “red,” it was nice to see such a strong Democratic showing. I second what Tiffany previously wrote…

“If the election were decided by strength of support, Jim Esch would have won by a landslide. Unfortunately a vote of lukewarm support counts as much as that cast with enthusiasm for a candidate…”

mom at home said...

The fact that Esch is pro-embryonic stem cell research is why he lost the endorsement that he later (3 days prior to the election) tried to tell people he had. That piece of mail that thousands of people in this area received, was a flat out lie. Why would you be proud of a candidate who was willing to mislead prolife voters so blatantly? If he was so proud of his progressive stand on life and stem cell research, why did he run so hard away from it?

In my opininion (since that is all that this blog is for) the only reason America has such a sordid love affair going with embryonic stem cell research is that the whole rest of the world is more interested in that than they are in cord blood and adult stem cell research. Unfortunately, the rest of the world is also interested in selective termination of pregnancy, abandonment of children, and the outright massacre of opposing ideologies.

As much as beating the rest of the world at something appeals to me, I can't just look away from the unintended consequences of expanded embryonic stem cell research.

If you want a hint at what it could open the door to, just read the article in the OWH about adults selling their kidneys for money. Do you really think women wouldn't sell their harvested eggs and men wouldn't sell their sperm?! They already sell their bodies for cash, at least with this they could get a free annual exam out of the deal too.

Esch is going to have to come up with a better argument for using "scheduled for destruction" embryos for research than, it will get me some votes that Lee Terry has lost because he supports adult stem cell research and cord blood research. It just doesn't fly.

Maybe if Esch grows up, works for a little longer than a year or so at a job, and pays off this elections debts, then we might have an interesting election. Until then, it will be the same as this year. Lee Terry with a record to stand on and Jim Esch with his soap box under his arm trying to get somebody to listen to him.

Reagan Republican said...

Well said Mom at Home.

Let's bury a couple things here once and for all. First, the hypothesis that Jim Esch "ran a great campaign" and "excited the voters". He did not run a good campaign because he barely ran one. I'm sorry, but checking your emails, your MySpace page, eating omelettes at diners and partying at Barretts does not a good campaign make.

Esch got 45% of the vote because the Democrats were motivated in this election, like the rest of the country. You want surprises? check out how 15 term incumbant (and moderate) Jim Leach got beat in Iowa (last year got 60% of the vote). Or Gil Gutknecht in MN, also lost after receiving 60% of the vote last time. Or maybe Jim Ryun in KS, also got beat and received 60% of the vote last electing. So you see, Jimmy's 45% ain't so great after comparing his performance to neighboring state challengers.

So let's stop all the illusions of grandeur that Esch is the second coming of Peter Hoagland. He had a good year in a year where democrats did very well nationwide.

Oh, and to all the sorority sisters writing in defense of Jim, he too said negative things on the campaign and misled voters about his positions (yes, plural because he took so many of them). If/when he runs again, don't think his lack of clarity on issues won't matter. the environment won't be so good next time.

....finally, still waiting to see if Esch will promise no PAC money next time around as well. Or will it not seem so dishonorable in 08?

Anonymous said...

Unlike Lee Terry and his term limits pledge (can anyone scream hypocrite) Esch will live up to his word and not take PAC money. Of course Lee Terry can't do the same, he is already at a disadvantage with his inability to formulate a complete thought. Getting his tail kicked because he has no $$ would be icing on the cake.

Anonymous said...

Here Here Reagan Republican!!!!!!!!!!

Morgin said...

Mom at home…

Do you have any idea what you are even talking about? Do you know the difference between stem cells (both embryonic and adult) and cord blood? Let me fill you in a little. First off, cord blood, though it contains stem cells, are only stem cells that can be used for the blood and immune system. To put it in laymans terms, this means that these cells can, in some cases, be used as an alternative to bone marrow transplants for diseases such as leukemia. However, because of the small number of cells that the cord blood contains, this is only an option for the pediatric population. Embryonic stem cells, unlike adult, proliferate very quickly. Within a period of months, a few stem cells can turn into millions. If grown under the proper conditions, embryonic cells can also remain unspecialized, giving them the potential to become all cell types. Adult stem cells are more limited in this capacity.

As for your reference to the OWH article, for lack of a better phrase, that is just ridiculous. Obviously, with any sort of advancement, be that scientific, technological, or otherwise, issues will arise. That is why we have a federal and local government to help regulate such matters. Do I think people are going to start selling body parts for money? No. Do you base all of your opinions off articles in the OWH? In case you weren’t aware of it, men can already sell their sperm for money, just like you and I could go donate plasma and make a quick $50. Is it wrong if we do that?

Why is it that Republicans hide behind the “pro-life” argument when it comes to these issues? You do realize that you cannot be both for invitro fertilization and against stem cell research, right? In both cases, eggs are destroyed. How do you justify that? Jim recognizes these contradictions and that is what makes him a unique pro-lifer. Will Lee Terry ever come out and take a stance on invitro? No. Why? Because even he knows that you cannot be against cell research and for invitro. As dumb as I think he is, he’s not that dumb. My guess is that making a statement against invitro would not sit well with the public. Repeated phone calls to Lee Terry’s office about the topic of stem cells vs. invitro have gone unanswered and essentially ignored for this very reason. He has refused to take a position on invitro. What does that say about him? Call me naive, but is there is someway that you can twist matters in order to be for one and against the other?

Answer me this…why is it that you like Lee Terry? What has he done to win your approval? What has he said? Is it simply because he is a lap dog for the Republican party? As a leader on the Energy and Commerce committee, it seems that he has failed to do much of anything. These are all honest questions. I am not trying to mock anyone by asking. I have at least been able to state reasons that I am behind Jim Esch. The rest of you have only taken the time to ridicule him. Please help me understand this.

To Reagan Republican,
The sorority sister comment is exactly what I was referring to on my previous post about people acting like a bunch of high school kids. Thank you for living up to the low standards I have come to expect from this blog. I for one have already graduated college and was never in a sorority. Good try though.

mom at home said...


Lee Terry did take a stand on the in vitro question when he stated that he does not support the destruction of fertilized eggs. I would assume that means that he supports ethical doctors using ethical means to implant embryos into women who intend to have every embryo created, implanted. If Mr. Esch wants to be pro choice, then let him be pro choice. If he wants to be Catholic, let him be Catholic. If he wants to run a "cyber" campaign, let him run a "cyber" campaign. What he doesn't get to do is read the Energy Bill as passed by the House and call it his energy plan. He doesn't get to change his position on an issue to suit the day and call it an evolving opinion and then call Congressman Terry a hypocrit.
finally, he also doesn't get to be called "The Gentleman from Nebraska" on the floor of the United States House of Representatives. Chew on that for 2 more years Morgin!!

As for sperm and plasma selling, I think this would be a much better world if those items weren't up for sale, either. And I am sure before research was done on the uses of plasma, no one ever imagined people would sell there own blood either. You sound like a very selfish soul, Morgin. If there are all of these other ways that still need to be researched, then why aren't you willing to allow them to fruition? Why are embryonic stem cells the only choice for pro choice voters.?

You are right, I have never had that medical issue front and center. However, I can tell you that if that did happen, I would have to search my soul, pray to God, and hope for a miracle, rather than destroy another life to save one of my own.

As for what Congressman Terry has done, let's start with paying his dues. He has a history of public service both political and charitable. He sat as Chair of the Diabetes Assn; he has volunteered for political candidates-virtually his whole life-as have his parents; President and Vice President of the Omaha City Council; owned his own law firm; married;kids. He is responsive to his constituents and has pulled together an exemplary staff to respond and assist constituents in his District. All you gotta do is call his office and ask for help (legitimate of course) and they will be an advocate regardless of your political persuasion.

Get used to it, Congressman Terry has been rewarded for his hard work and will be rewarded for it , as long as he keeps it up. With his history of being a hard worker, I would bet he has a long future ahead of him in politics.

Reagan Republican said...

Morgin -
1. Lighten up. this is entertainment as well. Congrats on your college degree.

2. I find it interesting you laud Esch's position on stem-cell research. He's the one running from it with his flyer where he endorsed himself "pro-life". Pro-life insinuates a position against the destruction of human embryos. Why is Jimmy running from this position and posing as a pro-life candidate?

3. It is also not clear if stem cell research can produce good results that there are not other less morally questionable means of getting those same results.

4. The ends don't justify the means.

To anonymous 2:55
Esch didn't take PAC money because he couldn't get it. I bet he can't refuse the lure of the money in 08. I'm certain of it.

Anonymous said...

Mom At Home:

How does it feel that you are apparently arguing with a bunch of high schoolers running a high school campaign? I'm guessing there is a good reason you aren't let out of the house. I'm sure if you were let out every once in awhile you might actually learn a few things.
Until then, keep up the research on this new thing called the interweb!

(you have such a dull life that I need to insert sarcasm for that last statement. I find it odd everyone against Jim is using his internet campaign as a negative. Last I heard it was 2006 and if I'm not mistaken it is what brought all of us together. Even if mom at home isn't THAT together herself. And Reagan. I'll add you to the list too. I wonder if you even have a mind of your own. Last Reagan I knew didn't.)

curious savage said...

The fact that Jim Esch loaned his campaign alot of money has been mentioned before, but Im wondering: what are the rules regarding personal loans to campaigns(ex. ricketts, esch). Im a quite lazy person so if any of you could help that would be great...

Anonymous said...

wanting people who can't have children the natural way to have the chance to have babies...supporting the use of embryos (that will be destroyed anyway) for research that may potentially save lives...strictly opposing the creation of a fetus solely for the purpose of destroying it and harvesting its stem cells...supporting a minimum livable wage for all workers...supporting a national health care core benefit package...having a supportive family...a commitment to not accept special interest money so as to be accountable to no one but the voters...calling for energy efficiency and believing global warming exists...supporting our troops by supporting a change in a failed policy...YUCK!

what a terrible guy...all the previous criticisms on this blog seem well-founded...let the esch bashing continue.

mom at home said...

Dear Anonymous
I guess your wife must like to sit around and listen to your intelligence during her few minutes a day to dedicate to herself and your children.

Wait, maybe you don't have a wife, maybe you don't have any children, maybe all of your time and resources get spent on your own self indulgence.

That would explain your shortsided and selfish attitude toward other peoples' lives.

PS: I do love this whole new thing called the "interweb". It has opened up a whole new world to me.

The most fun is this thing called a bloog or something!

By the way, just in case no one mentioned it to you today, you're an idiot and you must thing I am as blonde as Calvert Collins.

Anonymous said...

what i don't get is that jim esch is all about getting the young people to vote for him because he's young... that said, he's still the preppy jerk that always thought he was cooler than everyone else and half of the people that voted for him probably would have been made fun of by him. i know. we went to high school together. his new "i get along with everyone and love everyone campaign" is such a facade. it's so sad. the anti-establishment kids are voting for exactly what they despise about power. if only a democrat would inform themself about what jim esch really stands for... or was there anything?

i only bring this up now, because i was out last night and a 18 yr old skater kid stuck a jim esch sticker on the wall where i was standing. i asked him why he did that. he responded because jim is coming back in 08 and going to rule the world. (sigh) so i drew in a long breath and asked him why he thought so. he said because esch is young and cool and a democrat. i asked him again why. he said the democrat line again. i asked the kid if he was, too (supposedly) a dem. he said yes and i asked why. he said beause he just is. and i asked him what esch supported that he liked. he couldn't answer besides not likeing war. (who the hell likes war????????). the kid took down the sticker. it was just sad.

Al Thompson said...

Regarding politics and State Law, it would be a good idea to check out the Boulevard Apts Co-op at 606 S. 32nd Avenue. The Board President, and another board member (Jim), appear to be violating state Co-op housing laws. They're quickly turning the building in to rental apartments, and are disregarding Co-op laws requiring each apartment to be individually owned by other persons. So many homeowners have left, many out of disgust.
This kind of stuff occurs due to apathy by most to pursue wrongdoing when they see it.

We would like to see the Leavenworth area remain nice.

Anonymous said...

Lee Terry is such a snotnose punk,he cant even throw a football on an infomercial,geez,Terry went negative right away,cause he`s a snotty little college boy.Even Jeese Jackson Jr,challenged him to a martial arts fight and Terry of course,said NO..what a dweeb

Street Sweeper said...

And you're such a snotnosed dope, that you don't even realize that you've commented on a 2006 post...