Wednesday, February 27, 2008

Tony is furious with Ben

Last fall Tony Raimondo was gung-ho on challenging Mike Johanns for the GOP nomination for Nebraska's open Senate seat. But as polling made it crystal clear that Tony could not beat Johanns in the primary, Tony met for some political advice from an old pal.

When Tony met with Ben Nelson, Nelson began to convince Tony to become a Democrat. Ben helped to convince Tony that if he got in the race as a Dem, all other candidates, including Scott Kleeb would likley clear out. And further, if by chance Kleeb did get in, Tony would have Ben's full support (and endorsement).

Well, that's the way Tony felt anyway.

But as soon as it became clear that Kleeb would be entering the race to challenge Raimondo for the Democrat nomination, E. Ben Nelson announced that he would not be endorsing any candidate in the primary. Sorry Tony, no golden-nod for you.

So after all this Tony, reportedly, is LIVID that Ben has left him out to dry.

We're told that Ben has responded to his "good friend" that he would be attacking Mike Johanns whole-heartedly and, why, that is just as good as an endorsement for old Tony (back-slap, back-slap).

But why would Nelson step up and expend any political capital for Raimondo?
It's not as if he has any record of doing so in the past.

He beat Pete Ricketts by a gajillion percent in his last campaign, yet the best he could do for the 2006 Kleeb congressional campaign was a lame 11th hour "endorsement" of his fellow Democrat. There was no coordination with the 2nd District Jim Esch campaign. If he made any effort with Maxine Moul in the 1st we certainly didn't see it. The state Democrats are still arguing about this.

So everyone -- especially Tony -- should know that Ben is in it for one person and one person only: Ben.

Sorry Tony. But feel free to come and shoot some turkeys after you're done in May.


Anonymous said...

Good post. This is a great example of why the Democrats will not win in Nebraska. Their one elected official of note, Ben Nelson, is unwilling to offer any help. As you already indicated, even with his re-election bid against Ricketts well in hand, Nelson failed to get out and work to get others elected. You would not see this from the current Governor, Bruning, etc.

So far this race appears to be a good indication of Tony's lack of judgment on several levels.

bob said...

I thought Ben was going to do a Deliverance job on Kleeb for Tony. Instead Ben did his friend Tony for the Dems, whom Ben earlier had screwed for Bush. There's no accounting for Ben's taste or his infidelity.

It isn't safe to be on Nelson's side. He uses people, even friends, even his own party. Will that ever become visable to voters?

OmaSteak said...

Ben must not need an campaign contributions or free Behlen corporate jet rides. I don't understand why anyone would be surprised at Ben's actions. He's as crooked as a $3 bill...always has been and always will be. As for Tony, he forgot one of the great pearls of wisdom...from the Godfather...damn cops and politicians never stay bought.

reagan democrat said...

Tony Raimondo rode in to denounce Pete Ricketts and the allegations that campaign threw at Ben Nelson and Behlen Manufacturing, and this is the thanks Tony gets from Ben?

Raimondo got what was coming with his turncoat play, but this is still a typical jackass move from Nelson - no pun intended.

Anonymous said...

Maybe someone should tell Kleeb it's time to axe the Cowboy act (and I do mean act).

Your running statewide now Scott.

Anonymous said...

I find it amazing what drivel people can post on their blogs. SS has no ties to factual information in this post - it is all conjecture and as such isn't worth the netspace used for the post.

BTOsborn said...

Hey anonymouse,

As long as Sweeper holds the keys to the front door, he gets to keep his house as he sees fit. Don't like it? Don't bother knockin'.

Street Sweeper said...

Wow, looks who's coming to the defense! Thanks Brian. Now if we'd said something about Kleeb, it'd be another story...

Let's just say that we don't post stuff here unless we have a basis for it.

Tim said...

To --- the Cowboy Hat axer

The Cowboy has been able to sell that phony bologna since he went to Cowboy Club Meeting every Tuesday back in New Haven.

Where did we go wrong???? How does our state keep getting people that sway from what got them elected --- like CHUCK HAGEL. OR draw phonys like the Scottasm Cowboy.

SS --- rumor has it that Senator Hagel changed his voter registration to "independent" --- any truth to this rumor???

Paul M. said...

BTO: For someone who has a, oh, how did you put it, BFA (summa cum laude), you really are a terrible speller. If you did graduate with such prestige as you indicated in a previous post, the Navy must have really lowered their standards as of late.

It is interesting though to see you come to the defense of a blog that you were chiding just a few days ago as being painfully inferior due to blatant biases.

You really must detest Raimondo. In any event, when are you going to share with us Scott Kleeb's margin of victory? Remember, you predicted he would beat Johanns.

Just didn't want you to forget...

One Out In The Third said...


Be careful what you say about the Navy. You know the Marine Corps is a department of the Navy...the Men's Department.

I am not saying anything about ol' Earmark anymore...well I'll try not to...I didn't vote for him...and I won't.

Hell with it...Ben Nelson is like the sagebrush in western Nebraska. He's driven by the wind and it's usually the predominant wind...his party. He will come out endorsing Kleeb...wait and see. Why can't the majority in Nebraska see through his facade?

I thought the Dems in Nebraska were moderates for the most part...I am beginning to think I am way off on that assumption...and Nebraska's Red State status is questionable. What say you BTO?

Anonymous said...

Never underestimate Nelson's sense of self.

Obama is the most liberal member of the Senate. Nelson spent the last 7 years sucking Bush teat. Now Nelson thinks a conservative Democrat running mate is exactly what Barry Obama needs.

Johnpauljones said...

Paul. You are invited to be the guest of honor at our next keel hauling.

BTOsborn said...

Paul M.,

WTF? You just enjoy bitching don't you. Uhhhh, I went to college after my USN service, not that that means anything. I often misspell things on purpose for comedic relief, mine - not yours.

Actually I find the comments that Sweeper puts on here to be the most politically pertinent and reasoned. I usually disagree with him (her? - Sweeper, you gotta tell us just a "little" bit about yourself so that we don't make gender based assumptions about you) but that's because we inhabit opposite ends of the political spectrum.

I'm not in the percentage predictions business. If I were good at that kind of thing I'd be making my living across the river at the casinos. Besides, it makes as much sense as posting the final score of football games before the game is even played. I'm no clairvoyant, nor much of a gambler, but if I were I'd be placing my dead presidents on Scott Kleeb to win, by a landslide over Raimondo, and by a nose against Johanns.

Eric said...

Brian, just so you know, it looks to me as if your spelling is fine. I can't say for sure though. I failed my college spelling course.

Eric said...

Also, I have it on good authority that Street Sweeper is neither "he" nor "she" but a collective of physically distinct beings sharing a common single consciousness.

One Out In The Third said...

I wake up each morning about 3 am with a recurring dream that reveals everyone here is the same person that just happens to suffer from a multiple personality disorder...and that I am the only other one that posts here.

C''s time for you to 'fess up Senator Nelson.

Mike in Omaha said...

Message to Toni...The republican party wants you back with 2 requirements.

1) Tell eveyone the truth on how you were recruited by Ben Nelson and the promises he and Steve Achepol made you

2) Say you were duped and endorse Mike Johanns.

We all make mistakes and you shouldn't be used to propel Kleebs ambitiions.....Not to Toni..see wht every republican and some democrats say "dont trust Ben Nelson"

Anonymous said...

If the next president appoints Ben to a cabinet position, then Dave can appoint Tony, who reverts to being a Republican, to replace Ben in the Senate. Or maybe not.

Street Sweeper said...

I wouldn't be surprised if TR considered either of these types of offers.

At least his pride would be intact.

Street Sweeper said...

Kyle(since I know you're reading),

Nice post about how honest politicians are. Boy, you and Tony really cleared that up.

Oh also, Tony totally would have switched parties, even if Johanns wasn't in the race. He's only on your side because he loves Democrats and the way they think and their cool parties. Totally.

Rock and Roll.

Anonymous said...

So you're saying Steet Sweeper is like the "Borg" off of Star Trek? That kind of distrubs me, then again it doesn't surprise me because the Republican Party in Nebraska sure acts like the Borg.

Street Sweeper said...

No, I'm like the Borg from Wimbledon. Still a steely-eyed killing machine...but with a headband.