Wednesday, November 29, 2006

Billboard Envy

And the 2008 2nd District House race has its first advertisement of the season.

Recently re-elected (and more-than-likely House ’08 candidate) Rep Lee Terry has put up seventeen billboards around the District, thanking voters for not chucking him, like so many other voters around the country – and as nearby as Iowa and Kansas – did to his colleagues.

According to the OWH, Terry spent around $9,000 on the billboards.
(Grateful Lee Terry gives his voters a billboard hug – OWH – 11/29/06.)

So the OWH followed up with already announced House ’08 candidate, and ’06 loser, Jim Esch. Esch stated his “intrigue” at the billboards and said that, Gosh, he wished HE had nine grand to blow on lots of billboards, and that “Maybe next time, I will.”

OK, Jim, you will…what? Have $9K left over after the campaign to spend on thank-you signs?

That’s a goal, I guess…

Well Jim, here’s a question: You still have your $40,000 web-site up and running. What’s THAT costing you per month? Of course maybe if you’d invested in a normal website, you could have afforded those post-campaign thank-you boards. (And we won’t even get into the $30K to your “consultant” for “reimbursement for various expenses”. Has the FEC called on that description yet?)


mom at home said...

How refreshing. A politician who is willing to acknowledge that he is in office, do to the courage of his constituents. It's nice to know that I am raising my children in a community that cares to be informed and acknowledges hard work and outstanding leadership when they are presented with it!

SS, it sounds like Jimmy isn't done licking his wounds yet, or is he just going to carry those sour grapes around with him for the rest of the year? It also sounds like you've spent some time perusing his FEC reports. Doesn't it seem odd that if it wasn't a family member donating to him, he didn't even pay enough attention to what his donors did for a living-or did he even care so long as they weren't part of an evil PAC? I hope he at least sent them a thank you. Mary Barrett should send them one, too. I hope she got invited to the Esch Family Thanksgiving. She owes them alot, (of $$, that is!!).

OmaSteak said...

One would hope that Lee Terry has had time to look behind the initial election results to see that his support is growing ever thinner among Republican second district voters. Congressman Terry will have a republican challenger and is only 50-50 to win that primary. As a sitting congressman, Terry can raise lots of money but that can do little to combat his smarmy personality and amazing lack of vision on issues. How the heck can someone spend $40k on a campaign website? I'm sure Esch is still running. Why stop now? You've got 2 years to raise money and also preclude other democrat challengers. The only serious problem he faces one will care until Spring 2008 at the earilest.

Street Sweeper said...

I’m sure others will comment, but I’ll take a first crack:
1)Terry’s GOP support was based purely on the national scene and the fact that he didn’t make much of an effort. We’ve stated this at length in previous posts.

2)What makes you think he’d have a GOP primary challenger for a House race? Who do you have in mind, pray tell? And 50-50? Depending on the name, I’d put the odds at 95-5 on Terry to win.

3)Smarmy? Terry’s a lot of things, but I don’t see smarmy.

4)Esch has SAID he’s running. But my question is this: what’s he doing for a job during his campaigning hiatus. Everyone needs to make money, right? I don’t get it.

OmaSteak said...

Smarmy: marked by a smug, ingratiating, or false earnestness. I would have used unctuous: marked by a smug, ingratiating, and false earnestness. IMHO, that pretty well sums up Representative Terry. A backbencher, go-along-to-get-along, no vision, no courage, professional politician. He will have a strongly conservative, visionary challenger in the Republican on it...and Terry will lose.

Street Sweeper said...

I'll take that bet. No way anyone with a shot challenges Terry, and any challenger that may appear will get hammered. I’d love to hear your suggestion. We’ll do a post on it.

As far as your "smarmy" term goes -- I think that word goes more to "false sincerity" or "overconfident" with an eye towards "pompousness" of which I see NONE of in Terry. The guy, like anyone, has faults, but the term you've glommed on to doesn't fit.

For instance, your blanket declaration that "someone" in the GOP will rise up and defeat Terry: THAT's smarmy. Or possibly "Unctuous". Your pick

Anonymous said...

Looks like Lee Terry is taking a page from Jeff Fortenberry's book. Fortenberry puts a lot of ads in county newspapers thanking his constituents and voters. I guess when you beat a formidable opponent by a large margin the incumbents start copying you.

Everything Happend for a Reason said...

A look at Congressman Terry's primary results, shows his potential weakness. Terry did have an opponent, a man named Steven Laird, who is quite possible crazy. Laird has claimed that a secret military is located under Worlds of Fun in Kansas City. Not joking.

Even after spending zero dollars in the campaign, Laird received 15 percent of the vote. No one outside of Laird's family has a reason to vote for him. Yet, one in seven Republicans voted against Terry, and more probably left the spot blank.

I believe if Terry had faced a strong and well funded Democrat he probably would have lost. Instead Terry faced a mediocre and completely unfunded and he n won by only 10.

The 2008 political context can't be as bad as 2006 was. I think the billboards are a sign that the fear of losing has finally been put in Mr. Terry's heart.

OmaSteak said...

There's nothing smarmy about wanting a real conservative with the courage to take strong positions on tough issues and working to make it happen SS. The video of Terry nearly wetting his pants in front of a crowd of illegal aliens at his Omaha office parking lot is enough to cost him a significant percentage of support in a primary race. That's only one area where he is more than vulnerable. It appears you're a real Lee Terry fan/supporter. You have my sympathy.

Had to get out of Nebraska said...

Yeah, mom at home. Sure. Lee Terry is in office because of the courage of his constituents. Good one.

Go pack those lunches, courageous one.

Street Sweeper said...

OmaSteak, I'll reiterate the political reality, which has no bearing on whom I support or not: No significant GOP challenger to Terry; Any GOP challenger gets wholloped.

ptg said...

Fine discussion, but wishing Lee Terry was Ronald Reagan won't automatically produce a Republican candidate that can beat him.

evil pelosi said...

Anonymous (8:17 p.m.)-- If you only knew the half. As a freshman Jeff has had to practically hold LT's hand through his first term, while at the same time hoping to God his staff wouldn't leave him, again and again.

Omahasteak-- Learn how things operate on the Hill. Soon to be in his 5th term, LT is now a seasoned vet on Capitol Hill and building seniority as we speak.
NE voters would be doing themselves a complete disservice to even think about replacing him.

SS-- You’re right on. If LT decides to run for re-election in ’08 and some silly GOP ideologue challenges him in the primary, they will be quickly buried deep under LT’s staunchly conservative voting record. Steak’s predictions are laughable.

Anonymous said...

Anon at 8:17 - "Looks like Lee Terry is taking a page from Jeff Fortenberry's book." What the h#11 is wrong with you? Have you no sense? Or are you just the one person who has been able to stay on staff for Fort for more than a month? Maybe you should direct your delusions to the Dems instead of people that your boss calls on for help. Ask Fort what he thinks about your post! Let us know what he thinks about your words.


Eric said...

I don't really think there is anything newsworthy here, and I'm surprised OWH picked it up. I've seen Ben Nelson billboards in Lincoln, and I honestly don't think he's doing it because he's afraid of losing 6 years from now.

Isn't this just the kind of thing politicians do?

Street Sweeper said...

This is a valid point, and certainly one I think you'd hear argued from the Terry camp.

However, given the current political scene and the ferocity of the last election season (against the GOP), I still argue that this is an indication that the campaign never ends.

J said...

Dear Lee Terry and Jeff Fortenberry supporters:

We are on the same team. Let us PLEASE stop and think about that before we post ridiculous statements here. There is a better way to say, "Looks like Lee Terry is taking a page from Jeff Fortenberry's book." It goes like this, "Nebraska has sent three capable and grateful Republicans to DC to represent us and our values. We, as voters, are appreciative for their leadership as they are thankful for the opportunity to serve the great people of our state."