Wednesday, March 07, 2007

Hagel will (finally) announce on Monday

Eric Olsen of the AP and Jeff Zeleny of the New York Times are reporting that U.S. Senator Chuck Hagel will be announcing his "future plans" on Monday at 10:00 AM at the UNO campus.

According to Jake Thompson of the OWH, Hagel will speak in Bootstrapper Memorial Hall at UNO's William H. and Dorothy Thompson Alumni Center.

Thompson cites unnamed GOPers who think that Hagel may just announce an exploratory Presidential bid until September, then make a final Presidential or Senate campaign decision then. Which wouldn't surprise us...

As noted here earlier, Hagel is scheduled to address the Association of International Fire Fighters next Wednesday with all the other major Presidential candidates.


Anonymous said...

any word if he will be donning a cowboy hat and paint horse since he will be in omaha??

Run, Chuck. You have my vote and support.

Charlie said...

I hope he runs as well. He's got my vote.