Tuesday, March 06, 2007

Hagel Presidential Update – Ver. 9.0

Next Wednesday, March 14th, the International Association of Fire Fighters will be holding a “Presidential Forum” where nearly every Presidential candidate will be speaking.

Those included on the speakers’ list are Democrats Hillary Clinton, Barack Obama, John Edwards, Chris Dodd, Joe Biden and Bill Richardson.

Republicans speaking are John McCain, Rudy Giuliani, Duncan Hunter and…

Chuck Hagel.

Word is that there is a lot of activity in the Hagel camp these days.
Is an announcement imminent?


Anonymous said...

Whatever he does he just needs to hurry up. I really think he has a shot at getting the nomination....considering he is more socially conservative than mccain and giuliani. Come on Chuck, get on your pony and do something.

Anonymous said...

Did Hagel attend CPAC this past weekend? Voting record or not, he isn't going to get the Republican nomination by continuing to snub the activists that provide the energy and votes in Republican primaries.

OmaSteak said...

I've had a change of heart about Senator Hagel making a presidential bid. It could be the best thing to every happen for him. After what is destined to be a miserable failure, maybe he, and his miserable views, will just retire to his Virginia estate leaving Nebraska to focus on finding a real conservative Republican to replace him.