Tuesday, November 07, 2006

Vote Early, Vote Often

Well folks, on this Election Day 2006, news is often limited.
But we here at Leavenworth Street aim to keep you info-tained as best we can.

First, if you have any news that you haven’t heard on the radio, seen on TV or in the online news, please forward it here, and we will take a look to see if we can post.
(If you would like to email, you will be kept anonymous.)

San Diego...I mean Nebraska Election Day Weather
Scottsbluff - 74
Grand Island - 75
North Platte - 74
Norfolk - 74
Lincoln - 73
Omaha - 71

Who gets the advantage for this great weather?
The Dems, since the country-club Republicans will be trying to get in another round of golf?
Or the GOP, since the hippie Democrats will be trying to get in another round of frolf?
We’ll call it a wash.

Reverse Rain Effect
But we must also consider this: The "Reverse Rain Effect". We referred to this back in the primary, where bad weather means that farmers, who would ordinarily be in the fields, would instead be in town to vote. So with today’s sparkling skies statewide, does that mean those farmers are more likely to stay in the field? And who does this benefit?

REAL Negative Ads
OK, Nebraskans. You think this was a "negative" campaign season? Do you? Really?
Kids, you don't know what a NEGATIVE campaign is.
So, from Wisconsin, I give you...The Ron Kind ad.

Separated at Birth
Finally, throughout the day, we’ll be tossing you Separated at Births that either didn’t make our final cuts previously, or have been thrown to us by others.

This one was suggested to us by “Superwonk”. He first gave us

Legislature candidate, Brad Ashford and Ed Begley, Jr.

But then we looked at Ashford’s website, and thought this was even better.

Brad Ashford and Lou Holtz

Come back to Leavenworth Street often today, and please send us any news you have!


Eric said...

I think he looks like Jerry Springer.

btw, did you see news on the NRCC's fake Kleeb robo-calls?

Street Sweeper said...

Ok, I like the Springer comparison.

But slooooow down there cowboy on the robo-calls.

The foil-hats haven't shown a lick of evidence that the NRCC or anyone else is responsible for such a plan, or that it's even true. And I have a hard time believing that ANY party would send their OPPONENT's message out.

But I'm sure Kos and the boys will be happy to send this message all day long.

Eric said...

You're right, I'm jumping to conclusions. But, the OWH is reporting its existence. And, the NRCC has acknowledged doing this in other states:


(ok, they say the repetitions "may be a problem with the contractor" but come on)

I'm not saying it'll hold up in a court of law, but my spidy senses tell me that the NRCC is behind it.

They're not getting their opponent's message out, they're trying make previously identified supporters of the opponent mad and annoyed enough to stay home.

Street Sweeper said...

The article you link to talks about using the candidate's name, and then giving negative info about her. The Kleeb accusation is that someone is sending out KLEEB's entire message, verbatim.

It seems much more likely that this is from an over-eager Democrat who thinks sending out lots of Kleeb messages will get their people excited. Though the NRCC accusation will get people riled up. Maybe it's really Barry Rubin, and that was his goal all along...

Eric said...

If I'm wrong, I'll eat Kleeb's hat.

Street Sweeper said...

The giant white one or the giant black one?

Everything Happens for a Reason said...

New state legislator Pete Pirsch and Atlanta Braves broadcaster Chip Caray... Not only do they look exactly alike, they sound exactly alike... Check it out...