Monday, May 08, 2006

Laughing all the way to the Gov's mansion?
Hey Chuck! Richard Pryor wants his suit back!

For your Election Day perusal:

Tuesday’s weather forecasts across Nebraska (courtesy of The Weather Channel):

Omaha: 77° – party cloudy (glass half-empty)

Lincoln: 71° – partly sunny (glass half-full)

Grand Island: 73° – partly cloudy (glass half-empty)

Scottsbluff: 60° – 30% chance of isolated t-storms (broken glass)

Cherry County: 62° and…Oh forget about Cherry County. There may as well be a blizzard there. They didn’t bother getting them enough voting machines (Voting rule change could cause long drive for some – OWH – 5/8/06).

And on that weather note, the National Journal’s Hotline On Call has an interesting theory – the reverse rain effect in Western Nebraska: if there are thunderstorms, farmers won’t be in the fields and will be more likely to come into town to vote. (They give this a bump for Heineman, but Leavenworth Street denizens know that we give that edge for Osborne.) Anywho, click here for more on their Nebraska preview: (There’s No Place Like Your Home Congressional District – Hotline On Call – 5/8/06).

Of course, the must-read for any Nebraska politico is Don Walton of the LJS, and this Election Day is no exception (Don Walton: Who's David and who's Goliath? - LJS - 5/9/06). One thing we might add to Don's insight on Establishment Endorsements is that Chuck Hagel's early endorsement of Heineman came when Osborne was vacillating about whether or not to even run. DH decided not to wait for TO's decision, and Hagel followed when he was tired of waiting for TO as well.

An ESPN article about the former Nebraska coach’s chances, and possibly blowing a huge lead. Ivan Maisel apparently followed T.O. around for a bit (Osborne sets sights on Nebraska state house – – 5/8/06).

A big ol’ story about the Senate race in Congressional Quarterly (NE Senate: ‘Outsider’ Ricketts Holds Edge in GOP Primary – – 5/8/06).

And finally, for those of you sick of the elections, but still craving “political” news, I give you…Nixon’s sandwich.

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