Tuesday, November 07, 2006

Election Update: Robo-Call for you Sir?

First, another Separated at Birth for you.

Scott Kleeb and Ben Affleck

Adrian Smith and Will Ferrell (again)

Well news outta Nebraska’s Third District this morning is all about robo-calls ringing off the hook. (Prerecorded candidate calls irritating Kleeb supporters – GII- 11/07/06.)

As has been discussed on the message board here, 3rd-D Dems are claiming that they’ve received numerous Kleeb robo-calls, and that they’re so darned annoyed that they may not vote for Kleeb because of it.

So, who do the Kleeb people blame? Well, Karl Rove of course. Yes, they believe that the Republicans think it’s to their benefit to re-send Kleeb’s message out to people.

Now we’ve heard of lots of dirty tricks, but sending the candidate’s own message to his supporters would have to be the dopiest one ever concocted.

Could it, maybe, possibly, be a Democrat supporter who thinks the more Kleeb calls the better to his supporters? Hmm what a whacky, simple answer.

Naaaaah. Rove musta dun it…

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Anonymous said...

I love it. What a great day......awesome updates. I will be sad to see the ads go away. I love politics.

SABs rule.

Street Sweeper said...

The ads may be going away, but Leavenworth Street isn't going anywhere.

Well be analyzing the 2008 race before the end of the week.

Keep coming back.

Anonymous said...

Street sweeper, you are a dope. these calls are blatantly phony - they keep calling even if the person hangs up. this is classic voter supression and no candidate in his right mind would do it to his own supporters.

One Out In The Third said...

Seems there was a Kleeb blitz of illegal sign placements from Kearney to as far as Broken Bow overnight...and a swarm of out of state cars around the Kleeb HQ in Kearney...Nevada...California...etc. Must be here "to vote early and vote often?" Seems too that Kearney-ites are perturbed about the cost to have police remove the illegal signs.

Sounds to me by what I've read of the robocalls is that they are coming from Kleeb's camp. Dem trickery as usual. They figure they can get one past we 3rd District Hicks. Hey...Kleeb might have won us over if he would have portrayed himself as a "hick." Too late. Smith by no less than 8 percent.

Street Sweeper said...

"Classic"? Uh, no. There are voter supression methods, but sending the exact message you're against isn't one of them.

I'll give you that in theory this is possible. But it would be one of the stupidest voter suppression methods ever.

Anonymous said...

I will be back and often. actually, interesting in your predictions for the upcoming Unicam session. and i will continue to give out SABs.

Anonymous said...

you don't think it's voter suppression to turnoff your opponenet's supporters by calling them dozens of times overe and over and even in teh middle of the night? than you are either the biggest moron ever or too much of a political hack to recognize your own camp's dirty tactics.

hey - did you catch ricketts' bush radio ad? i haven't heard thatt bad of cut-and-paste job for years. Must have let jessica do it.

Anonymous said...

Its also clearly on the NRCC FEC 24 hr notice for 11/03/2006:
This Committee OPPOSES The Following Candidate: KLEEB FOR CONGRESS
Office Sought: House of Representatives
State is Nebraska in District 03
Date Expended = 11/03/2006
Person Completing Form: CHRISTOPHER J. WARD
Date Signed = 11/03/2006
Amount Expended = $3492.66

I think that confirms it a bit...

Street Sweeper said...

Uh, first of all I think it's DEMOCRATS that are making those calls. I think that some independent Dem, who thinks he's just going to skyrockets his peep's GOTV is the culprit.

But, if someone really thinks that they can effectively suppress votes by sending supporters their own candidate's message, then he's particularly stupid.

And then I'll add that if supporters of a candidate won't vote for him b/c of a few phone calls, then they're morons as well.

Street Sweeper said...

Yep, I think it's pretty clear that the NRCC is making calls.

And it's pretty clear that Kleeb is making calls.

And I spotted Ben Nelson on the news making calls.

Anonymous said...

Geez, haven't any of those rubes out there ever heard of caller ID?