Friday, July 07, 2006

And they complain about Ricketts spending millions...

Ah, not even a bike path over the Missouri in sight, and already the City of Omaha has blown three meeeeellion dollars, becuase their architectural firm came in over budget. (City wants bridge money back – OWH – 7/7/06).

And who was writing the contract with this architectural firm? If keeping the price at $22M was so important, why wasn’t it in the agreement? It’ll be real interesting to see the results of Bill Lamson’s lawsuit here. (And even if the City gets a $3M judgment, you’ve still got Lamson’s fees that will subtract from it.)

So swell Mayor Landow, I mean Fahey. Now this “free” bridge has already cost us and we can’t even ride our bikes over it so that we can get to the casinos from our vantage point at the Qwest Center. (Since that’s such a frequent biking point…)

And since we’re on the subject, I love the views that we’re presented of this magnificent structure. They’re either from immediately next to it, or from some impossible view. So this “symbol of the city” will have to be viewed either:

1) right underneath it

2) from Council Bluffs side of the river, apparently on one of the actual bluffs


or 3) from the top of the First National Building. Greeeeaaaat…

Also from Leavenworth Street:
The REAL Bridge to No Where
Separated at Birth - Bridge to Nowhere!

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