Friday, July 07, 2006

Parade Pics!

In our ever expanding effort to keep you informed and entertained, we asked the major Nebraska campaigns (minus the petition drives and Johnny Rodgers) to send us pics from their July 4th parades. Well a .300 average will get you into the Hall of Fame, so we’ll take it.

Probably the defining element of all these photos is that each campaign (notably all challengers) had a great volunteer contingent marching with them.

Coming in from the 1st District race we have Maxine Moul in Seward. Good numbers in the entry. However, Maxine needs to separate herself from everyone, probably walk in front, otherwise she kind of blends in with the supporters.

Next in the 2nd District race we have Jim Esch in Ralston. You’ll note Jim has left the jeans and tennies behind and now sports the standard campaign uniform of khakis and a button down. It’s not real clear exactly why he has an Evel Knievel impersonator marching with him, but we suppose it makes it interesting. Jim also poses behind (“next to” would have been better) some sort of “big oil” prop with his supporters.

Finally Pete Ricketts marches with a strong gang as well. We like the yard signs jammed one on top of the other on the poll -- lets people down the street see something coming. Also good job with the balloons. In many ways, handing out balloons is better than handing out stickers – better visibility.

Thanks to the campaigns who sent in pics, and we’ll even give those who dissed us a second chance next week.


Anonymous said...

I attended the 4th of July Parade in Ralston and my favorite political entry was Trish Lanphier. She had some guys pushing cabinents that spelled out her name. They even did some fun tricks (sort of like the small Shriner cars) with the cabinents. It was great! She even had a float. You don't see to many political candidates with a float.

You can actually look at some pictures from their entry at

Street Sweeper said...

While Leavenworth Street's opinion of Trish's candidacy may be low, we absolutely give her props on this campaign float. Great idea with the filing cabinets.

Chris said...

I see that Moul's walkers have Ben Nelson shirts on. I wonder why Nelson is having his volunteers walk for Moul...maybe she couldn't find any on her own???

Street Sweeper said...

Nice catch. But to be fair, it looks like there are at most 2 out of about 14 that have a Nelson shirt on.

Anonymous said...

Why would you have a low opinion of Lanphier's canidacy?

Street Sweeper said...

You're about 2 months behind here. But to answer your question, we're not big on campaigns based on someone getting fired. But, you know, rock on!